Clear pictures even with dazzling light sources - Videor


Clear pictures even with dazzling light sources - Videor

Clear pictures even with

dazzling light sources

Extreme lighting conditions, such as those found in the

metalworking sector, place high demands on camera technology.

The Solvido SLC-100P Camera uses the patented Digital Pixel

System (DPS®) technology and delivers clear and high-contrast

pictures. Solvido - Technology for bright minds.

Application: Joining Technology Technology for bright minds

Application: Joining Technology

Continuous monitoring is important for automated welding

(joining) so that action can be taken immediately and material

losses prevented during malfunctions. But the very hot and

bright environment requires use of a special camera that

can cope with the extremely bright light and heat conditions.

The Solvido SLC-100P was developed especially for this

application. Enclosed by a sturdy aluminium frame, it has

a Pixim DPS® sensor that delivers outstanding imagery in

environments with extreme light sources and strong contrasts.

The Digital Pixel System® technology (DPS®) was developed

and patented by the American company Pixim and Stanford

University. it enables 388,800 pixels to act as continuous selfregulating

individual cameras. Whilst the conventional camera

technology only digitizes pictures after a series of processing

operations, DPS® technology digitizes the image immediately

thanks to an A/D converter (analogue to digital). The chip can

therefore assign an optimal exposure time to each individual

pixel, which considerable extends the dynamic range of the

camera. Further advantages of this technology: Bright pixels

caused by load overflow into neighbouring pixels (blooming) are

sharply reduced. Equally, there is no smear effect (highlights).

For applications in extreme conditions, the choice of the other

system components is important. The camera, lens, monitor and

recording technology must be precision-matched to each other.

Solvido SLC-100P


When, for instance, the very high environmental temperatures

in the proximity of blast furnaces exceed the 50°C specified

for the Solvido SLC-100P, the camera must have additional

cooling. And we recommend the ESH-20 water-cooled

stainless steel housing from eneo for performing this job.

The water flow can be regulated to maintain the internal

temperature below the 50°C specified for the camera – even

at environmental temperatures reaching 400°C.

In many cases, quality assurance and traceability require

recording of procedures with automatic logging and recording

of important additional information such as the date and time.

When this is your requirement, you can then fall back on

Videor’s wide range of hard disk recorders and PC-supported

recording systems produced by renowned manufacturers.

The Videor portfolio also offers an impressive selection

when it comes to choosing the ideal lens. For the Solvido

SLC-100P the decision is normally made to opt for a high

quality industrial lens with a fixed focal length and manual

iris. Because, particularly in light conditions with fast and

extreme changeability the mechanically controlled iris

blades on a DC lens often react too slowly. The system

around the Solvido SLC-100P is rounded off by suitable TFT

monitors that can, for instance, be equipped with a rugged

real-glass front screen.



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