Critical Review; or, Annals of literature

Critical Review; or, Annals of literature


\X/'ITH pleafure we embrace every opportunity of

acknowledging the candour and the kindnefs of

the Public, though we feldonn obtrude but when cir-

Gunmftances render fome information necefTary, or whea

fome new propofal is defigned for their accommodation,

-^ince our laft addrefs the politics of nations and of

philofophers have changed in appearance

as well as ia

realityi In our philofophical warfere, it is a fubjecl of

regret,- but as politicians, as men to whom Aothing

that relates to mankind can be indifferent, we have rea-

fon to rejoice : for even the innovating fpirit of the prefent

age has been advantageous to the progrefs of our

political knowledge

: it has called Genius and Learn-

ing from their repofe, it has elicited fparks

of triith in

the Collifion, and we have thence learned, that, much as

we venerate the -wifdom of our anceftors in the forma-

tion "of our glorious conftitution, we have additional

reafon to admire it, when compared with the motley

inconfiftent fabric of modern philofophers and fliort*

fighted metaphyficianSk

As we afe compelled to follow the tafte of the age in

purfuing fucceflive publications, the objedts of our at*

tention are, in fome meafure> changed. While foreign

philofophers have become politicians, or, terrified by

,the din of arms, have remitted in their ardour, our

A a


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