Teacher Awareness Kit - Journey Beyond Road Trauma


Teacher Awareness Kit - Journey Beyond Road Trauma

Teacher Awareness Kit

Dealing With Road Trauma at School

The Journey Beyond Road Trauma website is a ‘place’ where a school community can come to terms with a

road trauma tragedy.

Proudly sponsored by

Though Tribute Pins, blogs and dedicated memory space

teachers and students can both express their feelings and also

find support for their grief.

Contributions such as poems, artwork and messages can be

uploaded and shared - thereby offering a degree of solace to

the individual as well as the school community.

The learning activities in the Units of Study may assist students

in understanding and rationalising an overwhelming sense of

sadness caused by closely related road trauma.

However, it should be stressed that JBRT is not a counselling service and those affected personally by road

trauma in the school community should be encouraged to seek professional support.

A list of support organisations can be found at journeybeyondroadtrauma.org/cms/support-services

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