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Sipajhar is one of the tehsil of Darrang District in Indian state of

Assam. Sipajhar is a beautiful place. It is a large village and the life style

of the people is very simple. The main occupation of the people are

weaving, handicraft work & agriculture. 70% of the people of Sipajhar

village do agriculture.

The natural scenery of Sipajhar village is very attractive, it is

surrounded with rivers, hills & tress. There are 5 rivers in Sipajhar namely

Bornoi, Nonoi, Sattula, Mongoldoi, Noanoi and 2 tea gardens.

The main occupation is agriculture. They have loom in their house

and the women's use to do weaving in their home while the men used to

do agriculture. Some of the villagers are also expert in handicraft works.

They used to make handicraft items with bamboo and cane & used to

sell that product. The women used to weave various dress material like

gamucha, mekhela chaddar etc. and then they used to sell the

garments. In this way they used to earn money.

In the month of July & August the people used to harvest crops in

their field. During these month all the men along with the women get to

work in the fields. They used to take good care of the corps, put

fertilizers, insecticides in their crops. After some months, in the month of

January & February the crops are ready to cut. All the people used to

cut the corps & take out the rice. They used 2 use the rice for their own.

Sipajhar is also famous for its education. There are many schools

and colleges in Sipajhar.

Design Clinic 5 Band NAS Report: Sipajhar Bamboo Cluster-2012- Sheikh Moidun Nilufar 04

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