Letter, Moodle Login Information, Dates and Deadlines ...

Letter, Moodle Login Information, Dates and Deadlines ...

Letter, Moodle Login Information, Dates and Deadlines ...


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Summer Semester, 2013

Dear Web Student,

Welcome to Bunker Hill Community College Online (BHCConline)!

Thank you for choosing to continue your studies with BHCConline at Bunker Hill Community College!

Please read this letter carefully as it contains important information regarding your Summer 2013 web course(s), which

will begin on Monday, June 3, 2013. Note that Instructors may make their course(s) visible, so that you may preview

them as early as Tuesday, May 28, 2013, but the official start of the Summer 2013 semester is Monday, June 3, 2013.

Bunker Hill Community College Online uses Moodle as its Learning Management System (LMS). Basic tutorials on using

this LMS can be found on the front page of Moodle itself. To log into the system, you will use the same username and

password as you do for WebAdvisor / BHCC email.

Important Links

New Students: Obtain your Username and

Password for WebAdvisor/Moodle/Email:


Course Login Site: http://www.bhcc.mass.edu/portal

Alternate Site (if the BHCC Portal is unavailable): https://bhcconline.mrooms.net

Help with Login Issues:


or call the Student Helpline at 617.228.3441

Help with Using Moodle / Moodle Issues:

Email onlinehelp@bhcc.mass.edu or call 617.228.2466 or

stop by the BHCConline Office during Office Hours (next page)

Other Important Links and Information

BHCC Web Mail Login:

https://webmail.bhcc.edu or


Web Advisor Site: https://onlineservices.bhcc.mass.edu

Textbook Information: http://bhcc.bkstore.com

Web Orientation Course: http://www.bhcc.mass.edu/bhcconline

FREE Online Tutoring (Smarthinking): http://www.smarthinking.com

Smarthinking Initial Login:

Username: BunkerHillonline Password: Online

(Once you log in, you will need to create your own account.)

IMPORTANT to Remember!

• Starting Tuesday, May 28, 2013, your Username and Password will be functional. You will be able to log in to

Moodle to view the Moodle Tutorials, take the BHCConline Web Orientation Course, and to preview any courses

your Instructor(s) make available for preview.

• All enrolled students have a BHCC email account and a WebAdvisor account. WebAdvisor allows you to review

your course schedule, final grades, and other important school related information.

• Your BHCC email account (https://webmail.bhcc.edu) is the official communication tool between you, your

Instructors and the College. Check your BHCC email daily to receive important communications from the

College, from Instructors and classmates. If the Instructor decides (in addition) to use the Moodle Messages tool

that is contained within Moodle, he/she will explain that to you.

Bunker Hill Community College Online Programs © 2013 All Rights Reserved. Page 1

Welcome to Bunker Hill Community College Online (BHCConline)!

• If you do not log in to your web course within the first two weeks of class, you risk being administratively

withdrawn from your course(s). Therefore, it is imperative that you log in at your earliest opportunity! This

establishes your electronic “presence” in the course and certifies your name on the course roster.

• Some courses will require that you come to the H-building in person in order to take exams. Your Instructor will

let you know if this is the case. Exam sitting times are noted below. The H Building Shuttle schedule is posted on

the BHCConline home page.

BHCConline Orientation Course: We strongly urge all web students to participate in the Online Orientation Course (see

“Web Orientation Course” link on previous page). This is a one week non-graded, non-credit, “Prep course” (offered the

week before the start of classes) to help you become familiar with online classes, and to practice using Moodle prior to

the start of the semester. Within the Prep course, students may use Moodle tools, complete assignments, post to

discussion forums, and receive feedback from an Instructor—much like you would in a regular web course. ALL


FREE Ongoing Academic Support and Tutoring: for help with coursework, we encourage you to visit our online tutoring

service - which you may access for FREE at any time. You may either use the link on the front side of this letter or go to

www.smarthinking.com and click “Log In” in the upper right corner - then enter the Username “BunkerHillOnline” (no

quotes) and the Password “Online” (no quotes) to access this FREE tutoring resource. Once you have logged in using this

initial username and password, you will then create your own personalized login.

Summer 2013 BHCConline Office and Exam Sitting Hours (excluding Holidays or weather-related cancellations):

Monday thru Thursday: 8:30am to 8:00pm (arrive no later than 7:00pm sharp for an exam sitting) “sharp” means be

Friday: 8:30am to 1:00pm (arrive no later than 11:00am sharp for an exam sitting)

Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED (Summer)

there BEFORE the

cutoff time!

PLEASE NOTE: Proof of identity (photo ID) is required for online students who are required to take Midterm, Final

and/or other specialized exams on site at the BHCConline campus. Report to Room H-134 for check-in. Special needs

students must make appropriate arrangements well ahead of time with the Office for Students with Disabilities.

Again, if you need assistance, please feel free to contact the BHCConline office: onlinehelp@bhcc.mass.edu - or call

617.228.2466 - or stop by H-134.

Best wishes for a successful experience with BHCConline. We are here to help if you need us!

Paul A. Vitagliano

Director of Distance Learning



Bunker Hill Community College Online Programs © 2013 All Rights Reserved. Page 2

Welcome to Bunker Hill Community College Online (BHCConline)!


Summer 2013 Web courses begin on Monday, June 3, 2013. Student access to courses (if the Instructor has made

them available) will begin on Tuesday, May 28, 2013.


Students may drop (cancel) a credit course and receive a 100% refund within the Schedule Adjustment period.

There are no refunds after the schedule adjustment period ends. Lack of attendance in a course does not

constitute a drop. Students who register for a course and subsequently decide not to attend classes are

responsible for officially dropping the course prior to the end of the schedule adjustment period by completing a

Schedule Adjustment Form at Enrollment Services in B building. For further information on the refund policy,

please refer to pages 3 and 4 of the Master Schedule Booklet available on the BHCC home page


Summer 2013 Schedule Adjustment period ends on Wednesday, June 5, 2013.


To withdraw from a course, you must complete a Course Withdrawal Form and submit it to Enrollment Services

before the deadline. If you withdraw from a course, you will receive a grade of “W” on your transcript and you will

not receive any refund. Important: a “W” on your transcript remains on the transcript and cannot be converted

into any other grade. Students should check in with the Financial Aid office to see if early withdrawal from courses

will affect any applicable financial aid award. Click here to download a course withdrawal form:


The deadline to withdraw from any web course is Wednesday, July 31, 2013. Please contact Nadira Dookharan

(ndookhar@bhcc.mass.edu or ext. 2117) in the Registrar’s Office - AND NOT the BHCConline Office – for any

questions or issues regarding this deadline.


For courses that require you to come to the Charlestown campus to take exams, please report to Room H-134

within testing hours indicated below (you must bring a photo ID with you for verification):

• Monday through Thursday - 8:30am to 8:00pm. Arrive no later than 7:00pm.

• Friday - 8:30am to 1:00pm. Arrive no later than 11:00am.

• Saturday & Sunday – CLOSED (during the summer)

Summer 2013 classes end on Thursday, August 22, 2013. Your instructor will make the determination as to when

your final exam should be completed.

End of Course Evaluations for your Summer 2013 courses will be available via a link in your course starting

Thursday, August 8, 2013.

Bunker Hill Community College Online Programs © 2013 All Rights Reserved. Page 3

Welcome to Bunker Hill Community College Online (BHCConline)!

Expectations for BHCConline Students

1. Know how to contact the BHCConline office for assistance. We are located in the new H Building at the Charlestown Campus

extension (570 Rutherford Avenue). Our telephone number is 617.228.2466. We strongly recommend that you familiarize

yourself with BHCConline Office Hours and policies. Please visit our website at http://www.bhcc.mass.edu/bhcconline.

2. Be aware that online courses are not self-paced. There are due dates and deadlines for your assignments that must be met.

3. Log in to your web course as soon as possible so that you may preview your Course Syllabus. Read your syllabus carefully.

Locate your instructor’s contact information. Refer to your syllabus early and often.

4. Students are responsible for reviewing college-wide add/drop deadlines, withdrawal deadlines, and refund policies. This

information can be found both in this letter and in the Summer 2013 Credit Course Schedule, which is available on the BHCC

homepage (http://www.bhcc.mass.edu).

5. Purchase your textbooks immediately from the BHCC bookstore (http://bhcc.bkstore.com).

6. Be prepared for the possibility of having to occasionally visit campus to take exams. Some instructors have their exams online,

but many do not.

7. When attempting to take an exam on campus, be sure to arrive at the BHCConline office before the exam cut-off time. If you

are even one minute late you will not be permitted to take your exam. Testing hours are listed in this letter and on the

BHCConline website’s “Latest Information” page (http://www.bhcc.mass.edu/inside/458).

8. Expect to do more work into your online course than you would in a traditional course. In most cases you will need to dedicate

six to ten hours per week - per course - for completing online coursework and study. Web courses require you to take a more

proactive approach to learning the material and succeeding in your course – and this will require more reading, writing and

interaction via discussion forums and other activities and assessments.

9. Evaluate the demands of your course and your instructor’s expectations. To maximize your success, create a study schedule for

yourself and diligently adhere to it.

10. Create a study environment for yourself that is conducive to learning. A study space should be well-lit, organized, and free from

distractions and interruptions.

11. Right away, set up your FREE, Smarthinking online tutoring account (exclusively for BHCConline students) at


12. Know – and REMEMBER - your Web Advisor user ID and password. Know how to access your BHCC email account. Always check

and use your BHCC email for correspondence.

13. Anticipate any issues or problems you may have in the course and come up with solutions. Reach out to your instructor or the

BHCConline Office when questions or issues arise.

14. Communication with your Instructor is vitally important – particularly when there may be an issue with the course or a grade –

or if you have an issue with a deadline – or if you are unable to participate in a course activity because of absence or other


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