586 Harley Charters.

[1019] 111 B 20 (continued).


in B 21.

[1021] 111 B 22.

Hay then steward of the priory, and Geoffrey (Galfrido)

ap Howell bailiff, Milo 1'Anton, David, lorwerth (?),

Lewelin, Walter et aliis ; Monday after the feast of St.

James the apostle [25 July], 10 Ric. II [1387]. Latin.

Much discoloured. Two seals, one abbatial.

Saint Kaleth [?Celydd] is not mentioned in Miss Gwenllian


Sanctuaries (Arch.

Morgan's excellent paper on " Forgotten

Camb., 6th Sen, iii, 205), but the Rev. J. Fisher (ib. 345), quoting

Achau'r Saint, gives one of Brychan's sons as Valath.

Release by William ap Gwilym ap D'd alias William

Wreych to Howel ap John ap Howel ap Madoc of a

parcel of land late of Trahaiarn ap Howel vychan in

the parish of Maynor Weyno and fee of Penkelly under

Thomas ap John ap Howel ap Madoc, lying in breadth

between the lands of John ap Rice ap Gwilym and

those late of Ll'n ap Howel ap leuan, and in breadth

from the rivulet called Taffe vaur to the place called

ap leuan lia,

David Clauthe Howell. Witnesses :

Thomas William, Walter ap Ric[e or Richard] ;

27 Sept., 17 Hen. VIII [1525]. Latin. Seal broken.

In the list of Plwyfau Cymru in the Myvyrian Archaiology

(ed. Gee, 740), under Swydd Vrycheiniog (Cwmwd Tir yr Hawlf, Tir

Rawlf, Ralph de Toni) occurs the parish of Maenor Wyno.

Edward Williams (lolo Morganwg), from whose transcript the

Myvyrian list was printed, being unable to make up the total

number of Breconshire parishes, suggested that the parish of

Vaenor was one of the omissions. But the early name of what

became the parish of Vaenor was Maenor Weyno. See 1 1 1 B 29


Grant in fee simple by John ap Gwilym Gwyn to ...

Hopkyn of six and a-half parcels of land in the parish

of Ystrad vellte in the lordship of Brecon :

The first parcel called Tir Adam lying in breadth between the

lands late of William ap Res ap Gwilym and those of Jankyn

Havard, and in length from the rivulet called Mellte to park y

Dero ; the second called Tyr yr Ynsaeth lying in breadth between

the rivulet called Mellte and e Meyn [Y Maen] Yren, and in

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