Fine Homebuilding (J..

Fine Homebuilding (J..

Fine Homebuilding (J..


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• Maze STORMGUARD" Double Hot-Dipped Galvanized

Ring Shank Roofing Nails are "Miami Oade County

Product Control Approved. "



• Maze STORMGUAROo Nails meet the 2006 International Building

Code 1507.2.6 and comply with ASTM F1667.

• Maze STORMGUAROo Nails withstood and exceeded the ASTM G85

test protocol required for Miami Dade County.

• Maze STORMGUARtr Ring Shank Nails provide more than twice the

holding power of smooth shank nails.





STE P 1 Wetting bare

L.,;....;; ... ..;. ... wood with

water sounds like a bad

thing to do, but it can be

benefi cial to tnu overall

lOOK of t he floor's finish.

When wS't, the wood's

pores open, allowing the

color to penetrate for

a richer, deeper tone.


Use a 50/50 mix of

FI.''oI}' Hfl\'\fRUrL[)JN('

denatured alcohol and

distilted water, though

water alone works, too.

The .. leonol qukkens the

drying time, but be sure

the room is ventilated

sufficiently. Don't use

tap water, because it

contains minerals that

adversely affect the color·

ing process .

n.. "gOr r.Itouid &.

_ t but not , o./c. d. I

Appljcatjon goes

quickly with a sponge

or mop. Allow the

floor to dry for two to

four houri, then lightly

sand off the raised

fibers by hand using

HID-grit sandpaper.

Vacuum the flocr

before continuing to

the next step.


Sometimes the

only place to put

a secret door is

at the end of a

bookcase, but

this complicates

hanging the door.

You can't screw

directly into the

wall framing.

and there is no

adjacent cabinet

where backing

can be installed.

Instead, you have

to attach backing

to the wall framing.

then hang

the door from the

backing. Another

challenge is that

the wall framing

behind tha book·

case prevents the

door from swinging

open fully.

Keep in mind that

a 30-in.-wide

opening with a

10-in . ..deep door

will yield only 26 in.

of net clearance.

68 FI:-.'F HOMF.HUH.J)],'\'(;



'·in ,

'I,.in. plywood

With no adjacent cabinet,

solid backing for the hinges

must be anchored to the Willi

framing. Prefinisned hardwood

strips then are 5trewed into

both the backing and the door

to provide good-looking bilek·

ing for the hinges 10 screw into,

26 in. ----.;.1

Fae. fr ame

Surround the

bathroom with

storage. The top

requirement for

this new mastor

bilth was a steam

shower, but the

real story here lies

in the best use of

available space

(photo rilken at A

on floor plan!. I

was able to incor·

porate the most

significant benefits

of this remodel,

additional closets

and a washer!

dryer niche, into

the other side of

the milster bath's

walls (floor pillns,

filcing page'. Their

reduced height

gives the small

room an added

sense of space and

also provides a way

for the skylight to

illuminate the interior

of the house

through clerestory

windows (inset

photo, taken at B

on floor plan).

76 FI N }'. H e,W'.RL'"



DeWalt DW071-KI

-' lnterior/exterior use

• Manual-leveling

• leve l and p lumb dot and rotary


• Diameter range: up to 600 ft. with detector

• Accuracy range: ±¥. in. over 100 ft.

• Street price: $250

• Wo rth mentioning: Kit indudes wall.mounting

bracket. Tool has out-of·level shutoff, Works

with detector ($130; sold separately). www.dewalt.com

LaserMark LM800DI



• Intl:trior/exterior use

-"tutomatic self-leveling

• Level, plumb. and square dot, line, and

rotary functions

• Diameter range: up to 2800 ft. with detector

• Accuracy range: ±¥16 in. oyer 100ft.

• Street price: $980

• Worth mentioning: Kit indudes detector, rechargeable

battery, wall-mounting bracket, and remote control.

laser is equipped with battery.level indicator and outof-level

shutoH_ www.cstsurvey.com


Stabila LAR-100

• Interior/ exterior use

• Automatic self-10veling

• Level, plumb, and square dot, line,

and rotary functions

• Diameter range: up to 980 ft. with detector

• Accuracy range: :tV, in. over 100 ft.

• Street price: $1199

• Worth mentioning: Kit includes dete ctor, remote control, and

wall-mounting bracket. Equipped with out·of·level shutoff. Can

project lines at a slope. www.stabila.com



Buy rK build tit. doors.. 'took

the MDF door bJank!;; for this

hutch to a Jocal cabinet shop,

where a CNC machine milled

the profiles. You can build Ih"

door5 yourself (FH B 11177,

p. 146), or you can order Them

from online suppliers (www

.scherrs.com; www.lakeside



2 Stiffening

Adding a second joist of the same

size alongside ea


an angle

Existing joist


6 Solid

Us e blocking to maintain load

p iJlhs where utilities obst ruct

joiH bays.


Kiln·dried blocking with

ru nning hori zontally, cut

t ight lit betwaa n tha joists

blocking ties the floor together but

takes time to install correctly

Properly installed solid-wood blocking

helps to transfer weight to adjacent joists

so that the floor acts as a stronger unified

system. If you already have blocking

or bridging installed between joists, it

may be ineffective because it's not tight.

Metal and wood cross-bridging are both

prone to loosening over timl:t as wood

expands and contracts. Solid blocking

is susceptible to shrinkage, but it typically

works better than using the crossbridging



This method works best if joists are dry,

so it's a good idea to wait until late winter

or early spring when the heating sea·

son is coming to an end and the moisture

content of the joists likely will be at its

lowest. Start by snapping a chalkline at

the middle span of the floor running

perpendicular to the joists. Using dry

dimensional lumber, cut blocks just a

whisker tonger than the space between

joists, and pound them into place so that

they are tight. Blocks that aren't tight will

end up causing squeaks.

It may be tempting to install this type

of blocking in a staggered line because

it's easier to fasten. But solid blocking is

meant to work as a system, so keep the

blocks in line. If you need to get around

pipes or ductwork. use split blocks (a pair

of 2x4s, for instance) on top and bottom

to maintain the path.

Through·nail into the end of each block

using three or four 16d spikes or 3V2-in.·

long wood screws. Pneumatic palm nClil·

ers work great for driving nails in these

tight situations (photo below). For added

support, you also can install two or three

rows of blocking spaced equally apart.

A pn" umatic palm

nailer i$ great for driving

naits in spaces where

swinging a hammer or

fitting a full·sizo framing

nailer isn't convsnient.





Nooks nestled •


Set on the periphery

of the kitchen and

eqUlpped with comfortable

scats, a modest table.

and windows that bring in

light aod outdoor views, the

breakfast iHKJk offers much

more than its name suggests.

[t's the ideal spot to grab a

quick bite lo cat, to hash our

homework, to sort through

the mail, or to settle in with

the Sunday paper. Tn style

and fimsh, this annex can

he a seamless extension of

the kitchen or a delightful

departure. Informality IS

essential, and in such a hardworking

space, it's an advan­

tage to have durable surfaces

that aren't difflcult to keep

dean. \Vhether you an:

revising an existing breakfast

nook or figunng out a new

onc, these examples should

get your design dialogue off

to a good start.


Built-In but amenable to change. Built·'n benches h,.vf:' slanted backs made from the same

Douglas fir used to panel the wainscot. Seats open on hinges to reveal storage space. Tho

trestle table allows plBnty of maneuverability when moving in and out, and can be reconfigured

to accommodate moro diners. Designed by John Cole Architect. Photo by Brian Vanden 8rink.

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to the rigors 01 construclioo, weather and time. Just like you ha",e to.

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W ndo ", ••• d Doo,.

Made! for you.·


The KC180Al is an l8-VoIt, 3-piece, pro-grade combo kit. This kit includes

the OV180L 18-Vah hammer drill that offers an incredible 570 inllbs of torque­

Best in Class (also sold separal e1y), the CRl80L IS-Volt reciprocating saw, and

a powerful 144118-Volt lantern. Included are two, high capacity 3.DAh Lithium

Ion batteries, a ballistJc nylon tOOl bag and a universal QUick charger


Table Saws

Miter Saws

Finishing Nailers

NEW Lithium-Ion Cordless Tools

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Hitachi's new la-Voll HXP lithium Ion batteries offer 3x the

running time of traditional NiCd batteries, yet weigh 50% leiS. They

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Ulhlum Ion tools from Hitachi.

This lightweight COfdless screwdriver features a 3.6-VOIt lithium 100

battery. weighs less than a POUOO and easily converts from Slr31gtll to

pistol gnp making It the perfect tool lor tough to reach spaces. It offers

44 InllOO of turning torQue, features a built-In lED light and an easy to

use forwardlreIJerse switch for convenierK:e.

Radiant heating by Uponor makes your

whole ho use comfy and cozy. It circulate!.

heat under the floor, 50 it's warm where

you are. There are no drafts, no cold spots.

With no furnace, it's quiet and dust-free.

It'll even save on energy costs. If t hat

doesn't insp ire passion, what will? For

more information visit uponor-usa .com,



formerly Wirsbci




Saw Rasp

I've been using a Shinto

Saw Rasp for a

couple of years

now, and it's a

dream come

true. The

serrations go

al! the way

to the 6dge

of the file, and

there are two sur-


faces (one fine and one coarse).

The tool cuts wood quickly. without

a lot of effort. I no longer hesitate

to use a jigsaw for making notch

cuts or pocket cuts. A couple of

swipes with the rasp, and corners

are clean and square. You can order

a planer-style Shinto Saw Rasp

online for about $30 (www.japan

woodworker. com),


tb Measure and cut the threshold








Measure the opifning, a nd

make the InitIal cut. TalU't'ment from inside the casing.

In this instance, it was 36'11 in.

I added 'I,. in. for touch-lip at the

final fit.


Ease the ttdgll of the threshold. When

you check the threshold for fit, it's a

good time to make a smaJ/ tick at the edge

of the casing_ Before you finish the threshold

with your choice of stain and varnish, ease

this with a sanding block.


Transfe r the profile of thQ door

jamb, Hold the template 01'1 the

bottom of the threshold flush to the

end_ With D sharp pencil, tr"ce the

profile onto tho threshold; then use

the same template to mark the other

end of the threshold.


Cut the notches in the threshold.

Use a jigsaw, and clean up

thfl notches with ,1 r{)$p just DS you

did with the template_ Remember

that although you are cutting from

the bottom, the side everyone

wi/! see is the top, Keep the saw

5traight. The newer Bosch jigsiiw has

a precision-contro/ feature (see FHB

#181 , p. 81) that is indispensable

when making pflrpendicul;:Jf cuts_

7 Cover

counte ,..

bored scre w s

with wood

plugs. To hide


screws, I drill

pilot holes that

have a %-in.-dla.



After driving

#8x2'h-in .. long

flathead screws

(01'10 in the sill's

center, on8 4 in.

from each end),

I glue in 3/, ·in,

plugs, trimming

and finishing

them after the

glue dries.

Using Raised Pallel Doors,

Dovetail Drawer Rou s or

Complete Cabinet Kits


A Dream to Install

Dreams can come true in a single weekend. Modular

consl ruction makes it easy to enhance a home's

exterior with our cedar gazebos, Qordenhouses and

pexch system s.




Dept. #FHB10

Conserving Tomorrow's

Energy Today

Environmentally Friendly, High-Performance,

Spray-in-Place Polyurethane Insulation

• Stops air infiltration • ICC compliant

• Reduces sound for • FEMA-approved,

a quieter home flood -resistant materia l

• Makes walls stronger

• Blocks pollen and dust

• Self sealing, adheres to walls


• Never settles, shrinks or sags

• Helps prevent mold and mildew • Warranted for the life of your home A product 01 NCFt Polyurethanes

DECEMBER 1006/JAl>iUARY 2007 121

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