By Aidan McCooey

Where do crayfish live?

Crayfish live in wetlands such as rivers,

lakes, and the ocean.

They also live in caves and by some

bodies of water.

Crayfish live in every continent except


What do crayfish eat?

Crayfish are scavengers.

That means they look around for dead

things that fell to the bottom of the

ocean floor.

So, crayfish eat dead things that fell to

the floor such as plants and dead fish.

What are crayfish’s

crayfish s


Crayfish are tasty treat for most animals.

Most animals prey on crayfish.

Almost all animals that live in a crayfish’s crayfish s

habitat love to eat crayfish.

What is a crayfish’s crayfish s life


Crayfish start out as eggs. The eggs

cling to their mother’s mother s abdomen.

Then the crayfish become instars, then

second instars, then third instars, then

adult, and finally it goes back to the egg.

What do crayfish do in


All crayfish hibernate.

Some crayfish hibernate in mud holes

called chimneys.

How many species of

crayfish are there?

There are about 500 found species in the


Are crayfish endangered?

As I said before, there are about 500

found species of crayfish.

So crayfish are not endangered.

Are crayfish social?

Most crayfish fight over their hiding spots.

Crayfish are not social.

How long do crayfish live?

Crayfish live longer than you expect.

Crayfish live a life span of about two


Pretty long huh?

How big do crayfish get?

Most crayfish grow to be as big as a

crayon ( 4-6 4 6 centimeters ).

Some types of crayfish get to be as big

as your arm! (about 16 inches ).

crayfish are wonderful



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