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2011 VNA Annual Report - Visiting Nurse Association of the ...

2011 VNA Annual Report - Visiting Nurse Association of the ...

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10 From the VNA & Hospice Foundation When we reflect on the gifts of Time and Trust discussed on the previous pages of this Annual Report, we associate them closely with the gifts of Treasure that the following individuals and corporations have so generously shared in support of the mission of the VNA & Hospice Foundation. It is because of the philanthropic heart and spirit of the donors listed, that the VNA is able to serve its clients and patients across all service lines. Let me share with you one statistic. In 2011 alone, more than 86,300 in-home visits were made by VNA home health, hospice, and private duty associates. More than 86,300 times last year, a VNA representative knocked on someone’s front door and when that door opened, the VNA was invited into the home. At that moment, Time, Trust, and Treasure coalesced and vital healthcare services were provided to those in need of expertise and assistance. On behalf of the VNA & Hospice Foundation, it is our great pleasure to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your support of our Mission. Because of you, the VNA was there when each of those 86,300 doors opened. Because of you, the VNA was able to bring healthcare services, expertise, relief, and peace of mind to the people behind those doors. Because of you, the VNA was there when needed most. Thank you for being there for us! With our deepest gratitude, Carol M. Kanarek Chairman, VNA & Hospice Foundation Wendy O’Neil Vice President, VNA & Hospice Foundation

2011 Honor Roll of Donors The VNA & Hospice Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following individuals, foundations, businesses, and community organizations for their generosity during October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011. 650 - 700 Beach Road Condomium Association, Inc. 750 Beach Road Condominium Association, Inc. The 900 Beach Road Condominium Association, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Abodeely Ms. Jamie B. Abrams ACG Texas Ms. Carol G. Achilles Mr. and Mrs. David W. Ackroyd Acme Markets Active Network G. A. Himes and Diane L. Adair Mrs. Joyce L. Adair The Adams and Ellison Families Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Adams Ms. Vonnie Adams Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Adelberg Mr. and Mrs. John C. Adourian, Jr. Mrs. Mary F. Affronti Mrs. Phyllis B. Agnew Ms. Mary Agre Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ahrens Dee Ahuja Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Aiton Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Akeson Ms. Julia Aldeen Mr. and Mrs. John W. Alden Ms. Jen Alderton Alex MacWilliam, Inc., Realtors Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Alford Mr. and Mrs. Donald Alford Mr. and Mrs. Walter Alina Mrs. Mildred L. Aljets Ms. Margaret Allee Ms. Brenda Y. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Calvin R. Allen Ms. Cynthia H. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Allen Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Allen Ms. Josianne Allen Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Allen Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Allen Mrs. Sheila Allen Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Allen Mrs. Bernice E. Aller Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Allex Ms. June A. Alley Mr. Charles Y. Allgood Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Allison Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Allison, Jr. Mr. John W. Allman Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Allopenna Alternative Solutions USA Mr. and Mrs. David E. Althoff Mrs. Ruby Althoff Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Ambler American Concrete Industries, Inc. American Fidelity Assurance Company Ms. Lisa Amorosa Mrs. Harcourt Amory Ms. Carolyn S. Amos Mr. and Mrs. Joe Amspaugh Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Anderson Mrs. Anne Anderson and Mr. Lewis Archambeau Ms. Barbara C. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Anderson Ms. Doris R. Anderson Ms. Elizabeth Anderson Mrs. Pauline R. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Anderson Ms. Roma Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Anderson and Friends Ms. Sally S. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Warren M. Anderson Mr. William A. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Bo Andersson Mrs. James G. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Andrie Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Angell Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Angelucci Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Angelus, Jr. Ms. Rose Anger Anita Ford Collection, LLC Jamie Annitto Mr. Edmund N. Ansin, Mr. Andrew L. Ansin and Mr. James Goggins Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Apgar Mr. and Mrs. John J. K. Apo Mrs. Lois W. Appleby Ms. Romaine Arbogast and Mr. Warren A. Dee Anchor Security Guards Mr. and Mrs. Mike Archer Dr. and Mrs. Raleigh R. Archer Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton G. Arden, Jr. Aries Arditi Mr. Thomas L. Arena Mrs. Judy Arenge Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Areni Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Arenson Ms. Cheryl Armas and Ms. Amanda Armas Ms. Barbara N. Armstrong Ms. Joan K. Armstrong Mrs. Dolores Arnold Ms. Eileen Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Arnold, Jr. Ms. Sally S. Arnouil Asbury United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ashdown Mr. Eugene Ashley Ms. Geraldine Assante Ms. Jennifer Assante Mr. John Assante, Jr. and Ms. Andrea Bonds Ms. Anita Astrachan Mr. and Mrs. Russell Atha Mrs. George B. Atkinson, Jr. Atlantic Interior Services, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Atwell Mr. Bob Atwood Mr. and Mrs. David Aubel Ms. Elizabeth L. Austin Mr. Robert R. Austin Autism Society of Connecticut Mr. Edward V. Aversa The Avilla Family Mrs. Margaret J. Avril Mr. and Mrs. Matthew E. Avril Ms. Helen A. Ayer Mr. and Mrs. Allyn Ayotte Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Ayscue Ms. Joanne M. Azzaretti Mr. and Mrs. Steven Baade Mrs. Mary Babcock Mr. and Mrs. Robbin E. Babcock Mr. and Mrs. Jaromir Babicka Mrs. Hilde Babin Mrs. Gloria Babuschak Ms. Elizabeth J. Bachman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Backs Mr. and Mrs. Joe Backs Mr. Gilbert W. Bacon Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bacon BAE Systems Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Baer Ms. Terri Baginski Ms. Ann Bagwell Mr. John C. Bahl, II Col. and Mrs. Roy W. Bahr Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Bailey, III Ms. Bonnie M. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bailey Ms. Margaret Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Bailey Mrs. Margaret G. Bailie Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Bain Mrs. Elliot A. Baines Mr. George C. Baird Mr. and Mrs. Bob Baisden Ms. Lucille M. Baj Drs. Frederick and Nancy Baker Mr. and Mrs. C. Dwight Baker Mr. and Mrs. John L. Baker, III M. G. Baker Mr. Maurice Baker Mr. and Mrs. Vernon W. Baker Dr. and Mrs. Paul T. Bakule Mrs. Carol Johnson Bald Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Baldrica Mrs. William H. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Balestiere Mr. and Mrs. David R. Balfour Ms. Janet Ball Ms. Kay H. Ballinger and Ms. Linda Coakley Mr. and Mrs. James Balog Mr. and Mrs. James Balph Mrs. Kathleen G. Balsan Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Balsbaugh Mrs. Elizabeth Banach Banack Family Limited Partnership Mr. and Mrs. Kevin H. Bandle Mr. and Mrs. Bradley L. Bane Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Bangert Mr. John E. Banks, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Banks Ms. Linda L. Barberi Mr. Jimmy J. Barcia Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Barclay Mr. Richard Bard Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bardes Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Barefoot Ms. Carol Barham Ms. Sheila M. Barish Ms. Ann Barker Mrs. Anna D. Barker Mr. and Mrs. William H. Barker Mr. and Mrs. Willie G. Barker, Jr. Ms. Charlotte Barkett Mr. and Mrs. George A. Barletta Mr. Douglas F. Barnard Ms. Julia T. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Steven Barnett Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Barnhouse Ms. Eileen Barnum Mr. Andrew H. Barr Mr. and Mrs. Loren D. Barre Dale and Rebecca Barrett Mr. Paul W. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. John L. Barrie Mr. and Mrs. Loren D. Barrie Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Barrow Mr. and Mrs. William A. Barrows Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Barstow Mrs. Julia A. Bartholomay Bartholomew Family Mr. and Mrs. C. Philip Bartlett Dr. and Mrs. John R. Bartlett Ms. Kerry A. Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T. Bartlett Ms. Kathy Barto Mr. and Mrs. Leon D. Barto Mr. Robert C. Bartolucci Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Barton, Jr. Ms. Kathryn F. Barton Ms. Kathryn F. Barton Mr. J. Addison Bartush Mrs. Joseph Bates Mr. Russell Bates Ms. Ilene Battenfield Mr. Brian Battle Ms. Anne R. Baugh Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bauknecht Ms. Katie Baumann Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baus Mr. Fred Bayless Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bayman Mr. and Mrs. Blair W. Beach Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Beach, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Grant Beadle Mr. and Mrs. S. Robert Beane Mr. and Mrs. Carter L. Beard Mr. and Mrs. Hugh R. Beath Mr. and Mrs. John T. Beatty, Jr. Ms. Marila M. Beatty Ms. Judi E. Beaumont Mr. Richard Bechtel Mr. Donald G. Beck Mr. and Mrs. John C. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Becker Mr. and Mrs. R. William Becker Mrs. Herman Becker Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Becker Becker Trading Company Mr. and Mrs. Arnold R. Beckhardt Mr. and Mrs. George T. Beckman Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bedingfield Mrs. Mariclare N. Beggy Ms. Lisa Behnke Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Beindorf Mr. and Mrs. David A. Belcher Ms. Meryll N. Belfor Mrs. Constance Beliveau Ms. Amy M. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Bell, Jr. Mrs. Wanda G. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Bellard, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John Belli The Bellino Family Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bellis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Bellomo Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Belmonte Ms. Christina M. Belotte Mr. Joseph F. Belzer Ms. Nancy R. Benak Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy D. Bence, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Bender Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bender Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Benedict Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Benedict Mr. and Mrs. Jay Benes Ms. Mary Jane S. Bension Mrs. Margaret M. Benson Mr. John P. Bent, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bent Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Bentien Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bercaw Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Bergeman Mr. and Mrs. D. Theodore Berghorst Mr. and Mrs. Henricus G. A. Bergmans Ms. Laurene T. Berhalter The Bernard A. Egan Foundation. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Bernstein Mary Berrigan, Harblean Savage, Kathie Althoff, Anita Tilberstein Mr. and Mrs. David E. Berry Mrs. Doris C. Bertocchi Dr. and Mrs. Randall Bertolette Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Bessin Bethlehem Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. George W. Betker, Jr. Mrs. Jay Rhoads Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Bettino Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bever Mr. E. Garrett Bewkes, Jr. Ms. Jennifer G. Bicknell Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Bieber Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Bierman Mr. and Mrs. William D. Biersach Mr. and Mrs. Bob Biggans Dr. and Mrs. S. Thomas Bigos Mrs. Joanne Bilardo Ms. Donna Bills Mr. and Mrs. Russell K. Bilodeau Mr. Jack C. Bingleman VNA Today - 2011 Annual Report 11

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