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jQuery - PUCIT | ACM Student Chapter

jQuery - PUCIT | ACM Student Chapter

AJAX and

AJAX and jQuery jQuery provides a rich set of methods (functions) for AJAX web development development. With jQuery AJAX AJAX, you can request TXT HTML JSON data from a remote sever using both HTTP/S Get and HTTP/S Post.And you can load remote data directly into selected HTML elements of your web page! Kashif Munir Mazhar

AJAX and jQuery jQuery AJAX Requests Request Description $(selector) $(selector).load(url,data,callback) load(url data callback) Load remote data into selected elements $.get(url,data,callback,type) GET Load remote data using HTTP $.post(url,data,callback,type) Load remote data using HTTP POST $.getJSON(url,data,callback) Load remote JSON data using HTTP GET $ $.getScript(url,callback) getScript(url callback) Load and execute a remote JavaScript file Kashif Munir Mazhar

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