red menu ludhiana - Radisson Blu

red menu ludhiana - Radisson Blu

Rare Eastern Dining or R.E.D opened in 2012 with the aim to revel diversity of

Oriental food in a pleasing and comfortable environment where service is attentive,

warm but never pompous and judgmental.

If you haven’t been here before, consider this. Sitting in an unfamiliar Oriental

restaurant, have you already chosen old Oriental classics before opening these

pages? Dishes like, spring rolls, golden fried prawns may have crossed your mind?

Yes, we do have some of these comfort recipes and yes we do take a great deal

of care preparing them.

At R.E.D, you can have much more than alternative versions of dishes you will

already find in other Oriental restaurants. Our menu is almost entirely, a

compilation of specialties unique to us and the recipes are never softened or

diluted, remaining true to their Oriental origins

Allow us therefore to offer you, new experiences in Oriental food ordering

something unfamiliar. After all, a meal with no surprises is a culinary experience

lost and a potentially memorable dining occasion wasted.

Dinesh Rawat

Executive Chef

Liu Zhijun

Master Chef

Taxes as follows:

Government Value Added Tax: Food & Soft Beverage 14.30%

Government Service Tax 4.94%

We levy 5% service charge

Service Tax applicable on service charge 12.36%


Sushi & Sashimi

(5 pieces per serving)

Shake / Maguro 895

salmon / tuna

Maguro /Shake /Tobiko 895

tuna, salmon or flying fish roe

Maguro /Shake 895

salmon / tuna

Kappa / Ume Kyu /

Abokado Maki 695

cucumber / plum / avocado

California Roll 1295

crabmeat, cucumber, avocado,

lettuce, wasabi mayonnaise,

Tobiko reverse roll

Spider Roll 1195

soft shell crab, wasabi mayonnaise

and tobiko reverse roll

Dynamite Roll 995

prawn tempura, wasabi mayonnaise

tobiko reverse roll

Sushi Tempura Roll 995

fried sushi roll made tempura style

with salmon and tuna

Yasai Maki 695

mix vegetable roll

Healthy options

Vegetarian Preparations

R.E.D Signatures

Nigri Sushi

Maki Roll

Signature Creations

Tempura and Beyond

Hotate 995


Ebi 1095


Sofuto Sheru Kurabu 1195

soft shell crab

Tempura Moriawase 1850

chef’s seafood tempura platter

Yasai/ Yasai Moriawase 695

vegetable/assorted vegetable platter

Tori no Karage 725

traditional fried chicken nuggets

with spicy mayonnaise

Hiyayakko 450

cold silken tofu topped with

chopped spring onions, bonito fish

flakes, freshly grated ginger and

soy sauce


(4 sticks per serving)

Shake 1195


Ebi 995


Negima 595

Chicken and leek

Leeks, mushroom and

eggplant 495

Beancurd and broccoli 495

Exotic seafood platter 995

All prices are in Indian Rupees

Taxes as applicable. For complete tax break up please refer to page two.


(4 pieces per serving)

Prawn sui mai 550

Chicken dumpling 450

Sichuan chicken dumpling 450

Chicken hot pot stickers 450

Lamb dumpling 450

Vegetable dumpling 350

Onion fritter 495

Sichuan vegetable

dumpling 350

Black mushroom and

pak choy 350



Kung Thord Krathiyam

crispy fried prawns wok tossed with crushed black pepper and garlic,

finished with fried shallots. A Thai delicacy


(4 sticks per serving)

Prawn 995

Chicken 595

Lamb 650

Vegetable 495

Exotic satay platter 995

Thord Man Kung / Phla 750 / 595

local Thai street specialty of minced prawn or fish cakes

Se Zha Zia Seu 995

a Chinese classic batter fried jumbo prawns, served with hot garlic sauce

Chá li wasabi cha tou 1050

prawns in a Japanese wasabi-mayonnaise dressing with diced kiwi and apple

Cuì yenlangxiè 1295

A Chinese speciality of crispy soft shell crabs wok tossed with diced capsicum,

peppers, shallots and garlic

Mala hî Pien

crispy fish wok tossed in traditional mala sauce from Szechwan province of China


Mi zàihuâ epien 595

wok tossed fish fillet in tangy Chinese honey chilli bean sauce

All prices in Indian Rupees

Taxes as applicable. For complete tax break up please refer to page two.



Kai Phad Khing

A Thai street delicacy of stir fried chicken with ginger juliennes, chillies and scallions


Kai Num Tok

pan fried chicken tossed with spring onion, mint and Thai bird chilies


Mì Chiòu Chi 595

wok tossed chicken with honey chili bean or golden honey sauce - a Chinese speciality

Lamb and other meats

Chui cha Yángròu 650

crispy fried lamb tossed with unique taste of British marmite paste

Yángròu là oujiâo 625

a Huanese recipe of sliced lamb tossed with freshly ground pepper and chillies

Xînjiâpô Kâfçi Páigu 650

succulent chunks of pork ribs glazed with Espresso - Singaporean style

Vegetarian Selection

Phad Phak

home style stir-fried of mixed vegetables with garlic and Thai spices


Som Tam Che

Bangkok's famous street style shredded papaya salad with cherry tomato and

chilles in a tangy dressing


Tahu Yam Che 495

crispy tofu salad with mixed vegetables in a dressing of garlic, chilies and lime juice - Indonesian style

Shûcài Pa Chao/Chao Yán 495

assorted crisp vegetables, tossed in the unique flavour of aniseed or salt and pepper

Sìchuân Chui la Yùmi/ Chao Yán 495

crisp kernels of corn tossed with spicy Szechwan sauce or salt and pepper

Xînjiâpô Tongku 495

crispy black mushrooms wok tossed with rare eastern spices - a Singaporean delight

Ching Chao Ri Shuchai 495

wok tossed asparagus, broccoli and pak-choy. Perfect as a side dish. Try enhancing it with mushrooms or tofu

Cù jiâo Dòufu 495

silken tofu fried crisp and tossed in a tingly and spicy combination of chili-vinegar


Healthy options

R.E.D Signatures

Vegetarian Preparations

Pork Preparation

All prices in Indian Rupees

Taxes as applicable. For complete tax break up please refer to page two.

Miso Shiru

assorted seafood / Vegetables in a miso broth accented with scallions and seaweed

Mixed Seafood 350 Assorted Vegetables 295

Tom Yum

Thailand’s most famous soup made of prawns / chicken / assorted vegetables,

fresh lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and crushed chillies

Kung 350 Kai 350 Phak


Tom Kha

cocunut base Thai soup, flavoured with lemon grass and galangal

Kung 350 Kai 350 Phak 2 95

Lu Soon Phang sea Tang 375

an elegant thick white soup with asparagus and crabmeat

Cantonese Suan La Tang

a truly classic and comforting soup

Xia Rou 350 Chi Rou 350 Soochai 2 95

Man Chow

a thick Chinese white soup with chopped vegetables, garnished with roasted crushed garlic

Xia Rou 350 Chi Rou 350 Soochai 2 95

Ling Mong Yenchi Soochi Tang

the simplicity of this soup is in the clear & fragrant broth, bursting with a coriander

and lemony sensation

Xia Rou 350 Chi Rou 350 Soochai 2 95

Soo Mee Kung

a Chinese traditional soup with kernels of corn, this soup is a favourite for those,

who believe in eastern philosophy of less in more

Xia Rou 350 Chi Rou 350 Soochai 2 95

Tse Ebi Bento 2795 Sakana bento 1895 Buta Niku Sogayaki 1 495

Crispy lobster Salmon steak Ginger flavoured pork

Chicken skewer Sof tofu Vegetable tempura

Tuna Roll Prawn tempura Asparagus in butter sauce


Served with Miso soup, sticky rice, Japanese pickles and desserts.

R.E.D Signatures

Vegetarian Preparations

Pork Preparation

Spicy Preparations


Bento Boxes

A traditional Japanese meal served in hand crafted lacquerware boxes.

All prices in Indian Rupees

Taxes as applicable. For complete tax break up please refer to page two.


Hçi Hújiâo Pìwáng Xiè

whole crab wok tossed in a fragrant and piquant black pepper sauce,

tingly on taste buds

Healthy options

R.E.D Signatures

Spicy Preparations

Pork Preparations

All prices in Indian Rupees

Taxes as applicable. For complete tax break up please refer to page two.


Xînjiâpô Làjiâo Pìwáng Xiè 2095

Singapore’s unofficial “National Dish”, whole crab in a red chilli sauce

ribboned with beaten egg and a dash of chilli oil

Háoyóu Lóngxiâ 1495

Lobster meat stir fried in a delicate oyster pepper sauce

XO Jiàng Chao Taise Xî Lánhuâ 1195

sea scallops and broccoli sautéed in a Cantonese XO sauce

Shçn bâ Jiàng Chao Xiâ Chu

stir fried prawns in a Indo-Malay chili-sambal sauce




Koong Phad Krapaow 1225

wok tossed prawns in a spicy Thai sauce perfumed with freshly chopped basil

Pla Phad Krapaow 1050

fillet of fish steamed and dressed in a aromatic and spicy Thai basil sauce

Xî ang Kang Chinag Chai 1050

crisp fried fish with a fragrant Hong Kong sauce


Tho Xiâng Chao chi ru 775

chicken in a medium spicy yellow bean sauce enhanced with garlic and shallots

Tho Zhî Chao chi ru

diced chicken tossed, with fermented black beans, Chinese mushrooms,

capsicum and onions


Yâo Guo Chiting 775

a mild and elegant preparation of chicken wok tossed in a clear white sauce,

garnished with cashewsnuts

Szechwan Chi ru 775

wok tossed diced chicken with Szechwan

chili paste, our signature sauce is medium spicy

Kao Ya 1395

home-style roast duck is carved and served on a bed of sliced cucumbers,

with traditional accompaniments of plum and hoi-sin sauce


Lamb and other meats

Yángròu Hçi Hújiâo 795

our recipe of lamb in black pepper sauce is bursting with aroma of black pepper

Sû chaYángròu 795

slivers of crispy lamb wok tossed with chili paste, garnished with toasted sesame seeds

Hàjiâo Yángròu 795

a classic interpretation from the far east with sliced lamb tossed in a spicy oyster sauce

Táng Tien ròu

a legacy from Canton,

crisp fried pork is stir-fried in a sweet and sour sauce


Sû ru Là hu jiâo 795

wok fried pork with three pepper - is a spicy and pungent dish form China

Healthy options

R.E.D Signatures

Spicy Preparations

Pork Preparations

All prices in Indian Rupees

Taxes as applicable. For complete tax break up please refer to page two.



Kaeng Phet - medium spicy red curry with bamboo shoots and pineapple

Kaeng Pa - based on a famous dish from Chiang Mai.

Spicy and layered with flavour,

this curry is a splendid variation of red curry

Kaeng Kiew Wan - Thai green curry with a blend of green chilies and exotic spices

Kaeng Masaman - originating from the south of Thailand,

this medium spicy curry is a fusion of

Indo Thai flavours, slow simmered in exotic spices

The above mentioned curries are available with following choices.

Ahan taley

1350 Koong 1150 Phla 1050

Nueh san nai / Nuea gae 795 Kai 775 Phak 695

Ding Ding Randang - classical Malay lamb curry 795

Mapo Tofu, Chili Bean

a Szechwan speciality, of tofu set in a spicy chili and bean

based sauce with diced mushrooms


Hçi Hújiâo Dì Shûcài 695

seasonal mixed vegetables wok tossed in a signature black pepper sauce

Kung Pao la Dofu

named after a Qing dynasty guardian, "Kung Pao" is bean curd marinated in

Shaoxingwine then stir-fried with dried red chilies, vegetables and dark soy sauce


ZuYán la Qiézi 695

eggplant wedges fried crisp and tossed with a hot garlic sauce

Xù Zhá Cuì Bôcài 695

sauted spinach with chopped garlic, salt and pepper

Tu Xîang chao Losson Xi LanHuâ 695

asparagus and broccoli tossed in fragrant sauce

Tongku Bôcài 695

Chinese mushroom and spinach in spicy soy garlic sauce

Sìchuân Dofu 695

crispy tofu with spicy Szechwan pepper

Xungla Cuì Chai

vegetables in spicy chilli garlic sauce 695

Healthy options

Vegetarian Preparations

R.E.D Signatures

Vegetarian Selection

All prices are in Indian Rupees

Taxes as applicable. For complete tax break up please refer to page two.


Phad Thai Kung, Gai Rue Phak

a Thai noodle favourite well known for its sweet, sour, spicy and nutty taste,

served with a choice of:

Prawn 650 Chicken 650 Assorted Vegetables 595

Pan Fried Noodles

crispy noodles pan fried, topped with a delicate and clear white sauce,

served with a choice of:

Prawn 595 Chicken 595 Assorted Vegetables 5 75

Chili and Garlic Noodles 495

traditional yellow noodles wok tossed with chili paste, sliced capsicum

and roasted garlic

Hong Kong Style Noodles 495

traditional yellow noodles wok fried with spring onion,

sliced carrot and bell peppers

Fried Bee Hoon 495

a favourite in homes across Singapore,

thin vermicelli noodles fried

with Chinese cabbage. Try adding prawns for imperial touch

Khao Baan Thai

spicy Thai style fried rice with chicken


Khao Phad Supparot 495

pineapple and ginger fried rice

Nine Jewel Fried Rice 495

jewels of finely chopped carrots, mushrooms, broccoli,

baby corn and green peas

Stir-Fried Rice 495

Steamed Rice / Gohan Rice 295

Healthy options

R.E.D Signatures

Spicy Preparations


Rice and Noodles

All prices in Indian Rupees

Taxes as applicable. For complete tax break up please refer to page two.


Vegetarian Preparations

R.E.D Signatures


Ice-cream Spring Rolls 295

a great contrast of Yin and Yang, featuring four bites of vanilla ice-cream filled spring rolls

Darsan 295

honey tossed crispy noodles served with a scoop of vanilla Ice-cream

Chocolate Mud Cake 295

warm mud cake served with a scoop of vanilla Ice-cream

Banana & Apple Fritters

caramelized fritters with vanilla ice-cream

Date Pancake 295

Pancake stuffed with minced dates, served with a scoop of vanilla Ice-cream

Orange Sesame Cake 295

an elegant serving of orange flavoured sesame cake served with butter scotch ice-cream

Seasonal Fruit Platter 295

Ice Cream 275

strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch

All prices are in Indian Rupees

Taxes as applicable. For complete tax break up please refer to page two.


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