Thank you… - Maple Grove Elementary School

Thank you… - Maple Grove Elementary School

Principal and Vice-­‐Principal’s Message:

Welcome to the month of May! May is a great time of the

year when the days become longer, the crisp mornings

start warming up and the anticipation of summer is in the

air! Don’t forget to put on your sunscreen!

A big thank you to everyone that came out to support our

fundraiser at Chapters in Pointe-­‐Claire during April. It is

because of your generosity that we managed to raise

over $1200 toward the purchase of laptops for our

Robotics program. It was a great success!

As a part of an environmental initiative, we have begun a

composting project at Maple Grove. All classes are

collecting their organic waste and bringing it to Mme

Zemnickis’ class where it gets collected and brought to

the compost bin located outside of the school. The

students really seem to embrace the idea of magically

transforming their organic waste into compost!

Also, please be reminded that we are continuing to

collect recyclable cans and bottles. Please continue to

send in your rinsed items which are collected in a barrel

in front of the school office door. Thank you for your


The month of May is a busy time at Maple Grove. There

are many field trips and activities planned for the

students during this month. Please refer to the school

calendar for a detailed list of events and be sure to return

the required permission forms.

Big changes are ahead for Maple Grove Elementary for

next year. The LBPSB Council of Commissioners is pleased

to announce that Mrs. Margaret Wilkinson has been

appointed as principal effective July 1, 2013. Mrs.

Wilkinson comes to Maple Grove with a wealth of

professional experience. Her most recent professional

experience is as school principal at Terry Fox Elementary


It has also been announced that Mrs. Piffer has been

appointed as principal at Dorset Elementary School, and

Ms. Malowany has been appointed as Vice-­‐Principal at St.

Thomas High School, both effective July 1, 2013.

Enjoy the month of May! We know that we will!

By: Mrs. Piffer and Ms. Malowany

Thank you…

Important Dates to Remember:



Grade 4 Vaccinations

Grad Committee Meeting at 7 p.m.


Good Start Program for next year’s Kindergartens


“Le petit garçon” play (Kindergarten)


Science Center (Grade 5)

Workshop at College Beaubois a.m. only

(Room 17 & 20)


Lachine Museum (Grade 4)

FRIDAY MAY 10 th :

Good Start Program for next year’s Kindergartens


Youth Court Field Trip (Grade 6)


70’s Dress Up Day ($2)

FRIDAY MAY 17 th :

Ped Day

MONDAY MAY 20 th :



Cycle 3 Robotics Challenge

Subway Lunch

FRIDAY MAY 24 th :

Cycle 3 Robotics Challenge


Science Center (Grades 4, 5 & 6)


“Rythmobile” play (Grades 5 & 6)

FRIDAY MAY 31 st :

Geni-­‐velo Presentation (Grade 2)

Special thanks to this month’s newsletter team (Bethany W, Victoria M, Jolene T, Méshama EA,

Amber G, Max G, Jacob P, Brianna I.Z. and Mme Geneviève) for all their help and dedication.

- Miss. Erica Kresevic

Maple Grove Elementary School

740 – 52 nd Avenue

Lachine, Québec, H8T 2X6

(514) 798-­‐8747

More important information…

Reminder to Parents:

Any outstanding school fees or daycare/lunch supervision fees are due prior to May 31 st , 2013.

All accounts not paid by then will be forwarded to the school board for further follow up.

Beautiful Flower Pens for Sale!

The Graduation Committee will be selling beautiful flower pens for $2 as a fundraiser for graduation. They will

be selling these pens during recess in the lobby for everyone to buy!

On sale from Monday, May 6, until Friday, May 10

It’s a great gift to purchase for someone that you love… and I’m sure you’ll also want to buy one for yourself!

Earth Day Celebration:

On Monday April 22 nd , Maple Grove

Elementary School celebrated the Earth,

along with millions, all over our planet. It

was a wonderful assembly. We enjoyed a

dance performance, the beautiful voices

of our school choir and poems by Grade

4. We sang some songs together and

launched Maple Grove’s new composting

project. It was an inspiring assembly that

left everyone feeling good because they

can make a difference in the world and

help save our beautiful planet Earth.

At Maple Grove, we are not only trying to

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, we are now

composting! Every classroom has a bin to

collect organic waste, fruit and vegetable

scraps, along with bread and paper

towels. The waste is collected and then

deposited in our new Machine à terre,

located outside of the kindergarten door

on Sherbrooke Street. In our earth-­‐

making machine, worms and other small

animals are busy breaking down our

waste into nutrients that will enrich the

soil, instead of polluting our planet.

Most of our household waste is organic

waste that could be composted. This

organic waste when dumped into

landfills causes pockets of poisonous gas

that are a threat to our environment,

hygiene and safety.

With composting, it is a

win-­‐win situation for

the Earth and for us!

By: Mme Zemnickis


For our Ped Day on March 22 nd , we enjoyed a trip to the Cabane à

Sucre Sportif. We played outdoors, we went down slides, and then

we went on a wagon ride to see some cows. When it was time for

lunch we all went into a big hall with many tables where we ate

eggs, ham, mini hot dogs, potatoes, beans, and lots of syrup! For

dessert, we had pancakes and sugar pie. Then we all went into a

hall and danced to music. Our treat of the day was taffy on a stick.

We all had a great time!

For our Ped Day on April 19 th , we went bowling at the Laurentian

Lanes. We took the school bus there. We all had to wear bowling

shoes, then we were put on different teams, and we played with

big bowling balls. We had a lot of fun! We bowled for about an

hour and a half, it was really cool. There were computers that

showed your name and your score, and there was a TV at each

station where it also showed your score. Some kids on our team

got strikes and there were also a few gutter balls. We then took a

lunch break and continued to bowl again after lunch. I hope I can

go there again with daycare!

By: Anthony C. (Room 3)

Ms. Chantal’s Corner:

The Good Start program is for the kindergartens who are starting

next year. The parents come with their kids for the morning to

show them what the school and kindergarten classrooms look

like. The parents had information sessions in the library and the

kids did activities on the stage. Two grade 5 students were paired

up with four families and it was our job to bring them around the

school. We brought them down the junior hall, then the

kindergarten classrooms, for recess we went to the gym and then

we went to the senior hall. We had a coffee and ice cream break.

There will be three more sessions: April 26 th , May 3 rd and May

10 th .

By: Danny L. (Room 6) and Anthony L. (Room 4)


News from our classrooms…


“I saw snakes. I made a fire breathing snake and I saw a

snapping turtle.”


The students in Miss Michelle’s class drew pictures of the

animals they saw when they went to the Ecomuseum.

By: Room 14


The students in Mme Suzanne and Mme Athena’s classes

are learning about the solar system. Here are some

examples of the astronauts we made!

By: Room 23 and Room 24

Grade 1:

In April, we talked a lot about the earth. We

learned to recycle paper, cans, and plastic.

We got an aquarium with fish and snails

inside. We like the aquarium a lot! We also

planted plants in our classroom. We learned

a song about the earth and we learned a

song about compost. It was fun to practice

singing the songs! We also read a book

about how to protect the earth. Our class

went to the Ecomuseum. We saw a snake, a

turtle, a deer, a flying squirrel and last but

not least, a bat!

By: Trevon S. and Alama E.A (Room 17)

Les hiboux

We learned a lot about owls this month and

we got to make an owl craft. Owls have

crooked beaks and they can turn their heads

all the way around. They don’t make any

noise when they fly over our heads. We

learned the names of all the parts of an owl:

“le bec, les ailes, les serres, des plumes, le

disque facial, et la poitrine”. Owls have ears

but we can’t see them. Owls eat mice.

By: Madison S. and Brody M. (Room 22)

Grade 1/2:

This month we went on a special field trip to

the Ecomuseum. At the Ecomuseum, we saw

a white owl, a flying squirrel, and a lynx. We

have also been learning about the earth and

how we can help it. Some ways we learned

to help the earth is to stop littering and to

pick up garbage off the ground. We can also

do more biking instead of driving cars

because use a lot of gas and that is not good

for the environment. We should also recycle

more instead of throwing everything in the

garbage and we should stop cutting down

trees because animals live in trees.

By: Nathan T. and Elena P. (Room 21)

Les enfants de la terre

Par: Faith W.M. (Salle 1), Trianna S.D.M.

et Brittainny J. (Salle 3)

News from our classrooms…

Grade 2:

In Mme Claudia’s class, we started a new project on plants because summer is coming.

Everyone in the class planted seeds in a cup. First we put the dirt in the cup, then we put

the seeds in, and then we added water. We put the cups near the window because the sun

will help it grow and we water it every day. Our plants are just starting to grow. Mme Claudia

said that we will plant these flowers in the Maple Grove schoolyard to start a garden. We are also collecting

compost in our classrooms. For compost, you can use things like orange and banana peels and old fruits you

don’t want to eat anymore. Then the worms eat the stuff we put in the compost bucket and their poop turns

into dirt. For Math, we started a project where we made creatures out of shapes. We used triangles, circles,

squares, and hexagons. Dylan used triangles for the hair, a hexagon for the nose and triangles for the eyes.

By: Kiara B, Dylan M. and Julian M. (Room 19)

Earth Day Assembly

The whole school sang the song. The choir sang “Protégeons notre

terre” and “Enfants de paix”. We also sang a fun version of the song “Dynamite”

but with lyrics for Earth Day. These were some of the lyrics: “’Cause I told you once

and I told you twice, we’re going to save the earth so let’s do it right”! Then the

grade 4 classes read a poem about the earth. It was really good! We also learned

about the importance of not polluting and putting papers into the recycling instead of the garbage.

By: Mahalia AK. and Allison D. (Room 19)

Grade 1/2 (Continued):

What's cooking?

Room 17 and Room 20 have learned a lot about vegan cooking (no meat and no dairy) this winter. They made

many tasty meals that they have shared with people around the school. Every week, for six weeks, a different

group of chefs were busing washing, peeling, dicing, and chopping a variety of vegetables in class. The

delicious aroma of simmering spices, vegetables, different grains and beans, were wafting down the hallway

from their slow cooker. The students were amazed by the gambit of colours, textures, sizes and tastes they

explored through their recipes.

If you haven’t tried using a slow cooker, let us assure you

it is wonderful. You just put your ingredients in the pot,

turn it on, and walk away. A couple of hours later, a tasty

meal is yours to enjoy and share generously. With our

vegan recipes, the cost was so little. A bit of this and a

bit of that and voilà! Souper pour tout le monde! It is just

like in the story of Stone Soup, where a wandering

beggar enters a very poor village, going door to door

asking for some food. No one has anything to spare for a

hungry stranger. Somehow, the beggar convinces each

villager to contribute a small something something to his

big pot, and in no time, a delicious soup is simmering on

the fire in the centre of the village. Inviting everyone to come and share the soup, the beggar ladles out

enough soup so that everyone goes home that night to their bed with a full belly. With our slow cooker, we

also had enough food for ourselves and others. It was a fabulous experience of skill building and community


By: Mme Zemnickis

The Little Mermaid

On April 18 th , we went to St. Patrick’s school to watch The Little Mermaid play. A lot of people liked it because

it looked a lot like the movie. Every time they had to change scenes, they closed the curtains so we couldn’t

see anything. When they opened the curtains, there was a big ship. The sets were really good and they had a

lot of props. They sang almost all of the songs from the movie. Our favorite song was “Under

the Sea”. The costumes looked really good too, they had all kinds of designs on them. All of

the characters were played by kids that went to the elementary school. They did a really

good job!

By: Kaleb M. and Jasmine S. (Room 20)

News from our classrooms…

Grade 3:

We went to the Ecomuseum to learn about animals. We learned about the American black bear, the lynx, the red

tailed fox, the arctic fox, ducks, swans, and many others. We also got to touch a snake! It felt wet, slimy and gross.

We saw a cool turtle that looked like a pancake because it was really flat. We also saw bats, an eagle, and a

poisonous lizard. We left at 9:30 a.m. and returned at 1:30 p.m. It was very fun!

We have also started to learn about the Native Americans.

They were the first settlers of North America. They hunted

animals for their food like white-­‐tailed deer, fish, porcupines,

wolves, beavers, foxes, and other animals that lived in the

woods. The Native Americans used arrows, spears, etc. to

hunt. They lived in teepees, which are cone-­‐shaped tents that

only have one room. They are also the people who invented

dream catchers. A dream catcher is supposed to capture your

nightmares so that you can get a good night sleep. Native

Americans are very creative people!

By: Tehsin A. and Liam C. (Room 15)

By: Tehsin A.

In French, we read a story called, “La fête dans la forêt”. The story was about animals celebrating a butterfly’s

birthday. They made him a cake and they gave him presents. After we read the story, we had to draw and colour a

picture. We learned a new song called, “Les enfants de la terre” for Earth Day and then we made pictures of the

earth and of people who are sharing. There is going to be an Earth Day assembly on April 22 nd , 2013 and the whole

school is going to sing the song together. We also played a game to help us learn about insects in French class. We

got a paper with facts of information about bugs and then we had to match the information with the right insect.

When we finished that, we made teams and we were ready to start the game. Mme Rochon said a piece of

information and in our teams, we had to raise our hand and say which insect it was about. Whichever team had

the most correct answers won. We learned about la grenouille and lots of insects like “la coccinelle, le bourdon, le

ver de terre, l’abeille, la mouche à viande, le papillon, l’araignée, le criquet, le patineur, la sauterelle, le perce-­‐

oreille” and more.

By: Elizabeth DP. and Liam W. (Room 18)

Grade 4:

In French class, we started to learn a song called “Les enfants

de la terre” because April 22 nd is Earth Day. It is about the

kids of the earth helping the earth to be a better place. We

are also decorating plates for literacy week. On each plate,

we have to draw a picture of our favourite book. We are

going to hang up all the plates together to make a caterpillar.

We also did something called, Stop, Drop and Read, which

we did every day for one week. Our teacher would choose a

time where we stop what we are doing, pick up a book, and

read for a certain amount of time. Then we have to write

down the title of the book and draw a picture representing

what we read. Miss Adara is going to be our 2 nd English

teacher for a few weeks. We are happy to have her in our

class. We also want to welcome Brittainny, Biancia, Connor,

and Mayden to our grade 4 classes. Brittainny explained that

she was shy to start a new school, but she had a good day

and made some new friends. She is happy to be here at

Maple Grove.

By: Brittainny J, Trianna S.D.M. (Room 3), and Faith W.M.

(Room 1)

Maple Grove’s “We Love to Read” Caterpillar

Grade 5:

Cat’s Craddle

Mrs. Lazaris taught us how to do “Jacob’s

Ladder” with string and our hands. There are 11

steps to do it properly. This was a project for us

to learn how to do something new and then

present it to the class. Everybody had their own

string and the presenters had to teach the rest of

the class all of the steps in their string figures.

Some of the figures we learned how to make

were called, “The Witch’s Broom”, “The Drum”,

“The Star”, “The Teacup”, “The Eiffel Tower”,

and “Cat Whiskers”. In French class, we did a

project on famous French people. An example of

someone that was researched is Jean-­‐Paul

Riopelle who was a famous painter and sculptor

from Quebec. He painted abstract pieces. You

can find his paintings in a museum. He died in

2002. On a aussi fait un dessin de notre livre

préféré sur une assiette en papier. Après, toute

la classe va coller ses images ensembles pour

faire une chenille.

By: Yosvany R, Josiah R. and Méshama E.A.

(Room 6)

Miss Alyson is a student teacher from McGill and

will be teaching in our class for 3 weeks. She is

very nice and helps all of us in class with our

work. We are very happy and lucky to have her

in our class.

By: Sana M. and Christian D.G. (Room 4)

News from our classrooms…

Ms. Maira’s Class:

On a snowy day, Room 2 went to the Ecomuseum. We saw many

animals. We saw a caribou, a red fox, a herd of deer, two black

bears, two otters, two wolves, an arctic fox, two snowy owls,

ducks, and wild turkeys. We touched a milk snake and a painted

turtle. We had fun at the Ecomuseum. We also went to St.

Patrick’s Elementary School to see The Little Mermaid. We

enjoyed the acting, singing and dancing. It was another fun field


By: Karina B, Luca Z, Vithushan M, Nicholas P, Tolu O. and

Nick W. (Room 2)

Grade 6:

The grade 6 classes had “Mini-­‐Day” on Monday, April 21 st .

Most students went across the street to Lakeside. It was

almost as if we were high school students. We were

separated into five different groups with students from other

schools. We went to five different subjects: science, media,

dance, music, and gym. In science, we saw a balloon explode!

We played Egyptian sticks in gym and we made a video in

media. Our video was about us and about Earth Day. We

called it, “Mini Earth Day”. I suggested the name and I’m

really proud of our video!

By: Kathryn B. (Room 8)

On “Mini-­‐Day”, some of my classmates went to Lakeside

Academy. When we arrived, we did a lot of fun stuff, but the

first class we had was gym. We played a recycling game and

then we had science. The first thing we did in science was

draw a symbol that describes ourselves. After that, we saw

one balloon pop and one balloon explode. When science was

done we had dance where we learned a new dance and even

danced to a Lady Gaga song. We had two more classes after

that: music and computers. When lunch came, we all had

pizza and salad. Then we got free time.

There was a game room with a foosball

table, a TV and an Xbox. At the end of the

day we got a Lakeside schoolbag and a

Lakeside water bottle.

By: Nikita B. (Room 10)

In French class, we are working on a biography of a person of

our choice who was or who still is famous. We must research

the person on the computer as well as looking in books. Then

we have to make a poster and we also have to prepare a

speech, which has to be 2-­‐4 minutes long. We will also have

to dress up as our person for our presentation, which is due

on April 29 th . For example, the person that I chose is the

famous goaltender, Patrick Roy. I chose him because I'm a

fan and I also want to learn more about him. One interesting

thing I didn't know about him is that he was drafted 4 th round

by the Montreal Canadiens.

By: Darren W. (Room 8)

In French, we started Robotics and at the end of May we are

going to a Robotics competition. It is the first time the school

ever participated in the competition and we are very excited

for it! We are also excited to see TOPS, which is a variety

show at Lakeside Academy where high school students sing,

dance, and act. In Art class we are making our grad shirts!

By: Haily S. (Room 10)

King Triton from The Little Mermaid

By: Nicholas P.


Some students from grades 4, 5 and 6 have

been practicing for the Halo race. We have

been practicing since March and the big race is

on Tuesday April 30 th , 2013. The race is 2 km

long so we need to practice running for a long

time to get used to that. Here is an example of

what our practices are like: We start with a

warm up and then run to the bus stop and

back. Then we do our stretches. Then we start

our practice. We run around the school a

couple of times. Then we do another drill

where we run for one full minute without

stopping and then we get a 30-­‐second break.

We also run around Lakeside. Sometimes we

will practice a relay race. Now we have been

practicing our line-­‐ups, which is how we start

the race. Some of the parents get to come

watch if they want. I am very excited for the


By: Bethany W. (Room 4)


We read “Pete the Cat: I Love My White

Shoes”. It is about a cat that has new white

shoes. He steps in a pile of red strawberries.

His white shoes turn red. Then he stepped in

mud and they turned brown. When he stepped

in water they turned white again but they were

wet! Pete has a great attitude. At the end, he

doesn’t cry because, “It’s all good”!

By: Kaelen F. (Room 20)


In Art, we learned about Pablo Picasso. We

learned how to do draw a frontal face and a

profile face. We drew half of a frontal face

using warm colours, which are red, yellow,

orange and purplish-­‐red, and we drew the

other half of the face as a profile with cool

colours like blue, green, and purplish-­‐blue. A

guest named Ms. Maya came to show us how

to draw unique flowers and then she put them

on the wall to remind people not to pollute and

to keep our water clean.

By: Elizabeth DP. and Liam W. (Room 18)

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