Elizabeth Stewart - University of Aberdeen


Elizabeth Stewart - University of Aberdeen

563 pages 247 175mm softback ISBN 0-9545682-0-6

A double CD of songs, ballads, and tunes

Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth Stewart, from Mintlaw, is one of Scotland’s foremost

ballad singers, who learnt her art from her family, especially

her aunt, Lucy Stewart (1901-1982). She is a member of the

Fetterangus Stewarts, a family steeped in the oral traditions

of the Travelling People. Elizabeth is a gifted player of Scottish

traditional music on the piano and, like her mother, Jean, played

in a country-dance band. This double CD features twenty-seven

of her finest songs and ballads, plus four delightful sets of tunes.

24 High Street. Aberdeen AB24 3EB

+44 (0) 1224 272996


Produced by Alison McMorland

Traveller Traditions of North-East Scotland No. 1 EICD002


1 Binnorrie 6:11

2 I’m a Good Looking Widow 3:07

3 Jimmie Foyers 7:21

4 Hish-ee-ba 3:37

5 The Coast o Spain 4:39

6 Little Ball o Yarn 2:25

7 The Gypsy Laddies 7:53

8 Up Among the Heather 2:43

9 Come A’ Ye Fisher Lassies 2:15

10 Piano Tunes:

Auld Betty’s Cairty

Jean Stewart’s Tunes

Big Hamish 3:37

11 The Laird o the Dainty Doonby 3:21

12 Two Pretty Boys 4:13

13 Hey Donal, Ho Donal 2:47

14 I Aince Hid a Lass 6:09

15 Plooman Laddies 2:37

16 Piano Tunes:

The Maid o the Ugie

McKenzie Hay

The Barren Rocks o Aden 4:35


1 The Butcher’s Boy 5:33

2 The Yowie wi the Crookit Horn 3:11

3 I’m a Big Strong Strapping

Young Hizzy 2:37

4 Lord Gordon’s Bonnie Boys 6:05

5 Peer Wee Jockie Clark 3:45

6 The Foreign Sailor 5:25

7 The Russian Jew 2:55

8 The Gallant Rangers 4:53

9 Piano Tunes:

Robert Stewart’s Farewell

to Holland

The Queen o the Dukker

The Cameron Highlanders 3:57

10 The Cruel Mother 5:35

11 Up Yon Wide and Lonely Glen 4:41

12 The Jolly Beggar 3:45

13 Sailin, Sailin 3:55

14 The Wee Toon Clerk 4:09

15 Piano Tunes:

The Hielan Wedding

The Laird o Drumblair

The Blue Bells o Scotland 6:33

Total running time 67:56

Total running time 68:27

Elizabeth Stewart Stewart

24 High Street. Aberdeen AB24 3EB


Elizabeth Stewart

Produced by Alison McMorland

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