The VitalEurope guide to Budapest

The VitalEurope guide to Budapest

The VitalEurope guide

to Budapest

By suggesting you places of interest we would like to make your stay in

Budapest one to remember.

Your dental treatment may occupy a lot of your time spent in Budapest,

however you might want to have a facial on your free days or celebrate

the finish of your treatment with dinner by the Danube.

In this little brochure you will find all the important things, discounts to

restaurants and contacts to reliable service providers.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our front desk

or our customer care team. We are updating our brochure on regular

bases and looking forward to receiving your suggestions.

Basic Information

VitalEurope Dental Clinic

Address: 1113 Budapest Nagyszőlős u. 11-15.

Mon, Wed: 8am – 8pm

Tue, Thu, Fri: 8am - 6pm

Phone: (+36 1) 48 48 611

24 hour emergency line: (+36 70) 334 5659

A few words in





Thank you

Sorry / Excuse me

I don’t understand

Do you have ...?

I don’t speak Hungarian

Do you speak English?

Good morning


Good evening

How are you?

Good bye

I love you

Where is ...?

It hurts

It doesn’t hurt

You are beautiful






Nem értem


Nem beszélek magyarul

Beszél angolul?

Jó reggelt


Jó estét

Hogy vagy?



Hol van ...?


Nem fáj

Szép vagy



Our front desk team will be happy to organize

your transfers to and from the VitalEurope Dental

Clinic. Please never get into a taxi that does

not have a license plate, logo of a reputable

taxi firm and the fares posted on the dashboard


Phone: (+ 36 1) 222 2222

Public Transportation

Public transport in Budapest is cheap and fun.

You have to validate your ticket as you enter

the vehicle or at the station for the metro. Over

the age of 65 years the public transport is free!

The nearest ticket purchase option to VitalEurope

is on Kosztolányi Dezső tér, near the pharmacy.

Look for the Jegypénztár sign (ticket office) .

Single tickets are 350 Ft

Seven day travel card 5 000 Ft

Budapest Card is ideal to discover the city.

This is a discount card for tourists valid

24-48-72 hours, offering 150 discounts and free

transportation, free walking tours and museum


48 hour card: appr. €24

72 hour card: appr. €29

For more info visit:

Accessing VitalEurope Dental Clinic

Buses 150, 153, 240, 250, 272 stop right in

front of VitalEurope, the stop’s name is Hollókő


Bus 86 leaves 100 meters from the VitalEurope

Dental Clinic. Get off at Clark Ádám tér to take

the steps or the Sikló (funicular railway built

in 1870) to go up to the Castle district. Bus 7

leaves from Kosztolányi tér.



Get off at Ferencziek tere to visit the Váci utca

shopping area.

Tram 49 leaves from the corner of Tétényi út, a

5-minute-walk from VitalEurope. Take this tram

to Gellért Bath (stop name: Szt. Gellért tér) the

city center (towards stop name: Deák tér) or

the Central Market (stop name: Fővám tér)

If you get off at Fővám tér and take Tram 2

towards Jászai Mari tér for a price of one single

ticket you can enjoy several sights which are

part of the UNESCO World Heritage.


CBA convenient store

A small store with everything you might need,

the closest one the VitalEurope Dental Clinic.

Address: on the corner of Karolina and Bocskai

út, 5-minute-walk from VitalEurope

Mon - Fri: 6:30am - 8pm, Sat-Sun: 7am - 2pm

Tesco Expressz

Fresh food and groceries. A 10-minute-walk

from the VitalEurope Dental Clinic.

Opposite the tram stop 49.

Address: Budapest, XI. Bartók Béla út 113.

Mon - Sun: 6:30am - 10pm


Hypermarket in the Allee shopping center.

Address: Budapest, XI. Október 23 út 8-10.

Mon - Thu: 7am – 9pm, Fri: 7am - 10pm,

Sat: 7am - 9pm, Sun: 8:30am - 7:30pm

Fehérvári Market

Next to the Allee Shopping Center. Best to

visit in the morning, fresh fruit and vegetables,

bakeries, butchers. Cheap self service

restaurants for a quick lunch.

Address: Budapest, XI. Kőrösi J. utca 7-9.

Mon: 6:30am - 5pm, Tue - Fri: 6:30am - 6pm,

Sat: 6:30am - 3pm

Allee Shopping MALL

Retail stores, pharmacy, organic store,

bookshop, restaurants, cafés, cinema, gym,

hypermarket and more.

Address: Budapest, XI,

Október Huszonharmadika utca 8-10.

Mon - Sat: 10am - 9pm, Sun: 10am - 7pm


Stylish clothes, bags, jewellery and

accessories from Hungarian designers.

Show anything that has VitalEurope logo on

and you get 10% off the listed prices.

Address: Budapest, I. Dob utca 2.

Mon - Wed: 11am - 6pm

Thu: noon - 7pm

Fri:11am - 7pm

Sat: noon - 4:30pm

Central Market Hall

(Fővám tér Market)

Feel the vibrant city buzz as locals bustle from

stall to stall shopping for fruit, vegetables, meat

and baked goods and tourists stock up on

Tokaji wine, paprika powder, goose liver pate

and other traditional Hungarian items. The

building was completed in 1897 with a distinctive

Zsolnay tiled roof.

Take tram 49 to Fővám tér stop.

Address: Budapest, IX. Fővám tér

Mon - Fri: 6am - 6pm, Sat: 6am - 3pm

Take a walk

Lake Bottomless (Feneketlen tó)

For a short walk between treatments, check

out this little park near the VitalEurope Dental


Kopaszi Gát

A wonderful park with restaurants and cafés,

surrounded by the Danube.

Not easily accessible by public transport, but

worth visiting. A taxi ride would be appr. €4.

No dogs allowed.


Hemingway Restaurant

Just 5 mins walk from the VitalEurope Dental

Clinic on the deck of Lake Bottomless is one of

the capital’s most romantic and only lakeside

terrace. Enjoy live music during winter

months in its orangery or next to a fireplace.

VitalEurope patients receive a free glass of

champagne with their meal.

Address: Budapest, XI. Kosztolányi Dezsõ tér

2. Feneketlen tó

Opening hours: Mon - Sat noon - midnight,

Sunday noon - 4pm

Reservations: (+36 1) 381 0522

Pavillon de Paris

The French restaurant of Budapest, with a

large choice of sea delicacies and a special

menu for patient under dental care.

It is located next to the Chain Bridge and at the

foot of the Castle hill, in an historical building,

and a secluded romantic garden.

A welcome drink will be offered for your visit.

Address: Budapest I., Fő utca 20-22.

Tue - Sat: 12am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm

Closed on Sundays and Mondays

Phone: (+36 1) 225 0174

MgTels restaurant

A cheap restaurant which is famous for its

huge portions. They do home delivery. Show

anything that has VitalEurope’s logo and

you get a 5% discount. Small terrace in the

summer months. Their language skills may

be limited but they are nice and the food is


Address: Budapest, XI. Bocskai út 76.

Mon - Sun: 10:45am - 10:45pm

Phone: (+36 1) 279 1129

Tranzit Art Cafe

A trendy, artsy little café close to the VitalEurope

Dental Clinic. The building is an old, restored

bus station. Free wi-fi for customers.

Great terrace and non smoking inside.

Address: Budapest, XI. Bukarest utca,

on Kosztolányi square bus station

Mon - Fri: 9am - 11pm, Sat: 10am - 10pm,

closed on Sunday.

Phone: (+36 1) 209 3070

Gerlóczy Café

This wonderful retro-style cafe has a view to

one of Pest’s most attractive little squares and

serves excellent breakfast and light meals.

Take tram 49 to Deák tér.

Address: Budapest, V. Gerlóczy utca 1.

Mon - Sun: 7am - 11pm

Phone: (+ 36 1) 501 4000

Déryné Bisztró

Great café and restaurant, quality food,

excellent service. They run a late kitchen from

Thursday to Saturday. English and French

speaking staff. Take tram 18 to Krisztina tér.

Address: Budapest, I. Krisztina tér 3.

Mon - Sun: 7:30am - 1am

Phone: (+ 36 1) 225 1407

Dunacorso restaurant

Situated in the heart of Budapest, at the city’s

most spectacular pedestrian walkway on the

bank of the River Danube. During summer try

out their terrace with live gypsy music and

Hungarian meals. Closed in January and


Booking is necessary! Ask for info regarding

their breakfast services.

Take tram 49 to Fővám tér, then change for

Tram 2 to Vigadó tér.

Address: Budapest, V. Vigadó tér 3.

Phone: (+36 1) 318 6362

If you are after a dental surgery it might

be possible that you have difficulties with

chewing. After whitening do not eat or drink

anything that might color your teeth.

Do not eat dairy products after implantations.

We suggest: Cream soups (krémleves)

Mashed potatoes (krumplipüré)



Hungarian specialities


Goulash soup made with vegetables and beef

Újházy tyúkhúsleves:

Chicken broth full of vegetables

Halászlé: Fish soup

Paprikás csirke: Chicken paprika

Libamáj: Goose liver

Marhapörkölt: Beef stew with paprika

For afternoon pastry enjoy local sweets:

Somlói galuska, Dobos cake and Rigó Jancsi.

What to drink

Pálinka: strong Hungarian spirit made of fruit

Try plum (szilva), pear (körte) and apricot


Unicum: a hungarian bitter containing more

than 40 herbs, it has its own museum near

Boráros tér.

Beer: Dreher, Soproni, Borsodi, Kőbányai are

the local brands.

Wine: Hungary is famous for its wine culture.

Try ones from Villány. We have a tradition of

mixing wine with sparkling water to make a

spritzer called Fröccs (best at Déryné).

Pubs and Nightlife

Budapest is famous for its pubs and night

clubs. We advise you to be careful with some

of the downtown clubs. Please avoid heavy

drinking before treatments.

Ráday utca: The closest area for bars and

restaurants. Take tram 49 to Kálvin tér.

A38: A medium sized concert venue, bar and

restaurant is the once a Ukrainain barge used

for shipping stones, the A38 is transformed

into a cultural space. It hosts concerts and DJs

and has an open air bar and restaurant.

Address: Budapest Petőfi Bridge, Buda side

Courtyard bars: Don’t miss out visiting the

vibrant and unique often grungy, downtown

courtyard bars. The most popular ones are

Instant (Nagymező utca. 38) or Mika Tivadar

(Kazinczy utca. 47).

Ötkert is more funky and for the trendier crowd

(Zrínyi utca 4.)

Health and Beauty

Vintage Beauty

Vintage Beauty is using traditional, natural

methods. Complete regenerating and relaxing

facials for €55, full leg wax, eyelashes tinting

for €8. Book an appointment in advance

trough our reception team.

Address: Budapest, III. Nánási út 40/A.

Phone: (+ 36 70) 455 0605

A-List Salon & Style

With work experience from Paris and the

USA, Susanna Galgóczi has been providing

high standard hair care, nail and foot care and

several different types of European and Asian

style body massages. English speaking staff!

Show anything that has VitalEurope on and

you get 15% off the listed prices.

Address: Budapest, II. Szilágyi E. fasor 27.

Budapest ,V. József Nádor tér 8.

Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm

Sat: 9am - 8pm

Phone: (+ 36 1) 212 1946, (+ 36 30) 515 9944

Gilda Max Allee Gym

Squash, spinning, aerobic, box - open 24hrs

a day. Just a 15-minute-walk from VitalEurope

Clinic. A single entry including the usage of the

sauna is appr. €6.

Address: Október Huszonharmadika utca

8-10 in the Allee shopping center


8 minutes walk from the clinic

One hour massage is approx. €30. Please

book well in advance. (min. 1 day)

Address: Budapest XI. Bukarest utca 9.

Weekdays: 8am - 9pm, Sat: 8am - 6pm

Phone: (+ 36 70) 299 9140

Manual Therapist / Chiropractor

Our manual therapist András Sztankay will

help you if you have spinal, cervical or posture

problems. One session is €40. He will visit you

in your apartment or hotel.

For bookings please ask our front desk team.

Phone: (+ 36 70) 339 8856

Gellért Bath

The city’s most famous thermal spa is the

Gellért Bath below Gellért Hill. Soaking in this

Art Nouveau palace has been likened to taking

a bath in a cathedral. The pools here maintain

a constant temperature of 44°C. Outdoor

pools are available in the summer.

Take tram 49 to Gellért tér.

Address: Budapest, XI. Gellért tér

May - Sep: daily 6am - 7pm;

Oct - Apr: weekdays 6am - 7pm;

Sat - Sun 6am - 5pm;

Nyéki Imre Swimming Pool

The closest swimming pool to VitalEurope

Dental Clinic.

Take bus 7 from Hamzsabégi út.

Address: Budapest, XI. Kondorosi út 14.

Dr. Rose Private Clinic and Hospital

A 5 star private hospital in downtown Budapest

offering all types of medical examinations

as well as surgical options (general, plastic,

orthopedaedical, urological etc.) under the

comfort of one roof. Complete health screenings

within 3 hours from €400.

Take tram 2 to Roosevelt tér.

Address: Budapest, V. Roosevelt tér 7/8.

City sights/Things to do

Riverride Sightseeing Tour

RiverRide sightseeing tour offers you a twohour

unique experience of an unforgettable

city trip around Budapest on an amphibious

bus. We can arrange bookings on your behalf.

Please ask our reception staff. Price approx.

€30 per person.

Castle Hill (Castle, Fishermen’s

bastion, Matthias Church)

Budapest’s Castle District abandons in great

historic attractions, interesting museums,

charming, crooked streets following the shape

of the hill, little cafés and restaurants. Besides

the monuments you get a breathtaking

panorama from of the Danube with the

Chain Bridge and the opposite Pest side.



Heroes Square and Andrássy street

The monument was built for the 1896

Millennium celebrations, when Hungary

celebrated the 1000th anniversary that its

ancestors found a place to settle down in the

Carpathian Basin. Since 2002 the Millennium

Monument together with Andrássy Avenue is

part of UNESCO’s prestigious World Heritage


Gellert Hill, Statue of Liberty and the


Gellert Hill received its name after bishop

Gellért who came to Hungary from Italy around

1000 AD. St. Stephen King invited him to help

converting the Hungarians into Christianity.

Some resisting pagans rolled him down the hill

in a barrel into the Danube. The hill is a 140 m

high dolomite rock rising above the Danube in

Buda. According to the legend witches visited

the hill every night and were riding on the back

of a human being.

St. Stephen Basilica

Budapest’s neoclassical cathedral was

built over the course of half a century and

completed in 1905. Much of the interruption

had to do with the fiasco in 1868 when the

dome collapsed during a storm, and the

structure had to be demolished and rebuilt

from the ground up. The basilica is rather dark

and gloomy inside, but take a trip to the top

of the dome, which can be reached by lift and

146 steps and offers one of the best views in

the city.

Great Central Synagoge

The Great Synagogue is the largest Jewish

house of worship in the world outside New

York City and can seat 3000. Built in 1859

according to the designs of Frigyes Feszl, the

synagogue contains both Romantic-style and

Moorish architectural elements.


The domed neo-Gothic structure was inspired

by the British House of Parliament and serves

as both a vibrant government centre and a

proud city landmark on the banks of the


Antique and art shops

+ a walk on Margaret Island

A 5-minute-walk from the Parliament will take

you to Falk Miksa street famous for quality

antique and contemporary art shops.

Afterwards take a walk on Margaret Island

where quiet walkways, flower gardens,

romantic ruins and century-old trees make up

a popular recreation spot.

Shopping day

Start your trip from the Fővám tér market,

enjoy breakfast upstairs with the locals class:

try sausage and tepertő (dripping) as well as

pickled cucumber, then continue on Váci utca

to shop. Enjoy lunch in Gerlóczy or Dunacorso

restaurants (see our restaurant section). Walk

on to Király utca also known as Budapest’s

Design Street. Its filled with interior design and

furniture stores, funky boutiques and modern

art galleries, and is quickly becoming a trendy

part of Budapest.

Organized sight seeing


Our partner DiscoverBudapest offers a 10%

discount for VitalEurope’s patients, just show

this brochure when booking segway tours,

walking tours or theme tours like their pub crawl

and 1956 city walk.

They have a rent-a-bike service and a

bookstore too. Location behind the Opera House

Address: Budapest, VI. Lázár utca 16.

Phone: (+ 36 1) 269 3843

For day trips


Szentendre is a town that has changed little in

appearance since the 18th century. A special

little town with possibly too much tourists

on summer days. Worth visiting for those

interested in museums, galleries, artists,

souvenir shops. Take the 40 minute train ride

from the Margaret Bridge Buda side (look for


Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton, often called the ‘Hungarian

Sea’, is the country’s substitute for a

coastline, a place where many locals and

tourists escape summer heat. At 78km long,

15km across at its widest Europe and covering

600 sq km, it’s Europe’s largest body of fresh

water and an aqua-playground big enough to

cater to most holiday-makers.

Trains run to Balatonfüred or Siófok hourly from

Déli pályaudvar. Within 2 hours you can enjoy

the biggest sweet water lake of Europe.


Everyone loves Eger, and it’s immediate

apparent why: the beautifully preserved

baroque architecture gives the town a relaxed,

almost Mediterranean, feel; it is the home of the

celebrated Egri Bikavér (Eger Bull’s Blood) wine

known the world over; and it is flanked by two of

the Northern Uplands most inviting ranges. But

these aren’t the only reasons Hungarians visit

Eger: it was here that their forebears fended off

the Turks for the first time during the 170 years

of occupation in 1552.

Trains run to Eger hourly from Keleti pályaudvar


The information in this booklet may change, please let us know if any of the information

is not correct.


VitalEurope Clinic in Budapest

VitalEurope staff

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