Jewstock Festival

Jewstock Festival

Jewstock Festival


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<strong>Jewstock</strong> <strong>Festival</strong><br />

Monostorapáti, Hungary<br />

26 July­ 2 August<br />

The <strong>Jewstock</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> is a unique initiative of Marom Budapest (www.marom.hu) to explore contemporary Jewish<br />

culture in an open setting near Kapolcs „Valley of arts”, by the Lake Balaton in the village of Monostorapáti.<br />

The eight day program is going to consist of dance, theatre and music f workshops, concerts of excellent<br />

Bands, theatre performances, movies,<br />

installations, lectures in English, and beyond!<br />

You can bring your tent or rent a room and enjoy<br />

nature in a vibrant creative atmosphere in the<br />

famous vine‐region of Hungary, close to the Lake Balaton<br />

and the Hegyesd Lake.<br />

Participation fee: 6000 HUF / 25 EURO / week<br />

1000 HUF / 5 EURO / day<br />

Accommodation: Tent place costs<br />

Room in cottages cost 2500 HUF /10 EURO / night<br />

Kosher food is available upon request.<br />

Please contact info@marom.hu for registration, bookings and further info.<br />

Workshops<br />

4 EURO / night,

Workshops are open both for amateurs and professionals or those who just would like to take a rest in an active way, and<br />

make relationships with other people, and who are also interested in arts and culture.<br />


The Theatre and film workshop is going to be led by two professionals: Andrew Heffler and János Szász.<br />

Andrew Hefler who is a Canadian actor living in Hungary for 15 years and acting in Hungarian Theatres. Andrew has<br />

a master in traditional British improvisational theater and going to explore the freedom of improvisational<br />

spheres with the participants. The language of the workshop is going to be both Hungarian and English.<br />

Andrew has acted in many Hungarian films, as well, such as Kinder Garden, Fekete Kefe (Black Brush) or the movie<br />

“Vége” (The End) as well as in theatre productions such as “Patkányiszony” in the Budapest Kamara Theatre Shure<br />

Studio , in the Complete Works of William Shakespeare in the Hungarian National Theatre or “Tojás a lecsóba” at the<br />

R.S.9. studio theatre.<br />

Andrew Heffler is going to lead the theatre workshops<br />

between 26­31 st July between 12­18.00.<br />

The last two days of the theatre and film workshops are going to be led by János Szász, professor of the Hungarian<br />

Film and Theatre Academy. Theatre and film director János Szász staged the acclaimed A.R.T. productions of Desire<br />

Under the Elms, Uncle Vanya, Marat/Sade and Mother Courage and Her Children. His theatre work in Hungary<br />

includes Ibsen’s Ghosts, Gozzi’s The King Stag, Williams’s A Streetcar Named Desire, Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, Brecht’s<br />

Baal and Mother Courage, Weiss’s Marat/Sade, A Streetcar Named Desire at Arena Stage in Washington, D.C.<br />

János Szász is going to lead the theatre workshops on 1­2 nd August<br />

between 12­18.00.<br />

Mr. Szász's films include Woyzeck, which won twenty different prizes at fifty‐five<br />

international film festivals across Europe, including the European Film Academy<br />

Award (FELIX) for Best New European Film in Berlin and Special Prize of the Jury,<br />

Bergamo; and was the Hungarian nominee for the Oscars; The Witman Boys, also<br />

presented at more than fifty international film festivals, the official selection of<br />

the Cannes Film <strong>Festival</strong> and winner of several awards including Best Director at<br />

the Moscow International Film <strong>Festival</strong>, and the main prize at the Ghent Film <strong>Festival</strong>

(also the Hungarian nominee for the Oscars); and Szédülés (Don't Disturb), receiving the Best Director Prize, Bogota,<br />

Venezuela and Best Foreign Film, Bratislava. Mr. Szász received a special commendation as one of the world's ten up<br />

and coming film directors of the world at the Sundance <strong>Festival</strong> and Variety in 1998.<br />

He directed the Eyes of the Holocaust, a documentary film about the Hungarian holocaust produced by Steven Spielberg<br />

for the Shoah Foundation, which was presented at the Los Angeles Jewish Film <strong>Festival</strong>. His most recent film was<br />

“Opium” that won the best‐director prize and the Gene‐Moskowitz prize on the Hungarian National Film <strong>Festival</strong>.Mr.<br />

Szász is a member of the European Film Academy.<br />

MUSIC<br />

The music workshops are going to be led by two professionals: András Párniczky and Bob Cohen.<br />

Bob Cohen is a musician who plays on the violin, mandolin, koboz, cumbus, flutes, Carpathian drum and also sings in<br />

his bands. He is the founder of the Budapest Klezmer Band and of the klezmer band “Di Naye Kapelye”<br />

(http://www.dinayekapelye.com/ )<br />

Member of the Jewish Music Research Center at the Budapest ELTE University. Bob is of Hungarian origin, was born in<br />

the US and currently living in NYC and Budapest. Bob has been collecting Jewish Music in Hungary, USA, Israel and the<br />

bordering countries for ca. 15 years. He is very funny.<br />

Bob Cohen is going to make music workshops on 26­31 st July between 14.00­16.00.<br />

András Párnicky is the founder and leader of the Klez‐Jazz formation “Nigun” www.nigun.hu He is a great jazz guitar<br />

player and a good knower of Jewish melodies, nigunim.<br />

DANCE<br />

András Párniczky is going to make workshops 1­2 nd August between 14.00­16.00.<br />

Ms. Edit Dékány is going to lead the dance workshops. Edit is a young, energetic and creative choreographer and<br />

dancer who finished her PHD in choreography recently. Edit has started working with breakers in the end of the 90ies<br />

who she met in the outside city underground stations dancing for fun. She managed to mix classical contemporary<br />

dance techniques with “organic” break techniques and won many festivals with her innovative shows.<br />

Dance sessions are going to be daily between 10­12 o clock.


26th July­2nd<br />

August<br />

26th July­2nd<br />

August<br />

26th July­2nd<br />

August<br />

10­12 am Dance workshop<br />

12­6 pm Theatre workshop<br />

2­4 pm Music workshop<br />

Exhibition, installations and garden movie: All week Boulvardésbrezsnyev Galery exhibition, installations,<br />

screenings of animation movies made by students of the Academy of Fine Arts / Film Academy<br />


EMUNAH, Dj Sabbo, Anakronic Orkestra, Hagesher, Laroz Sound system, Chalaban, Zuboly and so<br />

on…<br />

Gipsy, Palestinian, Pakistan, Israeli, Russian tango and klezmer­ hip­hop spice with reggae, brake and drum ’n’<br />

bass. The Oi­Va­Voi Scollad, Balcan Beat Box and a ’bit on Matisyahu way on the biggest festival in Hungary in<br />

Monostorapáti.<br />

Sirály -music- Stage:

Time 26 July 27 July 28 July 29 July. 30 July. 31 July 1 August 2 August<br />

14.00-16.00 Music<br />

workshop<br />

(Párniczky<br />

András and Bob<br />

Cohen)<br />

Music<br />

workshop<br />

(Párniczky<br />

András and<br />

Bob Cohen<br />

Music<br />

workshop<br />

(Párniczky<br />

András and<br />

Bob Cohen<br />

Music<br />

workshop<br />

(Párniczky<br />

András and<br />

Bob Cohen<br />

Music<br />

workshop<br />

(Párniczky<br />

András and<br />

Bob Cohen<br />

Music<br />

workshop<br />

(Párniczky<br />

András and<br />

Bob Cohen<br />

Music<br />

workshop<br />

(Párniczky<br />

András and<br />

Bob Cohen<br />

18.00 Chinga (HUN)<br />

19.00 Nigun (HUN) Zokogó<br />

Majom<br />

20.00 Club Era (HUN) Srayem<br />

(HUN)<br />

21.00 Kardos<br />

Négyes<br />

Quintet (HUN)<br />

22.00 Ama (HUN) Grencsó Bió<br />

Kollektív<br />

(HUN)<br />

Smárton Trio<br />

(HUN)<br />

Interkarate<br />

(HUN)<br />

Kvark (HUN) Hagesher és<br />

Szalóki Ági<br />

(HUN)<br />

Said Tichiti<br />

Trió (MOR)<br />

Anakronic<br />

Electric<br />

Orhcestra<br />

(FR)<br />

Monophonic<br />

(HUN)<br />

Specko Jedno<br />

(HUN)<br />

Music<br />

workshop<br />

(Párniczky<br />

András and<br />

Bob Cohen<br />

Santa Diver<br />

(HUN)<br />

Zuboly (HUN)<br />

23.00 Dav (HUN) Laroz Sounds<br />

System (ISR)<br />

24.00 Óperentzia<br />

(HUN)<br />

Csókolom<br />

(HUN)<br />

Emunah (UK) Chakra<br />

Hacker (HUN)<br />

Popivan<br />

(HUN)<br />

Zu sammen<br />

(HUN)<br />

01.00 Sabbo (ISR)<br />


CLUB ERA (HUN)<br />

Different people sneak into the tunes from Rajistan through Moldavia up to Australia with the Hungarian base musical<br />

habit of tamping the granary. The violin and the flute are fighting in their instrumental play fro time to time, other times<br />

it clears out and elevates to the light. Club Era give such an experience with a strong, rhythmic suite mixing with ancient<br />

melodies and improvisational solos as if you would here a music that has always been living inside of you!<br />

JULY 26th, 20.00 Listen to it here: http://www.clubera.hu/site/music<br />

AMA (HUN)<br />

István Grencsó is not known as a beat‐musician (he is a famous Jazzist), just like other members in the band: in this<br />

formation everybody is playing something else than he usually does on some different instrument. Evoking the musical<br />

world of the 60ies – including tunes and lyrics – is sliding excitingly together with the contemporary musical life.<br />

Instead being retro as an aim in itself the outcome is authentic and up‐to‐date, live music. Its time for Anachronism.<br />

JULY 26th, 22.00<br />


Óperentzia (Farfar away) has been founded in 2005. INspriations for the band were down tempo, psychedelic music<br />

from the 60ies and the favorite tales of our childhood. Besides drawing grooves, monotony and the effects of analog<br />

keyboards are always in the foreground. They are traveling around with their brand new demo in Hungary that is their<br />

first‐second album.<br />

JULY 26th, 24.00 Listen to it here: http://www.myspace.com/operentzia<br />

SRAYEM (HUN)<br />

Hungarian­Moldovan Jewish folk music. Hungarian, Moldovan, bukovinan, Máramaros melodies inaugurated with<br />

classical elements. You can dance to it!<br />

JULY 27th 20.00


Saxophonist, flutist, band manager István Grencsó has started his career in 21979 with the Masina (Machine) band, than<br />

played with different formations of Mihály Dresch and György Szabados. He established the Grencsó Collective in 1985,<br />

that transformed into Bio Collective after almost 20 years. The free spirit of Grencsó, his non‐compromising thinking<br />

independent from trends and fashions serves for constant surprises. The music of Grencsó is more and more based on<br />

collective improvisation and experimenting. The band often transforms, has guest muisicans. Zum Zoo is their lates<br />

album, published in 2006.<br />

JULY 27th 22.00 Listen to it: http://www.myspace.com/grencsobiokollektiv<br />


Dance‐orchestra of the year. Rough translation from their lyrics<br />

Everyone left me / cause I pained them to death /cause no‐one loved me really<br />

Oh, what a pity, summer is over!<br />

Long ago nothing has happened / I don’t know where is the man / the rain is draining, the mud is swallowing,<br />

Oh, what a pity, summer is over!<br />

JULY 27th 22.00 Listen to it here: http://www.kancso.hu/zenek.htm<br />

NIGUN (HUN)<br />

Nigunim are such spiritual melodies the chanting of which helps for both the presenters and the audience to reach the<br />

state of ecstasy. The band was founded by András Párniczky in 2001. Reviving the traditions of Eastern‐European Jewry<br />

has a great tradition in American jazz‐circles: think about John Zorn and muisicans grouping around his label Tsadik. In<br />

Europe only Nigun is following this trend, the roots of which are to be found both in spirituality and nowadays’ jazz.<br />

Nigun always transgresses borders of genre, klez‐jazz is the best to describe which way they orient themselves.<br />

JULY 28 th , 19.00 Listen to it at www.nigun.hu<br />


The band is a representative of the young musician generation. Creativity, openness for genres incorporates popularity<br />

with demanding standards mixing with the openness of jazz and living musical feature. We find more sentimental pieces<br />

in their repertoire, evoking filmic music, and also more acoustic pieces, closer to jazz, not to talk about the influence of

eastern‐European folk music that can be felt on their compositions.<br />

JULY 28 th , 21.00<br />

Dav<br />

July 28 th , 23.00<br />


Members made their MA in 2004 at the Jazz Academy, Budapest. The music is an exciting mixture of blues, jazz, rock,<br />

spiced with some funk. The band has just debuted lately.<br />

July 29 th , 20.00 Listen to it here: http://smartontrio.homeip.net/zene.html<br />

KVARK (HUN)<br />

The current formation is the continuing ofd the Sain music band. Both bands have played for dance performances<br />

(Szimpla, Tűzraktér), theatre shows, exhibition opening. They made music for films, and of course played gigs. All of<br />

them played in different formations as well, but they attmept to mix the most possibles styles int he frames of KVARK.<br />

Most of the time it is jazz standards mixed with folk music elements, with funk and other gerne.<br />

July 29 th , 22.00<br />

EMUNAH (UK)<br />

The Guardian called them 'the UK's hot new Jewish hip hop act', but what do they know? The Emunah crew hail from a<br />

variety of ethnic backgrounds, including Jewish, Palestinian and Russian. Emunah's repertoire spans hip hop, reggae,<br />

breaks and drum and bass, shaking dancefloors with their unique fusion of melodies from around the world, kicking<br />

beats, uplifting vocals and rolling basslines.<br />

July 29 th , 24.00 Listen to it here: http://www.emunahmusic.com/<br />



July 30 th 19.00<br />


It was founded by the name „Dani and the Interkarate” 10 years ago but Dani dropped out in the beginning and the guys<br />

have paddled from the beginning punk –trend to more light waters. Interkarate is a mood‐oriented. Light guitar music<br />

with bubble pipes and poem‐distribution. Lets live it through together that the Earth is moving forward with us by a<br />

couple degrees...<br />

July 30 th , 20.00<br />

HAGESHER és Szalóki Ági (HUN)<br />

Hagesher has been founded on the axis of the 7th and 13th district of Budapest as a jazz, reggae, klezmer, hip‐hop,<br />

Hungarian folk music band with English, German, Hebrew rap lyrics. The band has processed popular Israeli songs,<br />

Sephardic songs and even liturgical melodies with respect and great creativity. All that with the contribution of the best<br />

jazz musicians of Hungary. Hagesher has not been performing for 3 years and going to be together for <strong>Jewstock</strong>’s special<br />

occasion. This time Hagesher is performing with Agi Szalóki great Hungarian singer woman (Beshodrom)<br />

July 30 th , 22.00<br />


Our music can be best described as multifaceted, it combines a large number of different sounds. Eastern European<br />

melodies mix with Latin rhythms and Afro beats, "World Jazz" mixes with the mournful and upbeat sounds of socialist‐<br />

pressos and other Hungarian peculiarities, all while maintaining a connection and flirting with Underground music<br />

July 30 th , 24.00<br />


Authentic maroccan music.<br />

July 31 st 21.00<br />


Well, imagine the Gotan Project in a klezmer version. The five member French formation plays a mixture of Balkan,<br />

klezmer and electronics that leaves a great space for improvisation for the virtuoso klezmer musician next to the strict<br />

rhythm.<br />

July 31 st 22.00<br />

Listen to it here: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=185911696<br />


„The honour of the flag straining in the tempest and the feeling of the triumph approaching are fighting for annexing the<br />

cosmos with embittered cramp. The omen is only increasing by the times.” With such and similar lyrics these amateur<br />

movie makers of the suburbs and the countryside are trying to get us and smuggle meaning into the meaningless. Their<br />

films are also like this. That their integration in our city environment was not successful is proved by their music: its<br />

very good, not trendy but fresh and such a new wave of Hungarian underground and jazz that non of these established<br />

groups want to acknowledge them. This is the way of the experimenting in the music. But don’t worry – time works for<br />

them, and even if they won’t be alive, the history of music will be about them. So how is the music they play? Sometimes<br />

its going in the direction of Balkan wedding music, sometimes evoking a pianist, Komeda from the 70ies…<br />

July 31 st 24.00 Downloads here: http://linkgyujto.info/tag/Popivan/16891<br />

CHINGA (HUN)<br />

http://www.chinga.hu/<br />

1 st August, 18.00<br />

Monophonic (HUN)<br />

The music of Monophonic is reflecting the common values of Hungarian, Jewish and Gnawa young people. This is not<br />

only a music band but a proof that people from different cultures and musical patterns they bring with themselves can<br />

buold a strong symbiosis.<br />

1 st August, 20.00 Listen to it here: http://www.mymusic.hu/monophonic<br />


The band Specko Jedno is exactly like a bar‐orchestra and the singer woman is being called a chanson singer all the time.<br />

The situation is more complicated, though: the repertoire consists of moral‐rocky, sacral.duo, death‐romance, bigot‐<br />

tango, declared‐funky, fallen hit, metal‐party, tale‐punk, delirium‐disco, metaphysical‐childrens’song, fitness‐ballade

(etc.) The singer is an admitted singer‐woman imitator. She is fighting her despaired struggle against the stereotypes of<br />

love songs.<br />

1 st August, 22.00<br />

ZU SAMMEN (HUN) feat SABBO<br />

ZuSammen is the rap duo of two friends who finally say it all about Hungary, with good bases, a lot of insights and black<br />

humor.<br />

Sabbo is a Hungarian origin anarchic of Israeli music. He mixes everything that should not be mixed (antikosher!): club,<br />

calypso, hip‐hop. Dub, dancehall, house, dubstep. All this with the craziest effects give the base for his inimitable<br />

remixes.<br />

1 st August, 24.00<br />


The music of Santa Diver was influenced by the minimalism of techno, the trance experience of Moroccan gnawa and<br />

never ending energy, the freedom of jazz and the beauty and sensitivity of melancholic music. The band has debuted in<br />

2006.<br />

2 nd August 19.00 Listen to it here: http://www.myspace.com/santadiver<br />

ZUBOLY<br />

Zuboly is doing something like taking a folk song, or something similar and a pop song known by everyone and kneads<br />

the two together in such a way, completed with rap insert of MC Busa that you can easily miss the transition between<br />

the Billy Jean and a Hungarian ancient shamanic song.<br />

2 nd August 21.00 Listen to it here: http://www.zuboly.com<br />


Laroz Turkoman, a Turkish‐origin bass guitar player is the most well known figure of Israeli hip‐hop – also on an<br />

international level who has made his recordings with a dozen of Jamaican an European dub poets, MCs and drummers.<br />

Among his colleagues there is Ras Malakot, TY, Dayjah and saxson’s. There are many hits linked to his name such as Old<br />

time something, Justindance to do dance. This time hes is going to present his hits with an Israeli DJ and a Jemenite<br />

freestyle MC for the celebrating audience.<br />

2 ND August 23.00 Listen to it here:

http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=75674292<br />


28 th July, Mon, 21.00<br />

Budapest Jewish Theatre: Book of Jonas<br />

The Budapest Jewish Theatre has been working together since 5 years and have<br />

reached a professional level of performing but did not lose the spirit and creativity of the amateur times. Their brand<br />

new play has just had a premier in June and got very good critique among theatre specialist. The play is a philosophical<br />

reading of the Book of Jonas while reflecting on Jewish identity in today’s Hungary. Don’t miss it!<br />

29 th July Tue, 21.00<br />

SHUE workshop exhibitory<br />

30 th July Wed, 21.00<br />

TÁP Theatre: Anti­racist vaudeville<br />

TÁP Theatre is the most progressive theatre group of Hungary in the last couple years. In the last period TÁP has<br />

performed the “Everything is bad” varieté that is a form of anti‐theatre and audience‐abusing (“Publikumsbeschimpfung”<br />

with the original terms of Peter Handke). TÁP is performing in trendy bars or just on the streets and forces you to reflect<br />

on yourself and the reality around you constantly in a provocative way. Besides the performances TÁP also has stage<br />

plays, such as the popular “Searchers” – a radio‐audio‐cartoon‐theatre vision. TÁP is going to perform an Anti‐racist<br />

vaudeville at <strong>Jewstock</strong> that is going to be a memorable piece of the <strong>Jewstock</strong> experience.<br />


Location: The local community house<br />

2. Marom and Yalla lectures<br />

Location: Garden of the local community house<br />


Mancs Tent: Yalla lectures, discussions<br />

Time 26 July 27 July 28 July 29 July 30 July 31 July 1 August 2 august<br />

13.30-<br />

15.00<br />

15.00-<br />

16.30<br />

16.30-<br />

18.00<br />

Israeli<br />

modern<br />

concert<br />

music- Eran<br />

El-Bar<br />

(Representati<br />

ve of the<br />

Educational<br />

Department<br />

of Jafi)<br />

The Other<br />

Peace<br />

Process:"<br />

The Role of<br />

Interreligiou<br />

s Dialogue<br />

in Israel and<br />

the Middle<br />

East" (Ron<br />

Kronish)<br />

Contempora<br />

ry Trends in<br />

Israeli<br />

Cinema<br />

(Amy Kronish<br />

– ISR)<br />

The modern<br />

sephardic and<br />

maroccian music<br />

int he Middle East.-<br />

Said Tichiti<br />

(Chalaban,<br />

musician)<br />

(The langeuge of the<br />

lecture: English))<br />

Israel-Diaspora<br />

Relations and<br />

Issues of Jewish<br />

Identity- Ron<br />

Kronish (ISR)<br />

Gender Issues in<br />

Israeli Cinema- Amy<br />

Kronish (ISR

18.00-<br />

19.30<br />

Jewish pride<br />

and selflashing<br />

in<br />

Israel and<br />

the diaspora<br />

-György<br />

Vári, Mihály<br />

Kornis<br />

(literature<br />

historians)<br />

(langeuge of<br />

the lecture:<br />

Hungarian)<br />

Desire in<br />

religious<br />

frames<br />

Challanges<br />

to be<br />

religious<br />

jew in the<br />

Israeli<br />

society-<br />

Zsófia Kata<br />

Vincze<br />

(ELTE,<br />

MTA<br />

research<br />

group)<br />

Cristopher<br />

Caspar<br />

(CEU)<br />

(The<br />

langeuge of<br />

the lecture:<br />

English)<br />

Traditional<br />

melodies<br />

in jazz-<br />

Dániel<br />

Kardos,<br />

jazz<br />

guitarist<br />

(Kardos<br />

Négyes<br />

nad<br />

beyond)<br />

Dávid<br />

Lamm, jazz<br />

guitarist –<br />

Lamm Trio,<br />

Skayach<br />

and beyond<br />

(The<br />

langeuge of<br />

the lecture:<br />

Hungarian)<br />

Yalla lectures are the common program of Jafi and MCSZ<br />

Marom -small- workshop<br />

The<br />

explanati<br />

on of the<br />

Babel<br />

story-<br />

György<br />

Gereby<br />

(CEU)<br />

Zsófia<br />

Kata<br />

Vincze<br />

(Hungaria<br />

n<br />

Scientific<br />

Academy)<br />

(The<br />

langeuge<br />

of the<br />

lecture:<br />

Hungaria<br />

n<br />

I believe<br />

witches<br />

are still<br />

exist!-<br />

Miklós<br />

Sárközi<br />

(iranist,<br />

Protestant<br />

Univerity)<br />

Andi<br />

Sturovics<br />

(judaist)<br />

(The<br />

langeuge of<br />

the lecture:<br />

Hungarian)<br />

Has a Jew<br />

double or<br />

flawed<br />

identity in a<br />

foreign<br />

culture?<br />

Russian-<br />

Jewish and<br />

russian<br />

jidish<br />

literature-<br />

Zsuzsa<br />

Hetényi<br />

Beáta Nink<br />

(ELTE<br />

Slavistic<br />

Department)<br />

Tthe<br />

langeuge of<br />

the lecture:<br />

Hungarian)<br />

Buy Jewry?!<br />

But how?<br />

Jewish<br />

culture, PR,<br />

brand and<br />

marketing in<br />

Hungary-<br />

Péter<br />

György<br />

(media<br />

researcher)<br />

Gábor<br />

Csillag<br />

(antropologis<br />

t)<br />

Zsuzsa<br />

Szvetelszky<br />

(market<br />

researcher)<br />

BrúnóBitter<br />

(blogger)<br />

(The<br />

langeuge of<br />

the lecture:<br />

Hungarian)<br />

Universal morality<br />

vs. Religious<br />

autonomy-<br />

András Schiffer<br />

(lowyer, Védegylet)<br />

Andi Sturovics<br />

(Pilpul.net, Maszorti<br />

Hungary)<br />

Levente Penz<br />

(Fauna)<br />

Gábor Csillag<br />

(antropologist)<br />

(The langeuge of the<br />

lecture: Hungarian)<br />

Time 26 July 27 July 28 July 29 July 30 July 31 July. 1 August 2 August<br />

11.00-<br />

15.00<br />

Ketuba<br />

(marriage lines)<br />

making-<br />

Sari Kronish

15.00-<br />

16.30<br />

16.30-<br />

18.00<br />

Marom Garden<br />

Discussion of<br />

humor in<br />

Holocaust<br />

films<br />

Movie: Train<br />

de vie<br />

(romanianfrench)<br />

Andrea<br />

Ausztrics<br />

(aesthete and<br />

cultural<br />

anthropologist)<br />

(The langeuge<br />

of the lecture:<br />

Hungarian)<br />

Israeli<br />

movie:<br />

Noodle<br />

(2007)<br />

Israeli<br />

movie:<br />

The Bands<br />

visit (Bikkur<br />

haTizmoret,<br />

2007, ISR)<br />

Israeli movie:<br />

Walk on<br />

water<br />

(2005 ISR)<br />

Discussion in<br />

the Mancs<br />

tent at 16.30<br />

Ketuba<br />

(marriage<br />

lines) making-<br />

Sari Kronish<br />

(Ketuba<br />

maker,<br />

architect<br />

(The langeuge<br />

of the lecture:<br />

english)<br />

(Ketuba maker,<br />

architect<br />

(The langeuge<br />

of the lecture:<br />

English)<br />

Contemporary<br />

Israeli pop<br />

music - Ronen<br />

Sabo, Haim<br />

Laroz<br />

(The langeuge<br />

of the lecture:<br />

English<br />

Israeli movie:<br />

Beaufor<br />

Time 26 July 27 July 28 July 29 July 30 July 31 July 1 August 2 August<br />

20.00-<br />

01.00<br />

Open – air<br />

cinema<br />

Open – air<br />

cinema<br />

Open – air<br />

cinema<br />

Open – air<br />

cinema<br />

Open – air<br />

cinema<br />

Open – air<br />

cinema<br />

Open – air<br />

cinema<br />

Open – air<br />


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