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1648 - 49] RELA TION OF 1647-48 39

than for his body, said to his comrade: " What shall

I do if I die,— I, who am not a Christian? Canst

thou not baptize me? If thou do not, I am lost

forever. " " I do not know exactly what should be

' '

done, replied his comrade ' '

for I was ;

very ill when

I was I baptized. recollect, however, that they made

the sign of the Cross on my head, and told me that

my sins were washed away, and that I should not go


into the fire unless I soiled myself again." Well,"

said the Catechumen, " do the same to me; for I

assure thee that I believe all that we have been


taught." I am glad of it," replied the Christian;

and [146] thereupon he made his proselyte kneel

down, and, addressing himself to God, he said:

" Thou who hast made all, keep this man from going

to Hell; it would not be right that he should go

there. Wash away all his sins, and keep him away

from the wrong path." Afterward, he made the

sign of the Cross on him, and there was a Baptism

in the Savage fashion. God may inspire in those poor

people an act of true love in consideration of their

faith and simplicity ; this will not prevent us from

afterward administering the real Sacrament to them.

It may be said that it would be very advisable that

some of them should be taught the formula of

Baptism. That is true, and, in fact, we do not fail

to do so ;

but we do not venture to confide those great

Mysteries to all kinds of persons, many

of whom

might make use of them without discretion.

Here is a prudent answer for a Savage. Those of

Tadoussac united with those of Kebec, and came to

salute Monsieur our Governor, to ascertain what

were his opinions respecting the Hiroquois prisoners

who had cast themselves into our hands. [147] They

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