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MKS Integrity Manager Build Deployment Module

MKS Integrity Manager Build Deployment Module

MKS Integrity Manager Build Deployment

IT as a Revenue Generator What is the impact to your customers’ satisfaction and overall business if your customer facing software systems fail? Today, corporate IT departments must mitigate this risk by ensuring the availability of these key applications. IT departments are increasingly relied upon to contribute to their organizations’ bottom line by providing customers with high quality software systems. Too often, however, valuable time and resources are spent manually deploying software changes to key systems across multiple platforms. MKS Integrity Manager Build Deployment Module And, usually only a few key staff have an intimate knowledge of the deployment process, exposing a weak link in the knowledge chain. Deploying Software Changes Rapidly and Reliably Manual intervention leads to errors and leaves little time to devote to activities that generate revenue and advances the company’s business strategy. Conversely, through automated deployment, software is easier to maintain and key IT resources can be deployed to value-added initiatives. MKS’s Integrity Manager Build and Deployment Module uses a workflow-focused approach to help organizations reduce the risk of deployment errors and decrease deployment costs. MKS allows you to automate and manage build and deployment processes from a simple Web interface, providing visibility into deployment processes on UNIX or NT production and test servers. This solution enforces deployment process best practices, managing all the required tasks for correctly installing software changes across your enterprise environment. With the MKS Integrity Manager Build Deployment Module, changes to your enterprise software systems are deployed accurately, eliminating errors that are common when employing a manual process. The results - greater production system reliability and access to resources that can be devoted to other key activities. Key Benefits: Use a single tool to deploy across multiple platforms Manage the deployment of application changes and migrations across systems regardless of their platform. Avoid exposing users to production outages with emergency rollbacks

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