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In thus delaying the enemy, he was serviceable

to his escaping flock even after his death. Many

reached places of ; safety

especially mothers,— at

others the victors overtook,

every step delayed by the

babes at their

years—as yet

breasts, or by those whose childish

unaccustomed to prudent fear—be-

trayed their hiding-places.

Antoine had just finished his fourteenth year at

this Huron Mission, everywhere a useful man, and

assuredly raised up for the salvation of those tribes ;

but certainly ripe for heaven, and the first man of

our society to be taken from us. True, his death

was sudden, but did not find him unprepared; for

he had always so lived that he was ever ready for

death. Yet the Divine Goodness toward him seems

to have been remarkable ; for he had finished, only

the first day of July, eight days of continuous spiritual

Exercises of the Society in this house of Sainte

Marie and on the ;

very next day, without any delay,

or even one day's rest, he hastened to his own

mission. Verily, he burned with a zeal for God more

intense than any flame that consumed his body.

He was a native of Dieppe, born of worthy and

pious Parents. He had entered the society in 162 1,

at the age of twenty-one years ; he was admitted to

the Profession of the four vows in 164.0; and at last

ended his life July fourth, 1648. He was indeed a

remarkable man, and a truly worthy son of the

society,— humble, obedient, united with God, of

never-failing patience, and indomitable courage in

adversity. Thus he left to us a shining example of all

the virtues ; to the savage Christians, an impression

of exalted faith and piety ;

to all, even the unbelievers,

heavy grief at his death. Now, at last, he will be

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