SP-669 - Esa


SP-669 - Esa

Proceedings of the DASIA 2009 Conference

DAta Systems In Aerospace

26–29 May 2009

Istanbul, Turkey

Organised by


In coordination with

Canadian Space Agency (CSA)

Centre National d’Études Spatiales (CNES)

European Space Agency (ESA)



August 2009

Programme Committee

F. Hass, Dansenior – Chairman

P. Arberet, CNES

P. Armbruster, ESA/ESTEC

C. Brunet, CSA

W. Busch, Astrium Space Transportation GmbH

A. Canals, CS Communication & Systèmes

A. Christen, Astrium Satellites GmbH

P. Davies, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.

C. Dionisio, Intecs

G. Estaves, Thales Alenia Space

R. Gerlich, BSSE System and Software Engineering

C. Guilly, Eurospace

L. Halbach, Spacebel SA

H.V. Heyer, Kayser-Threde

J.F. Coldefy, Astrium Satellites

K. Hjortnaes, ESA/ESTEC

C. Jørgensen, Terma A/S

P. Lacan, Astrium Space Transportation

G. Lautenschläger, Astrium Satellites GmbH

C. Lemercier, Astrium Satellites

G. Macchia, Space Software Italia

A. Martelli, Thales Alenia Space Italia

G. Moury, CNES

B. Mullet, Eumetsat

J.C. Nodet, Thales Alenia Space

H. Pasquier, CNES

P. Plancke, ESA/ESTEC

R. Plet, Eurospace

M. Richard-Foy, Aonix

A. Rossignol, Astrium Satellites

M. Symonds, LogicaCMG

R. Szczepaniak, Cortim

R. Ward, SciSys Ltd.

Publication Proc. of the ‘DASIA 2009 Conference, Data Systems In Aerospace’,

26–29 May 2009, Istanbul, Turkey

(ESA SP-669, August 2009)

Edited by L. Ouwehand

Published and distributed by ESA Communication Production Office

ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Price € 60

ISBN 978-92-9221-233-9

ISSN 1609-042X

Copyright © 2009 European Space Agency



Chairman: F. Hass


Latecomer Advantage in Space Technologies: A Posse Ad Esse

U. Murat Leloğlu

Session 1A: On-Board Processors & Emulators

Chairperson: G. Moury

Computers for Manned Space Applications Based on Commercial Off-The-Shelf Components

T. Vogel & M. Gronowski

Session 1B: On-Board Sensor Bus

Chairperson: P. Plancke

Harness Reduction Efforts, Transducer Bus and TM/TC Architecture Optimization

Activities at ESA

G. Furano

Sensor Bus Network for Space Application

P. Elia, C. Maddaleno, A. Bardi et al.

On Board Sensor Network: A Proof of Concept Aiming at Telecom I/O Optimisation

S. Gunes-Lasnet, G. Furano, M. Melicher et al.

Session 2A: Efficient Processing with Low Power & Mass

Chairperson: R. Ward

High Speed Broadband Low Power Digital-Analog Converter for Telecommunication Applications

H.-V. Heyer, G. Grau, L. Hili et al.

Payloads with Resource-Efficient Integration for Science Missions (PRISM)

O. Emam, T. FitzGeorge, A. Whittaker et al.

Session 2B: On Board Optical Wireless Bus

Chairperson: J.F. Coldefy

Technology Demonstrator for Optical Fibre Based TM/TC Architecture

B. Hespeler & R. Kurz

Session 3A: RTEMS, its Maintenance & for HRT Multiprocessors

Chairperson: C. Jørgensen

Distributed RTEMS Prototyping for Hard Real-Time Systems

F. Bossard & S. Jouanneau

RTEMS Centre – Support and Maintenance Centre to RTEMS Operating System

H. Silva, A. Constantino, D. Freitas et al.

Session 3B: Spacewire

Chairperson: O. Notebaert

Spacewire RMAP: Applications, IP Cores and Test Equipment

S. Parkes, C. McClements, M. Dunstan et al.

Network Centric Core Avionics

S. Montenegro, G. Schoof & E. Haririan

Session 4A: Dependable Distributed Processing

Chairperson: C. Jørgensen

Distributed Processing On-Board X-Sat – A System and Software Perspective

P. Chee Wan Teng & S. Siok Lin Lim

Use of the I 2 C Bus in Space Applications

J. Andersson, S. Habinc, J. Gaisler & G. Furano

Session 4B: Bus: Can, Mil and I2C

Chairperson: G. Moury

Application of the MilBus Extension Standard (ECSS-E-ST-50C)

O. Notebaert, S. Gunes-Lasnet, J.-D. Shi & V. Debus

CAN Bus on ExoMars

F. Tortosa López, G. Furano, A.J. Winton et al.

SOFA High Integrity: Our Approach to SAVOIR

P. Hnetynka, T. Bures, M. Prochazka et al.

Session 5A: Reuse & Building Blocks

Chairperson: L. Halbach

Feature Management Applied to On Board Software Building Blocks

A. Bourdoux, L. Demonceau, P. Parisis et al.

Session 5B: Ground System MCC

Chairperson: B. Mullet

Expanding ESOC’s Science Family of Mission Control Systems

A. Kowalczyk, A. Ercolani & M. Spada

Synergies in Monitoring & Control Systems for Spacecraft and Ground Stations

C. Lannes

The Development of the Pleiades Command Control Centre – First Full SLE Command

Control Centre at CNES

S. Teodomante, M.L. Anadon, Y. Labrune et al.

Session 6A: Interface & Service Standards

Chairperson: P. Beerthuizen

A Standard for Basic I/O Hardware Addressing in C Language – A Step for Efficient and Reusable Building

Blocks for Low Level Software

B. Auguet

Towards Formal Implementation of PUS Standard

D. Ilić

Implementation and Application of SOIS

S.D. Fowell, O. Notebaert & S. Gunes-Lasnet

Session 6B: Ground System EO & Data Centers

Yggdrasyll, a Concept for a Virtual Data Centre

H. de Wolf, P. Beerthuizen & C. Plevier

Chairperson: H. Pasquier

A Generic Ground Framework for Image Expertise Centres and Small-Sized Production Centres

A. Sellé

Session 7A: Safety & Security for Avionics & Space

Chairperson: J.P. Blanquart

Safe and Secure Partitioning with Pikeos: Towards Integrated Modular Avionics in Space

J. Almeida & M. Prochazka

Ensuring Safety and Security for Avionics: A Case Study

Y. Laarouchi, Y. Deswarte, D. Powell et al.

AI Techniques for Space: The APSI Approach

R. Steel, M. Niézette, A. Cesta et al.

Session 7B: Mission Planning

Chairperson: H. Pasquier

Session 8A: IMA & TSP Development Process, Tools and Platforms

Chairperson: P. Arberet

Addressing System Reconfiguration and Incremental Integration within IMA Systems

F. Ferrero & A.I. Rodriguez

XtratuM: An Open Source Hypervisor for TSP Embedded Systems in Aerospace

A. Crespo, I. Ripoll, M. Masmano et al.

AIR Technology: A Step Towards ARINC 653 in Space

J. Rufino, J. Craveiro, T. Schoofs et al.

Integrated Modular Avionics: The Challenges

O. Charrier

Ground Station M&C Simulator (MAX)

C. Laroque, C. Lannes & M. Götzelmann

Session 8B: Ground System Simulators

Chairperson: P. Beerthuizen

Session 9A: Time & Data Consistency in Distributed Space Processing

Data Consistency in a Component Based Space System

N. Pontisso, P. Quéinnec, G. Padiou et al.

Chairperson: B. Mullet

Using Separability to Enable Time-Consistent Simulation of Distributed Space Systems

P. Mauran, G. Padiou, P. Quéinnec & B. Delatte

Towards Reconfigurable, Separable and Hard Real-Time Hybrid Simulation and Test Systems

F. Quartier, B. Delatte & M. Joubert

Simulating SpaceWire-Based Reliable and Timely Protocols

D. Jameux

Test Sequence Controler & CMDVS

A. Armitage

Session 9B: EGSE & Operational Simulators

Chairperson: F. Hass

Session 10A: Software Fault & Boundary Detection, Dynamic,

Static & Abstract Interpretation Analysis

Chairperson: P. Lacan

Space Software Validation Using Abstract Interpretation

O. Bouissou, E. Conquet, P. Cousot et al.

Static Analysis Tools, a Practical Approach for Safety-Critical Software Verification

R. Lopes, D. Vicente & N. Silva

Extracting Loop Bounds for WCET Analysis Using the Instrumentation Point Graph

A. Betts & G. Bernat

Fault Identification Strategies

R. Gerlich, R. Gerlich & C. Dietrich

Session 10B: On Board Simulators

Chairperson: L. Halbach

System Engineering Infrastructure Evolution Galileo IOV and the Steps Beyond

J. Eickhoff, H.-J. Herpel, T. Steinle et al.

Tide: The Integrated Development Environment for Tropomi

J. de Vries, C. Plevier & P. Beerthuizen

Session 11A: Modelling & Formal V&V of Requirements

Formal Verification at System Level

S. Mazzini, S. Puri, F. Mari et al.

Chairperson: P. Arberet

Use of Models to Verify and Validate Requirements for Critical Software

K. Kvinnesland & Ø. Torget

Session 11B: On Board Applications

Chairperson: A. Martelli

Pharao Atomic Clock: Embedded Software Code Interpreter, Event Driven Software

Architecture and Flash File Manager

I. Zenone & T. Nauleau

The Meteorological Station for the NASA’s 2011 Mars Science Laboratory Rover

J.F. Moreno, J. Gómez-Elvira, A. Peña & J. Serrano

Session 12A: Model Driven Software Design & Code Extraction

Chairperson: R. Gerlich

Beyond ASSERT: Increasing the Effectiveness of Model-Driven Engineering

M. Bordin, M. Panunzio & T. Vardanega

Autocoded Stellar Dynamic Attitude Estimation Filter for DEMETER

B. Pontet, C. Pittet, C. Fallet & R. Penet

Data Modelling Technologies for Dependable System-Software Engineering

J.P. Blanquart, G. Bulsa, D. Lesens et al.

Session 12B: GNSS

Chairperson: H.V. Heyer

GNSS Software Receiver for the MAGIA (Missione Altimetrica Geofisica GeochImica lunAre) Mission

G. Pirazzi, N. De Quattro & C. Dionisio

Vision Based Approach for Entry Descent Landing

P. Lanza, F. Cometto & A. Martelli

ExoMars Descent Module GNC SW Breadboard and its Usage in the Avionics Validation

M. Montagna, B. Acquaroli, S. de Sanctis et al.

Proximity-1: Simulating the CCSDS Proximity-1 Protocol for ExoMars

R. Blommestijn, J. Lange, C. Taylor & A. Winton

Session 13A: Model Checking & Model Based Test Case Generation

Chairperson: A. Martelli

Practical Results from the Application of Model Checking and Test Generation from

UML/SysML Models of On-Board Space Applications

J.M. Faria, S. Mahomad & N. Silva

UML for Validation: Experimenting Automatic Test Generation for Flight Software Validation

P. Hyounet & J. Pouly

Session 13B: ECSS & CMMI

Chairperson: G. Macchia

Evolving the ECSS Standards and their Use: Experience Based on Industrial Case Studies

R. Feldt, E. Ahmad, B. Raza et al.

Session 14A: Critical S/W Development:

Open Tools, JAVA RTS, Detailed Design Documentation

Chairperson: M. Richard-Foy

Towards Open-DO: Methodologies and Open Tools for Critical Systems

J.F. Ruiz, M. Bordin, C. Comar

Real-Time Java in Space: Potential Benefits and Open Challenges

T. Kalibera, M. Prochazka, F. Pizlo et al.

CodeRocket TM : Accelerating the Software Development Process

S. Parkes & C. Ramsay

Session 14B: File Transfer and Messaging

Chairperson: G. Macchia

Design and Implementation of CCSDS File Delivery Protocol for ESA Ground Segment

F. Flentge & M. Jordan

Proof of Concept of the Core Parameter Service Using the CCSDS SM&C MAL Service

E. Poupart, S. Steere, F. Coccoluto & D. Feliot

CCSDS/ECSS Telemetry and Telecommand for RASTA

S. Habinc, K. Glembo, D. Hellström & G. Furano

Session 15A: Dependability, FDIR, Security & Reliability in Space

Chairperson: P. Lacan

RODOS – Real Time Kernel Design for Dependability

S. Montenegro & F. Dannemann

Security Needs and Promising Implementations in Space Systems

G. Herrgott & J.-P. Blanquart

Prototyping of Processor Warm Redundancy in Critical Phases

O. Rigaud, J. Villa, G. Garcia et al.

Session 15B: On Board Control Procedures

Chairperson: R. Ward

Development and Validation of the On-Board Control Procedures Subsystem for the

Herschel and Planck Satellites

M. Ferraguto, T. Wittrock, M. Barrenscheen et al.

Implementation of a New TC Authentication Unit for Space Systems

J. Johansson, K. Engström & T. Hult

Prototyping of a Virtual Machine for OBCP

G. Veran, G. Garcia & P. Arberet

TSP-Based Generic Payload On-Board Software

P. Arberet, J.-J. Metge, O. Gras & A. Crespo

Panel Session: ARINC 653 to TSP Framework

Chairperson: K. Hjortnaes

An Integrated Modular Avionics Development Environment

T. Schoofs, S. Santos, C. Tatibana et al.

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