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for Stoke Bishop Summer 2013

A A time time of of change: change:


farewell farewell to to vicar


David David Ritchie Ritchie


Cover Photo: Charlotte Wood Photography

Helping Helping Hand


Pre Pre-School Pre


St St Mary’s Mary’s Pre Pre-school Pre school school

Anna Groves 0781 734 0675

Village Village Hall Hall Play Play Group


Mrs H Cato 968 2180

W-o-T T Baptist Church Pre Pre-School Pre


Church Office 962 9990

Trinity Trinity Trinity College College Day Day Nursery


Helen O’Neill 968 4493

Primary Primary Schools


Stoke Stoke Bishop Bishop

Head Teacher

377 2173

Mrs P Hepworth

Elmlea Elmlea Infant Infant

Head Teacher

Mrs I Fey

377 2352

Elmlea Elmlea Junior Junior

Head Teacher

Mrs C Galliers

377 2266



Helios Helios Helios Medical Medical Centre Centre 962 6060

(Stoke Hill)

Sea Sea Sea Mills Mills Mills Surgery Surgery 968 1182

Sneyd Sneyd Sneyd Park Park Park Surgery Surgery 968 3284

W-o-T Primary Care Care Ctr 962 3406



Jhoots Jhoots Pharmacy Pharmacy

(Druid Hill)

968 8530

Ideal Ideal Chemists Chemists Ltd Ltd

(Shirehampton Road)

Lloyds Lloyds Lloyds Pharmacy


968 1272

(Stoke Lane) 962 8986

(Westbury-on-Trym) 950 5808

Buxton Buxton & & Grant Grant

(Blackboy Hill)

973 5025

North North View View Pharmacy Pharmacy 973 3140




923 0000

St St Michael’s Michael’s 921 5414

Children’s Children’s Hospital Hospital 927 6998

Southmead Southmead

950 5050

Frenchay Frenchay

970 1212

General General Hospital Hospital Hospital 926 5001

Spire Spire

973 2562

St St Mary’s Mary’s

987 2727

For urgent health enquiries


NHS NHS Direct


0845 0845 4647


For Dentists, Opticians and other

medical services consult



Central Central number number number for all police stations

0845 456 7000

(do not ring local stations)

Southmead Southmead Neighbourhood Neighbourhood Police


Team Team Team

945 4626

2 St Mary’s Messenger

Charlotte Charlotte Leslie


is MP for Bristol North West

House of Commons,

London SW1A 0AA

184 Henleaze Rd, Bristol BS9 4NE

0117 9629427



Westbury Westbury-on Westbury on on-Trym on Trym 903 8552

Sea Sea Mills Mills

903 8555

Henleaze Henleaze Henleaze

903 8541

Central Central Central

903 7200

At At Home Home Library Library Service Service 903 8531


This service is for people who have

difficulty visiting their local library for

health or mobility reasons or because

they are caring for someone.

Cinemas Cinemas


Orpheus Orpheus Henleaze 0845 1662 381

Vue Vue Cribbs Causeway

O8712 240 240

Bristol Bristol City City Council


Switchboard ……………..922 2000

(inc. refuse, streets, litter etc.)

Emergency ……………….922 2050

Stoke Stoke Bishop Bishop Councillors


Peter Abraham …………..922 2227

John Goulandris …………922 2227

Cover Cover Cover Cover Story Story Story Story

Photograph Photograph and and text: text: text: Keith Keith Sheather


Other Other Services


Age Age Age UK UK formerly Age Concern and

Help the Aged 922 5353

Care Care and and Repair Repair Repair help for the over 60s

and young disabled 954 2222

Sea Sea Mills Mills Post Post Office Office 909 5237

160 Shirehampton Road



41 41 via Parrys Lane to Centre

40/40A 40/40A Links Broadmead to the Mall

via village and Sneyd Park

Portway Portway Park Park & & & Ride


Service to Centre stops at Roman Way

(No official parking)

For information about bus and coach

travel in UK contact Traveline

Trains Trains


Severn Severn Beach Beach Railway Railway


Temple Meads to Severn Beach via

Sea Mills (No official parking)

National National National Rail Rail Enquiries


0845 748 4950



Bristol Bristol Airport Airport 0870 121 2747

Helping Helping Hand


has been compiled by

Paul Lewis-Smith.

If you have changes, additions or

updates to suggest please contact

him on 968 4221

or e-mail:

Susan Susan Long


The figure on the front cover is

from a series of life-size

woodland fairies created by the

artist Susan Long. They featured

in an exhibition of outdoor

sculpture in the Botanic Garden

over Easter.

The sculptures are made from a

resin soaked fabric wrapped

around a pre-formed structure.

For more information please visit

Stoke Stoke Bishop’s Bishop’s Trees: Trees: what’s what’s what’s the the latest?


By Paul Lewis-Smith

Health Health concerns


Concern over the health of ash trees in the UK has

prompted me to get up to date on arboreal matters in our

area. I first reported on our local tree population over two

years ago when some of our local horse chestnut trees were

under very damaging attack by a certain kind of leaf miner

that had previously been insignificant (cameraria ohridella).

On the subject of disease, it seems that Bristol ash trees

have not yet been affected by the fatal dieback fungus

(chalara fraxinea). However, the operative word may be

‘yet’. The disease has been found in trees nearby, and

some authorities consider it inevitable that the entire

country will eventually be affected, as it was by Dutch elm

disease. Unfortunately, ash dieback mainly affects the

common ash, which is our third most common tree.

The leaf miners that affect horse chestnuts appear to have

become less active during the last two years, but again we

must be wary of complacency, as the virulence of this

disease is probably related to the weather.

Good Good Good Good progress progress progress progress has has has has been been been been made made made made in in in in

tree tree tree tree planting planting planting planting in in in in some some some some parts parts parts parts of of of of

Bristol. Bristol. Bristol. Bristol.

On On the the the bright bright side side


Good progress has been made in tree planting in some

parts of Bristol. Notable in our own area is the planting

that has taken place at Trymside, where some seventy new

trees should be flourishing by the end of this year,

including Indian horse chestnuts, lime, aspen, weeping

willow, and two different varieties of oak. The Indian

species of horse chestnut (aesculus indica) is more

resistant to disease than traditional horse chestnut and for

this reason is being preferred to the traditional species

throughout the city. It produces rather pathetic conkers,

but the flowers are good (they are very similar to those of

the traditional species) and the tree can reach a decent

height: about 30 metres at a push.

Much Much Much Much still still still still has has has has to to to to be be be be done done done done to to to to

replace replace replace replace the the the the many many many many trees trees trees trees that that that that have have have have

disappeared disappeared disappeared disappeared from from from from streets streets streets streets and and and and

public public public public spaces spaces spaces spaces in in in in Bristol Bristol Bristol Bristol since since since since

the the the the 1970s. 1970s. 1970s. 1970s.

Cedar of Lebanon at Stoke Lodge

Our Our inherited inherited trees trees


Community Community Matters


I was sad to learn that the 200-year-old cedar of Lebanon

at Stoke Lodge may have to be felled, as it is suffering

from dieback. On a positive note, all the trees on Stoke

Lodge parkland now have tree preservation orders. Trees

which are under TPOs must be replaced if they die and no

work can be carried out on them without planning consent.

Planning consent is also required for work on trees in the

Sneyd Park Conservation Area.

Much still has to be done to replace the many trees that

have disappeared from streets and public spaces in Bristol

since the 1970s, not to mention from private gardens. As

many as seventy trees may have disappeared over the years

from avenues on the Downs, judging by the number of gaps

in them. Bristol Tree Forum, the resident/Council coordinating

body for tree matters, is currently liaising with

The Downs Committee in support of a plan to fill these

gaps with new disease-resilient trees, but the project’s

financing remains problematic.

Above Above average average in in in leaves


The average tree canopy for Bristol is 14%, with our own

locality achieving 21%. While the Mayor has stated that

he hopes to see the city’s tree canopy doubled in a

generation, he has indicated that fund-raising activity in

local communities will be crucial in achieving this target.

He reported to the Tree Forum that ‘tree planting by

communities with special reference to children [involving

children] is a key policy.’

My thanks to the following for sparing me some of their time:

Josie Sadler of Tree Bristol, the Bristol City Council body that

manages community tree planting and sponsorship

(; Claire Harbinson, BCC Tree Officer

(Planning); Robert Westlake, Downs Ranger; and Stephanie

French, Tree Champion for the Stoke Bishop, Westbury-on-Trym,

and Henleaze Neighbourhood Partnership.

St Mary’s Messenger 3

Community Community Matters


Barbie Barbie on on the the the Downs


By Richard Bland

For years there has been a problem during long hot summers. (Remember them?) People actually go out

with their families on hot evenings with DIY BBQs, and cook food. This is of course totally contrary to the

Downs Bye-laws, which forbid fires on the Downs. Hot metal burns holes in the turf which take at least nine

months to recover.

So last year, as an experiment, the Downs committee

selected an area near the top of the Gully, nicely

shaded by some fine trees, and put in a few neat

slabs for resting the BBQs on, and a couple of bins

for the waste, (which too often is thrown into the

nearest patch of thick scrub, and has to be pulled

out by the long-suffering Friends of the Downs’ deep

litter clearance team in the winter).

Last summer there were approximately two days,

during the Olympics, when it was just about warm

enough to think about a barbie, but the grass was

thick and the ground was wet, and the experiment

failed. However, we are trying again this year. I am

writing this at Easter, which is colder than Christmas;

a long hot summer is a distant dream, but

when it comes please try out the new facilities, and

please don’t use a BBQ flat on the open turf.

4 St Mary’s Messenger

Downs Downs Downs Downs Quiz Quiz Quiz Quiz

by Richard Bland

1 1 1 1 The The The The pre pre----roman pre pre roman roman roman camp camp camp camp round round round round the the the the Observatory Observatory Observatory Observatory is is is is one one one one of of of of three. three. three. three. Where Where Where Where are are are are the the the the other other other other two? two? two? two?

2 2 2 2 Which Which Which Which two two two two Roman Roman Roman Roman towns towns towns towns did did did did the the the the Roman Roman Roman Roman road road road road across across across across the the the the Downs Downs Downs Downs link? link? link? link?

3 3 3 3 The The The The Merestones Merestones Merestones Merestones that that that that run run run run across across across across the the the the Downs Downs Downs Downs are are are are the the the the Parish Parish Parish Parish boundary boundary boundary boundary between between between between which which which which two two two two

parishes? parishes? parishes? parishes?

4 4 4 4 Sir Sir Sir Sir William William William William Draper Draper Draper Draper was was was was the the the the first first first first Conservator Conservator Conservator Conservator of of of of the the the the Downs Downs Downs Downs in in in in 1766. 1766. 1766. 1766. He He He He conquered conquered conquered conquered which which which which

group group group group of of of of islands islands islands islands in in in in the the the the Pacific? Pacific? Pacific? Pacific?

5 5 5 5 The The The The foundation foundation foundation foundation stone stone stone stone of of of of the the the the Suspension Suspension Suspension Suspension bridge bridge bridge bridge was was was was laid laid laid laid in in in in 1831. 1831. 1831. 1831. When When When When was was was was the the the the bridge bridge bridge bridge

opened? opened? opened? opened?

6 6 6 6 The The The The Bristol Bristol Bristol Bristol Water Water Water Water Company Company Company Company purchased purchased purchased purchased the the the the land land land land for for for for a a a a water water water water reservoir reservoir reservoir reservoir on on on on the the the the Downs Downs Downs Downs in in in in

1848, 1848, 1848, 1848, but but but but when when when when did did did did the the the the water water water water tower tower tower tower come come come come into into into into use? use? use? use?

7 7 7 7 When When When When did did did did the the the the Queen Queen Queen Queen last last last last visit visit visit visit the the the the Downs? Downs? Downs? Downs?

8 8 8 8 What What What What is is is is the the the the rarest rarest rarest rarest tree tree tree tree on on on on the the the the Downs? Downs? Downs? Downs?

9 9 9 9 How How How How long long long long have have have have the the the the goats goats goats goats been been been been in in in in the the the the Gully? Gully? Gully? Gully?

10 10 10 10 Wessex Wessex Wessex Wessex Water Water Water Water have have have have almost almost almost almost completed completed completed completed the the the the link link link link between between between between a a a a water water water water

source source source source and and and and the the the the water water water water tower. tower. tower. tower. What What What What is is is is the the the the source? source? source? source?

Answers on page 12

Global Global Matters


From From From Quantity Quantity Surveying Surveying to to Bicycle Bicycle Renovation Renovation Renovation – in The Gambia

By By Joanna Joanna Price


Jo Jo Jo Jo presenting presenting presenting presenting certificate certificate certificate certificate to to to to a a a a

successful successful successful successful apprentice, apprentice, apprentice, apprentice, Sulayman Sulayman Sulayman Sulayman

You may remember me and my family who

were members of St Mary`s in the 1990s.

Since last November I have been living in The

Gambia, West Africa, working on a nine

month project for a charity called Jole rider.

This charity has been sending donated bikes

from the UK for the past seven years to

schools to lend to their pupils. Most children

walk to school and this can mean a three

kilometre trek (eight laps of a UK running

track!) each way and often in a heat of 35

degrees. Frequently they arrive late, tired and

unable to concentrate well in their classes.

Pedal bikes are making a huge improvement

to both attendance and pupils` enrolment. So

far over 12,000 bikes have been given to

more than 90 schools in The Gambia.

However, the bikes suffer from the road

conditions – often dusty, sandy and very

rough. Local bike mechanics have

insufficient knowledge and tools to repair

them, so many bikes quickly become

irreparable and are abandoned.

Our mission is to train a team of bike

mechanics in the town of Gunjur (where we

live) to repair/renovate the bikes from local

schools and run training programmes for bike

owners. They will become bike mechanic for

their school, and be equipped to start their

own businesses doing high quality bike

repairs for the locals. We hope they will also

teach bike mechanics to groups of pupils.

Two Gambians, Lamin and Sulayman (photo

above) are now fully trained; both achieved

more than 80% in their final test in basic

bike mechanics – and the training of two more

apprentices is in full swing. One of them, Mustafa,

has had no trade since he left school at 14, yet is

the main breadwinner for his mother and younger

siblings since his father died. His interview led to

much soul searching because he wasn’t obviously

the best applicant, but we wanted to give someone a

chance they would not otherwise have, even if it

meant taking a risk. We decided to give him an

apprenticeship.-.a big challenge for both Mustafa

and ourselves. But we are delighted to have created

the opportunity for him to become a fully-fledged

bike mechanic employed by Jole rider - and we so

want him to succeed.

Two Two Two Two bike bike bike bike mechanic mechanic mechanic mechanic apprentices apprentices apprentices apprentices in in in in class class class class

It is important for you to be aware, too, of the context in

which we have created the bicycle repair workshop ( both

the building and its equipment ) and the apprentice

training programme – not forgetting the culture in which

we are living in Gambia.

Family is huge in The Gambia – no-one lives alone, and

most people live in a large compound with several factions

of their extended family. All children mix and look after

each other, so that you can barely figure out who their

parents are! And the way families look after each other has

big positives – there will always be food and shelter in your

compound, whether you are earning or not.

The Gambian economy is currently heavily dependent on

tourism and peanuts so access to good school education is

crucial to its future economic health. The pedal power of

bicycles is a vital access route to this schooling, which

aims to equip boys and girls for apprenticeships, training

courses and other work opportunities.

If after reading this article you wish to know more about

the activities of Jole rider in The Gambia and how you can

help, its website is

St Mary’s Messenger 5



Hughes Enterprise Law Practice is delighted to be able to

support St Mary’s Messenger and would be pleased to advise

you in any of the following areas:

Resolving Commercial Disputes

Claims against professional advisers

Shareholder and partner disputes

Drafting Commercial Agreements



We aim to provide a modern, practical way of tackling legal

issues with an eye to the commercial objectives required.

Trym Lodge

1 Henbury Road

Westbury on Trym

Bristol BS9 3HQ

To discuss your business issues, please contact

Tony Hughes at:

Tel: 0117 959 6424

Fax: 0117 959 6425


For further information, please visit our website:


6 St Marys Messenger





Mini Mini Mini Mini Skip Skip Skip Skip Hire Hire Hire Hire

8 Glen Drive,

Stoke Bishop, BS9 1SB

COMPETITIVE RATES tel: 0117 904 2707

mobile: 07974 791 657

‘‘‘‘St St St St Mary’s Mary’s Mary’s Mary’s Re----Ordered’ Re Re Re Ordered’ Ordered’ Ordered’ DVD DVD DVD DVD

Former BBC producer, Keith Keith Keith Keith Sheather, Sheather Sheather Sheather has made a

fifty minute film about the recent transformation of

St Mary’s. His documentary takes an entertaining

look at the many stages of the building project.

The project was a rare opportunity to explore parts

of the church rarely seen.

The DVD costs £10 and also includes archive film

of the building of the Church Rooms in 1963 and

the story of St Mary’s Kneelers. It will be available

from mid June and can be ordered through the

Church Office 968 7449

Desert Desert Island Island Discs


with with David David Ritchie


David is retiring after most of his

adult life in church ministry. He

and Lis are moving to

Gloucestershire where they have

their much-loved holiday home.

David is a music lover and so we

asked him what discs he would

choose to take with him to his

‘desert island’.

’London ’London Pride’ Pride’ by by by Noel Noel Coward


His first choice was a surprise to me, because I had

not realised how much he was a Londoner. This song

was written at the height of the London Blitz. David

spent his childhood in London. This remained his

home, but he went to a Choir School near Worcester

at the age of nine, where his love of choral music was

fostered and developed. At home in Richmond he

thoroughly enjoyed walking the dogs in the Park.

What a wonderful treasure of a place, with its open

countryside within 8 miles of the City Centre! He

returns occasionally to visit children and

grandchildren, as Naomi lives in Wimbledon and

Sarah in Putney.



His second choice was the original Kings’ Singers’

rendering of the Beatles songs – ‘Yesterday’ in

particular. During his teenage years, David enjoyed

going to recitals given by the first generation of the

Kings’ Singers (he knew the bass singer). From the

age of 13, he attended a boarding school in

Switzerland; that had a lasting impact on his life, as

he later returned to Vevey to minister in the Church

there. He also learned how to ski and enjoyed cycling

the 11 kilometre downhill road from the school –

complete with hairpin bends. He wonders that he is

still alive. He doesn’t mention studies! These were

happy years, but at 16 he decided to exchange the

joys of Switzerland for London again – to study the

organ at Trinity College of Music.

’Carillon ’Carillon de de Westminster’


His third choice is Louis Vierne’s Carillon de

Westminster. The chimes of the Westminster Clock

Tower bells are heard as a brilliant accompaniment to

the organ music. This is a highlight of the organ

repertoire, and represents David’s years studying

under Harry Gabb, assistant organist at St Paul’s.

Church Church matters


Johann Johann Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian Bach Bach and and his his his 48 48 Preludes


and and fugues.


Choice number four is pianist Angela Hewitt playing

Bach. While at Trinity College of Music, at the age of

18, David’s love of music began to be eclipsed by his

developing Christian faith; he was attracted by a

friend. ‘What made this guy different?’ David wanted

to know. Bach’s Christian faith radiates throughout

his music. He often signs his manuscripts with the

letters SDG. Sole Deo Gloria. To the glory of God


’On ’On Top Top of of the the World’


Well, choice number five is a Carpenters’ song (do

you remember brother and sister Karen and

Richard?). He also liked Rainy Days and Mondays

(not sure that he still does!). I wonder if David was

on top of the world with his new sense of calling to

Ordained Christian Ministry, studying theology at

Durham University?

Film Film Music Music ‘The ‘The Waltz’


Modern composers are paid well for writing film

music – Arnold Bax, William Walton, Ralph Vaughan-

Williams – and Richard Rodney Bennett whose piece

David has chosen. This was written to accompany

Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. As

you listen to the music you can visualize the great

train getting up steam and pulling out of the station,

gathering speed.

John John Rutter Rutter – Mary’s Mary’s Mary’s Lullaby Lullaby


During their 20 years in Bristol, David and Lis have

accumulated some 500 CDs (we counted them!)

Some favourites are by John Rutter, especially his

carols for Christmas. His warm harmonies linked to

memorable words indicate for him Mary’s Lullaby.



Since they are off to the Malvern Hills in the summer,

something by Elgar makes a good final choice. Elgar

drew much of his inspiration from that part of the

world. David requests the ‘Nobilmente’ theme with

which he opens his first symphony.

‘How on earth do you find time to listen to all that

music’, I asked. ‘That’s where retirement comes in’

he replied. He also looks forward to spending more

time with family and friends.

...cont ...cont ...cont ...cont on on on on p9...

p9... p9... p9...

St Mary’s Messenger 7

Vicar’s Vicar’s Vicar’s Viewpoint


On On the the Move!


By By By David David David Ritchie Ritchie


I look forward to July 7th with very mixed feelings: it

will be my final Sunday as Vicar of Stoke Bishop. It

is almost 20 years to the day since we as a family

moved to St Mary's. Our eldest, Daniel, was then13,

Naomi 11, Sarah 7 and Jo 5.

We are now all of us somewhat older:

• Lis, apart from looking after me and running

what seems to have been an open house

vicarage, also works as a school nurse;

• Daniel is married to Kate. They are houseparents

at a boarding school near Oxford;

• Naomi, married to Matt, is a paediatric nursing


• Sarah is a physiotherapist at Guy's Hospital in


• Jo has just finished a Bsc Hons degree in Social

Work at UWE;

• Lis and I are the proud grandparents of Theo

(aged 2) and James (aged 1). They are great fun;

however, my only regret over these past two

years is that nobody has told me that I look far

too young to be a grandfather!

8 St Mary’s Messenger

Browsing through previous editions of The

Messenger a kaleidoscope of memories comes

flooding back:

• the joy of seeing individuals coming to a living

faith in Jesus Christ;

• the Alpha Courses in which, over the years, more

than 300 people have taken part;

• the privilege of walking alongside so many

families at moments of joy and sadness;

• the close links we have with Stoke Bishop

Primary School.

• the partnership we have enjoyed over the years

with staff and students from Trinity College

whose varied contributions have so enriched our


I find it extraordinary, and very humbling, that I have

worked with eight ordained colleagues, 16

churchwardens, six full-time youth workers, six

church managers/secretaries - but only two


Three years ago we celebrated the 150th anniversary

of the consecration of St Mary's - closely followed by

"Beyond 150" marking the re-ordering of the church.

This means we now have efficient under-floor

heating, tiled flooring, flexible seating, an improved

audio-visual system, new lighting and an enlarged

dais. In this way we are discovering that the church

can be open seven days a week, and is suitable for a

variety of activities - be it worship, drama, concerts

and events for the whole community.

But, of course, the church, rightly understood, is not

primarily a building of bricks and mortar but of men

and women, young people and children who have

come to a living faith in Jesus Christ. And, as such,

the church can never stand still. The church, like

individuals, is always moving on. So in the coming

years I have a dream of a church:

• where many people come to know Jesus;

• and where Christians are passionate about their


I have a dream of a church

• which cares for the disadvantaged, the lonely,

the house bound;

• which values the contribution of each individual

- young and old alike;

or, as we sang at our Service of Rededication…..

Let Let Let Let us us us us build build build build a a a a house house house house where where where where love love love love can can can can dwell dwell dwell dwell

and and and and all all all all can can can can safely safely safely safely live. live. live. live.

A A A A place place place place where where where where saints saints saints saints and and and and children children children children tell tell tell tell

how how how how hearts hearts hearts hearts learn learn learn learn to to to to forgive. forgive. forgive. forgive.

Built Built Built Built of of of of hopes hopes hopes hopes and and and and dreams dreams dreams dreams and and and and visions, visions, visions, visions,

Rock Rock Rock Rock of of of of faith faith faith faith and and and and vault vault vault vault of of of of grace; grace; grace; grace;

here here here here the the the the love love love love of of of of Christ Christ Christ Christ shall shall shall shall end end end end divisions. divisions. divisions. divisions.

All All All All are are are are welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, all all all all are are are are welcome welcome welcome welcome , , , ,

All All All All are are are are welcome welcome welcome welcome in in in in this this this this place. place. place. place.

...Desert ...Desert ...Desert ...Desert Island Island Island Island Discs...cont Discs...cont Discs...cont Discs...cont from from from from p7 p7 p7 p7

Lis will commute to Bristol,

continuing her work as school

nurse at Badminton, but she and

David look forward to walking in

the Malvern Hills, and Jacob, the

Airdale, is looking forward to his

country estate.

How about those luxuries for the desert island?

Well he will need a large boat to transport the

Morris Minor convertible. And a book? – apart, of

course, from the Bible. Well he enjoys biographies

– and has chosen “Number 10” the Private Lives of

Six Prime Ministers. (Less private now! – ed.).

‘Do you think you might get tired of this life of ease

and anticipated pleasure’? Well, six months might

go down very well, but after that David anticipates

getting involved, helpfully he hopes, in a local


In the words of the Sound of Music – ‘So long,

farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye ….I think it’s

time to go …..’.

David David David David Ritchie Ritchie Ritchie Ritchie with with with with Hazel Hazel Hazel Hazel Trapnell Trapnell Trapnell Trapnell

Come and listen to

Desert Island Discs—LIVE


Sunday afternoon 7 July.



From From the






March 17th Florence and Harriet NASH



February 22nd Jean BAXTER

February 26 th Isabella (Bella) FAULKNER

March 26 th Hazel HAZLEM

Simon Simon Simon Simon Guillebaud Guillebaud Guillebaud Guillebaud

Church Church Matters


Faith Faith Faith Faith under under under under Fire Fire Fire Fire –––– Incredible Incredible Incredible Incredible Stories Stories Stories Stories

of of of of God God God God at at at at Work Work Work Work in in in in Africa. Africa. Africa. Africa.

The Guillebauds have served as missionaries in

Rwanda/Burundi for generations. Simon, with his

young family, is our mission partner in Burundi. He

will be speaking from first-hand experience at St

Mary’s on...

Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday 27 27 27 27 July July July July at7.30 at7.30 at7.30 at7.30 pm pm pm pm

Read Read Read Read his his his his book book book book ‘For ‘For ‘For ‘For what what what what it’s it’s it’s it’s worth’ worth’ worth’ worth’ available available available available on on on on

the the the the bookstall bookstall bookstall bookstall at at at at the the the the back back back back of of of of the the the the church.

church. church. church.

St Mary’s Messenger 9

Christian Christian Christian Perspective


Jesus Jesus – friend and healer

By By By Sandra Sandra Sandra Freye Freye


The voice of Jesus in my everyday life has been an

inspiration and an encouragement, even in the

darkest moments, but I have also come to know him

as healer, just as he was when on earth.

Miraculous Miraculous Healing Healing for for the the Accident Accident Prone! Prone!


Some years ago I was getting lunch boxes ready for

the school day when I dropped a catering sized bottle

of pickle onto my foot. The pain was so bad that I

fainted. Surprisingly, an X-Ray could not find any

break despite continuous pain. The following day I

had planned to attend an away-day with a Christian

speaker and felt strongly that I just had to get there,

so my husband cut out the front of a shoe and I

went. During the day, I felt that I should go forward

in response to a call for anyone wanting prayer; I had

never done anything like that before but I was

immediately healed. The next day the hospital

telephoned to say my toes were broken in two places!

I told them that Jesus had healed me!

When I was in my twenties I lost the use of my right

hand. Doctors weren’t really able to help but I heard

about John and Maureen Warwick, who had God’s

gift of healing power. I visited them and they laid

hands on me and prayed. As we started to drive

home I became very hot and felt as if I was burning

like fire. My hand and wrist were totally healed.

I once dug a spade through my right foot; it was a

nasty wound and my husband wanted to take me to

the hospital but I said “no you deal with it. Jesus is

going to heal me”. He dressed the wound and after

five days there was no sign of a scar, only marvellous

healing. Thank you, Jesus.

Healing Healing for for hearts hearts too


Jesus not only heals our bodies, he can mend and

heal broken and heavy hearts. When we left our

much loved house after 22 years when we had to sell

and then give all our money to the bank, Jesus took

all my pain and anger away and healed my broken


Praying Praying for for others


Often I ask Jesus to heal other people. A friend once

asked me for prayer for her husband who needed a

major operation; there was only a 20% chance that

he would survive. I prayed and telephoned her to tell

her that the Lord Jesus had told me he would be fine

and he would be digging the garden in six months –

and he was, exactly to that day!

In Jesus’ manifesto at the beginning of his

controversial ministry, he referred to his fulfilment of

these words from Isaiah. This caused him to be

10 St Mary’s Messenger

thrown out of his home synagogue, threatened with

being stoned.

The The The The Spirit Spirit Spirit Spirit of of of of the the the the Lord Lord Lord Lord is is is is on on on on me, me, me, me, because because because because the the the the

Lord Lord Lord Lord has has has has anointed anointed anointed anointed me me me me to to to to preach preach preach preach good good good good news news news news to to to to

the the the the poor, poor, poor, poor,

He He He He has has has has sent sent sent sent me me me me to to to to bind bind bind bind up up up up the the the the broken broken----hearted,

broken broken hearted, hearted, hearted,

To To To To proclaim proclaim proclaim proclaim freedom freedom freedom freedom for for for for the the the the captives captives captives captives

And And And And release release release release from from from from darkness darkness darkness darkness for for for for the the the the

prisoners, prisoners, prisoners, prisoners,

To To To To proclaim proclaim proclaim proclaim the the the the year year year year of of of of the the the the Lord’s Lord’s Lord’s Lord’s favour favour favour favour

And And And And the the the the day day day day of of of of vengeance vengeance vengeance vengeance of of of of our our our our God, God, God, God,

To To To To comfort comfort comfort comfort all all all all who who who who mourn, mourn, mourn, mourn,

And And And And provide provide provide provide for for for for those those those those who who who who grieve grieve grieve grieve in in in in Zion Zion Zion Zion

To To To To bestow bestow bestow bestow on on on on them them them them a a a a crown crown crown crown of of of of beauty beauty beauty beauty

instead instead instead instead of of of of ashes, ashes, ashes, ashes,

The The The The oil oil oil oil of of of of gladness gladness gladness gladness instead instead instead instead of of of of mourning. mourning. mourning. mourning.

Isaiah Isaiah Isaiah Isaiah 61:1----2222 61:1 61:1 61:1

Remember that hymn – ‘what

a friend we have in Jesus’?

What a friend indeed!

Sandra has been a member of

St Mary’s for many years, and

is an enthusiastic welcomer.

You may meet her at the

church door.

How How How How should should should should we we we we regard regard regard regard healing? healing? healing? healing?

Jesus is recorded as healing the blind, the lame,

and the demon-possessed on many occasions and

even raising some from the dead. We say Jesus is

the same yesterday, today and forever, but does he

still heal today? Sandra Freye’s article seems to

suggest ‘yes’, at least in some cases.

In a recent sermon series we considered this issue.

The congregation responded to four questions

about praying for others to be healed, asking for

prayer for themselves, their views of the ministry of

healing and the connections between healing and

justice. A few found the whole idea of Jesus

healing today difficult or even scary. But most felt

that praying for others was part of our Christian

remit, are glad to be able to ask for prayer for

healing, are happy to involved in the ministry and

would like to encourage this in other churches. It

was harder to understand the idea of praying for

community, although people agreed that healing

and justice could not be separated.

Prayer for healing is available after morning services.

Hazel Hazel Hazel Hazel Trapnell Trapnell Trapnell Trapnell

@St @St @St Mary’s


June June 15th


Don Don Giovanni


An opera from Tessitoura Company—

in costume!

June June 29th


City City Voices Voices present


“Let’s “Let’s go go to to the the Movies”


Box Box Office Office – 9687449


A A Time Time of of of Transition Transition


Beginnings Beginnings and and and endings:


On Sunday 30 June at 3.30, Angela,

Jennifer and Hazel will be ordained

as Priests in Bristol Cathedral. All

are welcome. In the evening at 6.30

there will be a celebration in the

Vicarage garden.

First First First Communion:


On 7 July, David Ritchie’s last

Sunday, Jennifer will celebrate her

first communion as priest at 9am.

Angela and Hazel will follow on the

next Sundays. They will continue to

be curates but will be able to

conduct baptisms and weddings, as

well as funerals.

Church Church in in vacancy:


Our church will be in ‘vacancy’ from

July; that means we look after

ourselves with the help of the diocese

until a new incumbent is appointed.

This offers opportunities for everyone

to find new ways of contributing to

the life of the church.

The two church wardens, Philip

Hands and Jo Morris, will be

officially in charge. The process of

preparation for the appointment of a

new vicar is thorough and the laity

are consulted. Revd Canon Douglas

Holt (Diocesan Development team)

has taken us under his wing and will

pilot us through the process.

Please Please Please Please continue continue continue continue to to to to pray pray pray pray

for for for for the the the the team team team team

Botanic Botanic Garden


Stoke Park Road

Open Open Open Every Every day


10 10 10 am am am – 4.30 pm

Sunday Sunday 30 30 June June 1-5.30 pm

Stoke Stoke Stoke Stoke Bishop Bishop Bishop Bishop Open Open Open Open Gardens Gardens Gardens Gardens (see

article for details)

Sunday Sunday 7 7 July July Open Open Open Open Day Day Day Day

Saturday Saturday 20 20 July


Jazz Jazz Jazz Jazz concert concert concert concert with with with with Blue Blue Blue Blue Notes Notes Notes Notes

Details Details available available from from 331 331 4906


Visit our wesite for details

Community Community Community Diary Diary 2013


SB SB & & Sneyd Sneyd Pk Pk Local Local History History Gp


Wed Wed 12 12 June June 6.30pm


Kingsweston Kingsweston Kingsweston Kingsweston Estate Estate Estate Estate Walk Walk Walk Walk with with with with

David David David David Martyn Martyn Martyn Martyn

Meet in Shirehampton Road Carpark

Email for


Mon Mon 10 10 & & & Sun Sun 23 23 June: June:1.30- June:

3.45pm (£5)

The The The The Story Story Story Story of of of of the the the the Downs Downs Downs Downs (in (in (in (in 2 2 2 2 parts) parts) parts) parts)

Walking into History - Bristol walks

Contact: Angela Nutbrown 968 1144


Community Community Diary


Friends Friends Friends of of Old Old Sneyd Sneyd Sneyd Park Park Nature




Saturday Saturday 1 1 June: June: June: 2.00 – 4.00 pm

Bristol Bristol Bristol Bristol Bioblitz Bioblitz Bioblitz Bioblitz with with with with Richard Richard Richard Richard Bland. Bland. Bland. Bland.

Meet at Glenavon Park entrance with

pencils, binoculars.

Children welcome. Free.

Sunday Sunday 30 30 June June 2.00 2.00 pm pm


Guided Guided Guided Guided walk walk walk walk in in in in Reserve Reserve Reserve Reserve by by by by local local local local

entomologist entomologist entomologist entomologist Ray Ray Ray Ray Barnett Barnett Barnett Barnett

Booking essential 968 6799.

Members free. Payment at gate

For event details visit our website

Avon Avon Gorge Gorge & & Downs Downs Wildlife




Sat Sat 1 1 June June June 22-4pm

2 4pm 4pm

Whitebeam Whitebeam Whitebeam Whitebeam Wander Wander Wander Wander

Booking essential—visit our website

The The The Neighbourhood Neighbourhood Partnership


North North North North Bristol Bristol Bristol Bristol Festival Festival Festival Festival of of of of Age Age Age Age

Monday Monday 1st 1st 1st July July 10am 10am 10am - 4pm

The The Bradbury Bradbury Hall, Hall, Waterford Waterford Road, Road, Henleaze


Supported by the Neighbourhood Partnership, the Working Group for

Older People, together with LinkAge, are putting on this FREE FREE FREE FREE event

to be opened by The Mayor, George Ferguson. There will be

• display display display display stands stands stands stands from from from from numerous numerous numerous numerous groups groups groups groups including including including including Avon Avon Avon Avon Fire Fire Fire Fire & & & &

Rescue, Rescue, Rescue, Rescue, Police, Police, Police, Police, LinkAge, LinkAge, LinkAge, LinkAge, Centre Centre Centre Centre for for for for sustainable sustainable sustainable sustainable Energy Energy Energy Energy

• demonstrations demonstrations demonstrations demonstrations and and and and taster taster taster taster sessions sessions sessions sessions

• performances performances performances performances by by by by the the the the Solomon Solomon Solomon Solomon Touring Touring Touring Touring Company Company Company Company of of of of their their their their

shows shows shows shows "Trickster" "Trickster" "Trickster" "Trickster" and and and and "Scambusters”




• refreshments refreshments refreshments refreshments

Dial-A-Ride have made a bus available to bring members to and from

the event so book your place.

Come and find out all that is available for you in your area.

Gay Gay Huggins Huggins (Ward (Ward Representative)


St Mary’s Messenger 11





12 St Mary’s Messenger

Antiques Antiques and and Collectables Collectables Fair Fair


Stoke Stoke Bishop Bishop Village Hall

Saturday Saturday 7th 7th September September 2013 2013


10.30 10.30 to to to 4.30pm. 4.30pm.


Variety Variety of of stalls stalls - you never know what treasures you

may may find!


Refreshments Refreshments available available available all all day day


Entrance Entrance Entrance Entrance only only only only 50p 50p 50p 50p

For For more more more information information contact


Answers Answers to to to Downs Downs Quiz Quiz on on on p4


1 Burwalls, Leigh Woods

2 Bath and Sea Mills (Abona)

3 Clifton and Westbury

4 The The Phillipines

5 1864

6 1956

7 1893 - the Bristol 600 exhibition

8 The Cluster oak oak opposite the Mansion house.

One One of of six six in in the the country


9 Since July 2011

10 10 The Sharpness canal

A A Good Good Good Read


By By By Betty Betty Betty Rowlands Rowlands


“I’ve always loved reading but I tend to stick to

authors I know.” “Sometimes I borrow a so-called

Number One Best seller from the library, but after a

couple of chapters I often find myself wondering what

all the fuss was about.” “I’d like to try new authors

but I get confused among all the different reviews.”

“None of my friends is an avid reader so I don’t get

any personal recommendations.”

Do any of the above apply to you? If so, have you

considered joining a book club?

The The The The first first first first St St St St Mary’s Mary’s Mary’s Mary’s book book book book club club club club was was was was formed formed formed formed

in in in in 2001 2001 2001 2001 with with with with the the the the object object object object of of of of increasing increasing increasing increasing

fellowship fellowship fellowship fellowship among among among among existing existing existing existing church church church church members members members members

and and and and at at at at the the the the same same same same time time time time attracting attracting attracting attracting people people people people

from from from from the the the the wider wider wider wider community community community community to to to to share share share share their their their their

interest interest interest interest in in in in books. books. books. books. Membership Membership Membership Membership grew grew grew grew rapidly rapidly rapidly rapidly

and and and and eventually eventually eventually eventually the the the the club club club club split split split split into into into into two two two two

groups. groups. groups. groups.

Members agree on the choice of book; someone

volunteers to research the author and deliver a short

presentation before the book is discussed and views

exchanged at the next meeting. Over the years the

choice of books has varied widely, from titles with a

religious theme such as “Pilgrim’s Progress” by John

Bunyan, “Mark for Everyone” by Tom Wright and

“Water into Wine” by Stephen Verney, to secular

works that have become classics, for example,

“Emma” by Jane Austen, “To Kill a Mocking Bird” by

Harper Lee and “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger,

as well as newer novels.

Book Book of of the the month:


A recent choice of my group was Behold Behold Behold Behold a a a a Pale Pale Pale Pale

Horse Horse Horse Horse by by Peter Peter Tremayne, Tremayne, a writer unfamiliar to

most of us but strongly recommended by a member.

The book is one in a series of crime novels set in the

7th Century AD featuring Sister Fidelma, the daughter

of an Irish king, a qualified lawyer and religieuse. In

addition, she has established a reputation for solving

murder mysteries. As a crime writer myself I was

naturally interested in such an original sleuth.

Book Book Review


I found Fidelma attractive in both appearance and

character, from her penetrating green eyes and red

hair to her quick wit, sense of humour, tenacity and

grasp of detail.

Behold Behold Behold Behold a a a a Pale Pale Pale Pale Horse Horse Horse Horse opens when, on her way home

to Ireland but forced to spend some time in Genoa

while her ship is undergoing repairs, she learns that

her old teacher, Brother Ruadan, is dying in the

remote abbey of Bodium. She is determined to visit

him; on the journey her party comes under attack

and she learns that the area is threatened by civil

war between opposing Christian factions. She finds

Ruadan gravely ill but lucid enough to remember

her. During their conversation he suddenly becomes

agitated, grasps her hand and urges her to leave the

abbey at once, because “there is evil in this place!”

The following day she is told that he died in his

sleep during the night. Convinced that he did not die

a natural death, she is determined to find his

murderer and she narrowly escapes with her life

before establishing the truth.

Behold Behold Behold Behold a a a a Pale Pale Pale Pale Horse Horse Horse Horse is a real page-turner and was

enough to make me a fan of Sister Fidelma and her

creator. Peter Tremayne has an extensive knowledge

of Celtic history and this is reflected in the way he

brings that history to life. His settings are wellresearched

and vividly described. I heartily

recommend him.

Betty Betty Betty Betty is is is is the the the the author author author author of of of of many many many many crime crime crime crime mystery mystery mystery mystery books. books. books. books.

She She She She lives lives lives lives in in in in Stoke Stoke Stoke Stoke Bishop Bishop Bishop Bishop and and and and is is is is a a a a member member member member of of of of

St St St St Mary’s. Mary’s. Mary’s. Mary’s. Nearing Nearing Nearing Nearing 90, 90, 90, 90, she she she she is is is is still still still still writing! writing! writing! writing!

The The The The Church Church Church Church Office Office Office Office (968 (968 (968 (968 7449) 7449) 7449) 7449) can can can can put put put put you you you you in in in in

touch touch touch touch with with with with the the the the two two two two book book book book groups groups groups groups attached attached attached attached to to to to

St St St St Mary’s Mary’s Mary’s Mary’s –––– one one one one daytime daytime daytime daytime and and and and one one one one evening. evening. evening. evening.

St Mary’s Messenger 13

Green Green Matters


They They know know not not what what they they do


by by by Eileen Eileen Eileen Stonebridge Stonebridge


Did Did Did Did you you you you visit visit visit visit ‘The ‘The ‘The ‘The Wildlife Wildlife Wildlife Wildlife

Photographer Photographer Photographer Photographer of of of of the the the the Year’ Year’ Year’ Year’

exhibition exhibition exhibition exhibition recently recently recently recently in in in in Bristol? Bristol? Bristol? Bristol?

So often, we humans behave without knowledge or The winning entry, entitled Ice Matters, depicted a polar

appreciation of the implications or consequences. bear on a raft of ice which reminded the viewers that Polar

Illustrations of inadvertent destruction were poignantly bears depend on sea ice for their existence. The breaking

shown in the exhibits in The Wildlife Photographer of the up of the ice sheets is leaving many of them stranded

Year, organised by The Natural History Museum and the without food. As the process of melting of the Polar ice

BBC, recently on display at Bristol City Museum and Art continues, it will become a problem for humans too. Our


recent cold weather is attributed to the equator-ward shift

The fantastic colours and patterns of our beautiful world of the Jet Stream. Warmer waters are disturbing the pattern

and the stunning action shots of animals and the details of of the general circulation of the atmosphere which has

wonderful plants were admired by the large numbers caused a “blocking high” pressure zone to stick to the

passing through. One section which attracted a great deal north of the British Isles, allowing cold continental air to

of attention was entitled The World in Our Hands. stream in.

The specially commended photograph which impressed me

with its message was entitled Primal Fear. It pictured a

small group of African children carrying a baby Yellow

Baboon with its arm and leg tied. The sheer terror on that

animal’s face was haunting. The children were jubilant with

their trophy. The commentary suggests that the animal was

one of a troop raiding crops.

The picture illustrates a problem which permeates the

world wherever cultivation is juxtaposed with natural

habitats. As more and more land is taken into cultivation or

used for timber resources, the creatures which dwell there

become more and more confined, their food supply is

reduced and they invade the cultivated land.

Conservation of species requires areas of natural habitat

large enough to support their populations. Tracts of Africa

south of the Sahara, Latin America and the Far East are the

regions with the greatest problems, as they are the major

areas left with land which could be utilised by humans and

have large areas of primary habitat.

A A A A recent recent recent recent report report report report by by by by the the the the Institute Institute Institute Institute

of of of of Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Engineers Engineers Engineers Engineers shows shows shows shows

that that that that between between between between 30----50% 30 30 30 50% 50% 50% of of of of food food food food

produced produced produced produced is is is is wasted. wasted. wasted. wasted.

We We We We are are are are now now now now overrun overrun overrun overrun with with with with deer deer deer deer

because because because because there there there there is is is is no no no no top top top top

carnivore. carnivore. carnivore. carnivore. This This This This is is is is merely merely merely merely a a a a

statement statement statement statement of of of of consequences,




not not not not a a a a cry cry cry cry for for for for wolves wolves wolves wolves in in in in the the the the back back back back

garden! garden! garden! garden!

14 St Mary’s Messenger

In Europe and the Mediterranean lands, destruction of

much of the natural vegetation took place hundreds of

years ago, and with it went the top carnivores; the wolf and

the bear in the British Isles and the lion in the

Mediterranean are examples. It is not just the big mammals

which are important, but the whole working together of the

ecosystem. We are now overrun with deer because there is

no top carnivore. This is merely a statement of

consequences, not a cry for wolves in the back garden!

Winning Winning entry


As with the arctic ice, we destroy these ecosystems at our

peril (or more likely, the jeopardising of the health of future


The dilemma is that we demand more resources to

maintain the lifestyles we desire. In the case of food, a

recent report by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers

shows that between 30-50% of food produced is wasted.

The findings suggest we need more care and a more

responsible attitude to resources which includes energy,

fertilisers and water as well as land and habitats. Both a

change of attitude and changes in practice are necessary if

we are to live within our environmental limits.

St St Mary Mary Magdalene, Magdalene, Stoke Stoke Bishop Bishop


Mariners Drive, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, BS9 1QJ

Tel: 0117 968 7449 • Email:

w w w w w w . . s s t t m m a a r r y y s s b b . . o o r r g g . . u u k


Parish Parish Office


Open Open 9.30 9.30 am am - 12.30 pm pm Mon - Fri or by appointment

968 7449

Vicar Vicar (

( (until until until until 7 7 7 7 July July July July 2013) 2013) 2013) 2013)

The The Reverend Reverend David David Ritchie Ritchie

968 1858

Assistant Assistant Curates


The The Reverend Reverend Angela Angela Cattell Cattell

968 3069

The The Reverend Reverend Reverend Hazel Hazel Trapnell Trapnell

968 968 7190

The The The Reverend Reverend Jennifer Jennifer Hall


Lay Lay Ministers Ministers


968 5959

Peter Peter Robottom Robottom

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Brian Brian Brian Richardson Richardson

968 4598

Youth Youth and and Children’s Children’s Leader


Rob Rob Rob Smith Smith

Church Church Wardens


0757 824 8543

Philip Philip Hands Hands

968 968 2142

Jo Jo Morris Morris

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Pastoral Pastoral Care Care Ministry


Jason Jason Parker Parker

968 6863

Jenny Jenny Baker Baker

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Jennifer Jennifer Hall Hall Hall

968 5959 5959

Church Church Services




9 am Holy Communion (2nd Sunday Morning Prayer)

10.30am Crossroads All Age Worship

2nd Sunday Holy Communion

6.30 pm Please see website as this service varies

week by week and includes Evening Prayer,

The Joinery, Holy Communion with Healing,

Choral Evensong.



1.30 pm Holy Communion in the James Chapel

For For further further details details of of services services or or Church Church personnel,


please please contact contact the the office office on on on 968 968 7449 7449 or or or visit visit our




Church Church Church Choir Choir Ian Ian Beattie Beattie 968 1141

Worship Worship Worship Music Music Group Group Colin Colin Colin Smith Smith 968 968 7449 7449

St St Marys Marys Bell Bell Ringers Ringers Carol Carol Speedyman Speedyman 968 968 4079


Bookstall Bookstall

Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Wren Wren Wren 968 7651

Church Church Church Flowers Flowers Pamela Pamela Halford Halford 968 968 4449


Traidcraft Traidcraft Traidcraft Albert Albert and and Pauline Pauline Pearson Pearson 968 968 6822


A Traidcraft stall is held in the Church Rooms after

morning services on the 3rd Sunday of the month

Parish Parish Lunch


Lunch is served in the Church Rooms each Thursday at

12.15 pm (except in August). All are welcome.

A A complete complete diary diary of of Church Church and and Church Church Hall Hall events events can


be be be found found on on our our website: website:

Activities Activities for for Young Young People


Sunday Sunday Morning:


Crèche (age 0-3 years)

Seekers (age 3-5 years)

Discoverers (age 5-7 years)

Mariners (school years 3-6)

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Focus (school years 10 +)




Mothers & Toddlers

(Bright Sparks)

Mini-Church (age 0-7 years)

Kidz Klub (school yrs 3-6)

Youth Cell (school yrs 7-9)

Café 4T (school years 10 +)

Uniformed Uniformed Organisations


Group Scout Leader




Guide District


9th Guides

9th Brownies Brown Owl


199th Brownies

Adult Adult Organisations



Book Club

Bridge Club

Friday Badminton


House Groups

Men’s Breakfasts

Road Reps

Wednesday Circle

Women’s Breakfasts

The The Messenger Messenger Team Team


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Our Our Church


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Hazel Trapnell 968 7190

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St Mary’s Messenger 15



University of Bristol

Sports Medicine Clinic at

Coombe Dingle Sports Complex

Open to the Public

Professional experts offering a high quality

Physiotherapy to people of all ages and activity


All Physiotherapists hold post-graduate qualifications and provide care for

University Sports Teams (e.g. Rugby, Hockey, Football) and Coombe Dingle

Tennis Squads, beginner to elite. We treat all age groups.

Our clinic is the official Sports Medicine Partner of and Physiotherapy

provider for the RunBristol 10k and Half Marathon

Insurance Approved (e.g. BUPA, AXA PPP), Accepting GP referrals

To book, phone 0117 962 6718

Coombe Dingle Sports Complex, Coombe Lane, Stoke Bishop BS9 2BJ



Newly refurbished contemporary detached holiday cottage

Near the Brecon Beacons

Perfect for gatherings of families and friends

5 bedrooms to sleep 9/10

Two en-suite bathrooms and large family bathroom

Sociable kitchen/dining room plus separate lounge

Set in its own grounds with a stream in the garden

Please contact Jayne Symons via our website or

phone 07887 943744

To To Advertise Advertise in in The The The The Messenger Messenger Messenger Messenger

please please contact contact Jim Jim Currie


via via St St Mary’s Mary’s church church or or email


The The The The Messenger Messenger Messenger Messenger is is is printed printed printed by


Doveton Doveton Press Press Ltd


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When When you you contact contact one one of of our our advertisers, advertisers, please please mention mention that that you you saw saw their their advertisement advertisement in in the the Messenger


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