IP Log for modeling.emf.query - Eclipse


IP Log for modeling.emf.query - Eclipse

IP Log for modeling.emf.query

Release Indigo


Eclipse Public License v1.0

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LPG Java Runtime (lpgjavaruntime.jar) Version

1.1(PB CQ2459)

No pre-req dependencies


Past and Present Active

Name Organization

cmcgee (not a current committer)

davidms (not a current committer)

vramaswamy (not a current committer)

Nick Boldt Red Hat, Inc.

Christian Damus

Boris Gruschko SAP AG

Anthony Hunter IBM

Bernd Kolb SAP AG

Ashwani Kr Sharma SAP AG

Saurav Sarkar SAP AG

Martin Strenge SAP AG

Never Active

Eclipse Public




Name Organization

Christian Mohr SAP AG

Contributors and Their Contributions

Bug Size Description

Christian W. Damus (qnx.com)

206812 180.0K

224386 4.8K

Nicholas Doyle (ca.ibm.com)

131170 129.0K

Anthony Hunter (ca.ibm.com)

278789 633

Animesh Kumar (gmail.com)

325827 12.6K

333333 1.6K

333719 5.7K

341879 337.6K

341890 4.8K

342234 1.1K

Ed Merks (gmail.com)

211055 5.2K

Adopt J2SE 5.0 in Query Component

First pass at adopting J2SE 5.0-isms

AbstractOCLConditions need to be disposable

Proposed patch

Tutorials and Howtos Should be Moved from GMF

Adds documentation to EMFT doc plugins

Add new Query IP Log to CVS

IP Log in CVS format

[Query2] Performance improvements in Indexing

Prevents the problem of Full build of Workspace everytime the IDE is


Problem with Loading of already dumped indices.

Prevents rebuilding of indices

Warning in error log while executing a query from Query Editor

Patch To Remove the Warnings Due to Scope Provider

A separate view to see the indexed resources

Index View to View the Indexed Reources

[Query 2 Index View] Filters are not Working Properly when the tree is


Patch For Filtering Problem

[Query 2 Index View] BundleException during Shutdown of IDE if

Index View is Opened.

Releases the Locked Resource Descriptors

EMF queries using SubStringValue can't handle empty Strings

New patch with additional tests.

211055 2.5K

Ashwani Kr Sharma (gmail.com)

323838 3.8K

324067 3.3K

324088 3.1K

324375 1.7K

324722 4.1K

324724 1.7K

324743 7.0K

325042 766

325844 5.0K

EMF queries using SubStringValue can't handle empty Strings

New patch with additional tests (for 1.2)

"Run on Dirty" only works on editor in focus

Patch for this bug

Query2 returning wrong results

Patch fixes this issue

Axel Uhl (homemp3.dyndns.org)

331944 3.6K

manasa (sap.com)

336197 1.2K

342355 18.3K

342355 46.2K

kiril mitov (gmail.com)

196579 1.3K

Provide a shortcut in the Query editor to execute queries


Unable to run with comparasion to integers less than


Patch for updated version of QueryTransformer

[Query2] Invalid Query description in eclipse site


Enabling successful Query2 build

UpdatingDependency To EMF3.6

Fix LibraryTransformation for xText 1.0.1

Fix for the error

[Query2] On start there always a pop-up given to index metamodel

Make IndexingMMJob AsBackground Thread

[Query2] Test UI for Query2 does not work. Because of refactoring of


Patch for the issue

tmpdir path assembly incorrect

Extended patch fixing more occurrences

Code Completion or Type resolution does not happen for newly added

import packages

Patch for org.eclipse.emf.query2.stringsyntax plugin containing fix for

refresh of import scope on change of import statements

[Query2] UI dependency added to a "NON-UI" plugin


[Query2] UI dependency added to a "NON-UI" plugin


Invalide "instanceof" check in SelectWritersDelegate

patch changing the instanceof check

saurav (gmail.com)

323820 5.5K

326267 2.2K

326294 3.1K

326627 1.6K

326865 17.7K

327639 9.0K


[Query2] Clean build needs to be done for Index building

Fix for the bug

[Query 2] Error while indexing

Patch for thr fix

[Query2]Error on the Refresh Dirty action in the Query View

Fix for the bug

[Query2] Shortcut Key does not appear in the Query View

Fix for the bug

[Query2] Reference of an Internal class from the plug-ins

Fix for the bug

[Query2] Tests enhancements for the LibraryTests

Fix for the bug

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