Dashboards and Widgets Creation Guide - MicroStrategy

Dashboards and Widgets Creation Guide - MicroStrategy

Dashboards and Widgets Creation Guide - MicroStrategy


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Dashboards and Widgets Creation Guide Layering Data: Panels and Panel Stacks 3

2 If you used the Blank Dashboard template to create the document, only

one section is displayed. If you used a different template:

• Expand the section where you want the panel stack by clicking the

plus sign next to the section name.


cannot add a panel stack in the Details section. Since controls

in the Detail section are repeated once per row of the dataset, the

panel stack would be repeated on each row.

3 From the Insert menu, select Panel Stack or click the Panel Stack icon

in the toolbar. When you move the cursor to the Layout area, the pointer

becomes crosshairs.

4 Click in the desired location in the Layout area. If you click and drag in

the Layout area, you can size the panel stack.

The panel stack is added to the dashboard, with a single panel. Next, you

can display a title bar (see below) or insert additional panels (see

page 75).

Displaying the title bar of a panel stack

For each panel stack you can choose whether to show the title bar, which

displays either the title of the panel stack or the name of the current panel to

help identify what the user is looking at. By default, the name of the panel

currently displayed on the panel stack is shown in the title bar, as shown

below. When a user switches panels, the name in the title bar changes.

You can choose to display the same title regardless of which panel is

displayed. To do this, display the panel stack title instead of the panel name,

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