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1648-49] RELATION OF 1647-48 161



A GOOD Christian, who had recently lost nearlyall

his relatives and all his property, went to

seek that one of our Fathers who had formerly

instructed and


baptized him. Now," he said to

him, " I appreciate the value of the gift that thou

didst procure for me by giving me Baptism. Faith

is the only possession left me, with the hope of Para-

dise, which consoles me. Hadst thou given me ten

fine collars of Porcelain beads, and twenty robes of

beaver skins quite new, they would all be worn out

and all would have been destroyed with the remain-

der of my property. But the Faith that thou hast

given me in instructing me becomes more beautiful

day by day ; and the gifts that it promises me will

never perish, even at death."

In the same spirit of Faith a Christian woman, who

was solicited by an Infidel to extricate herself from

the state of poverty in which she lived, by means to

which her conscience and her honor could not permit

her to consent, [73] replied that she needed nothing

in the world. The Infidel who was astonished,

because he well knew her poverty, was still more

astonished at the Faith of that Christian woman

when she explained her meaning still more clearly,

and added that her goods were in Heaven, where

God kept them on deposit; that she was perfectly

sure of them and had a firmer hope of enjoying them

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