WHERE ARE WE THIS YEAR? - Poole Housing Partnership


WHERE ARE WE THIS YEAR? - Poole Housing Partnership

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Your colour choices




PHP surveyors are

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Cosy Up!


Issue 63



Check out the address lists for

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happening where you live!

The ‘Warm Deal’

programme is





Learn how we’re taking

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News & Updates


We can supply this

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your requirements.

This newsletter is produced for

residents by residents, working

together with Poole Housing

Partnership. An editorial panel of

residents, leaseholders and staff

decide and advise on the contents

and design of each edition, and

future plans.

At Home is designed, produced and

edited by Sarah Simpson.

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The deadline for the next issue is

2nd May 2008. For further

information please call Sarah

Simpson on 01202 264436

Reproduction in whole or part is

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Poole Housing Partnership Ltd

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Tel: 01202 264444

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E-mail: enquiries.php@poole.gov.uk


Front Cover

Paula Rudd

from Alderney

is ‘chuffed’ with

her new kitchen

PHP have very clear customer

objectives to empower all residents

to shape the services they receive,

and we are dedicated to providing

maximum choice and value for money.

To help deliver on these objectives, we

invited tenant representatives to decide

on the colour choice options for wall

Your Bathroom Choices*

Floor covering Units Worktop Wall tiles Floor covering Wall tiles

Diamond White Pacific Blue Sapphire Blue Coral Beige

Baird Darwin Whittle Stephenson

Your Kitchen Choices*

tiles, floor covering, kitchen unit and

worktops. Here you’ll find the range of

options that were chosen.

We hope you like the range of options

and enjoy choosing a combination to

suit your family and give your kitchen

or bathroom an individual and unique


Terracotta Royal Blue Pale Cream Peacock Blue

Mint Blue Himalaya Sea Green Vermini Blue

Beech Caprice Maple Alder Green

Stephenson Baird Darwin Brunel

* The colour choices printed here are for guidance only and should not be relied upon for accurate

colour matching. The kitchen unit handles shown may differ from those installed. Please ask your

contract T.L.O for swatch samples to help with your colour choice.

I’m not on the list!

Throughout this special issue of At

Home, you will see lists of addresses that

are included in this year’s programme of


We have used information from our

detailed property surveys to determine

which homes should be included, and

whether they need a new kitchen,

bathroom or electrical works.

The addresses that are down to have the

works validated are those that appear

to be in the greatest need of attention.

However, there will be some homes that

are not included in this year’s contracts.

If you can’t see your address on any of

the lists, don’t panic! We’re working hard

to develop the future years’ programmes

of work, right up to 2010 and beyond.

Each year we’ll publish the lists in

another special issue of At Home.

Asset Manager, Steve Ransley says,

“If you do see your address on one of

the lists, the contractor and our Project

Officer will pay you a visit to check your

home against the Government’s Decent

Homes Standard and our own Poole

Standard, for each element of work.

“We’ll also take this opportunity to

update our property records to ensure

that all other elements of your home

are included in the earliest available

programme of works, if required.”

We will move quickly onto arranging the

improvement works for those who qualify

for the Decent Homes investment.

If you’re down to get a new kitchen

or bathroom; or anything in the

Decent Homes Programme, we need

to do a survey of your home before

any works can go ahead.

The survey looks at the age and

condition of various parts of your home,

to let us know how soon things may need

to be replaced.

Inside, our surveyors look at the kitchen,

bathroom, heating system, electrical

system and ventilation. Outside, they

check doors, windows, walls, roofs,

fences and paths.

Caroline Alexander is one of our

Surveyors, who you may see out and

about where you live. She says, “Each

survey has over 250 questions for us to

complete. It takes about 20-40 minutes

to do a flat, and 30-60 minutes for a

house, depending on size.

If You’re Unsure,

Shut The Door!




2 3

News & Updates

PHP Surveyors: Garry Coles and Caroline Alexander

Watch Out,

Surveyors About!

“I tend to ‘cold-call’ at people’s homes,

as I can get most of the outside bit done

even if no-one is home. However, I do

still need to get indoors to finish off the

inside bit.

“If no-one’s home, I leave a card

asking people to call me to make an


If you get a

calling card

from any

member of

the Surveying


please call the number on the

card to arrange a convenient


“It’s very important that people do

call me so I can finish the survey. If

I can’t get it all done it will delay any

works we’ve got planned; including new

kitchens and bathrooms.”

« All our staff and contractors should

present their ID badge on arrival

« If this is not offered, please ask to

see their photo ID

« Check the badge carefully to ensure

they are working for PHP

« Even if the visit has been arranged

beforehand, ask for ID

« If you are not expecting anyone it’s

even more important to check their

ID and ask why they want to come in

« If you’re unhappy with what you have

seen, ask them to wait while you call

us on 0800 652 3900. If they’re

genuine they will wait

« Inform the police if you’re suspicious

News & Updates

‘Warm Deal’ Contract Finished

New heating systems and boilers save money

FACT: Energy costs are rising.

PHP have no say over what energy

suppliers charge you, but we’ve been

working hard to offset some of the

cost of the increases.

The new equipment we’ve been installing

to homes across Poole will reduce energy

consumption in your home, saving you

money on fuel bills.

As well as providing new

boilers and central

heating upgrades, the

contract included

improving levels

of wall and loft


Overall, our aim was to

give you a warmer home,

save you money and

reduce the ‘carbon footprint’.

The new condensing boilers save both

energy and money. They use an extra

15% of the gas burnt to heat your home

and water, which an old type boiler would

have wasted.

Because the boilers are more energy

efficient it saves you money on your

fuel bill. For every £1 you spend, you’re

getting an extra 15p of heat.

In the unlikely

event that you

experience any problems

with you new boiler, there are

two numbers you need to know:

084 60 80 0 0

Mon-Fri 08:30-17:00

0800 0 60 0

Any other time

(out of office hours)

We’ve also fitted energy efficient

thermostatic valves on each radiator in

your home. This can also save energy

and money as they automatically control

the temperature in each room. These

thermostats can save as much as 10%,

which is another 10p saved for every £1

on your fuel bill.

The controls for your heating

systems have been upgraded

to provide better control of

heat and hot water.

The radiators and

pipework have all

been cleaned inside,

and we’ve made sure

they’re up-to-date, so

the heat is transferred

around your home in the

most efficient way.

The ‘Warm Deal’ programme to

carry out the installation of modern and

more efficient gas-fired heating systems,

boiler replacements and upgrades is now


If your property was not inspected by

British Gas, but you feel that your boiler

or heating system should have been

included in the programme, please call

us on 0800 652 3900.

Part of the work for the ‘Warm Deal’ programme was

making sure that homes were well insulated.

We inspected loft insulation and upgraded

it, as required. We also inspected cavity

walls to check on the existing standard of


Where we’ve upgraded insulation, we’ve

laid 250mm (9.8”) of insulation. In some

cases, this is four-times more than what

is recommended by the Government’s

Decent Homes standard - so you’re

getting a lot more with PHP!

If you think you‘ve missed

out on the loft insulation

programme, and you have

150mm (6”) or less of

insulation depth in your loft,

please call 0800 652 3900.


New Paths

For Waterloo

The pathways at Waterloo House in

there current condition

Back in November 2006, we asked

residents at the Waterloo House

sheltered housing scheme in

Creekmoor, what they’d like to see

done to improve the scheme; should

funding become available.

Residents had lots of ideas, and some

of the suggestions included:

« better pathways

« improved access to homes

« more parking spaces

« buggy storage

« better drainage solutions

« hand rails for pathways

« better site security

Building Surveyor for the project, Gary

Nesbitt says, “The feedback we’ve had

from residents is great! We’ve taken

all their comments on board, and now

that we have ‘sustainable communities’

funding for projects like this, we are

planning to make their ideas a reality.

“Since the initial ‘ideas’ meeting,

we’ve had more consultation with the

residents of Waterloo House and plans

for the improvements have been drawn

up, and are now agreed.”

The work is due to start in Summer

2008, and should be complete by the

end of the year.

The tendering process to select the

contractor has begun. For more

information about this environmental

improvement project, please call Gary

Nesbitt on 01202 264462.

Safe As


Did You Know?

You could wrap

the length of wire

we’ve used this year

around Brownsea

Island 7 times!

What to expect...

« 4-6 weeks before the works are

due to begin, we will tell you when

they’re going to start. We’ll also

tell you roughly how long we expect

it to take. The re-wire will usually

take 5-days or less, depending on

the size of your home.

« On some occasions, we may

need access to cupboards and

wardrobes to carry out work. In

this case, Signpost will write to you

to ask you to empty the cupboard

or wardrobe.

« Your Tenant Liaison Officer (TLO)

will inspect your property, discuss

the works and deal with any

concerns you may have, prior to

work starting.

« During the works, Signpost will

need access to your home, each

day, between 8:00am and 5:00pm.

« The re-wiring works will cause

some disruption to your home, but

Signpost will try to keep this to a


« Signpost will make good all areas

where works take place, ready for


Electrical re-wires where you live*

Branksome East

Cornelia Crescent

Branksome West

Albert Road Gwynne Road


York Road


Allenby Close Methuen Road

Allenby Road Milne Road

French Road Plumer Road

Gort Road Roberts Road

Gough Crescent Sopers Lane

Kitchener Crescent Wavell Avenue

Hamworthy East

Coles Avenue Legion Road

Hamworthy West

Egmont Road

Keysworth Road

Merley & Bearwood

All about...

Patchins Road

King John Avenue Monks Way

Signpost Services has carried out

maintenance services to local

authorities and housing associations

for the last 14 years.

The electrical works they’re

undertaking are being done to

ensure the safety of you, your family

and your home.

Over the past couple of decades the

number of electrical appliances in

each household has dramatically

increased, causing a major shortage

of socket outlets, causing over-use

of ‘double adapters’, which are a

potential fire hazard.

Although the works can be disruptive

we hope you understand that it has

to be done to ensure you have a

safe, modern home. Throughout the

work, we will work hard to keep the

disruption to a minimum.

Safe As Houses (Electrics)


Brixey Road

Churchill Road

Cranbrook Road

Granville Road

Harford Road


Curlieu Road

Darbys Lane


Penn Hill

Mansfield Road

Haskells Road

Ringwood Road

Southill Road

Trinidad House

Kenyon Road

Danecourt Road Salterns Road

Poole Town

Denmark Road

Kingston Road

Stanley Road

Whatleigh Close

Meet The Team

( 0800 028 9222

Dani Hatchard

Tenant Liaison Officer

Dani will be your

first point of contact

throughout the

contract. She will

inform you of when work is likely to

start and will keep you informed on

the progress to your home.

Charlie Way

Electrical Manager

Charlie will visit all

homes within the

contract on a regular

basis. It’s his job to

ensure that the project is delivered

on time and to make checks on the

electricians’ work.

Ian Stewart

Electrical Supervisor

Ian is responsible for

supervising the safe as

houses electrical team

on a day to day basis.

Ian will deal with any problems

along with Dani, your Tenant Liaison


* Subject to validation. We will visit all properties

on the list to determine individual needs, so you

may not receive these works this financial year

Kitchens Kitchens

Kitchen replacements where you live* What to expect...


Herbert Court

Branksome West

Bob Hann House Browning Road


Selby Close

Canford Heath West

Stanley Pearce House

Hamworthy East

Tuckers Lane

Hamworthy West

Junction Road

Merley & Bearwood

King John Avenue

King John Close

Monks Way

Selkirk Close

Viscount Walk

Adapted To

Your Needs

Ena uses her specially

adapted kitchen


Phyldon Close


Christopher Crescent

Dale Close


Danecourt Close

Fernside Avenue

Penn Hill

Alexandra Road

Poole Town

Drake Court

Green Road

Grenville Court

* Subject to validation. We will visit all properties on the list to determine

individual needs, so you may not receive these works this financial year

Dale Valley Road

Simmonds Close

Pottery Road

Woodstock Close

Nelson Court

Sterte Close

Sterte Court

Building Surveyor for this contract, Jon-

Paul Elwart says, “When we replaced

Ena’s kitchen, we took her circumstances

into account and adapted worktops and

units to accommodate her wheelchair.”

Ena Andrews, from

Newtown, is confined to a

wheelchair and used to rely

on a carer to prepare all her


Before Ena had her kitchen

refurbished last year, she

barely used it.

Ena says, “I love my new

kitchen! I didn’t use it before,

but now I can.

“I enjoy making stewed

fruit, and now I can make it

again because I can tuck my

wheelchair in under the stove.

It’s great!”

My Say...

A full kitchen replacement takes

approximately 3 working days to

complete. In this time, MITIE will:

« remove your old units

« lay your new floor

« plaster the walls where required

« fit electrical cables and plumbing

« install your new units and sink

« tile the walls

« fit electrical sockets

« decorate

Finally, the team will clean up and

arrange for the finished work to be


Because of the scale and nature of

the work, there will be disruption and

some inconvenience to you and your

home. MITIE will try to keep this to a


Throughout the works, at the end of

each day you will have washing up

and cooking facilities provided.

All about...

With over 1000 kitchen refurbishments

completed since the start of the

contract in August 2005, MITIE’s team

has been working hard to make a big

difference in a small amount of time.

MITIE have 55 people working on the

kitchen refurbishment programme,

including tradesmen, surveyors,

contracts managers and foremen. The

team could be working in up to 60

homes at any one time. Most of the

MITIE team live local to Poole.

making a difference

Local lad, Stuart Johnson (29),

began working for MITIE five years

ago in an administrative role. With

a degree in Fine Art, Stuart wanted

to learn a trade that could put his

creative skills to good use.

Two years ago he started an

apprenticeship fully funded by

MITIE, and is now fully qualified with

an NVQ Carpentry & Joinery.

Stuart says, “I’d really recommend

apprenticeships. It gave me the

opportunity to do something

different. I enjoy working with my

hands, so carpentry seemed like the

natural choice.”

The kitchens that MITIE are installing

are supplied by The Premiere Kitchen

Company. Based in Gloucester, they

have over 15 years experience of

supplying kitchens to the public sector


They currently supply over 150 Local

Authorities and Housing Associations

and only manufacture and supply

kitchens for these clients.


chuffed with

my new kitchen!”

Paula Rudd, Alderney


Stuart at work on a kitchen in Oakdale

“Education doesn’t just have to be

academic. Vocational courses, like

NVQs, provide a lot of excellent career

opportunities too.

“If I want to learn more skills I can do

the next stage, but for now, I’ve got all

the essentials I need for kitchen fitting!”



Meet The Team

Wendy Woodland

Tenant Liaison

Officer (TLO)

Local lady Wendy

will be your first

point of contact

during the


of your kitchen.

She will ensure

that excellent


with our customers is achieved.

Paul Stacey

Contract Manager

Paul is responsible

for ensuring the

smooth running

of your kitchen


by managing

our team of

dedicated and

directly employed


Dave Young

Contract Manager

Dave co-ordinates

labour to the

relevant properties

and deals with

the ordering of

materials for

his sites. He

undertakes eight

kitchens a week.

( 0 202 870887

Decisions, decisions!

The most popular choice

of wall tile is ‘Pale Cream’

‘Mint’ worktops are the

most popular choice.

‘Stephenson’ floor covering

is the most popular choice.

Bathrooms Bathrooms

Bathroom replacements where you live* What to expect...


Boyd Road

Canford Heath West

Knowlton Road Yeatminster Road

Stanley Pearce House


Cavan Crescent

Hillbourne Road

Roberts Road

Hamworthy East

Hamilton Close

Hamilton Crescent

Merley & Bearwood

Viscount Walk

Sopers Lane

Wavell Avenue

Hamilton Road

Hounslow Close

290 specially adapted bathrooms

have been fitted as part of the Decent

Homes Bathroom Replacement



Cynthia House

Hobbs Road

Peel Close

Southill Road

Stanfield Close

Stanfield Road


Johnston Road

Penn Hill

Poole Town

* Subject to validation. We will visit all properties on the list to determine

individual needs, so you may not receive these works this financial year

Trinidad Crescent

Trinidad House

Tyneham Avenue

Victoria Road

Worbarrow Gardens

Worrell Drive

Mansfield Close Richmond Road

Malthouse South Road

Adapted To

Your Needs

MITIE and PHP work closely with

the Borough of Poole’s Adult Social

Services to identify residents with

specialist bathing needs.

MITIE employ a specialist team of

operatives, who are experienced with

this type of work and are sensitive to

residents’ needs. They carry out 15

adaptations each month.

Jim South is a resident at a sheltered housing residence in

Creekmoor. He has Polio in his left foot and lower leg. Jim

was the first person in his block to get a level-access shower.

He says, “In my old bathroom it was quite a lengthy process for me

to get in and out of the bath, and it would take so much time that I

could really only have a bath once a week.

“Now I’ve got the shower life is a lot easier.

Working with PHP and MITIE, I was able to say

how I wanted the shower to be, and they put

it in the right place and at the right angle for

me and my disability”.

My Say...

A full bathroom replacement takes

a maximum of 0 working days to

complete. In this time, MITIE will:

« remove your old bathroom suite

« plaster, including first fix electrics

« plumb in your new toilet, sink basin

and bath

« install an extractor fan

« tile the walls

« make and install your bath frame,

panel and boxing-in for pipes

« lay flooring

« decorate

Finally, the team will clean up and

arrange for the finished work to be


Because of the scale and nature of

the work, there will be disruption and

some inconvenience to you and your

home. MITIE will try to keep this to a


Throughout the works, at the end of

each day you will have a wc provided,

if you only have the one at your home.

Did You Know?

If we laid all the

tiles we’ve used this

year end to end, they’d

reach from Poole to


All about...

MITIE Property Services has been

working with PHP for the last three

years. In that time, the team has

completed over 1900 bathroom

refurbishments in Poole.

Since the contract began, MITIE has

consistently achieved excellent levels of

customer satisfaction.

Recent satisfaction surveys show that

96% of residents are happy with the

finished work.

The bathrooms that MITIE are installing

are supplied by Twyford. Another

company committed to bringing a

making a difference

In February 2007, PHP signed a 3-year

contract with leading bathroom

specialist Impey UK, to ensure

residents can enjoy modern flat floor

showering when required.

For the elderly and disabled, washing

and showering be problematic. The

concept that Impey provide is a levelfloor


Where necessary, we provide this

solution to people who need it, as

part of the Decent Homes Bathroom

Replacement Programme.


combination of quality, style and

excellence to your bathroom.

MITIE’s Contract Manager, Dave Larner

says, “MITIE’s ethos of making a

difference to communities is evident

throughout the work we carry out.

“Providing better living conditions for

residents is a top priority for us, and

employing local people on our contracts

is also important.”

70% of MITIE’s staff on the bathroom

contract live in Poole, which shows

how MITIE is committed to helping

employment in the local area.

Andrew Wheatley, (Impey UK)

and Joe Logan, (PHP) sign the

partnering contract last year



Meet The Team

Chris O’Donovan

Tenant Liaison

Officer (TLO)

Chris will be your

first point of

contact during the

refurbishment of

your bathroom.

He will ensure

that excellent

communication with our customers is


Dave Larner

Contract Manager

Local man and

keen football and

speedway fan

Dave has overall



for all aspects

of the bathroom

refurbishment programme.

Andrew Tibbles

Project Surveyor

Football fan Andrew

manages the

financial aspects

of the bathroom



( 0 202 870887

Did You Know?

MITIE recycle almost

90% of all the materials

they remove.

A lot of it ends up building and

repairing motorways.

So your old toilet could

end up being part

of the M3!

Asbestos: Sampling Asbestos: Removal

Meet The Team

Roy Davis

Area Manager

Roy coordinates

the asbestos works

across the Borough

and liaises with AA

Wood’s for asbestos

removal works.

Glenn Bancroft


Glenn will come to

your home to take

samples, prior to any

other contract works

taking place.

John Dawson

Surveyor & Analyst

It’s John’s job to

analyse the samples

taken in your home

and monitor any

asbestos removal

works that take







Meet The Team

( 0 202 8 3222 ( 0 202 669977

Don’t Delay!

If you receive a letter from

either Ethos or AA Woods, please

call the number on the letter to

make an appointment time that’s

convenient for you. This will ensure

that any improvement works that are

due to happen at your home, like

a new kitchen or bathroom, go

ahead without any delay.

...Ethos Environmental ...AA Woods

Ethos Environmental are one of the

country’s leading UKAS-accredited

asbestos consulting laboratories.

The company is licensed by the UK

Health & Safety Executive and will

maintain a full-time presence in the

Poole area for the duration of the Decent

Homes reinvestment programme.

Ethos are responsible for taking samples

from areas in your home that may be

disturbed by any of the other works that

are due to happen.

For example, if you’re getting a new

kitchen, an Ethos Surveyor will come to

your home and take tiny samples from

the areas that may be affected when the

kitchen fitters start work.

The sample will be discreet and Ethos

will endeavour not to cause any damage

to your property or decoration, as far as

is possible.

Ethos surveyors will be as unobtrusive as

possible. Each survey takes about 30-45


Any samples that the Surveyor takes will

be analysed in a lab to see if it contains

any asbestos-related materials. If the

result comes back as positive, we will

ask AA Woods to undertake removal

works at your home.

Ethos Environmental monitor the removal of asbestos by

AA Woods, using air monitors and other specialist equipment

Mention asbestos and the majority of

people start to worry. It is a well-known

fact that asbestos-related diseases can

kill, but did you know that as long as

it’s in good condition and not disturbed,

there is no risk to your health?

In fact, the people most at risk from

asbestos are not our residents, but

those who may have to disturb it as part

of their work activities, e.g. plumbers

and electricians, etc.

We have employed both Ethos

Environmental and AA Woods because

many of our properties do contain

asbestos in one form or another.

At PHP take seriously our responsibilities

for identifying, assessing and managing

the risks from asbestos in your home.

Asbestos materials can most commonly

be found in housing stock constructed

during the period 1950s to 1980s.

Did You Know?

Ethos have surveyed

over 800 homes

across Poole


Common locations can include:

Decorative textured coatings (old

artex materials)

floor tiles


roofing slates and felts

bin chutes

It’s not just the building fabric either,

asbestos can crop up in acoustic sink

pads and even in toilet cisterns!

We need to safely remove any asbestos

materials that may be present in your

home, so that the rest of our contractors

are not at risk when they come to install

new kitchens and bathrooms, etc.

Although asbestos can cause alarm, it is

important to remember that it is usually

present in a house without presenting

any health risks to the occupants.

Asbestos is

a natural mineral

excavated from the


AA Woods have been operating

throughout the UK since 1994. They

are specialists in the field of asbestos

removal works.

They have offices in Poole, and in many

instances will be the first contractors

you meet as part of the Decent Homes

reinvestment programme.

If you’re down to have any of the works

done, you’ll first get a visit from an Ethos

Environmental Surveyor.

After the Surveyor has been, if the

results of the asbestos tests come

back as positive, AA Woods will have to

make another appointment with you to

undertake removal works at your home.

This work will involve a team of qualified

asbestos removal experts coming in to

carefully remove the asbestos that’s

been found.

We will try to minimise the disruption

to you while the works are carried out.

However, for your own safety, you will not

be allowed to go into the rooms that AA

Woods are working in, while the asbestos

is being dealt with.

AA Woods’ Tenant Liaison Officer will

discuss the removal process with you

when booking your appointment, and

further information is available in your

Tenant Pack.

AA Woods staff unload their equipment in preparation for

removal works to start

Kevin Harkin

General Manager

Kevin is responsible

for organising the

works for you. He

will make sure that

all the works in your

home run smoothly.

Imelda Harkin

Tenant Liaison

Officer and Admin.


Imelda is your first

point of contact

when telephoning

AA Woods.

Jerry Greenway

Senior Site


Jerry has been

with AA Woods for

two years and is

the main point of

contact on site.

Have you

seen this


Did You Know?If you see this sticker

stuck somewhere, it

means that whatever

it’s stuck to contains


Whether it’s a ceiling, wall, floor, panel,

or anything else, DO NOT nail into, drill

into, sand over or otherwise disturb

the material.

If an area where a sticker is gets

damaged, please call PHP on 0800

652 3900 immediately.

N.I.C.E Cheque!

...and you could say how it gets spent

Through the NICE Scheme, you can

apply for a grant of up to £3000 to

make an improvement to your estate.

In the past, projects we’ve undertaken have ranged from planting flowers

and landscaping communal gardens, to erecting sheds for the storage of

communal equipment.

Perhaps you want an untidy area paved over?

Maybe some more security lighting would improve the area?

Every four months, two projects will be chosen to receive a grant.

We can help you complete the application form to ensure your idea has the

maximum chance of being accepted.

Call 01202 264422 to find out more and

to request an application form.

Key objectives for

NICE Scheme Projects:

‘Clean, Green and Safe’

« Providing a safe and pleasant estate

« Reduce crime or the fear of crime on

your estate

« Reduce anti- social behaviour on

your estate

‘Supporting Young People’

« Listening to or supporting the needs

of young people on your estate

‘Strong Sense of Community’

« Involving a cross section of residents

in developing your application

« Developing ‘community spirit’


N.I.C.E - Neighbourhood Improvements for Council Estates

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