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1648-49] RELATION OF 1647-48 143

although they are exposed in winter-time to the

severity of the snow and the cold.

The Mission of Sainte Marie contains twelve or

thirteen villages, which a single Father visits con-

tinually, with great fatigue. And we have happily

found ourselves compelled, during the past eight

months, to erect another similar, but still more

fatiguing, Mission, in some villages farther away

' '

from us, which we call the Mission of Sainte Mag-


[60] Those whom we call the Tobacco Nation urged

and instruct them we sent two of our Fa-

us to go ;

thers, who carry on two Missions there, in two different

Nations which occupy the whole of that country,—

one called the Nation of the Wolves, which we have

we name the other

named the Mission of Saint John ;

the Mission of Saint Mathias, which is among those

who are called the Nation of the Deer.

There is, doubtless, much to endure among all

those Missions as regards hunger, the insipidity of

the food, the cold, the smoke, the fatiguing roads,

and the constant danger, in which one must live, of

being killed by the Hiroquois during their incursions,

or of being taken captive, and enduring a

thousand deaths before dying once.

But, after all, it is easier to bear all these ills than

to carry out the advice of the Apostle : Omnibus omnia

fieri propter Christum, " to become all things to all

men, in order to win all to Jesus Christ." It is necessary

to have a tried Patience, to endure a thousand

contumelies; an undaunted Courage, which will

undertake [61] everything; a Humility that contents

itself with doing nothing, after having done all ; a

Forbearance that quietly awaits the moment chosen

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