The Crowdfunding Handbook


The Crowdfunding Handbook


Congratulations on starting your crowdfunding project!

Firstly, you should know that about half of all crowdfunding projects fail*.

However, some projects are destined to succeed. The creators of these projects

know that their project page is a platform from which to launch their fundraising

campaign, and not a magic pill that means instant success.

This book is a guide to maximise your chances of success. There are four key

tips to follow during your project:

1. Build your tribe

2. Get excited

3. Ask for what you want (personally)

4. Say thank you

Each section of this book aims to make following each of these tips as straight-

forward as possible.

Good luck!

Duncan Knox

Co-founder of Sponsorcraft


*Sponsorcraft has a project success rate of 67% and Kickstarter has a success rate of 44%.

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