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ROPA euro-Panther Technische Daten A4.indd - ROPA Fahrzeug

Superior class.



Technical data ROPA euro-Panther


Mercedes Benz diesel engine OM471LA 6-cylinder linear engine, exhaust norm 4

(with SCR catalyst and AdBlue), 390 kw (530 HP), 12.8 l cubic capacity, max. torque

2,450 Nm, operating speed 1,250 1/min fully electronic up to max 1,650 1/min, fuel

consumption display l/ha and l/h at the terminal.


First gear: 0-15 km/h operating speed, second gear: 0-32 km/h. Completely new

drive train construction with two braked front hubs and new axles with 4 planetary

wheels, straight guide Cardan shafts, without ancillary drive gear for very high

torque to the larger wheels.

Tyres: First axle 800/70 R 38, second axle 900/60 R 38, large wheel diameter of

2050 mm, extremely soil protective and flexible Michelin tyres of ultra-flex technology,

only 2 bar air pressure at full tank load, large surface area offers high operational

safety even under wet conditions or on sloping ground.

Slope adjustment: Bi-lateral self-levelling up to 5 degrees through 4 hydraulic

cylinders, the incline adjustment is automatically regulated by an electronic measuring


Cooling system: Parallel arrangement of cooling elements for loading air and

water, dirt resistant positioning of the coolers at rear top surface. Two hydrostatically

propelled, temperature-sensitive controlled and automatically reversible fans.

Hydraulics: Pump distributor drive with pressurized air lubrication, Bosch-Rexroth

propulsion with 280 ccm drive pump, generous capacity operational load sensing

hydraulics from Bosch-Rexroth.

Cabin: New cabin positioning, sound-proof and tinted all-round glazing with lowline

vision, heating and ventilating system (automatic air-conditioning), control

console with colour terminal, joystick operation, autopilot, cruise control, engine

control/engine diagnosis fully integrated in the terminal, air-sprung, Grammer comfort

seat, MP3 radio with audio system, base console for telephone, whole screen

wipers, 2 LED-internal lights, video-monitor with standard reversing camera, crop

volume assessment by ultra-sound measuring of tank loading.

Tank capacity: ca. 20 to / 28 m³

Topping unit:

PISh - integral flail unit with leaf spreading between beet rows, 2 sensor wheels

PASh - Allrounder flail unit, push-button operation from driving seat,

changeable leaf topping alternating between integral system or leaf ejection

to the left, 2 sensor wheels

PBSWh - flail unit with leaf topping to the left, leaf auger and 2 sensor wheels

PBSOh - flail unit with leaf ejection to the left, leaf auger and 4 sensor wheels


Lifting Unit:

PRh – 6-row lifting unit, 45 cm, 50 cm or variable, with hydraulic stone protection,

900 mm sensor wheels and adjustable conical roller bearing in oscillating share

and in lifting unit drives, flail unit positioning enables raising for maintenance

by 90 degrees for optimum control and service of flails, scalping knife and lifting

shares, distance between fourth and fifth lifting rollers variably adjustable, excellent

overview of lifting unit and topper without additional camera.

Cleaning: 800 mm wide in-feed web, 50 mm or 60 mm pitch, first turbine 1,700

mm diameter, second and third turbines 1,500 mm diameter, elevator 900 mm wide,

gate guide rail height of turbines is independently adjustable, segment replacement

of guide rails by pigtail tines is possible.

Electrics / eletronics:

Integrated net 24 volt, 1 light unit of 150 amps, 32 super-beam operating lights, 2 x

12 volt sockets for radio or telecom etc., CAN-BUS computer system with integrated

diagnosis of all components connected to the terminal, software update per USB

interface possible.

Loading Conveyor:

Triple-fold conveyor for even simpler docking at 10 m clamps.

Collecting finger cleats of 150 mm length for high performance and short unloading

times, unloading width 1.400 mm for still easier loading on trailers, fast tank emptying

in less than one minute as longitudinal cross-conveyers propel downwards to

the loading conveyer.

Loading height: up to 4,00 m

Crop assessment:

2 ultra-sound sensors measure the tank content, full tanks (and partly loaded tanks)

are added up and automatically recorded in the data bank.


Length: 13,40 m

Height: 4,00 m (transport mode)

Width: 3,00 m (6-rows at 45 cm width), 3,30 m (6-rows at 50 cm width and

45-50 cm variable

Turning circle: 6,50 m inner diameter

Fuel tank: 1050 l diesel, 130 l Ad Blue


Central lubrication chamber, lubricant control at terminal, fuel consumption measurement,

air-conditioning, integrated storage lockers at rear.


Widia shares, 32 km/h version, turbine camera, unloading conveyer camera, 2

LCD colour monitors, oscillating share speed gear, sprung tin grates in turbine 1-3,

agitator in turbine 2, leaf auger in stone protection model, fourth axle (compulsory

in Germany), xenon beams, data printer, USB data read-out, USB data input and

read-out with job processing, GIS interface, GPS speed sensor, leaf collection

system, (only for flail units with leaf auger), bio-hydraulic oil, critical level indicator

of diesel tank.

Tested by TÜV and co-operative association, conforming with CE-regulation. Subject to technical alterations. Warning! To improve the quality of the graphic displays some safety fittings have been removed. The machine must not be operated without these protective devices in place!

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