Our lady of guadalupe church - Download Parish Bulletin


Our lady of guadalupe church - Download Parish Bulletin

May 2013

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

3 4

Derby Luncheon for


2 2:15 p.m.

May Crowning

7:00 p.m.



1 6:30 pm

10th Anniv. of

Rosary Prayers w/

ice cream celebrations


10 12:15 pm

Faculty Meeting


7:00 p.m.



8 6:00 pm gr. 8

Dinner w/Parents

6:30 pm Rosary

7:00 pm

Men’s Club

6 7

7:00 pm



5 9am RCIA

10:15am Catechism & Young Marrieds

10:30am Youth Group

1:15pm Al-Anon

1:30pm AA

17 18


7:00 p.m.



15 5:30 pm

School Board

6:00 pm

Big Band - NE


6:30 pm Rosary

7 pm gr. 8

13 14

7:00 pm



12 Mother’s Day

10:15am Catechism & Young Marrieds

10:30am Youth Group

1:15 pm Al-Anon

1:30pm AA

24 25


7:00 pm



20 21 22 12:15 pm

Last Day of School

6:30pm Rosary

19 Pentecost

10:15 am Young Marrieds

10:30am Youth Group

1:15pm Al-Anon

1:30pm AA


Room At the Inn


7:00 pm



27 28 29 6:30pm Rosary

7:00 pm Ladies

Club at Whistle


26 10:15am Catechism & Young Marrieds

10:30am Youth Group

1:15am Al-Anon

1:30pm AA

5th Sunday of Easter

April 28, 2013

Mass Intentions

Monday – April 29th

8:00am - Communion Service

Tuesday – April 30th

8:00am - Mary Foster

Wednesday – May 1st

8:00am - Ed Ellison

Thursday - May 2nd

8:00am - Marilyn Bredenkamp

Friday - May 3rd

8:00am - Amanda Becker

Saturday – May 4th

5:00pm - Ano Costello

Sunday – May 5th - 6th Sunday of Easter

7:45am – Dennis Schaeper

9:00am - People of the Parish

10:30am - Pete Belli

12noon - Carmen Rita Justiano

May 4th & 5th


5:00pm Jackie Brown

7:45am Ernestine Merriman

9:00am Araceli Vázquez, Milagros Bracho

10:30am June Sablan

12noon Elena Kenyon, Lucy Martinez



5:00pm Jane KlenkeBR, Sr. Cathy, Murphy Reedus, Vic

Guarino, Debbie Young

7:45am Maeve HortonBR, Judy Ruder*, Mike Taylor,

Tito Velasco, Margaret Williams

9:00am Victor Alvarado, Martha Ayala, Martin Curiel,

Juan Medina*, Modesta Perales

10:30am Marsha AllenBR, Mary Solomon*, Dave

Conway, Ollie Schuler, Pete Belli

12:00pm Elena KenyonBR, Maria Flores*, Jose Rojas,

Martha Castellanos, Imelda Tinajero


5:00pm Afiya, Christopher, Paul

7:45am Klarissa

9:00am Karen Vázquez, Justin García, Ashley Cortez

10:30am Kannen, Brionna, Derrick

12noon Liliana Campos, Justin Garcia

Gift Bearers

5:00pm Mark & Jane Klenke

7:45am Annabelle Underwood & Margaret Williams

10:30am The Hurd Family

Heavenly Dusters Dave & Mary Solomon

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

“Queen of the Americas”



johnpaulhopping@gmail.com 1-714-209-1299


Pastoral Associate






Pastoral Minister


Hispanic Ministry



Parish Nurse


Website olgstl.org

Parish Office 522-9264

FAX 522-8461

School 524-1948

Hispanic Ministry - Maria Lucrecia Knapp 522-3516

Convent 521-5141

Credit Union 621-4575


Saturday 5:00 p.m.

Sunday 7:45 a.m. 9:00 a.m.

10:30 a.m. 12:00 p.m.

WEEKDAY MASS 8:00 a.m.

HOLY DAYS (To be announced in bulletin)


Tuesday after 8:00 a.m. Mass



Thursday 7:00 p.m., with Sacrament of Penance

Jueves 7:00 p.m., confesiones.


Saturdays/ Sábado 4:00-4:40 p.m.

Thursday/Jueves 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.


Call for meeting times / Tome la forma en el vestibulo.

Tercero y Cuarto Sábado del Mes.

BODAS Y QUINCEANERAS: Arreglen primera la iglesia,

antes de le reservar nada mas. Hablen con Padre Juan-

Pablo despues de Misa dominical


Please arrange with priest at least six months in advance.

Favor de hablar con Padre Juan-Pablo, seis meses antes de

la fecha.

From the Pastor’s Pen….

Dear People of God

Please keep in prayer everyone at the Divorced and

Separated Koinonia retreat happening right now, this

weekend, that everyone receives a double portion of

God's healing spirit and peace. Also please pray for the

women making the Emaus retreat the weekend of May

24, 25 and 26th, that many hearts may find healing and

reconciliation with God. There is so much need!

I hope everyone enjoyed the video presentation last

weekend of the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy as we

live them out in the Archdiocese, through various ministries,

financed partly or totally by the Annual Catholic

Appeal, (ACA). We really can change and save lives

by our generosity to this financial appeal. The video is

produced by two very talented women of the Archdiocesan

Communications Office Lisa Johnston and

Elizabeth Westhoff. Even after watching eight times, I

feel so happy just seeing all the good things we do in

that video. I wish we had the time to show you all the

short interview "extras" which are on the DVD as well.

The Archbishop Carlson wants to expand participation

in the ACA so that everyone may have the opportunity

to share in the work of this Mystical Body of

Christ. In the video, Archbishop Carlson stated that

our faith will be strengthened by helping these ministries.

Personally, I have noticed that I feel happier

since increasing my donation ($1,000) this year. I

have met wonderful generous Catholics serving on the

ACA Council. One man is a Certified Public Accountant,

but he wanted to do something different and have

his own company. With a friend he started a cement

company which has been very successful! He told me

that working on the ACA has changed the way he lives

out his faith life, and appreciates our diocese more now

that he knows all that we do.

Our ACA Challenge Goal is $15,400, but more importantly,

let us all get involved. Praise God we have already

received twenty new people into the ACA, and

our goal is one hundred new participants. I need your

help to pray with me one Our Father, one Hail Mary

and a Glory Be daily for the overall success of the ACA

this year.

May Our Lord Bless You this Week. Long Live Christ

the King!

Fr. John-Paul


Come and help celebrate 10 years of praying the


Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Grotto

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.

Ice Cream Social will follow the praying of the


Baby Quilt Raffle

The quilters of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Have three beautiful baby quilts they are raffling.

The chances are $1 each or 6 for $5. Tickets must

be turned into the office by May 1, 2013

Women’s Kentucky Derby Day

Join women of all ages (1-???) for a

complete Derby Day package.

Festivities begin at 10:00 a.m.

Place: Savoy

Date: Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cost: $18 (girls 6 years and under $8)

Schedule: 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Package includes: meal, horse races, hat contest

(be sure to wear your Derby hat) & lots of fun

Call Sr. Cathy or the parish office, 522-9264,

for reservations.

Ladies Club

May 29th, 2013

7:00 p.m.

The Ladies will meet at Whistle Stop on May 29th

at 7:00 p.m. Dues: $1.00 Prayer

Game: Quarters & Famous Bars

Discussion: Bridge to Florissant,

Feb. 16th– Princess Tea, Mice Gifts,

Trips: Pink Sisters & Crown Candy & Holocaust

Museum & Deli

Week of April 21st

Sunday Env. $2,826.00

April 28, 2013

5 th Sunday of Easter

“I give you a new commandment: love one another.

As I have loved you, so you also should love one another."

(John 13:34)

Jesus showed His love by healing the sick, giving

hope to the hopeless and ultimately dying on the

cross for us. We, too, are called to show our love for

one another. The agencies supported by the Annual

Catholic Appeal carry on the work and the love of

Jesus. When you give to the ACA you give love to

someone in need.

Parish Activities

Wednesday May 1st

6:30 p.m. 10th Anniversary of Rosary

Prayers Celebration

Thursday May 2nd

2:15 p.m. May Crowning

7:00 p.m. Eucharistic Adoration

Saturday May 4th

10:00 a.m. Ladies Derby Brunch at Savoy

12noon Spanish First Communion

Sunday May 5th

9:00 a.m. RCIA

10:15 a.m. Young Marrieds

10:30 a.m. Youth Group

1:15 p.m. Al-Anon

1:30 p.m. AA


Prayers of the Faithful

April 28, 2013

That we take time to listen to God, placing our trust

in Him and reflecting on what He has planned for us.

Semana del 21 de Abril

Sobres Dominicales. $2,826.00

Necesitamos que todas las personas solas y las familias

donen $10 semanales a nuestra parroquia.



ACEITE” Mateo 25:4

Por favor ayúdenos, nuestras finanzas están en rojo.

28 de abril 2013

5 º Domingo de Pascua

"Os doy un mandamiento nuevo: que se amén los unos a

los otros. Como yo os he amado. En esto reconocerán

todos que son mis discípulos: en que se aman unos a

otros.” (Juan 13:34)

Jesús mostró su amor por la curación de los enfermos,

dando esperanza a los desesperados y morir finalmente en

la cruz por nosotros. También, nosotros, estamos llamados

a mostrar nuestro amor por los demás. Las agencias que

reciben apoyo de la Campaña Católica Anual, continúan

haciendo el trabajo y llevando el amor de Jesús. Cuando le

das a ACA das amor a alguien en necesidad.

Actividades parroquiales

Miércoles 1 de mayo

6:30pm 10 º Aniversario del Rosario

Jueves 2 de mayo

2:15 pm Coronación de Mayo

7:00pm Adoración Eucarística

Sábado 4 de mayo

10 a.m. Almuerzo de las Damas en el Savoy

12:00pm Primeras Comunión en Español

Domingo 5 de mayo

9:00 a.m. RICA

10:15 a.m. Matrimonios jóvenes

Catecismo de Adultos Estudio Biblico

10:30 am Grupo de Jóvenes

1:15pm Al-Anon

1:30pm AA

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Oraciones de los Fieles

28 de abril 2013

Tomemos el tiempo para escuchar a Dios, poniendo

nuestra confianza en Él y reflexionando sobre lo que

Él ha planeado para nosotros.

El equipo de Jonás

Que es el equipo de Jonás?

Que son?

Es un ministrio de oración

Come & Join Us

You are cordially invited to a fundraiser at

Five Below

The best place to get hot stuff, cool prices and raise

money for Our Lady of Guadalupe School!

Five Below carries school supplies, software, books,

electronics, sporting goods, games, t-shirts, jewelry,

bath and body, candy, snacks, and beverages, room

décor, storage, plus much more. And everything is

at $5 or less!

Our event will be held on:

Date: Friday, April 26 - Sunday, April 28, 2013

Time: Anytime! Open Monday-Saturday

10am-9pm and Sunday 10am-6pm

Where: Five Below: in Target Plaza,

2423 N. Hwy 67

Florissant, 63033

Just in: Spring and Summer sports goods,

apparel, and gifts!!

10% of the dollars spent by your organization will

be donated back to

Our Lady of Guadalupe School!!!

Please don’t forget to bring the flyer (you can pick

up in the back of church) so that we get credit for

your purchase!

LARGE Baskets Needed

Large baskets are needed for our fall raffles. Please

check your closets for large gift baskets you never

use, and bring them to the parish office.

Lenten Almsgiving Story

The empty Rx bottle has $5 in coins found in a forgotten

coin purse discovered while cleaning out a vehicle. A

casual remark to an extended family member resulted in

selling items I wished to remain “in the family.” I know

God’s hand was involved so Our Lady of Guadalupe is

receiving 10% of the $350 sale. I gave up QT cappuchino

coffee when I buy gas. There were 12 gas stops between

Feb. 13 & March 30. That cost is being donated as is the

cost of one bag of chocolate candy.

Respect Life Essay

Mallory Tankersley, an 8th grade student in our

school, is a finalist in the Archdiocesan Respect Life

Essay Contest. She and school representatives will

have a reception with Archbishop Carlson on April

24 at the Rigali Center. We congratulate her.

Her essay follows:

February 1, 2013,

2013 Respect Life Creative Writing Contest

It has been forty years since abortion has been

legalized in the United States. That means for forty

years we have been allowed to kill innocent life.

Abortion, being legal, gives us the choice to take life

away when only God is able to make that decision.

To me, abortion is just as bad, if not worse, than murder.

Our government says it’s acceptable to kill a

child in the womb, but it is a crime to kill a newborn.

Life is life no matter how small. We need to learn

that if God didn’t want these babies to be born then

he would not have brought them into this world.

Year after year of aborting babies makes me

wonder about who all of those little lives could have

been and what they could have done for this world.

What if one of those lives could have grown up and

found a cure for cancer? What if one of those lives

would have grown up to be a saint? What if God is

trying to bring a baby into this world that can solve

some of our many problems but can’t because of our

choice to kill life? The world will never know what

all of those little heartbeats could have offered.

I am only thirteen years old but I understand

that life is a gift from God and only God should have

the awesome power to call me to heaven. We have to

stop all of this killing and it starts with me and you

and every Catholic person who knows that this is sinful.

We have to be soldiers for Christ, for the unborn

and for the least fortunate of the world. We have a

voice and we need to use it in prayer to protect the

unborn babies. God says in Matthew verse 18:19,

“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall

agree on earth concerning anything that they

shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father

who is in heaven.”

Word count 349(with title)

Kindergarten and Seniors

What a delightful day for our little ones! After singing

some songs, the little ones gave each parishioner an

Easter basket filled with treats. Then all proceeded into

church for a group picture, it was a beautiful time

together. Paula Taylor then presented each Kindergarten

student with a thank you bear. The children are ready to

do this again in the fall. Everyone else ready????

Old St. Ferdinand Shrine

To conclude the schools' theme of Women of the Church,

grades K thru 8 went to the Old St. Ferdinand Shrine for

Eucharist and tour. Fr. Jack presided at the mass, and at

the end the students presented him with a 5 foot sunflower

and the shrine with a donation for $250 to restore

one of their holy water fonts. It was a wonderful day to

spend with St. Philippine Dueschene. You may ask why

a sunflower? Just as roses are related to Guadalupe, the

sunflower is the flower for St. Rose Philippine: she always

stood facing towards God.

Querido Pueblo de Dios,

Por favor, tenga en oración a todos en el retiro Koinonia

para los Separados/as y Divorciados/as que esta pasando

ahora mismo, este fin de semana, para que todos los

participantes reciban una doble porción del espíritu

sanador de Dios y su paz.

También, por favor oren por las mujeres que van a

participar en el retiro Emaus el fin de semana del 24-26 de

mayo, que muchos corazones puedan encontrar sanación

y la reconciliación con Dios. Hay tanta necesidad!

Espero que todos hayan disfrutado de la presentación del

video de las siete obras de misericordia corporales, como

las vivimos en la Arquidiócesis, a través de diversos

ministerios, financiados parcial o totalmente por la

Campaña Católica Anual, (ACA). Realmente podemos

cambiar y salvar vidas por nuestra generosidad a esta

campaña financiera. El video fue producido por dos

mujeres muy talentosas de la Oficina de Comunicaciones

de la Arquidiócesis Lisa Johnston y Elizabeth Westhoff.

Incluso después de verlo ocho veces, me siento tan feliz

de ver todas las cosas buenas que hacemos en ese video.

Me gustaría que tuviéramos el tiempo para mostrar todas

las entrevistas cortas "extras" que se encuentran en el


El Arzobispo Carlson quiere ampliar la participación en el

ACA para que todos puedan tener la oportunidad de

participar en la obra de este Cuerpo Místico de Cristo. En

el video, el Arzobispo Carlson dijo: que nuestra fe se

fortalecerá por ayudar a estos ministerios. Personalmente,

me he dado cuenta que me siento más feliz ya que al

aumentar mi donación ($ 1.000) de este año. He conocido

maravillosos católicos generosos que sirven en el Consejo

ACA. Un hombre que es un Contador Público Certificado,

él quería hacer algo diferente y tiene su propia compañía.

Con un amigo comenzaron una compañía de cemento que

ha sido un gran éxito! Me dijo que trabajando en ACA ha

cambiado la forma en que vive su vida de fe, y aprecia

nuestra diócesis más ahora que sabe todo lo que hacemos.

Nuestro Objetivo y Desafío para ACA es $15,400.00

dólares, pero lo más importante, es que todos

participemos. Gracias a Dios que se han inscripto veinte

personas nuevas a ACA, y nuestro objetivo es cien

nuevos participantes. Necesito que me ayudes a orar

conmigo un Padre Nuestro, un Ave María y un Gloria

diaria para el éxito general de la ACA este año.

Que el Señor bendiga esta semana. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

Padre Juan Pablo

Teléfonos Importantes

Bautismos: Maria L. Knapp 522-3516

El horario de la oficina Hispana de Ntra. Sra. de

Guadalupe es:

Lunes 12:00pm-4:00pm

Martes 12:00pm- 4:00pm

Miercoles 12:00am- 4:00pm

Domingos 8:30am- 2:00pm


Las clases para los bautizos son el primer y

segundo domingo de cada mes, para los padres

y padrinos. Los bautizos se celebran

el tercer y cuarto sábado de cada mes. Los

bautizos son a las 10:45 am los sábados.

Grupo de AA en español

“El único requisito para ser miembro es un deseo de

ya no tomar…”

( Del libro Alcohólicos Anónimos)

Hay dos reuniones semanales en el piso de bajo de

nuestra escuela, la entrada y estacionamiento a la

reunión es por la parte de atrás del edificio de la


Los Domingos 1:30pm- 3:00pm

Los Viernes 7:30pm- 9:00pm

Para más información llame: Al Sr. Marcos # 636-

395-6424 o al Sr. José # 636–240-5060.


Los grupos de Familia Al-anon son una hermandad

de parientes y amigos de alcohólicos que comparten

sus experiencias, fortaleza y esperanza con el fin de

encontrarle solución a su problema en común.

Creemos que el alcoholismo es una enfermedad de la

familia y que un cambio de actitud puede ayudar a la


Las reuniones son todos los Domingos a la

1:15pm aquí en Guadalupe en la oficina Hispana

803 S. Florrisant Rd.





Your Parish in

Your Will.

For further information,

please call the Parish Office.

Auto • Home Business

American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its Subsidiaries American

Family Insurance Company Home Office-Madison, WI 53783 ©2012 006441-9/12

Brenda Rosillo Agency

Bus: (314) 762-0505


Se Habla Español

Lunch: Mon-Fri

Dinner: Tues-Sat

Dine-in Or Carry-Out

(Cocktails, wine & beer)



8418 Natural Bridge

A block west from U.M.S.L. and the

Blanch Touhill performing arts theater

For a wide selection of Catholic

greeting cards, artwork, and

inspirational recordings, visit

World Library Publications



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676050 Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

Ernesto Gutierrez, M.D.

Especialista de Medicina Interna

Tomamos Todas Clases de Seguros

y Personas Sin Seguro

1224 Graham Rd., Ste 1111



Lovely piano solos of many favorite songs

and hymns for listening pleasure.

Shall We Gather

by Jerry Galipeau

Available on CD ($17)


World Library Publications

the music and liturgy division of J.S. Paluch Co., Inc.





be in




A to Z

Michael O’Neill McGrath, OSFS

A colorful Catholic ABC

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007199 9 x 12 Hardcover

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Call Ken Perkins


Serra for Priestly Vocations



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