June 2011 Newsletter - Glenwood Springs High School


June 2011 Newsletter - Glenwood Springs High School


Glenwood Springs High School

June Newsletter, 2011

Principal’s Piece

I am delighted to report that our graduating seniors have been awarded almost

$1.5 million in scholarships. In the pages of this last bulletin of the 2010-2011

academic year you will gain further insight- if insight were needed- into why

our students are so successful. In all the fields of endeavor our students are at

the top, whether academic, sports, or otherwise. That is why colleges are

delighted to offer them scholarships.

I wish you a happy summer to enjoy your splendid children. I look forward to

the new year and I anticipate further great accomplishments.


Paul Freeman

The Graduating Class of 2011


Page 1...Principal’s


Page 2...Music


Page 3...Mock Trial

Page 4...Art News

Page 4...August

Dates to

Remember from

the Counselors.

Page 5...Colorado

High School Press



Page 6...Denver

Museum of Nature

& Science Teen

Science Scholars

Program Winner:

Clara Miller.

Page 7...Exhange

Student Host


Page 7...Great -

West Great-

Teacher Grant.

Page 8...Audition

opportunity for the

rock opera, “Rent.”

Page 9...Glenwood

Girls take the Gold

in relays!

Page 1



Congratulations once again

to the following musicians:

The GSHS Jazz Band

earned a “1” (highest score)

at the Greeley Jazz Fest on

April 29th. Walter and Pablo

Gorra received the

Outstanding Soloist Award

and Carter Colia received the

2011 University of Colorado,

Boulder Outstanding

Musician Award.

The Jazz Band earned the

title of Best High School

Band at Battle of the Bands

in Carbondale at Sopris Park.

Lisa Atkinson won Best


Walter Gorra won Best High

School Performer.

A Vision Quest (Carter Colia,

Sam Robison, Josh Darling,

and Bobby Petts) were

named Best Garage Band.

All were directed by Shanti


Lisa Atkinson,

Best Songwriter.

Pablo Gorra

Trent Johnson (left) and Walter Gorra,

members of the GSHS Jazz Band

(Above left to right) Carter Colia & Sam Robison.

(Below left to right) Josh Darling & Bobby Petts

Page 2




The Glenwood Springs High

School Mock Trial Team


3rd in the Nation!

From the left, Coaches Wes Burke and Charlie

Wilman, Eileen Klomhaus, Joe Ciborowski, Erica

Arensman, Bryan Gonzales (coach), Alex

Pototsky, Isabel Carlson, Hope Whitman, Isaac

Carlson (timekeper), Chuck Bergren-Aragon,

Grace Gamba, Vic Zerbi (coach).

Another competition and another top 10

place for the Glenwood Springs High

School Mock Trialers. On May 6th and

7th, eight GSHS students, with their four

coaches, competed in the National High

School Mock Trial Competition in Phoenix,


The team competed against other teams

from around the country, including a

team from Louisiana, California,

Pennsylvania, and Missouri. After four

rounds the GSHS 8 were undefeated, but

didn't progress to the championship

round because of their point differential.

The team consisted of Isabel Carlson,

Hope Whitman, Joe Ciborowski, Alex

Pototsky, Christian Bergren-Aragon,

Eileen Klomhaus, Erica Arensman, and

Grace Gamba.

Pototsky took home the best witness

award, while Bergren-Aragon claimed the

best attorney award. It was discovered

after the tournament that Glenwood High

School had the number-one-ranked

hardest strength of schedule. This means

that each time the GSHS Mock Trial

advanced, they were pitted against a

number one team and they outscored

them! In the end, with the scores tallied,

the GSHS Mock Trial Team placed 3rd IN


submitted by:

Christian Bergren-Aragon


Mock Trial!

Page 3



For a couple of years I have been

encouraging Summer Trent in her

aptitude for wildlife art. Last year she

took 2nd place in her age group at the

state level in the Junior Federal Duck

Stamp Competition. That is a

conservation initiative wherein hunters

buy a stamp which is affixed to a

hunting license that allows the hunting

of various waterfowl. The proceeds are

used to establish habitat for those


This year she was awarded an honorable

mention for her submission and has

been invited to an awards ceremony in

Denver. The competition has gotten

tougher and she achieved this

distinction out of a field of over 800

entrants. I believe that she has what it

takes to succeed as a professional

artist, particularly in this genre.

submitted by Jack Niswanger

Future Dates to put on your calendar from the Counselors......

Here are a few dates about happenings at the start of the next school year, 2011-2012. This will also be

included in the early August mailing of 2011-12 schedules:

Friday, August 19th - Freshmen Orientation, 9:00 to 11:00 in the Jeanne Miller Theater.

Monday, August 22nd - Senior schedule changes from 8:00 to 12:00; enroll new seniors from 1:00 to 4:00.

Tuesday, August 23rd - Junior schedule changes from 8:00 to 12:00; enroll new juniors from 1:00 to 4:00.

Thursday, August 25th - Sophomore schedule changes from 8:00 to 12:00; enroll new sophomores from

1:00 to 4:00.

Friday, August 26th - Freshmen schedule changes from 8:00 to 12:00; enroll new freshmen from 1:00 to


Monday, August 29th- First Day of School.

Summer Trent

Page 4


Colorado High School

Press Association Awards

The Colorado High School Press Association has restructured their awards this year. In the past,

work was submitted to them in June and the results were returned in October. That has changed this

year. Work was submitted in March and we received the results in May.

We are proud to announce that Sam Robison won 3rd Place from CHSPA for his In-Depth News

Coverage on the GSHS “Lipstick Bandit.”

Austen Russell won 3rd Place for his review of the movie “True Grit.”

Both won in the 4A school category, in which schools with similar enrollment compete against each

other. However, GSHS students compete against students in schools that have twice our enrollment. The

fact that we took two third-place awards in the large field of writers is pretty impressive. Congratulations

Sam and Austen!

Austen Russell Sam Robison

submitted by Laura Hardman

Page 5










?((+% 16'(+6(% 165,"#$*% @$,3$#


Be a Host Family

Are you interested in being a Host Family to an Exchange Student from a different Country?

We are looking for a family with or without children, single moms or dads, grandparents, couples in or

around your hometown.

Our exchange students are well-educated, nice, well-rounded and brave 15 – 17 year-old international

students from countries like Germany, Finland, China, Serbia, Turkey, etc. They have decided to broaden

their horizons by spending 5 or 10 months in the United states, attend a U.S. High School and experience

the American way of life with a wonderful host family supporting to make their dream come true.

Each student will bring $250.00 per month for spending money. They will pay for their own expenses at

school such as Athletic fees, lunches, school fees etc. Also, if they choose to go out with friends to movies or

to eat they pay for themselves. You would treat them as your own child. They would do chores, abide by

all of your rules and be a part of your family. They have their own insurance and you will not pay for any

medical expenses out of your pocket should medical services be needed.

Please contact Lee Van Portfliet at 970-618-5448. She will have the profiles and information on each

student and will give you all the information you will need to be a host family to a foreign exchange student.

Our web site is usa@international-experience.net or www.international-experience.net

Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance


is proud to announce that their Great-West Great-Teachers selection committee has

awarded GSHS teacher, Jill Wilson, a $5000 personal financial literacy grant.

Mrs. Wilson is one of 25 award winners. She received the grant because Great-

West believes her students will benefit from the Foundations in Personal Finance

curriculum that she developed. They believe her goal to provide three practical

computer financial simulations will help her students put theory into practice

and better prepare them for similar real-world situations.

With more than a century of experience in providing financial security for

Americans, Great-West is a leading provider of employer-sponsored retirement

savings plans. They also provide annuity and life insurance products for

individuals and businesses, as well as fund management, investment and

advisory services and they are committed to improving personal financial

literacy. Through programs like Great-West Great-Teachers, they help empower

Colorado youth with the financial knowledge for them to to build a successful

future for themselves and their families.

Congratulations Jill and congratulations to your students who will benefit from

this grant!

Jill Wilson

Page 7


Seeking all hungry young singers, dancers, actors looking for the summer production experience of a life-time!

Sat June 18, 3:00pm, Basalt Middle School


ages 14-22

Rent is a Tony Award Winning rock opera. It tells the story of a group of impoverished

young artists and musicians struggling to survive and create in New York's Lower East Side

in the thriving days of Bohemian Alphabet City, under the shadow of HIV/AIDS


Mon-Thurs June 20-23, 1-5pm

Mon-Thurs June 27-30, 1-5pm

Tues-Fri July 5-8, 1-5pm

Tech - July 11-14, 1-6pm

Performances: (Lions Park, Basalt)

July 15, 16, 17 at 7:00pm

July 23 at 7:00pm

July 29 at 7:00pm

Director: Jayne Gottlieb

Music Director: Rachel Aurand

Tuition: (REDUCED FEE!!!)

Workshop Fee $450 (includes show DVD)

**(If also cast in SPELLING BEE, tuition for RENT is only $325)**

($200 non-refundable deposit must be received at the time of auditions)

Please call Jayne at (970) 309-1269 for more info

or email Jayne at gottjayne@gmail.com


Page 8




Glenwood Girls

Take the Gold

in the 4 x 400 Relays with a

time of

3 minutes, 57.74 seconds.

The Glenwood Girls’ Relay Team consisting of Madison

Goodstein, Kristy Moore, Jolie Dubois, and Michaela

Mansfield finished first place and took the Gold at State

Track in the 4 x 400 Relays, beating second place Wheat

Ridge by more than 4 seconds.

“We finished 12th as a team last year and, going in, we

knew we might be in consideration for a team title,”

Glenwood coach Blake Risner said. “We wanted to

improve on last year's performance.”

Not to be denied this year, the girls won their race,

running in this order: Maddi Goodstein ran the opening

leg, then senior Kristy Moore was second, followed by

Jolie Dubois and finally Michaela Mansfield. Way to go,


Michaela Mansfield outdistances the pack on the last leg.

Jolie Dubois

Michaela Mansfield Kristy Moore

Madison Goodstein

Page 9

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