Rods Rag Issue 2 March 2013 - The Rodillian Academy

Rods Rag Issue 2 March 2013 - The Rodillian Academy


Here we are with another amazing issue of Rods Rag! The group (currently) includes:

Me (Connor Sanders) from year 7,

Alex Saunderson from year 8

Charlotte Paul from year 8

Hannah Williamson from year 7,

Cara Prowling from year 8






Zak Kershaw from year 8

Cameron Saunderson from year 11

Joseph Keirl from year 8

Rebecca Squires from year 8 and

Cameron Pattison from year 8

This term we were devastated to say farewell to science teacher, Miss Dunne. We wish her all the best of

luck on her new adventure in a country considerably bigger than ours. You can see what she had to say

about her journey and time at Rodillian see page 2.

However, we know that you are not only interested in what goes on in school so we have covered news

such as: Fall Out Boy’s epic return (Enthusiastically reported by Cameron Saunderson!); this month’s top

fashion and a fantastic Batman Arkham Asylum game review.

Finally, we have packed this edition full of: fun competitions; recipes; horoscopes and poems for your

reading pleasure.

If you would like to join our club then come to Miss Yates’ fantastic room on Thursdays after school. We

are aiming to make all people entertained, and we appreciate your support and welcome your ideas.

Trying to make your life worth living, Connor.

Miss Dunne!

Q) How long have you

been working at


I have been working

here for about 18


Q) What do you like

best about Rodillian?

The pupils they make

my job very


Q) How did you

become a science


I became a science

teacher after I went

to Malawi and saw

how important

education was to

young people plus I

love biology.

Q) Where are you


I am going to Sierra

Leone in Africa.

Q) Who are you going


I am going with a

charity called V.S.O

(Voluntary Services



Q) What are you

going to do there?

I am going to be

working with adults

and children in the

community and teach

them about HMV and

the importance about

clean water.

Q) Are you going to

stay in contact with


I am going to try and

keep in contact with

my friends and family

but the connection

might be a bit


Q) Are you excited?

Yes I am very excited

but I will miss all the


Is Miss




By Rebecca


Sugar, We're

Coming Back

By Cameron Saunderson

Four years ago a disaster

happened. A disaster so

monumentally life changing that

nobody since has talked about it,

only silently hoping that one day

it will get better. Well that day

has come... Fall Out Boy are back

and they've promised a brand

new album. I'll give you a minute

to Dance, Dance.

The band have kept this news

under wraps for quite a few

months according to frontman Patrick

Stump who said in one interview that a journalist had caught him leaving the studio where 'Save

Rock and Roll' was recorded but didn't ask anything about a reunion. There was a teaser in a tweet

by blessthefall frontman Beau Bokan which said: "Sources have confirmed Fall Out Boy are writing a

new album. You heard it here first". This, as you can imagine, tested the internet to its limit with fans

taking to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to voice their excitement about this news.

Fall Out Boy's record company then request for Beau Bokan to remove the tweet which was then

followed by the blessthefall man saying he doesn't care. About a week later Fall Out Boy officially

announced that they would be getting back together and that they would be playing the Leeds and

Reading Festivals next August. To further accompany the reunion they played three intimate shows

in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York and they then flew over to the UK for another show in


The London show sold out extremely quickly and fans were so excited that they started queuing

outside of the venue at 7.00 in the morning, and you can feel their dedication when you remember

just how cold the past few months have been. One girl, Kerrang! Reported, travelled from Ireland at

3.00AM to make sure that she was the first in line. This here is the effect that Fall Out Boy has on

people. The band then, obviously astounded with this amount of dedication, bought pizzas for

everybody in the line because Pete Wentz said "we don't want our fans starving to death as well as

freezing". This alone shows how much the band cares about its fans.

When we talked to a Rodillian student, we asked him what he thought of the big reunion and all he

could do was scream. We then thought to ask him whether the he would be getting 'Save Rock and

Roll' and before we finished the question he answered... Yes of course.

With the biggest reunion of the year just happened and the new album coming out on April 15th

there is not much to look forward to in the next year apart from Leeds/Reading Fest which will

hopefully be the sign that Fall Out Boy are back and they are ready to go back to the top.

? Brain Teaser?

Q = what is that thing which you can destroy by saying its name?

A = the silence

Fact of the month!

01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 is the binary code for hello!

Divine Deserts

Chocolate Rocky road

Ingredients: Tools:

200g of chocolate broken into pieces small to medium square baking tray

2-3tbs golden syrup Greaseproof paper

135g butter Freezer bag

100g mini marshmallows Rolling pin

200g digested biscuits large non-stick saucepan

Icing sugar Fridge


1) Line the baking tray with

greaseproof paper.

2) Place the biscuits in a freezer

bag and then bash them

with a rolling pin till you

think they are small enough.

3) Melt the chocolate in the

pan on low heat and stir

until they are melted.

4) Add the biscuits and

marshmallows to the

chocolate mixture and carry

on mixing.

5) Tip the mixture into the lined

tray and level the top

6) Refrigerate for at least 2 hours and then cut into similar looking

pieces, sprinkle a little icing sugar and then you are done.

Festivities in a Frost

If you want to know your future and fast, then here is what you’re looking for.

We judge your fortune by star signs to if you don’t know your star sign just

read the text in bold.

Capricorn (22nd December till 19th


You desire an object that you are

struggling to get but you will

achieve to get what you want if you

persist from a different angle.

Sagittarius (22nd November till

21st December)

You might have a profiting deal

soon but you just have to look for it

and this might be in an antique shop

or maybe it’s with a family problem

that you are using to your


Virgo (23 rd August till 22 nd


Don’t hide your emotions waiting

for someone to ask you how you are

because it will only end badly if you

don’t tell someone your emotions.

Pisces (19th February till 20th


You and your friend both want

something but you will get it if

you persist hard enough and it

will be rewarding but if you don’t

get what you want it will end in a


Aquarius (20th June till 18


Someone is annoying you and

has lost your sympathy but don’t

turn on them because they will

get over what is upsetting them

on their own.

Gemini (21 st May till 20 th June)

You are searching to confide in

someone because you have great

worries that burden you and you

can’t find a solution.

Cancer (21 st June till 22 nd July)

You are waiting for something

and your anticipation lightens

the mood of everyone around

you but don’t use this to your


Taurus (20 th April till 20 th May)

You are looking for something in

your life to change that will lead to

something completely unsuspecting

but weather that is good or bad

depends on what you are looking


Aries (21st March till 19th April)

Your luck has changed for the better

and people close to you are starting

to appreciate what you do for them.

Leo (23 rd July till 22 nd August)

You are missing someone who

has left forever or a long time to

a faraway place so you are

hoping that some miracle

happens but don’t get your

hopes up.

Libra (23rd September till 22nd


People in your life are falling out

but don’t side with anyone

otherwise your social life will fall

apart. Just say your friends with

both of them and don’t want to

get involved.

Scorpio (23 rd October till 21 st


Someone’s behaviour is

upsetting you and you need to

talk to them heart to heart and

ask them to stop what is

upsetting you otherwise it will

The music:

The music in this movie is good because it ranges between many genres so it has 80s

music all the way to modern music. When the producers were looking for people to be

in this film, they wanted to find musicians that were also good actors.

The movie’s actors:

Anna Kendrick plays the character Becca in this movie. She is a really good singer as

well as a good actor in these (and many more) films:

Twilight 1, 2, 3, 4(part 1) acting as Jessica Stanley;

Scott pilgrim vs. the world acting as Stacey Pilgrim and

What to expect when you are expecting acting as Rosie.

Actor’s quote:

“Filming pitch perfect was a hold new different thing...” says Anna “… because I never went

to college and this is me experiencing what college is actually like.”

Skylar Astin plays the character Jessie Swanson. Skylar is a brilliant actor plus he has a

tremendous singing voice. He has been in the movies:

Hamlet 2 acting as Rand Posin;

Ace in the hole acting as Tod Morella and

Wreck-it Ralph acting as Roy.

Plus, he has been on the televisions shows ‘Love bites’ and ‘Girls and house’.

Actor’s quote:

“As soon as I had finished working on pitch perfect all the girls lined up outside my hotel just

to see me” says Skylar.

Ester Dean plays the character Cynthia Rose. Ester is a brilliant singer and actor but she is

mostly good at singing because she used to work with Drake and Chris brown. Ester is more

into the music industry than the acting one.

Actor’s quote:

“'I loved filming pitch perfect because I got to sing my original song which is S&M although

Rihanna brought it out as a single but I wrote that song for Rihanna.”

That is just some of the actors but there is a lot more!

The overall rating I would give it is… 5/5

This a good film because it showing teenagers other genres of music and it doesn't all have to

be Justin Bieber or One Direction. But also you can enjoy the music more if you don't know

the songs because it sticks in your heads then you can and search for that song.

Thank you for reading; hope you enjoy my article.

By Alex Saunderson.

Black Veil Brides - Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild

Ones Review

By Cameron Saunderson

The setting is somewhere in the

future. A malevolent force called

F.E.A.R has taken over the world

and has stopped all free thought

and expression. There is a group

of rebels who call themselves the

Wild Ones who are fighting

against F.E.A.R in order to return

the world to its former glory.

That is the setting to the new

concept album by Black Veil

Brides… and it is brilliant.

First of all, and most importantly,

the concept… You can hear that a

great deal of work and time has gone into the making of this, the concept itself is

so detailed and deep that it makes the listener(you) believe that this is actual real

life. The concept is so brilliant and well-thought out that the Brides’ long-time

friend and collaborator (who has made every single one of their music videos)

Patrick Fogarty has made a film which is a visual representation of the concept

which is within the album called The Legion of the Black. To maintain the concept

throughout the album it is dotted with F.E.A.R transmissions in which William

Control (Aiden frontman) tells us what is going on through the story.

Now to the music. It is something of a rock opera which contains several violin

interludes playing underneath the F.E.A.R transmissions and the spoken intro

Exordium and then its own track which was composed by rhythm guitarist Jinxx

and is a transposition of the intros from previous songs. It also has a few star

studded appearances from The Used’s Bert McCracken who brings the same

craziness and insanity to Days are Numbered and a special appearance from The

Voice USA runner up and Andy’s girlfriend Juliette Simms. Altogether the music is

brilliant and original and you can hear just how much Black Veil Brides have

actually improved since their first album (We Stitch These Wounds). There is also a

lot less of the ‘outcast’ image presented which in turn adds to the brilliance of the

album since both We Stitch These Wounds and Set the World on Fire both strongly

used this image.

Overall this album is one which will propel Black Veil Brides into the limelight and

hopefully make all the many haters of the band into lovers. With its musical

ingenuity and the amazing concept and film behind it, it is sure to be a hit with

everyone who listens to it. This year is the year that will send Black Veil Brides to


Batman: Arkham

Asylum Review

Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of

the best superhero action games

ever released and it continues to

be a common favorite among

gamers and superhero fans alike.

Arkham Asylum is set in the

medical facility which is commonly

mentioned in the Batman comics

and the Christopher Nolan trilogy.

Arkham Asylum is home to the

criminally insane which appear to

be every single one of Batman's rivals

and is run by a power hungry warden Quincy Sharp and the often corrupt security

guards who bully and sometimes work with the inmates to help them escape and

wreak further havoc on Gotham City.

The game starts with a lengthy cut scene which shows Batman dragging his arch-

nemesis Joker back to Arkham after he escaped with the help of his henchmen.

There is a ten minute introduction with Batman having to escort the Joker back

inside the maze that is Arkham Asylum and along the way meeting probably one

of the most terrifying Batman villains Killer Croc. After this Joker breaks free and

assumes control of the asylum and creates a number of challenges for Batman

and with the help of The Riddler, who adds riddles and puzzles all over Arkham it

adds a whole new dimension to the game.

The gameplay in this game is simple but exciting. The attack buttons are requiring

a simply mashing of the square and triangle to knock out all of your opponents. It

is only when Joker decides to give his army of henchmen guns or inject them with

some of Bane's strength venom that combat becomes exciting and challenging

since you have to explore other routes and methods to take out the now tougher


Altogether the game is just brilliant and it is not one that you want to miss out on

just because of the brilliant voice acting and the super exciting gameplay coupled

with the intellect that needs to be applied to play. It may be old but it still is

better than games that are being put out there


Website Review

Does this look cute to you?

Want more?

Visit to see

more of these and be amused by

the creatures of the world.

I give this a rating of 8/10 stars.

This is because of the capability to share the photos on Facebook,

twitter and even directly to your email. If you really enjoy viewing this

site then you could comment directly on the site for free with no sign

up! This site is viewable anywhere and is not blocked on so you can view it in school. There are even gif images

(images that can move like an infinite loop video) on the site so you can

relax watching animal videos. However, (in our opinion) it lacks

complete adorableness. Or as I say it, there aren’t enough cute photos.

Here are a few samples of our favourite photos on the site with their

original titles...

They Wouldn’t Let Me Cover

the Westminster Dog Show

Some People Have a Birthday

Today What is this thing?

Rodillian Rocked by second Half

Surge From Cardinal Heenan

Rodillian had to pick

themselves up after a thumping

defeat from Corpus Christi with

a tough fixture against Cardinal


Rodillian went to Cardinal with

a small but good small but good

squad which included a few

debutants including Jacob

Rotheram. The match begun

with Cardinal pilling lots of

pressure on Rodillian but the

Black and Whites came up with

the first points of the match

through a mini break from

Captain for the day, Cameron

Pattison. Who won a penalty

and from the quick tap

Rotheram went over for a try.

Rodillian then doubled their

money when late in the first

half prop Ryan Wright scored,

8-0 at halftime. In the second

period Cardinal came out all

guns blazing and their stand

out player raked up a quick fire

double to put Cardinal 10-8 up.

Rodillian got back into the

match when Pattison dummied

a pass and then went over for a

try but that was the last time

Rodillian troubled the score


Even though Rodillian’s defence

had improved through people

like Joe North, Cameron

Pattison and pretty much the

whole team but that didn’t stop

Cardinal’s attack ripping us to

shreds as their stand out player

conjured up several tries to

leave the finally score looking

like this: 22-14 to Cardinal.

All though Rodillian lost they

can take heart from this defeat

against a high flying Cardinal

side who gave Corpus a run for

their money last time out.

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