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Detector Effects ın Physics Simulation I

Detector Effects ın Physics Simulation I


SIMULATION PROGRAM We may call the subroutine SMEAR for each particle on event record. SUBROUTINE SMEAR(CHARGE,EM,IV,OV,EFF,ERR) EFF calculation (pass): TEMP=RNDM(SEED) TEMP≤CHGEFF(BIN) for charged particle TEMP≤NEUEFF(BIN) for neutral particle An example: 0

ENERGY SMEARING First, we find the energy resolution parameter σ(E)=E(A x /√E+B x ) for the particle and then smear its energy according to a Gaussian given by the function FUNCTION SMGAUS(SIGMA,XMEAN,RANDOM1,RANDOM2) G ( σ , x) = 2σ − ln( 1− R1) sin 2πR2 + By giving two uniform random numbers (R 1 ,R 2 ) this function generates a Gaussian distribution with half-width SIGMA (σ) around the mean value XMEAN (⎺x). Example: We take E=250 GeV, A=0.1, B=0.01, ⎺x=250 GeV and find σ=4 GeV. The plot for this 235 240 245 250 255 260 265 Orhan ÇAKIR 2SSPAD, Bodrum, 2006 33 1000 800 600 400 200 0 G σ vs. E x

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