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1648-49] RELATION OF 1647-48 169

discourse, to which I would not, in conscience, add

a single word: " Aronhiatiri," he said to him, (that is

the name that the Hurons give to the Father,) " my

mind is [78] quite cast down,— not for my affliction,

but for thine. It seems that thou art forgetting the

word of God which thou preachest to us every day.

I imagine that the sorrow that appears upon thy face

is caused by our afflictions, because this Church, that

was so flourishing, is about to be dispersed. This

Chapel is about to be taken down ; many of our Chris-

tian brothers are dead or captive ; those who remain

are about to scatter in every direction, and to run the

risk of losing the Faith. Is it not that which troubles

thee? Alas, my brother," he added, " is it for us to

seek to fathom God's designs, and can we really

understand them? What are we? Nothing. He

knows well what should be done, and sees more

clearly than we do. Knowest thou what he will do?

Those Christians who are about to disperse will carry

their Faith with them, and their example will make

other Christians where there are none as yet. Let us

only remember that we are nothing, that we cannot

see anything ;

and that he alone knows what is good

for us. It is sufficient, I assure thee, to comfort me

in my adversity, when I see how miserable I am in

every respect, to think that God provides for everything,—

that he loves us, and knows very well what

we need." He continued [79] in that strain for eight

or ten minutes. The Father admired such complete

Faith in the heart of that good Savage and such a

truly Christian spirit; and he praised God for the

same, having no other thought but that Our Lord had

placed those words in

He could not restrain

his mouth for his consolation.

his tears as he embraced him,

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