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1648-49] RELATION OF 1647-48 165

who was also a captive, and said aloud to her: " Dost

thou remember, my sister, that we are Christians?

[75] Dost thou remember God?' "Sometimes,"


she said. This is the moment when we must be


' '

he added ; "let us be careful not to

forget our hopes in Heaven, at a time when there is

nothing more to hope for in this world. God will be

' '

with us in the midst of our misfortunes. As for me,

he said, " I wish to think of nothing but him, and I

will not cease to pray to him even after my eyes have

been put out, and while I am dying in the midst of

fire and flames. Now, my brothers, let us commence

to say our prayers." He began, and all followed

him with greater peace and fervor than they had ever

felt. The enemies gazed upon so novel a proceeding

with astonishment, but I have no doubt that the

Angels looked upon it with loving eyes.

The Christian woman to whom the captive young

Captain had spoken was delivered from captivity on

the following day. For he who had captured her was

an Onnontaeronnon, who had been here as a hostage

on account of the peace that is being negotiated with

the Onnontaeronnons ; and, as he was among our

Hurons on that [76] hunting expedition, he was one

of the first taken by the Sonnontoueronnons. They

recognized him, and did him no harm; they even

compelled him to follow them, and to take part in

their victory, and thus it happened that, on this occa-

sion, that Onnontaeronnon had effected her capture.

However, he desired to return on the following day,

and told the Sonnontoueronnons that they might kill

him if they liked, but that he could not make up his

mind to follow them. He said that he would be

ashamed to reappear in his own country, because the

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