2nd men's world bodybuilding championships in the holy city ... - ABBF


2nd men's world bodybuilding championships in the holy city ... - ABBF




Report by Paul Chua, Secretary General, WBPF

Baba Pradeep Madhok (President) and Amit Swami (General-Secretary) and the Organising

Committee of the Indian Bodybuilding Federation organised a fantastic and most

memorable 2nd Men's WBPF World Bodybuilding Championships and Congress in the Holy

City of Varanasi, India from 27 October - 1st November 2010.

The World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation's; Executive Council Meeting, Team

Managers & Judges' Meeting, Official Weigh-In and the World Congress all took place at the

renowned Clarks Hotel in Varanasi.

The Pre-judging and Finals were held at the Rohania School ground on a purpose built

grand stage with an audience of over 15,000 people witnessing this great event. This is the

first time such a mammoth international bodybuilding event has been held in the Worlds

Oldest City, the Holy City of Varanasi.

After a 22 year wait, India clinched not one, but two gold medals and one bronze, showing

the world how much bodybuilding in India has progressed under the leadership of Baba

Pradeep Madhok, President of the Indian Bodybuilding Federation (IBBF) and his able


The Overall WBPF Men's World Champion title was won convincingly by Daniel Toth of

Hungary. Daniel who also won the Over 110kg Division displayed a truly world class

physique, with great size, proportion, chiseled definition, altogether with very professional


The Overall Men's World Bodybuilding Championships Team Award, was won by none

other than Iran (one of the powerhouses of World Bodybuilding), in second place was UAE

with some tremendous athletes and in third was the host country India with a full and

committed team.

The WBPF would like to acknowledge our kind, generous and warm hosts, who

treated everyone like family, led by Baba Pradeep Madhok, our many member countries

from afar, key stakeholders, sponsors, media personnel all of whom contributed to the

success of the 2nd Men's WBPF World Bodybuilding Championships, including the many

special guests that attended these championships and in particular Mr M.S. Bitta, Chairman,

All-India Anti-Terrorist Front.

We look forward to seeing you all at the 3rd WBPF Men's World Bodybuilding

Championships & Congress, which is being hosted by our good friend and colleague; Datuk

Wira Gan Boon Leong, Patron of the WBPF, President of the Malaysian Bodybuilding

Federation, who himself is a former bodybuilding great of Asia.

55kg - 1 st

2 nd

3 rd

Pham Van Mach Vietnam

Ayoob Razouki Ismail Al Amin UAE

Pradeep Verga India

55KG - 1 ST

55KG – 2nd

60kg - 1 st

2 nd

3 rd

55KG – 3 rd

Asrelawandi Indonesia

Jiraphan Pongkam Thailand

Tam Jonas Singapore

60KG – 1 st

60KG – 2 nd

60KG – 3 rd

65kg - 1 st

2 nd

3 rd

Somkhit Sumethowetchakun Thailand

Rashed Mohammad Ali Salem Alshams UAE

Shyam Shrestha Nepal

65KG – 1 st

65KG – 1 st & 2 nd

70kg - 1 st

2 nd

3 rd

65KG – 3 rd & Top 5

Sazali Bin Abd Samad Malaysia

Karimi Yousef Ali Iran

Tareq Rashed Saeed B.Y. Alzaa UAE

70KG – 1 st

75kg - 1 st

2 nd

3 rd

70KG – 3 rd

Abobby Singh India

Rostami Hasheyani Iran

Amer Majid Jafar Bahati UAE

75kg– 1 st

75KG – 2 nd

75KG – 3 rd

80kg - 1 st

2 nd

3 rd

Panami Moharram Iran

Paydar Ahmad Iran

Paul Lans Netherland

80KG – 1 st

80KG – 2 nd

80KG – 3 rd

85kg - 1 st

Agheli Abbas Iran

2 nd Mohammed Mubarak Humaid Saeed Al Maz UAE

3 rd

Kim Jong Ho South Korea

85kg – 1 st

85kg – 2 nd

85KG – 3 rd

90kg - 1 st

Jatindsq Dallon India

2 nd

Khalid Khamis Salem Abdulla Al Khansoori UAE

3 rd Mohammed Eassa Abdulla Rahma Al Beloo UAE

90KG – 1 st

90KG – 2 nd

100kg - 1 st

2 nd

3 rd

90KG – 3 rd

Gavryshchuk Roman Ukraine

Assadolahi Ali Reza Iran

Babchuk Sergii Ukraine

100KG – 1 st

100KG – 2 nd

100KG – 3 rd

+100kg - 1 st

2 nd

3 rd

Daniel Toth Hungary

Kuzmyn Mykhayil Ukraine

Iman Rahimpour Iran

+100KG – 1 st

+100KG – 2 nd

+100KG – 3 rd

Overall Title Line Up

Overall Title Line Up

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