Personal Trainers Bios - Calgary Winter Club

Personal Trainers Bios - Calgary Winter Club

Personal Trainers Bios - Calgary Winter Club


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life & timeS<br />

I have always enjoyed activities and took part in cross country running, basketball, track and<br />

field through out school and university. I went to the U of A and moved to <strong>Calgary</strong> in 1991 after<br />

working for 6 years at Ermineskin and Samson recreation in Hobbema.<br />

I have worked at the <strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>Club</strong> as a Fitness Consultant and an instructor until I became<br />

the Fitness Director in 1994. In 2005, I started my own fitness business ‘Elemental Fitness’ and<br />

shortly after began working part time instead of all the time.<br />

philoSophy<br />

Find things you enjoy and make fitness a lifestyle.<br />

lorna Shannon<br />

personal trainer<br />

BPE, AFLCA Trainer (resistance), CSEPCPT,<br />

Member Alberta Kinesiology Association (AKA)<br />

Specialty areaS<br />

• Disabilities<br />

• Starting again<br />

and beginners<br />

• Women

life & timeS<br />

KriStine tiSchler<br />

personal trainer<br />

NAIT PFT Diploma, Level 1 Yoga Certification<br />

Kristine was born and raised on an acreage just outside Saskatoon, SK. After graduating high<br />

school, Kristine spent 2 years exploring the fitness industry at the Saskatoon Fitness Corner<br />

where she did everything from childcare to reception to membership sales. In 2002 Kristine<br />

moved to Edmonton to complete her education through the 2 year NAIT program. After College<br />

she accepted a Management position back at the Saskatoon Fitness Corner - another 2 years of<br />

hands on education!<br />

Kristine’s love for one-on-one personal training brought her to <strong>Calgary</strong> in the fall of 2006. She<br />

joined the <strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>Club</strong> Team February 2007. Come introduce yourself to Kristine and see<br />

how she can help you reach your fitness goals!<br />

philoSophy<br />

Create the world you dream of with every choice you make.<br />

Specialty areaS<br />

• Empowering Beginners<br />

• Women & Weights<br />

• Pre & Post Knee Surgery<br />


life & timeS<br />

Nick was born and raised in <strong>Calgary</strong>. He grew up playing many sports but it was baseball<br />

that took him away to Palm Desert, California. After 2 years at the College of the Desert, he<br />

transferred to Minot State University, Minot, North Dakota and earned his teaching degree in<br />

Physical Education. Nick has been with the <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>Club</strong> for 5 years. He continues to stay active<br />

playing a number of sports including hockey and baseball.<br />

philoSophy<br />

nicK StuShnoff<br />

personal trainer<br />

BSE in Physical Education, AFLCA<br />

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of fight in the dog.<br />

Specialty areaS<br />

• Sports Specific Training<br />

• High Intensity Training<br />

• General Fitness<br />

• Strength & Power

life & timeS<br />

Born in Ontario, raised in Nova Scotia and <strong>Calgary</strong> on the military bases, she is no stranger to<br />

hard workouts that will challenge people to go above and beyond there limits. Christine has<br />

a very athletic background which includes swimming, badminton, basketball, volleyball, and<br />

is a provincial champion wrestler, which earned her athlete of the year 3 years in a row in high<br />

school. She has a record for the quickest overall time of 7 seconds for a pin.<br />

philoSophy<br />

If a man does his best, what else is there? ~ George Patton<br />

chriStine lanoway<br />

personal trainer<br />

MRU - PFT Certificate, NAIT PFT Diploma (in progress), TRX Suspension Training,<br />

Twist Conditioning - Sport Coach, Can Fit Pro -PFT<br />

Specialty areaS<br />

• Sport Specific<br />

- Wrestling<br />

• High Intensity<br />

• Fat Loss<br />

• Tone & Trim<br />

• Women<br />

• Teen Fitness<br />

• Beginners to Fitness

life & timeS<br />

lana libKe<br />

personal trainer<br />

BPE, NSCA-CPT, Yogafit, NCCP (Level 3 Gymnastics),<br />

TRX Suspension Training<br />

Born in in Hamilton and spent her formative years in Cobourg, ON. She enjoyed ballet,<br />

gymnastics, track & field, and the yearly musical production at school. Lana attended McMaster<br />

University and completed for 4 years on the Varsity Gymnastics Team. After graduating, Lana<br />

headed west to <strong>Calgary</strong> where she spent 9 years programming and coaching for the Altadore<br />

Gymnastics <strong>Club</strong>.<br />

She moved on to adult fitness at the Edgemont <strong>Club</strong> where she worked for 11 years, 9 years<br />

as Fitness Director. She joined the <strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>Club</strong> team in the fall of 2000. Lana married<br />

Calgarian Rick Pegoraro and they have an energetic daughter named Devon and a dog<br />

named Raggs.<br />

philoSophy<br />

Move every day, accept yourself for who you are and strive to be the best you can in health and life.<br />

Specialty areaS<br />

• 50+ Fitness<br />

• Posture & Core<br />

• Special Populations<br />

(MS, Fibromyalgia,<br />

Osteoarthritis, Pre/Post<br />

Natal, Parkinson’s

life & timeS<br />

Danny is a graduate from the U of C. Throughout his life, Danny has been steadily involved in<br />

school clubs and volunteering. Currently Danny holds a Certified <strong>Personal</strong> Trainer certification<br />

from CSEP. He also specializes in TRX suspension training, weight loss, and sports conditioning.<br />

Danny enjoys the outdoors and likes to be involved in activities such as cycling, snowboarding,<br />

skiing, and badminton. He is comfortable in dealing with new challenges and tasks so there is<br />

always room to grow. Danny’s goal is to continue learning as much as he can in everything he<br />

does, and enjoy doing it.<br />

philoSophy<br />

Forget about your faults. Just keep moving.<br />

Danny ngo<br />

personal trainer<br />

B.Sc (Kin), CSEP-CPT, TRX Suspension Training<br />

Specialty areaS<br />

• TRX Training<br />

• Toning<br />

• Sports Conditioning<br />

• Weight Loss

life & timeS<br />

Tina was born in China, and moved to <strong>Calgary</strong> 8 years ago. She graduated from the Mount<br />

Royal University <strong>Personal</strong> Fitness Trainer program, and has currently received her Zumba<br />

certification. She also has a Dance Diploma and has been operating her own dance studio<br />

for 6 years. Combined with her more than 15 years performing and teaching experience in<br />

Chinese Traditional Dance, you’ll be guided by Tina in a professional manner where she will<br />

integrate physical healthy activity into your daily routine. Also, you will learn flexibility, agility,<br />

coordination, grace, and rhythm. With Tina’s help, you will meet you’ll meet your fitness goals<br />

and find your healthy lifestyle at your ease. She believes in ‘if there is a will there is a way’.<br />

philoSophy<br />

tina hong<br />

personal trainer<br />

PFT Mount Royal, Dance Diploma, Zumba & Dance Instructor<br />

Keep all training practical, relevant, and up-to-date, using high calibre instructors who present<br />

interesting, stimulating, and thought-provoking subjects in innovating ways.<br />

Specialty areaS<br />

• Flexibility<br />

• Weight Loss<br />

• Dance Specific Training<br />

• General Conditioning

life & timeS<br />

Paul grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba playing different sports like golf, baseball, hockey, and<br />

tennis. Since a young age he has been involved with sports and believe in activity as the spice<br />

of life. With roots also in India, Paul lived there some years working education and as a tennis<br />

instructor. His interests include cycling, hiking, and music in general but especially Spanish<br />

Flamenco music.<br />

philoSophy<br />

paul Sawh<br />

personal trainer<br />

<strong>Personal</strong> Trainer Cert from Mount Royal, <strong>Personal</strong> Trainer Diploma NAIT<br />

(in progress), Tennis Instructor Cert with Tennis Canada<br />

Train with intensity and passion along with balance and harmony.<br />

Specialty areaS<br />

• Fitness for Tennis<br />

• Players

life & timeS<br />

Melissa has been married for 18 years and has 3 kids. A fun job, time for friends, and good food<br />

makes her life as good as it gets!<br />

Melissa likes fitness and fun in combination. She teaches a wide variety of fitness classes and has<br />

over 20 years experience. She likes to share with her clients and instructors a way of reaching<br />

their personal best and really enjoying the process and the results.<br />

philoSophy<br />

meliSSa rowe<br />

personal trainer<br />

BPE, CFC, AFLCA Trainer of <strong>Trainers</strong>, Yoga, TRX, Older Adult Specialty, Cycling<br />

I love time efficient workouts that leave you with no muscles left untouched.<br />

Specialty areaS<br />

• Older Adults

life & timeS<br />

Jessica just finished her B.Kin with a minor in Anthropology at the University of <strong>Calgary</strong>. She<br />

has also been a member up at the <strong>Club</strong> for the past 18 years! Jessica has been actively involved<br />

in a variety of sports in her life. These include tennis, swimming, rugby, badminton, volleyball,<br />

soccer, and track and field. After being a Fitness Consultant for 2 years she moved into the role of<br />

Administrative Assistant, in which has her doing a lot more work behind the scenes.<br />

philoSophy<br />

Don’t sweat the small stuff.<br />

JeSSica Stirling<br />

personal trainer<br />

B.Kin, CSEP-CPT<br />

Specialty areaS<br />

• General Conditioning<br />

• Weight loss

life & timeS<br />

Amber grew up in <strong>Calgary</strong>. She has attended the U of C and Mount Royal College and will likely<br />

be there for the next decade (lifer). Amber continues to take on more and more at the club.<br />

You will see her working with the youth and teen programs, running camps, teaching classes,<br />

torturing poor souls in the gym and often running around at the speed of sound.<br />

philoSophy<br />

amber wright<br />

personal trainer/lifestyle & activities coordinator<br />

B. Kin and B.A.. Psych (in progress), Can-Fit-Pro, STOTT Pilates<br />

‘If you care at all, you’ll get some results. If you care enough, you’ll get incredible results’<br />

~ Jim Rohn<br />

Specialty areaS<br />

• Youth & Teen<br />

• High Performance<br />

• Pilates<br />

• Core

life & timeS<br />

Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Dianne was introduced to outdoor activities at an early<br />

age. Hiking, biking, tennis and cross-country skiing became her favourite pastimes along with<br />

reading and doing crossword puzzles. While working abroad, she acquired a taste for travel and<br />

the languages and foods of many cultures. Happy to call <strong>Calgary</strong> home, she still has a yen for<br />

warmer climates.<br />

philoSophy<br />

Dianne anton<br />

private instructor<br />

B.P.E., Pilates Mat & Reformer Certified, Yoga Certified<br />

My way is not a better way; it is merely another way. There are many paths to well-being.<br />

Choose the one that resonates with you and enjoy the journey.<br />

Specialty areaS<br />

• Pilates,<br />

• Yoga Therapy<br />

• Myofascial release for<br />

spinal issues and breast<br />

cancer recovery

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