LEHIGH COAL, - Northern New York Historical Newspapers


LEHIGH COAL, - Northern New York Historical Newspapers

OLIVER H. MILLER, Editor and Proprietor. l?topMl>licttii ana Foarlcss,

HARRY A. FOX, Publisher.

Vol. VI. No 25. BREWSTER^S, N. Y, SATURDAY, JULY 26, 1873.




Putnam Conni d


OLIVER H. MILLER, Editor an: Firp'r

IlAnitT A. Fox, ruDumiES.

Tttrni»«%tt*50 per Annum In AdTnnoe

George E. Ives,


Builder's Hardware,

Cari*cutcr'B TOOIH, Fnrmtiig ImpUmcntK, Jfc

White AV, Danburn, a.





Two Inrlii-B,

Tlin-r liidiuH

Four IiicliPH

yive lucbpii

Ono-ljUKrU-r Colntau,.

'>:,Iv IVom llir ».in» ol il.c niiiliilKlit brlnjrM tlicnb-

Ki'iit IVIcnd tu frU'udl



James A. Peck,



Oiipoaltc Ibe Mnlbodlat Cburcb. Orders received

will be iironiptly attended to.

Maher & Newcomb,


One door eaat of tbo Bonlb Eaat Ilonie.

Frceb Heata of every nrlcty conetantly nn band.

Folite attciiliuu gunraiitcd to euHtomers.


Call and iuvjicct tbo boul regulatod ftlarkct In town.


Jan. 4.1873. Ir.


S. O. Avery,



Tin Eoofing and Jobbing.


Solid Body Milk Can.


BrowBtur's, K. Y.





and Builders'


Contracts for Building at LoweBt Baten.

EBtimates given on application.

Livery and Exchange

STABLES, Brewster's.

J7.»! 0»i/y Littrn Atiachfd to the HHEVSTKH Ilouie.

Iloa recently made large additions tc bla facIUtlN

for accomodating tbe publlo.

Uorse and carriagoa ready at all bourn, and por«

sons conveyed to any iiart of tbe country.

Orders loft at Ills otHce, or at tbe lirewater Uoua

will be promiitly attended io.



Usiiiff STEAM Power.

portlfs conlcmidalliig purdiaidnir

Steam Engines, Boilers* &o.,

will find It advanU2*!oua to coueult wllli


In rvlutioD to the moat approved atylca of macblnery

now in UHO. Wltb tweuly-tive yeara steady eK|«n-

eucc, and an txlcnded ucnuuluiance witb Iftading

mannfuctiirerii, Mr. I'ECK, In able to obtain for

piitcltshfra lllHiral diaoouiitR, luid lUo very UEKT

MACUlMKIty. ApiillcuUou can bo made at the

UordLU Coudeuacd Uilk l^'auton-. v6,S3,tf

Mrs. S. M. Knapp,

Agent for tbe Ua^ia Vertical Feed


Tbe Beat and tacmt Durable Macbiuu lu tbe Uur-

kct. Call and get UUD OU trial.

, A. W. PAUUl^EE, Ocu. Agt.,

VB,lC,yosiU roocdved on TUUBADAX of web Meek

vulll f urUicr jiuUtw.

Interest allowed from tliofimt

of cacli Mouth.

Six per cent Interest allowed on all Deposits.

Depoalla reculved at tbe atoro of lAibdell k Co.



nauuKAxo A. HoTT,




BKSUH ST JaHK, PAoraisroB.

LMvas PANBVBT, at lO.ls A. M. ur on arrival of

train ituta Kurwalk, and cuvueots at UioMater'a

a-ilb UuUaud EXJITMB at 12,17 X- U.

Leavea iUUfWSTElt'B, at 8,«e P. U. OU arrival uf


Adiefes AaUttxr«d «ut U Jmm>




. In flOXJIt AJU> tkUX 11U.V&K CAaWOOLr.


SUiur Wattifa, OvUucUiii BeuMllul IBOIM

*dda»ki.)!...r!vr . 55

^'•^ "Wj^. awttttal W. »a»«U«* A>IW

aula u«wj r. i...... UIO0


Colli blvej- Huuiuui Watck. Wni. £Uwj.... Aia OP

Ould UtUiLuig Vattibtw, LkOlua' USM 7U W)

•.r?!!f^' **.*" *•* •* *^ UoualW Uy Eaiirosa, wlUi

prlvtl^B It, t,ijauius bufuip p^uui. '"~-

thtMluraPrlutilist bufuieyutoLiuUagalaawAvu


JawoUm, aad Koeiwrs of lbs ti*y Xine.

mx hUfiut^a, x«w x«4. mr iMurth

Miss A. M. Van Scoy

Takes |iloaauroluaonouuclDg to ber friends and

tbi^ nuu-uu uf itruwatt-ra, Ibst obc ba« rtccuUy pur-

cbkhud lUi' BtocJi and nxtun-s formerly uuiiod by J,

M. KEWUAK, and baa rucolvtid fruui Kvw Vorktbe


Ever offered lu toirn. In addition to lbs Millinery

I also liave a full and couijilole llut) of


Conijirlalug a full asaurlmeot of

Lace & Linen Collars & Cu&j


Hair Nets,


Switches &o.

Hoiilug you «iU call and vuuulnc my stuck bufore

purciiakiuc, I lun, ruapoctf uUy} ours,

i-ixs uiM A. M VAK ucoy.







H taxi^dard. Flour,

tttc., at lea* jirloMs tbiu> aay otber buuae lu towi*.

Tliey luiep itp with tbe tluiea and wlUi fruab atook

Muutlautlj' uu baud, cau o8ur auptxrlur luducumauts

teoUNic buyaca.

j&nn^ TJl^M A CAUU

ON TilK n'ATt:R.

FROM TiiR ornMAK Ol' aitinrt..

Ttie Tfilley and tbe Mil nn> PWH-I witfi May,

1'lic »iin ^[irlngnir U aoflrr to-rlnv!

Tlic WDixlhiMd t'Clioc flout In rvin!ni[ red,

Ttic ciirtli IB Joyful, liul my liturl Id dead.

The ni'fcr moon banff* In the rrltn^on TTeat \

(Jny aonir* are *inicln;[ from rncli Imiipv broait

In tbo full wlnp-cii|> trtown tlic wtiir. di'cp rod;—

Can I bejoylul wlieu my lieart la dead ?

Ttie Hi tie boat (rnp« awlftlr onlicrwnv;

Thf* Ilrtit fitDfi Rlttnmrr In'llic twllljtlit (rrny.

.Son muKlc Kinindi'. and HOOIT word* nro suldj^

1 would be Joyful, but my licurt It dt'ad.

VPI If my lo^t Inve from HIP grnvp could rifce,

To thrill nip will. 1IIO>P unrnrnoltcn CVM,

AiidollVr me oiicf iiioro tlifJoyalonR flt'dl—

In vulu I fur luit Is lull, oiid dt-ad li dpittl.

— Ualaxy.


•XASK CUXPX. X. w. wxoa


Wfll, liipro's no loistiiko nlioiit it,

onrH is n ilnngcroiiB ciilliiifr, ilioiigli tiot

qnitn till iliiii^oroufi )u>rliii|>n ns timiiy

tliiiilt. TIUTD'H Boiiio pcnplK HB Iiavtf iin

iJcii thiit we'roare^'iliTint of liro-entirs

—Rat:iiiiuii(lorH, iis llit\v cull Vin. They

pi(;liit-o itH alwnvs ii-Viishiiiii; throii iio

coiitiiiticil ill our next" pnrt of a story,

whcru a foltotv is luft iu a blazing roum,

or hanging from a third-floor window-

sill for a week. We'll risk our lives

freely cnongh, and do risk 'cm many a

time; but for all that wo don't quite go

in for tho fire-eating busiuesa. If we

did you'd only hcarof more firemen lost

and fewer other people saved.

Of course, it does happen tlmt after

you are in a house that is ou fii'c, flniuea

burst out faomowhcro so as to bar your

passage out, aud then seeing Hint you

are in for it. you know lliat therit is

udlliing for it but n runh tlirougli, and

y»m net ajieordiiig. Yuu lower-t yer head

Bi> as to make yer hi-Iini-t at-t as a sort of

cutter, uud cutch as much of the blazu

lu [WHuiblo, ttudihoudrHWtiigyerbrcutli

and clinching yer teeth, and with all

sorts of ttiougjits flasliijjg ihrongli

your mind, yuu make the dash.

But DO fireman would go iuto' a room

that was nli'oady in flumes. Under or­

dinary circumsiouces there would bo no

need for Iiim to do so. If there were

people iu tho room, and they had got to

the window, they tu>uld be got out with

tbo escape ; while if they hadn't got to

tho window, it would be'llfty chances to

one against their being alive. Tho

smoke would most likely have done its

work ou tliem before the flames broke

out. tjo far as human life is concerned,

smoke is more fatal than fire; and it is

perhupa. well that it is, for suffocation

is a more merciful death than bqrntag

would ba I've had one or two pretty

bad burns, and once I was in the smoke

till I dropped iiiseusible, so that 1 know

what I'm talkiu;; about.

What caused lue to stay in tho smoke

so long? Well, I'll tell you; tlio only

one thing Ihat could have mode me stay

—to save life. It was at my first fire.

I had beeu iu the brigade sume months,

and knew my duties as.fiir as instruc­

tion and drill could teach me, but till

this night I had ucver bccu at an actual


Well, just before twelve o'clock, and

wliilo I wai on duty, they telegraphed

tu lis from the next station—you kuow

each station is ^-eiierally iu direct tele­

graphic comniuDieiilion 'vith tliree or

four others—that (lieif^ was a fire at a

big draper's up tlit-ir May. I gave the

alarm, und ju less tban a minute my

mates were out uud bueUling-to, and UJ

less than five minuUi^ we^ntcro dashing

along the rood, giving vQouth tu our

"Clear the woy I" When wo got to the

place there were two other engines at

work, and a great crowd cheering and


Well, I was a strong, beolthy young

fellow, and bad joiuud the brigade as

much from u liking V^lbu work us any

thing, Koeiug tbero was u du^eu other

things X oould have earned the same

numey at; for three-and-sixpenoe a dty

which is what you «re started at, iun't

killing ]iuy. lluwever, that is neither

Jiere uor there ; thu bustle of getting tu

the fire, imd tho still greater buslle Ibat

wan going on at it, stirred my bluuued her,

but Xvuud that by ihia time I vw too

Speaking, though, about gutted

buildings fulling in, and things of that

Aurt, yuu should bear iu mind that

there is many a mau gets hurt in that

way, crippled for liie. perhaps, tliough

he may not bo killed uu tho spot. Thtiro

is often th eeil-

iug-high as ho was rh-aringtho window.

>•), that wasn't what 1 had my medal

gi\.:ito mo tor. U was an afiair of

BOinething tho samo Rort llioiinh. There

was two women in (ho house that linio;

hut a flro-esiwpe conductor had got one

of them out. and ha.l mado throe at­

tempts to wive Ihe other, before I got

up. When 1 did get on the ground ho

told mo how tiling.-* stood, and t^o \ put

a ladder iij) to (lie window, went into

the room and fonnd her, and handed

her nnt to him. Ku had tho Imint of

the Work, but lookIii lose their Jieads at a fire,

aud uo wonder »;ither, for when you

(hiiik of it, it uiii&t he an awful thing to

wake in the night and find yourself in a

burning houbc.

Well, yes, people in their fright do

Bonuftiiuis make tht; work of Nuviiig

thi-m more tlillieutt ttia), it wi'uld bit

otherwise. lJ(-«t half pen through ; aud that is (ho

hardest tu guard agaiiibt. I should say

that teu people were hilled or hurt by

the fall of buildings for ono by fire. I

remember seeing n comrade uf mino

standing ou n firm looking place

when in an instant, aud wilhout so much

as a crack or a shake tu give him warn­

ing the wall that the beam was built iu­

to gave woy, and beam nnd man went

crashing together two sttirys down, and

we saw no it>oro of him till hours after-

wajda, when we got his body out, burnt

to a cinder.

Just a little while back, agaiu, 1 was

at work in a flour mill that had been

burnt out 'Ihe floors were fireproof

ones, aud the building was reckoned

unoommouly strong, and certainly look­

ed it. Weil, another man and I were

working on one ol tho floors, when the

hand that was carrying, round the ro-

frehhmenta came MUA asked us if we

wanted any thing. Wo both said no,

and ho turued away : but before he had

gone many feet \ tiltered my mind, aud

thought I would just take a drop of

somelliing to drink—for working in a

fired building is a hot berth, let me t^jll

yuu, even after the fire bo* beeu put out

—so I stepped ufter him, and ho was

juht filling mo out a glass of beer when

there came a crash like a cla|> of thun­

der jUbt behind me, aud tuiuiug round

I kaw—as soou as tlie dust cleorwl away

a bit—that the building had fallen in

just wheielhud been standing not A

minute before.

The other man lay buried in the ruins,

biouu dead, as 1 would have beeu if X

hadn't by (he merest chunco ha]i]>eued

tu muve. Wy heai-t went cold as I saw

what a narrow esuipe I bod. T thought

how true it was what the Scripture suya.

'•Oue shall bo taken uud the other left."

That's always the text I tliiuk uf when

I see a thing uf that sort. I might have

stepped iuto the danger just us 1 step­

ped out of it. Kueh (huigs h'ok all

ehuuoe, but we ore uU in the Muster's

hands, tu be taken or left, us he may

see fit. It's a thuught uften givtJS me

Leiut when I'm about any thing that

luuks purtiuulurly dangerous.

wat/T, and half roasted going into fii-e-

heated roonis ; iiml, taking it altogether

you may safely set down a lire-inan'a lifo

iLs being a Terj wenring-unc, as well as


It's our duty to ridk onr liven, wo'ro

paid to do it, hut wtierii saving the lives

of others ifi eoneenn'd we risk Ihrm full

and free, and for pity's sake, and man­

hood's Rake, as well UH duty's sake. I'ra

never pcen a fireman shrinlt frum doing

anything that n iiiaii could be fairly ex­

pected to d'. Not as I mean to pay,

mind yon, t!i;it. Ihey are tiio only ones

that would ri.sic tlreir lives to save a fel­

low ereaturo from lire. I've seen police­

men, and wurkiiigmen, and gcntlcmon

Blivo life as bravely as it could 1)0 Raved

and ci'.rryinrT th'ir own lives in their

hand to do it. .\y ! and I'vo seen wo.-n-

pn do it (on, r.-'jierially mothers. I onco

Raw a mother v'et her child out of a

room, after two tiremcn that Imd triwl

it on had bern I;eatcn back and ;nven it

ever for Ji bad job. Sliu got Kevcrely

BPorchcd over it, ifw true, but slio got

the child out unharmed, nnd was all

right again herself at the end of a few


Xot long in getting to a firo? Well,

not a Fc^ond longer ihan can possibly

bo h(yl|)ed, of euiiriio. Hharp'a always

tlio word and the deed too with lis, for

in our buRinesa time's monoy and it may

bo lifo. You Roo wo either live in tho

station or wilhin enll of it, and wo

mnstn't move a yard nway without pay­

ing wliero Wi! aro going, HO that idl

hands nro nlways within rt'ach. I'vo

known tho dart to l>e mado in two min­

utes nnd a half from tlio time of our

getting tho mes^a.Ti', and wo nro never

over four miuuti'M iu getting out, whilo

every body knoM's tho y^a^en wo go at

when wo aro cneo ou the road.

Incendiary fires ? Well, I hardly

know what to P.iy about them, or iu fact

hardly what to think. There's soiuo of

tho insnraiuro people as make no bones

about saying that a good half of tho

fires aro caused on purpose, nnd there's

n good many of our men ns thinks tho

name, nnd I've certainly seen aomo very

suspiciouB eases myself, thongir I

couldn't havo pro%T'd any (hlng wrong.

I remember one firo that I wa.s at, was

tho third the namo man had in a few

yearn. In this uiio, two of hi.s ehildrcu

were burnt to death, and over each of

the fires there wn-: wliiKpering ami liend-

hhakiiig among HIOKO AVIIO knew him,

and talk about soino peoplu appearing

to be better oif after a ilre, and all that

sort of thing.

At any t'nto lie wont mad after thin

last fire, though of eoursu ho miuht

easily have done that after what had

hapjieucd, whether ho had a hand iu it

or not.

There in no knowing where a firo may

end H hen it has once st.u ted, or wlioue

lifo it may cut slicrt. Helting a houRc

on file ain't a hanging nnitler according

to law, btitsomeliuies when I've noticed

something queer about a fire, I've

thought to myself that it ou.r;ht tube.

There can bo no moral doubt that in­

nocent people have perished by ineen-

ib'ary firen, and I dare say that more than

(Mie tTood man ; nnd nil the

1) family becnmo so much attached

to him, that when tho owner relumed to

clnim his dog, tho children set up such

a dismal outcry, and their parents look­

ed Ro rpgrctfuf, thnt, nltlioiigh fifty dol-

Inra ccuild not leive bought Sultiui, his

master freely asuigned him to tho own­

ership of his new friends

Then, oh tho shoutings, the rejoic­

ings of thnt swarm of little D s I

And everybody else about tho plnoo wns

i.elightpd; uono more so than Sultan


Wli.it a splendid fellow ho wns I Ho

hnd his place nt tho tnblo with tlio

rest of tho family, nnd nobody belinvcd

with greater dignity aud decorum than


Sultan needed no chair. Seated up­

on tho floor, his hend cnmo up jnnt

where it ought to be at ttio table. Ha

was waited on with duo attention;

would have felt outraged indeed had

not cako and pie been oflTcred to him as

well as to tho others.

One day Sultan hurt himself and bo-

2ame very sick. His eyes gre'*' ns red

OS blood, nnd ho wns evidently in ago­

nies of pain. Mr. D—-, who in a very

nervous, timid man, fcharged everybody

to keep away from tho dog, ns ho was

likely to go mad.

Mrs, U immcdintely went out to

tho bnm, into which the poor benst hod

been fastened. Tho men serynnts ro-

sisted her entrance, rcpeatiug her hus­

band's orders.

"Out of tho way," said Mrs. D "I

mean io euro Sultan."

She sat down and watched him until

she had concluded what wns amiss,

then went to the doctor for medicine,

"Let the beast die," paid tho doctor;

"I dou't know what to do for him. Bo-

sides, I wish ho was dead. I'm afraid

of him."

"S(i and BO ails Sultan," persisted

Mi'R. 1) ; "do you give uio just tho

niedlcinn you would give to a human

Iteing thus ill, and tell mo how to ut'O


ijho couqnrrcd, a-i is woman's way ;

and returning, mixed her medicine, nnd,

making the men hold Sultan, who, by

tliia time, was ton weuk to resist much,

she gave him his first dose. The sec­

ond dose be made no objection to. He

seemed to have come to an understand­

ing 'twas for his good. " 'Tis going to

make Sully well," said Iiis iniHtreRR ;

and tho poor fellow gratefully licked

her baud.

Well, she onred him, as she bad said;

nnd tho dog—why, his gratitude nnd

lovo townrd Mrs. D were without

measure and without bounds. Ho uSar-

ly pounded liis licnyy tail oS, and

smashed overything to jelly, saying

"How are you ?" nnd otlier things with

it, when sbewns ony where near. And

ho contrived to be so near somotimcs on

rather odd occasions. One night, when

Mr. D was away, Mrs. 1> wns

startled by hearing heavy breathing bo-

sido hor. Bising np to see what it

meant, she found Sully, supported on

the floor, linthiH Klionlders on tho bed,

nnd his big h


Putnam County Standar


OLIVES H. inLLEEtEaitoraaa Proprietor.

BABM A. FOX, ruin-ianm.

•ATVRDAT, JtJI.V aBlft. 'W-

TMRMoitAf-soF Joun?(Ai.is.n.

In the discnssions of jonmnliBm which

have been started by editorial convcn-

tioua and the ealnblisbmeut o£ ohnirB

of journaliBm in one or two ncadomio

institutionfl, it is well not to forgot tlio

mntter of morals. A great deal of in­

dignation has been meted out to those

proBSOs which publifih quack advertise­

ments, calculated to encourage vice and

crime. In this thing, a gnat is strained

at, tliat a camel may bo>wollowed; for,

almost without exception, the papcra

which denounce and vetnse to publish

these adTcrtisomenta, tiiko endless

imins to spread before their readers the

details of tlic crimes which the ndver-

tisemcnts are supposed to engender or

encourage. Murders, suicides, seduc-

tiona, adulteriofl,- burglaries, tbcftfl,

scandala—all disagreeable and disgrace­

ful things—detailed histories of events

which appeal to prurieut tastes and a

morbid desire for coarse and brutal

excitements—are not theEo the lending

material of a gi*eat multitude of our

daily papers? Wo may bo mistaken,

but wo behuvo tliat there is no depart­

ment of the world's news given with

Buoh exhauative particularity as that

which relates to vice and crime. If

this be doubted, lot the first ^paper at

hand be taken up, and the fact will,

we think, be determined as wo appre­

hend it. Wo know that in many papers

the remedial ogenciea of society-the

churches, schools, social conventions-*

private and organizud.chari ties—beg tor

Rpaco that is freely acooidod to the

record of a potty thief or on unfaithful

husband or wife. That which will

make a apicy paragraph is chosen before

that which will make a. healthy one.

Nor is this all. The crioiea which

are tlma spread |befaro the public for

its daily food ore ofttm treated like

anything but crimes. Some of our

y papers have a way of doing up their

columns of local crime as if it were all

a joke. The writer makes an ingenious

jest of every thing he is called upon to

notice. The poor women who are lost

to virtue and society, with hell witliin

them and before them, furuish grateful

themes for the reporter's careless pleas-

nntriea. Their arraignment, their trial,

their soutence, their appearance, their

words, are chrouiclod; in imfeeling

slang, with the intent to excite Inugh-

tor. Tliit which to a. good man or

woman is infinitely pathetic is mado to

api>ear a matter to bo laughed at, or to

be paasod over^ as of no account. A

case ot infidelity in the marriage rela­

tion, involving the destruction of the

peocQ of families, the disgiace of uhil-

dreu, Bud the irremediable shtmo of

the parties primarily conoernod, comes

to us labeled: "rich developmouts."

The higher tho life involved and the

purer tho reputation, tho "richer" tlio

"developments*' alwoy. A clergyman

is the best, next a lay member, and

then any man or woman who'may be in

a high social xxiaitiou. "Crime in high

life" is a particularly^ grateful dish for

those to servo up who cuter for tho

l>ruriont public. It is impossible not

to conclude that tho men who write

these items and articles delight iu them,

and that tho men who publish them re­

gard them only with relation to their

mercantile value. Wekuowof nothing

more heartless than the M-ay in which

criminals aud crime aro treated by a

portion of the daily x>rcss, aud nothing

more demoralizing to the public aud to

those who are guilty of trifling with

them under the lioenso of tho reporter's

pen. It is a bad, bad busiuess. It is

an evil which every paper claiming to

bo resiiuetahlu ought to cut up, root

and branch. Hu long as crime is treat­

ed lightly it is encouraged. Ho long,

too, us the edifying, iufurmiug, remedial

and jiurilying ageucie^ of tlie world aitt

subordinated in the public notice to

the records of vice aud crime, simply

because they are less startling or spicy,

it is nousouse to talk about quack ud-

vertisemeuts, uud a parade of mock

virtue which desurves both to be pitied

and laughed at.

Tlie daily pajter haa now become a

visitor in every family of ordinary iu-

ielligeuce. It has become the doily

food of children and youth all over our

country, aud it ought never to hold a

record which would naturally leave un

unwholesome effect upon their minds.

If crime is recorded, it should be re­

corded OS crime, uud with a ooutu:ieu-

tious exclusiou of all details that the

editor would exclude were he culled

upou to tell the story to his boy ui>uu

his knee, or to his grown-up daughter

sitting at his side. The way in which

uastiuesB aud beataliuess aie advenised

in erimiual reports is ubomiuabte* It

is not ueueusary,|it is uot on any account

desirable. A thousuud things of great­

er moment aud sweeter import pass

uunotioed by the press every day. The

apology that the press must be exacts

impartial, faithful, literal, etc, is u

shabby one. A press is ucver impar­

tial, when, by the predomiuauoe it

gives to crime in its reports, it conveys

the impression that critae is the most

important. It« xaoords do not hiuder

crime, do uot nourish virtue, do nut

odvauce iutelligeuee, do nut purify

youth, do uot build up the best

interests of society^ aud tho absorption

of the columns of the public press by it

is a stupendous moral uuisauoe that

ought to be abated.

We do uot expect tho press to be \xry

luuuh in advouue of the people, either

in morsJiiy or intelligeuce. It is quite

as much the outgrowth as the leader of

our oiviliEfttion, but it ou^t to be sii

"mpnaii"^' from the best Americui

spirit and culture uud not the worst.

We shall have, probably, so long as

crime exists, professional scavengers

vhu follow in its way to glean and gorge

its uucloiumeas. We have such now,

And a beastly brood who gleou after

them eveoi; but why a press eluiuiiug

to be reupeotablu should deem it its

Uuty to assist iu their dirty work sur-

jttuuMis our oompreheuHiun. We repeat

-it is uot ueoessary: it is aut on auy

I mrf I I - I •

Ti?iDicATn»Ti nFAcnvvi.r.tt

Oar fftitli ia Uie integrity of Schuyler

• C!f4Fax has never been shoken. In spit©

ol the most persistent cfl'ortB in person­

al and political enemies to becloud| his

long and honorable rcconl, wo have

felt convinrjed that time would furnish

n complete vindication and that he

would bo aligned among the purest

patriots c f the country

it will l«) remembered that tho prin­

cipal point at issue was whether a

twelve 'hundred dollar check was paid

or not. Oaken Amos aworo positively

that V.r. Colfax received the cheek,

Mr. C'jlfax swore positively that ho did

not rr*ceivo it. Cashier Dillon was un­

der the impression that the money was

paid to Ames, and tho tcstimeny of Mr.

CoUax was*8U8toined;by other evidence.

Now Mr. Drew who was in Europe at

tho timo of tho investigation, comes for­

ward and stales, that ho was in Wash-

ington in conference with Mr. Ames, on

tho day the twelve liuudrnd dollar chock

was cashed. Ue saw aud examined tho

check; saw the money pahl into tho

hands oi JAmea, aud saw Ames pay it

over to another man who was not Mr.

Col tax.

Mr. Drew is well known as a geutlo-

mnn whoso veracity is entitled to full

credit. His statement is direct, and

bears evidence of being lentirely truth­

ful. It supports tho positive declara­

tion of Mr. Col tax himself, and taken

iu connection with other testimony,

seems entirely conclusive on this pointy

which was the main couut in the nidict

ment i>atched up against him-

nocK nAnRiA«E3.

A legal corrospoudeut of tho New

York Herald, referring to the so willed

Goodrich" and King 'mock marriage,'

thus trrata this iden;

'Wliy dc4l tbirivln, tthuU L-(imiiii-m;i.' mul l"awft;(i', an oiTtlfli"!

l.y tlKH.-crilaryf tho

hoard of tiiwii aiiditorB of the t«wn, cousewtiiiij to

auiJi iucoriH.rutiou; provided tliut auch roriK,ra-

tioua ahall only cngaBu lu or conduct auy w> ini-nrjiorol'.d, may unuunlly

i-kctfrom ila uuiubcra 11B trUbU^ei.. dirtctora or

luaiiagcrB, ut Buch lime and place, auU iu ciich man­

ner UB may be aiMicillid lu llx by-lawN who BhuU

have thu conlrul aud niuiiHK'Wfut of the afTuirM

aud fuuda of «aid company, and a mujority of

whom Bhall !« a quorum lor ilio trunraclion of

buBlnoaa. Whouovcr auy vai«aey HUBU happen

among httid IruBtwa, dm clorB or uiaiia([. r«, by

death, ret.ianalioii or urtilnet to wnv, auch vacauey

ahall iiL-tiHeil in tho manner provided lu Ui« by­

law a of aald comp:iuy.

{ 4. In caw it ahall at any time hapi^u that an

cluctiou of tru-.t.t«, • miiua«erit or dlroctoru ahall

not be mado on the day dealj[nat«'d by tho by-lawB,

auid eomjwny whall not for thut cauBo t« diMtolveU,

prranna fntlllcrt tftTPcrive thf rent rfarrwd upon

any I'llor parcrloflandon whlrh any ifnt la re-

ccivi-d, an ]>rn\ided In thla aection, cannot ho

BBCT-rtnlni^l by the a-t^cM-ftrc. thrn tho afimo ahall

lie aoii'HKcd nRnlnfit Ihe tcunnt or tenants in ptw-

•exMon of Bald lot na rents rewrvcd.

t 2. Ppetlon two of RRld met in liwoliy amonilpa

«> ai to read aa foU iwa:

t 2. The board of impfrvlaori* in earh ronnly

fdiall aF»>en!< taxea tn lie ralaed for town, rnnnty and

fttalo purimnea npon tbe petnon or pfraona entith'd

to rfvh've anih reiit^ within tho town or »*ard where

the Innda upon ^\'Iilrh audi rent^ are re-'erved and

hittiateil, In tho ramn manner, and to thn name

exiiTnt. aa any perBoiial ehtale of the Inhahltanta

nf»mchln«-n. And in cane tho namo or namra of

Uifprraon or ]nT"onF entitled to reivive tho renta

npon any lot or jmrccl of innd haa not l-ecn nacfir-

talni-d by the aaBecaor, then tht b-iard of Rnper-

vlKora Nb^II aBHePH the tax anthorl»on the rent reaiTved ao

onlleiniil of him, in the m.tuner provided In aeetfon

three of thlF* act.

( 8. Seellon three of rhnpler ihrep hundred and

twcnty-aevenof thelawn of oiffhtern liundrerl and

fiirtv-aiT, i^ hereby amendi.-il MO an to rend aa


{ a. If anRlitaxahnll not be jiaM the collector

orlheperaiinautlinrir.ed by lawto rtTTlvo aald tax

Bhall levy the aanie hy dl-trenn and aale of Uie gooda

iind rhiiltelsol the iierfon againal whom the aamc

la uHB -aaed wllhlii llie town or ward of aald col-

Wtor, in therame manner aa if niich |>craon waa

an luliBliiatnt of auch town or ward. And If no

anftlcient gimdn or ehatlela helnnRlng to the pf raon

apainBt whom the fttmv IH aBHeKM>d can be found in

aald town or wurd, then in that raxe It ahall t)c tin-

duty of the collivLor to levy and rolleet tho aame

iiy dlMrcBB and aide of the gonda and chnttela of the

tenant orhaaee ; iviawpBlon, of tho di-nilacd pre-

rniBc-" on whichnaid rent la rcmrTi'd; and the ten­

ant, lefaee in pimHiBHlon, or )iertioD iu pomeniilou,

of Bnhl premlBCH, niay ahiite from the nntnnnt of

any n>Tit n-aiived upon aaid premiapa either due

iir'to grow line Iherenu, the iimonnt of tax BO paid

by or eolleiled of him u))on the renla ao n-aeived,

w'jlii ir tere^t on the amount ao paid from (he time

of the payment of aaid tax; and the warrant fur

Ihceiillnction of Biiid tax iBBued by tho lioard of

BMi)erviB[irHtn thoiidlector of any tonn iu which

aaid tax ahall bo i.fiscBaed ahall direct the coUertiou

oftliefume in aiToixlance wllli Iho pI•o^l..iona of


BTATr. orNFW YoiiH, )

omcooftlioHi-cirtary of Stnte. (' "

I havcconiiiared Iheprwi'dlng wllh the orlgtnn)

law on flic in thin ofhce, aud do lierchy cirilfv thiil

the fame la a correct traimcrlpt thenfrom and ofthe

wholt) of aald orielual law.

a. iiiLTox armnNF.n,

Uceft'tary of tjtulo.

[Etery law, nnlcaa a dilTerenl lime Miall be pre

aerllH-d therein, ahall commenoe and take effect

thrimghont tlic Slali', on and not iMforo tho twin*

tilth day after tho day of ita flnal pna^iifle. a« cerll-

Iled hv tlic Hecntary of Klate. Hec. 13, title I, chap.

7, part 1, KevlHcd Statutcr'.]

CHAP. *n.

AN AfT lo eiiaMe lodgea of the Independent Order

of thld Felhiwa toltake, hold and convey real and

IN:rHomd CBtale.

I'AHKKu May (t, 1873.

77ic People n/tltc S'fftle of Sew Yorf;,

rrprcscntcd in AVjmi/c ami Anscmbfi/,

(to enact at followa:

There was something royal—milroad

royalty—in the style with whieh tho

body of Uoroce F. Clark was l>urno to

its resting place in Woodlawir Bi>ecial

trains of drawing room ears brought

mourning friends into town, and a

special train convoyed the funeral cor­

tege to the cemetery. Tho engine drap­

ed in moumiiig, boroj tho name of thu

dead man, aud his private palace cur

moved iu the proceai>iou, liis special

chair therein draped aud with other

siguif of the bad event, just as the war­

rior's steed follows his mobter to his

loug home.

ftcoouxit deairable.— HcriOjuT «

Wheu a murder ia committed in a

New York hotel the effect upou the bus-

itious of the house is good. The Grand

Central has proiipered wonderfully

aiuce Mr. Fiuk was shot there, and

ainee the murder of Mr. Wtilworth, sr.,

by Mr. Walworth, jr., at tho Sturte-

vaut house, that hotel has been full to

overtlowiug. People who oi>eu hotels

iu Qotham should take the hint, aud

keep a first-chuui tmnawiu about.

A rumor whit^ has for BOUXO time

been floating abuut.uewspaper circles iu

Loudou begius to assiuue the oemblouee

of laet. It is that Jamet Gordon lieu-

uett it* making preparatious to uatablish

there a jouruol, wluuh tduiU hoek to be­

come to London what the Jlaratd is to

Kew York. Xiie btury is that the edi­

tor of the uew journal ia to be Fitz

Jaiues titevtuui, who is tu receive a sal'

ftry ol £5,000 u year; that the staff is to

be made up of British and Amurieuu

juuruulifits; aud thut tho paper is to

make itH uppuurauoe un the lut of Juu-

uory suati.

Au luditiua wouuku whose huaband

vus killed on a railroad while druuk,

huit obtained $(i, •

We w>e Turkey has to {five 17 per

oeat for itt luoiu. Why ou eurih dou't

it tuuLot a usury law f

but it tball uud uiuy be lawful i-u any other day lo

hold uu election for ti UBtt-ei., dlroctom or mauugerw,

in Huchiuuuuer au siUd coiui«uy muy duterwlue.

{ 6, Auy corjiorutiou iorunsd miUer thiB act may

take, hold or receive auy propirilj', real or ]H-rHouBl,

hy virtue of uuy devh*c or heiiuift wmtnluud iu auy

luat will uud leatamBut;]irovldcd, tliat uo peruou

leaving u wife, child or juircnt ahall devtao or hc-

qiicath lo Buch corjioratlou luoro than one-fourth

tif hiu or bw CBlaUi, ufur i*yiueut of aU dehtu

eaUUng aguinbt uuid eutute, aud auch devLiu or

ln«iuebt bhuU lie vuUd lu tiiu tilcut of Bucb oue-

fourth outy.

t 0. Thetrusluoi ot auy company or oori>ora-

tiuu on»al£cd under the provuiioua of thia act rUall

be Julully unJ acvvrully huble for ull dohla due

from wild cuu^p^uiy or coriioiuliou, r.uulracud

while tbey ar* trualcea, provided aaid dcbta ure

iiayuhlu within ouu year from the lime they BhaU

Luve hccuooultucled; aud j-rovided liirther. thai

aaultlor Iho eollecliou Bh.dl l>e brought wlthiu

oue yeur after the debt ahaU hLCuiue due aui ivy-


{ 7. 11 ahuU h-- the duty of trusto.-a, dlreiiora or

mauugera of all vorimnitiuiui furuiud under ltd>. act

or a luajority of Bttid lru:it«ca. dlructora or maua-

gura, ou or before the hlieentb day of Juuuary lu

each year, to make and Lie iu ihe cuunly derk'a

oOkeu wheiv the cerliticute of lucorjioiuliou i* llled.

a ortitluale uuder their huud«, Muliug thu uuiuiv

of thu truHtecM und odiccm of auch eor|iordUou,

with uu inventory of the proi«rly aud itl.rla aud

llublliiii'B thereur, with uu uOldavit of aald trui>tiHi«,

direclurB oriiiuuugcrBOl tbcUuUi of auch crliti-

cate aud luvcutury : uud uljti a like aftidavii iluU

audi coriKiraliou WB uot been eugagi^d, directly or

iudirectly. iu auy uUicr huaiuoaa Ihou auch aa ia

bcl forth lu the ouitUluato ol lucor]HMikUuu,

1 8. Every eorjioraU'jn formed under thia aut

ahall iKMiHt^tui the i;eUeiBl jiowem eiiufi-rtiid •y and

he aubjecl to the provhiioUB uuil ronliteliona of the

third tiUe of the elgUtoeUlli ehuliliir of the Oral JiWt

of the Ueviaed UUtuLeti,

{ U, The leKitdiduru may at auy Uuio alter,

u^eud or rei>eal thin aut, or uuy iwrt thereof'

f 10. Thia uut aliall take etfeul iuimedialtJy

tiTATi: or NEW y:e aud t.ike eSuut

Uirouuhuul the Utal-, on aud not boloru the twcjl-

tiuth day ullur thu day of itn tlual puwuKe, at eurU-

Ued hy the tiuurotary of UUte. buc. H, LiUo it uhuj'.

;, ii.tri 1. Uuvlaed mututoa.J

CHAl'. Mlf.

AN ACT lo amend chuplur thrue-huudrod and

lwe4ity-avi tiu of Uie lawa of olgbtoui hundred

aud lorty-aiK, uuUUud "Au »ot tu oqualiae lux»-

Uuu," iiuk^ed May IkirtveU. eightouu huudrvU

luid lurly-als.


thrt>o-lilth buutg iirtut'ut

T/te People of Otc hUitc of New York

rcprcHviUid i$i 6cnutc and Atntiiably,

do enact a* foUowv :

i 1. IkwLiuu DUB uf ohapt*j' tUrot) huutlrud aud

t«ivuty'4M)vuu uf thd lawa uf viKlitouu hundred uid

lorty-aix la aweudud ao aa to luad aa folluwa;

{ 1. It ahull U' the duly of the unauaaura of ouch

towu aud ward, while oitguged lu aaourtaiulug the

tuUthle jiroiierty LheroUi, Xij ddlgiuil intiuiry, to

aaovrlalu the auiouut of ieul« roaeritia iu auy

luuM:a lu fuc, or fur oue or uiutv llvua, or fur a

U'sui of yeura excvudiug tweuly-uuv ywra, aud

uUaigablii uiHiu land wllhiu auijj towu or wvd.

wliiiui rout aluiU In lutaefod to thu juiraiuu or puf-

aoub ouULltid to ruii:ive thi' aauie iu> jHiraouul uatalv,

wUit.k It la luuuhj dwiluioU lu be, lor the puriKMiu

of tuutUuu uuder lhu> anI, ut i> jiriuiupul uiuu, the

lutiTeat vl wliiuh ul the U%it\ rale iMiT uuuum ahull

)iroiiuoe a numuuiial to Buidi uuuual xe.uti.; aud iu

uUMi audi reut* are pujable ui any othur thuig

tixcept uiouey, the \ulue iil HUidi uuuuul rvUU lu

Utuuey aliiJl be itMourtuined by Ute uaDuaBiirii aud

the aame ahull be UMoaaod in uuuiui^ klun«ald.

AuU Ut t^sMi the umui; ut uiouvs iit Uii' itJiwu iir

BRTTIOR I, unienevcr onj- lodge o( did FellowH

which IB orbeirattcr may bo dnly eharteit-d by

and iiintull.d'aceordino to the g^-ncral riilea and rtti'

iilatioUB of Ihe tlraud l.odge of thu Indrjiendent

Order of (J Id rclhiwB of tho Ktiite of New York

hliall be dcBlronn of havlnit Ihe iH-neflt of thla cet il

ahull uud may be lawiul for auch lod«e at any regu­

lar contmunicatli>n Un^reuf, held in iieeordanco \til\i

tho conhtilMtion and grnurul rcgnlBliona of the

urand lodge afoienoid, and in conformi'y to Ita own

hy-laWB, to elect UireetniBteca for ciich lodHii for

the puriMiM' aforewalil, a ccrlltleate of which election

aud pnr|HiHi' shall be mado and Biib-*rllied by iho

Ilr-I thri-eehttiw! olUcers of auch lodgi! under their

IiniidK. andBtatmg therein the timo uud place of

au.h election, the regnlarlty thereof, tho naniea of

aald tniBleiB uud tho teruia Bcverady for which

they are ulhilted lo M rvc, und the name of the lodge

for »hh!h Ibcv aro ehctid. Tho pxecullun of Bueh

i^rtiftcflto hhatl be oiUuowledged or proved bcloro

Boinoolllcer authorized lo take tho ack now I wl mo­

ment of ih-edB, who Bhall indori-B then-on a reitifl-

cale of auch iieknowlednement under hia himd, and

the KunK'Bhall be llled In the ollico of the Hecretury

of Kla'c. Kuch trnBteea and tliilr fuecebaora BIIIHI

thereuimn be uud become entllled to idl Ihu bcne-

liia rlghla und privilegui gniiiied by Ihia act. to aud

r.ir the UHc and behoof of f;iid hwh^e, and a copy of

mid ecrtilleate, otrtiOed hy Iho aiH-ittary ot Klate or

hlH deputy, ahall !» evidence of the rl^hl of auch

lro«lH'« to exerciw! all tho rlghU and privileges

i^inferred by thia act; and aaid tniBteea Bhall there-

ui>on be authorized to take, hold aud convey real

audiH.-raouaUeiatcrorllie eharit;iMo purpoBea of

eaM hxlge, not exceeding the clear anumd valuo of

leu tbouitand dollara,

t a. Thu tieraona BO first (loctcd ImMeea ahall 1>e

divided by lot, by aaid olh.'ira making aaid certifi­

cate, ao ihut the term of ouo ahull exjilre ou the

thirty-hri-t l>ay of liiT*nilH-r m st therc«lt elected by Bald

lodge liy bullol, in the Bttine iiiauuer and at tl;c

aitUiotlme aa tho Ural three olhcera thereol aeverul-

ly aiw or hjiidl be elected iiceordiiiH t-ilhe coni-tini-

tioii, liy-lawa aid generul reguhitioua aforcBuid, and

acerlidcAlo of Biiid eliition, uud. r Iho haiida or

naid ofllcelB aud the Bcal ot Ihe lodge, 11' they PIIUII

have oup, ahall be lUH.Io and ahall bo evidence of

aald eledion, aiulentilh'Buid iH--rr^ii ao clecliil to

net aa trnBtee. Kuid lodjie may, ul uny regukr

iKjinmnniculion, nil liny vacancy ihul may havo i.c-

cnrcil in r-aid board ot trustee*, lo bo certitled In

like uiuuiier aud with like iffect aa at an anuual

eh'Ctlou, TheiHr«oiihoeh«ledhhull,hold|h)aolllciri.r

und dur UK the term of the IruBtte whoae phu-o he

waa elected to Ull.

tJ If nny )>eraoneo elected trualco ahall dlo,re-

algn,'dlmitor lieBini|ieudod, or cxiMllcd from aaid

lodge, remove from tho htuto, or U-conio IUMHIO or

othunvibc ini^paiJlub d for pirforiulug tin- diillca

ol aaid iruBt, hia otlicc aa iruBli'e thcrelor ahall he

deeiiiad vueaul. u'ld BUCII Uid^e muy thereafter at

auy ii-gulur meeting Idl Biich vacaney in Ihe niuu-

uer und with tho eUivt hinted iu Ihe lait BL-dion.

{ 4. The irilBlcea of anv auch lod;fe;aud their aun-

cCHNora ahail I)..' and uro hereby au'horixcd to Uke,

hi.ld aiide-ouvcv, by and under tlio directiou of

Hull lodge, anil for tho UHO and bunelll thcrcofi

ulllhoteuuHirulllcBaudproiicrly belonging thcre-

li), uhclher cuiiBihtiug of nal or jieraouul ualale,

aud whether the anmo aliall huvo liitu given,

gruuUid or dcvlaed dirwdly lo Biich lodge or lo any

iieui.iu or iH-rMiua for Ih. ir UM; or in lrui*i for Ihem

or t heir lieiieht, und uluo in their iudii idnul nume«,

with the addlthiU of their title of IruBlce* uforeauld,

11 Bue uud hu auo-l lu all courU aud pliu^a havlug

juriHJietiou, und to recover, hold aud lujoy in

tru-,t hud hubject aa afoieaaid, aU the deht... d.-

mandB, right* und iirlvlhtiCB, and uU Odd I'eilow'ti

UullB, with the npimrtcmiucoral alTuira of t.ueh lodne,

and lo dlBiK««i of ita proiH-rty aud all other U'mjior-

ul coui'crua aud revenue thereof, aud tlie aecr\;taiir

and treoBurer of Mich lod(;e duly elected and in-

alal cd ui-cordlug to the cuuntdutiou und Kcnerul

regubUoiiHuforfBuld, ahull, for Iho liuic Uinic, bo

>eiolliei^tUeMvti^lary uudtiuuiutcr of aaid tru«-


{0. Kotbinginthlaact eonUined, ahall be cou-

btrued or taken to give lo auch trnateca ol uuy lodge

the power to purchaa, KII, convey or diaiKwo ofany

proi«-rty, real or la-raoual, of audi lodge, nor ahuU

they have audi jHiwer fxcejil hy uud. r the direeUou

of aueh lodge duly hud ul a regular or aUUil com-

munlcallo., thereof, acwrdlng lo the ccmBUtuUi.u

aud ueneral re^jiihithm aforeauid, uud bud IruBleea

hhuUohey uud abide by the dircctlonN ordei* and

rwolullonhof fc;Ud lodge, duly iMUacd ul auy regu­

lar or htjU-d (xjmuiuuli.*Uou or i:ouvocaliou thereof,

acciirdiug to and not coutniveuiug the conBtituliou

und lawa of Ibia Slate, or ol Ihe irriiud body to which

it ahall be aubordinuU or of the lodge uforewild.

Kueii truB LtM ahull rive huch l.oudB lor too luiihful

l^rlormauee of their dutieaaa are rei^uiied by the

Ly-Uwu ol the lody j of v.lxich they are irualeea.

(C It ahall and may be lawful for any li«lae, or

the triu.U.ea oroIhiaTB Uu rcof. uuder the direction

ol auiJ. lodge her. tolore IneoiiMirated -y the uwa

of Ihishlate, or thereby euablcd to tate aud hold

real or IHTHOU-I e«lule. or both, to Biirreudcr auch

lid of iucoi poruUiiu. dmrl.-r or privilege, and to U-

enabled lo take uud hold pioiK-rty. with aU Uie

ri blBaiid Bubjwt loiill Ihe provialoua of thin act,

..niuukluBaiidhhuglh-eerlillcaU. iu UIB luauuer

M" . iUed iu Ihe liral Bc.iloo uf Ihia ucl, and thcreUj

..luiiiig, in uddition to what ia therein reijuiitd^lho

anrroiidcr of aaid act, chaittr or privilene.

Btandn charged i^ one for which mrb prlanner may

be admitted to bail liyihe lawa of thia Slate, Die

court or officer an refnalng auch rtiwharge ahall, o .

demand of tbfl Tirlaoner or hia connael, at or anv

time artoT the time of renderlnR Ila dendon, flx th •

amonnt in which anch priaoner may Iw admitted to

liall, and thereupon, if aneh prlfwnet aliall aerve on

anch olBcer, or on the clerk of inch conrf, and on

the dlatrlct attorney of thp county in which aneh

proceedlngK are hail, a notice of hia Intention to

remove aaid proreedinga into tHe aiipreme oonit,

tn l»o examined and coirecteil, or of hia appeal to

the conrt of appeal", ai the cane may he, and enter

into recognlunoe In the amnnnt ao flied in manner

and fnnm, and with aneh anrety or auretiea m ahatl

1)0 apprnwd by auch odlcer or court, or by a jnallce

oftheanpremnrnnrt, or the eonnty judge of the

ennnty in whti'h aneh proceeding" ahall Im had, eon-

dltionod that the raid prianner will appear at a time

and place tn !«• Hta!ed in audi recognir^nee, tn

abide by and perform the judgement or order of

Ihc conrt inlo which aald proeeedlng- may have

been removed. In caae the prnceetllnga are Intended

tnbi'rcmovee, ahall he affirmed by the anprrme

conrt or the court of appeala then aneh prlnnner

ahall Itedtarliarged from cn«tndy until the Mid «n-

paeme court BIIHU hear anfl decide the matlera ao

removed lnt»il, or nntll the court of apjieala ahall

hear and decide aneh app(«1, or until aneh pro-

ncedlnga or appeal bo diamlHanl; and each prlaoner

ahall remain in Ihe cuatndy nf the aheritf of the

county lu which hn may then bo nntit he giro ball

a" afnre«aht, or If ho do not gire ball, then until

thcauprrme rmirt or the court of anpeata ahall

hear and decide Ihe matter* an removed into it, or

Ihe appeal ao to be ttiken. or until aaid proceeding

or appeal ahall 1>e dlamfd,

( 3. Thin aut ahall take effect immediately.


Offlec of the Hfcretary of Btale, f "*

I have romimred the preceding with the original

law on file in thla offlee, and do lieralty eertify that

the aame la a corn-ct tranacrlpt therefrom and of

the whole ot said original Uw,

o. nii-ToN RrmiiNm.

Bccretaryjof State.

(Every Inw, nnlca* a dllTcrent lime ahall be pre-

acrihed tlierrin, ahall eo mmence and take effect

Uirnnghnnl the Stiite, on and not liefore Ihe Iwen-

tlelh dar afler the day of Ila final paaaago, aa eerti-

fledby IheHecretary of f^tiitc. dec. 13, title*.chap.

7, |)arl I, IlcWaed Slolntt-a.]

CHAP. 4m.

AK ACT to amend aectinn fonrleen of chapter

aeven hnndn-d and forly-fiiiir of the Ijiwa of

elirhleen hnndred and aixlT-aeven, entitled "An

act tn dellne the ohjecta of tho New Vork State In-

alltullon for the Ullnd, and to provide for Ita


Paaced May n, 1(17.1;

threc-flftbfl Iwing preaent

Tlic pnoplc of the State of Ncxo York^

represented in Senate and Asacmblj/,

do enact aa followa:

HETTIOM 1. Section fourteen of chapter aeven

hiindr-d and forty-four of the Lawa of eighteen

hnndred and aUtj--aeven, entitled "An art to derlno

llieohjcdaoriho New Vork, State Inalitutinn for

the Blind, and In provide for itn management," la

hereby amended ao aa to read HB follows:

{ 14. If Iho friendrtof any impll from within the

State of Hew Vork ahull fail through neglect or Ina-

billly to provide Ihe aamewHb proper rlnthlng or

With fiind^ to defray hU or her neceaaary traveling

ei]>enBea to und from the InBtltution, or lu remnx-e

him or her therefrnm, aa required in the preceding

aedinn, the tniBleea t-hall fnrtil'h auch elolhing.

1-ay auch traveliug cinenao, or remove aneh pupil

in tl e care of llic ovcmei'rB of the poor

of hia or her townahip, and charge Ihe eoxt nf the

aume to the county tn which Ihe ])Upil bclnnga, pro­

vided that the annual anmnnt of Niieh exi>endlturca

nn a'C'iunt of any one pnnil ahall not exceed the

aum of alxty ilnltiira. And In caae of the death of

any pupil at tliii inHtlMitliin, whoae remalna ahall

not la'removed or foneral cxiicnaea borne by the

fHenda Iherc.if, tlie-

aary burial eiiienM>a, and charge the aame tn Ida

or her ennIlly aa aforoBaid. t'lmn Ihe compldlun

nf their courao of traiulu;; In the Indnatrlal depart­

ment, the truBlcca muy fnrnlah to ain-h worthy

puplla oa may need It, an out lit of machinery and

lonlB fur commencing huaiaeBS at a coat not ea-

ceeiling aevenly-flvo doilarw each, aud charge tho




"Tfir Place to Buy iaxvhcreyouenngcC

the. Prat Pargalnn*

F. E. Foster & Co.



rp H. Ac J< A. REED

Flru nud I^in^ Innuirnnno


Brewster's, N. Y.

Thla firm are Agenta for Uie foltowlng Compatilei

tho reputation of which have long been ntab-

llafaed, and ft la fully acknowledged, that

there are none better In the conntry.

name to the proiHtr eonnty, aa aforeitald.

(3. The board of tniateea may clert a aorretary,

wbn hhall Bervo during the pleoanro of the Imard,

and who Bhall not l>e u mamlier thereof, and may

nil any vuriiucv in the auld onice na often BM the

aatne chall occur, and may preacrilxi hia duliea and

fix hia comiieuaatlon.


omce of Ihe Secretary of Plate. ( *

I havecompnred the preceding with the original

law ou lile In Iblfl oflicc, and do hercliy certify that

Ihc aamo la a correct tranacrlpt therefrom and of

tho whole of aald original law.


Secretary of State.





Lumber, Timber

Flour, Feed, Gi'ain,

Lime, Haii', Cement,

Sand, Plaster, Sash,

Etc., Etc., Etc.,


CUSTOM Solicited and Satisfaction


dnnotpermltany paHlcato nndenelt Ihem in any

clnaa of flrat qiialKy gooda, and we wlah the pnblie

lo know tt. Come lo oiir atore in


and aave money.

Below Wti partially enumerate the articica which

may Iw aeen In our different departmenta, all of

which will be Bold at prlcea very much below reaa-

onahle cxptvlation*.

Dry Goods

Drexs OoDda and Rultinga, SUka, PopUna, Ho

balro, Alpocaa, Dombazlnea, Flqnca. IJnena, Nap-

kiua, Towela, Sheotlnga, Prlnta fcc, aU of which

were liought to be aold.

Hosiery and GIOVCB,

ItibbouB, Trimraiugs,


Linen Collars nnt] CUITB,

Hoop Skirts,

French Corsets,

Ladies* Scarf.s,



W. Q. and C. C. Warn of every conceivable va­

riety : French China, TM and Dluuer aclta, plain,

aud ornamental.

Vaaea of the mofl delicate and beautiful conatruc-

tion, and decorated iu the highest »ityle of art, aro

among tliC (freal ca^nttmcnt which we exhibit.


We are making a I'eclidily in this dei>arlmeut ond

defy every and all compctllion; we can po>.ltlvely ael

Boya, Youth'a uud Mena elolhing, cheapir than the

aame gra-lea can he elaewherc obtained. Our gneda

aro mnnufactured by the inuat relhible honau iu Ihe

tTuited Stalea, are wuiTunted to fit, and arc rnt in

the latert alylea. Il^a no trouble la ahow gooda; we

Invito examinatloui and are at all ttmea pleaai-d to

aee our friends wh< tlu;r thry purclioae or uot.

Our atock of Clotba and Caaalmcrca ia complete.

Boots and Shoes.

It laa weUeatabllabcdfact, that wo keep a Tcry

large alock l^om which to oelert; lu ahori, that our

lit the only houao that exliibita a full lino of thcae

neceaaary gnoila, and It ii aa well kuowu that our

Block ia the very beat maDofacturoa.

AD %'i:itXiSKM i8.4fl

NLVGAIIA luBurancc Co. New York.

ASSETS $1,401,089,19

GLEN'S FALLS. Glen's Falls, N. Y.

ASSETS 3572,452,98

HANOVER, luBuranco Co., N. Y.

ASSETS |72G,399.94


MUTUAL LIFE, of New York.

ASBKTS (iver $40,000,000,0

iHCi^'LargeKt in Americ*._rtF*

CONNECTICUT Mutual, Ilurtto .

ASSETS |;28,O()0J»t*.w

IV-AU pi.llciea iHsued by T. H. Ueed, will IM M>.

t«nded to promptly before their csidraUun.

T. U.kl.K. ItGl^D, Ilrewater'i. N.




DKAUm nr

Watches, Clocks,



Haa conaUuUy on haml, a large and flti*

uaortment of

Stationmy, Fancy Tnfcs

Albums, Blank Books,

Writing Desks, Etc,


Eenairs Keatly Exernted and Vammldd,



__ _ referi-

riia'l''o'audai«rii>iuK the aamc. and ouauch oer-

ilt^te Ulug BO ioude and Ulod. the lodge making

and liliiig the aamc aludl thereupoU be du-mod art

havuiBlully aurreiiderod -uch »uiioriH>rtttiou, char­

ter or right, and iU iiroi^rty ahallUluUj v(»U.d

in tho tru»t.i-B ^l»1eifled in -.Jd crtillcale, and their

BUcocBBorN with all the righla. jKiw.ira uud jirivllc-

Bea. aud hUbjeet to aU the iirovifcluua of thu act.

t 7 Ko board of truBt' ea for any hidge, llliiug the

certillwile arou*aid, ahall lie deiuied lobe dhmolv-

ed for auy neglocl or oiulaaion to elect a truat^x-

anuuaUy or Ull auy va.*ucy or vaj*u.lea thut may

occur or cilBl at auy time lu aald l«Jiird, but It ahaU

und may be lawiul lor -aid lod;(e to tUl Buch vacuu-

ey or vaenu.iiea ul any renuUr eoUimuiileaUou Ihcrc-

•1 ter lo be heJd. auJ until a vauaucy uruuug from the

miiraiiouol ihetcnuof offiueof a trualw ia ilU.-d

ua afore^d, hi' ahull continue to hold the aaid oUUw

uud ikjforui thu dutiua theroof.

t» I'tila act xball be deojued a iiublio act and

Mhlai U> bouliaily cuuatruud lu oU courU aud idacwa

to offuctuutu tho ubjuuta thi'rouf.

§ 2- Tliis ttct tihull tttke eflfect im-


BiaTt OF JJtw YoiiK ) „

Ollioe uf the Hwrulary of Sl»U-. /

I have comjiur.'d Ute i>roeudlug with the original

hiw on lUe lu Uti* olhw, and do h.rehy w>ilily tUt

ihe aamc hi a i>t>ula fruui uuv dimhuuu rtdualug lu*

dlBchwvr, tuitl tht' ulIitiM; with whloh auoh iviiKUMsr



Manufacturer of


Blinds, Doors, ^

and Mouldings,




Hand Rail

and Custom


Scroll Sawing,

Planing & Matching,

doue to order.


OU Bliuils puiuteJ aud repaired.

Oct. 6tb, n^. If.


Udot* and Shoea are confcaaedly auiMriorin avery

iwrtlculur to any otheti made, and they aro 'Stand

ard"bcth in quality aud price. Wo are aoUlng *

iHittani prlcea.

Ueu'a Fine French Calf buota,

'* " Uorrucco Hand Sewed huata.

" " Uatid Sewed Calf Oaiteri.

" •• Cuugreaa Oxford Laced Shota.

•' " Bcotdi Cungreu.

•• " Uea^T boota, all quallUci.

Ijuliea rronch Kid BuUon Uout«.

" Bi'rjje Toxod 11| " "

'• Hcrge Laced *' '*

" Glove Kid " '*

" FUie Oullera.

KUpjwrB; Newport lie, Dolly Vorden, Serge, &o

ChlUrt-ua Frejuh Goat, all Culora. Call and aeu






Jlte Otticut and Jiatt Bcyulatcd Jfouae

in 'JoufL

Tables FumUhed wUh aU the

Velicaciet of Uie t>ea»0P

Wall jAoukod wiU)» Hue ouUooUuu uf pUMH



^puoUl AjrauguLUDuta fur Vuurd \>j the mttl*

Jircakjatt,,. 7to8

JJittiKJ- ,,«..ii have weekly edlUona of gooOaaud«verytliiug

(wiuiil aa rupriMHaitiMl.

To Huiu up

We koup iivoryihlug Iba^Tipy uao can uwdi have

but uue prior, murk uur guuda Is idaiu flgwoa, uid

duol lutLulobe u.ctiio d-

U> MiU uur guoda, aud w« tutuud tv muk Uuaa ao

uw Uiat uuuiteoMiBUMHiaafuU/ouiupvtti with ua'

F.E. Foster &^ Co.

The recent test of Flre*Proof Safes

by the English Government proved

the superiority of Alum Filling. No

other Safes filled with

Almu and PIast«r-of-Faris.


266 Broadway, N, Y.,

721 Chestnut St., Phlla.

New Firm.




atoro preaently occupied by Mr. Edward Stone, »


Fvrnishinq Goods Estahlishmctit,

Having a long exi^rience in the


rajJe, we ahall keep in our Ouatom

nil hne of

I>epartnient; a

Cloths, CassimereSj & Vestings

Canitanily on hina.-whicli we wOl ra:iko im t

order hi the UW*\. atyle ul HID h*we.l i ritra

autee iMTfcet aatufuction,

. , Toannillf,

' *^ Juoua KEMPE

Doiiicslic Dry Goods.

Dress Goods,




Crockery, Glass Ware

Paper Hangings,

Yankee Notions,

Boots, Shoes,

Hats, &c.

At the LOWEST Pidoe ftV which FIOST CL&U8

OOOUU cou be had.


Life and Fire Insurance


Hanover Fire Insurane Co, N.Y

Capital. 8500,000.

Fire Association, Fhiliufclphia..

Lycoming Fire Ins'e Co., of Pa*

AMtptta, |S,*"0,3n.30

Pennsylvania Underwriters.

AsactiB, |],SSO,D00.0O

Agricultural Fire Insur'nce Co.

Walcrloan, N. V. Ituurta Farm liukt onlp.

Net SuriiluB, over ad Uabilltlea, . »23i,tPa([.C0

Alps Fire Ins'e Co.. of Erie. Pa.

Cash r«j.ilal aud Aaaeltv, |a78,Bai.a4

National Life, of New York,

Qffiitc in Itobzrtu Jiuilding, Jircwatera.

" '.ICtdiliie*

Ladies, Attention!

Mrs. A. W. MARKS,

^Voulil TLtipMilfuUy lufortu the liihahitauta id

I3x-crIt>L-t &t«. Tho uiilUnary deiioruuuut

uuacT the iihuitic uf au eaiN^leucud luiUiiit^, who

la aud Mill remain cunuiKanl of thu current alytuu

l-lcaae udl and cuuuuie Ixlor.* I'UrciiaaluK ulae

where. lUiaiKJcUuUy, MIUl L- W. UAlULfi- Ifj, m»

lathe rcaullof the comttant efforla and nradlcs

eii>erleucc of Ur. J. U. Whitney for the paal twen­

ty yeaia.

The old oriKliiol Wuu> Uaohlne wlOoh waa for­

merly au po|iular. aud which reoeivud tho hiiihoat

Jremlum ut the I'arla KipcMiiiou iu IKCT, waa the

idutiuveutlon ofUr. J II. WUITVKV aud Ur. T

K. WKKU, lu 1B53, Tl».y were jiaitnera In huHln died; aluce then, Ur

WuiTKkv h»B uiBilo


and haa rccxintly iiutcutod and hruu^ht out a Ma­

chine uf auch


Durabdity and I'crfect PewhiK QiiuUtioa, that ithua

auiic-rauJed the old WEKU Machine, uud la a


over oU ofhrra.

It uiakutthc l-ioatic I. at lu Kcw Xurk.

BUMd MiU ivuui M iH>i du'- liuuiua (l iH\r duy.


Registered BONDS

IVe uffur ttit Bftlo


Kew 1 per caul Luas of the CJ TV OW UOC'UiUlTEE,

K. T., due iu liNtX lutcrMit awui-MUiuaUy,

Int. uf Jauuary, aud lat. of July. JlaauM) fuw cuu-

atruuUuu of WuUir Work*, uuder Ad uf L»g-

ialaturti uf A^il 'iltii. 1H7X. Prluti fur Mtd luhireat.

i 6,000,000

Lake Shore & Mic'gau SoutUVo

il«w tiiukiuif Fuud 1 per ouiit., Luau. l>ue, IHU

JLuUiruat MUii-aunuaUj', lat. uf ApiU Mid iat. vt (M.

ifTiau w and XuUuuat.

Robiaxson, Chase & Co.,


it3.iw H* IS Kr««4 •«• n. V


natttrilRT* J">T a«tii., Jsrs.

—For ft wonder there .has. been no

dog-ftghting ihiB wQck.

—D. M. Reynolds has opened a very

fine jewelry store at Croton Falls.

—A fourteen pound baby is the

latest addition to our population.

New potatoes are selling nt five

ddllars per barrel.

—Smart,—for the editor of the Cour

icr to 8tca1|tho ideas of our correspon­


—^Village subscribers will from this

time be provided with the BTAND&BD by

the Carrier.

—DsTid B. Haviland will dispose of

his household goods at auction on

Bfttnrday the 10th of August

—We understand that the alarming

scarcity of water in this village, is

caused by the irrigation of W. T.

Ganung'fl vpgolablo and flower garilens.

Our neighbor of the Courier idnraes

himself on the capital hit he gav« the

editor nf this paper in his report of a

• 3if pcrcritical interview witli Tom Mur-

•phy, but as ho stole the idea from our

tootteipondent, Adam Browti, it seems

ito us Uie Courier is not entitled to

annch credit The matter was cheeky

t9 aay the le«flt

—Tlio brilliant Adam Brown gives

our readers another hittor from Long

Branch this week, in wbich ho refers to

the Editor of the Oiuricr as a "aingular

looking specimen of humanity,'* dis-

ulaying the colors emblematic of a

piratical calling. And as ho designates

this individuol as "occupying the same

straw feather bod in the hay luft" with

the "hostler,** we are inclined to the

belief that he is oorrwct in the pcn>on.

—With oonsidorable paiufc(stress on the

word palua) and a small amount of la­

bor, wo have discovered an iufulluble

method of getting up a first class, i»-

diacrirainntA street fight. The recipe

runs thusl;: first secure two dogs,

(size of &o moment whatever) and plao-

cing them muzzle to muzzlti gently cull

out aick, sick. Then step a tow paces

backward and watch the result First;

mail gets out of wagon and very red in

the face, erica out part them. Bocoud;

Btore keeper rushes out agitated, scream­

ing, throw water on them. Third:

iStable boys and young scamps gener­

ally yell out let em alone. I*caceable

•citizen mildly suggests the word shame­

ful. Bowdy, standing beside him sug­

gests sumethiug that may result in the

aiucertuin status of his snoot, or the

igratuitous adonimout of his upper sto

ry with a Mansard. Kow the belliger­

ent thermometer points to about fever

heat only, and indicates pro(;ros3 tow-

ATd the desired result. Just at this

moment make proposition to peaceable

jnan to catch oue do/r by the tail (the

oue uppermost, of C3urse)audpull with

all his might iu order to looueu them

at the same time muku snggeutiou tu au-

other p: table man tu do very likuwiiio

with the cauda^ppj^i^iro u ^e olher

dog audyou immediat«.-Iy obtaiu blood

heat regtbtorod^ on your thurmometri-

cal caluulations. It is now about time

for you to -go away from there.

—A couple of Brewster gentlemen

the other day went a Aahiug, If they

wore not modust geutlemon we would

C^ive their names, but they are and M'O

won't Tune's Fond was the ground

where they pitched their camp, and be­

fore lauucliing their fishing smack, the

fdder gentleman said, *laco. Kutunah is beooju-

lug quite pupuhir as a summer rcsoit.

W. A. M.

If yuu va:it good pictuies fnm a

50 cts "Oil I'ttinting on Tin" to S50

India Ink or Cmyou Picture, call on

Folsom, Katonah N. Y.

nf«w VorH & Uarleui U. H.

The following facts which we have

obtained regarding the above named

railroad will bo of iutere&t to our read­

ers as bhowins the amount uf profit

arising from the resourout of thg coun­

try through which tho road passes.

It will be ubservcd that the receipts

for freight is 6183,a»5,71 in excess of

those from passengers.

The statement below is for the year



ITram PuMiigorri tl-UO.lse.k?

" Frt)i«bt l.SOa.ttUl.bS

•' ll«lit. N. Y. N.U. IcU. U. n 258.UT5.1(1

UlnccUftUtioiu ]'J3.i(J2.10



Uftinteiuuico uf wuf I&1S.213.2S

UulUug HUK'k Xli.6^.il

TrutMiwrlBtiou 8C5.G1G.VC

Uulloucul MetEkriilugi l.lin.111.17


The Harlem B- B. was opened tu

Harlem in 1837; to White PlaiuD in

1814; to Dover iu 1818; to Chatham in

1852. It has now iu use 41 Locomo­

tive engines, 79 passenger cars, 38 bag­

gage aud express, aud 740 freight aud

miik cars. There were carried last

year 1,G40,875, passengers. Carried

oue mUe, 23,188,11G. Freight mov­

ed 377,&37. tons. Moved one mile

21,039,1GG tons.

The New York and New Hareu B. B.

received in 1872

rnaa Puauogcr* $2.803.114.81

" rrcljtbt I,«M» JUjSMUrola.

Thif combination of uuexoeptionable

talent gave'a most enjoyable euterlain-

lueut on Tuesday evening last at Union

HaU. The perfurmauce was vsxied aud

kept the audiuuoe in a roar uf laughter

faom the oommenoement to tho close.

One of the most prominent features

was the most remarkdolu performance

of Young America upon a minalure vio­

lin. This youthful prodigy but six

years old, assumed all the ease and airs

of on old profeasional aud executed

aume beautiful and difficult selectiuus

of music with wonderful akill and pre-

oiiuon- Miss Cutdinmn gave oue or two

ohuiou ballads, aud haw a must charnmig

voice aud appearance.

Dun Luke aud Billy Biyout were the

fanny men, and their nmdition of the

ftots of "Oh its no use," and the "Mo-

duos" were 'all aUve with merriment.

Fr^ Warrtm's whistling solo was alone

worth tht) puoe uf iwUiuuiuu.

KTU.l. AT I.O?tn nRAnCtti

Matty thanks my worthy illnminsto r

ci tho world for the copy of thn Pu ),.

nam County Ojurirr wherein t dltwov er

n (Wl'i hash of tho beef-o-lrt-hiodo al­

ready scived np by niyscU in tho

STASDABD of tho enrront week* T Tow

donbtlcfis it is a source oi wonderr icnt

to many, as* toj how tho **»«lcTial was

obtained with which to mKke tho haFtti

aforesaid; but to mo it is no m;»atery

whatever, for as Ilingftre-l ntthe Br anch,

I became tho Columbus of many now

diseoveries, and nmong them, the /min-

fnl one that I had been the subject ^ of

especial esptonngo of a singular look­

ing spccimcu of humanity, voyagi ng

on tho Boa of life under the flag of

several nations, and wjien occasion do-

mandod, dropping them and buisting

his black silk neckerchief as a fitting

emblem of his occupation. ThoThoinan

Murphy described in my last, aud this

moft energetic individual occupied the

same straw featlier bed in tho liay loft,

the night following my sham interview

with the Pre!)idcnt, and that accounts

for the liicleal fluid in tho cocoa nut.

My elTorts to have an interview vith

the Prc'fident were rewarded with piie-

cesn, and without much circumlocution

either, for I very witcty refrained from

innliing any fuss or parado about my

presence or jirertcnts there, and simply

sent in my card endorsed "From the

Putnam County STAKDAKD,'* and that

proved nil snfticient- I found the great

General a vciy qniet and silent man* he

don't Bfty much, in fact I bclicTO hiui

to be a inau "more chinned ngainat

than chinnhig." in other words, ho

prefers nit other music to chin music,

and would much prefer to have peace

at any prioa providing it be an honor­

able one. 1 stated my ease with regard

to iho Post Ofllco aud the desire of

four fifths of the citizens of our place

to have it removed to the Town Hall.

"Hush" said tho President, placing his

flugor oil his lips, "wo are beset by

spies on every hapd, aud millions of

dollars are being spent us free as tho

water that runs just on account of

your post Office troubles in Brewster's.

I did purpose to call an estrn session

uf Congress to finish the matter up,

but I find on inquiry that many of the

Members have not quite used up their

back pay of last session, and another

big stake like the Brewster Post Office

would demoralise them altogether.'^ I

then proposed to Mr. Grant to accom­

pany mo tor a stroll on tho beach where

wo uould \w filonc, and have a fair view

on every side so that any intruder

might be detected at once; to this he

QHScnt^-'J, adding with evidences of a

timorous prppaution, "but if wo want

to talk we must go lulo tho water, and

converse as we bathe among the break­

ers; my dt'av Adam, I'm iiniuug the

bre«i;»r!* all the time, by luml or sen;

do yon have much lu'iil matter iu your

Post Office V" Yes sir, aaid I, during

the past week both Kli Uuyt and Black-

man, have been employed in carrying

numerous editions of Bro. Levi RubertH

Tt^niperanco Boport to tho outwarj

boniul nniils. "Good" said Mr. Grant,

"1 aril ijlfltwud to s*^" y*" nhow your

uppn-ciiitiun of the UivU Itightu Bill,

by selecting a black man to do a por­

tion of the work." 1 didn't uudecieve

him us to Miali, for the reason that be

iii(/,i/ see 'Miah' tionic time ur another

and think that I had boi-u lying tu him,

"Tlmt Ik'purt w^s ft very heavy one,

was it notr'saitlthoQeuend- I replied

that it was indeed, and that llni.

Buburts with true Yankee eiitcrprisc

hod declined to take Insnraucc rinku

un the life uf any oiut who read it all

through, "Are you aware uf the duiuss

of the opponents tu yuiir proposed ru-

inoviil uf tha Puut Oflioe'f" haid tho

General. "Why my beloved Adam

they have adopted a system uf nuder-

miuiug uf which yon, in your simpHcitj-

kucw nothing, they have already dug

ai) uudeigrouud railway more than

half the diiitiiitQc to Wa.shingtun, so as

to have secret oommunioatiuu with their

Bjiecial agents ut that place, but bu

consoled my worthy HiANDAnu bearer,

they may hammer away on that line

all summer, but ''cuustant attrition"

iu played out unless I do the i}ouuding.

Aud now my dear General said I, be­

coming somewhat emboldened, how

about tho appointment of Post Master?

I confess I felt as though uiy heart

would thump its way through my ribs

while awaiting hia answer, but at last

it came slowly aud solemnly; "Adam,"

said the President, "it was my design

tu send you off to the North Polo in

search of tho Polaris, it now being too

late to caiTy out that design, I intend

to give the poiiitiun uf Post Master tu

—just then an iuimenbu wave came

ruhhiug npuu us, cumpletely enveloping

and separating us, and I awuke to hud

Mrs. Adani had emptied tho cuutculs

ol the water jug upon my de\oted head

iu order tu arouse me from the pro-

fuuud blumber in which I had lain lung

after the gong had suuuded fur break­


It is i)usttiblc that I have given that

Post Office bubiuess up, but nut at all

probable, fur you surely will agaiu hear

frum it uud perhaps more tu the par

pose, when x feel tiiut I am aguiu


UuivlAo ut ;ilui \Vc>iU:U«»l«r Co. JKU.

One of the SherilTB oflioers, on muk-

iug au examiuatiuu of the cells at the

County Jail ut White Plains, about five

u'cluck Weduehday morning, discuvered

that Timothy Vuj^Sooy, who hud been

incarcerated there siucu June 2U un a

charge uf ui'suu in setting fire tu a baru

iu the tuwn uf North tialem, hud cum-

mitted suicide by hai^^g himself with

a rupe made from a dork culured fiauuel

shirt which ho usually wurc, oue end

being tied to a ring iu the wall uf his

cell and the other end made into a shp-

uouse aud placed around his neck; but,

owing tu the buugUui: manner iu whicii

the piectib uf cluth ur fltiuuel wt^re f asteu-

ed tugether, the nuusc hud failed tu slip

so as tu become tight, while the weight

uf his budy was found rt sLiug uu the

fluur aud uue arm on the edge ot' his

bed, and his head haugiug somewhat

over the bed. From the positiuu in

which the body was luuud it appeared

evidiujt that he had used cuubiderable

fur«e in producing straugulutiuu. The

deoeaaed hud made severul prevluus at­

tempts at suicide during JUis luiprisou-

meut, uud on uue uccuuiuu he uearly

buooeeded iu carryiug out his deaigu,

ab a few luinuttib luugur buapeuuuu

wuuld have been suiUuieut tu render

hfe extinct. The duouabed was fifty

years old, uudi^ aaid tohuve hud many

ruupucLable rulutive iu the upcr BoutioAi

uf the cuuuty. Curouer Mueka was

notified tu hold au inquest iu the oa>o

aitcr which the body will be deUvoiod

Up tu the iciwcU U thti deoewiod-

Thnt Prohlem*

Milltown, July 17,1873.

MR. EnTToB:—I think that I can fnr-

nish P, N. with n correct solution of tho

problem published in your pnper of the

12lh. inst.

By looking at the problem, the first

Moint wo have is that (Kl isthedifTerouce

between the squares, denoting what

each man and his wile paid; we will now

take two numbers in n similar manner,

for instance, 24x12. 24 squared equals

57fl, 12 squared equals 144; we liavc

given 57G minus 144 equals 432, tho

dilTerenct! of tlie nqnares, which by in­

spection, (any we ai-o ignorant of tho

rnh> laid down in the books,) is ctnal to

86, tho sum of the two numbers. Multi­

plied by|12, tho dinerenco of tho two

numbers, therefore, in the first place we

Imve deduced this rnlo; tho difference

between the squares of two numbers, is

equal to the sum of the two numbei-s,

multiplied by their diflTercnee; therefore

(i3 is to bo resolved into two factors, one

the sum, tho other the diflitrcnco of two

numbers; the sum of the pigs that A

and his wife bought is cvidoully greater

than 23, because A himself bought 23

pigs more tlinii Q; now tho only factor

ol i>3 greater than 23, mus*. bo 03 itself,

and the other factor must bo 1; there­

fore, 6;l minus 1 divid id by 2 equals 31,

A's wifii's ^number of pigs; 03 plus 1,

divided by 2 equals 32, A's number of

pigs. Secondly, we will consider B.

Since he bought 11 pigHmoro|than P, he

and his wife must have bonglit more

than 11 pigs; the one facturof C3groat-

or than 11, excepting 63 which wo have

already disposed of is 21; then 21 plus 3

divided by 2 equals 12, B's number of

pign, and 21 minus 8, divided by 2

equals 9, B's wife's number of pigs.

Tliirdly wo will takeO; we have dispos­

ed of all the factots of 63 exocpt 7 and 9,

therefore 7 plus 9 divided by 2oqun' • 8,

C's number of pigs, and 9 minus 7, di­

vided by 2 equals 1, C's wife's number

of pigs. Now, to fiuui up, A had 32 and

his wife 31 pigs; B had 12 and his wife

0 pigs; C had 8 and his wife 1 pig; but

A had 23 pigs morn than Q, then (^ must

have had U2 minus )i\i or 0. pign. Since

B. Imd 11 pigs more than P, P. must

have had 12 miuus 11 or 1 xiig. But B's

wife had 9 pigs, then Q must bo B's

wife, C's wife had 1 jug, then P. must

bo C's wife and the only woman left

being B, sho must Iw A'B wife. You

must reniti^ber that 63 denotes tho dif-

fcwnco between the squares denoting

what each man and his wife paid.


THE PuontEM—A. B. nud C. with their

wives, P, Q. and lb, went to the mnr-

ket to buy pigs; each man and each wo­

man bought na many i>iga as they gave

shillings lor each pig. A benight 23 pigs

more than Q. B. bought 11 more than

P. Also each man laid out 63 shillings

more tlian his wife. Which two persons

were man aud wife ? P. N


A. bwight 32 pigs at 32 shillings each

1024 shillings. B. (A'fl wifcjbought31

pigs at 31 Bhillings each, 901 shillings.

B. bought 32 piga at 13 nhilHiigs each,

144 shillings. Q, (B's wife) bought

9 pigs ut 9 shillingH each, 81 shillings.

C buufrht 8 pigs Kt 8 shillings each,

01 ^h'.ltingH. P (C's wife) bonght 1 jiig

at 1 shilbng^',

Thf above solution is from Master

Fred Bannnii, a South Fast lad but

t-ixteen yuurs uf age, and who hulds

himself 111 roadinchs to give a clear

bulution to any problem that may bo

given ua. Mahter Barnum is probably

the best malliematiciau in this county,

and wo shall be pleased to have his

knowledge IVAU-A by other and more

difficult questioiiH,—£D,

Allviiipl at Kiilciac.

On the evening of Thursday lust, Mr.

Bi'uj. S. Iloag was found hanging by

the neck in the barn of Chas. Dibble, a

resident uf Favling. When found, life

was nejirly extinct, but the niiiemittiiig

attention of the Haniai-ilans ihcu and

thcro prchent. and the a»Klstanco uf a

passing physician, Benjuniin was nsus-

citated after about au hour's arduous

labor. Of tho eause of tho attempt ut

tt'jii-idc we are not^infoinied, but the

probabilities are that it grew out of an

uUercation which oecurod at a soeiuble

at the lioiiHo of Dibble, a short time

previous tu Benjamin's being found iu

the baru. Both were in liquor at the

time. Pionrer.

A FooftoM* CliUd nameu nnd Hlabbcd

fr'vr uol WHlkiUf up Ntalr«t

One day recently a resiiectably dress­

ed man curried a well grown child,

luulllcd up iind a])pareijtly sick, into

French'u Uutel. He placed the child on

the stairs aud begun tu talk to it in a

very unkind, rough way. The attention

of the guests was attracted, and they

gathered around,- .JT"

"You are able to walk up stairs by

yourself," tho man said, "aud I won't

carry you.*'

"Oh, oh," tho ohild sobbed, "do

carry me up, please pa, do. Yuu know

ever siuco I was run uverby the car, and

lust buth uf my feet, I cau't walk up

Htairs aluue."

•'That's ail stuff," iiuswored thomarfl

"get up at unce ur I'll muko you,"

The poor child begun to sub worse

than before, uud the brutal mau gave it

a severe thump over the side of the

head. The child luuuuc-d piteously.

The iudignatiuu of tho bvbtauders was

excited, and one of them said to the man,

"Is that child yours V*

"What's that to you?" the man an­

swered, "I won't tell you."

"He'b—my—father," the child sobb­

ed, " uud—he—killed—my—mother—


The man doubled his fist and i^ade us

if he was going tu give the child a se­

vere blow. Oue uf the bystanders in-

tci'fered and said, "Say, if yuu dou't

atop this, I'll cull a policeman. 1 never

buw buch a brutal father iu all my life."

Tlic mau began tu fumble iu his

pockets, and tho child cried out, *'tuku

care, he's got a knife. He's going to

stick you."

Sure enough the muu pruJuoed u

knife aud o^HUiod it The crowd tdipp-

cd off, one by oue, except two.

*' Bring uu uflloer,'' one of the men

cried to a friend.

"if 1 am tu bo arrested," the man

said, "it ahull be lor sumcthing," uud

thereupon he plunged the knife into the

budy uf the child." The child shrieked,

" I'm muxdorod^ I'm muiderod," and u

crowd rushed to the spot. The man

quietly raised the child in his snuB, aud

rcmuviug his hut buid;

"Guutlemeu, this ohild is a wooden

child. I'm a vcutriloquisl, uud any

bttlc offering you muy be pluaaed to

make, will bu \-^y uoceptable.'*


.- - . . .. . A -. . • - .-

TiaviS.-AtUrwU4iirKUii dul> IttOt, 1H7II, Mra,

iisUie XnvK i^sd n yuan 7 KM. WM^JK) dt^t.



F-ATHna. V. C. nNTfi, ^r. n,, 34S ^Ih-av., N. York.

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A worli of intcTue intercut ind Jntrlnnic ^-alno.


njr (liofrfrtpilfliin "fllip futiiDiiH 'Tctrr Pdrtcy."

TliP rwnlt of (frrnt liiKtorirM rcwrnrcli: An Anlhri)-

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York and New I'^Rlatiil rrrninvrrof (iliindulur ObHlru'liiinn kmiwn to jfa-

tfiia Hfdira. It in ^ixtjully nduptcd to oonxtitn-

tiiinH"nnrn down" mul drliililittiil Ijy tlm warm

woiitlirrnf Rprin^ani KiiniTiirr, whin ttin Mood la

nut in ac ivn iiri'iilntii'n, i'iinM'itiinlly RKllirriDg

iinpiirltjpn iroiu klnpuiatinciii and Inirirri-ct action

iif IliD ni-crotivt'diKun^ (ind IH tnauitt'tdcd by To-

fida, &p,, kc. Wliiti weiiry and lanRiild from ovflr-

«-ork, aud dullni'Hs driiWEineva and lurrila takn ttaa

pliii'a of cniTRy und vfKor, tlii* i-ynleiii IIPI'IIR a Tonio

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In tlioht-atof Munuior, fioqiiputly tho /.I'rir and

Sftlffn do not jiro|Mirly iMrtorm tlitir functiiiua;

till! tllerlno Hnd tfrinary DrKnnH uro Inat-tlvc, pro-

diii'lnx wpiiknifii nf till' Hluniuch uml jut«Hllue« and

a l>ri!Jii'Iiiii4tion to^illJuiiH dcran(.'f incut.


lM]>r(-])ar*Ji1lrvc(ly from llio SniTTH AMEItlCAN

PLANT, and in pit^iiIlitHyMiiti'd tu all (lier-ti liim-

i'iilliP>; It «lll rli-atiM! the- VITIATED ULOOD,

(.lirnBlliHitlH'LIKK-UlVISH I-OWKHH, and lt^:-



Itohonld In- frilly (ikon, nK.Tnnilibainiironoim-

rcd by ltll>dll^ul writi-rn ttic nioHt rniulttit I'l'llll'l-

EII, TOMU und lilJOIiHTHKHAT known in tho

wtiolc raMRt! uruieilluinBl plonlM.

JOHN Q. KlilLLOOO, ]:i I'latl-Kt., New York. -

Ki>lo Aiteiit lor DM' Unlti'it HiBU>fl.

IVlcu one DuIIar Vet JJottiL'. Ki'nd for Circiilur. 4w


VTAn.VfT A fnciin. Kollilug la uioro cerdlti to

lur llip foinidatiiin fur fiitni'o evil muficriupnoea.


aro a Nnr« I'nro fur idl dlPPUti'H of t)K- lli'xi'ltatory

Orc'iii:', Sum 'Uiriiut, riddn, Cnin)!, Dlphthprla,

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Jull.N g. Jvl.Ll..U(;r(>

f«ot4Ml,rat4Jiiioit Ilia mi'luro under uliiiivuiukUngM.

W OltKINU (LASS Mall) or Fctuuli', (00 a weok

gun rant ('I'd. Bi'iy

Uu^reid !• left wilL tbo uuderni{;iied, Hionunl 1*.

tiinitli olliui dKcUluff buUMi iu nuid tu»u, wLero

Itic •auii) uuky be uue.u and eotiniiui d l>y uuj )H


D05 lor Sale.

It»loe«notmali"ii').v -lifTiToncoi rlirtV

«r j-onr nnmc is K:-iter, lakcij a favorablo

turn for tho aj'-usod. A"* the n:nv wit­

ness went on to thiiHlanil theescitrpmcnt

was i!ite:i;*e. ITo flatod thit on Iho

8und.iy pn^v'ding tho llmft, whih.^ ho

wai st-arjiiin^ iu som'! wnoiUiii iil.-i jms-

tnro for his horse, ho saw O. with a t-ad-

dlo on his b.iek going toward tho house

of the accused. JTo saw the man dis­

tinctly, and had no doubt as to what his

burden was, altliiin;;h ho mi^it not be

nlile to recognize tiio pnrllciillfc' raldte

if it aliould ho shown him. Tiii i was

his brief testimony, but it was very im-

porlaut. Then the crowd whiniiorid

that **C, was tho thief," and for tho

lirst time the countcnaneo of the accus­

ed ffiivo signs of eounige. The testi­

mony having been all ])iit in, the ntn.-iis-

trato heard the COIUIKCI on both sides,

and then gave the defendant a trium­

phant acrjuittnl. Upon i'a nnnouiico-

ment thenssembly broke forlh in fluiTS

and other demonf-fratiaus (*f iii.piovid,

nod as tho court dipuolred ao many

crowilcit 'ininr.il Hclg.lon to cuH^nitu-

hife him tin* 1^ vvnt siinie luinnltK be­

fore he could pick hia way ont of the

hall. Much i« 1. I'lief histoi-y of the

famous "saddle case," wl.icli is oven

now remembered by quite a number of

aged porBouB.—Umluii Jouiual.

One of WeOstci's Carly Law Cases.

The ni;xt important h-gal mutter wliicli

^Ir. Wi-bstcr meuti'iuud \\\\n a Uia\ bo-

fun' a nuigiftrale, i>t which his father

preuided, Jttook place i:i tlio did tav­

ern iiciir i^huH Farm, then^vpt by Mr.

Ibidhtclc, father of the lale Prof.'llad-

doi'k, tif Dartmouth OoHege. Citpt.

IV Lii'.'hard, tlu-u a prominent citizen of

N>iriliii"!d. hiiitd out u coinplnint and

wiur.iTit :i {iLiiiBt a Mr. JIt.'';hm, ono of

hi-^ iij»-;'hlnirs (diiirgiiig hint Willi i-teal-

iii^ Iii^ saddle, 'J'htnnHN V-'. 'J iK.njjit.'m

iiiid I'.iilii r Noycf, bolli ftetlh-nl liiw-

yer"». and Ihcn in o;pii-iuiiK de­

tective went liO far that he publicly in-

siuualed thut pcrli:i])s Hodgdou Knew

Bumt'thing about the mutter, and it

would ho well to search his house. Tho

accuKutjou shocked the neighborhood,

but in the face of the charge the eitjzeus

could do uo less than tu ei..>ujiiie Uodg-

douB premitics.

The owner met the aeoi-ching parly at

his door, uud with a frank uud luiiuly

couuteuunce that boHpuke uinlhinj.;

but guilt, iuvitud thiuu tu t^eaiVh liis

Louse. They went cui'ofully through

the building, bat the miatiing j^roperly

was not found. Finally C. entered a

email unoccupied room, and sijut^'ziug

himself with much diiUcuUv into a small

opeuiug, buddtjuly exoluiued, "iJeiti it

is I" uud iu u moment he euier^td from

tho room begrimed witli dirt, and hold­

ing the lutit fiuddle in his liiiuds, Li tho

AViunipithuuka Jliver and its pictun-isiiue

fuJiu iu tho village ueur by hud, without

» becouU'a wuruing, di^ajjp* ored for

ever, tho surpriau tu tho oomuiuuity

could not have bbun uuuch gnatei Uiuu

it was over the revelutiun juat made.

For u moment Hodgdon Mrmed to be

titruek dumb. Huw quickly must have

xuuhud thruugh hiti uiiud the tiiought

thut Ihe reputation 0/ a bfcUmo might

ziov bo wruattid Xroui hiu ; thut, with

tue oompuTutiviJy cuuvlutove ividenwi

of guilt j ust revealed; IJiero aeemod

uuthing to t lay A trial, buuvioliun and

iinpriboumeut, uud thut for luug ui^ury

yvuxH liiti pleubuot huuu uud fuuiiiy

loigbt bocume to hiui only u dreum of

the pabt. Tbuu he covored his faoe

vith hia haudit, for ho could nol robtruin

Lit* tuars, uud his tauiiJy KuLhej'ed about

jbiiu »ud wopt. He uuiild v&vx no ex-

pltLUutiou ui the saddle luytitery, but,

vith broken words, hv uihexted hi« iu-

uoceuuo. In the /uuu of tiii» sppuTout

|u:ou/, the udghhoTH of Ilodgdou who

VuroimMsnt v«>re vary guu&tully uu-

^"Wino of the Woods" cures headache.

Socinl nir!i;T:jics.

The htinr:«r'e f'-r an evi'd'^ncrt in a

pplu re (if Hcrli-t V in »»iii. !i thu ih'i; Kdn

iip'iu llie pi;i.-I' i:;cicd the :•••'•••:•* of

oni'.'s incmne i-> inolticiug. uiniadant

fruit ill dcf.il-^ntiMiiy, i*ov;;cr!e;i, mlnltflr-

icii, and isnicidcj^, in what uro cjliedthe

iiliper or eibicaii-d ciassop. Prison

KlalisticB used to show that by far the

creatcr number of eiimea were coinrait-

led liy illiterate people ; and in respect

nf oil' [i>jhcii ftdlow ihe hut«b:uid's

crimes or the wife's infidelity. Brown­

ing's impecnnions hero "tralVickcd in

hia wife; ' Oilifvs of our day rob tln'ir

emplovtrs. J-mcs, pm taking of id-ifru­

gal hach, is iufoiined by Mrs. .Iiuies, RS

she di^pcnscft (lie Matutinal e.hii'lLoiy to

their overiMipnlat""} honschoi;!, that her

.Multhurijan neighhor, Sfii'th, has altir-

f. inipossihlo

that Ki:.-h eiist. OfaiH'r;: lld^, tho

hody of siifh an o;'ii)pns woi-.hl n.it be

much hir;;t-r Hi.11 a ^oda-water bottle

or a Floreueo i'.a-.h, such as olive oil ia

sold ill ; and f-i the 'Iiorrible bag,

which is a inonsii r,' and 'fito which

ytJuaietolH'iii!;i'..'ii and tlriwrt iilive, is

but a small iiT'^jir aft.-r a't. liie sucker,

ali'.o, -which the jiovelii-t nail ranged

from th;^ f-i/.o of a five fr.i!'.'i pi*.-cc

(wliich I jji.d tu be one and a ha'f inch­

es iu dijinu'tcr) to Ihjit of :i (i'lit pea,

would, comuienoiuK at the liijict't of

them at tho basis of the r.i-ma, b,. from

the size of a sixpence luthat ollhid-"N.1

of a pin. S-'um of them, like

O.iyehfiK'etljtH. rlrike (heir prey with

hil'ins and ^iu•hfr.^ aluo; ollu'in, like

Die oL'topiiK, !.iy hold of it «iili tiuckers

al'ine; but t!iex.tou to wt^Le up any man he may aou


"I thiuk," retuinod the other, "that

it would bo much better for the aexton,

whenever un^ nniu guos to tdtep under

ygui protkuliutg tu vuko ifr k RoIIler,

KPW Yftrt, otnliracluB One Hundred

FotitiiornllvarirUfii. FInlnandOriiaicGntiil


Chroniatie, AnHque, Tiinran, Oothie, Itoman

Clarendon, Jigyptian, Aiinin, Italir,

Olit KnjflMi 4- Orrman 7\-xt, «

ExUn^ff, Cundnunl.

OurfkcUlllKBforPBlXTINGuijUiliigfrom fttftfUly

Hbb'ct Fouler to a VlxltltifC Ckrd nro niuuriDvntf<

M'e lUTt,ti}Jtlclincui of

I» O S T E K, ® ,



Show Curds,


Bill Heads,


Letter lieadiugs,

iiills of Fare,




Wedding and Visiting Cards,

Blanks of Every Variety,

Orders of Dancing,

Business Cards

And In iiliurt ever}' thing tb«t c«s be done with •


X^UUiug done witli Qold, Itod, Cuvilue SX*»,

la two or xama coloua, kt

Very Reasonable Rates.


''STANDABD^' Office,

Brewster's W.Y.




w. K: ii: T o II xj »ff,

Brewster's, N. Y-,



ever offered in Pntuam Co., and will etU tA prlcei wblch drfy compctillnn.







Also Manufucturer of



All or tbo lutvst improvements in

Farming' Implcuieiits I Machinery

will bo fount] hero ou Exliibitiou. A full nssortmcnt of




WARE, Cordage, Powder, Glass & Putty;

tu fact, evcrjthlng except

Dry Goods and Gx'oceries.

AH orilprs for onythiug iu my line of busiucss promptly uiteude to*




of RKflftTONs, inftndfoTtl.cCoiintTofPutnin

for thftvpir 1B7.1,

I herpoj: appoint Tf-rmn or tho Conntj Court for

tlir (•tjnnly nf Piitiitim, li.r tlic jcnr ISJ3, to lie held

at Ihr Ciiun nonce In Cnrnxl, on tlir fourth TnMi-

of Jnnu«rj-, on tho th.rd Tmn.lij-of Kelitinrj-, on

IhP BiTomi TiiPBdnj- of AiiHl, M.ij-, July and Bciv

ttrn'M-r, Hiid on tlii' third M"n'U)- of No\-rml»r.

Coiirtd of Sfst.ton" in nnd for nalil I'-onnty wtil ho

Inlil At uBi'd Court HmifP on tlio tlilnl Tnrnday of

Kilinitry «nil the t^ocond Tiirpdny of Sriitoniber, »

which COIIIIH (iiitnd and Prtil Jmoin «il) he rcqnlr-

ad In aftsnd. Dated Deot-mhrr 371h, 1HT3.

Janlfltly. EDWARD ^ RIQUT, County JndffO

SuritKMK CotinT,

rutnnai Conntjr.

CamcltuR pp^monil, 1

apit J- aO,Tw

Oiren Iloran and othcra.)

In.piirNnanoo of a Jndftvmr'nf of (he Snpremn

Conrt of the ntiite nf Now York, rendrred In Ibli

action nn llie ffxtionth ilay of-Inne IftTI, tho mb-

nerihir, an rercn-e thciTln, will acll nt j'ubiic Anc-

llon at thr front door nf tho llrowRtcr Honne In the

vHlaRrof Urcwatcr'a. town of Konth Kant, In the

connty of liitnain on tfaftcl|[hlh Uny nt An-

|ril«t 1S»3, Ht ini^ o'clock In tli.> lore-noon, all

lliat nfcco or imrccl ot himl iiitiiBtcil in rwM town of

Rniitii KHHt, connt}' of I'ntnain and Rtato of jlew

Yolk, and de>^rllx-il nt tht- comt'tafni iu thta action

aa follottur CommrnrinR ftt tho Hailrni Itnll l(oad

iind bounded OTI Ihe KIHI hy th" xaid Itall lUiad, on

thoNorlh liy Inn'ia of .Inna Itjkcman, on the We4

hy JmiN Dykcman, aud tho Inntiuay, nu Iho Boulli

hy tho hif{h«'iiy aud Itarlcra lUil Itoad. oontalnlnK

about thit-c and a half acicB of land t>o tb» aama

mnroor lew. Enwjinn WnioiiT IlefcriH',

Dated June IRth, ](t73. A. J. MILLER I'lff'a Atty.

ficrnEsn COUST,

EIi» Armatrong,


llnfuB T, Ilockwcll, Allen D. Itoynoldn,']

Kltu Jane Itazer, Ahii{!ill llrcd, Aon f

lllounirr, Ann l-ard>-y laiidM of

Chiirlea Even^tt, on ttie north hy Bimnul P. Hrailh,

on the east hy Alfred Itaihy, aud on the aoiUh by

the Harlem lUU-roiid,and thehlRbnayU-adinsfrom

Drca-fltcr'x HIatiun to aud iiaal thcdwelllnnhouKeor

Charh-a Evciett. The aitcond piivo ia iKiimdcd on

the north hy the hlKhway afurcaald, aud the Uurlcm

llail Road, on tlie wcul hy laud of RttpLcn Bluomer,

un thn aouth by tho Crotou Itlvor aud on the eaat by

land of Curni'liiiH H. Ua({e. The third piece la

bounded on tho uortli l>y auid lilRha-ay, on ttia vcat

by laud of Cumellua It. Oaee, ou ihi' HouUi by thn

Croton Itlver, aud tho old Crolon Klrer Tunipike

ItriHd, aud on the eiiat hy tho highway leadlug from

Drew* tor BUtion to Ihe old L'mtou ItWcr Turn-

•plko rood aforeatdd. The whole(outalniuK by call-

niatlon, aevctily-flvc acroa of lund, be the Miiue mora .

or lean. Dutcd, July IBth. 1873.

A. ItVDEIt. J. a. MILLEIt,

I'lBlutia"n Attorupy. Befcrce..


Spring & Suiiiiiiei' Dry, Fancy & Millinery Goods,


ll&ving Juat received a largo afaoitmrut of Spring aud Sumiiicr Drj-, Fancy and MJlliDcr}'GoodB,

It) it '.1 'A', t J.3 Ur^.-'l i u^ijitiuf h.*gj.', h nxi\a, for L'.lSIi, at tho luweat tu.irket price, aud are proparod

o offtT at thu very hiuiwl Ugurv Uie fullottlug

Back Silk,


, Alpaccas,

White Goods,

English and French Prints,

Embroidery, Edgings,

Ruffles, Laces, and Ribbons

A S|H:cl;dlly of


I'Li' whole cuiuprlalng one of the tluetit and bial wworlvd atuck uf Dry, Fancy aud UiUiuory

Oouclr, ever before brought to llrewaler'a.

Proclamauon about Dry Goods, by


An iuitnenM atock of fine Draai Gooda SOuta, to |].00 (All new nud Frcah) at very low price at


^lUaclt uid Fancy gtripUl liunuutrSUluiiu great variuly, froufl.lMup al leu than urcaant whole

Mtle pi'lo.* aL


Flue ai££! & 00. CHflAP 0TOEE, DANBUBY. CONN.



aaocui a* TO



lat. Borauae he haailiteen jeara csprriencein dis-

peuahtR DruRa aiid Modlulueti,

2d. itecBiine he deaU only In pure artlclea, and ha

warraiita errything la l)e ua rUBM.'M wutidci-fulcuruUtc tlrtuo*. aud

art tajiuk:iully ruounuticuilkd ui CUUBIUHI'UHU, bvU4

the ouly tiaturul Mat.ir. tluit have jirotod a apooim

ha hia piJ'idt'jdiiji dinuific: 'J'hc* very boat .wdAcal

(ilhorily tu«tifi(« tu iHruiiLUlOit cun« WhCiTf all

otliur Ui^utuifcut »a« ui>orU«t'. Tliey aUu Miidi^

luiiauuluua eHui^U w >:Ur«itU' do., lU BxwMlvay,


i^V.'^)- -'••fl-ria-

•y, M.T.

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