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master program regulations 51 Artiele 1.4 Enrollment and admission 1. Without prejudice to what is otherwise stipulated by or pursuant to the WHW regarding enroltment for Master's degree programs, enroltment for the TU/e Master's degree program is only open to those whohave direct access to this program basedon a Bachelor's degree certificate, as specified in Annex 1 under k, or who possess proof of admission. 2. Proof of ad mission is issued by the Departmental Board on the basis of the TU/e ad mission regulations for Master's degree programs (Regeling Toelating Masterop/eidingen), as approved by the Executive Board on 8 june 2006. 3· The Examinations Committee may decide that a student who is enrolted in a Bachelor's program at TU/e can be admitted toa corresponding Master's program befare he/she has passed the final examination of the aforementioned Bachelor's program. 4· Ad mission as referred to in paragraph 3 wilt be granted in any case if the student has sufficient results for and/or exemption from study components in the Bachelors program with a study laad of at least 160 credits and, if applicable, has sufficient results for the componentsof a specialization in the Bachelors program that prepares the student for the corresponding Master's program, and has futfitled the further conditions relating to study components that must be part of the aforementioned study laad of at least 160 credits, as specified in Annex 1, under k. s. Regarding the sequence of interim examinations in the Master's degree program, students may nat take the interim examinations of the study components in the second year of the program until they have passed the final examination of the conesponding Bachelor's program. 6. To make it easier for students to move on directly from a Bachelor's degree program to the corresponding Master's degree program, they wilt as far as possible be given the opportunity tostart the Master's program at the beginning of each semester. Artiele 1.5 Language Considering section 7.2 of the WHW it has been determined that, contrary to the basic principle, programs wilt be given and interim and final examinations will betaken in English (see the TU/e code of conduct for foreign languages approved by the Executive Board on 3 April 2003). Chapter 2 Interim examinations Artiele 2.1 Frequency and form and sequence of examinations 1. Annualty, the Executive Board draws up a timetable for written interim examinations, which is announced at the start of the academie year. 2. In special cases, the Departmental Board can deviate from the timetable referred to in the previous article, no later than two months befare the interim examinations take place. The Departmental Board wilt inform the studentsof the change, giving reasons, without delay. 3· Oral or other types of interim examinations wilt be administered at a time determined by the examiner, wherever possible in consultation with the student in question. 4· Students wilt be given the opportunity to take the interim examinations of the degree program at least twice each academie year (see Annex 1e and artiele 2.1 of the Examination Rules and Procedures for the program concerned for the rules governing the three kinds of examination). s. lf a subject is removed from the curriculum, two more opportunities wilt be given to take the interim examination in that subject in the first year after the subject is no langer taught.

52 master program regulations 6. Contrary to the provisions in paragraph 4, at least one opportunity will be given per academie year to take an interim examination for any subject not taught in that specific academie year. 7· In special cases, the Examinatiens Committee may decide to deviate from the set number of times an interim examination may be taken, and from the farm in which the interim examination is taken, as described in Annex 1, under g and e. Artiele 2.2 Term ofvalidity of interim examinations 1. Interim examination results are in principle valid for an unlimited period. 2 . lf an interim examination result is older than six years, the Examinations Committee may however demand that the student take a supplementary or alternative interim examination. 3· Paragraphs 1 and 2 also apply to interim examinations taken befare 1 September 2007. Artiele 2.3 Oral interim examinations 1. No more than one person will be given an oral interim examination at a time, unless the Examinations Committee has decided otherwise. 2 . As a rule a second examiner will be present at an oral interim examination. 3· Oral interim examinations will betaken publiely. 4· In special cases, the Examinations Committee may deviate from the provisions in the previous paragraphs. Artiele 2.4 Results 1. The examiners will determine the results immediately after an oral interim examination, and in any case no later than one day after. 2 . The examiners will determine the result of a written interim examination as soon as possible, but no later than 15 working days after the examination has been taken. 3· Contrary to the provisions of paragraph 2, the examiners will determine the result of a test as soon as possible, but no langer than five working days aft er the test has been taken. 4· Interim examinations taken in other than oral or written farm are usually taken by delivering a report or an etaboration of exercises, here referred to as a piece of work. In case several pieces of workneed to be delivered, the last piece of work is meant. The examiner will determine the result of such an interim examination as soon as possible, but within 15 working days after the fin al delivery date that has been determined by the examiner and has been communicated to the student, provided that the piece of work has been de livered by the student to the examiner on this date at the latest 5. lf the examiners in question are unable tomeet the requirements in the previous paragraphs due to special circumstances, they will notify the Examinations Committee, stating the reasons. The students involved will be informed ofthe delay immediately by the Examinations Committee, and of the term within which the results will be made known. 6. Students will be informed of the result of the interim examination by or on behalf of the Examinations Committee, in written or electronic farm . 7. Wh en they receive their results, students will be informed of their rights of perusal, as referred to in artiele 2.5, the opportunity to evaluate the interim examination, as referred to in artiele 2.6, and the opportunity to submit an objection to the examination appeals board.

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