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ellen Green

Ellen was actually the one paying attention in

English class, back at Oak Creek Senior High,

when our publisher was reading Rolling Stone,

hence her mad editing skills. After a successful

career teaching German and French at a number

of high schools in the Milwaukee school system,

she gave in to the lure of sunny California and

moved to San Diego. In addition to proofreading

and copy editing for a few local publications, she

has been tutoring English writing skills and ESL.

Her taste in music is eclectic, bouncing

between jazz, classic rock and plain old top-40

radio. In her off hours, you can find her with a

camera in hand, exploring off-the-beaten-path

places in San Diego, discovering wines, or on

a weekend getaway with her husband. And

her annoying love of trivia got her a spot on

Jeopardy!, winning a trip to Maui in the process.

Ellen joins us as web editor, where she vows

to clean up our act.

Rob Johnson

Rob’s audio journey began as a toddler. His

parents made him a “human iPod Shuffle,” letting

him change the records on their massive console

stereo, firmly cementing his love for music and

audio on his sixth birthday with a gift of a portable

radio/cassette player. He claims they did not see

him much until high school days after that, and

then only tethered to a Walkman.

The years that followed found Johnson

working as a DJ for hire at weddings and private

parties, as well as doing live recording at a local

concert hall. Somewhere in the middle of all this,

the audiophile bug took hold, continuing to the

present day.

After a successful career in the world of public

relations, Johnson joins us as a contributing writer

and our review coordinator.

April 2013 13

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