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Issue 4 / February 2013


‘n Nuwe jaar het vir ons aangebreek met nuwe uitdagings.

Baie van ons kinders gaan na ‘n nuwe graad op skool, terwyl

ander hul naskoolse studies verder voer. Vir ons kinders wat

verlede jaar met skool/studies klaargemaak het lê nuwe lewenservaringe

in die werkplek voor. Ander gaan gebuk onder

werkloosheid...en so kan mens aangaan en aangaan met uitdagings

wat in hierdie jaar vir ons almal voorlê. Met dit alles

in gedagte lê die Stamapostel se woorde vir 2013 ons na aan

die hart waar hy 2013 as die jaar van belydenis verklaar het.

Hy defi niëer die eienskappe van opregte belydenis as: om nie

terug te staan in kritieke oomblikke nie maar standvastig te

staan vir dit waarin ons glo; om ’n duidelike posisie rakende

ons oortuigings in te neem, wat alle moontlike misverstande

vermy, sonder om te soek na ’n alternatiewe uitweg; en wees

vreesloos, en verdryf alle gedagtes van vrees dat ons op enige

wyse benadeel mag word.

Th is year also holds its own challenges to further develop and

enhance the Bothasig PULSE newsletter. We will be looking

for new ways and means to make and keep the newsletter full

of fun and interesting news. We need to be creative to develop

and produce a newsletter which ensures a continuous

“craving” by members for the next issue. Please help us to

achieve this. Let this newsletter become a newsletter by us for

us. We need input from our members for our members in the

congregation. Write to us and let us know about those funny,

hysterical, joyous, uplift ing moments in your or your family’s

life. We want to share your joy and laughter.

From all of us at Bothasig PULSE, we wish you all a joyful

and prosperous 2013, fi lled with happiness and lots of laughter.

Keep glorifying the Lord, day and night. All praise and

glory belong to Him.

Pieter J van Rensburg


- Page: 1 -

“The things which are impossible

with men are possible with God.”

(Luke 18:27)

Q: What kind of phone does the ocean have?

A: A shell-phone.

Q: What day of the week do chickens hate?

A: Fry-day

Q: What do cats like on hot dogs?

A: Mouse-tard

Employment opportunities:

We regularly receive notifi cations from various companies

about employment opportunities. Should you, one of your

children or a friend be looking for a job, have a look at the

“jobs” section of our web site: www.bothasignac.org

Duty Priest / Section Cleaning Roster

Pr. Marks - (082 781 8934)

28th January - 3rd February

Pr. Mongie - (083 261 3898)

4th February - 10th February

Pr. Heugh - (021 558 6612)

11th February - 17th February

Did You Know?

It is our Rector’s birthday on

Wednesday 6th February.


Pr. Lombard - (021 558 7283)

18th February - 24h February

Pr. Wiborg - (021 559 1156 )

25th February - 3rd March

Pr. Cookson - (021 558 7427)

4th March - 10th March

Did you also have a nice lobster

for Christmas lunch?

Die hartklop van

Bothasig gemeente

- Page: 2 -

Th is newsletter is for internal

use/information for

the members of the NAC

Bothasig congregation. Information

contained herein

should not be deemed to be

the offi cial viewpoint of the

New Apostolic Church.

Editor : Pieter J van Rensburg (Editor)

Design : Dave Britzius (Layout and Desk Top Publishing)

Youth Items: Gillian Greenfi eld

Proof readers : Jane Voigt and Ros Swain

Final approval : Ricardo Sieni (Final approval of content)

News items : Please submit (English or Afrikaans) any items for publication to

Pieter at the following e-mail address: editor@bothasignac.org

Business adverts: Should you wish to advertise your business in this newsletter, please contact

Pieter at the following e-mail address: pieter@bothasignac.org

Note: Fixed size of 50(H)x82(W)mm. R50.00 donation towards the garden fund per issue.

Small classifi ed ads: Free small adverts. Do you have anything lying around in the house or garage

you want to sell? E-mail us the info and price(s) to dave@bothasignac.org

and we will place a small ad for you if there is space available.

The heartbeat of

Bothasig congregation

Interview- Community Evangelist Adrian Smuts:

- Page: 3 -

Did you know?

This year (2013) we commemorate

our Church’s

150th anniversary.

From time to time one meets a loving couple like

this. A home where one can really feel the love for

one another, protecting one another, supporting one

another, uplifting one another. The hour spent with

Adrian and Lianne was a wonderful and humbling

experience for me.

Adrian Trevor Smuts was born on 5 July 1961 in

Bellville, Cape Town. He is one of 3 brothers and

two sisters. He is the second eldest, having a sister

older than himself.

Adrian grew up in Goodwood where he attended

the Goodwood Primary School and Fairbairn College.

He started studying towards a B Com degree

but left after completing the second year. At the age

of twenty fi ve he bought the franchisee rights of

a company called “Die Huisvriend” and has been

running his own business since 1987.

One way or another, Adrian was able to make an ‘Afrikaanse boeremeisie’ fall in love with and

wed him. So ... on 10 October 1991 he married his lovely wife, Lianne Maree. The marriage

took place at the church in Vasco and was offi ciated by D/Elder Alan Gould.

What pets do you have? Wait for this ... a Boxer dog which is eleven years old, an African

ring neck parakeet, a budgie and ... yes ... a mountain tortoise, which is forty nine years old,

named ‘Torti’! Adrian got the tortoise when he was two years old and still has it today. He

says: “Once a week I go to buy food for

the tortoise. When I get home from the

shop with the bags of food I would often

tell Lianne: ‘Sorry love, this is not for

us, it’s for Torti.” Every day the tortoise

will eat one large lettuce, two tomatoes,

one apple and half a cucumber. That’s

thirty lettuces, sixty tomatoes, thirty apples

and fi fteen cucumbers per month!

No wonder tortoises live up to hundred

years or more ... no cholesterol.

What more proof do you need that veggies

are good for you?

Adrian goes further, saying: “Then it still chows the hibiscus fl owers, my grass and wrecks my

garden!! If it sees that we have left the back door open, it comes straight into the house and

then you have to keep a close watch on it!! It wrecks everything and dirties the place.”

I asked him: “And you? Do you eat all your veggies?” He drops his head and Lianne starts laughing.

One could see that shy smile on his face.

Lianne would do her best to prepare nice

cooked food with veggies for them. Then

he would eat the meat and potatoes only.

One morning she caught him scratching the

veggies of the previous night’s dinner into

the dog’s bowl, saying to the dog: “Here

doggie...it is veggies...it doesn’t taste nice

but they say it’s good for you”. He just sat

there with a shy smile on his face, shaking

his head. He said: “Look...I eat veggies...

but not because I like it. I eat it because my

wife prepares it and apparently it’s good for

you. When we eat out at a restaurant and I

have a choice, veggies get a pass.”

What tree, plant or fl ower is his favourite? He loves the “Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow.”

Why? “It always looks so joyful.” And what is his favourite colour? “Light or medium green.”

What was the most embarrassing moment in his life? One year they took their motor boat with

on a holiday to Stilbaai. One day they went for a ‘jol’ on the river in the boat and ran out of petrol.

After some nervous moments and lots of hand waving, his brother-in-law towed him out.

That evening the Water Ranger waited for everybody to get together, called him to the front

and presented him, in front of all the people, with a bottle of wine as trophy for the “dummy

of the day”.

What item/object in his house is his favourite? He and Lianne start laughing again. He responded:

“The TV remotes and gadgets...all

of them...Lianne lines them up for me here

on the couch, next to one another. As long

as I am in charge of the TV and hi-fi remotes

and gadgets I am happy. I love it. Never mind

the TV and hi-fi ; as long as I can play around

with the remotes, I am happy!”

What item/object in the house does he dislike

the most? He shakes his head and said:

“There are two things. I hate to use the dishwashing cloth and then there’s the home laptop PC.

I hate it. Each time I sit down to work on the laptop, you can be assured that something will go

wrong. Those gremlins always fi nd a way to get into that PC to frustrate the hell out of me.”

What is the one most important thing in his life? The answer came without any hesitation:

“My wife.” And what does his wife accuse him of most? They start laughing again. Shaking

his head he responds: “She always chases me to hurry up when we have to go somewhere. She

would already be waiting in the car whilst I am still dawdling around in the house. Apparently

my punctuality, as in arriving on time or not on time for appointments is a problem.”

Being a born Capetonian he naturally supports the Stormers and the WP rugby teams.

- Page: 4 -

And what if he is shipwrecked on an island? If he had

a choice of three things, what would he choose? His

immediate response: “My wife”, and then he paused

and thought aloud: “What else would I choose?” After

a few moments he said: “My wife, plenty of bananas

and lots of fi rewood to make a nice fi re.”

How about telling us something the people do not

know about you? One could see and feel that he was a

bit uncomfortable with this question. He sat for a while

whilst staring out in front of him into nowhere. Then he

Eat your Veggies

said: “You know...we are living in a world where boys

are brought up and told that ‘Cowboys don’t cry’. I have a soft heart, and as a self-protection

mechanism I have learned to put up an outer appearance of being hard and aggressive. On the

inside however, I have a very small heart indeed.” Standing quietly one side in the kitchen, I

could see Lianne nodding her head.

Adrian has been a minister now for thirteen years. Being a minister has plenty of responsibilities

going with the ministerial offi ce held. He misses being a Priest in having the constant and

close contact with his section, but accepts the duties of being a rector-helper humbly. He said:

“It has its privileges in that you have much more contact with your Apostle, Bishop and district

leaders. These are always special and blessed moments!” He is very thankful for the leadership

and guidance of Shepherd Sieni (his rector for the last twenty one years). He has by example

taught him many ministerial disciplines. Our current Bishop (Smith) as his family priest in

Welgelegen congregation taught him patience and about loving and caring for God’s children.

What does he do “to keep it together” when things don’t go the way they should or as expected?

That stare into nowhere is back. Then he responded: “I stress a lot. I really get stressed out

a lot. I pray...and pray...a lot. I would constantly ponder the issues at hand ...then pray...and

pray a lot. Depending on what the issues are, I may soundboard non-confi dential issues with


What message would he like to share with our brothers and sisters in the congregation: “Look

out for one another, help one another and support one another. Be a source of strength and

blessing for one another.”

Thank you Adrian and Lianne for the warmth and love experienced in your home. The radiance

of caring and loving which beamed from you was a wonderful, heart warming and humbling

experience for me.

- Page: 5 -

Congratulations Geoffrey and Marina

Vermeulen on the celebration of

your 25th wedding anniversary on

11 December 2012.

Wedding - December 2012

Did you know?

Our Chief Apostle will be visiting

Cape Town on 3 March 2013.

Did you know?

A special family fun walk has been

arranged at the De Grendel Farm

on 9 February 2013, celebrating

100 days to Pentecost.

Jody Adriaans and Jamie Lombard

(both from Bothasig congregation)

got married on Saturday, 15 December


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Adriaans!

We wish you a long and very happy


- Page: 6 -


Feb-02 SIS Cheryl JOHNSON 021 558 9823 082 214 9644 A

Feb-03 BRO Carl ONTONG 021 930 7188 082 777 9775 A

Feb-04 SIS Sabrina VERMEULEN 021 558 0827 C

Feb-05 BRO Alan GOFF 021 558 8355 082 927 4395 A

Feb-05 BRO Tristan GRAFF 076 260 0496 076 260 0496 C

Feb-05 SIS Anna JACOBS 084 091 6171 084 091 6171 S

Feb-05 Dcn Pieter JANSE VAN RENSBURG 021 559 0567 076 875 9753 S

Feb-05 BRO Cameron PAULSE 021 558 9715 A

Feb-06 SIS Heather HIDE 021 558 2415 083 650 4867 A

Feb-06 SIS Zena MARKS 021 559 2596 C

Feb-06 Sh Ricardo SIENI 021 558 5931 082 498 0295 A

Feb-06 BRO Rayner WAGNER (21) 082 304 2985 A

Feb-07 SIS Sasha-Leigh WIBORG (21) 021 559 1156 A

Feb-09 BRO Gareth KAAL 021 559 3068 C

Feb-10 BRO Lance MARTCH 021 558 6287 A

Feb-10 SIS Ches MARTCH (21) 021 558 6287 A

Feb-10 SIS Robin-Leigh VENTER 021 559 7021 C

Feb-10 SIS Hannah VERSFELD 082 256 5651 C

Feb-11 SIS Tatum ENGELBRECHT 021 558 8237 073 614 1141 A

Feb-11 BRO Connor HARRISON 074 380 0120 C

Feb-12 BRO Ian GALVIN 021 558 8301 084 341 0449 A

Feb-13 SIS Gene DOHERTY 021 559 3662 S

Feb-13 Dcn Glen GRAFF 072 104 3350 072 104 3350 A

Feb-14 SIS Faith GREENFIELD 021 559 6280 A

Feb-14 BRO Xanon MULLER 079 916 2700 C

Feb-15 SIS Jenna BROWN 021 559 2955 C

Feb-15 SIS Nora WITTEN 072 288 6065 S

Feb-16 SIS René ABRAHAMS 021 559 4609 A

Feb-16 BRO Kurt CLARK 084 729 2489 A

Feb-17 SIS Leanne HAMMOND 021 558 1108 A

Feb-18 SIS Fleur BRUINERS 082 561 4185 A

Feb-18 BRO Shaun JONKER 021 558 3191 083 283 6252 A

Feb-18 BRO Tyron TOERIEN 082 496 7235 C

Feb-20 BRO Terry BRITS 021 558 9323 A

Feb-20 SIS Sheila LOTTER 021 558 2490 072 392 4052 S

Feb-21 SIS Sandra MITCHELL 021 558 0792 A

Feb-22 SIS Margo BRITS 021 558 9323 082 466 7703 A

Feb-22 SIS Charmaine ROUSSEAU 021 558 4180 S

Feb-23 Dcn Urle JOHNSON 021 558 9823 072 854 6557 A

Feb-23 Dcn Peter MEYER 021 558 3630 S

Feb-23 BRO Alex PRINSLOO 021 558 2306 C

Feb-23 SIS Megan TOUGHEY 021 559 2187 A

Feb-23 SIS Aliyah VAN WILLINGH 021 559 0686 C

Feb-24 SDcn Phillip BENNETT 021 558 8792 082 603 5037 S

Feb-24 SIS Kylie BREUNINGER 076 803 1650 A

Feb-24 BRO Aiden PETERSEN 021 559 2323 C

Feb-25 BRO Phillip CLAYTON 073 286 3773 S

Feb-25 SIS Lianne SMUTS 021 558 0584 083 261 1117 A

Feb-26 SIS Lana-Rita ABRAHAMS 021 559 4609 073 436 8407 A

Feb-26 SIS Isobella SCHACHT 021 556 5283 C

Feb-27 SIS Elise STEENKAMP-LIBERTY 021 558 5869 076 235 8058 A

Feb-27 SIS Megan THWAITES 021 558 3620 A

Feb-28 BRO Logan GELDENHUYS 072 394 2312 072 394 2312 C

Feb-28 BRO Kai Joshua JEFTHA 078 456 1989 078 456 1989 C

Feb-28 BRO Kyle MONGIE 021 558 7455 A

Feb-28 BRO Kyle RILEY 021 558 9757 C

Interview with Helene van der Merwe

- Page: 8 -

It is going to be extremely diffi cult to do a

short article on this lady. One could sit down

for hours, and then write volumes of ‘novels’

on this young lady’s life. It was like talking

to a naughty teenager, always ready with a

“kinkel in die kabel” response to questions.

Naughty isn’t the word!

Helene was born in Cape Town on 7 September

1932. She loved her mother Dorothy Caden

to bits. During the interview she would

often say: ‘Mamma did this’ or “Mamma did

that’ or ‘Mamma was like this’ and so forth.

She attended Vredehoek Primary School and

later Cape Town High. My mamma told me to

study and said: “If you fail I am going to send

you to work.” That was great!! I wanted to go

and work... so guess what? So what did you

do for a living after leaving school? Without

missing a beat, the response came: “Look for

the boys.”

Soon after turning 21 years of age, Helene

married her late husband, Pieter Daniël van

der Merwe in Vredehoek congregation. He

worked for different companies and they

moved and worked around the country quite a lot. They even had a stint in the “old Rhodesia” for about six

years. Eventually, after many years of travelling, they ended up in Bothasig. She and Pieter had fi ve children,

three girls and two boys: Charmaine, Heather, Andrea, Shaun, and Brent. The oldest child is fi fty eight and

the youngest turned forty fi ve in December. During the one hour I spent interviewing her, she received three

or four calls from her children to fi nd out how she was doing. This, to me, was a clear sign that her children

love her very much.

What’s her favourite tree? ”A fi g tree. It’s the closest to God.”

She loves and eats all veggies.

As far as colours are concerned? “Any and all colours. If I have to make a choice, perhaps turquoise.” And

which possessions do you treasure the most? “The photos of my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”

And then the photo albums came out. Helene has nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

She also showed me a doll she received from one of her grandchildren. Yes, Helene loves and collects dolls.

What is the most important thing in your life? “My church, mamma was like that.”

What do her children mostly accuse her of? Without

hesitation she said: “They say I am ‘hardegat’

and I have no idea why they would say something

like that.” And that naughty smile appears on the


Which rugby team do you support? “Ek is min

gepla oor rugby of enige ander sport. Next question?”

Vertel ons iets wat niemand van jou weet nie.

“Everyone knows everything about me.”

With her special permission I would however

like to share the following with you. After she

turned twenty one, and marriage was on the cards,

Helene’s mother Dorothy (known by all as “mamma” or “sister Caden”) invited their house Priest over one

evening to come and talk to Helene. That night Helene found out that she actually was a foster child since

birth. Her maiden surname was actually Pienaar. So she asked her mother: ‘Why invite the Priest to come and

tell me. It doesn’t matter, you are my mamma and that’s how it will be forever.’ Helene continued saying that it

never bothered her and that up until today she has never tried to trace her biological mother or family, saying:

“It would be unfair to interfere with their lives after all these years.”

What message would she like to share with our fellow brothers and sisters in the congregation? “I love them

all.” And immediately she carries on talking about brothers and sisters (by name and where they normally

sit) who haven’t been in church for the past two or three weeks. “Is something wrong? Did they fall ill? Why

haven’t they been in church for the past two weeks?” One could feel her sincere concern about the people


Thank you Grandma Helene for a wonderful morning and the “lekker” coffee, rusks and cake! Thank you

Charmaine, Heather, Shaun, Andrea and Brent for looking after and caring for Grandma Helene.

Did you know?

The Chief Apostle will

hold the divine service for

the departed on 3 March

2013 at Silvertown. (AVT)

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