Australian Dairy Manufacturing Industry Sustainability Report 2007 ...

Australian Dairy Manufacturing Industry Sustainability Report 2007 ...

Many dairy manufacturing sites have been

proactive in trying to reduce impacts from

wastewater. More than 6 % of sites – representing

7 % of processed raw milk – indicated that they

operated wastewater treatment systems. Typical

treatment systems include: dissolved and induced

air flotation (DAF and IAF), biological treatment

(anaerobic and aerobic), physical separation,

and chemical adjustment. Sites tend to use a

combination of these processes. Figure 19 depicts

the main wastewater treatment processes in

operation and shows a substantial increase in

IAF/DAF and biological treatment systems.

The Closing the Loop project has made significant

contributions to improving wastewater

performance of the dairy industry. The project

( 00 -07) was a joint initiative between research

providers and dairy manufacturers that developed

new practice and technologies with an aim to

reduce the volume and cost of waste disposal

and to build land-based water reuse systems and

regional options for waste treatment and reuse.

The research into recovering valuable resources

Water to irrigation

Murray Goulburn Leitchville delivers about 45 ML a year of treated factory wastewater and reverse osmosis

permeate to dairy properties. This scheme prevents overloading of Murray Goulburn irrigation land and

provides farmers with water fortified with nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which reduces

the amount of commercial fertilisers needed.

from wastes for utilisation within dairy processing

streams has the potential to reduce wastewater

quantities and pollutant loads, reduce resource

consumption and provide potentially valuable byproducts.

Wastewater recycling and reuse systems

have also contributed to reducing wastewater

loads and improving environmental performance.

Number of sites






Chemical Physical Biological IAF/DAF

Wastewater treatment systems

Figure 19: Wastewater treatment systems.

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