Announcement - VAN HAM Kunstauktionen

Announcement - VAN HAM Kunstauktionen

Press Release

Preliminary Report, Auction 309, Old Master

May 11, 2012

Preview from May 4 to 9, 2012

Face to Face


Whether lovely portraits of young ladies or striking portrayals of men, both are well-represented among a

selection of outstanding Old Master and nineteenth-century painted portraits being offered in VAN HAM’s

Old Master spring sale on May 11, 2012.

Last year’s successful sale of Franz Pforr’s small genre painting greatly increased interest in early

nineteenth century art. Now this epoch is being represented by two exceptional pieces by the German

artists Franz Ludwig Catel and Carl Wilhelm Oesterley. In addition, wonderful landscapes through the time

of Czech Impressionism await interested bidders and collectors.

Old Master

In this spring’s selection of Old Master works, three portraits stand out. The portrayal of Ernst Christoph Dreßler,

painted by Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Elder, unites several interesting characters. Tischbein painted Dreßler, a

well-known composer, with the score of a wedding song. Dreßler had composed the song for the wedding of

Tischbein’s daughter to David August von Apell (also a composer). (Lot 628 / Estimate: € 12,000 – 15,000). Two

additional paintings by Tischbein will also be offered in the May sale. Also included in the sale is a portrait of a

Spanish nobleman, whose characteristic feature is a scar near his right eye. The work was created by a master from

the circle of Franz Pourbus (Lot 554 / Estimate: € 12,000 – 15,000). The portrait of a young woman by Pietro

Antonio Rotari appears without any external blemishes (Lot 631 / Estimate: € 12,000 – 15,000). Rotari developed a

unique manner of portrayal in this painting, which Empress Elisabeth particularly valued. He painted hundreds of

portraits of girls for her. The works represented the various peoples of Russia.

19th Century Painting

VAN HAM is delighted to offer an outstanding selection of early nineteenth-century masterpieces at its sale in May.

Highlighting this area is Franz Ludwig Catel's "Karthäuser Mönche.” Atmospheric light effects of the moon are

beautifully apparent in the work. This painterly quality is clearly one of Catel’s proven strengths. (Lot 675 / Estimate: €

10,000 – 15,000). An oil painting by the painter and art historian Carl Wilhelm Oesterley, who is believed to have

been a member of the Nazarenes, depicts Christ after fishing with his first disciples. (Lot 678 / Estimate: € 4,000 –

5,000). An outstanding work on paper is Rudolf von Alt’s watercolor depicting a view of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in

Vienna. (Lot 660 / Estimate: € 30,000 – 33,000).

It is always pleasant to see Frederik Marianus Kruseman’s winter landscapes. The painting offered here was

created a year after Kruseman’s move from Haarlem to Brussels in 1856. (Lot 815 / Estimate: € 50,000 – 60,000). At

that time, Kruseman often returned to prior themes and motifs. As such, many of those works are some of the

artist’s most successful.

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The work “Abendliche Kutschfahrt im Schnee“ by Wierusz-Kowalski is a particularly large and atmospheric winter

scene: blustery snow, misty breath of the horses, and the reddish light of the sunset create an fitting atmosphere and

make this work a spring auction highlight (Lot 832 / Estimate: € 35,000 – 45,000).

The summery, cheerful Berlin park scene is a particularly attractive work by Woldemar Friedrich (Lot 807 / Estimate:

€ 6,000 – 8,000). Friedrich, first a student and later a teacher at the Berlin Academy, worked primarily as an illustrator

and in the area of monumental painting. The literature on Friedrich lists only a few paintings, whereas the work

offered here is one of his rare Berlin scenes. As such, this work is unique on the market.

In 2010, VAN HAM Fine Art Auctions achieved a top price for the Czech painter Václav Radimský: with a hammer

price of € 28,000, the estimate more than tripled. Since then, Radimskýs works have been met with high demand on

the art market. He counts as a member of the first generation of Czech Impressionists. The work being offered here,

an idyllic and colorful summer landscape, impresses with its confident and attractive style. (Lot 836 / Estimate: € 8,000

– 12,000).

Three works by the Munich artist Franz von Stuck will be offered in May. Included in these offerings is a portrait of

his daughter Mary (Lot 806 / Estimate: € 25,000 – 28,000). His daughter was born in a pre-marital affair but was

adopted by von Stuck and his wife Mary Lindpaintner, and occasionally posed for her father’s paintings. Von Stuck

himself posed with his wife for a double portrait. In 1898, on the occasion of an artist festival themed “In Arcadia,”

the couple dressed up tellingly as the Greek gods Zeus and Hera. (Lot 803 / Estimate: € 22,000 – 25,000).

The graceful oil sketch by Pierre-Auguste Renoir “Toits rouges et arbres” (Lot 856) was painted circa 1902. The

painting could show the village Noë-les-Mallets, north of Essoyes, in which Renoir often spent the summer months.

The estimate at € 90.000 – 110.000 is attractively set and makes the piece a special highlight of the sale.

Further Information

Please notify us if you wish to inquire about images. Image caption: Van Ham | Saša Fuis (Cologne)

Founded in 1959, VAN HAM Fine Art Auctions is a second-generation family business managed by Markus Eisenbeis. It counts

as one of Germany’s leading auction houses. VAN HAM holds twelve, internationally-acclaimed auctions per year, in which new

world auction records are set regularly.

The auctions are divided into the following categories: "Ancient Art", "European Decorative Arts and Jewelry", "Modern and

Contemporary Art", "Photography", "Carpets / Tapestries" and "Decorative Arts".

Bei Rückfragen Van Ham Kunstauktionen KG Beirat

Anne Srikiow Schönhauser Str. 10-16 Wilhelm Karl Prinz von Preußen

Öffentlichkeitsarbeit 50968 Köln (Vorsitzender)

Prof. Ottmar Braun (Sprecher)

Tel. +49 (221) 92 58 62-81 Tel. +49 (221) 92 58 62-0 Prof. Dr. Albert Mayer Fax +49 (221) 92 58 62-4 USt-ID Nr. DE 122 771 785 HRA Köln 375

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