August 2008 - Marathon Maniacs

August 2008 - Marathon Maniacs

Marathon Maniacs News Letter – August 2008

August Highlights

22 new members for the month of August (total of 1073 members)

Bekkie Wright is the female winner at the Frank Maier Marathon

Sean Meissner wins the Crater Lake Marathon

Sherry “MMM” Mahoney is the female winner of the Loop the Lake Marathon

Kay Evans is the female winner at the Run With the Horses Marathon

Steve “Marathon Freak” Walters comes in first at Michelle‟s “Grande Ass” Marathon

Kory Wheatley blisters the field at The Pocatello marathon

Marathon Junkie Chuck Engle is victorious at the Tupelo Marathon

Leading Ladies in yellow: Janet Burgess, Annette Tomal and Annette Wulffe Starters at Michelle‟s Grande Ass Marathon


Marathon Maniacs….At the Races

August 3

San Francisco Chronicle Marathon: David “Bart” Bartholomew, Robert Britain, Jon “Ice” Burg, Brian Bury, Alexander “Neomedic” Chin, Rajan

Christian, Richard Ervais, Hope Fox, Bill Gross, Mark Haley, David Hammes, Boonsom “Lipstick Lady” Hartman, David Hartz, Yolanda “Walking

Diva” Holder, Dean Hutchinson, Ed Indvik, Chester “Southernmost Walker” Kalb, James Klarich, Rick Korecki, Michael Larkin, John “Oskie”

Lazaro, Mark Lehrmann, Karl Leitz, Jon “Coconutboy” Mahoney, Sherry “MMM” Mahoney, Little Leslie, Robert “SPIKE” Moreno, Andre

O‟Donnell, Thomas “T.O.” Okazaki, Satiro de Oliveira, Les “Maniacles” Omura, Keith “Kip” Panzer, Jeanette Quintana, Guillermo Rios, Silver Rivas,

Tom Rogers, Zander Ross, Dale Shoup, Carl Simons, Laura Skladzinski, David “Marathon Diet” Spooner, Ed Walsh, Hollywood, Amy Yanni

Silver Rivas on the Golden Gate…from the SF Chronicle Boonsom “Lipstick Lady” with her husband on the BART

The SF Marathon according to Dale Shoup: The San Francisco Marathon is one of my favorites, not just for the marathon itself, but also because it is a fun city

to visit. The weather is usually perfect for running although it can be downright cold for tourist activities. This year was no exception for the running but the

temperature for the rest of the day was pleasant. We even got to see most of the Golden Gate Bridge because the fog was higher and thinner than for previous


In fact the weather was too good! Consequently I have no excuses for my poor showing. I had hopes, or maybe just illusions, of being able to finish in about

3:50. I started out with the 3:50 pace group, but I decided to run in front of the group where there was more room. The route gets narrow in places by Fisherman's


Terminal as it goes through the edge of a park. I felt strong at this point but was soon passed by the group as they ran up the hill to the Golden Gate Bridge. I

decided not to push myself and try to stay with them. Unfortunately I never caught up again as I continued to fade slowly.

The out and back across the bridge is the highlight of the course. On top of the scenic beauty it offers a chance to see the leaders and other participants. In

particular I got to see several other Marathon Maniacs and exchange greetings. There were other deads running but I didn't spot Sally or any of the other runners.

I did say hello to Don who was helping at one of the water stops though!

It felt like I was holding steady, however my watch told me otherwise. It was obvious when the 4:00 pace group passed and I had no answer. My legs were stuck

in slow motion and wouldn't speed up in spite of my desire. At about the same time the marathon runners were outnumbered and overtaken by the lead half

marathoners running the second half. This had a very discouraging effect on me as I found it difficult to focus on any runners which I could 'pick off'. When the

4:15 pace group passed me I was even more discouraged. I knew I wasn't going to have a good time, so I gave in to the temptation to walk part of the time. I did

recover somewhat and ran in the final 1.2 miles, but it was still slow. My chip time was 4:27:05 which was at least not a new PW :-)

Tantalus Trekkers Woo, Omura, Essenburg, McCafferty, Craven, Shaka, Fong Barbara Wnek at the ET Marathon

August 17

Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon…directed by Brian Pendleton

Jenny Appel, Michelle Barnes, Margaret Barrett, Janna Barrick, Steve Barrick, Jonathan Bernard, Valerie Beyer, Barb Bumann, Francesca

Carmichael, Benjamin Chan, May Cheng, Richard Cockrell, Mark Dahlby, Cheri Damitio, Paul David, Bob and Lenore Dolphin, Steve Duncan,


Lindsay Felker, David Forbes, Hope Fox, Andy Fritz, Paul Grove, Mary “mph” Hanna, Ric Hart, Christie Hayes, Jane “camelback” Herzog, Jill

Hudson, Robert Jacobsen, Barefoot Jon, Dean Kayler, James Klarich, Phil “Uncle Philly” Kriss, Ashley “rogue Wave” Kuhlmann, “MMKuhl”, sancho

jake lin, Jeff Loen, McLovin, Sarah Lynch, Gary “The Red Rabbit” Marr, Bob Martin, Marci Martin, Rich Menzel, Little Leslie, Bob „BobO” Obrien,

Stacy “PoSSuM” Otter, Monte Pascual, Van “pigtails” Phan, Cheri Pompeo (Gillis), Mel Predy, Mike Pruyne, Jeanette Quintana, Sharon Reese, Bryan

Robertson, sLuG, EatDrinkRunWoman, Marilou Russell, Cat Schwartz, Narv, Terry Sentinella, McGyver, David “Marathon Diet” Spooner, Jerry

Thayer, Joseph Tompkins, Linda Walter, Hollywood, Mike Warren, Olaf Weckner, Larry Welch, Shawna Wilskey, Guy Yogi, Marie Zornes

Mike Pruyne and new Maniacs Susan Cooley and Amy Begnal Larry Macon and Tara Tulley at the Park City Marathon

Here’s a short race report from Valerie Beyer. Being the hot weather wimp that I am, I couldn't get myself to go at all fast this morning. (Yesterdays 16 mile

training run might have contributed to that also.) And then my stomach decided to give me the opportunity to add more minutes to my time. I haven't had that

problem in a long time. By mile 20 I was really struggling with the temperature. Fortunately, right before the 22 mile aid station I saw some Maniacs who were

nice enough to dump some ice cold water over my head. That and the last few miles being totally in the shade helped me get to the finish. I went straight for the

ice and iced my arms and face. Amazing how quickly that helps.

As for the lightening, it started at my house around 3 or 3:30. I stopped counting the seconds between the lightening and the thunder because it was all pretty far

away. Then suddenly we had a couple of almost simultaneous ones. That was really loud and scary. Then the power went out. So I got ready by flashlight.

Sigh. At least it wasn't a goal race for me.


Humpy’s Marathon: Dave Bell, Martha Corazzini, Tina Ellis, Jean “Mama Jean” Evansmore, Michele Smith-Harden, Boonsom “Lipstick Lady”

Hartman, Claude Hicks Jr., Kathy Kass, Clare King, Ron “runnyknose” Knecht, Joseph Poliquin, David “Zen Runner” Reid, Rian Rosenthal, Tracy

Strub, Steve Supkoff, Dick Vogt, Bekkie Wright, Fiona Wright, Wayne Wright. The race according to Tracy Strub Brief: Tina and I both finished (Woo-

Hoo) and used this as a training race as it was Tina’s first race after a two year bout of double Achilles Tendonitis. We were on track for a subfour

run but had to outrun an 800 lb bull moose at mile 12 of the race that took us into the woods and a little off course – seems the big guy was

hankering for a couple of good-looking blonds for a mid-morning snack. He finally bored of us and ran out into the street-side ditch providing a

great picture for the passing traffic. Once back on track we came upon a rabid porcupine at mile 16 and had to wait for the wicked little fellow to

move off the path – they did have some young boys from the ROTC group standing by to capture it, but it they took their time doing so. We also

found a couple of gorgeous men standing by at mile 22 with a jar of Vaseline to slather on some hot spots, so we stopped for a few minutes to rub

some on and have a few drinks. We eventually crossed the line with a double PW of 4:19 - though both of our Garmin’s showed 4:10 with a

distance of 26.49 miles. Hmmm.

Long: The Anchorage Running Club has officially renamed Humpy’s to the Big Wild Life Run but the historic Alehouse is still its main sponsor and

has 50-something ales on draft (Try the Kenai Stillwater Stout!). They held a Marathon Walk, Marathon relay, Marathon, Half, and 5k with start

times from 8-9:30am. There were about 2000 participants overall with plenty of munchies at the finish throughout the day. Not a lot, but enough

to tie you over.

Lipstick Lady, Michelle Harden, Tina Ellis, Tracy Strub, Bekkie Wright, Joe Poliquin Jim Bitgood in St. Petersburg, Russia


The weather was perfect for the 9am start time – 52-57 degrees and cloudy for the entire race. The route is a double out and back along a nice,

forested walking/bike trail with some rolling hills reminiscent of Whidbey Island. Lots of places for spectators to walk or drive to throughout the

course and Chris and Matt (husband running support staff) made it to a few of them to cheer us on. There were plenty of little tunnels to run

through that allowed Tracy hoop, holler, and amplify the amount of miles left until BEER! (14 miles to BEER!) There were approximately 270

marathoners, at least twenty 50-staters, and about 9 Marathon Maniacs wearing their colors tho the website showed more actually entered. They

made a dramatic change this year by offering a fabulous long sleeve technical T-shirt in different colors for each event. The marathon has a

purple t with black stripes with the sponsors along the right sleeve instead of the back of the shirt. The expo consisted of 5 registration tables and

a table set up with last year’s shirts for sale. It took us about 12 minutes to get through packet pickup and a complete browse of the tables but

about 11 minutes longer than it took the Anchorage Parking Attendant to place a $10 parking ticket on our rental car. Anchorage is small enough

so if you stay in town you can get around w/o a rental, but we had a week’s vacation planned after the race. Splits:

Too fast, a little faster, really fast (outrunning moose), dead stop, slower, walking, panting up the final hill at a snail’s pace, finish.

Cascade Crest 100 miler: King Arthur Martineau Jonathan Bernard and Maniac #3 tp! tc* and Steve Stoyles

August 23

CCC 100 mile: Francis Agboton “El Maestro”, Gilles Barbeau, Jonathan Bernard, Ben Blessing, *tc, Rob “Rattler” Hester, Brandon Lott, King Arthur

Martineau, Jess Mullen, Van “pigtails” Phan, tp!, Scott Tomchick, Joseph Tompkins


Michelle Barnes Cat Schwartz, Michelle Barnes, Robert Hester, Jenny Appel Winner – “Marathon Freak”

August 31

Michelle’s Grande-Ass Marathon: Jenny Appel, Michelle Barnes, Margaret Barrett, Marco Begola, Abi Brownell, Richard Gantman, Margaret Gorog,

Rob “Rattler” Hester, Jill Hudson, Tory Klementsen, Phil “Uncle Philly” Kriss, Sarah McIntosh, Monte Pascual, Dan Pfunder, Van “pigtails” Phan,

Nic Plemel, Cat Schwartz, Steve Stoyles, Linda Walter, Steve “Marathon Freak” Walters, Marie Zornes


Nic Plemel Tory Klementsen and Marie Zornes Van “pigtails” Phan Jill Hudson and Linda Walter

Tupelo Marathon: Kevin Abraszek, Jim Collins, Mike Dooley, Marathon Junkie, Eric Fuller, Sara Hacker, Claude Hicks Jr., Valerie Hower, Chester

“Southernmost Walker” Kalb, John “J Lo” Lopez, Matt Manning, Phil Min, Shawn Newton, Jon O‟Neil, Brantley Padgett, Trent Rosenbloom, Cathy

“MiniCat” Saylor, Greg Terry

Phil Min and Trent Rosenbloom Sara Hacker, winner Marathon Junkie and new Maniac Valerie Hower Greg Terry


Sara Hacker, Eric Fuller, Phil and Trent, Brantley Padgett and Greg Terry Cathy “Minicat” Saylor and husband

New Mexico: Mike Herrin and Dean Peterson Adam Shank, Mike, Beth, Dave, Janet, Charles Sayles Janet Burgess and Dave Bell


New Mexico Marathon: Dave “Bart” Bartholomew, Gary Beaty, Dave Bell, Cowboy Jeff Bishton, Janet Burgess, Greg Goebel, Boonsom “Lipstick Lady”

Hartman, Mike Herrin, Suzy Holt Goodwin, Lou Karl, Todd King, Mary Lenari, Manaic Mel, Denis McCarthy, Little Leslie, Max M., Keith “Kip”

Panzer, Dean Peterson, Misty Pilgrim, David Rikke, Guillermo Rios, Ray “Crazy Ray” Rowehl, Henry Rueden, Adam Shank, Doug Shanks, Johnny

“The Animal” Spriggs, Mark Stodghill, Dick Vogt, Marina White, Barb Wnek, Fiona Wright, Catherine “Aunt Fun” Wyman

Headlands Ultra: Thomas Tan, Troy Windsor 5-Time NODM Maniac Finishers Steve Supkoff, Prez, Tim Bruce and Bob Dolphin

Noteworthy Accomplishments / Promotions / Omissions / Maniac Stuff:

Please let the Prez know if you reached a higher Maniac level and want the recognition in the Newsletter!

Iridium (4 star) Maniacs: Stephen Hamilton (2 marathons in 2 days)

Silver (2 star Maniac: Rodolfo Lucena (8 marathons in 11 months), Richard Gantman (6 marathons in 6 months)

100 th marathon/ultra: Keith Whited (Laurel Highlands 70 miler)

8/01 – Harold Lanham #1052 (Harrodsburg, Kentucky): Bronze

8/04– Jennifer Allen #1053 (Ashland, Massachusetts): Bronze

8/04 –Heather Leeman #1054 (Taunton, Massachusetts): Bronze

New Members for the Month of August


8/05 –Graham Gallemore #1055 (Huntsville, Alabama): Graham is a true warrior as he’s 65 years young and the majority of his Maniac qualifying runs have

been of the tough 50 km versions. Starting with the 2007 Bizz Johnson and ending with the Bartlett Park 50km, Graham has trudged his way to Gold level

Maniacdom with his streak of 12 marathons in 11 months.

8/05 –Steve Pavao #1056 (Hilo, Hawaii): Another Maniac from Hawaii, but this time from the Big Island, Steve qualified for Bronze level by completing the

Kilauea Volcano and San Francisco Marathons on successive weekends. He has 7 lifetime marathons to his credit in 2 states. No doubt he was “pressured” into

joining from the always happy Hawaiian Maniacs.

Graham Gallemore Steve Pavao (left) with Mike Brigolia and “Shaka” Landeza Valerie Hower

8/05 –Valerie Hower #1057 (Atlanta, Georgia): Valerie started her marathoning career in 2004 innocently enough with the “standard” three in one year, but so

far this year she’s mixed in marathons with ultras to qualify for the bronze level with 3 in 3 months (Hog’s Hunt 50km, Frederick Marathon and Mayor’s

Marathon). She has run 13 marathon and 2 ultras in 14 states and is excitedly trying to move up to the next maniac level this year.

8/10 – Jeff Bollman #1058 (Billings, Montana): Jeff completed his Bronze maniac streak in Germany as his completion of the Koenischlosser Romance

Marathon coupled with his previous 2 month marathons at Fort Collins and Deadwood. He is planning to achieve Silver status with his plans of running

Pocatello, Two Bear and the Twin Cities Marathon.

8/10 – Mark Swanson #1059 (Arlington, Texas): Iridum

8/11 –Anthony Portera #1060 (White Plains, New York): Anthony is a Silver level Maniac with his best streak of 6 marathons in 6 months. Some of hs

completed marathons include the Disney World, Chicago and New Jersey marathons.


8/14 – Abigail Brownell #1061 (University Place, Washington): Abigail is a member of the famed Puyallup Y Run Club and we have seen her at many of the

local marathons lately. She finally submitted her information to become a Maniac so she is a procrastinator no more! A few months ago she ran the Green River

and North Olympic Discovery Marathons on back to back days to enable her to be a 4-star Iridium Maniac.

Jeff Bollman Anthony Portera Abigail Brownell

8/19 –Stephanie Bailey #1062 (Arlington, Washington): Bronze

8/19 –Scott Shafer #1063 (Cypress, Texas): Bronze

8/20 –Tracy Brown #1064 (Seattle, Washington): Tracy recently completed her Maniac streak of 3 in 3 months to qualify for Bronze level. Included in that

streak is the super tough and Insane White River 50 miler. She has completed 6 marathons and ultras in 2 states.

8/20 – Rodger Funk #1065 (Bellingham, Washington): Rodger says that he’s hooked on marathons and finally met the Bronze level criteria of 3 in 3 months

(Crescent Forest Ultra, Haulin Aspen and Light at the End of the Tunnel). Trouble is, now his family and friends thinks he’s nuts but we know that is just

“normal” Maniac behavior.

8/20 – Marco Begola #1066 (Puyallup, Washington): Iridium

8/21 – Holly Koester #1067 (Cleveland, Ohio): A big welcome goes to Holly, whom is the first wheelchair Maniac. She first heard about the maniacs through

our favorite Maniac spokesperson Lenore Dolphin and she is also a member of the 50 states club (has completed the circuit) and was just recently inducted in the

100 marathon club (total of 102 marathons completed). She qualifies as a 6-star Osmium Maniac with her awesome streak of 18 states in 1 year. Also a member

of the marathon geeks, she’s a wheelsRme geek!


Tracy Brown (photo taken by Glenn T.) Rodger Funk Holly Koester

8/23 –David Rikke #1068 (Indianapolis, Indiana): David has had a busy last 5 months by travelling and completing 10 marathons in that time. Those races also

included his first back to back marathons (Pacific Crest and Seafair). Those 2 streaks gives him the coveted 4-star Iridium level in the Insane Asylum.

8/25 – Susan Cooley #1069 (Oak Harbor, Washington): Susan recently qualified for Bronze Maniac induction by completing the Seafair, Light at the End of the

Tunnel and the Redmond watershed Marathons within 2 months. She’s so excited to become a member and can hardly wait the don the yellow singlet at her next


8/26 – Amy Begnal #1070 (Oak Harbor, Washington): An exact duplicate to Maniac #1069, Amy is also a Bronze Maniac with her 3 marathons in 2 months.

They both hail from Oak Harbor and are friends with Maniac Mike Pruyne whom joined the Insane bunch last month. The 3 of them are looking forward to

sporting MM gear and running in the upcoming Baker Lake 50km.

8/27 –Brian Hampsch #1071 (Seattle, Washington): The Light at the End of the Tunnel and Redmond Watershed seem to be popular races for Maniac

qualification as they apply to Brian’s Bronze level membership. He has run 6 lifetime marathons in 3 states.

8/27 – Carol Goslin #1072 (Kansas City, Missouri): Silver

8/30 – Sarah Jacobs #1073 (Liberty, Missouri): Iridium


David Rikke Jessica Bienvenue, Amy Begnal, Susan Cooley and Mike Pruyne (Redmond Watershed)

Brian Hampsch Paula Erdle (July Maniac)


Rhetorical Revelations and W(Rites)…from the Rambunctious Rev

“Rev” sort of runs marathons. Technically, he finished two marathons in two weeks a few years back, and paid his ten

dollars, so we had to let him in. He has not anywhere near the ability of our more esteemed members, like Chuck Engle and Annie

Thiessen, who seem to win a third or more of the marathons they enter; nor like the Pigtails and Leslies and Larry Macons and

others, who actually can run entire marathons weekly through the year; nor of the likes of TC and TP, who can compete in ultramarathons

as well as they do in marathons, as impossible as that seems. But Rev reminds us of when we were all awed by simply

participating in our sport. Also, as God evidently ordained him, we figure it best to humor him and let him jabber on about whatever

he likes.

Seriously, we mean to have fun here, and we love what we do. Tony P. (member #3) is a consultant for race directors.

Member S.R. Lopez for years found us discounts into races. The list goes on. Bottom line, we founders of the Marathonmaniacs

(Steve, Chris, and Tony) did not start this club around “competing about times,” though we celebrate the amazing accomplishments

of some of our best friends! Simply, we wanted to welcome happy, nice people, like the Barefooters and the Reeses and the Reids

and the Hargetts and all of you, who like to run marathons frequently, into a club of the like-minded. So, Welcome! You are a


Dear Mr. President,


Hey, my Presidential friend of the MarathonManiacs, I need your crucial help at this critical time in our

country’s history, but we have to keep it quiet just a little bit longer.

I have figured out … hooboy, I need to take a deep breath here … that I have … all the qualifications…no, not

for the Maniac Hall of Fame, that is Engle-Thiessen-Pigtails-Macon-TC-TP territory; get serious, will you?

I have been watching the conventions, and it seems that I have all the credentials “both sides of the aisle”

want! Stevie boy, right after the election, at the NYC marathon, on a bridge to Brooklyn, we will announce the start

of my 2012 run to be the next “next President of the USA!”

Qualified? Sure! See, first of all, in case you missed it, the operative word is “run.” Do I have that part

down or what, huh? Yes, yes, I am sure the media will speculate endlessly that all I do is jog. Pay them no


Next, demographics are everything. By 2012 the great need will be to find candidates of the most intriguing

minority-type to nominate, and by then that minority-type will be? White males! I am in!

And having you, my Oriental Omniscient Oracle, as my V.P., together we will be over the top in the diversity

category! As a bonus, you already ARE a President, so together we have already answered the “experience”

question, eh?

Get Pigtails to manage the campaign. She is already famous in the northwest, for running! (There’s a theme

here, kid, pay attention.)

Next: Strength of character, by biography. The secret there? Tonight they touted the strength of character of

one candidate by stating simply: “she runs marathons!” Shazaam!

We take it a step further. If a Hollywood chimpanzee was part of President Reagan’s background, then

having completed the Disney marathon clearly strengthens our case for the White House!

They will scrutinize my life, but what would they find? 1) I have never once lied about my times. Besides, if

the race clock was already turned off, who would know? 2) Only once did I ever run as a bandit, but hey! They

ALLOW that in Boston. They allow a lot of things in Boston. 3) I don’t think we have to worry about that whole


“kissing Wellesley girls” story. We just claim it was exaggerated by the press. We put a smiling SluG and a Possum

or two up on stage as character witnesses, and my bio will be the new presidential standard!

My record speaks for itself. I am plenty organized, so I can go to communities to run marathons. I have run

in my home state, and also in Washington. I have never entered an election I haven’t won.

I feel young, look middle-aged, and identify at the end of races with the elderly.

My wife smiles a lot, even when nobody knows what she’s thinking. I have a cute son, a son who is

“interesting,” and a son who can wave. We’ve got the whole package, I’m telling you.

Then, we get down to business with our Message of Hope and Change. Of all the candidates, I am the one

most familiar with hope, for every single marathon I line up at, I hope I will finish. That sort of experience sticks

with a guy.

Now, we need a strong platform. Yee, I think I’ve got one that reeks of change, real change, that ordinary

Americans (sorry, Engle) are crying out for.

History tells us the marathon was first run in Europe….somebody measured it, and came up with 26 on the

distance, but what got lost in the translation is that Europeans do not use miles, they use kilometers. 26 kilometers

translates to about 16 miles, so we will change all marathons to 16 miles! Now there’s Real Hope for ordinary


This reform will decrease the natural resources we use at races. Think of the savings in Gatorade alone!

Fewer miles will mean fewer traffic jams, so we will immediately bring one-third of our uniformed policemen home!

Simultaneously, we will be freeing up roads to be roads again for cars and trucks, which will invigorate trade and

stimulate the economy!

Shorter, baby, shorter! Shorter races reduce the health risk for all Americans, which will lower health

insurance costs!

Shorter, baby, shorter! Shorter races reduce entrance fees and taxes!

Shorter, baby, shorter! Shorter races speed up getting to the… libations.


Furthermore, I will introduce legislation to require all races to include, for all Americans, rich or poor, enough

root beer, both regular and diet, because you, not government, know what you need and what is best for your life!

And enough with government waste: no more Gu! {Remember to pause during wild ovations.} We will serve

real NJ tomatoes, Idaho potatoes, Florida oranges, Georgia peaches, Texas beef, Wisconsin cheese, Alaskan salmon,

and California tofu, creating jobs for American farmers all across the land.

I’m thinking of asking Macon to be my Secretary of States, for obvious reasons. Tony knows how to organize

races, so we’ll get him for Atournament General. For Surgeon General: AnniE. She’s a veterinarian. Close enough.

Chief of Staff: Lopez: maybe he can get us discounts on lunch.

Hope you’ll join me in this campaign, Prez. Just hide the cat, somehow, some way. That creature is the only

skeleton we’ve got, and the thing even freaks me out.

Love ya,

Prez Rev



Keith Whited – Laurel Highlands Claude Hicks Jr. and Matt Manning Robert “Rattler” Hester – CCC 100

Maniac Ongoing Discounts

$10 off marathons put on by Bob Green (his next one is the Halloween Marathon?).

15% off shoes, apparel at the Balanced Athlete (Kent, Wa); ask for Eric Sach

10% off any running shoes, apparel at the Foot Zone store (Bellevue location only, ask for Jenny)

discount on CROC sandals (contact Tony at for details)

More to come in the September 2008 Newsletter and to the web site soon. The President has written…


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