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Computer Science and Engineering - Technische Universiteit ...

Computer Science and Engineering - Technische Universiteit ...

Elective Courses: master

Elective Courses: master program regulations 5 7 In this section a colteetion of courses at MSc-level is outlined. Items on this list can be selected as electives towards degree completion. lt is not necessary to request approval to the Examinations Committee in advance. Bloeit Code Stucly component Credits A-C 21025 lnformation retrieval 5 A·C 21055 Adaptive systems 5 A-C 2IF25 Formal methods 5 A-C 2IF35 Forma i rnadelling in cell biology 5 A·C 21135 Web information systems 5 A-C 21145 Software architecting 5 A-C 21165 Metamodellng and interoperability 5 A-C 21l35 1/0-efficient algorithms 5 A-C 2145 Advanced algorithms 5 A-C 2IN25 Reai-time architectures 5 A-C 21S15 Generic language technology 5 A-C 21525 Dlstrlbuted trust management 5 A-C 21Vo5 Additional component computer graphlcs 5 A-C 2IV35 Vlsualization 5 A-C 2IW25 Requirement analysls, design and verlfication 5 A-C 2IW45 Programming by calculation 5 A-C 2IW55 Algorlthms for model checklng 5 D-E 2IN35 VlSI programming 5 D-F 21045 Advanced databases 5 D·F 2IF45 Process algebra 5 0-F 2IF65 Proving with computer assistante 5 D-F 21155 Business process management systems 5 0-F 21175 Business process simulatlon 5 O-F 21185 IT-govemance 5 0-F 2IL55 Geometrie algorithms 5 0-F 2IP45 Software project management 5 D-F 21535 Verlfication of security protocols 5 D-F 2IV55 lnteractive virtual environments 5 0-F 2IW15 Automated reasoning 5 D-F 2WX04 Communication skilis * 3 Capita selecta A-C 21599 Capita selecta software engineering and technology 5 2IC99 Capita selecta security 5 21099 Capita selecta databases and hypermedia 5 2IF99 Capita selecta format methods 5 21199 Capita selecta architecture ofinformation systems 5 21l99 Capita selecta algorlthms 5 2IN99 Capita selecta systems architecture and networking 5 2iV99 Capita selecta visuallzation 5 2IW99 Capita selecta design and analysis of systems 5 *) For foreign students only, that have not participated in the TU/e summer course.

58 master program regulations b. Content of the specializations The degree program contains the following specializations with corresponding credits: lnformation Security Technology Osn Courses: Block Code Study component Credits First year A-C 21Fos Introduetion to computer security 6 A-C 2WC12 Cryptography 1 6 D-F 2IFo2 Verification of security protoeals 6 D-F 2IFo6 Software security 6 Second year Elective courses* 36 A-C 21Fo7 Security in organizations 6 A-C 21Fo8 Netwerk security 6 A-C Elective courses* t8 D-F 2IM91 Master project ** 30 *) At least three elective courses must be chosen from the list of electives for IST. The remalnder elective courses can be chosen bath from the list of electives for IST as from the generallist of elective courses. **) Th is subject can only be foliowed if the individual master's degree program has been approved by the Examinatiens Cammiltee (see the Graduation regulations for Computer Science and Engineering). Electives for IST: In this section a collection of courses at MSc-level is outlined. Items on this list can be selected as electives towards degree completion for the master specialization I ST. lt is not necessary to request approval to the Examinatiens Committee in advance. Block Code Study component Credits First year A-C 2IF09 Biometrie recognition 6 A-C 21f11 Distributed trust management 6 A-C 2WC14 Linuxkerneland hacker's hut 6 D-F 2IFo3 Seminar information security technology 6 0-F 2IF13 Privacy seminar 6 D·F 2WC13 Cryptography 2 6 Second year A-C 2IF14 Hardware and eperating system security 6 A-C 21F1 5 Secure data management 6 c. Organization of practical exercises Not applicable for the Computer Science and Engineering Master's degree program. d. Student workload of the degree program and of each of the study components it comprises: The student workload of the program is 120 credit points. The student workload of the study component is indicated under a orb, respectively.

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