RLB GB engl.44-68 - Raiffeisen


RLB GB engl.44-68 - Raiffeisen

Annual financial statements 2001



Balance sheet at 31December 2001

Assets 2001 2000

1. Cash in hand, and balances with

central banks and post office banks 1,022,613,148.97 448,194,228.02

2. Treasury bills and other bills

eligible for refinancing with the central bank 142,067,044.75 144,466,774.10

a) Treasury bills and similar securities 142,067,044.75 144,466,774.10

b) Other bills eligible for refinancing by central banks 0.00 0.00

3. Loans and advances to banks 3,525,291,727.80 3,417,155,097.01

a) Repayable on demand 809,042,167.42 837,824,403.87

b) Other loans and advances to banks 2,716,249,560.38 2,579,330,693.14

4. Loans and advances to customers 4,218,844,649.41 3,984,741,208.80

5. Debt securities and other fixed-income securities 638,238,056.37 529,550,550.33

a) Public sector issuers 0.00 4,571,666.06

b) Other issuers 638,238,056.37 524,978,884.27


own debt securities 1,811,136.19 25,537,976.85

6. Equity shares and other variable-yield securities 50,502,585.85 112,866,674.51

7. Shares in associated undertakings 404,413,458.92 411,063,802.36


banks 386,453,210.65 382,981,186.48

8. Shares in group undertakings 50,838,418.95 318,193,623.03


banks 0.00 0.00

9. Intangible fixed assets 24,065,282.00 22,482,623.12

10. Tangible fixed assets 11,355,928.30 74,703,103.26


land and buildings used by the bank

in its own activities 1,432,367.57 56,487,846.89

11. Own shares and shares in enterprises

with a controlling or majority interest 0.00 0.00


nominal value 0.00 0.00

12. Other assets 317,917,434.23 375,535,080.95

13. Subscribed and called-up capital

not yet paid 0.00 0.00

14. Prepayments and accrued and deferred income 16,721,329.33 8,839,920.23

Total assets 10,422,869,064.88 9,847,792,685.72

Off-balance-sheet items

1. Foreign assets 1,033,564,556.44 1,251,118,485.79

Annual financial statements 2001

Liabilities 2001 2000

1. Amounts owed to banks 4,190,434,997.39 4,924,853,698.14

a) Repayable on demand 2,391,944,627.18 2,175,688,452.33

b) With agreed maturities or periods of notice 1,798,490,370.21 2,749,165,245.81

2. Amounts owed to customers 3,654,392,683.19 2,618,423,856.09

a) Savings deposits, whereof: 1,187,821,691.63 1,164,470,502.20

aa) repayable on demand 0.00 0.00

bb) with agreed maturities or periods of notice 1,187,821,691.63 1,164,470,502.20

b) Other liabilities, whereof: 2,466,570,991.56 1,453,953,353.89

aa) repayable on demand 978,876,590.30 630,097,330.45

bb) with agreed maturities or periods of notice 1,487,694,401.26 823,856,023.44

3. Debt evidenced by certificates 1,396,200,360.25 1,356,743,358.06

a) Debt securities in issue 372,382,786.49 461,444,942.00

b) Other debts evidenced by certificates 1,023,817,573.76 895,298,416.06

4. Other liabilities 324,980,944.94 276,114,367.74

5. Accruals and deferred liabilities 29,605,207.37 28,390,105.86

6. Provisions 41,503,429.75 52,551,958.52

a) Provisions for severance payments 10,514,424.55 10,979,034.25

b) Provisions for pensions 11,972,425.83 11,548,995.59

c) Tax provisions 0.00 0.00

d) Other provisions 19,016,579.37 30,023,928.68

6.A General provisions for bad and doubtful debts 0.00 0.00

7. Subordinated liabilities 15,469,139.48 16,714,751.86

8. Supplementary capital 233,860,504.69 221,375,339.10

9. Subscribed and called-up capital 199,197,300.00 46,551,964.71

10. Capital reserves 181,700,795.68 0.00

a) Appropriated 181,700,795.68 0.00

b) Free 0.00 0.00

11. Revenue reserves 5,524,395.48 140,972,579.46

a) Statutory reserves 5,121,959.55 0.00

b) Reserves provided for by the articles of association 0.00 110,054,866.91

c) Other reserves 402,435.93 30,917,712.55

whereof: appropriated reserves 0.00 13,367,223.10

12. Liability reserves under section 23(6) Austrian Banking Act 132,174,879.91 132,174,879.91

13. Profit and loss account 0.00 3,023,663.24

14. Untaxed reserves 17,824,426.75 29,902,163.03

a) Valuation reserve due to special depreciation allowances 16,464,716.26 26,626,404.04

b) Other untaxed reserves, whereof: 1,359,710.49 3,275,758.99

aa) (unallocated) 0.00 0.00

bb) investment allowances under section 10

Income Tax Act 1988 1,359,710.49 3,275,758.99

cc) (unallocated) 0.00 0.00

dd) transfer reserve under section12 IncomeTax Act 1988 0.00 0.00

Total liabilities 10,422,869,064.88 9,847,792,685.72

Off-balance-sheet items – see next page

Annual financial statements 2001 47


Balance sheet at 31December 2001

Liabilities 2001 2000

Off-balance-sheet items

1. Contingent liabilities 333,836,667.58 383,115,323.41


a) acceptances and endorsements

arising from discounted bills of exchange 0.00 0.00

b) guarantees and other collateral securities 333,795,403.58 377,104,277.13

2. Commitments 1,045,525,337.75 677,419,069.18


commitments arising out of sale and

repurchase agreements 23,491,305.48 25,435,491.96

3. Liabilities arising out of fiduciary activities 19,188,134.45 19,527,569.38

4. Eligible capital under section 23(14)

Austrian Banking Act 619,866,700.93 533,751,369.86


capital under section 23(14)(7) Austrian Banking Act 2,353,854.48 3,790,565.35

5. Capital reserve requirements under section 22(1)

Austrian Banking Act 393,544,815.88 425,379,910.62


capital reserve requirements under section 22(1)(1and 4)

Austrian Banking Act 391,190,961.40 421,589,345.27

6. Foreign liabilities 888,677,127.34 1,165,777,018.02

Annual financial statements 2001

Profit and loss account 2001

2001 2000

1. + Interest receivable and similar income


484,884,140.27 421,471,430.25

from fixed-income securities 38,498,436.84 35,378,166.87

2. – Interest payable and similar expenses 393,893,834.07 362,621,243.33

I. Net interest income 90,990,306.20 58,850,186.92

3. + Income from securities and equity interests

a) Income from equity shares, other equity interests

13,463,355.00 32,303,063.37

and variable-yield securities 2,114,693.98 6,869,784.72

b) Income from associated undertakings 8,924,876.29 9,319,387.64

c) Income from group undertakings 2,423,784.73 16,113,891.01

4. + Fees and commissions receivable 50,769,921.83 47,618,859.65

5. – Fees and commissions payable 14,868,047.37 15,264,859.87

6. +/– Dealing income/expenses 3,415,085.55 2,722,417.14

7. + Other operating income 17,812,402.93 14,344,569.06

II. Operating income 161,583,024.14 140,574,236.27

8. – General administrative expenses 105,971,536.32 97,780,670.68

a) Staff costs


56,103,041.56 55,579,272.95

aa) wages and salaries

bb) cost of statutory social security

contributions, pay-related levies

40,107,108.77 40,962,648.76

and compulsory contributions 10,270,145.91 10,432,307.97

cc) other employee benefits 986,590.21 1,014,332.92

dd) pension costs 3,438,663.19 3,200,325.18

ee) allocations to provision for pensions 462,088.98 – 172,138.40

ff) allocations to provision for

severance payments

b) Other administrative expenses

838,444.50 141,796.52

(operating expenses) 49,868,494.76 42,201,397.73

9. – Depreciation and amortisation

in respect of assets,

balance sheet items 9 and 10 6,656,504.32 10,048,975.02

10. – Other operating expenses 858,176.04 1,717,320.46

III. Operating expenses 113,486,216.68 109,546,966.16

IV. Operating profit 48,096,807.46 31,027,270.11

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Annual financial statements 2001



Profit and loss account 2001

(brought forward)

Annual financial statements 2001

2001 2000

IV. Operating profit 48,096,807.46 31,027,270.11

11./12. +/– Balance of releases of/allocations to provisions

for bad and doubtful debts, contingent liabilities

and commitments – 29,449,858.30 – 26,319,902.52

13./14. +/– Balance of write-up/write-down

of securities classed as fixed asset

investments, as well as shares in

associated and group undertakings 4,529,506.35 10,133,508.67

V. Profit on ordinary activities 23,176,455.51 14,840,876.26

15. + Extraordinary income


withdrawals from the general reserve for

908,410.43 0.00

bad and doubtful debts 0.00 0.00

16. – Extraordinary expenses


allocations to the general reserve for

0.00 1.816.820.85

bad and doubtful debts 0.00 0.00

17. +/– Extraordinary result

(sub-total items 15 and 16) 908,410.43 – 1,816,820.85

18. – Taxes on income 0.00 39,389.48

19. – Other taxes, not shown under item 18 1,961,784.27 79,019.53

VI. Profit/loss after extraordinary items and tax 22,123,081.67 12,905,646.40

20. +/– Changes in reserves


– 5,044,965.64 – 9,881,983.16

allocations to the liability reserve 0.00 12,719,635.47

withdrawals from the liability reserve 0.00 0.00

VII. Profit/loss after reserve movements 17,078,116.03 3,023,663.24

21. +/– Retained profit/loss 0.00 0.00

22. +/– Transfer of profit/loss – 17,078,116.03 0.00

VIII. Profit/loss for the year

attributable to shareholders 0.00 3,023,663.24

A. Accounting policies

* Dislosures subject to statutory reporting requirements

Notes to the accounts *

The annual financial statements were drawn up in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles

and the general requirement to present a true and fair view of the Company’s assets, finances and


The individual items were accounted for, valued and reported in accordance with the provisions of the

Austrian Commercial Code, the Austrian Companies Act (AktG) and the specific regulations for the banking

industry contained in the Banking Act (BWG), in each case as amended.

B. Reorganisations and mergers

With retroactive effect from midnight 31 December 2000, Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-

Wien reg.Gen.m.b.H. (hereafter RLB reg.Gen.m.b.H.) transferred its banking business and its

banking investments to Praelusio Beteiligungs AG as a contribution in kind in accordance with

section 92 Banking Act and Art. III Reorganisation Tax Act (UmgrStG). Following this transfer of

assets the transferee changed its name to Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien AG (hereafter

RLB AG) and the transferor was renamed as Raiffeisen-Holding Niederösterreich-Wien reg.Gen.m.b.H.

(hereafter R-Holding).

The contribution in kind was in exchange for new shares in the acquiring company. The share capital

of RLB AG was therefore increased by EUR 156,348,300, from EUR 100,000 to EUR 156,448,300

by issuance of 1,563,483 no par voting bearer shares (ordinary shares). At the time of the transfer

R-Holding was the sole shareholder in the acquiring company.

The licences and permits held by the banking business have passed to RLB AG in accordance with

section 92(6) Banking Act.

The banking operations were acquired by RLB AG as universal successor under section 92(4)

Banking Act.

These reorganisation measures were entered in the register of companies on 11 May 2001.

In connection with the above reorganisation a capital increase was effected by the issue of 427,490 no

par bearer shares in RLB AG, each corresponding to EUR 100 of the share capital. The right to subscribe

to these shares was exclusively reserved for the Lower Austrian Raiffeisen banks.

The comparative figures for the previous year shown in these financial statements are those of the former

RLB reg. Gen.m.b.H. for the year ended 31 December 2000, and are not adjusted to reflect the aforementioned

reorganisation. The disclosures for the year ended 31 December 2001 are thus only partly

comparable with those of the previous year.

Despite this, the inclusion of these results would seem appropriate in that the banking business of the

former RLB reg.Gen.m.b.H. represented by far the largest area of operations.

The effects of the reorganisation on individual balance sheet items are shown under “Supplementary

information”, below. This contains a comparison of the main items in the balance

sheet of the banking business with those in the balance sheet of RLB reg.Gen.m.b.H. as at

31 December 2000.

Annual financial statements 2001


C. Balance sheet disclosures

In order to provide evidence of the full integration of R-Holding and RLB AG for tax purposes, a profit

and loss transfer agreement was concluded by R-Holding and RLB AG. This provides for RLB AG’s entire

profit or loss for the year to be transferred to or assumed by R-Holding, as the case may be. The annual

financial statements of RLB AG thus contain no profit or loss for the year attributable to shareholders.

D. Change in the reporting currency

The annual financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2001 were for the first time prepared

in euro. The comparative figures for the previous year were converted from the schilling to the euro in

conformity with the provisions of Art. 4 Council Regulation (EC) No. 103/97 of 17 June 1997 and

the exchange rate determined by Art. 1 Council Regulation (EC) No. 2866/98 of 31 December 1998

(EUR 1 = ATS 13.7603). Rounding differences cannot be excluded in the case of aggregated amounts.

E. Accounting conventions and valuation methods applied in the balance sheet and the profit

and loss account

I. Assets and liabilities denominated in the currencies of EU member states participating in European monetary

union are reported at the euro exchange rates fixed by the Council of the European Union. Assets and

liabilities in other foreign currencies are converted at the reference exchange rates published by the ECB,

while the foreign currency held by the Bank is converted at the mid rates ruling at balance sheet date.

II. To the extent that interest rate swaps, options, foreign exchange futures and other derivative instruments

are not hedging transactions treated for the purpose of valuation as part of the underlying transactions,

portfolio valuation is applied, i.e. all similar financial instruments are grouped in portfolios. The fair value

at balance sheet date of each individual transaction in the portfolio is determined. The resulting positive

and negative fair values are netted out. If the overall portfolio fair value is negative, a provision in that

amount is set up in the balance sheet.

Financial derivatives held for trading are valued at fair value.

III. Securities held as financial investments are valued according to the modified lower of cost or market

value principle.

Securities serving as cover for trustee accounts are shown as part of fixed assets, strictly at the lower of

cost or market value, in accordance with section 2(3) Trustee Securities Order.

In accordance with section 56(2) Banking Act, investment securities acquired above par are written down

in the year of acquisition to the amount repayable. Securities acquired below par are not written up.

Unlisted securities held as current assets are valued strictly at the lower of cost or market.

Listed securities held as current assets are shown at fair value.

IV. Individual value adjustments or provisions are made for identifiable risks in respect of borrowers.

V. No use is made of the elective freedom with respect to the form of valuation provided for by section 57(1)

Banking Act.

52 Annual financial statements 2001

VI. Participating interests are valued at acquisition cost unless permanent losses or a reduction in equity

require a write-down to fair value at balance sheet date.

VII. Intangible fixed assets, land and buildings, and fixtures, fittings and equipment are valued at acquisition

or construction cost less scheduled depreciation. Scheduled depreciation is applied on a straight-line

basis. The rates of depreciation vary between 2% and 33.3% in the case of intangible assets, between

2% and 4% in the case of real property, and between 5% and 33.3% in the case of movable assets.

Capitalised goodwill is amortised on the basis of a conservative estimate of useful economic life over

periods of between two and 15 years. In the case of anticipated long-term impairment, unscheduled

writedowns are applied. Minor assets are fully written off in the year of acquisition.

VIII.Premiums or discounts on issue are written back over the life of the debt. Other issuing expenses are

written of immediately.

IX. Pension obligations relating exclusively to pensioned former employees are determined applying a

table corresponding to the Ettl-Pagler table and a discount rate of 4.5%, and using the standard entry

age method for projected benefit obligations. Use is not made of the transitional provisions of Article X

Financial Reporting Act (RLG).

Pension obligations in respect of current employees are determined applying a table corresponding to

the Ettl-Pagler table and a discount rate of 3.5%, and using the standard entry age method for projected

benefit obligations. The provision is calculated on the basis of a retirement age of 62, in order to take

account of the fact that some employees take early retirement.

There are in addition written, legally enforceable irrevocable pension agreements in respect of a group of

current employees in senior management positions. These benefit obligations have been transferred to ÖPAG

Pensionskassen AG. Should the capital cover at pensionable age not be sufficient to fund the defined benefits,

RLB AG is obliged to make up the shortfall by making either continuing top-up pension payments or a lump sum

capital payment. Since the financial year 2000, provisions have been set up to cover such funding shortfalls.

The provision required was based on an actuary’s report using the Pagler-Pagler tables, an interest

rate of 3.5% and the standard entry age method.

The calculation was made on the basis of retirement ages of 56.5 for women and 61.5 for men, having

regard to the transitional arrangements of the Social Security Legislation Amendment Act 2000

(SRÄG 2000).

Severance payment obligations at balance sheet date are calculated according to the principles

of investment mathematics, applying a discount rate of 3.5% and taking into account the average expected

termination of employment. The calculations were based on retirement ages of 56 for women and

61 for men. A deduction of 4% was made for staff turnover.

Obligations to pay jubilee bonuses are calculated according to the principles of investment mathematics,

in the same way as severance payment obligations. A deduction of 10% was made for staff turnover.

Use is not made of the transitional provisions of Article X Financial Reporting Act.

In accordance with the principle of conservatism, the other provisions are set up in amounts sufficient to cover

all risks identifiable at the time of preparation of the balance sheet, as well as any contingent liabilities.

X. Liabilities are shown at the higher of original book value or the amount repayable.

Annual financial statements 2001


F. Notes to the balance sheet

I. Analysis of maturities

1. Breakdown of residual maturities of loans and advances to, and balances with banks and non-banks not

repayable on demand:

Bank Non-bank

EUR ’000 2001 2000 2001 2000

a) Up to 3 months 1,798,623 1,490,862 1,758,882 1,803,030

b) Between 3 months and 1 year 435,570 531,670 746,248 466,491

c) Between 1 year and 5 years 410,640 454,865 828,450 768,230

d) More than 5 years 71,417 101,934 678,441 560,541

2. Breakdown of residual maturities of amounts owed to banks and non-banks not repayable on


Bank Non-bank

EUR ’000 2001 2000 2001 2000

a) Up to 3 months 870,771 1,600,206 1,516,360 830,968

b) Between 3 months and 1 year 592,489 710,903 470,098 312,859

c) Between 1 year and 5 years 255,260 347,724 342,408 403,755

d) More than 5 years 79,970 90,332 346,650 440,744

3. Debt securities and other fixed-income securities maturing after balance sheet date, in the meaning of

section 64(1)(7) Banking Act.

EUR ’000 2001 2000

a) Receivables from debt securities and

other fixed-income securities 44,101 62,755

b) Liabilities arising from debt securities 70,009 245,802

II. Securities

1. Breakdown of listed securities in the meaning of section 64(1)(10) Banking Act:

54 Annual financial statements 2001

Listed Unlisted

EUR ’000 2001 2000 2001 2000

a) Debt securities and other fixedincome


Shares and other variable-yield

594,847 529,547 43,391 4

securities 9,628 17,280 584 865

b) Shares in associated undertakings 0 0 0 0

c) Shares in group undertakings 0 37,840 0 0

2. Investments under section 64(1)(11) Banking Act:

Debt securities and other fixed income securities, as well as shares and other listed variable-yield

securities carried as fixed assets, amounted to EUR 268,014 thousand (2000: EUR 237,203 thousand).

Assets were classified as fixed or current by the responsible bodies on a case by case basis.

III. Fixed assets

1. Movements in fixed assets and a breakdown of depreciation for the year are shown in the statement of

fixed assets (Annex I).

2. The value of developed land is nil (2000: EUR 7,389 thousand).

IV. Other assets

This item includes accrued interest receivable of EUR 250,060 thousand (2000: EUR 269,914 thousand)

which does not fall due until after balance sheet date.

V. Accruals and deferred liabilities

The transfer of company pension commitments, including commitments made by the former Raiffeisenbank

Wien reg.Gen.m.b.H. and Raiffeisen-Bau- und Maschinenkreditgenossenschaft für NÖ und Wien

reg.Gen.m.b.H, to ÖPAG Pensionskassen AG in 1996 and 1997, resulted in a total difference of EUR 11,007

thousand between the funding requirements of the pension fund and the provision for pensions prior

to the transfer. Of this, EUR 10,082 thousand is accounted for by RLB AG employees affected by

restructuring. One-tenth of the amount of the shortfall at the time when it arose is reversed every year,

and is recognised as an expense. This item, reported under “Accruals and deferred liabilities”, amounted

to EUR 4,408 thousand (2000: EUR 5,881thousand) at balance sheet date.

VI. Other liabilities

This item includes accrued interest expense of EUR 224,161 thousand (2000: EUR 217,827 thousand)

which does not fall due until after balance sheet date. It also includes the liability of EUR 17,078 thousand

arising from the profit and loss transfer agreement.

VII. Untaxed reserves

1. Valuation reserve arising from special depreciation allowances

Changes in the valuation reserve are reported in Annex 2.

VIII.Supplementary information

1. The assets include EUR 1,945,336 thousand (2000: EUR 2,328,458 thousand) of assets denominated

in foreign currencies; of the liabilities EUR 857,286 thousand (2000: EUR 900,592 thousand) are foreign

currency liabilities.

Annual financial statements 2001


2. Securities trading book

RLB maintains a securities trading book in the meaning of section 2(35) Banking Act.

The trading positions consist of securities and other financial instruments. Standard instruments used in

interbank transactions are not included.

The nominal value of fixed income securities shown in the trading book at balance sheet date was

EUR 49,654 thousand (2000: EUR 18,041 thousand).

The portfolio also contains 447 shares (2000: 56,000 shares) of various issuers, with a market value of

EUR 2,454.03 thousand (2000: EUR 283,298.40), and 15,412 shares in various investment funds

(2000: 16,638 shares) with a value of EUR 1,506 thousand (2000: EUR 1,451thousand).

The other financial transactions in the trading book are reported below in accordance with section 64(1)(3)

Banking Act.

3. Disclosure pursuant to section 64(1)(3) Banking Act

Nominal value of open forward transactions (derivative financial transactions) at balance sheet date:

Investment Trading Total Total

EUR ’000 book book 2001 2000

Total amounts of all forward exchange transactions 18,543,781 1,379,315 19,923,096 21,206,237

a) Interest rate contracts

(Exchange traded contracts)

15,300,512 1,019,500 16,320,012 17,103,506

Futures – buy 0 0 0 0

Futures – sell 0 0 0 0

Futures options - buy 0 0 0 0

Futures options - sell

(OTC products)

0 0 0 0

Interest swaps 14,448,804 1,019,500 15,468,304 15,340,304

Interest rate options (FRAs) – buy 418,937 0 418,937 776,931

Interest rate options (FRAs) – sell 310,469 0 310,469 772,632

Interest options – buy 30,767 0 30,767 61,203

Interest options – sell 91,535 0 91,535 152,436

b) Exchange rate contracts

(OTC products)

3,157,736 359,815 3,517,551 4,022,111

Currency futures 61,547 0 61,547 5,205

Currency and interest rate swaps 3.096,189 0 3,096,189 4,016,265

Currency options – buy 0 180,494 180,494 641

Currency options – sell 0 179,321 179,321 0

c) Securities related transactions

(OTC products)

85,533 0 85,533 80,620

Share/index options – buy 43,846 0 43,846 40,195

Share/index options – sell 41,687 0 41,687 40,425

All these instruments are traded both for own account and for customers.

4. At balance sheet date the item “Amounts owed to customers” included trustee savings deposits totalling

EUR 2,216,076.92 (2000: EUR 1,719,552.02).

56 Annual financial statements 2001

5. Assets pledged as collateral pursuant to section 64(1)(8) Banking Act

At balance sheet date fixed-income securities with a nominal value of EUR 147,680 thousand

(2000: EUR 187,270 thousand) and loans and advances amounting to EUR 13,611 thousand (2000:

EUR 5,893 thousand) were pledged as collateral for the following transactions:

EUR ’000 2001 2000

Cover funds for funding bonds issued 97,458 124,079

Cover funds for saving deposits held in trustee accounts 6,352 6,352

Arrangement deposit in favour of Österr. Kontrollbank AG 1,100 1,090

ARTIS deposit at the Oesterreichische Nationalbank 19,869 41,729

Federal bonds pledged in favour of R-Wohnbaubank AG

Deutsche-Finance-Anleihe deposited with DG-Bank as

10,901 2,907

initial margin for bond futures transactions (nom. val. DEM 10m) 0 5,113

Loans and advances assigned to Österr. Kontrollbank AG

Security for derivatives trading deposited with

1,817 1,479

Morgan Guaranty Trust Company New York, London branch

Initial margin deposited with the Royal Bank of Scotland

9,000 3,000

for futures / futures options transactions (cash deposits)

Bundesanleihe deposited with the ÖKB as a clearing link

290 4,414

for the German Stock Exchange (Xetra trading)

Security for derivative trading deposited with

3,000 3,000

Westdeutsche Landesbank, Düsseldorf (cash deposits) 11,504 0

6. Effects of reorganisation

In order to provide an insight into the impact of restructuring, the main balance sheet items in the

last statements prior to reorganisation are compared with the corresponding items in the acquisition

balance sheet.

Balance sheet, Acquisition balance

annual statements sheet, banking business

of RLB NÖ-Wien of RLB NÖ-Wien

reg.Gen.m.b.H. reg.Gen.m.b.H.

EUR ’000 At 31 Dec. 2000 At 31 Dec. 2000


Loans and advances to banks 3,417,155 3,825,964

Loans and advances to customers 3,984,741 3,982,561

Equity shares and other variable-yield securities 112,867 50,365

Shares in group undertakings 318,194 47,293

Tangible fixed assets 74,703 8,248


Amounts owed to banks 4,924,854 4,928,487

Amounts owed to customers 2,618,424 2,618,424

Provisions 52,552 43,143

Subscribed and called-up capital 352,625 349,602

Total liabilities 9,847,793 9,830,660

Annual financial statements 2001


G. Notes to the profit and loss account

I. Expenses in the meaning of section 64(1)(13) Banking Act arising from subordinated liabilities and supplementary

capital amounted to EUR 15,876 thousand (2000: EUR 13,219 thousand).

II. In accordance with section 64(1)(12) in conjunction with section 237(5) Banking Act, the “Other operating

income” and “Other operating expenses” items in the profit and loss account include the following material

income and expenditure items:

Expenses Income

EUR ’000 2001 2000 2001 2000

Group services 0 0 12,485 7,216

Reimbursement for staff expenses 0 0 2,573 1,930

Leases and rentals 0 0 0 2,062

Book value of retired tangible and intangible fixed assets 205 442 0 0

Solidarity association 468 563 0 0

III. In 2000 a provision of EUR 1,817m was made for the Company’s contribution to the compensation fund for

victims of National Socialism. As the Lower Austrian Raiffeisen banks have expressed their willingness to pay

50% of this amount, half of the provision was released and recognised as extraordinary income.

H. Supplementary information

I. The average number of employees was:

2001 2000

Salaried 866.16 884.23

Non-salaried 0.00 4.81

II. Loans to members of the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board

At balance sheet date loans outstanding to members of the Board of Management amounted to EUR 189 thou-

sand (2000: EUR 701 thousand). Loans and advances to members of the Supervisory board amounted to

EUR 157 thousand (2000: EUR 175 thousand).

There were no liabilities under guarantees on behalf of these persons. Amounts lent to the Supervisory Board

include loans and advances to employees delegated to the Supervisory Board by the Works Council.

The maturities and interest rates of the loans conform to normal banking practices. In the year under review,

members of the Board of Management repaid EUR 24 thousand (2000: EUR 78 thousand), and members of

the Supervisory Board EUR 51thousand (2000: EUR 11 thousand).

III. Expenses for severance payments and pensions

Expenses for severance payments and pensions relate to the profit and loss account items “Wages and salaries”,

“Pension costs”, “Allocations to provision for pensions” and “Allocations to provision for severance payments”,

as well as the annual proportionate release of the one-time contribution to the ÖPAG pension fund. Expenses for

severance payments and pensions amounted to EUR 2,900 thousand (2000: EUR 2,389 thousand) for management

and senior executives and EUR 2,328 thousand (2000: EUR 1,665 thousand) for other employees. The classification

of staff members as senior executives is in accordance with section 80(1) Companies Act.

IV. Remuneration of the Management and Supervisory Boards

Recourse is made to section 241(4) Austrian Commercial Code permitting non-disclosure of the remuneration

of active Management Board members. No emoluments were paid to the members of the Supervisory Board

in 2001. The total remuneration of former executive officers (of the former RLB reg.Gen.m.b.H.) and their

surviving dependants amounted to EUR 719 thousand (2000: EUR 732 thousand).

V. Membership of the Supervisory Board: see next page.

58 Annual financial statements 2001




Deputy Chairman


(from 1 Aug. 2001)

Deputy Chairman


(from 25 April 2001 to 29 Sept. 2001)



Christian KONRAD

Deputy Chairman

Governing bodies

Johann VIEGHOFER (from 27 April 2001)

Georg WEISSMANN (until 27 April 2001)


Anton BODENSTEIN (from 27 April 2001)

Erwin CSAR (from 27 April 2001)

Leopold DANZER (from 27 April 2001)

Franz HUBINGER (from 27 April 2001)

Gerhard PREISS (from 27 April 2001)

Christian RESCH (from 27 April 2001)

Karl PISTOTNIK (until 27 April 2001)

Works Council Delegates

Harald KERN (from 11 May 2001)

Anton HECHTL (from 11 May 2001)

Heinz PFEFFER (from 11 May 2001)

Sibylla WACHSLER (from 11 May 2001)

State Commissioners



Annual financial statements 2001



Statement of fixed assets 2001



cost Change due to

Item at 1 Jan. 2001 restructuring Additions Disposals


2 a Treasury bills and

similar securities 86,555,909.10 77,000,000.00 65,416,850.67

3 b Other loans and

advances to banks 6,566,375.49

4 Loans and advances to customers 0.00

5 Dept securities and

other fixed-income securities:

a) public sector issuers 0.00

b) from other issuers 142,237,751.38 100,436,368.26 72,200,679.47

6 Equity shares and

other variable-yield securities 65,628,251.67 – 65,628,251.67

Subtotal securities 300,988,287.64 – 65,628,251.67 177,436,368.26 137,617,530.14

Participating interests

7 Shares in associated undertakings 415,863,414.47 – 13,525,852.96 4,313,847.95 2,125,680.40

whereof banks 383,093,393.34 3,472,024.17

8 Shares in group undertakings 388,194,503.44 – 340,894,560.25 3,691,218.21 145,475.16

whereof banks 0.00

4 Undisclosed participating interests

included in loans and

advances to costomers 8,812,307.87 – 4,379,264.99 2,180,185.03

Subtotal participating interests 812,870,225.78 – 358,799,678.20 10,185,251.19 2,271,155.56


9 Intangible fixed assets 36,688,707.86 – 1,742,933.57 7,012,708.88 1,955,899.46

10 Tangible fixed assets 124,101,102.12 – 99,593,515.23 5,825,681.60 3,572,134.25


land and building used

by the Bank in its own activities 83,233,423.11 – 83,233,423.11 1,607,196.06 29,928.54

Subtotal assets 160,789,809.98 – 101,336,448.80 12,838,390.48 5,528,033.71

Total 1,274,648,323.40 – 525,764,378.67 200,460,009.93 145,416,719.41

Annual financial statements 2001



cost Accumulated Book value Book value Depreciation

Transfers at 31 Dec. 2001 Write-ups depreciation at 31 Dec. 2001 at 31 Dec. 2000 for year

98,139,058.43 198,408.40 97,940,650.03 85,179,839.31

6,566,375.49 6,566,375.49 6,566,375.49

0.00 0.00 0.00

0.00 0.00 0.00

170,473,440.17 400,347.13 170,073,093.04 141,628,469.89

0.00 0.00 62,496,052.51

0.00 275,178,874.09 0.00 598,755.53 274,580,118.56 295,870,737.20 0.00

404,525,729.06 112,270.14 404,413,458.92 411,063,802.36

386,565,417.51 112,206.86 386,453,210.65 382,981,186.48

50,845,686.24 7,267.29 50,838,418.95 318,193,623.03

0.00 0.00 0.00

6,613,227.91 726,728.27 5,886,499.64 5,886,499.71

0.00 461,984,643.21 0.00 846,265.70 461,138,377.51 735,143,925.10 0.00

0.00 40,002,583.71 0.00 15,937,301.71 24,065,282.00 22,482,623.12 4,137,005.31

0.00 26,761,134.24 0.00 15,405,205.94 11,355,928.30 74,703,103.26 2,519,499.01

0.00 1,577,267.52 0.00 144,899.95 1,432,367.57 56,487,846.89 146,396.38

0.00 66,763,717.95 0.00 31,342,507.65 35,421,210.30 97,185,726.38 6,656,504.32

0.00 803,927,235.25 0.00 32,787,528.88 771,139,706.37 1,128,200,388.68 6,656,504.32

Annual financial statements 2001



Statement of valuation reserves 2001

Participating interests

under section 12 Income

Tax Act 1988

7 Shares in associated

undertakings 18,629,856.35 – 2,303,728.84 16,326,127.51

whereof banks 16,323,536.70 16,323,536.70

8 Shares in Group

undertakings 7,634,453.31 – 7,634,453.31 0.00

whereof banks 0.00 0.00

Subtotal participating interests 26,264,309.66 – 9,938,182.15 0.00 0.00 16,326,127.51

Assets under section 8

Income Tax Act 1988

10 Tangible assets 589.08 R – 179.78 409.30

whereof: land and buildings

used by the bank in its own

activities 0.00 0.00

Assets under section 12

Income Tax Act 1988

10 Tangible assets 361,505.30 – 223,013.12 R – 312.73 138,179.45

whereof: land and buldings

used by the bank in its own

activities 0.00 0.00

Subtotal assets 362,094.38 – 223,013.12 0.00 – 492.51 138,588.75

Total 26,626,404.04 – 10,161,195.27 0.00 – 492.51 16,464,716.26

Annual financial statements 2001

Change due to Additions (+)

restructuring and transfers Releases

At 1 Jan. 2001 (+/–) (+/–) (R) (–) At 31 Dec.2001

These annual financial statements were approved by the Board of Management

at its meeting on 8 April 2002.


Chief Executive Officer Deputy Chief Executive

Peter PÜSPÖK m.p. Robert GRUBER m.p.

Auditors’ certificate

Auditors’ certificate

Since there are no objections to report, the auditors grant the unabbreviated German-language annual report of

RAIFFEISENLANDESBANK NIEDERÖSTERREICH-WIEN AG as at 31 December 2001 an unqualified audit certificate

under section 274(1) Austrian Commercial Code.

As the result of our due audit we can certify that the accounting records and the financial statements comply with

the legal regulations. The financial statements give a true and fair view of the company’s assets, the liabilities, financial

position and profit or loss in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. The management report

corresponds with the financial statements.

Vienna, 9 April 2002



Michael RAB m.p. Wilhelm FORAMITTI m.p.

Association auditor and Association auditor

public accountant

Auditors’ certificate

We have audited the annual financial statements of RAIFFEISENLANDESBANK NIEDERÖSTERREICH-WIEN AG

as at 31 December 2001 which were prepared in accordance with Austrian commercial law and have been approved

by the Company’s Board of Management. We conducted our audit in accordance with Austrian statutory regulations

and generally accepted auditing standards. Having completed our audit we hereby grant the annual financial statements


unqualified auditors’ certificate under section 274(1) Austrian Commercial Code:

“As the result of our due audit we can certify that the accounting records and the financial statements comply with

the legal regulations. The financial statements give a true and fair view of the company’s assets, the liabilities, financial

position and profit or loss in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. The management report

corresponds with the financial statements.”

Vienna, 8 April 2002



Alfred BROGYÀNYI m.p. Friedrich O. HIEF m.p.

Registered auditor Registered auditor

In accordance with section 277(2) Austrian Commercial Code, the annual financial statements for 2001 were published

in the Official Gazette section of the Wiener Zeitung and the Raiffeisenzeitung.

Annual financial statements 2001


64 Employees

925 Employees

Harald Adler Yvonne Adler Martin Aescht Franz Ahrer Margit Alleithner Reinhard Altenburger

Johann Amon Erhard Aniwandter Andreas Appel Ewald Artacker Manfred Aschauer Monika Assfall

Erwin Atzmüller Otto Auer Wolfgang Ausobsky Elisabeth Bachinger Christina Bachl Claudia

Bachofner Erika Bachtrod Edith Bäk Silvia Bammer Manuela Barent Andrea Barta Andreas Bauer

Franziska Bauer Georg Bauer Gerhard Bauer Reinhard Bauer Sabine Bauer Anja Bauersima

Petra Baumgartner Claudia Bayer Silvia Bayr Thomas Beinhart Karina Beisser Caroline Beneder

Herbert Beran Ursula Beran Alice Berariu Isabella Bergaus Marianne Berger Michaela Berger

Waltraud Berger Barbara Berghold Karin Bergler Pia Bergmann Peter Bergner Eva Bermann

Johannes Bernsteiner Andrea Bernsteiner Markus Berthold Isabella Bertolas Jörg Bestmann

Barbara Betzwar Alexandra Beudel Dieter Biegel Verena Bierbaumer Gabriele Bilina

Eva-Maria Binder Helga Binder Susanne Binder Günther Bitterhof Maria Blazek Günther Bleininger

Petra Blümel Christina Böhm Wolfgang Böhm Günther Böhnisch Alfred Boes Jochen Bonk

Josef Brandenberger Cornelia Brandtner Gunnar Braun Thomas Braunseis Walter Braunsteiner

Gerda Braunsteiner Walter Bretschneider Mathias Breuer Beate Brodmann Gitta Bronneck

Gerd Bruckner Gudrun Brunner Sabrina Bubik Anita Buchgraber Arnold Buchinger Wolfgang

Buchwieser Alraune Buhl Josef Buhl Roland Bukowski Sabina Bukowski Iris Burik Andrea

Buxbaum Sonja Cabak Gabriela Caltik Karin Candussi Alexander Casapicola Bernd Chory

Brigitta Chyba Sylvia Cimbal Alexander Clausen Renate Conrad Norbert Czizek Gertrude

Czvitkovich Matthias Danzinger Konrad Darrer Dieter Denk Josef Deutenhauser Karin Deutsch

Michaela Diem Maria Dierl Wilhelm Dippolt Thomas Direder Martin Dirnberger Birgit Dirnberger

Ilse Dobrowa Heinz Donath Walter Doppler Nicole Dorn Heinz-Peter Dragosits Monika Drechsler

Elke Dunkl Elvira Dvorak Gabriela Dworak Andreas Eberhardt Hermine Eberle Helmut Ebner

Markus Ecker Ingrid Eckhardt-Kral Barbara Eder Johann Eder Margarete Eder Roland Eder Silvia

Eder Maria Ederer Robert Eheim Sabine Ehm Wolfgang Einspieler Heinz Elsinger Birgit Endl

Sabine Endres Raimund Enengl Gabriele Enter Volker Enzi Josef Erber Sylvia Ercher Thomas

Erhart Renate Erker Albert Ertl Reinhard Exl Alexander Exner Petra Fabiny Richard Farnik Regine

Faustmann Eva Feiertag Birgit Fellner Karin Fesl Harald Feucht Monika Fiala Beate Fischer

Marco Fischer Robert Fischer Walpurga Flandorfer Harald Fleischer Silvia Flenner Peter Förster

Ingrid Forberich Roland Forstner Christine Frank Gertrude Frauwallner Christina Frey Markus Fritz

Rosa Fröhlich Werner Fröhlich Edith Fuchs Markus Fuchs Martha Fuchs Yvonne Fuchs Horst

Führer Helmut Fürst Johannes Futschek Peter Gaider Sonja Gamba Jörg Gangl Margareta

Gansterer Tim Geissler Johann Gepperth Sandra Gerdenitsch Peter Gerhard Christian Germ Erik

Gertscher Edeltraud Geyer Katharina Geyer Gaston Giefing Harald Glasl Günther Glassl Barbara

Gmeiner Susanne Gneist Nicole Göffing Tina Götz-Bandin Gertraude Götzinger Andreas Gogl

Elisabeth Gold Roswitha Gottlieb Christina Grabatsch Alfred Graf Claudia Graf Michael Graf

Reinhold Graf Alexandra Grafendorfer Gerhard Grass Silvia Grass Wolfgang Grasser Alfred

Greimel Regina Grögl Karin Groiss Alexander Grollitsch Heinz Gromes Karl Gross Reinhold

Grossebner Georg Grosskopf Erwin Grossmaier Eduard Gruber Günter Gruber Ingrid Gruber

Manfred Gruber Robert Gruber Walter Grün Günther Grüneis David Grumbäck Karl Gschwindl

Sonja Gstöttner-Steiner Andrea Guca Andreas Gugl Michael Gumpinger Lucie Gundinger

Sandra Guo Günther Haas Johann Haas Simone Haberreiter Iris Hackenberg-Vögl Herwig Haidn

Herbert Haindl Elisabeth Hainfellner Andrea Hainthaler Friedrich Hainzl Alexandra Hajek Vera Hallada

Manfred Hammer Matthias Hanifl Christian Hanni Wilfried Hanreich Christian Hanzl Karl Hanzl

Renate Harrauer Susanne Haschka Peter Haselbacher Christa Haslauer Günter Hauptmann

Andreas Havlic Maria Haydn Natascha Hebein Anton Hechtl Bernd Heidrich Marion Heindl Birgit

Heiter-Habermann Patrick Hellmich Sonja Hemerka Ingrid Henein-Hanke Franz Heneis Stefan

Hergeth Andreas Hermann Robert Herrmann Peter Hief Johannes Hiesberger Barbara Himmelmaier

Christine Hinterreither Ursula Hirschvogl Angelika Hoche Andrea Hochmann Werner Hocke

Martina Höfner Josef Höglinger Michaela Högn Christian Hölzl Elisabeth Hörler Ingeborg Hörmaier

Sabine Hörmann Claudia Hofbauer Doris Hofbauer Franz Hofbauer Eva Hofer Irmgard Hofer

Michael Hofer Ulrike Hofer Gernot Hoffelner Birgit Hoffmann Martha Hoffmann Anna Hofmann

Stefan Hofmann Wolfgang Hofstetter Gerda Hofstötter Sandra Hogl Karin Hohenegger Astrid

Hollstein Sonja Holubar Josef Holzer Rosita Hons Ingrid Hoppel Gabriela Horak Helene Horak

Robert Horak Manfred Horer Susanne Horvath Karin Houszka Petra Hradil Claudia Hrobacz

Wolfgang Hrobar Erika Hrusa Christian Hubeny Andrea Huber Anneliese Huber Sabine Huber

Manuela Hübner Ferdinand Hütter Erich Hüttmair Katharina Huger Sabine Hurter Christian Huss

Johann Immervoll Markus Indrak Karl Infanger Sonja Ivanovsky-Schönborn Helmut Jaklitsch

Renate Jaksch Elke Jandrisevits Johann Janecek Doris Janitsch Ernst Janosik Christian Jenkner

Dorota Jopkiewicz Wolfgang Jordan Mirjana Jovicic Gabriele Jung Jürgen Jungmayer Martina Kadletz

Engelbert Kagerer Gerlinde Kainz Kathrin Kaipel Hermann Kalenda Anita Kaliska Gabriele Kalt

Martina Kaltenecker Harald Kamellander Petra Kamellander Willfried Kantner Stefan Kapfer

Andrea Karall Josef Kargl Katharina Karl Peter Karlik Thomas Karlik Franz Kattner Helmut Katzler

Silvia Kauder Michael Kdolsky Markus Kehle Alfred Kellner Harald Kern Gertrude

Kerschbaumer Ursula Keusch Wolfgang Kier Claudia Kieslinger Sabine Kindermann Rudolf

Kirchmayer Andreas Kirnbauer Gerhard Kitzinger Rene Klaghofer Christian Klamert Doris Klauhs

Gunter Klaus Herbert Kleedorfer Doris Kleinert Marcus Klinger Eva-Maria Klug Karl Knechtl Mia

Knehs Michael Köhl Stefanie Köhler Stephan Kölbl Manfred Köllner Andreas Körbl Karina Kogler

Daniela Kohl Manfred Kohl Angelika Koisser Danica Kokanovic Gabriele Kolar Brigitta Koller

Michaela Koller Daniela Kollmann Brigitte Kopacek Maria Kornfeld Christof Kornhäusl Monika

Korntheil Martina Korunka Georg Kraft-Kinz Gerda Krajnik Franz Kral Ingrid Kramesberger

Andrea Krammer Christoph Krammer Erwin Krammer Günter Krammer Hildegard Kraus Karin

Kraus Karin Krauss Anita Krc Josef Kreidenitsch Wolfgang Krejci Veronika Kremlicka Ida Kreuzer

Karin Kreuzmann Otto Kriftner Ingrid Krischan Bernhard Krischke Renate Krischke Rudolf Krispel

Thomas Kriz Manuela Krombholz Johann Kromes Ingeborg Kronberger Karin Kropik Pia Krouzek

Susanne Krukenfellner Ulrike Kubec-Slapota Harald Kudjelka Wolfgang Kuhnert Susanne Kulovits

Andreas Kunagl Eveline Kurta Gerald Kurzmann Gabriel-Peter Kux Alexander Lackner Monika

Lager Alexandra Lang Christian Lang Christoph Lang Elfriede Lang Maria Lang Nikolaus Langer

Gabriele Lanner Carina Laritz Ulrike Lasar Christa Lassner Marion Lassmann Maria Lauer

Sabrina Laya-Laufersweiler Sandra Lehner Peter Lehner-Jettmar Wolfgang Lehofer Erich Leidnix

Daniela Leiner Harald Leist Christina Leithner Brigitta Leitner Johann Leitner Karin Lenarcic

Patricia Lichowski Sylvia Liebhard Thomas Liebscher Lilian Lielacher Marion Lindbichler Barbara

Litschka Franziska Lochner Peter Löscher Andreas Loidolt Gerlinde Lorenz Walter Losos Erich

Loydl Eduard Ludik Thomas Lutz Bernadette Lutzmayer Andrea Machan Adele Magritsch

Elfriede Mahn Monika Mahr-Reck Wilhelm Maimer Andreas Maleschek Erich Malzer Monika

Mang Josef Mantler Doris Manzenreiter Christina Marenich Gabriela Marhold Kurt Markl Gerhard

Marschall Daniela Marvan Martina Matuschek Petra Mayer Tanja Mayer Brigitte Mayerweck

Astrid Meinecke Martina Meltsch Manfred Meraner Sabine Mercsanits Heidemarie Merta Eva

Messetler Karin Mestan Christian Meyer Katrin Meyer Stefan Mezera Harald Michlits Franz Mickl

Marion Milkovits Silvia Milla Erhard Mock Christian Mock Britta Möller Karl Mosgöller Maria

Motzko Eva-Maria Mühl Evelyn Mühler Elisabeth Müller Gerald Müller Heidrun Müller Heinz

Müller Martina Müller Annemarie Müller-Nowak Thomas Müller-Tröster Maria Murnberger Franz

Muskovich Maria Musso Barbara Mycinski Gernot Nagl Judith Nagl Gerald Naglmeier Adel

Narath Waltraud Nawratil Barbara Nebily Johann Nebily Brigitte Nemec Christian Nemeth Gisela

Nemeth Karin Neubauer Werner Neubauer Brigitta Neuberger Christa Neudorfer Peter

Neundlinger Susanna Newet Guido Nicolussi-Moretto Jürgen Niedermayr Heidemarie Niefergall

Nicole Nikitscher Birgit Niziolek Christoph Nöbauer Eva Maria Novak Peter Novak Gerhard

Novotny Richard Novotny Christiana Nowotny Gabriella O'sullivan Nicole Obenaus Richard

Oberdorfer Werner Öllerer Werner Öllerer jun. Gerhard Österreicher Karin Oesterreicher Helmuth

Ofenmüller Christian Ohswald Josef Oppenauer Peter Paces Bärbel Pachinger Alexandra Paclt

Birgit Palasser Elvira Pamperl Doris Panzenböck Regine Papst-Tastel Franziska Partinger Gerhard

Paul Martina Pavlicek Wolfgang Pelech Judith Penold Birgit Peroutka Renate Pfannhauser Eva

Pfeffer Heinz Pfeffer Karin Pfeiffer Peter Pfingstgräf Udo Philippitsch Rosanna Pichlbauer Gabriele

Pichler Axel Pichler Josef Piewald Christian Pillwein Bernhard Pils Heidemarie Plachwitz Maria

Plessl Margit Pöll Alexander Pöstinger Silvia Pokan Claudia Pokorny Klaus Jürgen Polster Erich

Ponstingl Sandra Popp Olivia Prader Marion Prechtl Gabriele Preiskorn Eveline Priessnitz Maria

Prinz Ferdinand Prirsch Renate Prochazka Peter Pröglhöf Sabine Pröglhöf Manfred Pronhagl

Gabriele Proske Reinhard Pühringer Peter Püspök Gerhard Punz Sandra Pusam Petra Rabl

Herbert Radl Sabine Rajkovacz Peter Ramsauer Gerhard Ransmayr Hans Rapatz Petra Rappan



66 Employees

Dagmar Raschbauer Christian Rausch Michael Rea Dorothea Redl Sigrid Regner Gerhard Rehor

Barbara Reichart Manfred Reismüller Michael Reitenbach Monika Reithofer Christian Remsberger

Isolde Renk Jeaninne Renner Margit Rernböck Anton Resch Gertraud Retzer Eduard Richtar

Gerhard Riedel Claudia Riedl Reinhard Rilke Christine Ringhofer Markus Ritter Helene Rittler

Marcus Julian Robor Dieter Roch Dieter Rötzer Astrid Rohacek Marietta Rosner Peter Rothbauer

Irmgard Rovina Pierre Rupp Sabine Rupp Wolfgang Russegger Gerhard Sabathiel Thomas Sabor

Andreas Sacher Andrea Sagmeister Daniela Sailer Maria Sailer Peter Sajovitz Wolfgang Salenka

Margareta Sandmair Romana Sarklet Kerstin Schabbauer Roman Schabschneider Karin Schadl

Erich Schäfer Anita Schall Marion Schaller Karl Schallmayer Mario Schandl Susanne Schatz

Gerhard Schauer Kurt Schausberger Karin Scheer Matthias Scheiber Martin Scheichenberger

Wolfgang Schenk Markus Schikowitz Klaus Michael Schilhan Alexander Schiller Roland Schiller

Peter Schindler Elisabeth Schiruk Roman Schlosser Inge Schmid Johannes Schmid Manfred

Schmid Sonja Schmidl Friedrich Schmidt Rene Schmiedel Andrea Schmutz Johann Schnakl

Alexander Schneider Renate Schneider Elisabeth Schnizer Sibylle Schober Harald Schoder

Hubert Schöbinger Peter Schöfmann Günter Schönberger Monika Schöpfer Martin Scholz Philipp

Schräfl Wolfgang Schraik Martina Schramm Friedrich Schreder Hans Schreiner Erich Schrenk

Philipp Schröfl Franz Schubert Andrea Schuh Margit Schuh Ulrike Schulz Friedrich Schurad

Barbara Schuster Edeltraud Schuster Sabine Schwab-Bigler Reinhard Schwaiger Nina Schwarz

Peter Schwarz Ulrike Schwarz Dagmar Schweinhammer Martina Schweitzer Josef Sebesta

Stefan Sebesta Elisabeth Segall Martina Sehorz Ursula Seibold Eva Maria Seidl Gerold Seidl

Marieluise Seidl-Ehrenhöfer Sonja Seifner Werner Serles Sabine Siebert Gabriela Sieder

Sabine Siegel Petra Sieghardt-Schmidt Barbara Siegl Eva Silberbauer Manuel Silbernagel

Elfriede Singh Albert Sinkovits Patricia Skoumal Petra Slavik Herbert Smitha Sonja Smutny Sonja

Sonai Barbara Span Martina Spanring Michaela Spiegel Jutta Spitt-Rezac Brigitte Sporrer

Sascha Stadnikow Gertrude Stangl Wolfgang Starkl Gabriela Stary Michael Stegmüller Günter

Steibl Petra Steiner Barbara Steininger Georg Stepan Erwin Steurer Stefan Stiasny Heinz Stiastny

Elisabeth Stocker Robert Stocker Eva Stöffl Manuela Stöger Maria Stöger Verena Storm Friedrich

Straka Angela Stransky Walter Stranzl Josef Strassnig Wolfgang Strau Isabell Strolz Wolfgang

Strondl Franz Stummer Günther Stusak Franz Supper Brigitte Svaton Hans Sykora Manfred

Szakusits Josefa Szeidel Hippolyt Szekely Walter Szloboda Jasmin Szvetits Roman Tanzer

Eva Tatschl Gabriele Taubitz Johann Thaler Heidemarie Thomann Rosa Thurner Günther Töpfl

Andreas Toifl Martina Toifl Lucia Tomaschek Daniela Tomes Anton Tragschitz Gabriele Trapel

Petra Traschler Wolfgang Trautmann Andrea Trcka Franz Trettler Ingeborg Triembacher

Alexandra Tröster Gottfried Tröstl Johann Tröthann Helene Trost Daniela Trunner Andrea

Tscherkassky Bernhard Tschrepitsch Sabrina Tuchny Herbert Tuider Ulrike Turek Michael Tutsch

Christoph Uher Ulrike Uhl Erich Ullram Friedrich Harald Urbanek Michaela Urbanits Andreas

Urbanitsch Sabin Valentin-Schilling Susanne Vandrovec Robert Vartok Michael Vasilico Thomas

Vavrousek Enrico Veith Georg Veits Peter Veres Claudia Vesely Christine Vock Christina Vogt

Elisabeth Vogt Monika Voithofer Karin Vorpahl Rudolf Votypka Anastasios Voulgaris Christian

Vsetecka Evelin Wachlowski Sibylla Wachsler Robert Wagner Florian Wagner Martin Wagner

Susanna Wailzer Christian Wais Christa Waitz Peter Wanieczek Andreas Weber Bettina

Wechselberger Bettina Wecko Annette Weger Thomas Weger Elisa Wegl Barbara Wegscheider

Claudia Wehofsky Gerhard Weidinger Sabine Weihrauch Thomas Weimann Gabriele Weinmann

Edith Weinmayr Beatrix Weiser Brigitte Weiss Lothar Weiss Sylvia Weiss Rainer Weiss

Norbert Wendelin Harald Wenger Helmut Wenisch Franz Wentseis Martin Werdenich Erwin

Wesel Lieselotte Wessely Elisabeth Wiesinger Sabine Wiesler Klaus Wild Doris Willert

Ernst Windhör Wolfgang Windisch Jutta Winkelhofer Philipp Winkler Helene Winter Helmut

Winter Maria Winter Michael Wirsta Martina Wiskocil Michael Withalm Brigitte Witschel

Ulrike Witting Petra Wöhry Leo Wokrinek Eva-Maria Wolf Bernhard Wolfram Markus Wollner

Wolfgang Wollner Irene Wonisch Matthias Writze Marianne Wurzinger-Salazar Sandra Wutte

Hui-Wen Yeh Christian Zach Gerhard Zachl Andreas Zainzinger Margit Zakoucz Michaela

Zangerl Carmen Zechmeister Christine Zederbauer Günther Zehetbauer Gerlinde Zeininger

Sonja Zeitlinger-Krcmar Sabine Zieger Gerhard Zieger Hubert Zimmermann Sabine Zinke

Josefine Zlabinger Alfred Zupancic Hildegund Zwander Angelika Zweckmayr

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