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special edition 01/06 for the achema 2006 - Pörner Group

special edition 01/06 for the achema 2006 - Pörner Group

E2 Engineering-Times

E2 Engineering-Times VIENNA (ap). The Pörner company was not established in a garage, but in a ‘steel framed shack’ at the VÖEST premises. In 1972 engineer Kurt Thomas Pörner took the risk and set up his technical office together with five other people. The company located in Vienna was developing well. One year after the company’s foundation a branch office was opened in Linz. The first large orders covered detail engineering services for refineries in Kongo and Mauritania. These orders helped to further develop the company. In Vienna the young team established itself as engineering partner both for refineries ÖMV (today OMV) Schwechat and Mobil Kagran, for power station constructors (SGP, Waagner Biro, Elin) and many other clients of the industry (e.g. paper, alcohol, chocolate industries). The small Austrian market forced Pörner to be an all-rounder. After a starting phase with much work the Biturox ® process was a big seller around the world. And so it happened that 100 people worked at the company when it proudly celebrated its 10 th anniversary. Dynamic development under hard conditions Immediately after the reunification in Germany Pörner used the chance and set up a branch office in Grimma near Leipzig in 1992. In the euphoric years after reunification two super large projects were executed by the Grimma staff: the starch plant Barbie for Cerestar and a hydrogen superoxide plant in Bitterfeld. In the following years characterized by a difficult economic situation, Pörner Grimma could distinguish itself as an independent engineering company specialized in special chemicals, formaldehyde and resin plants. While entire plant engineering companies were closed down in Europe Pörner as a medium-sized engineering company could make profit in the nineties because of its quality at low cost. In 1998 the branch office in Kundl was opened with focus on the pharmaceutical industry. The Tyrolean team gained much competence in the construction of pilot plants and small capacity production facilities, clean-room technology and plant certification. At the same time the Linz location developed into a competence centre for plant engineering in the steel industry. In central Europe the Pörner Group entered the market of its neighbouring countries. In 2002 it took over the Hungarian Tecnimont Rt. located in Budapest and last year it acquired the majority of the Ukrainian engineering specialist in the gas sector, Gazintek Ltd. located in Kiev. A milestone in the company history was the takeover of the Leipzig based EDL ANLAGENBAU GESELLSCHAFT MBH in 2003. HOW IT ALL BEGAN The Pörner Group‘s History The Pörner Group is the quintessence of an extraordinary success-story Thus, in one go the engineering capacity was doubled and the process-related competence substantially strengthened. Today the Pörner Group comprises five companies at seven locations: Vienna, Linz, Kundl, Leipzig, Grimma, Budapest and Kiev. There are meanwhile 350 engineers and specialists who represent not only a strong engineering capacity, but also a big pool of specialists. An independent corporate culture has developed to promote the strength of each location. As a group of medium-sized engineering companies with export experience all over the world and more than 1,000 implemented projects the Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft is well positioned in central Europe. How to continue Pörner will not be content with the things achieved. Particularly in times with a good order back- log providing the highest capacity utilization for the next two years one can calmly make plans for the future. Further development will be based on two strategic elements: Firstly: The European engineering service network will be further extended. Pörner and EDL want to continue to provide classic engineering services for the process industry - with strong focus on proactive process engineering, stateof-the-art automation systems and up-to-date engineering methods. KUNDL CLIENTS LEIPZIG LINZ GRIMMA PARTNERS PARTNERS VENDORS VIENNA LAGOS Chronicle Cooperation with clients from the refinery sector will increasingly be based on long-term agreements. Further local engineering offices with approximately 20 to 40 employees per location e.g. in the new EU member states will be established in order to execute projects with local presence and according to the proved standards. This year another engineering office will be set up in Romania. Furthermore, the existing capacities are being permanently extended by partnerships and interests in existing engineering companies. Secondly: The international marketing of complete plants based on own technologies will be increased. Until now the international plant engineering has made up over 50 per cent of Pörner’s turnover with good proceeds. Therefore, in addition to bitumen and formaldehyde/ resins other technologies shall be acquired by buying shares in small or medium-sized technology providers and implemented in projects using the own Pörner network. In doing this the Pörner Group wants to develop own financing and shareholding models to facilitate an active sale of such plants. By multiple use of further technologies the value added per engineering hour can significantly be increased. Working in a network leads to synergy effects - project execution know-how, local relationships, good financial standing - combined with strength and specialization of the individual companies within the group. The Pörner network comprises not only the Pörner companies, but also clients, alliance partners and vendors from all over the world. Due to its complex structure the Pörner Group shall keep its company culture which is typical for a medium-sized enterprise even if the Pörner Group further grows and becomes a more globally acting group. Hierarchies must be kept flat, information paths short and the overhead cost must be kept low. VENDORS CLIENTS VENDORS MOSCOW CLIENTS BUDAPEST KIEV TEHRAN CLIENTS FACTSHEET: THE PÖRNER GROUP Achema-Edition Contact: Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Hamburgerstraße 9 A-1050 Vienna, Austria Phone: +43 (1) 589 90-0 Telefax: +43 (1) 589 90-99 Email:, Web: Management: DI Andreas Pörner, DI Peter Schlossnikel Branche: 1972 Foundation by K. Th. Pörner in Vienna 1973 Opening of office in Linz/Austria 1998 Opening of office in Kundl/Austria Holdings: 1992 Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH (100%) Location: Grimma, Germany 2002 Pörner Engineers and Contractors Ltd. (100%) Location: Budapest, Hungary 2003 EDL ANLAGENBAU GESELLSCHAFT MBH (100%) Location: Leipzig, Germany 2005 Gazintek Ltd. (70%) Location: Kiev, Ukraine Services: • Pre-engineering studies and feasibility studies • Project management • Authority engineering • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) • Basic engineering in all disciplines (up to detail engineering) process, layout, piping, mechanical, conveyor systems, logistics, electrical, instrumentation and automation, architectural, (conceptual and detailed planning), civil/structural (concrete construction, structural steel work, interior works), engineering of building services • Procurement of deliveries and services • Coordination and expediting • Cost control • Construction management • Claim management • Commissioning • Final documentation Industries: • Refinery and petrochemical • Energy • Environmental • Industrial production • Food processing • Pharmaceuticals Work force: 350 Turnover 2005: 35.9 Mio. Euro Total capacity: 480.000 engineering hours/year The PoerNet – the whole is more than the sum of its parts CLIENTS VENDORS BEIJING CLIENTS PARTNERS SINGAPORE Conclusion We think that the Pörner Group can be further developed into a plant construction company of the ‘upper middle class’ with approx. 500 engineers until the end of this decade. In this process we want to provide the best engineers of the business sector with a working place in our group and entrust them with the greatest possible responsibility. Our standard is to support our clients just as well as the best engineering companies in the world. Being flexible, fast, cost-effective, innovative and open to new tasks, ideas and cooperations - Pörner and EDL stand for all these criteria - at present and in the future - put us to the test!

Achema-Edition Engineering-Times E3 EDL ANLAGENBAU GESELLSCHAFT MBH Plant Engineering with tradition from Leipzig The metamorphosis from a state-owned company of the GDR to a highly specialised process engineering company LEIPZIG (wk). Chemical plant engineering has a long tradition in Leipzig. Leipzig was the head-quarters of Chemieanlagenbaukombinat Leipzig-Grimma (CLG) being the engineering company with more than 2,500 engineers in the former GDR. With the political change in 1989 the GDR economy also saw a radical change. Previous markets ceased to exist, domestic and foreign clients in the former COMECON reduced their investments. Companies had to react on this situation. Foundation of EDELEANU GmbH Leipzig On September 1 st , 1991 EDE- LEANU GmbH Leipzig separated from the legal successor of CLG and became a subsidiary of EDELEANU GESELLSCHAFT mbH Alzenau with the objective to extend the business sector ‘Chemicals’ based on a team of high-qualified engineers and to use and expand the existing relationships and contacts to Eastern Europe. Due to political and economic difficulties in Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe the start was very complicated. However, supported by a very good order backlog in the refinery sector EDELEANU GmbH Leipzig (EDL) started to gain a foothold in the German refineries and to execute large and demanding projects in the wake of the parent company in Alzenau. In the course of the years EDL succeeded in independent engineering and implementation of large project parts at the Leipzig location. Thus, EDL made a name of itself as competent and reliable partner for complex plant engineering projects in the refineries. Beside the refinery activities EDL pushed up the project development in the field of ‚classic chemicals’, particularly on the domestic market in the chemical industry in Central Germany. Especially in the construction of new chemical plants EDL could be successful based on its complex structure, i.e. with all required engineering disciplines and its own project management. In 1998 EDELEANU GmbH Leipzig merged with EDE- LEANU GESELLSCHAFT mbH Alzenau. Further restructuring measures, the sale of the parent company in Alzenau to a large German plant engineering company as well as renaming into EDL ANLAGENBAU GESELLSCHAFT MBH followed. EDL within the Pörner Group In 2003 the essential milestone was reached. Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Vienna acquired all shares of EDL from the RWE Corporate Group. Since January 1 st , 2003 EDL has been a 100 per cent subsidiary of Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft. The restructuring measures which were started at EDL at an earlier stage bore its fruit. As independ- ent, medium-sized company it took EDL only two years to multiply the number of clients. By developing the process competence and setting up an own sales and marketing department EDL was now able to work on all fields of activity independently. The employees succeeded in building up a very good reputation as competent and efficient partner in plant engineering, particularly on the German market. Due to the fact that EDL is a member of the Pörner Group more focus is now put on international plant engineering. Within the Pörner network global projects were jointly implemented by using technical and local strength. Based on this EDL’s business activities could considerably be extended. Many reference projects executed for renowned domestic and foreign clients deliver proof that EDL has found its place in the plant engineering market as reliable partner for clients in the chemical and refinery industries, but also for many suppliers and construction companies. Objectives for the future In order to comply with the higher and higher requirements in plant engineering and to adapt to the permanently changing market conditions EDL as member of the Pörner Group will be further available to its clients as ‚classic engineering services provider’ in all stages of project implementation. In addition to this, more focus will be put on process competence and technologies to be marketed world-wide. With a further increase in the engineering capacity in all disciplines EDL com- Ingenium aus Leipzig: Die EDL ANLAGENBAU GESELLSCHAFT MBH plies with its responsibility to provide high quality and safe working places as one of the bigger employers in the Leipzig region. The organizational structure is adapted in such a way that the greatest possible proximity to the client can be kept. EDL feels obliged to continue the long tradition of plant engineering in Leipzig. The objective is to establish the Leipzig plant engineering as synonym for quality and reliability and to be a company leading in its sector in Germany and central Europe. 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 The development of turnover and the number of employees reflects the success story of the Pörner Group. FACTSHEET: EDL ANLAGENBAU GESELLSCHAFT MBH Contact: EDL ANLAGENBAU GESELLSCHAFT MBH Lindenthaler Hauptstraße 145 D-04158 Leipzig, Germany Phone: +49 (341) 46 64-400 Telefax:+49 (341) 46 64-409 Email: Web: Services: • Expertises and inspection reports • Feasibility studies • Budget calculations • Safety studies and reports • Authority-engineering • Basic-engineering • Detail-engineering • Supply of equipment and materials • Project management • Site supervistion • Startup and commissioning • Turnkey plant design Pörner EDL 1972 1974 1976 1978 1980 1982 1984 1986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 Industries: • Petrochemical/Refinery, e.g. • Desulphurisation plants • Alkylation plants • Distillation plants • Light fuel isomerisation • FCC plants • Chemical, e.g. production of • synthetic resins • Fibre products • Special plastics • Special chemicals • Silicon products • Special technologies, e.g. • Compounding plants • Tank farms (including filling and loading facilities) • Batch plants • Bio-Diesel • Fuel additives Work force: 104 Turnover 2005: 11 Mio. Euro Total capacity: 210.000 engineering hours/year

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