May 2007 - Brickbottom Artists Association

May 2007 - Brickbottom Artists Association

May ‘07

The Brickbottom Artists Association and Community Newsletter

Brickbottom Participating in Somerville

Open Studios 2007

On May 5 th and 6 th from noon to 6pm take a look,

around Somerville, at all of the wonderful art work

produced by the members of the Brickbottom

Artists Association being shown during

Somerville Open Studios. This year there are

almost 30 BAA members participating, around

Somerville, as well as those participating in the

Green Line Connections show, currently on

display in the Brickbottom Gallery.

Brickbottom Artists Building

Wally Gilbert Large, colorful images

P. A. Lamb Expressionistic abstraction

Pauline Lim Weird narrative painting

Joy Street Studios

John Bullitt Deep sounds from planet Earth

Wendy Cleveland Glass and metal jewelry

Michele Fais Abstract light source paintings

Beth Gaertner Flameworked glass jewelry

Matthew Jacobs Flameworked Glass

Julie A. T. McAskill Oil paintings

Riki Moss Paper pulp and encaustic

Mary O'Malley Ink drawings on paper/painting

Anthony Ragucci Paintings, drawings, prints

Marilyn Root Handmade glass jewelry &beads

Kylliki Talp Acrylic paintings

V Van Sant Objects of thought, fun

Margaret Weigel Photography, sculpture, misc.

Vernon Street Studios

Resa Blatman Paintings and works on paper

David Colombo Modern painting & printmaking

Diane Novetsky Acrylic paintings on canvas

Sholeh Regna Sculpture, painting, monotypes

Mad Oyster Studios

Debra Olin Monoprint collage

David Sholl Paintings, drawings and prints

90 Union Square

Zina Dragan Dichroic glass & gems jewelry

285 Washington Street

Ilona Fried Mosaic art, beaded jewelry

500 Medford Street

Dan Maher Stained glass

20 Willoughby Street

Susan Strauss Landscapes, faux finishes

18 Gilman Terrace

S.T. Woolf Sculpture from debris

The Brickbottom Artist Association

(BAA) is dedicated to preserving and

expanding the arts in Somerville and the

greater Boston area. The BAA’s annual

Open Studios, now in its 20 th year, is one of

the oldest in Boston. Year-round, the

Brickbottom Gallery presents thoughtful

and professionally curated art exhibitions

as one of Somerville’s few not-for-profit

contemporary art galleries. BAA fosters a

stable, permanent artist community of

Brickbottom residents and non-resident

members. BAA promotes and supports its

members and their artwork through art

openings, BAA gallery shows, membership

benefits, and other programs. Through

community outreach and involvement, free

lectures, and scholarship awards, the BAA

strives to expand an awareness of the arts

that enriches the Boston community at


For more information, appointments and

images please contact Debra Olin,

Brickbottom Gallery Coordinator, 617-625-

4962, or

Cynthia A. Clark, exhibition curator, 617-


Wi-Fi Hot Spot

Did you know you can connect to the

Internet for free in the Brickbottom

Lobby and Gallery? Well you can! No

need to venture out into the

unpredictable New England weather to

find a hot spot, just go downstairs, log

on, and socialize with your fellow

Brickbottom artists and neighbors.

BAA Committees/Board of Directors

Contact Information


Pier Gustafson,



Sunny Callahan

Art + Schools

T Connie Blaszczyk,


Sunny Callahan,


Peter Cutler,

, Membership and Web Site

L. Gordon,


L. Gordon,

Baguette and Health Insurance Liaison

Julie McAskill,

Open Studios Committee

Riki Moss,


Debra Olin,


Adelaide Smith,

Bylaws Committee

Adelaide Smith,

The Brickbottom Gallery Report

March 30 th through May 6 th


A BAA members’ exhibition in the Brickbottom

Gallery through May 6 with extended gallery hours


will be





May 5 th

and 6 th ,


12:00 to

6:00 pm.



is in conjunction with The Nave Gallery, THE (other

end of the) GREEN LINE - Clarendon Hill

Presbyterian Church, 155 Powderhouse Blvd.,

through May 27 th

Exhibiting Artists: Wendy Cleveland, Susanna

Darling, Gilbert, Lisa Lunskaya Gordon, Pier

Gustafson, Charlotte Kaplan, Pauline Lim, Cyn

Maurice, Riki Moss, Piotr Parda, Polly Pook, Dan

Rocha, David Sholl, Jessica Straus, Bill Turville.

May 17 th through June 23 rd


Off the Beaten Track, curated by Cynthia A. Clark,

There will be an opening reception on Friday, May

18 th from 6:00 to 8:00

pm with an artist talk on

Thursday, June 7 th , at 7:

00 pm.

There are two Italy’s—

the one that Italians

inhabit and the one that

tourists see or imagine.

Interestingly, the same

elements make up

both. This exhibition

seduces the viewer and

invites the traveler to explore the country,

physically and artistically—off the beaten track.




Oversized work or work dealing with scale. Please

contact Debra Olin,,

subject: BIG with dimensions, medium, and 300dpi

jpeg. There is limited room because of size of work,

so respond ASAP. Drop off: Sunday, June 24, 6-8 or

by arrangement. Exhibition Dates: July 12 – Aug. 18,

Opening Reception, Sunday, July 15, 7-9pm.

IMMERSED IN ITALY reveals the artists’

connection to all that Italy is and how they immerse

their art in the ever- changing language and culture

of Italy past and present-- from the Renaissance

techniques of Laura Clerici’s delicate ceramics

and Katrin Grote-Baker’s gorgeous, huge,

swooping cancelleresca calligraphy; from the on

site painting Elliot Paul Rothman employs to

highlight the rich vocabulary of watercolor

landscapes to the pallet work of Marian

Dioguardi’s colorful, extraordinary laundry lines on

the isle of Burano. The exhibit highlights the

timeless “being” in Cynthia A. Clark’s modern

digital photos of the ancient but continuing rural

world of the contadini, and the sense of the

timeless in Susanna Darling’s work. These are

juxtaposed with the ultra-modern but uniquely

Italian jewelry sculptures of Marilla Napoleone,

linked directly to and emerged out of the

goldsmithing trade of Dante’s age. The products of

these artists emerge from IMMERSED IN ITALY,

proposing afresh-old mysteries. All the artists have

all gone “off road” purposely—they have taken the

paths usually ignored, in city and countryside, to

find their subjects and make their art, inviting and

challenging the viewer to imagine or rethink the

Italian experience.

September 4 th through 9 th ,

Prospect Hill Academy exhibition

September 14 th through October 13th,


Reception: Sunday, September 16 th , 4:00 to 6:00

pm. Exhibiting artists: Mario Kon, Marilyn Pappas,

Beverly Sky (curator), and Clara Wainwright.

The Brickbottom Gallery accepts proposals for

group exhibitions on an ongoing basis. Please

contact Debra Olin,

Brickbottom Gallery Coordinator at,

subject: gallery proposals.

The Artist’s Life

"I only write when I'm inspired. And I make sure

I'm inspired every day at 9 a.m." -- [I can't

remember who said this].

What are your work habits? Do you practice

your art every day? Just when the inspiration

hits? Send a message to

with your work habits if you'd like to contribute to

an article. You may remain anonymous if you

desire. For instance, I work every morning at 10

a.m. for about 90 minutes, sometimes more,

sometimes less, but never for several hours at

once, and almost never on weekends. I usually

don't answer the phone at this time. I listen to

books on tape while painting. I used to have a

hands-free telephone and chat with friends while

painting, but the phone broke. If I'm uninspired,

I'll peel my paint knife or clean the threads and

lids on my paint tubes. If I'm sick of painting, I'll

make linoleum-block prints or marbleize paper

that I can use in my paintings later. I figure that

as long as I have my painting clothes and rubber

gloves on, then if the inspiration DOES hit, I'll be

ready and waiting for it.

-Pauline Lim

BAA Membership is Open to All

Being an artist is not a requirement to be a

member of the Brickbottom Artists Association.

We have many things to offer artists as well as

those who are not artists. Forms are available in

the BAA office, the Gallery, the Lobby, the

mailroom, or can be found online at Please mail

completed forms to BAA, 1 Fitchburg St. C-111,

Somerville, MA 02143 or deliver to the BAA office

at C125 (the door next to the community bulletin

board.) Your membership and support is important

to our livelihood and operations. Thanks!

* * * YOUR AD HERE * * *

Would you like to advertise in the

Baguette? The Baguette is selling AD

Space that will be seen by over 250

members of the Brickbottom community

and posted on the web site. Ads can be

either quarter ($25), half ($50) or full page

($100) spots.

If you would like to purchase AD space in

the Baguette or would like more info, email

Julie at, subject:




New Orleans has not fully recovered from the

devastation of Hurricane Katrina and has been

forgotten by most people. Public schools in New

Orleans are seeking donations of art supplies. If

you are participation in Somerville Open Studios

please consider putting out a donation box/tin in

your own studio. If anyone would like to participate

in this mini-fundraiser, please contact Keith

Maddy at to be

supplied with some signage or “wrap-around” for

your donation box.

Keith is dealing directly with the Music & Arts

coordinator of the Recovery School District in New

Orleans, Barbara Schuler. Any funds collected,

will be donated in the form of a GIFT

CERTIFICATE to Sax Arts & Crafts (

which gives RSD 20% off + free shipping. Also, if

anyone would like to donate art materials he will

collect and ship them all together after Open

Studios. What they need most is: tissue paper,

white sulfite drawing paper, acrylics, and craft


By our simple and easy gesture of putting out a

collection box during Open Studios, we can touch

the lives of others through art & creativity.

Who’s Showing Where?

Kevin Van Aelst will be a featured contributor in

the May 6 th issue of the New York Times Style


Gary Fradin, (Insurance for Members) is

delighted to announce that

his new book “Moral

Hazard in American

Healthcare” is now

available from His new

book addresses the main

question that we get every

day - and that affects all

BAA members: Why is my

healthcare so expensive?

According to

the book “traces moral

hazard through various types of health insurance

- indemnity, managed care, health savings

accounts, association health plans and single

payer systems - before considering some recent

market-based controls.”

Phyllis Ewen is one of four artists featured in

Exploring Art & Science at the Great Neck Center

for the Arts, Great Neck NY. The show runs till

May 12th.

Wally Gilbert has a photography show at the

Khaki Gallery in

Wellesley. The

show entitled

“In Color” runs

through May

10 th . Khaki

Gallery is open



Saturday from

10:00 to 6:00pm.

Wally will also be showing 30 photographs from



Project at



Center for


in College



The show runs until November 4 th .

Jenny S.W. Lee will be a

part of Illuminations at

the Avon Center, Wang

ACC, 2nd Floor and

Yawkey Center for

Outpatient Care, Suite 7B

and 7E at the

Massachusetts General

Hospital - Cancer

Center. Her work will be

on display until May 14th

at the Cancer Center Cox

Building located at 55 Fruit

Street Boston.

Riki Moss will be in

the Cambridge


National Prize

Show 2007. It will

be held at the

Kathryn Schultz

Gallery located at

25 Lowell St.

Cambridge MA

02138. The show is


up from May 4


through June 20 , 2007. It is open is on

Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11:00 am to

5:00 pm. There will be a reception on May 10

from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.


Julie McAskill will be part of the Inner Life show

at Gallery 1581 located at 1581 Beacon Street in

Brookline. There will be an opening night

reception on Friday, May 4 th at 7-10pm

Julie will also be a part of “At Home with the

Arts” on May

18 th through

May 20 th , at

The Boston

Home. There

will be a free


open house

on Saturday,

May 20 th from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. The Boston

Home is located at 2049 Dorchester Ave,


Beth Gaertner will be selling her Flameworked

Glass Jewelry at the Coolidge Corner Arts

Festival on June 9 th , from 10:00 to 6:00 pm, on



of the


School at

345 Harvard St in Coolidge Corner.

Beth also has two pieces in a traveling juried

exhibition of glass jewelry that's been organized

by the International Society of Glass

Beadmakers, Metamorphosis: The Life Cycle of

a Glass Bead will be on display at the Heinz

History Center in Pittsburgh, PA, from May 5 th

through July 14 th and then moves to the Evoke

Gallery in St Paul, MN from July 26 th to

September 8 th .

Debra Weisberg is one of Boston’s TEN best

sculptors collaborating in the ART for the

GARDEN show. See how

they aligned in pairs to

collaborate on site-specific

installations, combining a

wide variety of materials

and ideas to create a

magical garden setting.

This exhibit will be open

May 19 th and 20 th , from

10:00 am to 5:00 pm at 45 Thurston Rd, Newton

Upper Falls.

Baguette News Items or Articles

The newsletter for the BAA community is issued

bi-monthly. If you would like to nominate

someone to be the next “Artist of the Month”,

have art related news, an upcoming show, or

would like to submit an article, that you wrote, for

the July issue, please e-mail them by June 28 th

along with any related pictures, to Julie, at, subject: Baguette.

Brickbottom Members at the

Danforth Museum

Congratulations to all of the Brickbottom

members who were accepted into the Danforth

Museum Shows.

One show opens in June, and there is an

opening reception on June 14, 2007 from 6:00 to

8:00pm. Nick Capasso juried this show.

Three fabric collage pieces by Beverly Sky have

been accepted for this exhibit. One piece titled

“Reflections on the Floating World” has received

an Honorable Mention.

Cyn Maurice’s “Beet Series” work was accepted

into the Danforth Museum Show.



had two


accepted into two separate shows at the

Danforth Museum. He received a

commendation for his work. Nick is also the

curator of the DeCordova Museum.

Debra Olin will be participating in “A

Community of Artists”, at the

Danforth Museum from May 31 st

through July 29 th , 2007.

May’s Artist Of The Month - Resa Blatman

Resa Blatman has lived in Somerville for the past

19 years and just this past year

became a member of the Brickbottom

Artists Association

Resa is an oil painter and a

professional graphic designer. She ran

her own studio, Blatman Design, for

10 years before going back to school

for her MFA. She now works as a

freelance graphic designer 2 to 3 days

a week. Resa also has been teaching

graphic design part-time at MassArt

since 1997. The rest of her time, 3 to 4

days a week, Resa spends painting at

her Vernon Street studio.

Resa graduated from Boston University with a

MFA in painting which, to her own surprise, is

when she started to representational objects.

When she first finished art school, she painted

animals, birds, and portraits of humans. Some

years later she moved into abstract painting and

left behind representation, for good, or so she

thought. Her paintings were about fertility, where

she used only fruit and flora -- no humans or

animals. When she finished her master's program

and wasn't under the demands of school, Resa

had time to think about her concepts more deeply.

She wanted to incorporate something that would

represent herself but she didn't want to use the

figure, and so, went back to birds. Resa concluded

this as a natural choice, since birds are a perfect

metaphor for, and have a direct connect to, eggs,

nesting, and the overall cycle of life. She believes

they complement very well, her imagined

landscapes of otherworldly flora.

Resa is pleased to announce the completion of her

most recent painting “Red Hot Peevish Birds” She

also has a solo show coming up in October at

Wheelock College.

* * * YOUR AD HERE * * *

Would you like to advertise in the Baguette?

The Baguette is selling Advertisement Space

that will be seen by over 250 members of the

Brickbottom community and posted on the web

site. Ads can be either quarter ($25), half ($50)

or full page ($100) spots. If you would like to

purchase ad space in the Baguette or would

just like more info, e-mail Julie at, subject: AD.

“Through my paintings, I attempt to show nature at

odds with itself by playing with the contradictions of

emptiness versus

fullness, lush

versus barren,

etc. The berries,

lemons, or tiny

gold dots

represent an

abundance of

embryos or

eggs.” - Resa


Resa’s work can

be seen in

Massachusetts’s galleries, and some of her

paintings are a part of private collections

throughout the United States and in several

countries, including England, Italy, Switzerland,

and South Africa. She is also a Lending Artist to

the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln,

Massachusetts, where thirteen of her paintings are

currently on loan to the museum's corporate

sponsors throughout New England.

Brickbottom Artists Association Board

of Directors Meeting Minutes from

March 21, 2007

Directors In Attendance: Sunny Callahan, Peter Cutler,

Kevin Greeley, Pier Gustafson, Julie McAskill, and

Adelaide Smith

1. Review and Approve Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes were reviewed and approved unanimously

2. Events Update

-ArtBeat -Julie

-Application deadline for this year’s show is 3/31/07

-Participation fee is $100

-BAA participants 10 (max) will be asked to

contribute $10 with BAA contributing any shortfall

toward application fee

-Arts Somerville/Davis Square - Julie

-Will take place over 4 weekends this summer

-Pier requested an official invitation before we

make any decisions about participation

-Other: - Adelaide

-Jim Wright, Arts Preservationist, will speak on April


-Existing policy for use of gallery space is 20% of


-Adelaide has been contacted by the Providence

Poets about reading with Boston musicians in

background here at Brickbottom. She will look into

expectations of the group and report back to the Board.

3. Health Insurance Update

-Gary Fradin wants to present changes to the

state’s health insurance regulations to the BAA in June

before the changes take effect in July.

-Adelaide will be in touch with Julie about available

June dates.

4. Secretary’s Items

-Leslie University has requested from the BAA a

letter of support for a new arts building they are

planning in Cambridge. Julie will contact a friend at the

Art Institute of Boston (AIB), to see if they support the

new building. She will take care of writing the letter of

support if AIB is in favor of the building.

Follow-up: Julie did check with a faculty member at the

AIB and hey are overwhelmingly supportive of the new

facility. She will write the letter of support.

-Peter agreed to follow up on an email sent by

NLT Foundation for Visual Arts Projects regarding

visual arts grants.

-VLA is organizing seminars educating artists

and galleries of new obligations required under the

new 104(A). Sunny agreed to collect more

information on this subject and report back to the


Follow-up: Sunny called VLA for more

information. The new obligations required under the

new 104(A) center around providing increased

protection to artists in their relationship with galleries

who have treated artwork on consignment as assets

to pay off creditors. The essence is that the new

104(A) provides increased protection to artists.

The VLA is willing to come to Brickbottom and offer a

seminar on the 104(A) for $150. Are we interested in

sponsoring this or offering it to BAA members for a

fee? Individuals attending a VLA seminar would

have to pay $25.

5. Bylaws Update

-Adelaide agreed to send the past two Bylaws

Committee meeting minutes to the Board.

6. Budget Update

-Pier has requested budgets from the Open

Studios Committee and Deb Olin for the BAA Gallery.

-The Board voted unanimously to increase the

rent for its writer’s room to $300 a month.

7. BAA Board: Future Direction and Resources

-Pier filled the Board in on the history of


-The Board discussed creating a mission

statement or revisiting an existing one if it exists

8. Other/General Items

-Pier spoke with Bob Martel about placing a

new coffee service in the lobby. Bob is concerned

about the security risk involved with having a

machine with money placed in such a visible location.

Adelaide offered to follow-up with Bob on possible


-Sunny agreed as secretary to check incoming

BAA mail and direct it to the appropriate

person/group. Pier will get her a key to the BAA


-Deb has been contacted by someone

interested in being an intern. There is discussion

about how this person will be best utilized – perhaps

gallery sitting and supporting the Open Studios


Gallery Events

A Review of Recent Events -

Alden Zecha’s Travels

On March 18 th Alden treated a small group to an

excellent presentation of his travels in Kenya and

Tanzania. This was no boring travelogue!

Combining maps, photographs, a wealth of

information about the country, the animals and

some video clips of monkey behavior, we were

educated and entertained. Alden has promised to

make a return engagement. Watch for an

announcement and save the date. You won’t be


Jim Wright - Art Conservator

On April 12 th Jim Wright lead a discussion about

art preservation. One participant said “Jim

answered many questions about both his

experience in restoration of paintings and offered

advice on what materials currently on the market

seemed to have the best archival track record. He

shared horror stories about how art work got

damaged, and insight into the decisions

conservation people make when confronting a

piece in need of restoration.”

-Adelaide Smith

Extra Money

Tax season is over and you will either be

receiving your tax return soon, and are

planning what you going to do with all of

that extra money? Or you made too

much and owe $ (YIKES!) and are now

wondering how you can avoid paying so

much in taxes in the future. Either way,

why not take some of that money and

make a donation to the BAA?

Not only is your donation tax deductible

but you will also be supporting the BAA

and helping to fund some of your favorite

programs like Brickbottom Open Studios

and the Brickbottom Gallery!

Got ideas for an Event?

E-mail Adelaide Smith:

New & Interesting Stuff All Around!

May 3 rd

Financial Planning Seminar

The BAA is sponsoring a free financial planning

seminar on Thursday, May 3, at 6:30 pm,

designed specifically for artists, creative

professionals, and the self-employed. Gail

Nickse of the firm of Waddell and Reed will be

on hand in the Brickbottom Gallery to talk about

planning for our retirement years, and will

discuss the various options and strategies

available for retirement savings. If you’d like to

contact Gail beforehand with your questions,

thoughts, or ideas, drop her a line at

Get the facts on Social Security (will it be there

when you retire?), 401(k) plans (will yours last

through your retirement years?), and IRAs

(what’s a better choice: a Roth or a Traditional


Beginning with the basics of finance, future

sessions will be tailored to the Brickbottom

residents expressed interests.

June 8 th

Healthcare Meeting

There is a healthcare meeting planed for June

8, 2007 in the Brickbottom Gallery for all BAA

members. Gary Fradin, INSURANCE for

MEMBERS, will be hosting this meeting in

order to better update members on some new

healthcare options that will have become


BAA Field Trips Report

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The next field trip will be to the Isabella Stewart

Gardner Museum on Saturday, June 2nd, 2007, at

1pm. If you are interested in going with us, please

send an e-mail to Julie at The museum, located at

280 The Fenway, Boston, is T accessible


"Years ago I decided that the greatest need in our

Country was Art… We were a very young country

and had very few opportunities of seeing beautiful

things, works of art… So, I determined to make it my

life's work if I could." - Isabella Stewart Gardner, on

the creation of her Museum, 1917.

Do you have an idea

for the next Field Trip?

Send an e-mail to

The Brickbottom Artists Association

Membership Application

Health Insurance

For BAA Members

Group rates from

Harvard Pilgrim




Over 30 plans available!

Learn about new ‘affordable health

insurance’ and subsidies.

Both available in 2007!

For details:

Call: 866-303-2810 or




For Sale

Collection of pure dry pigments

(Sennelier, Holbein, Bocour)

18 colors + 1 titanium white

Mostly 1-3 oz quantities

Will sell the lot for $55

Call Tracy Munn: 617-764-1886, #C410

Brickbottom Artists Association, 1 Fitchburg Street C-111 (gallery) or C125 (office), Somerville, MA 02143

Tel: 617-776-3410 e-mail:

Support/Join/Help the BAA: Check one: Volunteer:

Name: _____________________________ Membership: $50 _____ Gallery: ___________

____________________________________ Angel: $51 - $99 _____ Events: ___________

Street Address: _______________________ Donor: $100 - $500 _____ Open Studios: ______

____________________________________ Patron: $501 - $999 _____ Fundraising: _______

City/State: ___________________________ Benefactor: $1000 + _____ Membership: _______

Phone: ______________________________ Check any that applies: Other: _____________

Email: ______________________________ I am an artist _____ ___________________

Medium (for artists): ___________________ I live and/or have my (Please specify your interests)

studio at Brickbottom _____

Mail checks to the address above. Please print very clearly The BAA is a nonprofit arts


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