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Assam Area

Covering a total area of 78, 523 sq km, Assam state is

enriched by many geographical features. The Plains of Barak

hills and Brahmaputra valley are the two locations that have

prominence in the geography of Assam.

Assam Climate

The climate of Assam ranges from a maximum of 29° to a

minimum of 16°. It is said that the land of Assam receives the

maximum amount of rainfall in the entire world that goes from

70 inches to even 120 inches. Being famous for its tea

estates, Assam also boasts of fertile agricultural lands most of

which are irrigated by the River of Brahmaputra.

Assam is an important geographic location of North-East India.

Situated between 8905/-960 1/ East Longitude and 2403/-

27058/ North Latitude, Assam is bordered in the North and

East by the Kingdom of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. Along

the South lie Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram. Meghalaya lies

to her South-West, Bengal and Bangladesh to her West.

Name of Cluster : Sipajhar Cane and Bamboo Cluster

No. of locality covered : Raghunath Mandir, Bijulibari, Maroi

No. of units : 300

No. of units visited : 40

Average income per unit : 3000

Type of product : Pasi, Bisoni, Haloi , Mura etc

Raw material : Cane and Bamboo

Design Clinic 5 Band NAS Report: Sipajhar Bamboo Cluster-2012- Sheikh Moidun Nilufar 03

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