HLI Chronicle 1917 - The Royal Highland Fusiliers


HLI Chronicle 1917 - The Royal Highland Fusiliers

of the year ended with Hogmanay observed

as well as circumstances would permit.

The Battalion were all fairly comfortably

housed. Our Sappers and Pioneers had

provided tables and seats for all, and at

12.45 p.m. every billet was visited by our

Colonel, where he found every man ready to

be seated to a good dinner, which was followed

by Christmas pudding, fruits, sweets, and

nuts, and English beer and cigarettes ad lib.

A satisfactory meal made possible by the

generous grant of 750 francs from the Division.

The many gifts from our numerous kindly

patrons had been issued to the men during the

previous week, and were much in evidence.

They are much appreciated and valued by all,

and the heartiest thanks are tendered to all


The afternoon was spent by the men in

harmony. \Ve were unfortunate in not being

able to secure the Division Ministrel Troupe

for our amusement all the afternoon, but a

Regimental Band played selections in a

marquee erected at the Headquarters Mess

from 5 p.m. till the sma' wee hours.

3Iilitary duties and the exigencies of the

service prevented the attendance of many of

{Jur invited guests and Regimental Officers

whom we should have liked to have met, but,

as our French landladies are always saying,

" Se la guerre."

The dinner, of which a copy of the menu

card is attached, prepared by "Tommy"

Veal, the civilian chef to the Regimental Mess

in pre-war days, was a complete success, and

the Pipe music all that could be desired.


Oysters. Cock-a-Leekie.

Sole Colbert.

Haggis and Nips. Roast Turkey.

Brussel Sprouts.

Potatoes. Asparagas and Butter.

Plum Pudding.

Chocolate Souffle. Scotch Woodcock.


March, "The 25th's Farewell to Meerut "

Strathspey, "Stirling Castle"

Reel,. . " Duntroon "

Piobaireachd, "The Bells of Perth"

March, " Atholl Highlanders' Farewell to Looh Katrine"



" The Devil in the Kitchen"

"Deil Amang the Tailors"

. { . . "Sootland the Brave"

RegImental Marches "Blue Bonnets o'er the Border"

Slow l\larch,

Slow March,

. . . . . . "Lord Leven "

"Guid nicht, an' joy be wi' ye a'."


Home Notes.

WE have now been in our billets for three

months. The training has been progressing

very favourably in spite of tl -; reduced

facilities occasioned by the change from

camp-a change, however, which was absolutely

necessary, as the l\iusketry parties can

testify after their experiences on the range,

where they have to clear away the snow from

the sights of their rifles before each shot!

Being in a city like this, where places of

amusement abound, we have not been thrown

so much on our own resources to provide

recreations as at camp; thus, apart from the

ordinary work of the Battalion, we have not,

as a whole, been engaged in any noteworthy

activities such as concerts, football matches,

etc. We have not had even a Zeppelin raid

to provide variety !

Regarding the Officers' Mess, we are glad

to report that at last we have succeeded in

wiping out the debt which has been exorcising

the minds of the Mess Committee, to whose

efforts we owe much for the present satisfactory

state of affairs.

We have had recently to take over another

house, a short distance away from the Mess,

to accommodate the increasing number of




INTIMATION has been received that the bed

in the above school, to which the Regiment has

the right of nomination, will be vacant on

27th June, 1917.

The O.C. Depot, H.L.I., Hamilton, will be

glad to receive applications to fill the above


(1) Candidates must be between the ages

of 9 and 11.

(2) Candidates must be the sons of those

who have served, or are serving, in the Regular

Battalions of the H.L.I. on the Normal Form

of Attestation.

(3) Preference will be given to (a) orphans,

(b) fatherless children.

(4) Applications, with full particulars, should

be addressed to the O.C. Depot, H.L.I., Hamilton,


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