FY 10-11 Annual Report - Califa


FY 10-11 Annual Report - Califa

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executive director’s ramblings

2010/11 was another successful year for Califa. We

continued to offer members products and services they

needed and wanted at the best price, and we were able to

add some new and exciting products to our portfolio

including the 3M Cloud Library eBook service, and the new

eAudio service from Recorded Books.

We will continue to focus on the horizon and offer products

libraries need to continue meeting the ever increasing

demands of their communities.

On September 1 we held our third vendor fair and it was

again a huge success. Twenty vendors and 96 participants

were there and the vendor sessions were well attended. The

ebooks in the “cloud” packed the rooms. Both 3M and Baker

and Taylor had new products that offered greater ease of use

to patrons. The ebook landscape is constantly changing and

announcements of changes seem to come daily. Just this week

Amazon entered the fray. Califa is partnering with 2 of its

member libraries Glendale and Pasadena to beta test the new

3M Cloud. Heather and I have discussed moving the vendor

fair to a larger venue because Santa Clara University is too

small to increase the size, but she assures me that some of

the success rests on the size. We would be better served to

have a second vendor fair at a similar sized site in Southern

California. As an aside we had 4 participants come to Santa

Clara from Southern California, and several librarians told us

that our third vendor fair was the best one yet.

The second EDGY LIBRARIAN online web conference

was held in January. We partnered with Infopeople who

hosted all the sessions via Webex and monitored twitter for

questions and discussions. Sarah Houghton –Jan gave the

keynote address followed by four 45 minute sessions on

SMS/chat reference, the consumer ebook market, which has

changed a lot since then, an open source update with libraries

who have gone live with Koha and finally, a report from

Rancho Cucamonga on 2 exciting projects Local History 2.0

and Play and Learn Islands. The program stated at 10:00 am

and ended at 3:00 pm. Participants never had to leave their

desks, and could determine their own breaks. There will

definitely be a third EDGY LIBRARIAN conference. The

EDGY LIBRARIAN is a reflection of our commitment to

introduce our members to new and edgy technologies.

In March Califa and SCLC combined their considerable

talents and answered an RFP from CLA to manage the

association. On June 1 we assumed the responsibility. I

would like to say it has been easy and problem free, but it is

more like a crisis a day. However challenging it is fun and

both organizations have had their creativity and ingenuity

tested. They must like us though because the Board decided

to negotiate a two year extension of our original seven

month contract. As usual Califa will have a booth at

conference and for the second year Heather will mastermind

the vendor scavenger hunt. This year we will also be

sponsoring the Awards presentations.

From the beginning the vision of Califa was to be a virtual

organization and have a small, flexible and dedicated staff.

If nothing else we have accomplished that. Heather is the

driver that makes it all run and Wayne is there to handle

details and organize work processes while Alan makes sure

we pay the bills and more importantly make sure Califa

receives payments from members and vendors. Our backup

contractors from Peninsula Library System provide the

structure and are an integral part of the Califa family. Put

that together with a supportive board and again the sum is

greater than parts of the whole.

Linda Crowe

Executive Director


The Califa Project is supported in part by the U.S. Institute of Museum

and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and

Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian.

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2010-2011

July 1st, 2010 –June 30th, 2011

The Califa Group:

Powered by California Libraries

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to maximize your library’s available dollars ……to purchase the best products and services at the best

price……to share best practices….Consider Califa First. Califa like our namesake, the legendary Queen

of California, provides strong, responsive, statewide services.


Califa provides cost effective delivery

of services, programs, and products

through a membership network

of California libraries.

vital statistics


Public Libraries = 157

Academic Libraries = 41

Special Libraries = 12

School Libraries = 6

System Offices = 15

Total Libraries = 231

budget summary

Sources of revenue = Memberships, LSTA Grant, State

Funds, Income from vendors.


FY July 2010 through June 2011

Total revenue.........................................$6,102,391.00

Total expenditures...............................$6,261,842.00

Fund balance.........................................$966,472.00

Membership Fees ................................$58,550.00

Vendor Income .....................................$145,073.00

Grants ......................................................$2,615,070.00

Interest Income....................................$10,501.00


2010-2011 ............................................$4,200,445.44

programs and services



Last year we reported on year one of

the project and the second year was

even more successful than envisioned.

In year two we created pilot programs

in the three systems that are partners

in the MOU that created the project.

In SCLC Arcadia went live with a Koha

installation; in PLP Los Gatos, San

Benito County and Harrison Library

(Carmel ) also migrated to Koha. In

North Net Plumas, Del Norte and

Trinity Counties developed a single

hosted solution capable of expansion to

additional libraries and in fact Siskiyou

County has also joined this group.

All of these libraries are hosted by Bywater

Solutions and have significantly

reduced annual operating costs. For

example: Arcadia’s annual ILS costs

were reduced from $33,116 (support

and maintenance) to $7700 (support,

hosting and maintenance); Plumas

County, part of the shared single

hosted system went from $10,938

(support and maintenance) to $3000

(support hosting and maintenance).

As the projects continue to work on

developing resources best practices

will be chronicled and become part of

a Migration Toolkit that will be used

to assist other libraries with migration

and training.

Funds have been allocated to Open Source

for year 3 and since we have not yet

migrated to a consortium we hope to

pilot an existing consortium to Evergreen.



This project, usually referred to as

LHDRP addresses the information

needs of the community with a “solution

in a box “ that provides them

with the means to digitize their historical

materials and make them

accessible to schools through the CDL

Calisphere website, and to continue

their local digitization activities in a

cost effective manner. Califa participates

in the general administration

and provides the digitalizing control

tool CONTENT dm and manages

the imaging process services for the

individual libraries. A website was

developed to list all the projects

activities and documents on the Califa

website: http://wwwcalifa.org/lhdrp.php.

Since the project began in 2001, over

90 libraries have participated with

upwards of 20,000 digital images

shared through Calisphere.

Califa also partners

with the California State

Library on other statewide

programs. They include:

• California of the Past Digital

Storytelling Program

• WorldCat CalCat

• Making a Difference with the

California Council for the


• Gates Opportunity Online

Broadband Grant Program


2010/11 BOARD OF


The Califa Board of Directors is

representative of the type of libraries

that Califa serves and the geography

of the State.

Raj Ali, Arroyo Valley High School,

San Bernardino

Stephanie Beverage, Huntington Beach

Public Library, Huntington Beach

Geri Bodeker, Palo Alto Medical

Foundation, Palo Alto

Rick Burke, Statewide California

Electronic Library Consortium

(SCELC), Los Angeles

David Dodd, San Rafael Public

Library, San Rafael

Rosario Garza, Southern California

Library Cooperative (SCLC), Monrovia

Katherine Gould, Vice President;

Palos Verdes Library District, Rolling

Hills Estates

Danis Kreimeier, Napa City-County

Library, Napa

Lisa Moske, President;

California State University, Long Beach

Rivkah Sass, Sacramento Public

Library, Sacramento

Isabel Stirling, University of California,


Maryruth Storer, Orange County Public

Law Library, Santa Ana

FAST CALIFA FACT: In 2010-2011, we helped our members save over $4.2 million dollars.

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