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View/Open - General Commission on Archives and History

View/Open - General Commission on Archives and History


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Official <strong>and</strong> Final Journal . . . 2010<br />

Central<br />

Pennsylvania<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />


Editor: Shirley J. Sowers<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary<br />

The Two Hundred Twenty- Sec<strong>on</strong>d Sessi<strong>on</strong><br />

(Forty-Sec<strong>on</strong>d since Uni<strong>on</strong>)<br />

Messiah College<br />

Grantham, Pennsylvania<br />

June 4-5, 2010


Jane Allen Middlet<strong>on</strong><br />

Resident Bishop



Michael Bealla Shirley Sowers A. Vance Hart II<br />

Director C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary C<strong>on</strong>ference Lay Leader<br />

of C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries<br />

Larry Speer Pamela Wright<br />

Associate Associate<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Lay Leader C<strong>on</strong>ference Lay Leader<br />

Gary Smith Zedna Haverstock<br />

Treasurer/ Comptroller Pensi<strong>on</strong>s/Benefits Officer



Secti<strong>on</strong> Page<br />

I. ORGANIZATION ................................................................................................ 7<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Officers, Cabinet, <strong>and</strong> Council Staff .............................................. 8<br />

Committee <strong>and</strong> Tellers .................................................................................... 11<br />

Rules of Procedure .......................................................................................... 12<br />

II. CONFERENCE AGENCIES (Refer to the 2010 Susquehanna Journal for full agency listings)<br />

III. DIRECTORIES (Refer to the 2010 Susquehanna Journal for full directory listings)<br />

Clergy Excused <strong>and</strong> in Attendance ................................................................... 18<br />

Diac<strong>on</strong>al Ministers in Attendance .................................................................... 21<br />

Lay Members of Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference................................................................ 22<br />

IV. BUSINESS OF THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE ................................................. 39<br />

Disciplinary Questi<strong>on</strong>s .................................................................................... 40<br />

Daily Proceedings ........................................................................................... 63<br />

Recommendati<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> Resoluti<strong>on</strong>s .................................................................. 69<br />

Reports ........................................................................................................... 87<br />

Additi<strong>on</strong>al Resoluti<strong>on</strong>...................................................................................... 133<br />

V. APPOINTMENTS (Refer to the 2010 Susquehanna Journal full appointment listings)<br />

VI. HISTORICAL ...................................................................................................... 137<br />

VII. MEMOIRS AND ROLL OF THE DEAD ............................................................ 151<br />

VIII. SERVICE RECORDS (Refer to the 2010 Susquehanna Journal for Service Records)<br />

IX. STATISTICS ........................................................................................................ S-1

Organizati<strong>on</strong><br />



Page<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Officers, Cabinet,<br />

<strong>and</strong> C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries Staff ........................ 8<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Lay Leadership ........................................ 10<br />

2010 C<strong>on</strong>ference Committee <strong>and</strong> Tellers ................... 11<br />

Rules of Procedures ..................................................... 12


C<strong>on</strong>ference Officers, Cabinet, <strong>and</strong> Council Staff<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Officers:<br />

Resident Bishop Jane Allen Middlet<strong>on</strong><br />

Suite 100, 303 Mulberry Drive, Mechanicsburg 17055-3141 (717) 766-7871<br />

Bishop’s Assistant: Rev. David Y. Norris, dnorris@cpcumc.org FAX (717) 766-3210<br />

Executive Secretary: Saundra G. Rollas<strong>on</strong>, s<strong>and</strong>y@cpcumc.org<br />

Administrative Assistant: Kristin L. Sample, ksample@cpcumc.org<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary Shirley J. Sowers<br />

2430 Bradford Drive, York PA 17402-3643 (717) 757-4471<br />

Assistants: Karen Atanasoff, Carol Gathagan, FAX (717) 757-3780<br />

Peggy B<strong>on</strong>sell, Ruthann Kincaid, Marian Hartman ssowers@cpcumc.org<br />

Treasurer-Comptroller Gary A. Smith<br />

303 Mulberry Drive PO Box 2053, Mechanicsburg 17055-2053 (717) 766-5275<br />

1-866-227-6529<br />

FAX (717) 766-7696<br />

gsmith@cpcumc.org<br />

Pensi<strong>on</strong>s/Benefits Officer<br />

Zedna Haverstock, zedna@cpcumc.org<br />

Administrative Assistant for Accounts Payable:<br />

Jane Rosborough, jrosborough@cpcumc.org<br />

Administrative Assistant for Accounts Receivable:<br />

Ann Watts, awatts@cpcumc.org<br />

Sue Adams, sadams@cpcumc.org<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Chancellor Robert L. Knupp, Esq.<br />

Knupp Law Offices LLP, PO Box 630, Harrisburg 17108-0630 (717) 238-7151<br />

District Superintendents:<br />

Alto<strong>on</strong>a District .............................................................................. Rev. Dr. Dennis L. Otto<br />

Office: 1228A Pleasant Valley Boulevard, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16602 O: (814) 942-9220<br />

H: (814) 696-2901<br />

1-800-842-5923<br />

FAX (814) 942-9250<br />

dotto@cpcumc.org<br />

Chambersburg District ........................................................................... Rev. Dr. Timothy R. Baer<br />

Office: 550 Clevel<strong>and</strong> Avenue, Chambersburg 17201 O: (717) 263-5629<br />

H: (717) 267-2328<br />

FAX (717) 263-6792<br />

tbaer@cpcumc.org<br />

Harrisburg District ............................................................... Rev. Dr. Deborah J. Heisley-Cato<br />

Office: Olde Liberty Sq, 4811 J<strong>on</strong>estown Rd, Ste 231, Harrisburg 17109 O: (717) 545-0525<br />

H: (717) 233-6315<br />

FAX (717) 545-4522<br />



Lewisburg District ..................................................................... Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Salsgiver<br />

Office: 31 Baylor Boulevard, Lewisburg 17837 O: (570) 523-9592<br />

H: (570) 524-4350<br />

1-800-470-4789<br />

FAX (570) 523-9540<br />

tom@cpcumc.org<br />

New Cumberl<strong>and</strong> District ........................................................................ Rev. Dr. Dennis R. Keller<br />

Office: Suite 200, 303 Mulberry Drive, Mechanicsburg 17050 O: (717) 766-8124<br />

H: (717) 732-5910<br />

1-800-317-7745<br />

FAX (717) 766-3887<br />

dkeller@cpcumc.org<br />

State College District ............................................................................. Rev. Dr. Pamela H. Ford<br />

Office: 1200 Haymaker Road, State College 16801 O: (814) 237-4365<br />

H: (814) 237-9609<br />

FAX (814) 237-1275<br />

pford@cpcumc.org<br />

Wellsboro District ................................................................................. Rev. Gregory A. Rapp<br />

Office: 35 Fair <str<strong>on</strong>g>View</str<strong>on</strong>g> Acres Road, Wellsboro 16901 O: (570) 724-2831<br />

H: (570) 724-1261<br />

1-800-892-4675<br />

FAX (570) 724-5081<br />

grapp@cpcumc.org<br />

Williamsport District .............................................................................. Rev. Arlene P. Beechert<br />

Office: 2420 Nottingham Road, Williamsport 17701 O: (570) 323-7452<br />

H: (570) 323-7292<br />

1-877-323-7452<br />

FAX (570) 323-0002<br />

abeechert@cpcumc.org<br />

York District ..................................................................................... Rev. Mark J. Webb<br />

Office: 2550 Kingst<strong>on</strong> Center, Suite 115, York 17402 O: (717) 755-8863<br />

H: (717) 767-1018<br />

1-800-566-0036<br />

FAX (717) 755-8568<br />

mwebb@cpcumc.org<br />

C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries Staff:<br />

C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries Office<br />

(717) 766-7441<br />

303 Mulberry Drive PO Box 2053 Mechanicsburg 17055-2053 1-800-874-8474<br />

FAX (717) 766-5976<br />

Director, C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries Rev. Michael A. Bealla<br />

mbealla@cpcumc.org<br />

Director, Communicati<strong>on</strong>s: Gerald Wolgemuth,<br />

jerry@cpcumc.org<br />

Director, Camping <strong>and</strong> Retreat Ministries: Anne Hort<strong>on</strong><br />

ahort<strong>on</strong>@cpcumc.org<br />

Director, Christian Educati<strong>on</strong> & Young Peoples Ministries Rev. Warren A. Bevacqua<br />



Executive Secretary: Lisa Bender, lisa@cpcumc.org<br />

Secretaries: Kaye Anders<strong>on</strong>, k<strong>and</strong>ers<strong>on</strong>@cpcumc.org<br />

Stacy Clouser, sclouser@cpcumc.org<br />

Shar<strong>on</strong> Keebaugh, skeebaugh@cpcumc.org<br />

Amy Wynn, awynn@cpcumc.org<br />

Discovery Place (717) 766-7968<br />

303 Mulberry Drive, Suite 401, Mechanicsburg 17050 1-800-682-2615<br />

Director: Jody Robins<strong>on</strong>, jrobins<strong>on</strong>@cpcumc.org<br />

The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>:<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> Office:<br />

Suite 300, 303 Mulberry Drive, Mechanicsburg 17050 (717) 766-7343<br />

1-877-619-5974<br />

FAX (717) 766-1673<br />

Executive Director Rev. Phyllis M. Bowers<br />

40 Farmingt<strong>on</strong> Drive, Jacobus 17407 (717) 428-2689<br />

pbowers@cpcumc.org<br />

Administrative Assistant: Kathleen A. Lemkelde, klemkelde@cpcumc.org<br />

Trust Accountant: B<strong>on</strong>nie Young, byoung@cpcumc.org<br />

The Center for Spiritual Formati<strong>on</strong>, Inc.:<br />

Office: 64 E North Street, Carlisle 17013 (717) 240-0678<br />

FAX (717) 243-2356<br />

Director Rev. Dr. Russell M. Hart<br />

formati<strong>on</strong>1@earthlink.net<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Lay Leadership<br />

Lay Leader A. Vance Hart<br />

RD 1, Box 84, Williamsburg 16693 (814) 832-2518<br />

Associate Lay Leader Daniel Moseler<br />

5730 Kenwood Avenue, Harrisburg 17112 (717) 540-9468<br />

Larry Speer<br />

715 Boyle Rd, Fairfield 17320 (717) 642-6123<br />

Pamela Wright<br />

171 Greenwood Rd, M<strong>on</strong>roet<strong>on</strong> 18832 (570) 265-4611<br />

President, United Methodist Women Jean Rupp<br />

203 S 2 nd St, Clearfield 16830 (814) 765-5932<br />

President, United Methodist Men Michael Gene Emerick<br />

9 Glendore Cir, Hummelstown 17036 (717) 319-2983<br />

Young Peoples Ministry Council Korrine Terroso<br />

2864 Ir<strong>on</strong>st<strong>on</strong>e Hill Rd, York 17403 (717) 741-2297<br />

District Lay Leaders<br />

Alto<strong>on</strong>a District Michael Galbraith<br />

RR 2 Box 567, Martinsburg 16662 (814) 793-0235<br />

Chambersburg District Larry Speer<br />

715 Boyle Rd., Fairfield 17320 (717) 642-6123<br />

Harrisburg District<br />

Lewisburg District Rodney Lynn<br />

44 Moser Rd, Danville 17821 (570) 275-4020<br />

New Cumberl<strong>and</strong> District Marty Wagner<br />

45 Gary Player Dr, Etters 17319


State College District Mary Anna Miles<br />

658 Maple Dr, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823 (814) 355-5200<br />

Wellsboro District Pamela Wright<br />

171 Greenwood Rd, M<strong>on</strong>roet<strong>on</strong> 18832 (570) 265-4611<br />

Williamsport District Darlene Smith<br />

7577 Daugherty’s Run Rd, Cogan Stati<strong>on</strong> 17728 (570) 326-5795<br />

York District<br />

150 Marble Ct, York 17402 Mollye Inners<br />

(717) 757-9110<br />

2010 C<strong>on</strong>ference Committee<br />

Committee <strong>on</strong> C<strong>on</strong>ference Sessi<strong>on</strong>s: J<strong>on</strong>athan L. Bausman, chair; Bishop Jane Allen Middlet<strong>on</strong>;<br />

Shirley J. Sowers, secretary; Gary A. Smith, treasurer; A. Vance Hart, C<strong>on</strong>ference Lay Leader;<br />

Thomas Jacobs, memoirs; Deborah J. Heisley-Cato, agenda; Leslie Towsey, arrangements; Heather<br />

Baker-McAllister <strong>and</strong> Natalya Cherry, worship; Marty Willard, lay equalizati<strong>on</strong>; JP Bohanan, clergy<br />

head teller; Beverly Ebersole, lay head teller; Eileen Vizthum, registrati<strong>on</strong>; Jerry Wolgemuth, media<br />

ministries; Marian Hartman, ordained ministry; Warren Bevacqua, communicati<strong>on</strong>s; Gregory<br />

Johns<strong>on</strong>, Rosam<strong>on</strong>d Mas<strong>on</strong>, Betty Westlake Reist, Howard Woodruff , members-at-large; Michael<br />

Bealla, staff representative.<br />

Tellers Clergy Lay<br />

Head Tellers JP Bohanan Beverly Ebersole<br />

Alto<strong>on</strong>a Alan Atchis<strong>on</strong> Michael Galbraith<br />

Robert Strozyk Bill Neugebauer<br />

April Galbraith<br />

Chambersburg Michael Baumgardner Hope Moore<br />

Harrisburg Kevin St. Martin<br />

Lewisburg Julie Rosensteel Barbara Barr<strong>on</strong><br />

Robert Hess<br />

Linda Sult<br />

New Cumberl<strong>and</strong> Pat Woolever Annabelle Bolig<br />

Carol Purdom<br />

State College Tina Hawkins Ruby Maines<br />

Laura Kyler<br />

Wellsboro Gerald Schmidt, Jr. Karen Blackwell<br />

Williamsport Brenda Mitchell<br />

Richard D. Waters<br />

York James Copulos T<strong>on</strong>i Oplinger<br />

Keith Rockwell Gary Sowers<br />

At Large Wilbur Prouse


Rules of Procedure<br />

(Supplemental to the C<strong>on</strong>ference St<strong>and</strong>ing Rules)<br />

Please read these Rules of Procedure before C<strong>on</strong>ference begins.<br />

1. The Voting Area shall be the eight secti<strong>on</strong>s of chairs directly in fr<strong>on</strong>t of the platform, numbered<br />

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 <strong>on</strong> the chart <strong>on</strong> the outside of the back cover, <strong>and</strong> six secti<strong>on</strong>s numbered 9,<br />

10, 11, 15, 16, 17 <strong>on</strong> the right <strong>and</strong> left sides of Hitchcock Auditorium. This is for clergy <strong>and</strong> lay<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference members who are eligible to vote.<br />


VOTE shall sit in secti<strong>on</strong>s 12, 13, 14 <strong>on</strong> entrance side of the auditorium.<br />

3. The first row of Secti<strong>on</strong> 11 shall be reserved for the bishop’s secretaries; spouses of the district<br />

superintendents; spouses of the Council <strong>on</strong> Ministries staff; <strong>and</strong> special guests.<br />

(NOTE: the above seating arrangements are subject to<br />

rec<strong>on</strong>figurati<strong>on</strong> as necessary at the opening plenary sessi<strong>on</strong>.)<br />

4. Doorkeepers shall have the authority <strong>and</strong> resp<strong>on</strong>sibility to deny admittance to the voting area to<br />

pers<strong>on</strong>s who are not wearing the appropriate nametag.<br />

5. Doors to the Hitchcock Auditorium shall be closed during the Early Morning Eucharist <strong>and</strong> the<br />

Worship/Bible Study, <strong>and</strong> latecomers shall not be admitted until the end of the service.<br />

6. The printed schedule in the workbook, with such changes as may be determined by the agenda<br />

sub-committee, by the presiding bishop or by c<strong>on</strong>ference acti<strong>on</strong>, shall be the official schedule of<br />

the current sessi<strong>on</strong>.<br />

7. Reports, recommendati<strong>on</strong>s for resoluti<strong>on</strong>s not printed in the workbook or having been otherwise<br />

provided prior to C<strong>on</strong>ference or in the packet, shall be given to the C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary for<br />

approval by the agenda sub-committee to be included in the agenda or <strong>on</strong> the c<strong>on</strong>sent calendar.<br />

C<strong>on</strong>tingent up<strong>on</strong> approval by the agenda sub-committee, pers<strong>on</strong>s submitting reports,<br />

recommendati<strong>on</strong>s or resoluti<strong>on</strong>s must prepare 1500 copies for distributi<strong>on</strong> to c<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

members at least twenty-four hours in advance of presentati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

8. All promoti<strong>on</strong>al <strong>and</strong> informati<strong>on</strong>al materials must be approved by the chief tellers, Beverly<br />

Ebersole <strong>and</strong> JP Bohanan, <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>ly then may be displayed or distributed in the display area <strong>on</strong>ly<br />

of Hitchcock arena. Unauthorized materials shall be removed by the chief tellers or their<br />

designees. Materials approved by the agenda sub-committee for acti<strong>on</strong> by the C<strong>on</strong>ference shall<br />

be distributed under the directi<strong>on</strong> of the chief tellers.<br />

9. All reports without recommendati<strong>on</strong>s shall be placed <strong>on</strong> the c<strong>on</strong>sent calendar. Up<strong>on</strong> proper<br />

moti<strong>on</strong> from the floor, any report may be lifted from the c<strong>on</strong>sent calendar <strong>and</strong> placed <strong>on</strong> the<br />

agenda by a <strong>on</strong>e-third vote of the C<strong>on</strong>ference. The State of the Church message by the bishop,<br />

<strong>and</strong> the District Superintendents’ report, are exempt from this rule.<br />

10. Reports with recommendati<strong>on</strong>s, <strong>and</strong> resoluti<strong>on</strong>s, shall be presented by name <strong>and</strong> number by the<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary. If the report or resoluti<strong>on</strong> is not referred to the agenda sub-committee for<br />

inclusi<strong>on</strong> in the agenda, the report/resoluti<strong>on</strong> shall be c<strong>on</strong>sidered approved <strong>and</strong> placed <strong>on</strong> the<br />

c<strong>on</strong>sent calendar.<br />

11. Presenters of reports shall, first, present the recommendati<strong>on</strong>s for acti<strong>on</strong>, <strong>and</strong> sec<strong>on</strong>d, make<br />

additi<strong>on</strong>al remarks if time remains within their assigned timeframe.<br />

12. All moti<strong>on</strong>s shall be in writing <strong>on</strong> forms provided by the C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary. The original <strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>on</strong>e copy shall be give to the Secretary or an assistant to the Secretary prior to presentati<strong>on</strong> of<br />

the moti<strong>on</strong> to the body. Exact wording of the moti<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> the form is imperative. The form<br />

shall be signed by the maker of the moti<strong>on</strong>.<br />

13. Agency chairpers<strong>on</strong>s shall be resp<strong>on</strong>sible that the C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary receives, before<br />

adjournment of the C<strong>on</strong>ference sessi<strong>on</strong>, if possible, <strong>and</strong> no later than June 21, a corrected copy of<br />

any report or recommendati<strong>on</strong>s in which changes were made.<br />

14. All material to be printed in the 2010 Journal shall be in the h<strong>and</strong>s of the C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary<br />

absolutely no later than June 21, 2010.<br />

15. Displays in Hitchcock Auditorium shall be closed during plenary sessi<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> other scheduled<br />

programs <strong>and</strong> services. Display space shall be limited to boards, agencies <strong>and</strong> organizati<strong>on</strong>s of


the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference, or those sp<strong>on</strong>sored by C<strong>on</strong>ference agencies, with the qualificati<strong>on</strong>s being<br />

determined by the chair of the arrangements sub-committee, Leslie Towsey.<br />

16. Speeches shall be limited to two minutes during debate <strong>on</strong> recommendati<strong>on</strong>s, reports <strong>and</strong><br />

moti<strong>on</strong>s before the C<strong>on</strong>ference. The time shall be kept by the presiding officer or designate,<br />

using a lighted device to track the time.<br />

Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> ready to lead the "c<strong>on</strong>structi<strong>on</strong> gang" to building a new annual c<strong>on</strong>ference! This<br />

was a rather novel way to present the Leadership Report <strong>on</strong> Saturday of Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference 2010<br />

with Cabinet Dean, Debbie Heisley-Cato, <strong>and</strong> Mike Bealla, Director of C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries.


2010 Retirees<br />

Fr<strong>on</strong>t row l-r: Thomas Willis, Thomas Sanagorski, James Sunderl<strong>and</strong>, Iva O’Brien, Michael<br />

Bequeath, Jerome Haupt. Middle row l-r: Charles Kind, Glenn Calkins, Joy Wilcox, Fred Fields.<br />

Back row l-r: Arthur M<strong>on</strong>tgomery, David McCullough, D.L. Brint<strong>on</strong> Shafer, Shirley Russell, Robert<br />

Leeds, Stephen Knitter.



C<strong>on</strong>ference Agencies<br />

(Refer to the 2010 Susquehanna Journal for full<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Agencies listings)


Bishop Michael Coyner, a leader in the Council of Bishops, has recently led two Indiana c<strong>on</strong>ferences<br />

to join into <strong>on</strong>e. He shared his wisdom with us in the process of forming a new c<strong>on</strong>ference.



Directories<br />

(Refer to the 2010 Susquehanna Journal for full<br />

directory listings)<br />

Page<br />

Clergy ........................................................................... 18<br />

Diac<strong>on</strong>al Ministers ....................................................... 21<br />

Lay Members of Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference ........................... 22


Clergy Excused From <strong>and</strong> Attending Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

† Excused<br />

Acey, Tow<strong>and</strong>a L.<br />

Adams, Dennis M.<br />

Albright, Terry T.<br />

Allen, Karen B.<br />

Alwine, Edward B.<br />

Anders<strong>on</strong>, Marian K.<br />

Anders<strong>on</strong>, Richard F.<br />

Anders<strong>on</strong>, William T.<br />

Arnold, C<strong>and</strong>ace S.<br />

Atanasoff, Karen W.<br />

Atanasoff, Stevan E.<br />

Atchis<strong>on</strong>, Alan D.<br />

Baer, Guy R.<br />

Baer, Robin L.<br />

Baer, Timothy R.<br />

Bair, William R.<br />

Baker-Betz, Virginia E.<br />

Baker-McAllister, Heather M.<br />

Baney, John C.<br />

Bard, D<strong>on</strong>ald R.<br />

Bard, Phyllis J.<br />

Bardo, Duane D.<br />

Barnes, Michael F.<br />

Barrick, Earl F.<br />

Barth, F. Louis<br />

Barto, George W. III<br />

Basom, Robert L. Sr.<br />

Baughman, Charles L.<br />

Baughman, Michael L.<br />

Baughman, Paul W.<br />

Baumgardner, Michael S. Sr.<br />

Bausman, J<strong>on</strong>athan L.<br />

Beach, Laura B.<br />

Bealla, Michael A.<br />

Beasley-Topliffe, Carola<br />

Beasley-Topliffe, Keith R.<br />

Beddia, Peter M.<br />

Beechert, Arlene P.<br />

Behrens, James R.<br />

Behrens, Katherine A.<br />

Beissel, Michelle J.<br />

Beistline, R<strong>on</strong>ald J.<br />

Bender, D. Wayne<br />

Bender, Richard J.<br />

Bennett, R<strong>and</strong>all G. Jr.<br />

Bens<strong>on</strong>, William D.<br />

Berg, Barbara S.<br />

Berg, Richard L.<br />

Betly<strong>on</strong>, John W.<br />

Bevacqua, Warren A.<br />

Bird, Le<strong>on</strong> G.<br />

Biser, David D.<br />

Bish, Forrest S.<br />

† Blanchard, H. Russell Jr.<br />

Bodek, Michael T.<br />

Bohanan, J P<br />

Boileau, Catherine E.<br />

Bole, Melvin D.<br />

Bollinger, Patricia C.<br />

Bolyard, Harold A. Jr.<br />

B<strong>on</strong>sell, Peggy J.<br />

Bookhamer, Marsha J.<br />

Bookhammer, Bernard J.<br />

Bowers, Phyllis M.<br />

Bowers, Richard L.<br />

Bowersox, R<strong>on</strong>ald E.<br />

Boyer, Gail P.<br />

Bradley, Andrew T. Sr.<br />

Brady, Joseph F.<br />

Brant, S<strong>and</strong>ra C.<br />

Braucher, Keith O.<br />

Brinker, David L.<br />

Brooks, H. Raym<strong>on</strong>d<br />

Brophy, Kevin E.<br />

Brosius, Terence J.<br />

Brossman, B. Michael<br />

Brouse, J. Grant<br />

Brower, Mark S.<br />

Brown, Bradley A.<br />

Brown, Patricia D.<br />

Brown, Percy D.<br />

Brown, Robert A. Sr.<br />

Brubaker, Tanya L. H.<br />

† Brumbach, Mark D.<br />

Bu<strong>on</strong>ocore, Salvatore E.<br />

Bupp, Judy M.<br />

Burd-Harris, Andrew M.<br />

Burdick, F. Alan<br />

† Burtner, Roger Q.<br />

Buterbaugh, Carl L.<br />

Caldwell, Dann S.<br />

Cale, Lori A.<br />

Calkins, Glenn C.<br />

Camp, Guy W. III<br />

† Campagna, Ruth Ann<br />

Canankamp, Jeffery A.<br />

Caraballo, William Jr.<br />

Carrigan, D. Guy Jr.<br />

Carter, Chadrick E.<br />

Cartwright, Jeffrey N.<br />

† Cartwright, Richard B.<br />

Cherry, Natalya A.<br />

† Clippinger, George W.<br />

Coleman, Joel N.<br />

Coleman, Larry L.<br />

Compt<strong>on</strong>, Douglas M.<br />

† C<strong>on</strong>rad, Erma E.M.<br />

Cook, A. Robert<br />

Cope, R. Edward<br />

Copulos, James R.<br />

Corcelius, G. Edward<br />

Covert, S. Philip<br />

Coy, Duane J.<br />

† Crawford, Paul F. Jr.<br />

Crawford, Stacy A.<br />

Creamer, Richard A.<br />

D'Agostino, Edward T.<br />

Danis, William J.<br />

Darrow, JoAnn M.<br />

Dauenbaugh, Paul R.<br />

Daugherty, Gary L.<br />

† Daugherty, Terry N.<br />

Dawes, James T.<br />

Dawes, Michael J.<br />

Dearing, David L.<br />

Decker, Debra A.<br />

Delooze, Valerie M.<br />

Denis<strong>on</strong>, Richard E. Jr.<br />

Dennis, Daniel L.<br />

Derr, Dennis W.<br />

DeSh<strong>on</strong>g, Clyde H. III<br />

† Detterline, Suzanne<br />

Diehl, Keith D.<br />

Dittman, Peter K.<br />

Doan, R<strong>on</strong>ald O.<br />

Dobbs, Dale W.<br />

Dornan, Robert R.<br />

Dots<strong>on</strong>, Mary F.<br />

Doverspike, C. Leroy<br />

Doverspike, R<strong>on</strong>ald L.<br />

Dromazos, John J.<br />

Druck, Michael A.<br />

Dubbs, Michael C.<br />

Dunkelberger, Judi A.<br />

Eat<strong>on</strong>, Br<strong>and</strong> W.<br />

Eberly, Douglas M.<br />

Eddinger, Robert J.

Ehrsam, Kathleen M.<br />

Eisley, Cecily A.<br />

Ellenberger, M. Lee<br />

Elliott, Suzanne A.<br />

Elmer, Vicki L.<br />

Estep, Adam J.<br />

Evans, Ellen J.<br />

Evans, Norman A.<br />

Faust, Kraig L.<br />

Feaster, John C.<br />

Feeser, W. Richard Jr.<br />

Felty, Richard G.<br />

Fensterbush, Bruce E.<br />

Fetterolf, Thomas J.<br />

Fields, Fred J.<br />

† Firest<strong>on</strong>e, J. D<strong>on</strong>ald<br />

Firest<strong>on</strong>e, Nancy D.<br />

Fisher, Bruce D.<br />

Fisher, R. Jeffrey<br />

Fleck, Joey A.<br />

Fluke, Richard B. II<br />

Foote, Rebecca I.<br />

Ford, Pamela H.<br />

Ford, Renee J.<br />

Ford, Robert L.<br />

Fox, James F.<br />

Frank, Charles S.<br />

Fravel, Raym<strong>on</strong>d D.<br />

Freeman-Frank, Christine C.<br />

French, R<strong>on</strong>ald S.<br />

† Fuller, Gerald W.<br />

Funk, Eric L.<br />

Funk, Timothy A.<br />

Furman, Max W.<br />

Fyock, Anna M.<br />

Gable, Dennis R.<br />

Gable, Patricia C.<br />

Gallaher, Stephen E.<br />

Galloway, Mitchell M.<br />

† Gardy, Michael R.<br />

Gathagan, Carol L.<br />

Gearhart, Bruce D.<br />

Gentilman, Joseph S.<br />

Gentzler, Richard H. Jr.<br />

Gephart, Ryan K.<br />

Geschwindner, Peter F.<br />

Gibbs, Lysa R.<br />

Gilbert, Brad J.<br />

Givler, Elizabeth H.<br />

Gladfelter, Arthur E.<br />

† Glover, Vaughn C. Jr.<br />

Godissart, John A.<br />

Goff, Nancy L.<br />

Good, Sherry L.<br />

Gord<strong>on</strong>, Joan L.<br />

Goshorn, Darwin C.<br />

Graybill, Robert A.<br />

Greene, Garfield L.<br />

Grove, Alis<strong>on</strong> W.<br />

Grund<strong>on</strong>, Kenneth B.<br />

Guillaume, Jas<strong>on</strong> P.<br />

Gunter, Cynthia J.<br />

Halderman, Shar<strong>on</strong>n D.<br />

Haller, Marcia J.<br />

Hallman, William R.<br />

Halverstadt, Susan L.<br />

Hardic, T R<br />

Harmic, Thomas L.<br />

Harris, Charles A. Sr.<br />

Harris<strong>on</strong>, Jane A.<br />

Harrold, Troy R.<br />

Hart, Russell M.<br />

Hartenbach, Ralph B.<br />

Hartman, Marian E.<br />

Hatter, Bradley D.<br />

Haupt, Jerome W. III<br />

Haverstock, Calvin B. Jr.<br />

Hawkins, Tina M.<br />

Heatwole, Tanya A.<br />

Heberlig, Wayne F.<br />

Heikes, Jennifer C.<br />

Heisley-Cato, Deborah J.<br />

Herbst, Jeffrey B.<br />

Herman, Karl R.<br />

Herring, Paul L.<br />

Hewlett, Mira A.<br />

Hibbs, Ralph M.<br />

Hickok, Fred E.<br />

† Hicks, Daniel H.<br />

Hill, Carl E.<br />

Hill, Michael A.<br />

† Hiller, Charles D.<br />

Hippensteel, Dale L.<br />

Hix<strong>on</strong>, Stephanie A.<br />

Hock, Brendan L.<br />

Hocker, Scott A.<br />

Hoffman, R<strong>on</strong>ald C.<br />

† Hogue, R. Wayne<br />

Hollister, Harold L.<br />

Hollister, James H.<br />

Hollister, Ruth A.<br />

Holz, Beth R.<br />

Horst, Albert R.<br />

Hosier, Lenore C.<br />

House, James C.<br />

House, Jay W.<br />

Houser, Cheryl A.<br />

Howell, Troy T.<br />

CLERGY 19<br />

Huff, Norman E.<br />

Hughes, Heather A.<br />

Hughes, Kevin E.<br />

Hughes, R<strong>and</strong>y S.<br />

Hughes, Richard A.<br />

Hughes, Terry L.<br />

Hulsl<strong>and</strong>er, Allen F.<br />

Hulsl<strong>and</strong>er, B. Joy<br />

Hulsl<strong>and</strong>er, Judith P.<br />

Hummel, Dennis A.<br />

Hunter, Phyllis A.<br />

Hurley, D<strong>on</strong>ald N.<br />

Ile, John A. Jr.<br />

Irwin, Gay L.<br />

† Irwin, Thomas H. Jr.<br />

Jacobs, Robert R.<br />

Jacobs, Thomas H.<br />

Jamis<strong>on</strong>, Susan D.<br />

Johns<strong>on</strong>, Gregory S.<br />

Johns<strong>on</strong>, Mark D.<br />

J<strong>on</strong>es, Emlyn H.<br />

J<strong>on</strong>es, Jay E.<br />

J<strong>on</strong>es, Myr<strong>on</strong> R.<br />

† J<strong>on</strong>es, Peggy A.<br />

J<strong>on</strong>es, Thomas C.<br />

Jordan, Daniel H.<br />

Jordan, Vicki A.<br />

Kaetzel-Row, Barbara J.<br />

Kauffman, Paul C.<br />

Kauffman, Ray L.<br />

Keller, Dennis R.<br />

† Kent, Shar<strong>on</strong> L.<br />

Kerstetter, Wayne A.<br />

Killebrew, Dorothy H.<br />

Kind, Charles L.<br />

Kind, Kathleen E.<br />

King, Laura E.<br />

Kitchen, Gail Y.<br />

Kitzmiller, Kenneth R.<br />

Klinger, Charles L.<br />

Klinger, Lisa K.<br />

Klingerman, I. Robert<br />

Klopp, Christopher A.<br />

† Knisley, Bruce F.<br />

Knitter, Stephen J.<br />

Knorr, Susan K.<br />

Kocek, Frank J.<br />

Koplitz, Michael H.<br />

Koretzky, Debra A.<br />

Koser, Scott R.<br />

Krapf, Byr<strong>on</strong> K.<br />

Kratz, John H.<br />

Krebs, Dwaine E.<br />

Kreischer, Larry H.


Kugle, Joseph L.<br />

Kuhn, William E.<br />

Kurtz, John L.<br />

Kyler, Laura M.<br />

Lake, Matthew E.<br />

L<strong>and</strong>is, R<strong>on</strong>ald E.<br />

Langford, W. Michael<br />

Learn, Helen M.<br />

LeCr<strong>on</strong>e, Jeffrey L.<br />

Lee, John E.<br />

† Leedom, Michael J.<br />

Leeds, Robert S.<br />

† Leh, Howard W.<br />

Leigey, Brenda K.<br />

Leigey, Elwood E.<br />

Leigey, Kathy A.<br />

Lel<strong>and</strong>, Larry L. Jr.<br />

Le<strong>on</strong>ard, Richard D.<br />

Lewis, James E.<br />

Liddick, Eugene A.<br />

Livermore, Steven M.<br />

Locker, Kevin K.<br />

Lorah, Martin H.<br />

Lowe, Richard W.<br />

† Loyer, Kenneth M.<br />

Loyer, Matthew J.<br />

Ludrowsky, Robert S.<br />

Mackey, Jas<strong>on</strong> R.<br />

Madis<strong>on</strong>, Evelyn L<br />

Maifair, Linda L.<br />

Marcello, W. David<br />

Marsh, Robert J.<br />

† Maruskin, Joan M.<br />

Mas<strong>on</strong>, Rosam<strong>on</strong>d B.<br />

Maurer, Thomas A.<br />

May, Carvel K.<br />

McCachren, Karen L.<br />

McCallips, Eugene W.<br />

McCleary, Dennis L.<br />

McCracken, Dennis L.<br />

McCullough, David P.<br />

McDowell, David E.<br />

McElwee, R<strong>on</strong>ald S.<br />

McGee, Rebecca J.<br />

McNeal, William L.<br />

Mellott, Douglas W.<br />

Mentzer, Roger H.<br />

Mercado, Kathryn R.<br />

Messner, Mark R.<br />

Miller, Calvin J.<br />

Miller, Eddie D. D.<br />

Miller, Franklin N.<br />

Miller, Gerald R.<br />

† Miller, Rodney K.<br />

Minnella, Laura E.<br />

Minnick, W<strong>and</strong>a L.<br />

Minnix, Michael V.<br />

† Misal, D<strong>on</strong>ald A.<br />

Mitchell, Brenda D.<br />

Molter, Gregory L.<br />

M<strong>on</strong>tgomery, Arthur L.<br />

M<strong>on</strong>tgomery, Jean R.<br />

Morgan, Andrew R.<br />

Morningstar, Thomas B.<br />

Morris, Jay A.<br />

Morris, Richard M.<br />

Mugridge, F. Jeffrey<br />

Muldo<strong>on</strong>, William R. III<br />

Mullen, John S.<br />

Nauta, Christopher R.<br />

Neal, Barry E.<br />

† Nels<strong>on</strong>, D<strong>on</strong>ald P. Sr.<br />

Nels<strong>on</strong>, Kathy Harvey<br />

Nicholas, Marcy H.<br />

Noggle, Richard L.<br />

Noll, Richard A.<br />

Norris, David Y.<br />

O'Brien, Iva L.<br />

† O'Brien, Paul R.<br />

Ogden, Scott R.<br />

Ort, B<strong>on</strong>nie L.<br />

Osenbach, Thomas R.<br />

Osif, Thomas M.<br />

Otto, Dennis L.<br />

Overman, John F. III<br />

† Overmiller, Ann B.<br />

Pannebaker, Clare L.<br />

Parker, Dale E.<br />

Parker, James O.<br />

Parks, Lewis A.<br />

Parks, S. R<strong>on</strong>ald<br />

Parks-Snyder, Jennifer M.<br />

Parlett, Larry W.<br />

Peters<strong>on</strong>, Carl F.<br />

Pfleegor, Chris E.<br />

Pickering, Robert W.<br />

Piper, John F. Jr.<br />

Piper, Julia A.<br />

Pipp, William E.<br />

Plant, Matthew D.<br />

† Portner, Stephen G.<br />

Prest<strong>on</strong>, Edward J.<br />

Prowant, Edward E.<br />

Purnell, Michael J.<br />

Quintilian, John R.<br />

Ransom, Robert H.<br />

Rapp, Gregory A.<br />

Raser, Amy M.<br />

Raser, Peter J.<br />

Rauch, John L.<br />

Rauhut, John F.<br />

Reed, David L.<br />

Reid, Margaret L.<br />

Reisinger, Mark F.<br />

Reist, L. Fitzgerald II<br />

Renner, Chris E.<br />

Renninger, Linda J.<br />

Renninger, Luvania E.<br />

Reynolds, George S.<br />

Rice, Robert O. Jr.<br />

Rich, Calvin J.<br />

Robins<strong>on</strong>, Richard N. Jr.<br />

Robis<strong>on</strong>, Barry C.<br />

Rockwell, W. Keith<br />

Rogutski, Susan O.<br />

Rose, Craig Q.<br />

Rosensteel, Julie A.<br />

Rudy, Frederick C.<br />

Runnels, Ann R.<br />

Rupp, Robert L.<br />

Russell, Dale L.<br />

Rutherford, Carl N.<br />

Ryan, Richard R. Jr.<br />

Ryder, Deborah L.<br />

Ryder, Robert M.<br />

Sabas, Philip<br />

Salisbury, Charles W.<br />

Salsgiver, Brent T.<br />

Salsgiver, Thomas L.<br />

Salter, Dianne B.<br />

Sanagorski, Thomas H.<br />

Scamahorn, Ellen B.<br />

Schaefer, Bart<strong>on</strong> T.<br />

Schaefer, John A.<br />

Schafer, Christopher J.<br />

† Scheib, Glenn R.<br />

Schell, Walter M.<br />

Schmidt, Gerald E. Jr.<br />

Schmuck, Keith J.<br />

† Scholl, Le<strong>on</strong> G.<br />

Schwab, Kay D.<br />

Sechrist, Stephany S.<br />

Secrest, Betty L.<br />

Seeley, Edwin D.<br />

Seeley, Jeffery A.<br />

Servello, Barbara A.<br />

Shafer, D.L. Brint<strong>on</strong><br />

Shafer, Eric J.<br />

Shafer, John R.<br />

Shamer, Wayne A.<br />

Sharpe, Edward C.<br />

Shatto, M. Thomas

Sheffler, Samuel L.<br />

Shellenberger, John L. Jr.<br />

Shenberger, Vern<strong>on</strong> E.<br />

Sherman, Drue A.<br />

Shotts, Arthur D.<br />

Shover, D<strong>on</strong>ald R. Jr.<br />

Shover, Mark R.<br />

Sieg, Jerry C.<br />

Siikanen, Larry E.<br />

Sim<strong>on</strong>, S. David<br />

Slaybaugh, D<strong>on</strong>ald R. Jr.<br />

Slemp, Jeffery A. Jr.<br />

Smith, David E.<br />

Smith, D<strong>on</strong>ald J.<br />

Smith, Richard D.<br />

Smith, Sean P.<br />

Snider, Marlin L.<br />

Snyder, Charles E.<br />

Snyder, Harold E.<br />

Somerville, A. Michele<br />

Spangler, Norman E. III<br />

Spearly, David J.<br />

Speelman, James R.<br />

Spengler, Margaret H.<br />

Spertzel, Luther R.<br />

Sprenkle, Charles W.<br />

St. Martin, Kevin R.<br />

Staples, Ersel D.<br />

Stebbins, Wayne G. Sr.<br />

Stelger, William L.<br />

Stewart, Susan H.<br />

† Stine, Lisa C.<br />

† Stine, Michael L.<br />

Stokes, Robert P.<br />

Stough, David W.<br />

Strader, R<strong>on</strong>ald K.<br />

Strozyk, Robert W.<br />

Stump, Robert E.<br />

Stutler, Elizabeth B.<br />

Sunderl<strong>and</strong>, James R. Jr.<br />

Swanger, Jeffrey S.<br />

Swanger, Logan G.<br />

Sweeney, Brian C.<br />

Swigart, Kari I.<br />

Swigart, Steven C.<br />

Swimley, Michael S.<br />

† Taylor, James H.<br />

Taylor, Wyatt A.<br />

Thomas, Jennifer D.<br />

Thumma, Mark R.<br />

† Tillots<strong>on</strong>, Gail M.<br />

† Tillots<strong>on</strong>, William M.<br />

Towsey, Leslie P.<br />

Treas, Joyce M.<br />

Trimmer, Michael G.<br />

Trostle, David W.<br />

Troup, R<strong>on</strong>ald E.<br />

Troutman, Clair R.<br />

Troxell, Barbara A.<br />

Trutt, Lynn D.<br />

† Van Natta, Robert H.<br />

VanZ<strong>and</strong>t, James E.<br />

Vasey, Brian D.<br />

Vaux, D<strong>on</strong>na Lynne<br />

Velez-Irizarry, Samuel<br />

Vizthum, Robert A.<br />

Wagner, Gerald D.<br />

Wagner, Maureen A.<br />

Walker, David A.<br />

Walker, E. Ann<br />

Walker, Judy L.<br />

Walker, Patrick B.<br />

Wallace, R. Bruce<br />

Wallace, Robert G.<br />

Walrath, Dean A.<br />

Walters, D<strong>on</strong>ald C.<br />

Warfle, R<strong>on</strong>ald A.<br />

Waters, Richard D.<br />

Watkins, David A.<br />

Watkins, Deborah L.<br />

Waugh, C<strong>on</strong>stance A.<br />

Waybright, Jacob A.<br />

Weaver, Gary D.<br />

Webb, Mark J.<br />

† Webster, Kristi Ann<br />

Weibley, James E.<br />

Weigel, Michael C.<br />

Weitkamp, Timothy W.<br />

Welsch, Jeffrey K.<br />

† Wenrich, James T.<br />

CLERGY 21<br />

Wertz, H. Aden III<br />

Wertz, Jennett<br />

West, J<strong>on</strong>athan G.<br />

Westbrook, Deborah K.<br />

Whitlock, Michelle L.<br />

Whorl, Suanne<br />

† Wilcox, Daniel P.<br />

† Wilcox, Kris-Ann O.<br />

Wilcox, Paul S.<br />

Willard, Thomas A.<br />

† Williams, Jennifer H.<br />

Willis, Joleen A.<br />

Willis, R<strong>and</strong>y M.<br />

Willis, Reda E.<br />

Willis, Thomas L.<br />

† Wills<strong>on</strong>, C. Wesley<br />

Wils<strong>on</strong>, Michael H.<br />

Wilt, Jeffrey F.<br />

Wise, Patricia A.<br />

Wolf, Jennifer J.<br />

Wood, Bethany P.<br />

Woodring, Mark D.<br />

Woodruff, Howard T.<br />

Woolever, Patricia A.<br />

Woolever, R. Bruce<br />

Wooster, James B. Jr.<br />

Yohe, Theodore C.<br />

Yorks, Barbara C.<br />

Yorks, Joseph N.<br />

Young, Thomas A.<br />

Zeiders, G. Edwin<br />

Zieber, Paul F.<br />

Zimmerman, Jay E.<br />

Diac<strong>on</strong>al Ministers<br />

Hort<strong>on</strong>, M. Anne<br />

Miller, Ellen D.<br />

Peppernick, Linda A.<br />

Rockwell, Tina M.<br />

Wilcox, Joy P.


Lay Members 2010 Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />


*Attendance Recorded at Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

* Adams, Andrea 2435 Pin Oak Dr, York 17405-1963 York Otterbein<br />

* Alex<strong>and</strong>er, Anth<strong>on</strong>y 1810 Col<strong>on</strong>ial Rd, Harrisburg 17112 Camp Curtin Memorial-<br />

Mitchell<br />

Allen, Pat 4384 N 6th St, Harrisburg 17110-1613 Hbg Shared Ministry<br />

* Allshouse, Travis PO Box 15234<br />

Albright College, Reading 19612 York Zi<strong>on</strong><br />

* Allshouse, Gary 100 Yoe Dr, Red Li<strong>on</strong> 17356-9090 York Zi<strong>on</strong><br />

* Angelo, Shirley PO Box 245, Dudley 16634-0245 Dudley<br />

* Archavage, Linda 281 Old Tavern Rd, Hunlock Creek 18621 McKendree/Oakdale<br />

* Aucker, Jas<strong>on</strong> 4329 Route 204, Selinsgrove 17870-8795 Freeburg/Shamokin Dam<br />

* Auman, Melissa 4449 Webster Dr N, York 17402-3346 Wrightsville Grace<br />

* Auten, George 2844 Mexico Rd, Milt<strong>on</strong> 17847-7867 Hendricks<strong>on</strong>/Mooresburg<br />

* Ayers, Linda 11166 Greenwood Rd,<br />

Huntingd<strong>on</strong> 16652-5071 Manor Hill Charge<br />

Bac<strong>on</strong>, Barbara 235 Barlow Two Taverns Rd,<br />

Gettysburg 17325-8626 Upper Adams UM Parish<br />

* Baer, Alice 11 Country <str<strong>on</strong>g>View</str<strong>on</strong>g> Est, Newville 17241 Chambersburg Park Ave<br />

* Baer, Lori 3478 State Route 973 E, Cogan Stati<strong>on</strong> 17728 Wmspt Balls Mills<br />

* Bailey, Virginia 3579 Gap Rd, Allenwood 17810-9463 Elimsport<br />

Bainbridge, Steven 265 E College Ave, Pleasant Gap 16823 Pleasant Gap<br />

* Bair, Linda PO Box 40, Madis<strong>on</strong>burg 16852-0040 Rebersburg<br />

* Baker, Mari<strong>on</strong> 334 Herman Ave, Lemoyne 17043-1939 Lemoyne Grace<br />

* Baker, Marsha 2815 Pleasant Valley Rd, Cogan Stati<strong>on</strong> 17728 Trout Run/Rose Valley<br />

* Baker, Dianne 818 Bear Gap Rd, Elysburg 17824-9112 Catawissa Circuit<br />

* Baker, Bette 40 Milli<strong>on</strong> Dollar Rd, Halifax 17032-9511 Halifax<br />

* Balschi, Joann 729 Hookies Grove Rd, Northumberl<strong>and</strong> 17857 Northumberl<strong>and</strong> Trinity<br />

* Bankus, Joan PO Box 21, Mifflinville 18631-0021 Nescopeck<br />

* Barger, Virginia 74 Sportsman Club Rd, Trout Run 17771 Ralst<strong>on</strong><br />

* Barrett, Joseph 101 W Milford St, Mount Uni<strong>on</strong> 17066 Mt Uni<strong>on</strong> First<br />

* Barr<strong>on</strong>, Barbara 217 Maple St, Danville 17821-1315 Danville Trinity<br />

* Barrows, Evelyn 14568 Hys<strong>on</strong> School Rd, Stewartstown 17363 Stewartstown<br />

* Barrows, Mervyn 14568 Hys<strong>on</strong> School Rd, Stewartstown 17363 Stewartstown<br />

Bartges, Scott PO Box 555, Riverside 17868-0555 Danville St Pauls Emmanuel<br />

* Baumunk, Doris 85 Main St, Forksville 18616-8815 Sull Co Co-Op Par 3<br />

* Beard, Rh<strong>on</strong>da 139 E 4th St, Williamsburg 16693-1019 Williamsburg Extended<br />

* Bearley, William 1006 W 5th St, Lewistown 17044-1919 Lewistown First Extended<br />

* Beck, Kimberly 612 S Market St, Selinsgrove 17870-1822 Hummels Wharf<br />

* Beck, Paula 7437 Daughertys Run Rd, Cogan Stati<strong>on</strong> 17728 Lycoming Parish<br />

Beckwith, Dot 11480 S Eagle Valley Rd, Port Matilda 16870 Hannah<br />

Beers, Alice 199 Fairm<strong>on</strong>t St, Enola 17025-3151 Enola Emmanuel Extended<br />

* Benna, Ellie 2150 Dutch Hollow Rd, Jersey Shore 17740 Phelps Chapel<br />

* Benner, Helen 542 Platt Hollow Rd, Thomps<strong>on</strong>town 17094 JAGM Locust<br />

Run/Thomps<strong>on</strong>town<br />

* Benner, Dale 1307 Axemann Rd, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823-8122 New Hope<br />

* Berkheimer, Patty 2827 Oak Avenue, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16601 Alto<strong>on</strong>a Broad Avenue<br />

* Bickel, Kathy 1420 Princet<strong>on</strong> Rd, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16602-7255 Alto<strong>on</strong>a Sec<strong>on</strong>d Ave<br />

* Bingaman, Florence 5030 Arney Rd, Harrisburg 17111-5656 Hbg 29th St<br />

* Bi<strong>on</strong>di, Susan PO Box 326, Delta 17314-0326 Delta/Bryansville<br />

Bird, Deb 1409 Northway Rd, Williamsport 17701-2841 Wmspt Third Street

LAY MEMBERS 23<br />

* Birt, Barbara 107 Cohick Rd, South Williamsport 17702-8673 Nisbet<br />

* Blackwell, Karen 599 New Rd, Wellsboro 16901-6961 Wellsboro<br />

* Blair, Charles 812 Holliday Hills Dr, Hollidaysburg 16648-3202 Hollidaysburg<br />

* Blair, D<strong>on</strong>na 812 Holliday Hills Dr, Hollidaysburg 16648-3202 Hollidaysburg<br />

* Blankley, Gary 133 Clari<strong>on</strong> Rd, Everett 15537 Everett Cooperative Ministry<br />

* Blessing, Joanne 1240 York Rd, Mechanicsburg 17055-9769 Carlisle First<br />

* Bl<strong>on</strong>tz, David 10320 Knob Rd, Mercersburg 17236 Mercersburg<br />

* Bock, Lawrence 324 Berkshire Rd, Mechanicsburg 17055-5511 Camp Hill<br />

* Bock, D<strong>on</strong>na 324 Berkshire Rd, Mechancisburg 17055-5511 Camp Hill<br />

* Bolig, Annabelle 785 Lancaster Ave, Enola 17025-2639 Enola Mt Zi<strong>on</strong><br />

* Bolze, Kenneth 4 White Oak Dr, Carlisle 17015-9169 Mt Holly Springs<br />

* Books, Harry 699 Red Mill Rd, Etters 17319-8900 York Haven<br />

* Booz, Robert 135 Meadow Ln, Centre Hall 16828-8515 Centre Hall<br />

* Bowersox, Robert 1269 Youngs Rd, Linden 17744-7936 Wmspt First<br />

* Bowman, Thomas 4559 Sycamore Grove Rd, Chambersburg 17202 Chambersburg St. Paul<br />

* Boyd, Kathy 1284 E 2nd St, Coudersport 16915-8162 Sweden Valley Faith<br />

* Boyles, Christine 85 Village Rd, Pennsdale 17756-7841 Farragut/Fairfield<br />

* Boyles, Keith 344 Lick Run Rd, Williamsport 17701-8445 Warrensville/Heilman<br />

* Braithwaite, Myrle 98 Spring St, Galet<strong>on</strong> 16922-1010 Pine Creek Valley<br />

* Br<strong>and</strong>amore, William 2112 Brigade Rd, Enola 17025-1453 Mechanicsburg Aldersgate<br />

* Brehm, R<strong>on</strong>ald 2351 Spring Rd, Carlisle 17013 Barnitz/Mt. Zi<strong>on</strong><br />

* Brint<strong>on</strong>, Garry 510 Eschol Ridge Rd, Elliottsburg 17024-9259 New Bloomfield Extended<br />

* Brooks, Delores 318 Holiday Ln, Lewistown 17044-1238 Newt<strong>on</strong> Hamilt<strong>on</strong><br />

* Brooks, Flora 200 Wyndtree Ct Apt 105, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823 Bellef<strong>on</strong>te Trinity<br />

* Brosious, Audrey 56 L<strong>on</strong>g <str<strong>on</strong>g>View</str<strong>on</strong>g> Dr, Bloomsburg 17815-7006 Hetlerville/Mifflinville<br />

* Brosius, William 411 Berrysburg Rd, Millersburg 17061-1202 Millersburg First<br />

* Brought, Velma 3971 Baldwin Run Rd, Wellsboro 16901-7707 Niles Valley Extended<br />

* Brown, Judy 25 Race St Apt B203, Milt<strong>on</strong> 17847-1600 Milt<strong>on</strong> St Andrews<br />

* Buch, Jeff 5018 New Lancaster Valley Rd, Milroy 17063 Valley Parish<br />

* Bucke, Andrew 14 Cherry Rd, Liverpool 17045-9221 Liverpool<br />

* Buffingt<strong>on</strong>, Mina PO Box 508, Elizabethville 17023-0508 Elizabethville Trinity<br />

* Bumbarger, Shelly 21 Scenic Dr, Lewistown 17044-8128 Lewistown First Extended<br />

* Burkholder, John 975 Cola Rd, Middletown 17057-3502 Middletown Evangelical<br />

* Busch, Barbara 502 S Main St, Coudersport 16915-1317 Roulette<br />

Butts, John PO Box 202, Burlingt<strong>on</strong> 18814-0202 Burlingt<strong>on</strong><br />

* Buxt<strong>on</strong>, Robert 408 Bethany Dr, Mechanicsburg 17055 Shared Ministry<br />

* Carl, Danny 985 Southern Dr, Catawissa 17820-8409 Catawissa First/Rupert<br />

* Chappell, Dick 251 Hospital Dr, Lewisburg 17837-9306 Buffalo Valley<br />

* Chirpas, Jean 291 Oakwood Ave, State College 16803-1654 State College St Pauls<br />

* Chomas, Tam 515 Main St, Wats<strong>on</strong>town 17777-1509 Wats<strong>on</strong>town<br />

* Chrismer, Ruth I7 Kelly Apartments #5, Lewisburg 17837-9331 Milt<strong>on</strong> St Andrews<br />

* Church, B<strong>on</strong>nie 282 Greendale Rd, York 17403-4604 York Aldersgate<br />

* Claar, Martha 905 Mattern Orchard Dr Apt 1C,<br />

Hollidaysburg 16648-3220 Alto<strong>on</strong>a Simps<strong>on</strong> Temple<br />

* Clapper, Shar<strong>on</strong> 134 B<strong>and</strong>it Dr, Bedford 15522-5147 Wolfsburg/Trans Run<br />

* Clark, Douglas 1522 Sells Stati<strong>on</strong> Rd, Littlestown 17340-9428 Hanover Grace<br />

* Clepper, Vicki 8 Hickory Ct, Boiling Springs 17007-9581 Boiling Springs Otterbein<br />

* Clepper, Dean 8 Hickroy Ct, Boiling Springs 17007-9581 Boiling Springs Otterbein<br />

* Clevel<strong>and</strong>, Abby 246 W Fr<strong>on</strong>t St, Marietta 17547-1405 Fairmount<br />

* Clingerman, Becky 104 S Allis<strong>on</strong> St Apt B, Greencastle 17225 Greencastle First<br />

Clough, Susan 710 Julian St, Williamstown 17098-1215 Wic<strong>on</strong>isco Calvary<br />

* Clymer, Carol 277B Nursery Rd, Berwick 18603-5125 Berwick Calvary/St Pauls<br />

* Cole, Ken 308 Maple St, Manchester 17345-1411 Mt Wolf<br />

* Compt<strong>on</strong>, Jean 60 L<strong>on</strong>gacre St, Mifflintown 17059-8749 Mifflintown Aldersgate


* C<strong>on</strong>d<strong>on</strong>, Carolyn 72 Roop St, Highspire 17034-1259 Highspire<br />

* C<strong>on</strong>klin, Richard 105 West Water St, Lock Haven 17745 Lock Haven Castanea<br />

Cooper, David 214 Deihl Rd, Bloomsburg 17815-6631 Jerseytown<br />

Corle, Harold 817 4th Ave Lakem<strong>on</strong>t, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16602-5904 Alto<strong>on</strong>a Garden<br />

Hts/Lakem<strong>on</strong>t<br />

Corman, Shirley 845 Penn Cave Rd, Spring Mills 16875-7806 Millheim<br />

* Coy, Max 6 B<strong>on</strong>d Ln, Bloomsburg 17815-8881 Bloomsburg Wesley<br />

* Crider, Charlotte 515 Mainsville Rd, Shippensburg 17257-9258 Shippensburg Messiah<br />

Cuddeback, Terry 563 Heilman Cir, M<strong>on</strong>tgomery 17752-9152 M<strong>on</strong>tgomery<br />

* Culler, Lloyd 10513 Fort Loud<strong>on</strong> Rd, Mercersburg 17236-9735 Lemasters<br />

* Cummings, Jean 99 N Deodate Rd, Middletown 17057-9704 Hummelstown Trinity<br />

* Curren, Phyllis 1441 North Rd, Lawrenceville 16929-8710 Millert<strong>on</strong>/Daggett<br />

* Dablock, Joseph 110 Charles Ave, Stewartstown 17363-4056 Shrewsbury<br />

* Darrenkamp, Mary<br />

Frances 1916 Logan St, Camp Hill 17011-3843 Enola Emmanuel Extended<br />

* Davenport, Garry 592 Cragle Hill Rd, Shickshinny 18655-4619 Bethel Hill/Fairmount Springs<br />

* Davinsizer, Josh 713 Hunter Rd, Tyr<strong>on</strong>e 16686-7245 Bellwood/Pinecroft<br />

Davis, Robert 1160 Turnberry Ln, York 17403-9115 York Aldersgate<br />

* Davis, JoAnne 55 Morris Ave, Mansfield 16933-1310 Mansfield<br />

* Deckman, Janine 387 Shickshinny Lake Rd, Shickshinny 18655 Town Hill<br />

* Deckman, Michael 387 Shickshinny Lake Rd, Shickshinny 18655 Town Hill<br />

* Deitrich, Jill PO Box 164, Wic<strong>on</strong>isco 17097-0164 New Hope Hbg<br />

* Delancey, David 7759 Mountain Rd, Mc Alisterville 17049-8367 Cocolamus Charge<br />

* DeLouis, Jean 1014 N Duke St, York 17404-2525 Pleasureville<br />

* Deuchar, Carol 50 Oak Ridge Dr, Halifax 17032-9250 Halifax<br />

* Devilbiss, Joe 500 Gracet<strong>on</strong> Rd, Fawn Grove 17321-9551 Fawn Grove<br />

* Dimmick, David 258 Washingt<strong>on</strong> Ave, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823-8220 Bellef<strong>on</strong>te Faith<br />

Dimmick, Betty 258 Washingt<strong>on</strong> Ave, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823-8220 Bellef<strong>on</strong>te Faith<br />

* Dinsmore, S<strong>and</strong>y 9605 Sweetwater Rd, Fort Loud<strong>on</strong> 17224-9788 Valley UM Parish<br />

* Ditty, Mary 302 Ridge Ave, Sunbury 17801-1608 Sunbury St Johns<br />

* Dochter, S<strong>and</strong>ra PO Box 457, Salladasburg 17740-0457 Salladasburg<br />

* Dockey, Yv<strong>on</strong>ne 2311 Fairview Ter, Williamsport 17701-4271 Wmspt St Paul-Calvary<br />

Dohne, Doug 210 S L<strong>and</strong>is St, Hummelstown 17036 Hummelstown Grace<br />

* D<strong>on</strong>ahay, Nancy 525 Eagle Valley Rd, Beech Creek 16822-7207 Faith Chapel<br />

* Dostich, Jim 377 Baumgardner Dr, Harrisburg 17112-8962 Linglestown<br />

* Dreese, Laura 150 Lucas Rd, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823-4500 Runville<br />

* Dreese, Janice 115 S 14th St, Lewisburg 17837-1761 Lewisburg St Pauls<br />

* Dromgold, Luther 891 Oak Oval, Mechanicsburg 17055-8409 Shepherdstown<br />

* Druetto, Amy 405 E Main St, Knoxville 16928 Knoxville<br />

* Duncan, David 181 Cameo Dr, Fayetteville 17222-1090 Fayetteville Calvary<br />

* Dutrow, Peter 909 Highl<strong>and</strong> Dr, Tyr<strong>on</strong>e 16686-1909 Tyr<strong>on</strong>e Wesley<br />

* Dyke, Judy 224 Bush Hollow Rd, Julian 16844-9501 Bald Eagle Valley Community<br />

* Ebersole, Beverly 63 Rainbow Cir, Elizabethtown 17022-1202 Geyers<br />

* Eckard, Shirley 6530 Somerset St, Harrisburg 17111-4454 Chambers Hill<br />

* Edwards, Phyllis 541 7th St, New Cumberl<strong>and</strong> 17070-1504 Baughman Memorial<br />

* Edwards, Robert 541 7th St, New Cumberl<strong>and</strong> 17070-1504 Baughman Memorial<br />

* Elchak, Judy 199 Greenwood Rd, M<strong>on</strong>roet<strong>on</strong> 18832-7818 Powell<br />

* Elicker, Linda 519 North Rd, York 17403-9417 Loganville<br />

* Ellinger, Teresa 195 Roundhouse Rd, Lewistown 17044-7829 Lewistown Granville<br />

* English, Marjorie 127 Pine St, Howard 16841-4135 Clint<strong>on</strong>dale/Lamar<br />

* Erb, Janet 1990 Rosedale Ave, Middletown 17057-3449 Middletown Ebenezer<br />

* Erhard, Patricia PO Box 365, Yeagertown 17099-0365 Yeagertown<br />

* Erhard, Kelly 6235 N Route 220 Hwy Lot 17, Linden 17744 Loyalsock Wallis Run<br />

* Erney, Henrietta 89 Laubach Rd, Bent<strong>on</strong> 17814-7651 Bent<strong>on</strong> Christ

LAY MEMBERS 25<br />

* Erno, Amy 506 Woodcrest Dr, Mechanicsburg 17050-6808 Mechanicsburg First<br />

* Erway, Janet 247 Slingerl<strong>and</strong> Rd, Genesee 16923-8722 Five Star Parish<br />

* Estes, John 125 H<strong>on</strong>ey Rd, Dillsburg 17019-9657 Chestnut Grove<br />

* Everett, Nancy PO Box 212, Lewisburg 17837-0212 Sunbury St Johns<br />

* Farr, Beverly PO Box 135, Millville 17846 Unityville Charge<br />

* Fasnacht, Bruce 8 Swarthmore Building, Hershey 17033-2263 Uni<strong>on</strong> Deposit<br />

* Faus, Larry 3571 Pine Run Rd, Hughesville 17737-8245 Pennsdale/Huntersville<br />

* Feeser, Mary 40 Forest Dr, New Oxford 17350-8566 C<strong>on</strong>ewago Parish<br />

* Fergus<strong>on</strong>, Myrna 223 Barnett Ave, Waynesboro 17268-1807 Waynesboro Christ<br />

* Fiedler, Erma 2812 Oakwood Dr, Harrisburg 17110-3902 Paxt<strong>on</strong><br />

* Fields, B<strong>on</strong>nie 45 Hickory Rd, Carlisle 17015-9707 Cumberl<strong>and</strong> Charge<br />

* Fiester, Lynd<strong>on</strong> 136 Arlyne Ave, M<strong>on</strong>toursville 17754-8100 M<strong>on</strong>toursville Faith<br />

* Fifer, B<strong>on</strong>ni 1050 Atom Rd, Delta 17314-9100 Mt Nebo/Mt Olivet<br />

* Fiscel, Mahl<strong>on</strong> 622 Brentwood Dr, Duncansville 16635-7507 Hollidaysburg<br />

Fisher, Suzi PO Box 26, Shunk 17768-0026 Tri-County Parish<br />

* Fluke, Betty Kay 190 440th Blvd, Saxt<strong>on</strong> 16678-8939 Everett Area Cooperative<br />

Ministry Extended<br />

* Foor, Ann 12539 Turkey Farm Rd, Huntingd<strong>on</strong> 16652-4152 McC<strong>on</strong>nellstown/Mill Creek<br />

* Foor, Robin 318 W Cherry St, Clearfield 16830-1724 Clearfield Trinity<br />

* Forney, Jane 449 N Sec<strong>on</strong>d St, Lykens 17048 Lykens<br />

* Frank, Carole 181 Nichols St, Wellsboro 16901-1143 Lawrenceville<br />

* Franklin, Vida 525 Clerm<strong>on</strong>t Dr, Harrisburg 17112-2215 Charlt<strong>on</strong><br />

* Franklin, Cheryl 637 Reyburn Rd, Shickshinny 18655-4309 Five Mountain<br />

* Fruth, Richard 104 Lowry Dr, Duncansville 16635-7702 Duncansville<br />

* Fruth, D<strong>on</strong>na 104 Lowry Dr, Duncansville 16635-7702 Duncansville<br />

* Fye, Carol 304 Cherry Rd, Clarence 16829-7928 Mountain Top UM<br />

* Galloway, Carol 35 N Lehman St, York 17403-1116 York Fourth<br />

* Garman, Gail 1927 S And H Ave, Danville 17821-7680 Riverside<br />

* Garman, Gary 1927 S And H Ave, Danville 17821-7680 Riverside<br />

* Garman, Mike 112 Petersburg Rd, Carlisle 17013-3132 Good Shepherd Community<br />

* Gearhart, R<strong>on</strong> 1166 Chaapel Mountain Rd, Cogan Stati<strong>on</strong> 17728 M<strong>on</strong>toursville Faith<br />

* Gensib, Shar<strong>on</strong> 86 Eisenhower Cross Rd, Mill Hall 17751-8740 Lock Haven Flemingt<strong>on</strong><br />

* Geschwindner, Lou 277 Ellen Ave, State College 16801-6306 State College St Pauls<br />

* Gildea, Lisa 628 Nottingham Way, Red Li<strong>on</strong> 17356-9232 Red Li<strong>on</strong> Bethany<br />

* Gilmore, Lynne 107 Par 3 Dr, Millersburg 17061-8697 Millersburg Grace<br />

* Gingerich, Peggy 15 Mount Hebr<strong>on</strong> Rd, Mount Wolf 17347-9731 Forge Hill Charge<br />

* Gladfelter, Fabienne 384 H<strong>on</strong>da Rd, Littlestown 17340-9631 Wrightsville Locust Street<br />

* Gord<strong>on</strong>, Carl 9024 Larry Dr, Greencastle 17225-9714 Mari<strong>on</strong> First<br />

* Gord<strong>on</strong>, Elizabeth RR 3 Box 280, Troy 16947-9433 Sugar Creek Parish<br />

* Goss, Gary 7659 Lincoln Hwy, Bedford 15522-6564 Bedford<br />

* Goss, Shar<strong>on</strong> 536 S Market St, Muncy 17756-1614 Muncy<br />

* Graybill, Nancy 120 Highl<strong>and</strong> Cir, Etters 17319-9371 Fishing Creek Salem<br />

* Grazzini, Rick 151 Mendels Way, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823-7043 State College Mt Nittany<br />

* Grazzini, Andrea 151 Mendels Way, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823-7043 State College Mt Nittany<br />

* Green, David 3080 Emmanuel Dr, York 17408-4100 York Calvary<br />

* Green, Judy 322 Mount Allen Dr, Mechanicsburg 17055-6107 Dillsburg Arnolds<br />

* Green, Teresa 670 Winebary Cir, Lewisberry 17339-9713 Fishing Creek Salem<br />

* Greenawalt, Edgar PO Box 56, Ambers<strong>on</strong> 17210-0056 Ambers<strong>on</strong><br />

* Greenough, Brian 323 Troy St, Cant<strong>on</strong> 17724-1015 Tri-County Parish<br />

* Grieb, Mark 358 Mount Eagle Rd, Howard 16841-2826 Curtin<br />

Griffith, Pat 1003 Jeffers<strong>on</strong> Ave, Tyr<strong>on</strong>e 16686-2065 Tyr<strong>on</strong>e Good Shepherd<br />

* Gr<strong>on</strong>inger, Linda 119 North Main St., Mifflintown 17059 Mifflin Trinity<br />

* Gross, Lester 1 Laurel Ln, Red Li<strong>on</strong> 17356-8815 Red Li<strong>on</strong> St Pauls<br />

* Gross, Patricia 2001 Memorial Ave Apt 39, Williamsport 17701 Wmspt Trinity


* Guise, Larry 1234 Lincoln Way E, Chambersburg 17202-3081 Chambersburg First<br />

* Guise, Avis 1234 Lincoln Way E, Chambersburg 17202-3081 Chambersburg First<br />

* Hacker, D<strong>on</strong> 5022 C<strong>on</strong>stituti<strong>on</strong> Ave, Harrisburg 17109-5552 Mechanicsburg Hope<br />

* Haines, Jane 712 Hardwick PL, York 17404-1965 Hallam<br />

Hamilt<strong>on</strong>, Marshall 7229 Sunny Rd, Huntingd<strong>on</strong> 16652-7129 Huntingd<strong>on</strong> 12th Street<br />

* Hartman, Linda 8650 Tomstown Rd, Waynesboro 17268-8926 Waynesboro Faith<br />

* Hauman, Roxanne 1681 Apple Way, Saint Thomas 17252-9512 St Thomas<br />

* Haverly, Diana RR 3 Box 295, Tow<strong>and</strong>a 18848-9057 Trinity Charge<br />

* Hawk, June PO Box 65, Liverpool 17045-0065 Mt Pleasant Mills<br />

Hayes, Robert 325 Wesley Dr, Mechanicsburg 17055-3511 Hbg Grace<br />

* Heikes, Harry PO Box 162, Shawville 16873-0162 Greater Shawville Parish<br />

* Heintzelman, Dale 1383 Paxt<strong>on</strong>ville Rd, Middleburg 17842-9184 Middleburg<br />

* Helsel, Robert 2902 Village Square Dr, Dover 17315-4577 Dover Bethany<br />

* Hemker, S<strong>and</strong>ra 2427 Charlest<strong>on</strong> Rd, Mansfield 16933-8857 Mountainview Parish<br />

* Henders<strong>on</strong>, John 1530 29th Ave, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16601 Alto<strong>on</strong>a Downtown<br />

Cooperative<br />

* Herb, Jack 107 E Maple St, Hegins 17938-9771 Valley <str<strong>on</strong>g>View</str<strong>on</strong>g> St Andrews<br />

* Hermani, Dorothy 445 N Fr<strong>on</strong>t St, Milt<strong>on</strong> 17847-1309 Milt<strong>on</strong> Bethany/St Peters<br />

* Hess, Robert 238 Martzville Rd, Berwick 18603-1333 Berwick Calvary/St Pauls<br />

Hickes, Debra 2095 Morning Hills Rd, Huntingd<strong>on</strong> 16652-2220 Huntingd<strong>on</strong> First<br />

* Hickey, Kirby 1820 St<strong>on</strong>e Hill Dr, York 17402-7854 Red Li<strong>on</strong> Bethany<br />

* Higginbotham,<br />

Barbara 16657 Shade Valley Rd, Blairs Mills 17213-9512 Shade Valley UM Parish<br />

* Hilfiger, Meda PO Box 205, Covingt<strong>on</strong> 16917-0205 New Visi<strong>on</strong>s Parish<br />

* Hillegas, Joyce 1104 Teaberry Rd, Bedford 15522-6052 Bedford Valley<br />

* Hine, Louise 10084 Pleasant Ridge Rd, Harris<strong>on</strong>ville 17228 Harris<strong>on</strong>ville<br />

* Hipple, W<strong>and</strong>a 522 E Willow St, Elizabethtown 17022-1836 Middletown Wesley<br />

* Hoffman, Rose 186 Hill St, Tower City 17980 Tower City Christ<br />

* Hoffmaster, Sterling 300 Anth<strong>on</strong>y Rd, East Berlin 17316-9562 Hanover First<br />

* Hollinger, Barbara PO Box 17, M<strong>on</strong>t Alto 17237-0017 West Antietam<br />

* Holmes, Marilyn 251 Kathy St, Philipsburg 16866-2955 Philipsburg Trinity<br />

* Holtry, Jeff 15535 Paxt<strong>on</strong> Run Rd, newburg 17240 Cumberl<strong>and</strong><br />

* Hoover, Barb 608 Pottsgrove Rd, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16602-6820 Alto<strong>on</strong>a Greenwood<br />

Horn, Joan 2190 Carey Way, Hummelstown 17036-6801 Hummelstown Grace<br />

* Horsh, Berneta 3762 Warm Spring Rd, Chambersburg 17202 Chambersburg St Johns<br />

* Houck, Jean 2081 Apple Way, Saint Thomas 17252-9760 Ft Loud<strong>on</strong>/Edenville<br />

* Hover, Scott 1896 Church Rd, Hummelstown 17036-8508 Hershey First<br />

* Howell, Linda 1 Aspen Ct, Lock Haven 17745 Lock Haven East Main<br />

Street/Laurel Run<br />

Howsare, Bobbi PO Box 13, Curryville 16631-0013 Claysburg<br />

* Hoxie, Pauline 1459 Allegheny St, Jersey Shore 17740-1138 Jersey Shore First<br />

* Hoyt, J. Ralph 1328 Adele Rd, M<strong>on</strong>toursville 17754-9555 Wmspt St Johns-Newberry<br />

* Hoyt, S<strong>and</strong>ra 1328 Adele Rd, M<strong>on</strong>toursville 17754-9555 Wmspt St Johns-Newberry<br />

* Hoyt, Jane 144 Springdale Rd, York 17403-3725 York Asbury<br />

Hubler, Nedra 847 Empire Rd, Hawk Run 16840-9605 West Branch<br />

Hughes, Judy 1554 Old Route 322, Philipsburg 16866-8010 Wallacet<strong>on</strong><br />

* Humes, D. Scott 686 Woodburne Rd, Lewisberry 17339-9334 New Cumberl<strong>and</strong> Trinity<br />

Hummel, Helen 153 Park Ave, Northumberl<strong>and</strong> 17857-1605 M<strong>on</strong>t<strong>and</strong><strong>on</strong>/<br />

Northumberl<strong>and</strong> Christ<br />

* Huntzinger, Marcia 1007 W Foxcroft Dr, Camp Hill 17011-1276 St Marks<br />

Hurtack, Arlene 155 Glendale Ave, Morrisdale 16858-8340 Gethsemane<br />

* Ilyes, Paul 65 Kendale Rd, Red Li<strong>on</strong> 17356-9206 Freysville<br />

* Irvin, Resa 23501 Back Rd, C<strong>on</strong>cord 17217-9701 Valley UM Parish

LAY MEMBERS 27<br />

* Ishler, Barry 145 Sunset Acres, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823-4745 Buffalo Run<br />

* Jacobs, James 134 V<strong>on</strong>ada Gap Rd, Spring Mills 16875-8229 Penns Valley<br />

* Jacques, Carol 6472 Route 487, Dushore 18614-8028 Sull Co Co-Op Par 1<br />

* Jamis<strong>on</strong>, William 2162 Berryhill St, Harrisburg 17104-2005 Hbg Derry St<br />

* Jennings, Barry 562 Riverview Dr, Wrightsville 17368-9068 East Prospect<br />

* Johns<strong>on</strong>, Harry PO Box 138, S<strong>and</strong>y Ridge 16677-0138 West Decatur<br />

* Johns<strong>on</strong>, Deanna 310 Pine Grove Rd, Airville 17302-9242 Airville Salem<br />

* Johns<strong>on</strong>, Carol 1409 Route 362, Wellsboro 16901-7210 Middle Ridge<br />

* J<strong>on</strong>es, Marietta PO Box 212, Woodl<strong>and</strong> 16881-0212 Bigler<br />

* J<strong>on</strong>es, James PO Box 65, Julian 16844 Bald Eagle Valley Community<br />

* Kagarise, Gary PO Box 212, Pine Grove Mills 16868-0212 Fairbrook<br />

* Karija, Linda 728 Bark Shanty Rd, Austin 16720-6204 Coudersport Park<br />

Kaufman, Carol 574 Ridge Rd, Halifax 17032-9743 Halifax<br />

* Kehler, Stuart 41 Mauger Path Rd, Port Royal 17082-7253 JAGM Port Royal/Matamoras<br />

* Kehler, Charles PO Box 202, Valley <str<strong>on</strong>g>View</str<strong>on</strong>g> 17983-0202 Valley <str<strong>on</strong>g>View</str<strong>on</strong>g> St Andrews<br />

* Keller, Judy 1438 Sawmill Rd, Beavertown 17813-9156 Beavertown<br />

* Kennedy, Dianne 1725 Route 362, Wellsboro 16901-7207 Mountainview Parish<br />

* Kephart, Nancy PO Box 51, Woolrich 17779-0051 Woolrich Community<br />

* Kepler, Craig 2008 Linwood Ave, Williamsport 17701-1418 Duboistown<br />

* Kepner, C<strong>on</strong>nie 1913 Susquehanna Trl, York 17404-1620 York Messiah<br />

* Kieser, William 250 Whitetail Ln, Trout Run 17771-8647 Wmspt Pine St<br />

* Kinley, Paul 2253 Burkholder Rd, Red Li<strong>on</strong> 17356-8896 Craley/New Bridgeville<br />

* Kishbaugh, Chris 1747 Lincoln Ave, Berwick 18603-1432 Berwick Bethany<br />

* Kishbaugh, Angel 1747 Lincoln Ave, Berwick 18603-1432 Berwick Bethany<br />

* Klase, Patricia 345 7th St, Northumberl<strong>and</strong> 17857-1423 Sunbury Catawissa Avenue<br />

* Kline, Romayne 3773 Troxelville Rd, Middleburg 17842-8401 New Berlin Emmanuel<br />

* Klinger, Diane 760 Main St, Lykens 17048-1411 Lykens<br />

* Klus, Gwen PO Box 326, Laporte 18626-0326 Sull Co Co-Op Par 2<br />

* Knitter, Alice 303 Curtin St, Osceola Mills 16666-1201 Osceola Mills<br />

* Koerber, Nancy 2552 Meadow Rd, Clearfield 16830-3530 Clearfield Centre Grove<br />

* Kohler, Dennis 1232 Delta Rd, Red Li<strong>on</strong> 17356-9728 Felt<strong>on</strong><br />

Kohler, Kristen PO Box 395, Wic<strong>on</strong>isco 17097-0395 Williamstown<br />

* Koser, Arlene 12413 Route 235, Thomps<strong>on</strong>town 17094-8227 Turkey Valley Extended<br />

* Kreamer, Harvey PO Box 33, Kreamer 17833-0033 Hummels<br />

* Krebs, Chris 2762 Carlt<strong>on</strong> Pl, York 17408-4271 York Bethany<br />

* Kreitzer, W<strong>and</strong>a 834 Chapman Hollow Rd, Port Trevort<strong>on</strong> 17864 Port Trevort<strong>on</strong><br />

* Lance, W<strong>and</strong>a PO Box 151, Centre Hall 16828-0151 Centre Hall<br />

* L<strong>and</strong>messer, Bernice RR 1 Box 2480, M<strong>on</strong>roet<strong>on</strong> 18832-8633 Tow<strong>and</strong>a<br />

* L<strong>and</strong>rum, Debra 22 Willow St, Marysville 17053-9753 Marysville Wesley<br />

* Lane, Bruce 6073 Lane Rd, Cassville 16623-6519 Trough Creek Valley Parish<br />

* Laughman, Georgeann 15 Goodyear Rd, Carlisle 17015-9440 Blue Mountain<br />

* Lawt<strong>on</strong>, Seth 1326 N West St, Carlisle 17013-1449 Middlesex<br />

* Lawyer, Eleanor 3600 Cypress Ct, Dover 17315-4535 Wellsville<br />

* Laytar, Marjorie 332C Main Mifflin Rd, Bloomsburg 17815-6753 Bloomsburg Wesley<br />

* Lazar, Terri 14 Amber Ln, Berwick 18603-5898 Lightstreet<br />

* Leeser, Dora 2920 Old Hershey Rd, Elizabethtown 17022 Hummelstown Grace<br />

* Lehigh, Glenn 1074 Village Way, York 17404-8453 York Calvary<br />

* Leight, William 629 S Main St, Shrewsbury 17361-1713 Red Li<strong>on</strong> Chapel<br />

* Leight, Diane 629 S Main St, Shrewsbury 17361-1713 Red Li<strong>on</strong> Chapel<br />

* Lentz, D<strong>on</strong>na 3119 Markle Rd, York 17408-7104 Pine Grove<br />

* Le<strong>on</strong>ard, Shirley PO Box 470, Millville 17846-0470 Mill-Green<br />

* Lewellen, Debbie 122 Wall St Apt A, Danville 17821- Danville Trinity<br />

* Lewis, Jack 106 Skyward Dr, Danville 17821-9124 Mill-Green<br />

* Lewis, D. Richard RR 2 Box 216, New Albany 18833-9672 New Era


* Lewis, Warren 3 Willow St, Marysville 17053-9753 Marysville Wesley<br />

* Lewis, Harry 418 W 15th St, Tyr<strong>on</strong>e 16686 Tyr<strong>on</strong>e Good Shepherd<br />

* Liadis, Debbie 629 Houtz St, Houtzdale 16651-8508 Houtzdale<br />

* Lindeman, Charles 696 York St, York 17403-1327 York Trinity<br />

* Lindsay, Robert 102 W Big Spring Ave Apt A3, Newville 17241 Oakville<br />

* Littlet<strong>on</strong>, Diane 773 Pine Hill Rd, Duncann<strong>on</strong> 17020-9118 Marysville Bethany<br />

* Livsey, Margaret 906 E 7th St, Berwick 18603-3430 Berwick First<br />

* Lloyd, Marlin 183 W Main St, Windsor 17366-9679 Windsor Emmanuel<br />

* L<strong>on</strong>g, Gerald 232 Bahia Ave, Hershey 17033-1305 Hershey First<br />

* Loyer, Milt<strong>on</strong> 917 Emily Dr, Mechanicsburg 17055-5708 Shepherdstown<br />

* Lucas, Elsa PO Box 227, Winburne 16879-0227 West Branch<br />

* Lukens, Sue 705 Kellerville Rd, Mc Alisterville 17049-8583 East Salem/Otterbein<br />

* Lutz, Leslie 526 Mountain Rd, Dillsburg 17019-1520 Dillsburg Calvary<br />

* Lynch, Janna 4261 Beaufort Hunt Dr, Harrisburg 17110-3702 Rockville<br />

* Lyter, Robert 636 Hooker Dr, Gettysburg 17325-8951 Barts Centenary<br />

* Mackey, William 216 N 9th St, Sunbury 17801-2040 Sunbury Otterbein<br />

* Macklem, Glenn 607 Park Ave, Lock Haven 17745-8877 Lock Haven Covenant<br />

* Maines, Ruby PO Box 96, Woodl<strong>and</strong> 16881-0096 Woodl<strong>and</strong><br />

* Mann, Precious Mae 130 Sheepskin Hollow Rd, Fort Littlet<strong>on</strong> 17223 Sideling Hill<br />

* Manning, R<strong>on</strong> 55 Hill Dr, Halifax 17032-9516 Millersburg First<br />

* Markle, Dorothy 723 W Poplar St, York 17401-3636 York City<br />

* Markley, Jenifer 80 S 2nd St, Hughesville 17737-1708 Hughesville Bethany<br />

* Martin, Doris 162 Ridge Hill Rd, Mechanicsburg 17050-1744 Mechanicsburg Grace<br />

* Martin, Maurie 206 Aldrich Ave, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16602-3204 Alto<strong>on</strong>a Llyswen<br />

Mast, Andy J 928 Swartz Rd, Lewisburg 17837-7663 Buffalo Valley<br />

* Mateer, Wayne 10721 Tower Rd, Huntingd<strong>on</strong> 16652-7124 Huntingd<strong>on</strong> 15th St/D<strong>on</strong>ati<strong>on</strong><br />

* Matthews, James 1400 KV Railroad Dr, Reedsville 17084-9607 Vira/Wagner<br />

* Maurer, Jane PO Box 468, Hegins 17938-0468 Hegins Valley Charge<br />

* McCabe, Roy PO Box 66, Wood 16694-0066 Broad Top Area UM<br />

* McCall, Delores 236 Redrock Hill Dr, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16601-7351 Alto<strong>on</strong>a Asbury<br />

* McCauslin, Lynn 975 Carlisle Rd, Aspers 17304-9704 Upper Adams UM Parish<br />

* McCullough, Aimee 340 E Market St, York 17403 York Asbury<br />

* McKee, Deborah 314 Hemlock Rd, Allport 16821-9728 Clearfield West Side<br />

* McKee, Dean 314 Hemlock Rd, Allport 16821-9728 Clearfield West Side<br />

* McTavish, W. Brian 405 Martin St, Clearfield 16830-1401 Mt Hope<br />

Mee, Valerie 181 Maylyn Ave, Dallastown 17313-9209 Winterstown<br />

* Meenan, Phyllis 705 Sutt<strong>on</strong> Dr, Carlisle 17013-3546 Carlisle Grace<br />

* Meiser, Anita 1701 Palm St, Hershey 17033-1152 Hershey First<br />

Mellinger, Ernest 3856 Kings Arms Ln, York 17402-5127 Mt Pisgah Trinity<br />

* Mertick, W<strong>and</strong>a 50 MacIntosh Ct, Port Matilda 16870-8303 Unity Parish<br />

* Mertz, Robert 64 Woodl<strong>and</strong> Ct, M<strong>on</strong>toursville 17754-9107 Muncy<br />

* Messner, Beth 1725 N State Route 934, Annville 17003-8528 Grantville<br />

* Michaels, R<strong>on</strong> 136 Stanley Myers Rd, Muncy Valley 17758 Sull Co Co-Op Par 4<br />

* Middour, Colleen 19520 Meadowbrook Rd, Hagerstown 21742 Waynesboro Christ<br />

* Miller, Joyce 9679 Old Erie Pike, Clearfield 16830-8426 Clearfield Parish<br />

* Miller, Bill PO Box 115, York Springs 17372-0115 York Springs<br />

* Miller, G. Jacks<strong>on</strong> 213 Green Ave, Lewistown 17044-2353 Lewistown Grove Memorial<br />

* Miller, W<strong>and</strong>a 5 Wellsley Ct, York 17402-4507 L<strong>on</strong>gstown<br />

Miller, Lynn 2888 Heshb<strong>on</strong> Rd, Williamsport 17701-1077 Wmspt Heshb<strong>on</strong> Park<br />

* Miller, Gloria PO Box 93, Orangeville 17859-0093 Orangeville<br />

* Miller, Judy 775 S Humer St, Enola 17025-2623 Enola Emmanuel Extended<br />

* Miller, Rose Ann 234 Walnut Bottom Rd, Carlisle 17013-3739 Carlisle Allis<strong>on</strong><br />

* Miller, S<strong>and</strong>y 1 S<strong>and</strong>y Ln, Duncann<strong>on</strong> 17020-7046 Holy Cross<br />

* Minich, Fay 41 Pleasant Hall Rd, Carlisle 17013-8627 Wagg<strong>on</strong>ers

LAY MEMBERS 29<br />

* Mitterling,<br />

Mary Jane 1443 S<strong>and</strong> Hill Rd, Selinsgrove 17870-8379 Witmers<br />

* Moore, Hope 16937 Great Cove Rd, Mc C<strong>on</strong>nellsburg 17233 McC<strong>on</strong>nellsburg<br />

* Mortorff, Le<strong>on</strong>ard PO Box 286, York Springs 17372-0286 Uriah<br />

* Mosebrook, Dennis 6061 Pahogaco Rd, Spring Grove 17362-8898 Jeffers<strong>on</strong>/Greenmount<br />

Moyer, Harvey 73 1st Ave, Muncy 17756-7653 Clarkstown<br />

* Mraz, Eleanor 2057 Middle Rd, Jersey Shore 17740-8447 Oval<br />

* Mulberger, Juanita 400 N Loyalsock Ave, M<strong>on</strong>toursville 17754 M<strong>on</strong>toursville Bethel<br />

* Mundis, Barbara 3104 Lakefield Rd, York 17402-7566 Pleasureville<br />

* Myers, Beth 116A W Allegheny St, Martinsburg 16662-1104 Roaring Spring<br />

* Myers, Duane 75 McClellan Ln, Hanover 17331-9328 Hanover Grace<br />

Nagy, Judy 299 Cummings Creek Rd,<br />

Middlebury Center 16935-9529 Middlebury Parish<br />

* Neal, Carolyn PO Box 641, Dillsburg 17019-0641 Mt Zi<strong>on</strong>/Mt Airy<br />

Neff, George 2311 N Sherman St, York 17406-1541 Druck Valley<br />

* Nesbitt, Sue Ellen 112 W Patters<strong>on</strong> St, Mc C<strong>on</strong>nellsburg 17233 McC<strong>on</strong>nellsburg<br />

* Neugebauer, William 129 E 24th Ave, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16601-3960 Alto<strong>on</strong>a East End/Fairview<br />

* Newcomer, Ray 505 Crestwood Dr, Red Li<strong>on</strong> 17356-9434 Red Li<strong>on</strong> Zi<strong>on</strong><br />

* Newhouse, DeAnn 1632 N Uni<strong>on</strong> St, Middletown 17057-3048 Wormleysburg St Pauls<br />

* Nijsse, S<strong>and</strong>ra 4211 Beale Ave, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16601-1203 Alto<strong>on</strong>a Christ Community<br />

* Noack, D<strong>on</strong> 512 Parkview Ln, Hanover 17331-1465 Hanover First<br />

* Nornhold, Michael 404 Moyers Rd, Beavertown 17813-9125 Center<br />

* Norris, Robert PO Box 245, Mercersburg 17236-0245 State Line<br />

O'Dell, Harry 464 Brumbaugh Ln Lot 88, Martinsburg 16662 Williamsburg Extended<br />

* Olenginski, Jessica 167 Beth Ellen Dr, Lewisburg 17837-7038 Lewisburg St Pauls<br />

* Orsinger, Becky 201 Fineview Rd, Camp Hill 17011-8449 Mechanicsburg First<br />

* Orsinger, Cheryl 612 Robert St, Mechanicsburg 17055-3458 Penbrook<br />

* Osborne, Richard 316 W 4th St, Bloomsburg 17815-1603 Good Shepherd/Buckhorn<br />

* Ovelman, Carole 3189 Salem Schoolhouse Rd, Unityville 17774 Unityville Charge<br />

* Palmer, David 580 Delville Dam Rd, Shermans Dale 17090 Mt Gilead<br />

* Parks, Mary PO Box 433, Mc Elhattan 17748-0433 McElhattan<br />

* Patrick, Gerald 305 Pheasant Rd, Grantville 17028-8531 Shopes<br />

* Patrick, Helen 430 Col<strong>on</strong>ial Rd, Harrisburg 17109-1537 CrossPoint<br />

* Patters<strong>on</strong>, Joan 1200 Red Hill Rd, Port Trevort<strong>on</strong> 17864-9692 Selinsgrove Christ<br />

* Peachey, Nathan 2510 W Back Mountain Rd, Belleville 17004 Belleville<br />

* Peagler, Jacqueline 755 Beaver Branch Rd,<br />

Pennsylvania Furnace 16865-9735 State College Albright Bethune<br />

* Peoples, Ed PO Box 157, Oakl<strong>and</strong> Mills 17076-0157 Pine Grove/McAlisterville<br />

* Perna, Pam 2084 Paxt<strong>on</strong>ville Rd, Middleburg 17842-9178 Paxt<strong>on</strong>ville<br />

* Peters, Jayne 3880 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale 17090-9600 Shermans Dale/Youngs<br />

* Peters, R<strong>on</strong>da 412 W Perry St, Enola 17025-2538 Hbg Harris Street<br />

* Peters<strong>on</strong>, Jean 14 Laurel St, Lewistown 17044-1113 Yeagertown<br />

* Peters<strong>on</strong>, Doug 9514 Mercersburg Rd, Mercersburg 17235-8512 Mercersburg<br />

* Peters<strong>on</strong>, Jay 1059 Brookens Rd, Fayetteville 17222 Fayetteville Otterbein<br />

* Phelps, Norman RR 1 Box 6040, Cant<strong>on</strong> 17724-8759 East Cant<strong>on</strong><br />

* Piper, Paul 232 Three Square Hollow Rd, Newburg 17240 Newburg<br />

Piper, Jas<strong>on</strong> 175 W Main St, Rebersburg 16872-9108 Lewistown First Extended<br />

* Plummer, Karen PO Box 308, Mc Clure 17841-0308 McClure<br />

* Poorman, Ralph 322 Spring Lea Dr, State College 16801-7227 Houserville/Woodycrest<br />

* Poper, Ken 1116 Levi Ln, Chambersburg 17201-4128 Chambersburg St Paul<br />

* Potter, Martine 11394 Old Route 16 St, Waynesboro 17268-9438 Rouzerville<br />

* Powley, Patricia 64 Hill Dr, Halifax 17032-9516 CrossPoint<br />

* Prest<strong>on</strong>, Barbara 30 Holly Ct, Manchester 17345-9663 Emigsville Otterbein<br />

* Probst, Doris Jean 600 German Rd, Lock Haven 17745-8296 Lock Haven Parish


Prough, Robert 11481 Spring Ave, Mount Uni<strong>on</strong> 17066-8730 Mt Uni<strong>on</strong>-Allenport<br />

* Purdom, Carol 36 Teaberry Dr, Carlisle 17015-9041 Mechanicsburg Aldersgate<br />

* Quimby, Nannette 6488 State Route 184, Trout Run 17771-9377 Centennial/White Pine<br />

* Rarig, Debra PO Box 347, M<strong>on</strong>t<strong>and</strong><strong>on</strong> 17850-0347 M<strong>on</strong>t<strong>and</strong><strong>on</strong>/<br />

Northumberl<strong>and</strong> Christ<br />

Reimold, Lisa 353 W Philadelphia St, York 17401-2941 Violet Hill<br />

* Reisinger, Gene 620 St<strong>on</strong>ebridge Dr, Selinsgrove 17870-7509 Selinsgrove Wesley<br />

* Reisinger, Sue 620 St<strong>on</strong>ebridge Dr, Selinsgrove 17870-7509 Selinsgrove Wesley<br />

* Renn, Patricia 38 Fairview Ave, Williamsport 17701-1832 Wmspt St Paul-Calvary<br />

Rhinehelder, Carol PO Box 33, Granville 17029-0033 Burnham Parish<br />

* Rhinehelder,<br />

Frederick PO Box 33, Granville 17029 Burnham Parish<br />

* Rhodes, Carol 20 YMCA Dr, Duncann<strong>on</strong> 17020-9778 Asbury/Roseglen<br />

* Richards, Gwyndolyn 2112 Milltown Rd, Camp Hill 17011-7434 Lemoyne Calvary<br />

* Ridenour, Robin 567 Broad St, Chambersburg 17201-1607 Waynesboro Faith<br />

* Rineard, Karen 1137 Redwood Dr, Carlisle 17013-1384 Carlisle Grace<br />

* Roberts, Cathy 337 Grant St, Berwick 18603-3610 Almedia Ridge Street<br />

* Robins<strong>on</strong>, R<strong>on</strong>ald 303 Cottage St, Wanesboro 17268-1317 Fetterhoff/Mt Uni<strong>on</strong><br />

* Robins<strong>on</strong>, Maxine 63 Glosser Rd, Linden 17744-7828 Linden Parish<br />

* Rodriguez, Iv<strong>on</strong>ne 3405 Hillcrest Rd, HARRISBURG 17109 Stevens Emmanuel<br />

* Rogers, Bruce 1715 State Rd, Duncann<strong>on</strong> 17020-9014 Duncann<strong>on</strong> Otterbein<br />

* Rogers, Barbara PO Box 61, Grantham 17027-0061 Lemoyne Grace<br />

* Rogustki, Le<strong>on</strong>ard 35 Deer Rd, Catawissa 17820-7835 Espy Trinity<br />

* Rohrbaugh, Jerry 2020 Tall Fir Dr, Dover 17315-2286 Dover New Creati<strong>on</strong><br />

* Romako, Robert 220 Haldeman Ave, New Cumberl<strong>and</strong> 17070 New Cumberl<strong>and</strong> Community<br />

* Romberger, M<strong>on</strong>ica 112 W Wic<strong>on</strong>isco St, Muir 17957-9710 Muir<br />

Rosenberry, Melissa 28 Woodbine Rd, Lewistown 17044-1341 Lewistown Trinity<br />

* Roupp, Grace 2090 Sunrise Rd, Lewisburg 17837-7154 White Deer<br />

* Rowl<strong>and</strong>, Ken 1252 Canadochly Rd, York 17406-8657 Yorkana Christ<br />

* Ruotolo, Beverly 23 S<strong>and</strong>y St<strong>on</strong>e Dr, Orangeville 17859-9060 Orangeville<br />

* Rutkowski, D<strong>on</strong>ald 8 S Camp St, Windsor 17366-9701 Martinsville<br />

* Sack<strong>and</strong>y, George 3832 Juniata Gap Rd, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16601 Alto<strong>on</strong>a Mardorf/Wehnwood<br />

* Saltzburg, Dustin 305 Veterans Dr, New Bloomfield 17068-8562 New Bloomfield Extended<br />

* Savage, Harold 134 Main St, Catawissa 17820 Danville St. Paul's-Emmanuel<br />

* Saxt<strong>on</strong>, Ada Mae 4845 Springtop Dr, Harrisburg 17111-3610 Calvary<br />

* Saylor, Shirley 14 Sechrist Flat Rd, Felt<strong>on</strong> 17322-9224 Winterstown<br />

* Scheaffer, Charla 600 Deimler Dr, Harrisburg 17111-4011 Paddletown St Pauls<br />

* Schemm, D<strong>on</strong>na 18044 Lutz Rd, Stewartstown 17363-9301 Gatchelville/Crossroads<br />

* Schmouder, Le<strong>on</strong>a 419 Covered Bridge Rd, Liberty 16930-9037 Liberty<br />

* Schwartz, John PO Box 348, Mifflinville 18631-0348 Berwick Bower Memorial<br />

Scott, Deborah 65 Mill House Ln, Halifax 17032-8922 Halifax Faith<br />

* Seabridge, Steven 70 N Middle Rd, Pennsdale 17756-8094 Hughesville Christ<br />

* Seeley, Barbara 1087 Pumpkin Hill Rd, Mansfield 16933 Roseville/Mainesburg Parish<br />

Seely, Joan 11 Apple Tree Rd, Osceola 16942-9724 Elkl<strong>and</strong><br />

* Seese, Daniel 2873 Euclid Ave, Williamsport 17702-6720 Duboistown<br />

* Servello, Jack 2107 17th St, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16601 East Freedom Charge<br />

* Shaffer, Peg 201 Ridge Rd, Biglerville 17307-9081 Shippensburg Messiah<br />

* Shaffer, Helena Beth 183 Selfe Rd, Mill Hall 17751-8418 Mackeyville/Mill Hall<br />

* Shay, Debbie 248 Park Rd, Howard 16841-2218 Howard<br />

* Shearer, Paula 595 Valley Rd, York 17403-9354 Jacobus<br />

* Shenuski, Yv<strong>on</strong>ne 36 Bastian Rd, Muncy 17756-6346 Wmspt First<br />

* Shields, Dorothy 597 Ida St, Philipsburg 16866-2643 Philipsburg Trinity<br />

* Shields, Anita 9586 Meadow Gap Rd, Orbis<strong>on</strong>ia 17243-9347 Orbis<strong>on</strong>ia Community Parish<br />

* Shimmel, Raym<strong>on</strong>d PO Box 32, Bigler 16878-0032 Morgan Run

LAY MEMBERS 31<br />

* Shipe, Ray 1045 Church Rd, Sunbury 17801-5700 Susquehanna Valley<br />

* Shoop, Lindsey 1027 Matamoras Rd, Halifax 17032-8811 Halifax Jacobs<br />

* Showalter, Jackie 6363 Blue Spruce Dr, Alex<strong>and</strong>ria 16611-3522 Spruce Creek<br />

* Showers, June 938 Baltimore Pike, Gardners 17324-9004 Mt Victory<br />

* Shreckengast, Dawne PO Box 34, Millm<strong>on</strong>t 17845-0034 Laurelt<strong>on</strong><br />

* Sidorov, Shar<strong>on</strong> 413 Village Way, Harrisburg 17112-8849 Mt Calvary<br />

* Silva, Kathy 6216 Wallingford Way, Mechanicsburg 17050-7325 Mt Rock<br />

* Simm<strong>on</strong>s, Veryl 1236 Brookfield Rd, Westfield 16950-8412 Five Star Parish<br />

* Singer, Richard 42 S Harrisburg St, Harrisburg 17113-1204 Neidig Memorial Extended<br />

Sipes, Shirley 185 S Breezewood Rd, Breezewood 15533-8930 Breezewood/Wesley Chapel<br />

Sitler, Max 74 Lights Rd, Berwick 18603-5533 Evansville<br />

* Sledge, Kris 129 Maple St, Shamokin Dam 17876-9607 Hummels Wharf<br />

Slopey, Delphine 8550 Curwensville Tyr<strong>on</strong>e Hwy, Olanta 16863 Curwensville<br />

* Slusser, Karen 10 Lower Woodcrest Rd, Berwick 18603-5867 Columbia Circuit<br />

* Smeltzer, Shirley 35 Crest Hill Ln, Red Li<strong>on</strong> 17356-7834 Bethlehem-Springvale<br />

* Smith, Beverly 225 Elmdale Rd, Bent<strong>on</strong> 17814-7840 Bent<strong>on</strong>/Waller<br />

* Smith, Jean 12505 Orchard Cir, Mercersburg 17236-9689 Charlestown<br />

* Smith, Barbara 1328 W Winter Rd, Logant<strong>on</strong> 17747-9459 Sugar Valley<br />

* Smith, Marlin 535 Asaph Run Rd, Wellsboro 16901-8099 Niles Valley Extended<br />

Smith, Jerry 10 Tall Oak Dr, Mechanicsburg 17050-7964 Mechanicsburg First<br />

* Smith, Allen PO Box 7592, Steelt<strong>on</strong> 17113 Steelt<strong>on</strong> Centenary<br />

* Smyser, Marian 176 W Middlesex Dr, Carlisle 17013-8495 Carlisle Grace<br />

* Snell, Jeanette 386 North Rd, Elizabethville 17023-9458 Millersburg Grace<br />

* Snyder, Scott 295 Grim Hollow Rd., Red Li<strong>on</strong> 17356-8318 Spry<br />

* Sorber, Beverly 51 Short Trail Dr, Hunlock Creek 18621-3638 Five Mountain<br />

* Sowers, Shirley 2430 Bradford Dr, York 17402-3643 Yorkshire<br />

* Sowers, Gary 2430 Bradford Dr, York 17402-3643 Yorkshire<br />

* Spackman, D<strong>on</strong> 212 Mudlick Rd, Julian 16844-8541 Unity Parish<br />

* Speer, Betsy 715 Boyle Rd, Fairfield 17320-9343 Gettysburg<br />

* Spencer, Carol 157 Brownst<strong>on</strong>e Park, Hummelstown 17036-9281 Hummelstown Trinity<br />

* Spertzel, Shirley 114 N Winding Rd, Wellsville 17365-9754 Wellsville<br />

Sprenkle, Ann 210 Forest Hills Rd, Red Li<strong>on</strong> 17356-9160 Red Li<strong>on</strong> St Pauls<br />

* Stafford, Kevin 4 Madis<strong>on</strong> Cir, Carlisle 17015-4363 Carlisle Allis<strong>on</strong><br />

* Stahler, Ann 61 Glenvue Rd, Glen Rock 17327-8909 Glen Rock<br />

* Stahlnecker, James 485 Fisher Dr, Wats<strong>on</strong>town 17777-8043 West Milt<strong>on</strong><br />

* Starbuck, Eugene PO Box 153, Fairfield 17320-0153 Orrtanna<br />

* Steele, Lauren 95 S Blue Ribb<strong>on</strong> Ave, Harrisburg 17112-2623 Charlt<strong>on</strong><br />

* Steele, Laura 447 High St, Troy 16947-1115 New Creati<strong>on</strong> Christian Parish<br />

Steransky, Debra 1177 Clarkstown Rd, Muncy 17756-7678 Picture Rocks Parish<br />

* Stevens, Janice 130 Whispering Pines Rd, Woodbury 16695 Northern Bedford<br />

* Stewart, Joanna 857 Traver Dr, Lewisberry 17339-9774 Lewisberry<br />

* Stough, Larry 2660 Oberlin Dr, York 17404-1259 Manchester<br />

* Straw, R<strong>on</strong>ald PO Box 36, S<strong>and</strong>y Ridge 16677-0036 Philipsburg Grace/<br />

S<strong>and</strong>y Ridge St Pauls<br />

* Strawser, B<strong>on</strong>nie 5 State Route 235, Liverpool 17045-9337 Millerstown<br />

* Strayer, Doug 275 Ness Rd, York 17402-7818 Bethlehem-Springvale<br />

* Stuck, Eyv<strong>on</strong>ne 203 Reed Dr, Marysville 17053-9784 Snyders<br />

* Styer, Fred 128B Susque <str<strong>on</strong>g>View</str<strong>on</strong>g> Rd, Catawissa 17820-8313 Catawissa Parish<br />

* Sult, Linda 160 Twin Church Rd, Berwick 18603-5213 Beach Haven<br />

* Sutley, Beverly 3321 Huntingd<strong>on</strong> Furnace Rd, Tyr<strong>on</strong>e 16686 State College Park Forest Village<br />

* Sykes, Martha Rio Vista Ln, North Bend 17760-9516 Renovo Area<br />

* Thomps<strong>on</strong>, Peggy 2241 State Route 880, Jersey Shore 17740-9101 Antes Fort/Oriole<br />

* Thomps<strong>on</strong>, Carolyn 317 Camer<strong>on</strong> St, Marysville 17053-1310 Hbg First<br />

* Tobias, S<strong>and</strong>i 715 15th St, New Cumberl<strong>and</strong> 17070-1512 New Cumberl<strong>and</strong> Trinity


Todd, Thomas PO Box 93, Roxbury 17251-0093 Roxbury<br />

* Topper, Jesse 242 E Simps<strong>on</strong> St, Bedford 15522-1882 Bedford<br />

* Tressler, Resta 3500 Creek Rd, Newport 17074-7411 Hope Eternal<br />

* Trimmer, Gord<strong>on</strong> 4794 Trimers Rd, Alex<strong>and</strong>ria 16611-3018 Hope Alex<strong>and</strong>ria<br />

* Tys<strong>on</strong>, Terry 302 West Ave, Red Li<strong>on</strong> 17356-9284 Dallastown Bethlehem<br />

* Tys<strong>on</strong>, Henry 12319 Canning House Rd, Felt<strong>on</strong> 17322-7987 Brogue Bethel<br />

* Unfried, Gary 5080 Delta Rd, Delta 17314-9320 Airville McKendree<br />

* Van Dusen, Joyce 811 S 4th St, Tow<strong>and</strong>a 18848-1025 North Tow<strong>and</strong>a<br />

* Van Horn, Aneta PO Box 68, Richfield 17086-0068 Richfield<br />

* Vaughn, C<strong>on</strong>nie 280 Dogwood Dr, Hershey 17033-2617 Stoverdale<br />

* Voigt, Joann 256 Varsity Ln, State College 16803-1845 Port Matilda<br />

* Wagner, Robert 10642 Maplet<strong>on</strong> Rd, Shippensburg 17257-8977 Shippensburg Christ<br />

* Walker, Rick PO Box 13, Three Springs 17264-0013 Three Springs Parish<br />

* Walker, Mary Ellen 16 Brooknar Dr, Reedsville 17084-9631 Lewistown Grace<br />

* Walker, Judy PO Box 13, Three Springs 17264-0013 Three Springs Parish<br />

* Waltemire, Ellen 397 S Main St, Yoe 17313-1313 Adamsville/Yoe<br />

* Walters, James 319 Summit Dr, Lewistown 17044-1249 Lewistown Grace<br />

* Walters, Leo 10 Old Mill Inn Rd, York 17404-9643 Manchester<br />

* Ward, Jean 156 Bunny Ln, Palmyra 17078-8800 Fishburn<br />

* Wardle, John 56 Shank Rd, Carlisle 17015-9330 Walnut Bottom<br />

* Warefield, Joann 1546 E College Ave, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823-7602 Pleasant Gap<br />

* Wats<strong>on</strong>, Dorothy PO Box 724, Milesburg 16853 Milesburg<br />

* Weaver, Rodella PO Box 159, Shade Gap 17255-0159 Hillcrest<br />

* Weicht, Lori 29 Laurel Dr, Mechanicsburg 17055-5536 Mechanicsburg Wesley<br />

* Weikert, Mark 2220 Ritner Hwy, Carlisle 17015-9307 Leesburg<br />

* Werner, Virginia 101 E 14th St, Tyr<strong>on</strong>e 16686-1703 Tyr<strong>on</strong>e Christ<br />

* Wert, Joyce 1410 Armstr<strong>on</strong>g Valley Rd, Halifax 17032-8383 Millersburg Hebr<strong>on</strong>/County Line<br />

* Whited, Aar<strong>on</strong> 635 Plank Rd, Fallentimber 16639-9526 Ramey<br />

* Whited, Ken 635 Plank Rd, Fallentimber 16639-9526 Ramey<br />

* Whorl, Tim 11083 Saw Mill Rd, Glen Rock 17327-8289 Potosi Mt Zi<strong>on</strong><br />

* Wible, Dick 1410 Pebblewood Ln, Williamsport 17701-2935 Wmspt Fax<strong>on</strong>-Kenmar<br />

* Wilkes, Marsha PO Box 435, Avis 17721-0435 Avis<br />

Wilkins<strong>on</strong>, Ann 234 Highl<strong>and</strong> Ave, Hanover 17331-2212 Hanover Lohrs Memorial<br />

* Williams, Linda 2106 4th Ave, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16602-3546 Alto<strong>on</strong>a Asbury<br />

* Williams, Suellen 107 Oak Xing, Dallastown 17313-9305 Dallastown Bethlehem<br />

Williams, Mary PO Box 394, Picture Rocks 17762-0394 Picture Rocks Parish<br />

* Williams, Jesse 2106 4th Ave, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16602-3546 Alto<strong>on</strong>a Juniata<br />

* Williard, Mary Ann 412 Chestnut St, Mifflinburg 17844-1225 Mifflinburg<br />

Willits, Cherie 557 Antes Fort Main St, Jersey Shore 17740 Antes Fort/Oriole<br />

* Willow, Mary 161 Milli<strong>on</strong> Dollar Rd, Halifax 17032-9514 Halifax Zi<strong>on</strong> St<strong>on</strong>e<br />

* Wils<strong>on</strong>, Mary 220 Woodl<strong>and</strong> Cir, Reedsville 17084 Reedsville<br />

* Wilt, Irene 322 Sherwood Dr, Carlisle 17013-9095 Youngs Mechanicsburg<br />

* Winn, Karen PO Box 91, Mc Veytown 17051-0091 McVeytown Parish<br />

* Winner, John 139 W Middlesex Dr, Carlisle 17013-8409 New Kingstown Trinity<br />

* Withrow, Jim 1311 Albany Rd, Harrisburg 17112-1602 Linglestown<br />

* Witthoff, Milt<strong>on</strong> 1563 N Tolbert Ln, Jersey Shore 17740-8866 Jersey Shore Trinity<br />

* Wittig, Patricia 915 Prospect Ave, Williamsport 17701-4245 Wmspt Pine St<br />

* Wolfersberger, Luther 2930 Morningside Dr, Camp Hill 17011-5816 Shiremanstown<br />

* Wolfersberger, Lois 2930 Morningside Dr, Camp Hill 17011-5816 Shiremanstown<br />

* Woolford, Deb PO Box 189, Tyr<strong>on</strong>e 16686-0189 Warriors Mark<br />

* Wunder, David 114 Meade St, Tyr<strong>on</strong>e 16686-2418 Bald Eagle/Grazierville<br />

Yarger, Fred 1005 Cold Run Rd, Millm<strong>on</strong>t 17845-9115 Millm<strong>on</strong>t<br />

* Yocum, Nan 11116 Alex<strong>and</strong>er Ave, Mount Uni<strong>on</strong> 17066-9721 Maplet<strong>on</strong> Yoked Parish<br />

Yohe, Dora 2 Westwood Ct, Enola 17025-1508 Summerdale

LAY MEMBERS 33<br />

* Yohn, Brent 2900 Creek Rd, Newport 17074-7406 Millerstown<br />

* Yorks, Ward 2340 Warrensville Rd, M<strong>on</strong>toursville 17754-9626 Loyalsock Wallis Run<br />

* Young, B<strong>on</strong>nie 136 Fountain Dr, York 17402-9119 York Aldersgate<br />

* Young, D<strong>on</strong> 952 Belaire Ln, York 17404-2210 York Messiah<br />

* Young, Gerald 6665 2nd St, Bloomsburg 17815-8709 Fowlersville/Lime Ridge<br />

* Zearing, Herb 563 Clerm<strong>on</strong>t Dr, Harrisburg 17112-2215 Calvary<br />

Zeigler, Charles 1304 Turkey Valley Rd, Liverpool 17045-8248 Reward/Salem<br />

* Zerbe, Gary 909 Greenough St, Sunbury 17801-1547 Sunbury Albright<br />

* Zielinski, Vickie PO Box 9, Winfield 17889-0009 Winfield<br />

* Zimmerman, Glen 86 Margaret Dr, Mechanicsburg 17050-1732 Mechanicsburg Mt Olivet<br />

* Zimmerman, John 3350 Valley Rd, Marysville 17053-9518 Trinity<br />


* Abrashoff, Kelvin 7 Kero Ln, Mount Uni<strong>on</strong> 17066<br />

* Adams, Carol PO Box 130, Grantville 17028-0130<br />

* Asper, Jesse 13723 Lurgan Rd, Newburg 17240<br />

* Atchis<strong>on</strong>, Cathy 8932 Greenwood Rd, Petersburg 16669-3608<br />

* Atwood, Pete 25 N Rockburn St, York 17402<br />

* Bartholomew, Ellen 886 Scouten Rd, Mansfield 16933-8962<br />

* Bauer, Deb 3569 Charter Oak Rd, Petersburg 16669-2215<br />

* Baumgardner, Crystal 46 Edgewater Dr, Chambersburg 17202<br />

* Beckwith, Mary Ann 912 N 3rd St, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16601-5708<br />

Bell, Craig 521 Lopax R Apt O12, Harrisburg 17112-4350<br />

* Bell, John PO Box 104, New Buffalo 17069-0104<br />

* Bender, Lisa 504 Marcel Dr, Harrisburg 17109-1009<br />

* Berry, Rebecca 840 Siloam Rd, Chambersburg 17201<br />

* Bishard, Robert 18 Stiles Dr, Marysville 17053<br />

* Bower, Sara 2440 Northway Rd Ext, Williamsport 17701-9271<br />

* Bradley, Annice 2153 N 6th St, Harrisburg 17110<br />

* Brinker, Chris 1950 Blair St, Williamsport 17701-3834<br />

* Brunner, Breanne 222 Lincoln St, Duncann<strong>on</strong> 17020-1419<br />

* Busch, D<strong>on</strong>ald 502 S Main St, Coudersport 16915-1317<br />

* Cargill, Deb 1058 Oberlin Rd, Harrisburg 17111-3041<br />

Castlebury, Joanne 519 S Market St, Muncy 17756-1615<br />

Cline, Evadna 3336 W 4th St, Williamsport 17701-4103<br />

* Cochran, Janet 301 Crestview Ln, Stewartstown 17363-8375<br />

* Cox, Ed 43 River Hill Farm Ln, Lock Haven 17745-8179<br />

* Craley, Susan 940 Pinetown Rd, Lewisberry 17339<br />

* Cuddeback, Rebecca 236 S Main St, Jersey Shore 17740-1812<br />

* Danis, Linda PO Box 285, Hegins 17938-0285<br />

* Daub, Margaret 629 Indian Rd, Clearfield 16830-3432<br />

* Davis, Trent 268 W Beaver, Ste 103, Hellam 17406<br />

* Dawes, Catherine 62 Fliesher Lane, Lock Haven 17745<br />

* DeMarte, Richard 1409 Elwood Rd, Williamsport 17701-2918<br />

* Denis<strong>on</strong>, Richard 1783 Springwillow Dr, Mechanicsburg 17055-5193<br />

* Diffenbaugh, Carol 707 Hamilt<strong>on</strong> Cir, Mechanicsburg 17055-4027<br />

* Diven, Susan 4928 State Route 103 S, Mc Veytown 17051-7151<br />

* Doersam, Jeremy 4 Dock Hill Rd, Middleburg 17842-8910<br />

* Drexler, Evan 28 Penzance Rd, Hershey 17033<br />

* Duck, Phil 1216 Mifflin St, Huntingd<strong>on</strong> 16652-1926<br />

* Dyarman, Debra 50 Quarry Hill Rd, Newville 17241<br />

* Elchak, Nicholas 199 Greenwood Rd, M<strong>on</strong>roet<strong>on</strong> 18832-7818


* Fisher, Marsha 4091 Rufus King Ct, Enola 17025-1468<br />

* Foster, Philip 6316 Forrest Dr, Mechanicsburg 17050-0633<br />

* Frank, Richard 181 Nichols St, Wellsboro 16901-1143<br />

* Galbraith, April 884 Burket Dr, Martinsburg 16662-7003<br />

* Galloway, Wayne 111 Oak Dr, New Oxford 17350-9352<br />

* Glass, Barbara 110 62nd St, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16601-7931<br />

* Goodling, Miriam 258 W Baltimore St, Carlisle 17013-3701<br />

* Goodling, Robert 258 W Baltimore St, Carlisle 17013-3701<br />

* Guillaume, Lorene 2406 Steam Valley Rd, Trout Run 17771-9116<br />

* Haas, Phyllis 3323 Wolcott Hollow Rd, Athens 18810-9271<br />

* Halverstadt, Alexa 1751 Madis<strong>on</strong> Ave, Tyr<strong>on</strong>e 16686<br />

* Harvey, Deb 136 Pinecrest Ln, Shickshinny 18655-3130<br />

* Haverstock, Zedna 719 Laurel Ln, Mechanicsburg 17050-2269<br />

Heaps, Kathy 46 Mount Olivet Church Rd, Fawn Grove 17321-9370<br />

* Hertzog, Edie 1035 Shamrock Ave, State College 16801-6990<br />

* Herzberg, Delores 17922 Shade Valley Rd, Blairs Mills 17213-9517<br />

* Herzberg, Kurt 17922 Shade Valley Rd, Blairs Mills 17213-9517<br />

* Hess, Karen 574 Harris<strong>on</strong> Rd, Orangeville 17859-8945<br />

* Hine, William 10084 Pleasant Ridge Rd, Harris<strong>on</strong>ville 17228-9305<br />

Hoffman, Kathy PO Box 251, Mc Clure 17841-0251<br />

* Horn, Gayla Jean 150 Knights Dr, Bloomsburg 17815-3016<br />

* Houtz, Mary Lou 428 Hubler Ridge Rd, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823-6542<br />

* Humenay, Gloria 145 Opal Dr, Morrisdale 16858-8057<br />

J<strong>on</strong>es, Linda 17491 Route 287, Tioga 16946-8503<br />

* Kauffman, Jennifer 117 John Michael Dr, Penfield 15849<br />

* Keiper, Glenn 300 Windvale Dr, Duncansville 16635-5718<br />

Keiper, S<strong>on</strong>ia 300 Windvale Dr, Duncansville 16635-5718<br />

* Keller, Arthur 1438 Sawmill Rd, Beavertown 17813-9156<br />

* Keller, Earl 46 Tunbridge Ln, Carlisle 17015-7685<br />

* Keller, Janet 46 Tunbridge Ln, Carlisle 17015-7685<br />

* Kennedy, Judy 1734 Puddintown Rd, State College 16801-7167<br />

* Kincaid, Harold 5234 Deerfield Ave, Mechanicsburg 17050-6841<br />

* Kincaid, Ruthann 5234 Deerfield Ave, Mechanicsburg 17050-6841<br />

* Kinley, Kim 2253 Burkholder Rd, Red Li<strong>on</strong> 17356-8896<br />

* Kline, Faye PO Box 263, York Haven 17370<br />

* Klinedinst-Herbst, Ginger 340 E. Market St, York 17403<br />

* Kovel, Michelle 418 State St, Everett 15537-1337<br />

* Kuhn, Joann 11146 Waterfall Rd, Mc C<strong>on</strong>nellsburg 17233-8427<br />

* La Rosa, Sila 113 S 13th St, Harrisburg 17109<br />

Lee, Linda RR 3 Box 26, Tow<strong>and</strong>a 18848-9556<br />

Lee, Robert RR 3 Box 26, Tow<strong>and</strong>a 18848-9556<br />

* Le<strong>on</strong>ard, Kenneth 190 Le<strong>on</strong>ard Rd, LeC<strong>on</strong>tes Mills 16850<br />

* Lowry, Shar<strong>on</strong> 599 Paddy Mountain Rd, Millm<strong>on</strong>t 17845-9429<br />

* Lycett, Nanci 2209 State Rd, Duncann<strong>on</strong> 17020-9508<br />

* Mark, R<strong>and</strong>y 151 Pine St, Howard 16841-4135<br />

* Mark, V<strong>on</strong>nie 151 Pine St, Howard 16841-4135<br />

* Mateer, Louise 10721 Tower Rd, Huntingd<strong>on</strong> 16652-7124<br />

McCall, Dorothy 109 Feather Dr, Shippensburg 17257-8255<br />

McCleary, Jean 840 Broad Street Ext, Delta 17314-9201<br />

* Minyo, D<strong>on</strong>na 22 Willow Ln, Covingt<strong>on</strong> 16917-9540<br />

* Morningstar, Carol 175 Summit Dr, Lewistown 17044-1245<br />

* Myers, S<strong>and</strong>ra PO Box 367, Mc Elhattan 17748-0367<br />

* Myfelt, Brian PO Box 63, Grover 17735<br />

* Oplinger, T<strong>on</strong>i 5009 Chestnut Grove Rd, Spring Grove 17362-7909

* Ordway, Joseph 307 1st Ave, Lock Haven 17745-3303<br />

* Peters<strong>on</strong>, Denise 9514 Mercersburg Rd, Mercersburg 17236-8512<br />

* Pfleegor, Judy 2350 Marsh Creek Rd, Howard 16841-2003<br />

* Prouse, Loretta 436 N 3rd St, Halifax 17032-9026<br />

* Prouse, Wilbur 436 N 3rd St, Halifax 17032-9026<br />

* Ream, D<strong>on</strong>na 1704 Devers Rd, York 17404-1954<br />

* Reed, Susan 403 W 1st Ave, Clearfield 16830-1805<br />

* Rivera, Edsel 24 Meadowbrook Ct, New Cumberl<strong>and</strong> 17070<br />

* Rollas<strong>on</strong>, S<strong>and</strong>y 3812 Kent<strong>on</strong> Ln, Harrisburg 17110-3041<br />

* Ross, Linda 407 Turnpike Ave, Clearfield 16830-1319<br />

* Rosser, W<strong>and</strong>a 217 Rosser Rd, Williamsburg 16693-8208<br />

* Russell, Ellen 11691 Circle St, Shade Gap 17258-8806<br />

* Rynd, Louise 114 St<strong>on</strong>ehedge Dr, Carlisle 17015-9116<br />

* Schirm, Michelle 1924 Autumn Wood Dr, State College 16801-2495<br />

* Schultz, Linda 802 S 5th St, Clearfield 16830-2042<br />

* Sharrock, Richard 17 Ovelt<strong>on</strong> Ave, Stewartstown 17363-4045<br />

* Shaw, Joyce 892 Pardee Rd, Millm<strong>on</strong>t 17845-9463<br />

* Shenberger, Joyce PO Box 206, Richfield 17086-0206<br />

* Simco, William 5734 William Penn Hwy, Alex<strong>and</strong>ria 16611-2810<br />

* Sim<strong>on</strong>, Mabreen 880 Pleasant Grove Rd, York Haven 17370-9705<br />

* Slippey, Ken 993 Roundtop Rd, Middletown 17057-3618<br />

* Small, Steven 312 W 15th St, Tyr<strong>on</strong>e 16686<br />

* Smith, Gary 2086 Powderhorn Rd, Middletown 17057-5971<br />

* Spencer, Shar<strong>on</strong> PO Box 141, Newburg 17240-0141<br />

* Spencer, William PO Box 141, Newburg 17240-0141<br />

* Stevens<strong>on</strong>, Robert 714 Ash Ct, Leban<strong>on</strong> 17042-8720<br />

* Stevens<strong>on</strong>, Virginia 714 Ash Ct, Leban<strong>on</strong> 17402-8720<br />

* Strausbaugh, Mary 339 15th St, New Cumberl<strong>and</strong> 17070-1312<br />

* Swartz, Richard 1833 Crawford Ave, Alto<strong>on</strong>a 16602<br />

* Traxler, R<strong>and</strong>y 120 W 4th St, Lewistown 17044-2007<br />

* Unick, S<strong>and</strong>ra 15 W Hill St, Clearfield 16830-1819<br />

Wentz, Edward 385 Wils<strong>on</strong> Ave, Hanover 17331-1378<br />

* West, Margaret 53 W Main St, Lock Haven 17745<br />

Whitfield, Grace 253 Chicken Hill Ln, Bedford 15522-6025<br />

* Willard, Mary A. 231 Fineview Rd, Camp Hill 17011<br />

* Williams, Pamela 925 East McKinley St, Chambersburg 17201<br />

* Wils<strong>on</strong>, Elizabeth 105 Meadow St Trlr 30, Mansfield 16933-1300<br />

* Woodward, Jake 183 Bowmans Mill Rd, Bloomsburg 17815-7241<br />

* Yoder, Carol 6435 Birch Ln, Huntingd<strong>on</strong> 16652-7559<br />

* Yoder, R<strong>on</strong>ald 6435 Birch Ln, Huntingd<strong>on</strong> 16652-7559<br />

Yorks, Sylvia 2340 Warrensville Rd, M<strong>on</strong>toursville 17754-9626<br />

* Zortman, Gary 1210 Brooke Dr, Dover 17315-2859<br />


* Bragunier, Josh 203 W Water St, Middletown 17057-1235<br />

* Cuddeback, Timothy 563 Heilman Cir, M<strong>on</strong>tgomery 17752-9152<br />

* Daugherty, Danielle 306 Ryenolds St, South Williamsport 17702-<br />

* H<strong>and</strong>el, Maria 56 Deer Creek Rd, Morrisdale 16858-8400<br />

* Hosier, R<strong>and</strong>all 3733 Manor Ln, Chambersburg 17202-7332<br />

* Oplinger, James 5009 Chestnut Grove Rd, Spring Grove 17362-7909<br />

* Reinard, Adam 178 S 3rd St, Hughesville 17737-1713<br />




* Beben, Josh Wesley Theological Seminary, PO Box 113, Washingt<strong>on</strong> 20016-0113<br />

* Bressler, Am<strong>and</strong>a 14 George Cir, Mechanicsburg 17055-4707<br />

* Burd-Harris, Megan 7081 Wertzville Rd, Mechanicsburg 17050-1543<br />

* Carpenter, Jaime 429 N 8th St, Selinsgrove 17870-1602<br />

Dowding, Stephanie 6765 Irvine Dr, Mercersburg 17236-9640<br />

* Grimm, Apryle 13D Rebecca Dr, Duncann<strong>on</strong> 17020-9300<br />

* Hughes, Kaytlynn 121 Hilltop Rd, Newburg 17240-9329<br />

* Kratz, Michelle 40 Robin Rd, Hershey 17033-1849<br />

* Krauss, Ryan 215 Oakridge Ave, Bedford 15522-2009<br />

* Teeter, Ehren 6570 Woodbury Pike, Roaring Spring 16673-8505<br />


Balinsky, Jennifer 506 Winey Ave, Middleburg 17842-1132<br />

Bought, April 3983 Paxt<strong>on</strong>ville Rd, Middleburg 17842-8802<br />

* C<strong>on</strong>klin, Ericka 105 W Water St, Lock Haven 17745-1232<br />

* C<strong>on</strong>nelly, Rosalie 105 Meadow St Trlr 5, Mansfield 16933-1323<br />

* Fegan, Mary Ann 3206 Penbrook Ave, Harrisburg 17109<br />

* Galbraith, Michael 884 Burket Dr, Martinsburg 16662-7003<br />

* Grove, Judith 613 Green Valley Rd, York 17403-9522<br />

* Hart, Sheryl 140 Adams Dr, Williamsburg 16693-7151<br />

* Harvey, Ben 508 Locust Grove Rd, York 17402-4526<br />

* Heberlig, Frank 24 Shuman Rd, Newburg 17240-9214<br />

* Hewes, Mary Margaret 22 Fieldcrest Dr, Littlestown 17340-9529<br />

* Heyler, Susan 317 Linck Hill Rd, Morris 16938-9554<br />

Houser, Justin 1277 Valley <str<strong>on</strong>g>View</str<strong>on</strong>g> Rd, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823-8913<br />

Ingram, William 101 Timber Ln, Hanover 17331-9264<br />

* Inners, Mollye 150 Marble Ct, York 17402-4442<br />

Jacobs, W<strong>and</strong>a 725 Oberlin St, Steelt<strong>on</strong> 17113-1388<br />

* Johns<strong>on</strong>, Emily 112 Salix Dr, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823-7024<br />

Johns<strong>on</strong>, Grant 312 Alba St, Knoxville 16928-9795<br />

* J<strong>on</strong>es, Arthur 209 Pine Dr, Fayetteville 17222-1131<br />

Keiper, S<strong>on</strong>ia 300 Windvale Dr, Duncansville 16635-5718<br />

* Kovel, Mitchell 418 State St, Everett 15537-1337<br />

* Leigey, Macala 181 Rockey Acres Ln, Woodl<strong>and</strong> 16881-8729<br />

Leininger, Carole 14 Dev<strong>on</strong> Ct, Selinsgrove 17870-9469<br />

* Lockard, Joanne 284 Worthingt<strong>on</strong> Ln, Muncy 17756-6319<br />

Lynn, Rodney 44 Moser Rd, Danville 17821-7710<br />

* Mignot, Betsy 719 Curtin St, Osceola Mills 16666-1209<br />

* Miles, Mary Anna 658 Maple Dr, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te 16823-9755<br />

Mumma, Christine 15 Penny Ln, Enola 17025-1020<br />

Plummer, June 930 Leidig Dr, Chambersburg 17201-2814<br />

* Richards, M<strong>on</strong>ica 1943 Canoe Run Rd, Jersey Shore 17740-8606<br />

* Richart, Mary 3217 Roaring Branch Rd, Roaring Branch 17765-9202<br />

* Shaffer, Kayla 400 Reward Rd, Millerstown 17062-9415<br />

* Sharl<strong>and</strong>, Ashleigh 123 Main St Rear, Glen Rock 17327-1113<br />

* Smith, Darlene 7577 Daughertys Run Rd, Cogan Stati<strong>on</strong> 17728-8745<br />

* Supplee, Brian 1255 Brookl<strong>and</strong> Rd, Coudersport 16915-8014<br />

* Traxler, Patrick 120 W 4th St, Lewistown 17044-2007<br />

Wagner, Marty 45 Gary Player Dr, Etters 17319-9346<br />

* Wils<strong>on</strong>, Rayna 1122 Kent Dr, Mechanicsburg 17050-7609<br />

* Wright, Jennifer 273 S Sec<strong>on</strong>d St, Chambersburg 17201-2516


LAY MEMBERS 37<br />

Albor, Wendy PO Box 189, Covingt<strong>on</strong> 16917-0189 Chair, C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries<br />

* Brehm, Edna 86 Old St<strong>on</strong>ehouse Rd S, Carlisle 17015-9798 Chair, C<strong>on</strong>ference Lay<br />

Speaking Ministries<br />

* Emerick, Eugene 9 Glendore Dr, Hummelstown 17036-9522 President, C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

United Methodist Men<br />

* Hart, A. Vance 140 Adams Dr, Williamsburg 16693-7151 C<strong>on</strong>ference Lay Leader<br />

* Lehigh, Hattie 1074 Village Way, York 17404-8453 Past President, C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

United Methodist Women<br />

Mengel, Kenneth 6415 Whisper Wood Ln, Harrisburg 17112-1880 C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary of<br />

Global Ministries<br />

* Moseler, Daniel 5730 Kenwood Ave, Harrisburg 17112-3129 Associate C<strong>on</strong>ference Lay<br />

Leader<br />

* Rupp, Jean 203 S 2nd St, Clearfield 16830-2220 President, C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

United Methodist Women<br />

* Speer, Larry 715 Boyle Rd, Fairfield 17320-9343 Associate C<strong>on</strong>ference Lay<br />

Leader<br />

* Terroso, Korrine 2864 Ir<strong>on</strong>st<strong>on</strong>e Hill Rd, York 17403-9759 Young People’s Ministry<br />

Council<br />

Wherry, Taryn 120 Rabbit Hollow Rd, Millersburg 17061-8552 Past President, CCYM<br />

* Wright, Pamela RR 1 Box 1460, M<strong>on</strong>roet<strong>on</strong> 18832-8745 Associate C<strong>on</strong>ference Lay<br />

Leader<br />


* Abayasekara, Dilip 17 Round Hill Rd, Camp Hill 17011-2636


Rev. Dr. Paul E. Stambach was the guest speaker for the Memorial Service.


Business of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />


Page<br />

Disciplinary Questi<strong>on</strong>s ................................................ 40<br />

Daily Proceedings ....................................................... 63<br />

Minutes of the Corporati<strong>on</strong> ......................................... 68<br />

Minutes of the Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> ..................... 68<br />

Recommendati<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> Resoluti<strong>on</strong>s ............................ 70<br />

Reports ........................................................................ 87<br />

Additi<strong>on</strong>al Resoluti<strong>on</strong> ................................................. 134


The Business Of The Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

The Minutes of the Central Pennsylvania Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference, held in Messiah College,<br />

Grantham Pennsylvania. From June 4, 2010, through June 5, 2010. Bishop Jane Allen<br />

Middlet<strong>on</strong>, presiding. Date When Organized: 1788. Number of This Sessi<strong>on</strong>: 222 (42nd since<br />

uni<strong>on</strong>)<br />


1. Who are elected for the quadrennium (603.7, 618):<br />

Secretary? Shirley J. Sowers<br />

Mailing Address: 2430 Bradford Drive, York, PA 17402-3643<br />

Teleph<strong>on</strong>e: 717-757-4471<br />

Statistician? C<strong>on</strong>ference Finance Office<br />

Mailing Address: 303 Mulberry Drive, PO Box 2053, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-2053<br />

Teleph<strong>on</strong>e: 717-766-5275, 1-866-227-6529<br />

Treasurer? Gary A. Smith<br />

Mailing Address: 303 Mulberry Drive, PO Box 2053, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-2053<br />

Teleph<strong>on</strong>e: 717-766-5275, 1-866-227-6529<br />

2. Is the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference incorporated (603.1)? Yes<br />

3. B<strong>on</strong>ding <strong>and</strong> auditing:<br />

a) What officers h<strong>and</strong>ling funds of the c<strong>on</strong>ference have been b<strong>on</strong>ded, <strong>and</strong> in what amounts<br />

(618, 2511)? All officers $500,000<br />

b) Have the books of said officers or pers<strong>on</strong>s been audited (617, 2511)? (See report, 2009<br />

Journal.) Yes<br />

4. What agencies have been appointed or elected?<br />

a) Answer Yes or No for each of the councils, boards, commissi<strong>on</strong>s, or committees<br />

listed:<br />

(1) Board of Ordained Ministry (635)? Yes<br />

(2) Board of Pensi<strong>on</strong>s (639)? Yes<br />

(3) Board of Trustees of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference (2512)? Yes<br />

(4) Committee <strong>on</strong> Episcopacy (637)? Yes<br />

(5) Committees <strong>on</strong> Investigati<strong>on</strong> (2703.2, .3)? Yes<br />

(6) Administrative Review Committee (636)? Yes<br />

b) Indicate the name of the agency (or agencies) in your annual c<strong>on</strong>ference which is<br />

(are) resp<strong>on</strong>sible for the functi<strong>on</strong>s related to each of the following general church<br />

agencies (610.1):<br />

(1) <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Council <strong>on</strong> Finance <strong>and</strong> Administrati<strong>on</strong>? C<strong>on</strong>ference Council <strong>on</strong><br />

Finance <strong>and</strong> Administrati<strong>on</strong><br />

(2) <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Board of Church <strong>and</strong> Society? C<strong>on</strong>ference Board of Church <strong>and</strong><br />

Society<br />

(3) <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Board of Discipleship? C<strong>on</strong>ference <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> C<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>al<br />

Vitalizati<strong>on</strong><br />

(4) <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Board of Global Ministries? C<strong>on</strong>ference Board of Global Ministries<br />

(5) Higher Educati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Campus Ministry? C<strong>on</strong>ference <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Higher<br />

Educati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Campus Ministry<br />

(6) <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> <strong>Archives</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>History</strong>? C<strong>on</strong>ference <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong><br />

<strong>Archives</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>History</strong><br />

(7) <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Christian Unity <strong>and</strong> Inter-religious C<strong>on</strong>cerns?<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Christian Unity <strong>and</strong> Inter-religious C<strong>on</strong>cerns<br />

(8) <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Religi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Race? <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Inclusiveness:<br />

Religi<strong>on</strong> & Race<br />

(9) <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> the Status <strong>and</strong> Role of Women? <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong><br />

Inclusiveness: Status & Role of Women<br />

(10) United Methodist Communicati<strong>on</strong>s? <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Communicati<strong>on</strong>s


c) Indicate the c<strong>on</strong>ference agencies which have resp<strong>on</strong>sibilities for the following<br />

functi<strong>on</strong>s:<br />

(1) Criminal Justice <strong>and</strong> Mercy Ministries (655)? C<strong>on</strong>ference Board of Church<br />

<strong>and</strong> Society<br />

(2) Disability C<strong>on</strong>cerns (653)? C<strong>on</strong>ference <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Health Ministries<br />

(3) Equitable Compensati<strong>on</strong> (625)? C<strong>on</strong>ference <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Equitable<br />

Compensati<strong>on</strong><br />

(4) Laity (631)? C<strong>on</strong>ference <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Lay Empowerment<br />

(5) Native American Ministry (654)? C<strong>on</strong>ference <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Inclusiveness<br />

(6) Small Membership Church (645)? C<strong>on</strong>ference <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> C<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>al<br />

Vitalizati<strong>on</strong><br />

d) Answer Yes or No for each of the following c<strong>on</strong>ference or district organizati<strong>on</strong>s:<br />

(1) C<strong>on</strong>ference United Methodist Women (647) Yes<br />

(2) C<strong>on</strong>ference United Methodist Men (648)? Yes<br />

(3) C<strong>on</strong>ference Council <strong>on</strong> Youth Ministry (649)? Yes<br />

(4) C<strong>on</strong>ference Council <strong>on</strong> Young Adult Ministry (650)? Yes<br />

(5) District Boards of Church Locati<strong>on</strong> & Building (2518)? Yes<br />

(6) Committees <strong>on</strong> District Superintendency (668)? Yes<br />

(7) District Committees <strong>on</strong> Ordained Ministry (665)? Yes<br />

e) What other councils, boards, commissi<strong>on</strong>s, or committees have been appointed or<br />

elected in the annual c<strong>on</strong>ference?<br />

(a) <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Child Advocacy<br />

(b) <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Health Ministries<br />

(c) Council <strong>on</strong> Older Adult Ministries<br />

(d) <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Leadership Development<br />

(e) Committee <strong>on</strong> Nominati<strong>on</strong>s<br />

(f) Discovery Place Resource Center Advisory Team<br />

(g) Camping <strong>and</strong> Retreats <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g><br />

(h) Student Aid Fund<br />

(i) Committee <strong>on</strong> C<strong>on</strong>ference Sessi<strong>on</strong>s<br />

(j) Moving Coordinators<br />

(k) Management Team<br />

(l) Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong><br />

(m) Episcopal Residence Committee<br />

(n) Committee <strong>on</strong> Episcopacy<br />

5. Have the secretaries, treasurers, <strong>and</strong> statisticians kept their respective records according to<br />

the prescribed forms (606.8)? Yes<br />

6. What is the report of the statistician? (See report, 2010 Journal.)<br />

7. What is the report of the treasurer? (See report, 2010 Journal.)<br />

8. What are the reports of the district superintendents as to the status of the work within their<br />

districts? (See report, 2010 Journal)<br />

9. What is the schedule of minimum base compensati<strong>on</strong> for pastors for the ensuing year<br />

(342, 625.3)?<br />

Full Members<br />

Years of & In-Service Associate Full Time<br />

Service Probati<strong>on</strong>ers Members Local Pastors<br />

Less than 3 $35,891 $34,300 $32,710<br />

After 3 $36,620 $34,993 $33,366<br />

After 6 $37,346 $35,673 $34,020<br />

After 9 $38,082 $36,376 $34,675<br />

After 12 $38,804 $37,070 $35,334<br />

After 15 $39,533 $37,761 $35,977


10. What amount has been apporti<strong>on</strong>ed to the pastoral charges within the c<strong>on</strong>ference to be<br />

raised for the support of the district superintendents for the ensuing year (614.1a)?<br />

$1,537,787<br />

11. a) What amount has been apporti<strong>on</strong>ed to the pastoral charges within the c<strong>on</strong>ference to<br />

be raised for the support of the pensi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> benefit programs of the c<strong>on</strong>ference for the<br />

ensuing year (614.1d, 1507)? $3,562,000<br />

b) What are the apporti<strong>on</strong>ments to this c<strong>on</strong>ference for the ensuing year:<br />

(1) For the World Service Fund? $1,720,533<br />

(2) For the Ministerial Educati<strong>on</strong> Fund? $ 581,238<br />

(3) For the Black College Fund? $ 231,846<br />

(4) For the Africa University Fund? $ 51,889<br />

(5) For the Episcopal Fund? $ 482,885<br />

(6) For the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Administrati<strong>on</strong> Fund? $ 187,745<br />

(7) For the Interdenominati<strong>on</strong>al Cooperati<strong>on</strong> Fund? $ 45,293<br />

12. If the annual c<strong>on</strong>ference apporti<strong>on</strong>s to the local church a fund that combines two or more<br />

general apporti<strong>on</strong>ed funds with <strong>on</strong>e another, or that combines <strong>on</strong>e or more general<br />

apporti<strong>on</strong>ed funds with funds other than a general apporti<strong>on</strong>ed fund, list below for each<br />

combined fund: a) the name <strong>and</strong> amount of each general fund included in the<br />

apporti<strong>on</strong>ment; b) the percentage of the combined fund total that corresp<strong>on</strong>ds to each<br />

general fund apporti<strong>on</strong>ment (614.3d, 615.4).<br />

BENEVOLENCE World Service $1,720,533 50.08%<br />

Africa University $ 51,889 1.51%<br />

Black College Fund $ 231,846 6.74%<br />

CONNECTIONAL MINISTRIES <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Administrati<strong>on</strong> $ 187,745 5.21%<br />

Inter-Denominati<strong>on</strong>al Co-op $ 45,293 1.25%<br />

CLERGY SUPPORT Episcopal Fund $ 482,885 8.02%<br />

Ministerial Educati<strong>on</strong> Fund $ 581,238 9.66%<br />

13. C<strong>on</strong>ference <strong>and</strong> district lay leaders (603.9, 659):<br />

a) C<strong>on</strong>ference lay leader: Name: A. Vance Hart<br />

Mailing Address: RD 1, Box 84, Williamsburg, PA 16693<br />

b) Associate c<strong>on</strong>ference lay leaders:<br />

Daniel Moseler, 5730 Kenwood Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17112<br />

Larry Speer, 715 Boyle Road, Fairfield, PA 17320<br />

Pamela Wright, 171 Greenwood Road, M<strong>on</strong>roet<strong>on</strong>, PA 18832-7818<br />

c) District <strong>and</strong> associate district lay leaders:<br />

Alto<strong>on</strong>a: Michael J. Galbraith, 884 Burket Drive, Martinsburg, PA 16662<br />

Associate: Sheryl Hart, RR 1, Box 84, Williamsburg, PA 16693<br />

Chambersburg: Larry Speer, 715 Boyle Road, Fairfield, PA 17320<br />

Associate: June Plummer, 930 Leidig Drive, Chambersburg, PA 17201<br />

Harrisburg: N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

Lewisburg: Rodney Lynn, 44 Moser Road, Danville, PA 17821<br />

New Cumberl<strong>and</strong>: Marty Wagner, 45 Gary Player Drive, Etters, PA 17319<br />

State College: Mary Anna Miles, 658 Maple Drive, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te, PA 16823<br />

Associate: Justin Houser, 1277 Valley <str<strong>on</strong>g>View</str<strong>on</strong>g> Road, Bellef<strong>on</strong>te, PA 16823<br />

Wellsboro: Pamela Wright, 171 Greenwood Road, M<strong>on</strong>roet<strong>on</strong>, PA 18832-7818<br />

Associate: Susan Heyler, 317 Linck Hill Road, Morris, PA 16938<br />

Williamsport: Darlene Smith, 7577 Daugherty’s Run Road, Cogan Stati<strong>on</strong>, PA 17728-8745<br />

York: Mollye Inners, 150 Marble Court, York, PA 17402<br />

Associate: William Ingram, 101 Timber Lane, Hanover, PA 17331<br />

14. What local churches have been (Indicate district):<br />

a) Organized or Chartered?<br />

(1) New Church Start (259.2,.3) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

(2) Missi<strong>on</strong> C<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong> (260.1a) N<strong>on</strong>e


(3) Chartered Local Church (259.5) (List <strong>on</strong>ly churches chartered this year.)<br />

N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) Merged (2545, 2546)?<br />

(1) United Methodist with United Methodist<br />

Name of 1st church Name of 2nd church Name of merged church<br />

Alto<strong>on</strong>a Fifth Avenue Jaggard Jaggard<br />

Alto<strong>on</strong>a Faith Alto<strong>on</strong>a Wehnwood Alto<strong>on</strong>a Wehnwood<br />

Williamsport Pine Street Williamsport Grace Williamsport Pine Street<br />

(2) Other mergers: N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

c) Disc<strong>on</strong>tinued or ab<strong>and</strong><strong>on</strong>ed (229, 341.2, 2548)? (State which for each church<br />

listed. Indicate district)<br />

(1) New Church Start (259.2,.3) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

(2) Missi<strong>on</strong> C<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong> (259.1a) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

(3) Chartered Local Church (259.5)<br />

Alto<strong>on</strong>a District: Fifth Avenue Alto<strong>on</strong>a (Ab<strong>and</strong><strong>on</strong>ed)<br />

Chambersburg District: Otterbein, Mt. Alto (Ab<strong>and</strong><strong>on</strong>ed)<br />

Salem Scotl<strong>and</strong> (Ab<strong>and</strong><strong>on</strong>ed)<br />

Orbis<strong>on</strong>ia – M<strong>on</strong>roe (Disc<strong>on</strong>tinued)<br />

Harrisburg: Jacob’s Church, Killinger (Ab<strong>and</strong><strong>on</strong>ed)<br />

State College: Pleasant Hill Morrisdale (Disc<strong>on</strong>tinued)<br />

York: Bittersville (Disc<strong>on</strong>tinued)<br />

St John Glenville (Disc<strong>on</strong>tinued)<br />

d) Relocated <strong>and</strong> to what address? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

e) Changed name of church? (Example: "First" to "Trinity")<br />

St Pauls Chapel to Chapel (York District)<br />

f) Transferred this year into this c<strong>on</strong>ference from other United Methodist<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ference(s) <strong>and</strong> with what membership (41, 260)? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

g) What other changes have taken place in the list of churches?<br />

Alto<strong>on</strong>a, Wehnwood is a stati<strong>on</strong> church.<br />

Milroy is an extended ministry of Reedsville/Church Hill.<br />

15.Are there Ecumenical Shared Ministries in the c<strong>on</strong>ference? (208)<br />

a) Federated church N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) Uni<strong>on</strong> Church<br />

Name of church District Other Denominati<strong>on</strong>(s)<br />

Cant<strong>on</strong> Ecumenical Wellsboro Presbyterian<br />

Harrisburg Shared Ministries Harrisburg United Church of Christ<br />

Simps<strong>on</strong> Temple Alto<strong>on</strong>a Lutheran<br />

United Church of Nels<strong>on</strong> Wellsboro Presbyterian<br />

c) Merged Church N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

d) Yoked Parish<br />

Name of church District Other Denominati<strong>on</strong>(s)<br />

Knoxville Yoked Wellsboro Baptist<br />

16. What changes have been made in district <strong>and</strong> charge lines?<br />

Alto<strong>on</strong>a First <strong>and</strong> Jaggard are now the Alto<strong>on</strong>a First/Jaggard charge.<br />

Alto<strong>on</strong>a Broad Avenue <strong>and</strong> Mardorf are now the Alto<strong>on</strong>a Broad Avenue/Mardorf charge.<br />

Scotl<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> Otterbein Fayetteville are now the C<strong>on</strong>ococheague charge.<br />

Bellef<strong>on</strong>te, Trinity <strong>and</strong> Milesburg are now the Bellef<strong>on</strong>te, Trinity/Milesburg charge.<br />

Lock Haven Castanea, Lock Haven East Main Street, Laurel Run are now the<br />

Lock Haven Castanea, East Main Street, Laurel Run Charge.


PART II<br />


[VOTE NOTATION: A (v) following a questi<strong>on</strong> hereafter signifies that the acti<strong>on</strong> or electi<strong>on</strong><br />

requires a majority vote of the Clergy Sessi<strong>on</strong> of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference. If an acti<strong>on</strong> requires<br />

more than a simple majority, the notati<strong>on</strong> (v 2/3) or (v 3/4) signifies that a 2/3rds or 3/4ths<br />

majority vote is required. Indicate credential of pers<strong>on</strong>s, i.e., Full Deac<strong>on</strong> (FD), Full Elder (FE),<br />

Probati<strong>on</strong>ary Deac<strong>on</strong> (PD), Probati<strong>on</strong>ary Elder (PE), Associate Member (AM).<br />

17. Are all the clergy members of the c<strong>on</strong>ference blameless in their life <strong>and</strong> official<br />

administrati<strong>on</strong> (604.4, 605.6)? Yes<br />

18. Who c<strong>on</strong>stitute (elected quadrennially):<br />

a) The Committee <strong>on</strong> Investigati<strong>on</strong> (2703.2) (v)?<br />

Clergy in Full C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>: Clergy Alternates:<br />

Barto, George W. III Anders<strong>on</strong>, D<strong>on</strong>ald<br />

Beasley-Toplffe, Carola Beissel, Michelle J.<br />

Buxt<strong>on</strong>, J<strong>on</strong> Halverstadt, Susan L.<br />

Cook, A. Robert Mas<strong>on</strong>, Rosam<strong>on</strong>d B.<br />

Robis<strong>on</strong>, Barry C.<br />

Seeley, Jeffery A.<br />

Steffens<strong>on</strong>, Lori<br />

Professing Members Observers: Professing Members Alternates:<br />

Albor, Wendy Freeman, Marla<br />

Nylund, Helen Hart, Sheryl<br />

Smith, Allen Hughes, Jan<br />

V<strong>and</strong>ercoy, Judy<br />

Wright, Pamela<br />

b) The Administrative Review Committee (636)? (v)<br />

Clergy Alternates:<br />

Lel<strong>and</strong>, Larry L. Jr. (04) Dennis, Daniel L. (04)<br />

Maurer, Thomas A. (04) Salter, Dianne B. (08)<br />

Halderman, Shar<strong>on</strong>n D. (08) Roberts, Earl W. III (10)<br />

Roberts, D<strong>on</strong>ald Sr. (10)<br />

19. Who are the certified c<strong>and</strong>idates? ( 311, 312)<br />

a) Who have been certified as c<strong>and</strong>idates for ordained or licensed ministry since the last<br />

sessi<strong>on</strong> of the annual c<strong>on</strong>ference? (List the names of all those who have been certified,<br />

including those who are also listed in questi<strong>on</strong>s 20 <strong>and</strong> 21. DISTRICT<br />

ABBREVIATIONS: (A) – Alto<strong>on</strong>a, (C) – Chambersburg, (H) – Harrisburg, (L) –<br />

Lewisburg, (N) – New Cumberl<strong>and</strong>, (S) – State College, (O) – Wellsboro, (T) –<br />

Williamsport, (Y) – York):<br />

Allshouse, Travis (Y)<br />

Bishard, Robert V. Jr. (N)<br />

Blankley, Gary M. (A)<br />

Bragunier, Joshua L. (H)<br />

Dawes, Catherine R. (T)<br />

Frank, Charles S. (S)<br />

Gensib, Shar<strong>on</strong> A. (T)<br />

Gibbs, Lysa R. (S)<br />

Harbach, Mary K. (S)<br />

Herzberg, Kurt V. (C)<br />

Kauffman, Jennifer (S)<br />

Krauss, Ryan (A)<br />

Kuhns, Daniel L. (L)<br />

LaRosa, Sila (H)<br />

Miller, Adam (T)<br />

Miller, Fred I. (S)<br />

Port, Deborah J. (H)<br />

Smith, Jacob (T)<br />

Ward, Jean W. (H)<br />

Weiss, Karen (S)<br />

Yorks, Joshua A. (H)<br />

b) Who are c<strong>on</strong>tinued as certified c<strong>and</strong>idates for ordained or licensed ministry? (Do not<br />

list as c<strong>on</strong>tinued those licensed as local pastors in Questi<strong>on</strong> 21 or those listed as<br />

probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) members in questi<strong>on</strong> 28.)<br />

Burd-Harris, Megan (L)<br />

Durrwachter, Janet (T)<br />

Horst, Rachel (Y)<br />

Hughes, Jan (C)<br />

Loyer, Ruth (Y)<br />

Rivera, Evelyn (H)<br />

Romberger, M<strong>on</strong>ica (H)<br />

Stephens<strong>on</strong>, Andrea M. (Y)<br />

Strausbaugh, Joseph (N)<br />

Taylor, Elizabeth (T)


c) Who have had their c<strong>and</strong>idacy for ordained or licensed ministry accepted by a District<br />

Committee <strong>on</strong> Ordained Ministry in another annual c<strong>on</strong>ference? (Include name of<br />

accepting c<strong>on</strong>ference.)<br />

Name Accepting C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

d) Who have been disc<strong>on</strong>tinued as certified c<strong>and</strong>idates for licensed or ordained ministry?<br />

Disc<strong>on</strong>tinued (D)/Withdrawn (W) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

20. Who have completed the studies for the license as a local pastor, are approved, but are not<br />

now appointed? (315 -Indicate for each pers<strong>on</strong> the year the license was approved)<br />

Gensib, Shar<strong>on</strong> A. 2010<br />

Rivera, Evelyn 2004<br />

Goetz, Sue Ann 2006<br />

Romberger, M<strong>on</strong>ica 2009<br />

Koplitz, S<strong>and</strong>y 2004<br />

Ward, Jean M. 2010<br />

Kuhns, Daniel L. 2010<br />

Yorks, Joshua A. 2010<br />

Port, Deborah 2010<br />

21. Who are approved <strong>and</strong> appointed as: (Indicate for each pers<strong>on</strong> the first year the license<br />

was awarded. Indicate what progress each has made in the course of study or the name of<br />

the seminary in which they are enrolled. Indicate with an asterisk those who have<br />

completed the five year course of study or the M.Div. (319.4)? (v)<br />

a) Full time local pastors (318.1)<br />

Seminary Completed:<br />

Brosius, Terence T. 2005<br />

Dauenbaugh, Paul R. 1997<br />

Good, Sherry L. 2003<br />

Holz, Beth R. 2009<br />

Klopp, Christopher A. 2009<br />

Miller, Calvin J. 2000<br />

Myfelt, Brian L. 2010<br />

Course of Study Completed:<br />

Alwine, Edward B. 2003<br />

Bair, William R. 1999<br />

Bardo, Duane D. 2005<br />

Brant, S<strong>and</strong>ra C. 2004<br />

Clippinger, George W. 1996<br />

Dobbs, Dale W. 1997<br />

Ehrsam, Kathleen M. 2001<br />

Goshorn, Darwin C. 2003<br />

Harmic, Thomas L 1995<br />

Hollister, Ruth A. 1998<br />

Hughes, Terry L. 2000<br />

Kitzmiller, Kenneth R. 1995<br />

Klingerman, I. Robert 2003<br />

Course of Study – Year Five:<br />

Heikes, Jennifer C. 2002<br />

Lowe, Richard W. 2002<br />

Course of Study – Year Four:<br />

Bollinger, Patricia C. 2005<br />

Leigey, Kathy A. 2005<br />

Course of Study – Year Three:<br />

Baney, John C. 2004<br />

Delooze, Valerie M. 2002<br />

Hawkins, Tina 2006<br />

Schmidt, Gerald E. Jr. 2007<br />

Phillips, Kimberly L. 2009<br />

Piper, Julia A. 2006<br />

Salsgiver, Brent T. 2007<br />

Slemp, Jeffery A. Jr. 2009<br />

St. Martin, Kevin R. 1997<br />

Staples, Ersel D. 2004<br />

Thumma, Mark R. 2005<br />

Leigey, Elwood E. 1987<br />

McCleary, Dennis L. 1998<br />

McCracken, Dennis L. 2003<br />

Noggle, Richard L. 1993<br />

Osif, Thomas M. 1998<br />

Overmiller, Ann B. 1998<br />

Scholl, Le<strong>on</strong> G. 1997<br />

Shenberger, Vern<strong>on</strong> E. 1993<br />

Walker, David A. 1997<br />

Walrath, Dean A. 1994<br />

Waters, Richard D. 2001<br />

Watkins, Deborah L. 2003<br />

Waugh, C<strong>on</strong>stance 1999<br />

Mitchell, Brenda D. 2005<br />

M<strong>on</strong>tgomery, Jean R. 2004<br />

Westbrook, Deborah K. 2006<br />

Vaux, D<strong>on</strong>na L. 2003<br />

Weigel, Michael C. 2003<br />

Wils<strong>on</strong>, Michael H. 2007


Course of Study – Year Two:<br />

Atchis<strong>on</strong>, Alan D. 2008<br />

Diehl, Keith D. 2009<br />

Fyock, Anna M. 2008<br />

Course of Study – Year One:<br />

Blankley, Gary M. 2010<br />

Henry, Robert F. 2005<br />

Hardic, Ther<strong>on</strong> R. 2008<br />

Jacobs, Robert R. 2008<br />

Minnick, W<strong>and</strong>a L. 2008<br />

Herzberg, Kurt V. 2010<br />

Marsh, Robert J. 2008<br />

At School (serving full-time but <strong>on</strong>ly part-time in school):<br />

Carter, Chadrick E. 2009 Wesley Theological Seminary<br />

Hill, Michael A. 2003 Moody Bible Institute<br />

Hocker, Scott A. 2003 Harrisburg Area Community College<br />

Kyler, Laura M. 2008 Wesley Theological Seminary<br />

Mellott, Douglas W. 2008 Penn State University<br />

Reinaker, Charles H. 2008 Wesley Theological Seminary<br />

Rosensteel, Julie A. 2005 Wesley Theological Seminary<br />

Wilt, Jeffrey F. 2004 Lancaster Bible College<br />

b) Part time local pastors (318.2) (fracti<strong>on</strong> of full-time in <strong>on</strong>e-quarter increments)<br />

Seminary Completed:<br />

Baker-Betz, Virginia E. 2008 3/4<br />

Brouse, J. Grant 2001 1/4<br />

Pfleegor, Chris E. 2006 3/4<br />

Course of Study Completed:<br />

Behrens, Katherine A. 1994 1/2<br />

Bupp, Judy M. 2003 1/2<br />

Course of Study – Year Five:<br />

Kent, Shar<strong>on</strong> L. 2004 1/2<br />

Kocek, Frank J. 2001 1/4<br />

Koretzky, Debra A. 2000 1/2<br />

Course of Study – Year Four:<br />

Bodek, Michael T. 2006 1/4<br />

Claybourn, Charles V. 1996 1/2<br />

Daugherty, Terry N. 2004 3/4<br />

Jordan, Vicki A. 2001 3/4<br />

Course of Study – Year Three:<br />

Baumgardner, Michael S. 2005 3/4<br />

Decker, Debra A. 2006 1/2<br />

Detterline, Suzanne 2004 1/4<br />

Dittman, Catherine 2004 1/2<br />

Eddinger, Robert D. 2001 1/2<br />

Elmer, Vicki L. 2005 3/4<br />

Course of Study – Year Two:<br />

Burdick, F. Alan 2006 1/4<br />

Freeman-Frank, Christine 2007 1/2<br />

Gunter, Cynthia J. 2007 1/2<br />

Knorr, Susan K. 2006 3/4<br />

Koser, Scott R. 2009 1/2<br />

Course of Study – Year One:<br />

Arnold, Susan L. 2009 3/4<br />

Bens<strong>on</strong>, William D. 2008 1/4<br />

Bishard, Robert V. Jr. 2010 3/4<br />

Coy, Duane J. 2009 1/4<br />

Dawes, Catherine R. 2010 1/2<br />

Dittman, Peter K. 2009 1/2<br />

Frank, Charles S. 2010 3/4<br />

Ransom, Grace Marie 2006 1/4<br />

Runnels, Ann R. 2002 1/4<br />

Leh, Howard W. 1998 1/2<br />

Muldo<strong>on</strong>, William R. III 2005 3/4<br />

Parlett, Larry W. 2000 3/4<br />

Kitchen, Gail Y. 2006 1/2<br />

Maifair, Linda L. 2007 1/2<br />

Swigart, Kari I. 2001 3/4<br />

Wolf, Jennifer J. 2007 1/4<br />

Fluke, Richard B. II 2005 1/4<br />

Sharpe, Edward C. 1998 1/2<br />

Snyder, Harold E. 2007 3/4<br />

Swigart, Steven C. 2007 1/2<br />

Wise, Patricia A. 2004 1/4<br />

Kreisher, Larry H. 2006 1/4<br />

Miller, Gerald R. 2006 1/4<br />

Pannebaker, Clare 2006 1/4<br />

Spearly, David J. 2007 1/2<br />

Harbach, Mary K. 2009 1/2<br />

Harrold, Troy R. 2008 1/2<br />

Herbst, Jeffrey B. 2009 1/2<br />

Irwin, Gay L. 2007 1/2<br />

Kerstetter, Wayne A. 2008 1/2<br />

Miller, Fred I 2010 1/4


Molter, Gregory K, 2008 1/2<br />

Purnell, Michael J. 2003 1/4<br />

Renninger, Linda J. 2009 1/2<br />

Renninger, Luvania E. 2006 1/4<br />

Rose, Craig Q. 2008 1/2<br />

Ryder, Deborah L. 2009 1/4<br />

Secrest, Betty L. 2009 1/2<br />

Smith, Sean P. 2008 3/4<br />

Snyder, Eric M. 2010 1/4<br />

Webster, Kristi A. 2008 1/4<br />

At School (serving part time <strong>and</strong> in school):<br />

Albright, Terry T. 2004 Evangelical Theological Seminary 3/4<br />

Barnes, Michael F. 2008 Eastern University 1/2<br />

Bodle, Michelle R. 2010 Drew Theological Seminary 1/2<br />

Brubaker, Tanya L. H. 2010 Millersville University 1/2<br />

Gibbs, Lysa R. 2009 Lock Haven University 3/4<br />

Hartzel, P. Franklin Jr. 1997 Evangelical School of Theology 1/2<br />

Hatter, Bradley D. 2009 Evangelical School of Theology 1/2<br />

Hock, Brendan L. 2009 Wesley Theological Seminary 1/2<br />

Johns<strong>on</strong>, Mark D. 2004 Asbury Theological Seminary 1/4<br />

Port, Deborah J. 2010 University of Pennsylvania 1/2<br />

Ryder, Robert M. 2007 Wesley Theological Seminary 1/2<br />

Servello, Barbara A. 2007 Wesley Theological Seminary 1/4<br />

Shutt, Annette Y. 2004 Evangelical School of Theology 3/4<br />

Smith, D<strong>on</strong>ald J. 2006 Penn State University 3/4<br />

Stewart, Susan L. 2008 Wils<strong>on</strong> College 1/4<br />

Taylor, Wyatt A. 2008 Wesley Theological Seminary 3/4<br />

c) Students of other denominati<strong>on</strong>s serving as local pastors <strong>and</strong> enrolled in a school of<br />

theology listed by the University Senate (318.4)? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

d) Pers<strong>on</strong>s serving as local pastors while seeking readmissi<strong>on</strong> to c<strong>on</strong>ference membership<br />

(365.4, 366, 368.3)? (If not in this c<strong>on</strong>ference indicate name of c<strong>on</strong>ference where<br />

serving) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

22. Who have been disc<strong>on</strong>tinued as local pastors (320.1)?<br />

Ludrowsky, Shar<strong>on</strong> A. 1/05/2010<br />

Nestlerode, Shar<strong>on</strong> 6/30/2010<br />

23. Who have been reinstated as local pastors (320.4)? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

Orendi, Michael J. Sr. 8/01/2009<br />

Stiltner, Theodore A. 5/10/2010<br />

24. What ordained ministers from other Annual C<strong>on</strong>ferences or Methodist denominati<strong>on</strong>s are<br />

approved for appointment in the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference while retaining their c<strong>on</strong>ference or<br />

denominati<strong>on</strong>al membership (331.8, 346.1)? (List alphabetically; indicate Annual<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference or denominati<strong>on</strong> where membership is held. Indicate Credential.)<br />

a. Annual C<strong>on</strong>ferences:<br />

Dots<strong>on</strong>, Curtis A. (PE) Peninsula-Delaware<br />

Milinovich, Gregory A. (FE) Greater New Jersey<br />

b. Other Methodist C<strong>on</strong>ferences: N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

25. What clergy in good st<strong>and</strong>ing in other Christian denominati<strong>on</strong>s have been approved to<br />

serve appointments or ecumenical ministries within the bounds of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

while retaining their denominati<strong>on</strong>al affiliati<strong>on</strong> (331.8, 346.2)? (v) (Designate with an<br />

asterisk [*] those who have been accorded voting rights within the annual c<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

Indicate credential)<br />

* Arpino, Denise (O) Evangelical Lutheran Church of America<br />

* Brown, Robert W. (O) United Church of Christ<br />

* Densmore, Dorothy (O) Presbyterian Church USA<br />

* Gord<strong>on</strong>, Richard (O) United Church of Christ<br />

* Hallman, William R. (O) Presbyterian Church of America<br />

* Marcello W. David (O) Presbyterian Church USA<br />

* Troup, R<strong>on</strong>ald E. (O) American Baptist


26. Who are Affiliate Members? (List alphabetically; indicate annual c<strong>on</strong>ference or<br />

denominati<strong>on</strong> where membership is held.)<br />

a) With vote (586.4)? (v) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) Without vote (334.4, 344.4)? (v 2/3) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

NOTE: If your c<strong>on</strong>ference has admitted or ordained pers<strong>on</strong>s as a courtesy to another<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ference, list these pers<strong>on</strong>s in Questi<strong>on</strong> 40 <strong>on</strong>ly. If pers<strong>on</strong>s have been admitted or<br />

ordained by another annual c<strong>on</strong>ference as a courtesy to your c<strong>on</strong>ference, list these<br />

pers<strong>on</strong>s in Questi<strong>on</strong>s 27–39, whichever are appropriate, giving the date <strong>and</strong> name of<br />

the accommodating c<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

27. Who are elected as Associate Members? (322) (v) (List alphabetically – see note<br />

preceding Questi<strong>on</strong> 27) (Refer to biographical sketches at end of report.)<br />

Rogutski, Susan O.<br />

28. Who are elected <strong>and</strong> commissi<strong>on</strong>ed as Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Members? (under 322,<br />

324, 325) (Refer to biographical sketches at end of report.)<br />

a) Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Deac<strong>on</strong>s (PD): N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

1) Under provisi<strong>on</strong>s of 324.4a, c? (v)<br />

2) Under provisi<strong>on</strong>s of 324.5? (v)<br />

b) Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Elders (PE):<br />

1) Under provisi<strong>on</strong>s of 324.4a, b? (v) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

2) Under provisi<strong>on</strong>s of 324.6? (v) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

3) Under provisi<strong>on</strong>s of 322.4? (v 3/4) (Level)<br />

Anders<strong>on</strong>, Marian K. Provisi<strong>on</strong>al 1<br />

Bennett, R<strong>and</strong>all G. Jr. Provisi<strong>on</strong>al 1<br />

Copulos, James R. Provisi<strong>on</strong>al 1<br />

Dots<strong>on</strong>, Mary F. Provisi<strong>on</strong>al 1<br />

Heatwole, Tanya A. Provisi<strong>on</strong>al 1<br />

Hughes, R<strong>and</strong>y S. Provisi<strong>on</strong>al 1<br />

King, Laura E. Provisi<strong>on</strong>al 1<br />

McGee, Rebecca J. Provisi<strong>on</strong>al 1<br />

Mackey, Jas<strong>on</strong> R. Provisi<strong>on</strong>al 1<br />

Nauta, Christopher R. Provisi<strong>on</strong>al 1<br />

Ransom, Robert H. Provisi<strong>on</strong>al 1<br />

Walker, Judy L. Provisi<strong>on</strong>al 1<br />

Whitlock, Michelle L. Provisi<strong>on</strong>al 1<br />

29. Who are c<strong>on</strong>tinued as commissi<strong>on</strong>ed Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Members (PM), <strong>and</strong> in<br />

what year were they admitted to Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) membership (326)?<br />

a) In preparati<strong>on</strong> for ordinati<strong>on</strong> as a Deac<strong>on</strong>? (326.1) (Level)<br />

Estep, Adam J. 2008 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate/Extensi<strong>on</strong> 2<br />

b) In preparati<strong>on</strong> for ordinati<strong>on</strong> as an Elder? (326.2)<br />

Layman, Anna E. 2008 Provisi<strong>on</strong>al/Extensi<strong>on</strong> 2<br />

Burd-Harris, Andrew M. 2009 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate<br />

D’Agostino, Edward T. 2009 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate<br />

Dawes, Michael J. 2009 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate<br />

Dubbs, Michael C. 2008 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate/Extensi<strong>on</strong> 1<br />

Hughes, Heather A. 2008 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate/Extensi<strong>on</strong> 1<br />

Loyer, Kenneth M. 2009 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate<br />

Minnella, Laura E. 2009 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate<br />

Quintilian, John R. 2009 Provisi<strong>on</strong>al/Extensi<strong>on</strong> 1<br />

Plant, Matthew D. 2009 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate<br />

Rudy, Frederick C. 2009 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate<br />

Scamahorn, Ellen B. 2009 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate<br />

Schafer, Christopher J. 2009 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate<br />

Willis, Joleen A. 2009 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate


Willis, R<strong>and</strong>y M. 2009 Ordinati<strong>on</strong> C<strong>and</strong>idate<br />

c) Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Deac<strong>on</strong>s who became Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Elders?<br />

(Indicate year) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

d) Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Elders who became Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Deac<strong>on</strong>s?<br />

(Indicate year) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

e) Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Members who transferred from other c<strong>on</strong>ferences or<br />

denominati<strong>on</strong>s)? (347)<br />

30. Who have been received from other Christian denominati<strong>on</strong>s (347.3)? (List<br />

alphabetically – see note preceding Questi<strong>on</strong> 27.)<br />

a) As Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Members (347.3.a,b)? (v) (Date Received)<br />

Anders<strong>on</strong>, Richard F. 6/04/2010<br />

b) As Local Pastors (347.3a) (v) (Date Received) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

31. Who are elected as Members in Full C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>? (List alphabetically— see note preceding<br />

Questi<strong>on</strong> 27. Any<strong>on</strong>e appearing <strong>on</strong> this questi<strong>on</strong> must also be listed somewhere in<br />

Questi<strong>on</strong>s 32-33 or 35, unless the clergy’s orders from another denominati<strong>on</strong> were<br />

recognized <strong>on</strong> Questi<strong>on</strong> 39 in a previous year.) (Refer to biographical sketches at end of<br />

report.)<br />

a) Deac<strong>on</strong>s<br />

Beach, Laura B.<br />

b) Elders<br />

Cale, Lori A.<br />

Coleman, Joel N.<br />

Fleck, Joey A.<br />

Krebs, Dwaine E.<br />

Madis<strong>on</strong>, Evelyn L.<br />

Messner, Mark R.<br />

Parks-Snyder, Jennifer M.<br />

Reisinger, Mark F.<br />

Rich, Calvin J.<br />

Wertz, Jennett<br />

Wooster, James B. Jr.<br />

32. Who are elected for ordinati<strong>on</strong> as Deac<strong>on</strong>s in full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>? (List alphabetically – see<br />

note preceding Questi<strong>on</strong> 27.)<br />

a) After Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) membership (330)? (v 2/3)<br />

Beach, Laura B.<br />

b) Transfer from Elder in full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>? (309.3) (v 2/3) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

33. Who are elected for ordinati<strong>on</strong> as Elders? (List alphabetically – see note preceding<br />

Questi<strong>on</strong> 27.) (Refer to biographical sketches at end of report.)<br />

a) After Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Membership (335). (v2/3)<br />

Cale, Lori A.<br />

Coleman, Joel N.<br />

Fleck, Joey A.<br />

Krebs, Dwaine E.<br />

Madis<strong>on</strong>, Evelyn L.<br />

Messner, Mark R.<br />

Parks-Snyder, Jennifer M.<br />

Reisinger, Mark F.<br />

Rich, Calvin J.<br />

Wertz, Jennett<br />

Wooster, James B. Jr.<br />

b) Transfer from Deac<strong>on</strong> in full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>? (309.3) (v 2/3)<br />

34. What Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Members, previously disc<strong>on</strong>tinued, are readmitted<br />

(364)? (v) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

35. Who are readmitted (365-367 [v], 368 [v 2/3])?<br />

a) As Associate Members? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) As Members in Full C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>?<br />

Gunter, R. Kenneth 7/01/2010<br />

36. Who are returned to the effective relati<strong>on</strong>ship after voluntary retirement (358.7) (v)?<br />

a) As Associate Members? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) As Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Members? Indicate credential. N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

c) As Members in Full C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>? Indicate Credential. N<strong>on</strong>e


37. Who have been received by transfer from other Annual C<strong>on</strong>ferences of The United<br />

Methodist Church (347.1, 416.5, 635.2m)? (List alphabetically. Indicate credential. See<br />

note preceding Questi<strong>on</strong> 27.) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

38. Who are transferred in from other Methodist denominati<strong>on</strong>s (347.2)? (List<br />

alphabetically. Indicate credential) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

39. What clergy, coming from other Christian denominati<strong>on</strong>s, have had their orders<br />

recognized (348)? (v)<br />

a) As Deac<strong>on</strong>s? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) As Elders? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

40. Who have been ordained as a courtesy to other c<strong>on</strong>ferences, after electi<strong>on</strong> by the other<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ference? (See note preceding Questi<strong>on</strong> 27. Such courtesy electi<strong>on</strong>s or ordinati<strong>on</strong>s do<br />

not require transfer of c<strong>on</strong>ference membership.)<br />

a) Deac<strong>on</strong>s in full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) Elders in full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

41. Who are transferred out to other Annual C<strong>on</strong>ferences of The United Methodist Church<br />

(416.5)? (List alphabetically. Indicate credential. See note preceding Questi<strong>on</strong> 27.)<br />

N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

Name Status C<strong>on</strong>ference Date<br />

42. Who are disc<strong>on</strong>tinued as Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Members (327.6)? Indicate credential<br />

(v)<br />

Neubaum, W<strong>and</strong>a J. (PE) 3/12/2010<br />

43. Who are <strong>on</strong> locati<strong>on</strong>?<br />

a) Who has been granted h<strong>on</strong>orable locati<strong>on</strong> (359.1)? (Give date when this acti<strong>on</strong><br />

became effective. Record Charge C<strong>on</strong>ference where membership is held. Indicate<br />

credential <strong>and</strong> year of most recent report.)<br />

1. This year? (v) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

2. Previously? Charge C<strong>on</strong>ference Date of report<br />

1977: Hassinger, Kenneth E. (FE) NONE<br />

Miller, George W. (FE) NONE<br />

1980: Robb, D. Keith (FE) 2007<br />

1983: O’Brien, P. Samuel (FE) Blue Mountain 2009<br />

1984: DeGeus, Eugene L. (FE) Columbia, West Columbia, TX 2008<br />

1988: Gearhart, Gay Ann (FE) Hughesville Bethany 2009<br />

Kovalak, Janet L. (FE) York Asbury 2009<br />

Mann, Stephen T. (FE) NO KNOWN ADDRESS NONE<br />

Shaffer, Kenneth B. (FE) St. John’s, Lancaster NONE<br />

1989: Jacks<strong>on</strong>, S. Raym<strong>on</strong>d (FE) NO KNOWN ADDRESS NONE<br />

1991: Mackey-Wisor, William T. (FE) Catawissa First 2009<br />

1992: Ingraham, Robert E. (FE) Hershey First 2009<br />

Johns<strong>on</strong>, Jay M. (FE) Bloomsburg Good Shepherd NONE<br />

2000: Sheld<strong>on</strong>, Terry A. (FE) Turkey Valley 2008<br />

2005: Derk, J. Michael (FE) York Aldersgate 2007<br />

b) Who <strong>on</strong> h<strong>on</strong>orable locati<strong>on</strong> are appointed ad interim as local pastors? (359.2)<br />

(Indicate date <strong>and</strong> appointment.)<br />

Gearhart, Gay Ann 7/1/06 Picture Rocks Parish<br />

c) Who have been placed <strong>on</strong> administrative locati<strong>on</strong> (363.1)? (Give date when this<br />

acti<strong>on</strong> became effective. Record Charge C<strong>on</strong>ference where membership is held.<br />

Indicate credential.)<br />

1. This year? (v) N<strong>on</strong>e Charge C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

2. Previously? Charge C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

1995 Moore, Phillip G. (FE) Roaring Spring


44. Who have been granted the status of h<strong>on</strong>orable locati<strong>on</strong>—retired (359.3)? (Record<br />

Charge C<strong>on</strong>ference where membership is held. Indicate credential.)<br />

a) This year? (v) Credential Charge C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

Leckr<strong>on</strong>e, Terry L. (FE) York Trinity 2010<br />

b) Previously?<br />

Bardo, Richard W. (FE) Catawissa, First 2009<br />

Boyer, William C. (FE) 2008<br />

Cole, Dan P. (FE) Beaver Memorial, Lewisburg 2010<br />

Coover, J. Edward (FE) 2009<br />

Dean, Llewellyn D. (FE) 2007<br />

Faulkner, Joseph E. (FE) State College, St. Paul’s 2009<br />

Goshorn, George V. Jr. (FE) 2008<br />

Johns<strong>on</strong>, Ralph F. Jr., (FE) York Asbury 2009<br />

Morgan, D<strong>on</strong>ald R. (FE) New Bloomfield 2005<br />

Moyer, Charles R. (FE) Williamsport Pine Street 2009<br />

Neufer, L. Paul (FE) Williamsport Fax<strong>on</strong>-Kenmar 2009<br />

Pile, Wendell James (FE) Crooks Memorial, Yorktown, VA 2005<br />

Rebok, Kenneth L. (FE) Aldersgate, Huber Heights, Ohio 2008<br />

Roper, Richard M. (FE) Merced UMC, Merced, CA 2006<br />

Wright, Ralph L. (FE) Loganville-Emmanuel 2009<br />

Zubrod, Stephen A. (FE) Hollidaysburg-First 2008<br />

45. Who have had their status as h<strong>on</strong>orably located <strong>and</strong> their orders terminated (359.2)? (v)<br />

(Give date when this acti<strong>on</strong> became effective. Indicate credential.) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

46. Who have had their c<strong>on</strong>ference membership terminated? (Give date when this acti<strong>on</strong><br />

became effective. Indicate credential.)<br />

a) By withdrawal to unite with another denominati<strong>on</strong> (360.1, .4)? (v) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) By withdrawal from the ordained ministerial office (360.2, 4)? (v) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

c) By withdrawal under complaints or charges (360.3, .4; 2719.2)? (v)<br />

Hagy, Mark A. (FE) 1/26/2010<br />

Reedy, Dennis N, (FE) 10/08/2009<br />

d) By terminati<strong>on</strong> of orders under recommendati<strong>on</strong> of the Board of Ordained Ministry<br />

(354.12)? (v) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

e. By trial (2713)? (v)<br />

Lenker, Thomas C. (FE) 5/13/2010<br />

47. Who have been suspended under the provisi<strong>on</strong>s of 361.1c, 2704.2c or 2711.3? (Give<br />

effective dates. Indicate credential.)<br />

Name Status Date<br />

Hagy, Mark A. (FE) 10/28/2009<br />

Lenker, Thomas C. (FE) 9/24/2009<br />

48. Deceased (List alphabetically in the space provided):<br />

a) What Associate Members have died during the year?<br />

Effective:N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

Retired: N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) What Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Members died during the year? (Indicate credential.)<br />

Effective:N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

Retired: N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

c) What Elders in full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> have died during the year?<br />

Effective:<br />

Name Date of Birth Date of Death<br />

Foster, S<strong>and</strong>ra L. 3/13/1943 5/31/2010<br />

Gensib, M. Joyce 8/02/1942 12/27/2009<br />

Lake, D. Gregory 6/12/1953 4/02/2010


Retired:<br />

Name Date of Birth Date of Death<br />

Bigler, Edward E. 7/06/1920 3/22/2010<br />

Crouse, Lewis A. 3/16/1930 10/14/2009<br />

Dietrich, Glenn M. 12/19/1931 3/21/2010<br />

J<strong>on</strong>es, Thomas R. 11/03/1927 1/10/2010<br />

Keech, Roger E. 8/13/1923 1/07/2010<br />

Lingenfelter, Ira L. 3/20/1932 2/25/2010<br />

Loreman, G. Edward 5/14/1920 6/27/2009<br />

McCleary, D<strong>on</strong>ald S. 4/17/1926 7/16/2009<br />

M<strong>on</strong>roe, Frank O. 9/08/1935 11/23/2009<br />

Shellenberger, John L. Sr. 1/23/1932 12/05/2009<br />

West, Howard W. 2/22/1925 2/01/2010<br />

d) What Deac<strong>on</strong>s in full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> have died during the year?<br />

Effective:N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

Retired: N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

e) What Local Pastors have died during this year?<br />

Effective:N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

Retired:<br />

Name Date of Birth Date of Death<br />

Ranck, Anna B. 7/09/1929 3/11/2009<br />

Shildt, Richard L. 4/24/1941 4/12/2010<br />

49. What probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) or ordained members (elders <strong>and</strong> deac<strong>on</strong>s) have received<br />

appointments in other Annual C<strong>on</strong>ferences of The United Methodist Church while<br />

retaining their membership in this Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference (331.8, 346.1)? (List<br />

alphabetically; indicate Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference where appointed. Indicate credential.)<br />

Name Status Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

Houck, James A. Jr. (FE) Eastern Pennsylvania<br />

Layman, Anna E. (PE) Methodist Church of Southern Africa<br />

Leedom, Michael J. (FE) Baltimore-Washingt<strong>on</strong><br />

McGee, Rebecca J. (PE) Virginia<br />

Sosa, Ruby Harkness (FE) Texas<br />

Wilcox, Daniel P. (FE) Alaska<br />

50. Who are the probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) or ordained members <strong>on</strong> leave of absence <strong>and</strong> for<br />

what number of years c<strong>on</strong>secutively has each held this relati<strong>on</strong> (354)? Indicate credential.<br />

Record Charge C<strong>on</strong>ference where membership is held)<br />

Name Year Charge C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

a) Voluntary? (v; v2/3 after 5* years)<br />

(1) Pers<strong>on</strong>al (354.2a)<br />

Fuller, Gerald W. (FE) (6) Camp Hill<br />

Kilmer, William P. (FE) (6)<br />

Miller, Shar<strong>on</strong> K. (FE) (2)<br />

Perry, Elizabeth A. (FE) (2)<br />

Ryan, Richard R. Jr. (FE) (11)* Winterstown<br />

(2) Family (354.2b)<br />

Givler, Elizabeth H. (FE) (3)<br />

Haller, Marsha J. (LP) 7/01/2010<br />

J<strong>on</strong>es, Peggy A. (FE) 7/01/2010<br />

Wilcox, Kris-Ann (FE) (3)<br />

(3) Transiti<strong>on</strong>al (354.2c) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) Involuntary? (v 2/3)<br />

Lenker, Thomas C (FE) 12/22/2009<br />

Libert, John C. (FE) 6/01/2010


Myers, William H. III (FE) 6/20/2009<br />

c) Who have been placed <strong>on</strong> leave of absence since the last Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference (ad<br />

interim)?<br />

Name Credential Effective Date Charge C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

(1) Voluntary (v)<br />

(i) Pers<strong>on</strong>al N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

(ii) Family<br />

Walker, E. Ann (FE) 6/15/2010 Neidig Memorial<br />

(iii) Transiti<strong>on</strong>al N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

(2) Involuntary? (v2/3) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

d) Who <strong>on</strong> leave of absence have had their leaves terminated since the last sessi<strong>on</strong> of the<br />

Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference (ad interim)?<br />

Name Credential Effective Date<br />

Doan, R<strong>on</strong>ald O. (FE) 9/06/2009<br />

51. Who are granted sabbatical leave (352)? (v) (Give date when this relati<strong>on</strong> became<br />

effective; indicate credential.) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

52. What acti<strong>on</strong>s have been taken c<strong>on</strong>cerning disabled members (357)? (Indicate credential.)<br />

NOTE: Incapacity leave is a relati<strong>on</strong>ship that must be granted annually by acti<strong>on</strong> of the Annual<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference. If the incapacity leave of pers<strong>on</strong>s listed in Questi<strong>on</strong> 52(a) is c<strong>on</strong>tinuing, list their<br />

names also in Questi<strong>on</strong> 52(c). Pers<strong>on</strong>s listed here should not be listed as retired under Questi<strong>on</strong>s<br />

58, 59, 60 or 61.) (v)<br />

a) Who were granted incapacity leave since the last Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference sessi<strong>on</strong> (357.2)?<br />

(Give effective dates.)<br />

Name Credential Effective Date<br />

Lake, D. Gregory (FE) 2/01/2010<br />

Ludrowsky, Robert S. (FE) 7/01/2009<br />

b) Who have had their incapacity leave terminated since the last c<strong>on</strong>ference sessi<strong>on</strong><br />

(357.3)? (Give effective dates of terminati<strong>on</strong>s.)<br />

Name Effective Date<br />

L<strong>and</strong>is, Shar<strong>on</strong> L. (AM) 7/01/2009<br />

Ludrowsky, Robert S. (FE) 6/30/2010<br />

Libert, John C. (FE) 5/31//2010<br />

c) Who are granted incapacity leave at this sessi<strong>on</strong> (357.1)? (v)<br />

Name Effective Date<br />

Bumbarger, Gary W. (FE) 08/01/2001<br />

Cowher, Kim K. (FE) 06/01/1996<br />

Firest<strong>on</strong>e, Nancy D. (FE) 04/01/2002<br />

Mugridge, Jeffrey F. (FE) 11/01/1994<br />

Nels<strong>on</strong>, D<strong>on</strong>ald P. (FE) 11/21/2005<br />

Schwartz, Lynne M. (LP) 06/01/2002<br />

Trego, Robert C. Jr., (FE) 07/01/2001<br />

Wenrich, James T. (FE) 07/01/2002<br />

Yorks, D<strong>on</strong>ald E. (LP) 07/01/2008<br />

53. What Members in Full C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> have been retired (358)? If retiring in the interim<br />

between c<strong>on</strong>ference sessi<strong>on</strong>s (358.2d), indicate the effective date of retirement). (Under<br />

358.1, no vote is required; under 358.2, v; under 358.3, v 2/3.)<br />

Deac<strong>on</strong>s:<br />

a) This year? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) Previously?<br />

Nort<strong>on</strong>, Francis H.<br />

Elders:<br />

a) This year? (07/01/2010 unless noted otherwise)<br />

Bequeath, Michael S.


Calkins, Glenn C.<br />

Crawford, Paul F. Jr.<br />

Doan, R<strong>on</strong>ald O. 9/06/2009<br />

Fields, Fred J.<br />

Haupt, Jerome W. III<br />

Kind, Charles L.<br />

Leeds, Robert S.<br />

McCullough, David P.<br />

M<strong>on</strong>tgomery, Arthur L.<br />

O’Brien, Iva L.<br />

Russell, Shirley J.<br />

Sanagorski, Thomas H. 12/31/2009<br />

Shafer, D. L. Brint<strong>on</strong><br />

Sunderl<strong>and</strong>, James R. Jr.<br />

b) Previously?<br />

Adams, Thomas E. Jr.<br />

Arthur, Kenneth R.<br />

Baer, Guy R.<br />

Baird, Alm<strong>on</strong> D.<br />

Bard, D<strong>on</strong>ald R.<br />

Barner, Richard M.<br />

Barth, F. Louis<br />

Barto, George W. III<br />

Baughman, Charles L.<br />

Baughman, Warren L.<br />

Beistline, R<strong>on</strong>ald J.<br />

Bennetch, Frederick E.<br />

Bersgtrom, Frank W.<br />

Bole, Melvin D.<br />

B<strong>on</strong>ham, Kenneth R.<br />

B<strong>on</strong>sell, James C. III<br />

Bowersox, R<strong>on</strong>ald E.<br />

Brenneman, Richard F.<br />

Brewster, N. Jeffers<strong>on</strong><br />

Brinker, Luke J.<br />

Brinks, James M.<br />

Britcher, John C.<br />

Brown, Percy D.<br />

Brown, Robert A. Sr.<br />

Brown, William M.<br />

Buck, Harry M. Jr.<br />

Bundy, Lyle S.<br />

Burtner, Roger Q.<br />

Buterbaugh, Carl L.<br />

Camp, Guy W. III<br />

Campagna, Ruth Ann<br />

Carls<strong>on</strong>, E. Luke<br />

Carrigan, D. Guy Jr.<br />

Cartwright, Jeffrey N.<br />

Ciampa, D<strong>on</strong>ald J.<br />

Cline, Jerry A.<br />

Coffman, Norman S.<br />

Cole, Calvin H. Sr.<br />

Cole, Larry D.<br />

Coleman, Larry L.<br />

Cope, R. Edward<br />

Cordova, Vidal L.<br />

Cramer, Max W.<br />

Crawford, C. John<br />

Dawes, James T.<br />

Derk, Jay M.<br />

Dods<strong>on</strong>, James M.<br />

Doverspike, C. Leroy<br />

Dromazos, John J<br />

Dunlap, Richard N.<br />

Eberly, Harry M.<br />

Eschelman, Linda O.<br />

Feaster, John C.<br />

Felty, Richard G.<br />

Fetterman, Brian A.<br />

Fishel, D<strong>on</strong>ald G.<br />

Fisher, Bruce D.<br />

Fisher, Edward J. Jr.<br />

Fitzgerald, Charles A.<br />

Focht, Lawrence C.<br />

Fox, James F.<br />

Fravel, Raym<strong>on</strong>d D.<br />

Freed, W. Marvin<br />

Freeman, Tiffany M.<br />

Fuller, Cynthia Raski<br />

Funk, William W.<br />

Furman, Max W.<br />

Gable, Henry E.<br />

Gable, Dennis R.<br />

Gaither, Golden A.<br />

Garvin, Rol<strong>and</strong> E.<br />

Gathagan, Carol L.<br />

Gearhart, Bruce D.<br />

Geary, Carl D.<br />

Gehlbach, Robert B.<br />

Gladfelter, Arthur E.<br />

Glascow, Marjorie A.<br />

Goshorn, D<strong>on</strong>ald E.<br />

Grubb, James W.<br />

Gummo, Charles E.<br />

Halderman, John E.<br />

Halderman, Shar<strong>on</strong>n D.<br />

Haulman, D<strong>on</strong>ald G.<br />

Haverstock, Calvin B. Jr.<br />

Heilman, Gerald G.<br />

Hepler, Wayne L.<br />

Herring, Paul L.<br />

Hibbs, Ralph M.<br />

Hickok, Fred C.<br />

Hill, Carl E.<br />

Hilliard, C. Rayv<strong>on</strong><br />

Hiss<strong>on</strong>g, J. Faust<br />

Hogue, R. Wayne<br />

Hollister, Harold L.<br />

House, Jay W.<br />

Huff, Norman E.<br />

Hughes, Richard A.<br />

Hunsberger, J. Marco<br />

Ile, John A. Jr.<br />

Irwin, Thomas H. Jr.<br />

Jayne, Algern<strong>on</strong> B. Jr.<br />

J<strong>on</strong>es, Emlyn H.<br />

J<strong>on</strong>es, Roberta K.<br />

J<strong>on</strong>es, Myr<strong>on</strong> R.<br />

Kauffman, Gerald D.<br />

Kauffman, Paul W.<br />

Kauffman, Ray L.<br />

Keller, Charles W. Jr.<br />

Keller, David A.<br />

Kennedy, Robert J.<br />

Kerstetter, Howard A.<br />

Khan, Kenrich R.<br />

Killebrew, Dorothy H.<br />

Kinard, Norma J.<br />

Kinch, W. Dean<br />

Kirchmeier, Emmalou H.<br />

Klinger, Charles L.


Klinger, Doyle H. Jr.<br />

Knepp, Harold J.<br />

Knisley, Bruce F.<br />

Krapf, Byr<strong>on</strong> K.<br />

Kremer, James F.<br />

Kugle, Joseph L.<br />

Lehr, John E.<br />

Lindsey, Howard R.<br />

Link, Joanne<br />

M<strong>on</strong>tgomery<br />

Loewen, John C.<br />

Loss, Kenneth D.<br />

Love, D. Goodloe<br />

Lumpkin, O. Allen Jr.<br />

Lutz, Larry K.<br />

Marsden, Paul D.<br />

Mauk, George R.<br />

May, G. Phillip<br />

McCleary, Le<strong>on</strong> A.<br />

McCoy, Thomas A.<br />

McElwee, R<strong>on</strong>ald S.<br />

Mench, Noreen B.<br />

Miller, David S.<br />

Miller, Eddie D.D.<br />

Miller, Harold E.<br />

Mills, Maxine R.<br />

Minnich, Edmund W.<br />

Misal, D<strong>on</strong>ald A.<br />

Mohansingh, Samuel<br />

Moyer, Ivan W. Jr.<br />

Moyer, Jack D.<br />

Moyer, Jean W.<br />

Mullen, John S.<br />

Mummert, D<strong>on</strong>ald E.<br />

Murphy, Paul C.<br />

Murr, James M.<br />

Nace, Darwyn J.<br />

Nesbitt, George M.<br />

Neufer, P. Dale<br />

Nolder, D<strong>on</strong>ald C.<br />

Norris, David Y.<br />

O’Brien, Paul R.<br />

Olewiler, William S.<br />

Otto, W. Jacks<strong>on</strong><br />

Patters<strong>on</strong>, William B.<br />

Peters, Roger K.<br />

Peters<strong>on</strong>, Carl Ford<br />

Piper John F. Jr.<br />

Pipp, William E.<br />

Posey, Harold E.<br />

Prowant, Edward E.<br />

Raffensperger, D<strong>on</strong>ald W.<br />

Rauch, John L.<br />

Rheem, Albert L.<br />

Richess<strong>on</strong>, Rodney I.<br />

Rider, Jack L.<br />

Rimert, J. Marlyn<br />

Rutherford, Carl N.<br />

Saxe, Jay A.<br />

Schell, Walter M.<br />

Schmuck, David W.<br />

Searfoss, Thomas R.<br />

Sechrist, Stephany S.<br />

Shafer, John R.<br />

Shafer-Stroud, Bry<strong>on</strong> L.<br />

Shafer-Stroud, Elaine C.<br />

Shaffer, Colin J.<br />

Shaffer, Paul C.<br />

Shatto, M. Thomas<br />

Sheaffer, Aar<strong>on</strong> M.<br />

Shearer, Charles H. Jr.<br />

Shearer, Daniel L.<br />

Shearer, M<strong>on</strong>roe J. Jr.<br />

Shenk, Jay R.<br />

Sherman, Drue A.<br />

Shover, D<strong>on</strong>ald R. Jr.<br />

Slaybaugh, Charles R. Jr.<br />

Smay, R. Bruce<br />

Snider, Marlin L.<br />

Snyder, Charles E.<br />

Snyder, William A.<br />

Sollenberger, Floyd S. Jr.<br />

Spangenburg, Bradford B.<br />

Stambach, Paul E.<br />

Starz, Jacqueline F.<br />

Stebbins, Wayne G. Sr.<br />

Stevens, Bernice D.<br />

Stokes, Robert P.<br />

Strader, R<strong>on</strong>ald K.<br />

Strunk, Derwood A., Jr.<br />

Swartz, Richard W.<br />

Taylor, James H.<br />

Taylor, Stratford C.<br />

Terry, J<strong>on</strong>athan C. III<br />

Thomas, W. Sherwood<br />

Tillots<strong>on</strong>, Gail M.<br />

Treese, D<strong>on</strong>ald H.<br />

Trego, Robert C. Sr.<br />

Tressler, Charles T.<br />

Trostle, Martin W. A.<br />

Troutman, Clair R.<br />

Trutt, Lynn D.<br />

Tys<strong>on</strong>, Viola C.<br />

Van Natta, Robert H.<br />

Verghese, Mathew M.<br />

Wagner, Gerald D.<br />

Wakeley Jeffrey D.<br />

Walker, William P.<br />

Walter, Owen H.<br />

Warntz, Malvin F.<br />

Weaver, David L.<br />

Weaver, George M. Jr.<br />

Webb, Thomas C.<br />

Weller, Ned E.<br />

Welliver, L. Allyn<br />

Whitehead, Elizabeth M.<br />

Willard, David T.<br />

Williams, J. Carl<br />

Williams, James L.<br />

Wills<strong>on</strong>, C. Wesley<br />

Wils<strong>on</strong>, A. Dean<br />

Winstead, D<strong>on</strong>ald L.<br />

Witmer, John H.<br />

Wodrig, Barbara L.<br />

Wodrig, Oscar S.<br />

Woods, William F.<br />

Woolever, R. Bruce<br />

Wynn, Bernard I.<br />

Yackley, Thomas R. Sr.<br />

Yarnell, Edward H.<br />

Yohe, Theodore C.<br />

Zeiders, D<strong>on</strong>ald D.<br />

Zeisloft, James H.<br />

Zieber, Paul F.<br />

Zimmerman, Charles H<br />

54. What Associate Members have been retired (358 If retiring in the interim between<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ference sessi<strong>on</strong>s (358.2d), indicate the effective date of retirement.) (Under 358.1, no vote<br />

is required; under 358.2, v; under 358.3, v 2/3.)<br />

a) This year?<br />

Eminhizer, Virginia M.<br />

Knitter, Stephen J.<br />

L<strong>and</strong>is, Shar<strong>on</strong> L. 7/01/2009


b) Previously?<br />

Bergstrom, John B.<br />

Bookhammer, Bernard J.<br />

Caballer, Louis<br />

C<strong>on</strong>rad, Erma E. M.<br />

Eichelberger, Vern<strong>on</strong> R.<br />

George, Robert E.<br />

Gilliam, James E.<br />

Hess, Charles F.<br />

Leitzel, Charles H. Jr.<br />

Lusk, William R.<br />

Mills, Carl E.<br />

Pickering, Robert W.<br />

Richards, Wayne L.<br />

Rudy, James E.<br />

Shoemaker, Perry R. Sr.<br />

Shrawder, Kermit O. Sr.<br />

Wolfe, Ferne H. Jr.<br />

Yoder, James A.<br />

55. What Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Members have been retired (358)? (If retiring in the<br />

interim between c<strong>on</strong>ference sessi<strong>on</strong>s (358.2d), indicate the effective date of retirement.)<br />

(Under 358.1, no vote is required; under 358.2, v; under 358.3, v 2/3.)<br />

a) This year? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) Previously?<br />

Rowe, Carol C.<br />

56. Who have been recognized as retired Local Pastors (320.6)?<br />

a) This year?<br />

Willis, Thomas L.<br />

b) Previously?<br />

Acor, Allen F.<br />

Andes, William O. Jr.<br />

Baker, Wayne D.<br />

Bard, Phyllis J.<br />

Barrick, Earl F.<br />

Bob<strong>on</strong>, Amelia M.<br />

Cloer, James E.<br />

Davis, James M.<br />

Fetterolf, Thomas J.<br />

Gable, Patricia C.<br />

Gibs<strong>on</strong>, William L.<br />

Gord<strong>on</strong>, Joan L.<br />

Gort<strong>on</strong>, Rodger J.<br />

Henders<strong>on</strong>, D<strong>on</strong>ald F.<br />

Inch, Barbara A.<br />

J<strong>on</strong>es, William D.<br />

Lewis, Marie E.<br />

Moore, L. Ed Jr.<br />

Morgan, Calvin F.<br />

Newt<strong>on</strong>, Craig A.<br />

Reitz, Charlene R.<br />

Romberger, Ruth M.<br />

Shambach, Lear E.<br />

Schroeder, Thomas D.<br />

Sloss, William L.<br />

Spertzel, Luther R.<br />

Tillots<strong>on</strong>, William M.<br />

Treat, Nettie B.<br />

Troxell, Barbara A.<br />

Walker, Marjorie B.<br />

Workman, Malcolm<br />

57. Changes in clergy membership: What is the number of ordained ministers: (NOTE: The<br />

numbers in parenthesis following each category listing are the questi<strong>on</strong> numbers in this<br />

report form where ministers in that category are listed. The number reported below should<br />

agree with the number of names listed in the corresp<strong>on</strong>ding questi<strong>on</strong>s.)<br />

a) Elected as associate members? (27) 1<br />

b) Elected as probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) members? (28a, b; 29a, b, c) 13<br />

c) Elected as deac<strong>on</strong>s in full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>? (32a) 1<br />

d) Elected as elders in full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>? (33a) 11<br />

e) Readmitted? (34, 35a, b) 1<br />

f) Retired made effective? (36a, b, c) 0<br />

g) Transferred in? (30a, 37, 38) 1<br />

h) Transferred out? (41) 0<br />

i) Disc<strong>on</strong>tinued as probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) members? (42) 1<br />

j) H<strong>on</strong>orably located this year? (43a1) 0<br />

k) Administratively located this year? (43c1) 0<br />

l) Withdrawn? (46a, b, c) 2<br />

m) Terminati<strong>on</strong> of orders? (46d) 0<br />

n) Terminated by trial? (46e) 1<br />

o) Deceased? (48a, b, c) 14<br />

58. What is the number of:<br />

a) Pastoral charges? 486<br />

b) Local churches? 779


59. What is the number of clergy members of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference:<br />

a) By appointment category <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>ference relati<strong>on</strong>ship?<br />

(NOTES:<br />

(1) Where applicable, the questi<strong>on</strong> numbers <strong>on</strong> this report form corresp<strong>on</strong>ding to each<br />

category have been placed in parenthesis following the category title. Where these questi<strong>on</strong><br />

numbers appear, the number reported in that category should agree with the number of<br />

names listed in the corresp<strong>on</strong>ding questi<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

(2) For the three categories of Appointments to Extensi<strong>on</strong> Ministries, report as follows:<br />

344.1a, c): the number of clergy members appointed within United Methodist<br />

c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al structures, including district superintendents, or to an ecumenical<br />

agency.<br />

344.1b, c): the number of clergy members appointed to extensi<strong>on</strong> ministries, under<br />

endorsement by the Divisi<strong>on</strong> of Chaplains <strong>and</strong> Related Ministries of the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g><br />

Board of Higher Educati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Ministry.<br />

344.1d): the number of clergy members appointed to other valid ministries, c<strong>on</strong>firmed<br />

by a two-thirds vote of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

See the Discipline paragraphs indicated for more detailed descripti<strong>on</strong> of these appointment<br />

categories.)<br />

(Licensed Local Pastors not currently under appointment should not be counted as<br />

clergy members of the c<strong>on</strong>ference)<br />

Categories<br />

Pastors <strong>and</strong><br />

deac<strong>on</strong>s whose<br />

primary<br />

appointment is to a<br />

Local Church<br />

(331.1c, 339)<br />

Deac<strong>on</strong>s (in full<br />

c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

probati<strong>on</strong>ary<br />

(provisi<strong>on</strong>al))<br />

serving Bey<strong>on</strong>d<br />

the Local Church<br />

(331.1a, b)<br />

(81a,b)<br />

Appointments to<br />

Extensi<strong>on</strong><br />

Ministries<br />

(316.1; 344.1a, c)<br />

(80a)<br />

Appointments to<br />

Extensi<strong>on</strong><br />

Ministries<br />

(316.1; 344.1b, c)<br />

(80b)<br />

Appointments to<br />

Extensi<strong>on</strong><br />

Ministries<br />

(316.1; 344.1d)<br />

(80c)<br />

Appointments to<br />

Attend School (82)<br />

Appointed to<br />

Other<br />

Annual<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ferences (49)<br />

On Leave of<br />

Absence (50a,<br />

50b)<br />

On Family Leave<br />

(50a2, c2)<br />

On Sabbatical<br />

Leave<br />

(51)<br />

Deac<strong>on</strong>s<br />

in Full<br />

C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong><br />

Elders<br />

in Full<br />

C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong><br />

Probati<strong>on</strong>ary<br />

(provisi<strong>on</strong>al)<br />

Deac<strong>on</strong>s<br />

Probati<strong>on</strong>ary<br />

(provisi<strong>on</strong>al)<br />

Elders<br />

Associate<br />

Members &<br />

Affiliate<br />

Members<br />

With Vote<br />

Full–time<br />

Local<br />

Pastors<br />

Part–time<br />

Local<br />

Pastors<br />

5 236 1 29 9 73 71<br />

3 xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

19 xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

9 xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

14 xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

4 2<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

8 xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

4 xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

1<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />



On Incapacity<br />

Leave<br />

(52c)<br />

On Transiti<strong>on</strong>al<br />

Leave (50a3,<br />

50c1iii)<br />

Retired<br />

(53, 54, 55)<br />

Total Number,<br />

Clergy Members<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Total,<br />

All C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

Clergy Members<br />

786<br />

7 2<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

1 266 1 21 xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

9 567 1 32 30 74 73<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxx<br />

b) By gender <strong>and</strong> racial/ethnic identificati<strong>on</strong>? (NOTE: See the instructi<strong>on</strong> for item 59 for<br />

guidelines to assist in the racial/ethnic identificati<strong>on</strong> count.)<br />

Categories<br />

Deac<strong>on</strong>s in<br />

Full<br />

C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong><br />

Elders in<br />

Full<br />

C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong><br />

Female Clergy Members<br />

Probati<strong>on</strong>ary<br />

(provisi<strong>on</strong>al)<br />

Deac<strong>on</strong>s<br />

Probati<strong>on</strong>ary<br />

(provisi<strong>on</strong>al)<br />

Elders<br />

Associate<br />

Members &<br />

Affiliate<br />

Members<br />

with Vote<br />

Full–time<br />

Local<br />

Pastors<br />

Part–<br />

time<br />

Local<br />

Pastors<br />

Asian<br />

African<br />

American/Black<br />

Hispanic<br />

Native American<br />

Pacific Isl<strong>and</strong>er<br />

1<br />

White<br />

Multi-Racial<br />

6 80 14 11 25 31<br />

Total Number,<br />

Female Clergy<br />

Members*<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Total,<br />

All C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

Female Clergy<br />

Members*<br />

Categories<br />

6 81 14 11 25 31<br />

168<br />

Deac<strong>on</strong>s in<br />

Full<br />

C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong><br />

Elders in<br />

Full<br />

C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong><br />

Male Clergy Members<br />

Probati<strong>on</strong>ary<br />

(provisi<strong>on</strong>al)<br />

Deac<strong>on</strong>s<br />

Probati<strong>on</strong>ary<br />

(provisi<strong>on</strong>al)<br />

Elders<br />

Associate<br />

Members &<br />

Affiliate<br />

Members<br />

with Vote<br />

Full–time<br />

Local<br />

Pastors<br />

Part–<br />

time<br />

Local<br />

Pastors<br />

Asian 1 1<br />

African<br />

American/Black<br />

1 1<br />

Hispanic<br />

Native American<br />

Pacific Isl<strong>and</strong>er<br />

1<br />

White 3 482 1 17 18 49 42<br />

Multi-Racial 1<br />

Total Number,<br />

Male Clergy<br />

Members*<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Total,<br />

All C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

Male Clergy<br />

Members*<br />

618<br />

3 486 1 18 19 49 42<br />

*The sums entered in these spaces should agree with the comparable totals in the bottom two lines of<br />

questi<strong>on</strong> 59).


Part III Certificati<strong>on</strong> in Specialized Ministry <strong>and</strong> Certified Lay Ministry<br />

(635.2u, v, The Book of Discipline)<br />

Note: Indicate credential of pers<strong>on</strong>s in Part III: FD, FE, PD, PE, AM, FL, PL <strong>and</strong> LM.<br />

60. Who are the c<strong>and</strong>idates in process for certificati<strong>on</strong> in specialized ministry?<br />

Gingrich, Laura<br />

Moore, Pamela<br />

Weiss, Karen<br />

61. Who is certified in specialized ministry? (List areas of specialized ministry. Indicate by an<br />

asterisk [*] those certified this year.)<br />

Barto, Suella C. (Youth Ministries)<br />

Bowers, Phyllis M. (FD) (Christian Educati<strong>on</strong>)<br />

Coldir<strong>on</strong>, Patricia (Music Ministries)<br />

Gensemer, Patricia W. (Music Ministries)<br />

Hort<strong>on</strong>, M. Anne (Christian Recreati<strong>on</strong>al Ministries)<br />

Kramer, Marjorie J. (Music Ministries)<br />

Miller, Ellen D. (Music Ministries)<br />

Peppernick, Linda (Music Ministries)<br />

Nick, Karen F. (Christian Educati<strong>on</strong>) <strong>and</strong> (Spiritual Formati<strong>on</strong>)<br />

Rockwell, Tina M. (Older Adult Ministries)<br />

Wilcox, Joy P. (Christian Educati<strong>on</strong>)<br />

62. Who are transferred in as a certified pers<strong>on</strong> in specialized ministry? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

63. Who are transferred out as a certified pers<strong>on</strong> in specialized ministry? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

64. Who have been removed as a certified pers<strong>on</strong> in specialized ministry? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

65. Who are certified as lay ministers (271, 635.2v, <strong>and</strong> 665.10)? (List alphabetically giving<br />

full name –first, middle, last—in that order, by district)<br />

Alto<strong>on</strong>a:<br />

Hart, A. Vance, II<br />

Simco, William<br />

Whitfield, Grace<br />

Chambersburg:<br />

Barrett, Joseph C.<br />

Foster, Philip G. Jr.<br />

Harrisburg<br />

Danis, Linda C.F.<br />

Lewisburg<br />

New Cumberl<strong>and</strong><br />

Willard, Mary Alice<br />

State College<br />

Wellsboro District<br />

Busch, D<strong>on</strong>ald<br />

Hemker, S<strong>and</strong>ra<br />

Williamsport District<br />

Bower, Sara L.<br />

Cuddeback, Rebecca A.<br />

Wils<strong>on</strong>, Sherry<br />



Part IV Diac<strong>on</strong>al Ministers<br />

(Paragraph numbers in questi<strong>on</strong>s 67-75 refer to The 1992 Book of Discipline)<br />

66. The Committee <strong>on</strong> Investigati<strong>on</strong>? (2703.3) (v)?<br />

Diac<strong>on</strong>al Ministers or Professing Members Diac<strong>on</strong>al Ministers/Professing Members Alternates<br />

Hort<strong>on</strong>, M. Anne Brehm, Edna<br />

Myers, S<strong>and</strong>y Davis, Bob<br />

Rockwell, Tina M. Hykes, David<br />

Smith, Joan G. Lacy, Patty<br />

Clergy in Full C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> Clergy in Full C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> Alternates<br />

Freeman, Tiffany M. Howell, Troy R.<br />

O’Brien, Iva L. Kind, Charles L.<br />

Stine, Michael L. Kratz, John H.<br />

Nicholas, Marcy H.<br />

Sanagorski, Thomas H.<br />

67. Who are reinstated as diac<strong>on</strong>al ministers (313.3c)? (v) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

68. Who are transferred in as diac<strong>on</strong>al ministers (312)? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

69. Who are transferred out as diac<strong>on</strong>al ministers (312)? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

70. Who have had their c<strong>on</strong>ference relati<strong>on</strong>ship as diac<strong>on</strong>al ministers terminated by Annual<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference acti<strong>on</strong> (313.3)? (Under 313.3a, no vote; under 313.3b, v 2/3) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

71. What diac<strong>on</strong>al ministers have died during the year?<br />

a) Effective: N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) Retired: N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

72. What diac<strong>on</strong>al ministers have been granted leaves of absence under 313.1a, c, d)<br />

(disability, study/sabbatical, or pers<strong>on</strong>al leave): (v)<br />

a) Since the last sessi<strong>on</strong> of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference? (Give effective date of each): N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) At this sessi<strong>on</strong> of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference? (Include names of pers<strong>on</strong>s listed in Questi<strong>on</strong><br />

72a, if their leaves of absence are c<strong>on</strong>tinuing): N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

73. What diac<strong>on</strong>al ministers have been granted an extended leave (313.1e):<br />

a) Since the last sessi<strong>on</strong> of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference? (Give effective date of each): N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) At this sessi<strong>on</strong> of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference? (Include names of pers<strong>on</strong>s listed in Questi<strong>on</strong><br />

73a, if their leaves of absence are c<strong>on</strong>tinuing): N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

74. Who have returned to active status:<br />

a) From disability, study/sabbatical, or pers<strong>on</strong>al leave of absence (313.1a, c, d)? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

b) From extended leave (313.1e)? (v) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

75. Who have taken the retired relati<strong>on</strong>ship to the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference as diac<strong>on</strong>al ministers<br />

312.2: (Under 313.2b, v2/3)<br />

a) This Year: Joy P. Wilcox<br />

b) Previously:<br />

Hess, Laura<br />

Smith, Joan G.<br />

Snyder, Natalie H.F.<br />


76. Who are approved for less than full-time service?<br />

a) What associate members <strong>and</strong> elders are approved for appointment to less than fulltime<br />

service, what is the total number of years for which such approval has been<br />

granted to each, <strong>and</strong> for what fracti<strong>on</strong> of full-time service (in <strong>on</strong>e-quarter increments)<br />

is approval granted (for purposes of equitable compensati<strong>on</strong> claim <strong>and</strong> pensi<strong>on</strong> credit)<br />

(338.2, 342.2, 1506.4b)(*=v ¾)


Name Time Year<br />

Anders<strong>on</strong>, Richard 3/4 1<br />

Atanasoff, Stevan E. 3/4 6<br />

Beasley-Topliffe, Keith R. 3/4 6<br />

Bender, D. Wayne 1/4 7<br />

Blanchard, H. Russell 1/4 21* (v 3/4)<br />

Caldwell, Dann S. 1/2 12* (v 3/4)<br />

Caraballo, William Jr. 3/4 6<br />

Darrow, JoAnn M. 3/4 8<br />

Ford, Renee J. 3/4 3<br />

Ford, Robert L. 3/4 5<br />

Gunter, R. Kenneth 1/2 1<br />

Hartenbach, Ralph B. 3/4 15* (v 3/4)<br />

Shultz, David K. 3/4 11* (v 3/4)<br />

Yorks, Barbara C. 3/4 2<br />

b) What deac<strong>on</strong>s in full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) deac<strong>on</strong>s are approved<br />

for less than full-time service (331.7)?<br />

Salter, Dianne B. 1/2<br />

Stine, Lisa C. 1/2<br />

77. Who have been appointed as interim pastors under the provisi<strong>on</strong>s of (338.3) since the last<br />

sessi<strong>on</strong> of the annual c<strong>on</strong>ference, <strong>and</strong> for what period of time? N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

78. What changes have been made in appointments since the last annual c<strong>on</strong>ference sessi<strong>on</strong>?<br />

(Attach list. Include <strong>and</strong> identify Appointments Bey<strong>on</strong>d the Local Church (Deac<strong>on</strong>s) <strong>and</strong><br />

Appointments to Extensi<strong>on</strong> Ministries (Elders). Give effective dates of all changes.)<br />

Name Appointment Effective Date<br />

Brubaker, Tanya L. H. Local Pastor, Freysville 4/03/2010<br />

Brumbach, Mark D. Extensi<strong>on</strong> Ministry, Army Reserve 8/31/2009<br />

Brumbach, Mark D. From Extensi<strong>on</strong> Min. to South Williamsport 5/02/2010<br />

Compt<strong>on</strong>, Douglas M. Millersburg Grace 2/01/2010<br />

Doan, R<strong>on</strong>ald O. Retirement 9/06/2009<br />

Frank, Charles S. ¾ Time Local Pastor, Bigler 4/01/2010<br />

Gibbs, Lysa R. ½ Time Local Pastor, Port Matilda 9/01/2009<br />

Gingerich, Michael D. Ext. Min.: Exec. Dir., Fdn. for Cancer Research<br />

& Wellness 1/01/2010<br />

Hagy, Mark A. Withdrawn under complaint 1/26/2010<br />

Harbach, Mary K. ½ Time Local Pastor, Millheim 9/01/2009<br />

Lake, D. Gregory Incapacity 2/01/2010<br />

L<strong>and</strong>is, Shar<strong>on</strong> L. Retirement 7/01/2009<br />

Leedom, Michael J. On Loan to Another C<strong>on</strong>ference 7/01/2009<br />

Lenker, Thomas C. Involuntary Leave of Absence 12/22/2009<br />

Lenker, Thomas C. Terminated by Trial 5/13/2010<br />

Libert, John C. Involuntary Leave of Absence 6/10/2010<br />

Ludrowsky, Robert S. Incapacity 7/01/2009<br />

Neubaum, W<strong>and</strong>a J. Disc<strong>on</strong>tinued PE 3/12/2010<br />

Orendi, Michael J. Sr. Disc<strong>on</strong>tinued Local Pastor 8/01/2009<br />

Reedy, Dennis N. Withdrawn under complaint 10/08/2009<br />

Ryder, Deborah L. ¼ Time Local Pastor, Halifax Jacobs 12/01/2009<br />

Sanagorski, Thomas H. Retirement 12/31/2009<br />

Walker, E. Ann From Neidig Memorial Ext. to Family Leave 6/15/2010<br />

79. What elders (full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al)), associate members, <strong>and</strong> local<br />

pastors are appointed to ministry to the local church <strong>and</strong> where are they appointed for the<br />

ensuing year? (See Appointment List)


80. What elders (full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al)), associate members, <strong>and</strong> local<br />

pastors are appointed to extensi<strong>on</strong> ministries for the ensuing year?<br />

a) Within the c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al structures of United Methodism (344.1a, c)? See<br />

Appointment List<br />

b) To ministries endorsed by the Board of Higher Educati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Ministry (344.1b, c)<br />

See Appointment List<br />

c) To other valid ministries under the provisi<strong>on</strong>s of 344.1d? (v 2/3) See Appointment List<br />

81. Who are appointed as deac<strong>on</strong>s (full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al)) for the<br />

ensuing year?<br />

a) Through n<strong>on</strong>-United Methodist agencies <strong>and</strong> settings bey<strong>on</strong>d the local church<br />

(331.1a)? See Appointment List<br />

b) Through United Methodist Church-related agencies <strong>and</strong> schools within the<br />

c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al structures of The United Methodist Church (331.1b)? See Appointment<br />

List<br />

c) Within a local c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>, charge, or cooperative parish (331.1c)? See Appointment<br />

List<br />

82. Who are appointed to attend school (of (416.6)? (List alphabetically all those whose prime<br />

appointment is to attend school).) N<strong>on</strong>e<br />

Associate Members:<br />

Probati<strong>on</strong>ary (provisi<strong>on</strong>al) Members)<br />

Members in Full C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong><br />

84. What other pers<strong>on</strong>al notati<strong>on</strong>s should be made?<br />

Deaths of those <strong>on</strong> H<strong>on</strong>orable Locati<strong>on</strong>: Date of Birth Date of Death<br />

Hollingsworth, S. William 8/27/1925 2/05/2010<br />

Schwartz, John S. 9/02/1954 1/26/2009<br />

Name Changes:<br />

From Susan L. Hedges to Susan L. Stewart<br />

From Gay L. Ryder to Gay L. Irwin<br />

From Rebecca J. Woomer to Rebecca J. McGee<br />

85. Where <strong>and</strong> when shall the next C<strong>on</strong>ference Sessi<strong>on</strong> be held (603.2, 3)?<br />

Messiah College, Grantham Pennsylvania, June 8-11, 2011


Daily Proceedings<br />

WORSHIP – “To God be the Glory” was the opening hymn <strong>on</strong> Friday afterno<strong>on</strong> as the people of<br />

the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference celebrated the opening worship at the last Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference as<br />

the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference of The United Methodist Church We came to praise the Lord for<br />

all that has been since 1970 <strong>and</strong> for the opportunities to serve God into the future. The Gospel Choir<br />

from Camp Curtin UMC, Harrisburg presented s<strong>on</strong>gs of praises. The Scripture passages for our<br />

worship were from Isaiah 43:16-21 <strong>and</strong> Luke 24:25-34. Bishop Jane Allen Middlet<strong>on</strong>, in her<br />

message, took us <strong>on</strong> a journey of where we are <strong>and</strong> where we are going. Today we look at the past,<br />

what has been, who we have been, <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong> Saturday we will look at what God has in store for us.<br />

Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> reminded us that in order to move into a new c<strong>on</strong>ference we need to be very clear<br />

about where we have been. We need to be clear that some things need to change. Any breakthrough<br />

requires us to give up what is in order to move into God’s new plan for us as a people of God. In<br />

rethinking c<strong>on</strong>ference <strong>and</strong> all the things that make up that new c<strong>on</strong>ference, we are keeping the main<br />

thing the main thing. We are sent out into the world to make disciples for Jesus Christ.<br />

Friday evening, the Memorial Service celebrated the lives of twenty-nine c<strong>on</strong>ference members<br />

who died during the past year. As each name was read, a c<strong>and</strong>le was lit <strong>and</strong> a bell tolled. Rev. Paul<br />

Stambach in his message reminded us that it is not actually our resp<strong>on</strong>sibility to build the church; we<br />

are the materials that God uses to build the church. He c<strong>on</strong>cluded by saying, all that we do, is <strong>on</strong>ly to<br />

the glory of the risen Christ. The celebrati<strong>on</strong> of Holy Communi<strong>on</strong> brought the service to a close.<br />

The Early Morning Eucharist <strong>on</strong> Saturday morning offered opportunity for music, prayer,<br />

meditati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> the sacrament.<br />

Saturday morning, we were led in a Bible study by Rev. Michael Coyner, bishop of the Indiana<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference. Bishop Coyner has recently led two Indiana c<strong>on</strong>ferences to join into <strong>on</strong>e. So he shared<br />

his wisdom with us in the process of forming a new C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

The Ministry celebrati<strong>on</strong> began with the singing of s<strong>on</strong>gs of praise. The assembly was called to<br />

h<strong>on</strong>or, celebrate <strong>and</strong> bless the ministry of the last group of clergy to retire from the Central<br />

Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference, welcome new local pastors as they received their licenses, <strong>and</strong> present<br />

certificates to those answering the call to service as lay ministers. Twenty-<strong>on</strong>e clergy retired.<br />

Fourteen clergy were commissi<strong>on</strong>ed into provisi<strong>on</strong>al membership. One was approved for associate<br />

membership. Twelve clergy were approved for full membership.<br />

The recipients of the awards which were presented earlier at the Awards lunche<strong>on</strong> were<br />

announced as follows: The J. Marlene Atanasoff Spiritual Formati<strong>on</strong> Award to Rev. Patricia C.<br />

Gable; The Bishop’s Christian Unity <strong>and</strong> Inter-Religious C<strong>on</strong>cerns Award to Rev. Patrick Walker;<br />

The Howard <strong>and</strong> Elizabeth Brint<strong>on</strong> Award to Rev. Paul Wilcox <strong>and</strong> St. Paul UMC, Chambersburg;<br />

The Denman Award to Cathy Cope; The Harry Hoosier Award to Rev. Jeffrey Fisher <strong>and</strong> Mr. Steven<br />

Herman; The Rev. Dr. Maud K. Jensen/Rev.Dr. Karen E. Layman Memorial Scholarship Endowment<br />

Fund Award to Jan Hughes; The Earl N. Rowe Memorial Scholarship Award to Mr. Joshua Yorks;<br />

The Bishop D. Frederick Wertz Award to Patricia Gensemer; The Kendall Link HIV/AIDS Award to<br />

Janice Ames; The Thomas K. Cartwright Scholarship Award to Ruth Loyer.<br />

The Rev. Susan Jamis<strong>on</strong>, speaking <strong>on</strong> behalf of clergy in extensi<strong>on</strong> ministries, reminded us of the<br />

rich <strong>and</strong> varied ways clergy are engaged in service bey<strong>on</strong>d the local church. Jennifer Parks-Snyder,<br />

so<strong>on</strong> to be ordained, received the mantle from retiring Rev. D.L.Brint<strong>on</strong> Shafer. Following that, the<br />

ordinati<strong>on</strong> class of 2010, who will be the first class ordained in the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference, was<br />

brought to the stage <strong>and</strong> asked the historic questi<strong>on</strong>s of the church by Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong>.<br />

After the fixing of appointments, the service c<strong>on</strong>cluded with a reminder in s<strong>on</strong>g of “The Solid<br />

Rock.”<br />


Friday morning, 6/4/2010<br />

Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> shared a time of joys <strong>and</strong> the Clergy Sessi<strong>on</strong> rejoiced together by singing<br />

“And Are We Yet Alive”. As the clergy c<strong>on</strong>tinued in worship, we were reminded of our covenant<br />

with God <strong>and</strong> our covenant with <strong>on</strong>e another as we revisited parts of Wesley’s Covenant Service. We


were reminded that if we pray Wesley’s Covenant Prayer sincerely it will change us. Roger Mentzer<br />

then preached, “Why All This Covenant Talk?” We were challenged by the fact that Covenant is<br />

rarely broken in <strong>on</strong>e decisive break, but in small <strong>and</strong> careless decisi<strong>on</strong>s. The Bishop later reminded us<br />

to remember the strength of the Covenant we share <strong>and</strong> the cost to the church, each other, <strong>and</strong><br />

ourselves when we break that Covenant.<br />

The Report of the Clergy Sessi<strong>on</strong> was presented <strong>and</strong> additi<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> correcti<strong>on</strong>s were made. Rev.<br />

Debbie Heisley-Cato, Dean of the Cabinet, in answering Discipline paragraphs 604.4 <strong>and</strong> 605.6<br />

indicated that all clergy were in good st<strong>and</strong>ing to the best of the cabinet’s knowledge.<br />

Sue Rogutski was elected Associate Member of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference. Lori A Cale, Joel N.<br />

Coleman, Joey A.Fleck, Dwaine E. Krebs, Evelyn L. Madis<strong>on</strong>, Mark R. Messner, Jennifer M. Parks-<br />

Snyder, Mark F. Reisinger, Calvin J. Rich, Jennett Wertz, James B. Wooster, Jr. were elected<br />

Members in Full C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>. We were blessed by the voices of our 2010 class as they sang two<br />

verses of Amazing Grace to the tune of Joy to the World.<br />

Richard Anders<strong>on</strong> was received as a provisi<strong>on</strong>al member ( 347.3.a.b.)<br />

Retirement was approved for diac<strong>on</strong>al minister, Joy Wilcox, Associate Members Virginia M.<br />

Eminhizer, Stephen J. Knitter, <strong>and</strong> Shar<strong>on</strong> L. L<strong>and</strong>is. Local Pastor Thomas L. Willis <strong>and</strong> Elders:<br />

Michael S. Bequeath, Glenn C.Calkins, Paul F. Crawford Jr., R<strong>on</strong>ald O. Doan,Fred J. Fields, Jerome<br />

W. Haupt, III, Charles L. Kind, Robert S. Leeds, David P. McCullough, Arthur L. M<strong>on</strong>tgomery, Iva<br />

L. O’Brien, Shirley J. Russell, Thomas H. Sanagorski, D. L. Brint<strong>on</strong> Shafer, James R Sunderl<strong>and</strong>, Jr.<br />

Rev. Roger Mentzer moved the entire Clergy Sessi<strong>on</strong> Report as amended <strong>and</strong> it was approved.<br />

Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> recognized the work of David Norris <strong>and</strong> the present <strong>and</strong> past Boards of<br />

Ordained Ministry.<br />

Closing remarks were made by Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> the sessi<strong>on</strong> was adjourned in prayer <strong>and</strong><br />

s<strong>on</strong>g.<br />

Respectfully Submitted,<br />

Karen W. Atanasoff<br />

Secretary, Board of Ordained Ministry<br />


Friday morning, June 4, 2010<br />

The Laity Sessi<strong>on</strong> opened with worship. Vance Hart welcomed the laity <strong>and</strong> introduced the<br />

district lay leaders. Pam Wright shared some opening comments. There was an open time for<br />

questi<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>cerns related to the ending of the old <strong>and</strong> the beginning of the new. There was a<br />

C<strong>on</strong>cert of Prayer – interludes between secti<strong>on</strong>s which were as follows: Central Pennsylvania ending,<br />

Pamela Wright; Susquehanna beginning, Mike Galbraith; Pers<strong>on</strong>al needs, Darlene Smith; Clergy,<br />

S<strong>and</strong>y Myers; Cabinet <strong>and</strong> Bishop, Dan Moseler; our State & country, Larry Speer; God’s World,<br />

Mary Anna Miles. The sessi<strong>on</strong> was closed with table grace <strong>and</strong> the Lord’s Prayer led by Vance Hart.<br />

First Worshipful Work Sessi<strong>on</strong><br />

Friday Afterno<strong>on</strong>, June 4, 2010<br />

CALL TO ORDER – Bishop Jane Allen Middlet<strong>on</strong> called to order the 222nd (Forty-sec<strong>on</strong>d<br />

since Uni<strong>on</strong>) <strong>and</strong> final Sessi<strong>on</strong> of the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference of the United Methodist<br />

Church. Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> recognized first timers <strong>and</strong> welcomed them to Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference. She<br />

called <strong>on</strong> the C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary, Shirley Sowers, for organizati<strong>on</strong>al matters.<br />

ORGANIZATION OF THE CONFERENCE – The C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary presented the Rules<br />

of Procedure <strong>and</strong> made the following moti<strong>on</strong>:<br />

“I request that we suspend the rules of Procedure in order to act <strong>on</strong> two matters related to the<br />

Agenda. Our Rules of Procedure call for the presenting of the agenda to the body with a 24 hour<br />

period of review by all members. Given the limited time we have at this sessi<strong>on</strong>, I move that we<br />

adopt the agenda as previously distributed at this time, <strong>and</strong> I further move that <strong>on</strong>ly resoluti<strong>on</strong>s


already in the prec<strong>on</strong>ference materials <strong>and</strong> those related to the closing of the annual c<strong>on</strong>ference be<br />

c<strong>on</strong>sidered during this sessi<strong>on</strong>.” The moti<strong>on</strong> was approved.<br />

PROCEDURAL MOTION – Roger Mentzer moved that<br />

―Those ordained ministers from other annual c<strong>on</strong>ferences or Methodist<br />

denominati<strong>on</strong>s who are approved for appointment in the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference while<br />

maintaining their c<strong>on</strong>ference or denominati<strong>on</strong>al membership be granted voice at<br />

this Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference. Those pers<strong>on</strong>s are Curtis Dots<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Gregory<br />

Milinovich.‖ The moti<strong>on</strong> was approved.<br />

Roger also moved that<br />

―Clergy in good st<strong>and</strong>ing in other Christian denominati<strong>on</strong>s who have been approved<br />

to serve appointment or ecumenical ministries within the bounds of the Annual<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference while maintaining their denominati<strong>on</strong>al affiliati<strong>on</strong> be granted voice <strong>and</strong><br />

accorded voting rights within the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference. Those pers<strong>on</strong>s are: Denise<br />

Arpino, Robert W. Brown, Dorothy Densmore, Richard Gord<strong>on</strong>, William Hallman,<br />

David Marcello <strong>and</strong> R<strong>on</strong>ald Troup.‖ The moti<strong>on</strong> was approved.<br />

CONSENT CALENDAR – The Secretary presented reports with recommendati<strong>on</strong>s by name<br />

<strong>and</strong> number. The C<strong>on</strong>sent Calendar was approved.<br />

AGENDA – Deborah Heisley-Cato, Dean of the Cabinet, moved the adopti<strong>on</strong> of the agenda.<br />

The moti<strong>on</strong> was approved.<br />

CORPORATE SESSION was c<strong>on</strong>vened. Robert Strozyk, chair of the Board of Trustees, called<br />

attenti<strong>on</strong> to the report in the workbook, pages 48-53. Salem UMC, Chambersburg District, has been<br />

moved to Disc<strong>on</strong>tinued <strong>and</strong> St. John, Glenville, York District, is added to the Disc<strong>on</strong>tinued churches.<br />

Salem UMC was sold <strong>and</strong> total proceeds were $290,226.20. Anne Hort<strong>on</strong>, Director of Camping <strong>and</strong><br />

Retreat Ministries, moved:<br />

―that the Board of Trustees request the sale of approximately 5,000 linear feet for a<br />

c<strong>on</strong>servati<strong>on</strong> easement al<strong>on</strong>g the little Juniata River, at Green Hills Camp.‖ The<br />

area would be maintained by the Fishing <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g>. After discussi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

questi<strong>on</strong>s, the moti<strong>on</strong> was approved.<br />

Deborah Heisley-Cato, Dean of the Cabinet, announced that the M<strong>on</strong>roe Church, Harrisburg<br />

District, was disc<strong>on</strong>tinued as of September 2009. The entire report of the Board of Trustees was<br />

approved. (See 2010 Journal, Secti<strong>on</strong> IV-B)<br />

VIDEO PRESENTATION – The members viewed a video presentati<strong>on</strong> featuring Jody Link.<br />

PENSIONS – Joseph Gentilman presented the report. He moved approval of Recommendati<strong>on</strong><br />

2. Vicki Jordan moved<br />

―that the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference double the tithe of the pensi<strong>on</strong><br />

investment for 2009 for the Central C<strong>on</strong>ference Pensi<strong>on</strong> Initiative.‖ The moti<strong>on</strong> was<br />

approved. Recommendati<strong>on</strong> 2 was approved as amended. Comments were heard<br />

from Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Zedna Haverstock in a Central C<strong>on</strong>ference Pensi<strong>on</strong> Initiative<br />

video.<br />

Joe Gentilman moved the approval of Recommendati<strong>on</strong> 1. Recommendati<strong>on</strong> 1 was<br />

approved. The retirees stood <strong>and</strong> were recognized for their years of service. The entire report of the<br />

Board of Pensi<strong>on</strong>s was approved. (See 2010 Journal, Secti<strong>on</strong> IV-A)<br />

VIDEO PRESENTATION – Daniel Shearer was featured in a video presentati<strong>on</strong>.<br />


Bowers, Executive Director <strong>and</strong> Dilip Abayasekara, president of the Board of Directors, presented the<br />

report. Recommendati<strong>on</strong> 14, which included a change of legal name, amendment to Articles of<br />

Incorporati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> amended Bylaws were presented for approval. Recommendati<strong>on</strong> 14 was approved.<br />

(See 2010 Journal, Sec IV-A) Informati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> Guiding Principles, purposes <strong>and</strong> general process was<br />

offered by Dilip Abayasekara. The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> Board of Directors <strong>and</strong> staff were<br />

recognized. An invitati<strong>on</strong> was extended to various events sp<strong>on</strong>sored by the Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

A gift of a Wesley Study Bible was presented to Dilip by Rev. Bowers in recogniti<strong>on</strong> of his call to be<br />

an Ordained Deac<strong>on</strong>. The meeting was adjourned. (See 2010 Journal, Secti<strong>on</strong> IV – Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong> Minutes)


BLACK COLLEGE FUND – Rev. Thomas Jacobs, chair of the <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Higher<br />

Educati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Campus Ministry, introduced William M<strong>on</strong>tgomery from Russ College. He thanked<br />

Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference for their <strong>on</strong>e hundred percent support of the Black College Fund.<br />

INTRODUCTION – Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> introduced Bishop Coyner, from the Indiana<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference, who will be our speaker in the morning.<br />

CLOSING – Following announcements, the afterno<strong>on</strong> sessi<strong>on</strong> was closed with prayer by JP<br />

Bohanan.<br />

Sec<strong>on</strong>d Worshipful Work Sessi<strong>on</strong><br />

Saturday Morning, June 5, 2010<br />

CALL TO ORDER – Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> called the sessi<strong>on</strong> to order at 9:45 a.m.<br />

LEADERSHIP REPORT – Deborah Heisley-Cato, Dean of the Cabinet, Vance Hart,<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Lay Leader, Mike Bealla, Director of C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries, <strong>and</strong> Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong><br />

presented a skit based <strong>on</strong> Isaiah 43, “God is doing a new thing”.<br />

VISION TEAM – Tim Baer, co-chair of the team, presented an Update <strong>and</strong> Informati<strong>on</strong><br />

regarding the Visi<strong>on</strong> Team Report. We will be looking at Visi<strong>on</strong>, Core Values, Strategic Questi<strong>on</strong>s &<br />

Alignment of Resources, Supportive Structure, Evaluati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Future Visi<strong>on</strong>.<br />

There were many pers<strong>on</strong>s who participated in the process: Joint Distributi<strong>on</strong> Committee, Asset<br />

Allocati<strong>on</strong> Committee, Visi<strong>on</strong> Team, Cabinet, Financial Summit 1 & 2, Living into the Visi<strong>on</strong> 1, 2 &<br />

3, Boards & Agencies, Prayer Partners, District Listening Sessi<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

MOTION – Timothy Baer moved<br />

―On behalf of the Visi<strong>on</strong> Team <strong>and</strong> the many who have c<strong>on</strong>tributed al<strong>on</strong>g the way, I<br />

move that the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference receive <strong>and</strong> adopt this Visi<strong>on</strong> Team<br />

Report as an acknowledgement of the journey thus far, <strong>and</strong> that it be offered as a<br />

gift to the new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference.‖ The moti<strong>on</strong> was approved.<br />

Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> offered prayer for guidance <strong>and</strong> blessing in visi<strong>on</strong> with thanks to the<br />

committee.<br />

NOMINATIONS – Larry Lel<strong>and</strong>, chair of Committee <strong>on</strong> Nominati<strong>on</strong>s, moved the following:<br />

―On behalf of the Committee <strong>on</strong> Nominati<strong>on</strong>s, I move the suspensi<strong>on</strong> of rules<br />

regarding the electi<strong>on</strong> of leaders, so that we can elect those leaders at our annual<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ference sessi<strong>on</strong> next Saturday, June 12.‖ The moti<strong>on</strong> was approved.<br />

FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION – Michael Minnix shared that the written report of Plan<br />

for Funding Ministry will be presented at the meeting of Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference in September. A<br />

video was shown <strong>on</strong> the World Service Fund. Bulletin inserts <strong>on</strong> the Fund will be <strong>on</strong> the Website.<br />

Mike presented Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> with a plaque in recogniti<strong>on</strong> of our 100% giving to the World<br />

Service Fund. In 2009, $3,000,000 was given to the Benevolence Budget, $3,000,000 to the<br />

C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries Budget <strong>and</strong> $4,000,000 to the Clergy Support Budget. It is the first time in<br />

many years that Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference has not supported the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Church<br />

apporti<strong>on</strong>ments in full.<br />

Gary Smith, Treasurer/Comptroller, made a few comments. He thanked all the churches that<br />

paid 100% of their Shares of Ministry. Churches paid approximately 88% of their shares of ministry.<br />

Ninety-<strong>on</strong>e percent was paid to the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Church by using reserves. Churches also paid 95% of the<br />

Health Insurance <strong>and</strong> 97% of Property & Casualty Insurance. Gary made a plea to the churches that<br />

they prayerfully develop a plan to pay their Shares of Ministry in full. They need to focus their<br />

number <strong>on</strong>e priority <strong>on</strong> Shares of Ministry – not Sec<strong>on</strong>d Mile giving. Appreciati<strong>on</strong> was given to the<br />

Council for their work.<br />

CAMPING AND RETREAT MINISTRIES – A video was shown hosted by Anne Hort<strong>on</strong><br />

talking about the camping program. Judi Dunkelberger, chair of the Camping & Retreat Ministries<br />

Committee, also spoke <strong>on</strong> the camps <strong>and</strong> the opportunities they provide for children, youth <strong>and</strong> adults.<br />

There are currently 1,285 registered for this summer’s camps <strong>and</strong> the goal for this year is 1,750. She<br />

challenged all the churches to send pers<strong>on</strong>s to camp this year.<br />

STUDENT AID FUND - R<strong>on</strong>ald McElwee, Executive Secretary, spoke <strong>on</strong> behalf of the Fund.<br />

He shared that $1,750,000 has been distributed in Student Aid. Those who were recipients of the


Fund over the years stood. Ninety percent of what was lost because of the ec<strong>on</strong>omy has been<br />

recovered. There is an agreement with some seminaries where 50% of the students’ tuiti<strong>on</strong> is paid by<br />

the Student Aid Fund <strong>and</strong> 50% is paid by the participating seminary if grade st<strong>and</strong>ards are met. The<br />

visi<strong>on</strong> is to provide a tuiti<strong>on</strong> free scholarship to any<strong>on</strong>e who would serve in ordained ministry in the<br />

Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

UNITED METHODIST ADVOCACY – Steve Drachler addressed the body <strong>and</strong> explained that<br />

United Methodist Advocacy (formerly United Methodist Witness) has new life. Their website offers<br />

access to informati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> advocacy.<br />

RECOGNITION – There was recogniti<strong>on</strong> of folks serving various years as lay members to<br />

Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference. The Youth were recognized <strong>and</strong> they will present a report <strong>on</strong> June 12 th .<br />

CLOSING – Following announcements, the sessi<strong>on</strong> was closed with prayer by Iva O’Brien.<br />

Third Worshipful Work Sessi<strong>on</strong><br />

Saturday Afterno<strong>on</strong>, June 5, 2010<br />

CALL TO ORDER – Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> c<strong>on</strong>vened the sessi<strong>on</strong> at 1:30 p.m.<br />

EVALUATIONS – Vance Hart explained the Evaluati<strong>on</strong> forms which were distributed prior to<br />

this sessi<strong>on</strong>. We will be here next year as Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference. Members filled them out <strong>and</strong><br />

they were collected by the tellers.<br />

RESOLUTIONS - Tim Baer presented the resoluti<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

Supplemental Resoluti<strong>on</strong> - Transferring Property <strong>and</strong> Assets from Central Pennsylvania<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference to the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference. This was put <strong>on</strong>line late so it is a supplement to the<br />

Workbook. After some discussi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> questi<strong>on</strong>s, the resoluti<strong>on</strong> was approved.<br />

Resoluti<strong>on</strong> 1 – Approved<br />

Resoluti<strong>on</strong> 2 – Approved<br />

EXPRESSIONS OF APPRECIATION – Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> thanked all those pers<strong>on</strong>s who had<br />

a part in making this Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference – our last as Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference – a<br />

meaningful time of Holy C<strong>on</strong>ferencing.<br />

RELIGION AND RACE – Nancy Goff presented some m<strong>on</strong>itoring statistics. Challenges were<br />

offered by Greg Johns<strong>on</strong>.<br />

FUTURE CONFERENCE DATES – Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference will meet June 12, 2010 at the<br />

Williamsport Arts Center. We are reminded to bring d<strong>on</strong>ati<strong>on</strong>s of n<strong>on</strong>-perishable food. Registrati<strong>on</strong><br />

begins at 7:30 a.m. There will be a Special Adjourned Sessi<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> September 11, 2010 also at the<br />

Williamsport Arts Center. Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference will meet June 8-11, 2011 at Messiah College.<br />

ANNOUNCEMENTS were given by Shirley Sowers.<br />

ADJOURNED – The 222 nd Sessi<strong>on</strong> of the Central Pennsylvania Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference was<br />

adjourned with the following moti<strong>on</strong> by Guy Camp, Jennett Wertz <strong>and</strong> Ryan Krauss.<br />

“With thanksgiving to God for the history of the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference, its great<br />

crowd of witnesses <strong>and</strong> its ministries, we move the acceptance of the full body of reports acted up<strong>on</strong><br />

by this annual c<strong>on</strong>ference by debate, or with c<strong>on</strong>sent, as the Official Record of this final sessi<strong>on</strong> of the<br />

Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference of the United Methodist Church, <strong>and</strong> that following the closing<br />

worship service this afterno<strong>on</strong>, the same shall st<strong>and</strong> adjourned! May God c<strong>on</strong>tinue to lead us into the<br />

future as faithfully as God has led us in the past!! And all God’s people said, “AMEN!”<br />

__________________________________<br />

Shirley J. Sowers, C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary<br />

__________________________________<br />

Jane Allen Middlet<strong>on</strong>, Resident <strong>and</strong> Presiding Bishop


Minutes of the Corporati<strong>on</strong> Meeting<br />

Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference Board of Trustees<br />

June 4, 2010<br />

Robert Strozyk, Chairman of Trustees referred to the report printed <strong>on</strong> pages 48&49 of the<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference workbook. It was accepted as presented.<br />

A moti<strong>on</strong> was made by Robert Strozyk <strong>on</strong> behalf of the Trustees to create a Fishing <strong>and</strong> Boating<br />

easement at Greene Hills. Ann Hort<strong>on</strong> was invited to answer questi<strong>on</strong>s from the floor of the<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference c<strong>on</strong>cerning the easement. The Easement Area is thirty-five feet from any bank of Little<br />

Juniata River <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>sistent with the movement of the Little Juniata River that occurs within the<br />

boundaries of the property. This Agreement is made to benefit the public by providing recreati<strong>on</strong>al<br />

access for fishing <strong>and</strong> boating <strong>and</strong> providing protecti<strong>on</strong>s to the riparian buffer <strong>and</strong> is deemed to be a<br />

c<strong>on</strong>servati<strong>on</strong> easement The Easement Area shall forever be open to the public for fishing <strong>and</strong> boating<br />

uses. Public use shall be subject to the rules, regulati<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong>/or limitati<strong>on</strong>s established presently or in<br />

the future Public access to the Easement Area shall be via the Waterway unless the Easement Area is<br />

accessible directly from the public right-of-way; or an area has been identified as means of access for<br />

public use purposes.<br />

The moti<strong>on</strong> was sec<strong>on</strong>ded <strong>and</strong> after discussi<strong>on</strong> approved<br />

Carolyn Funk, Secretary<br />

Minutes of the Annual Meeting<br />

The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong><br />

of Central Pennsylvania<br />

June 4, 2010<br />

The Annual Meeting was c<strong>on</strong>vened by Bishop Jane Allen Middlet<strong>on</strong> at Messiah College <strong>on</strong><br />

Friday, June 4, 2010. The Annual Report was distributed by the tellers. Rev. Phyllis Bowers,<br />

Executive Director <strong>and</strong> Dilip Abayasekara, president of the Board of Directors, presented the report.<br />

Recommendati<strong>on</strong> 14, which included a change of legal name, amendment to Articles of Incorporati<strong>on</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> amended Bylaws was approved. Informati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> Guiding Principles, purposes <strong>and</strong> general<br />

process was offered by Dilip Abayasekara. The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> Board of Directors <strong>and</strong> staff<br />

were recognized. An invitati<strong>on</strong> was extended to various events sp<strong>on</strong>sored by the Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

A gift of a Wesley Study Bible was presented to Dilip by Rev. Bowers in recogniti<strong>on</strong> of his call<br />

to be an Ordained Deac<strong>on</strong>.<br />

The Annual Meeting was adjourned.<br />

Respectfully submitted,<br />

Shirley J. Sowers, C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary

Recommendati<strong>on</strong>s<br />



Page<br />

Rec-12 Pensi<strong>on</strong>s .................................................................... 70<br />

Rec-14 Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> ............................................ 70<br />

Resoluti<strong>on</strong>s<br />

Res-1 Transfer Voting Clergy Membership ......................... 85<br />

Res-2 Transfer Voting Lay Membership .............................. 85



12. Board of Pensi<strong>on</strong>s<br />

ACTION: Approved as amended<br />

1. That the following ministers who will be granted retirement status as of July 1, 2010 (unless<br />

otherwise indicated) be credited for these years of service rendered to this Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference:<br />

Name<br />

Ag<br />

e<br />

Years with<br />

Pensi<strong>on</strong><br />

Credit<br />

Years of Service<br />

without<br />

Pensi<strong>on</strong> Credit<br />

Total Years<br />

of Service<br />

Bequeath, Michael S. 65 25.25 3 Yrs + 158 days 28.25 + 158 days<br />

Calkins, Glenn C. 68 46.25 46.25<br />

Crawford, Paul F. Jr. 62 40 40<br />

**Doan, R<strong>on</strong>ald O. 62 23.25 23.25<br />

Eminhizer, Virginia M. 62 16 16<br />

Fields, Fred J. 68 23 23<br />

Haupt, Jerome W. III 69 41 7 48<br />

Kind, Charles L. 66 12 12<br />

Knitter, Stephen J. 64 18 18<br />

****L<strong>and</strong>is, Shar<strong>on</strong> L. 62 17 17<br />

Leeds, Robert S. 69 48.5 2 Yrs + 96 days 50.50 + 96 days<br />

McCullough, David P. 62 43.25 43.25<br />

M<strong>on</strong>tgomery, Arthur L. 62 31.25 31.25<br />

*O’Brien, Iva L. 60 24 3 Yrs + 166 days 27 + 166 days<br />

Russell, Shirley J. 67 16 2 18<br />

***Sanagorski, Thomas H. 61 38.5 38.5<br />

Shafer, D. L. Brint<strong>on</strong> 66 43 43<br />

Sunderl<strong>and</strong>, James R. Jr. 63 39 39<br />

Willis, Thomas L. 67 0 4 4<br />

* Retiring <strong>on</strong> 20 Year rule<br />

** Retired 09/06/09 <strong>on</strong> the 20 year rule<br />

*** Retired 12/31/09<br />

**** Retired 07/01/09<br />

2. The Board recommends that the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference support the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g><br />

Church’s “Central C<strong>on</strong>ference Initiative” (for Pensi<strong>on</strong>s) by double tithing the interest from our<br />

Deposit Account at the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Board of Pensi<strong>on</strong>s for the year 2009.<br />

14. The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> of Central<br />

Pennsylvania<br />

ACTION: Approved<br />


The Board of Directors of The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> of Central<br />

Pennsylvania (“The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>”) recommends approval of the following new name


for The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> c<strong>on</strong>tingent up<strong>on</strong> final approval of the new name for the Central<br />

Pennsylvania Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference of the United Methodist Church (“Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference”):<br />

The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong><br />

Great c<strong>on</strong>siderati<strong>on</strong> has been given to the missi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> purpose of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> to the formati<strong>on</strong> of the proposed new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference of the United Methodist<br />

Church. It is anticipated that The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> will maintain a close affiliati<strong>on</strong> with the<br />

proposed new C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

Therefore, the Board of Directors wishes to align The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> with the<br />

proposed new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference of the United Methodist Church <strong>and</strong><br />

Therefore, recommends adopti<strong>on</strong> of the following name, c<strong>on</strong>tingent up<strong>on</strong> final approval of<br />

the new C<strong>on</strong>ference name (“Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference”): The United Methodist Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

It is further recommended that formal acti<strong>on</strong> be taken by the membership of The United<br />

Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> of Central Pennsylvania during The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>’s<br />

Annual Meeting scheduled June 5, 2010.<br />

At the appropriate time, Legal Counsel will file a “Doing Business As” form for The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong><br />

NOTE: An unofficial “tag line” may be used with the new corporate name for identificati<strong>on</strong><br />

purposes <strong>on</strong>ly. That “tag line” would be “Serving the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference.”<br />

Approved by Executive Committee 2/18/10<br />

Approved by Board of Directors 4/29/10<br />

Dilip R. Abayasekara, Ph.D., President<br />


The Board of Directors of The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> of Central<br />

Pennsylvania (“The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>”) recommends approval of the attached Articles of<br />

Incorporati<strong>on</strong> “Pennsylvania Department of State Corporati<strong>on</strong> Bureau – Articles of Amendment –<br />

Domestic Corporati<strong>on</strong>” for Entity No. 2539103 <strong>and</strong> the attached Exhibit “A” – “Amendment to<br />

Articles of Incorporati<strong>on</strong> for The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> of Central<br />

Pennsylvania.”<br />

Great c<strong>on</strong>siderati<strong>on</strong> has been given to the missi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> purpose of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> the formati<strong>on</strong> of the proposed new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference of the United Methodist Church.<br />

It is anticipated that The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> will maintain a close affiliati<strong>on</strong> with the proposed<br />

new C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

Therefore, the Board of Directors wishes to align The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> with the<br />

proposed new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference of the United Methodist Church <strong>and</strong><br />

Therefore, recommends adopti<strong>on</strong> of the attached Articles of Incorporati<strong>on</strong> by the membership<br />

of The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> of Central Pennsylvania during The Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong>’s Annual Meeting scheduled June 5, 2010.<br />

Approved by Board of Directors 04/29/2010<br />

Dilip R. Abayasekara, Ph.D., President



_________________________________________________________________<br />

Articles of Amendment – Domestic Corporati<strong>on</strong><br />

(15 Pa.C.S.)<br />

Entity No. 2539103<br />

____ Domestic Business Corporati<strong>on</strong> (§ 1915)<br />

x N<strong>on</strong>profit Corporati<strong>on</strong> (§ 5915)<br />

Name : Lorie A. Taylor, Esq.<br />

Address: 1700 Bent Creek Boulevard, Suite 140<br />

City, State Zip Code : Mechanicsburg, PA 17050<br />

Fee: $70 Filed in the Department of State <strong>on</strong> _____________________<br />

________________________________________________<br />

Secretary of the Comm<strong>on</strong>wealth<br />

In compliance with the requirements of the applicable provisi<strong>on</strong>s (relating to articles of<br />

amendment), the undersigned, desiring to amend its articles, hereby states that:<br />

1. The name of corporati<strong>on</strong> is The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> of Central<br />

Pennsylvania.<br />

2. The address of this corporati<strong>on</strong>’s current registered office in this Comm<strong>on</strong>wealth:<br />

303 Mulberry Drive, Suite 300, Mechanicsburg PA 17050, Cumberl<strong>and</strong> County<br />

3. The statute by or under which it was incorporated is the N<strong>on</strong>-Profit Corporati<strong>on</strong> Law of 1988.<br />

4. The date of its incorporati<strong>on</strong> is August 5, 1993.<br />

5. Check, <strong>and</strong> if appropriate, complete <strong>on</strong>e of the following:<br />

___ The amendment shall be effective up<strong>on</strong> filing these Articles of Amendment in the Department<br />

of State.<br />

X The amendment shall be effective <strong>on</strong>: at 12:02 a.m.<br />

Date Hour<br />

6. Check <strong>on</strong>e of the following:<br />

X The amendment was adopted by the shareholders or members pursuant to 15 Pa.C.S. § 1941(a)<br />

<strong>and</strong> (b) or § 5914(a).<br />

___ The amendment was adopted by the board of directors pursuant to 15 Pa.C.S. § 1914(c) or<br />

§ 5914(b).<br />

7. The amendment adopted by the corporati<strong>on</strong> is set forth in full in Exhibit “A” attached hereto <strong>and</strong><br />

made a part hereof.<br />

8. This amendment restates the Articles of Incorporati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> supersedes the original articles of<br />

incorporati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> all amendments thereto.<br />

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, the undersigned corporati<strong>on</strong> has caused these Articles of<br />

Amendment to be signed by a duly authorized officer thereof this ____ day of ___________, 2010.<br />



By:<br />

Name: Dilip R. Abayasekara<br />

Title: President


EXHIBIT “A”<br />




The Amended <strong>and</strong> Restated Articles of Incorporati<strong>on</strong> of The United Methodist Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong> of Central Pennsylvania are as follows:<br />

1. The name of the Corporati<strong>on</strong> is The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

2. The address of the Corporati<strong>on</strong>'s registered office in this Comm<strong>on</strong>wealth is 303 Mulberry<br />

Drive, Suite 300, Mechanicsburg, Cumberl<strong>and</strong> County.<br />

3. The Corporati<strong>on</strong> is organized under the provisi<strong>on</strong>s of the Pennsylvania N<strong>on</strong>profit Corporati<strong>on</strong><br />

Law of 1988, as amended, for the following purposes:<br />

(a) to provide a structure for the people of God to make c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong>s or gifts from whatever<br />

source whether unrestricted or for designated purposes <strong>and</strong> hold the same for such<br />

designated purposes or subject to any c<strong>on</strong>diti<strong>on</strong>s specified in the terms of the gift or grant<br />

<strong>and</strong> in furtherance of the purposes of the Corporati<strong>on</strong> which includes the current <strong>and</strong> future<br />

ministry <strong>and</strong> missi<strong>on</strong> of the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference The United Methodist Church (the<br />

“C<strong>on</strong>ference”) <strong>and</strong> its local churches, <strong>and</strong> other charitable, religious or educati<strong>on</strong>al<br />

organizati<strong>on</strong>s that qualify as exempt organizati<strong>on</strong>s under Secti<strong>on</strong> 501(c)(3) of the Internal<br />

Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”), or corresp<strong>on</strong>ding secti<strong>on</strong> of any federal<br />

tax code, provided that such organizati<strong>on</strong>s’ purpose <strong>and</strong> missi<strong>on</strong> are c<strong>on</strong>sistent with The<br />

Social Principles of The United Methodist Church;<br />

(b) to promote, receive, manage <strong>and</strong> distribute such c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> gifts or the income<br />

therefrom from whatever source whether unrestricted or for designated purposes <strong>and</strong> hold<br />

the same for such designated purposes or subject to any c<strong>on</strong>diti<strong>on</strong>s specified in the terms of<br />

the gift or grant <strong>and</strong> in furtherance of the purposes of the Corporati<strong>on</strong> set forth in<br />

subparagraph (a) above. Undesignated gifts (i.e., gifts received from d<strong>on</strong>ors who have not<br />

given written directi<strong>on</strong>s regarding the use to be made thereof) <strong>and</strong> the income therefrom<br />

shall be distributed as determined by the C<strong>on</strong>ference Council <strong>on</strong> Finance <strong>and</strong><br />

Administrati<strong>on</strong>. Written directi<strong>on</strong>s from d<strong>on</strong>ors regarding the use to be made of their gifts<br />

or the income therefrom shall be strictly adhered to, except when deviati<strong>on</strong>s from those<br />

directi<strong>on</strong>s have been approved by a court of law, or except when such directi<strong>on</strong>s do not<br />

further the charitable, religious <strong>and</strong> educati<strong>on</strong>al purposes of the Corporati<strong>on</strong>, as defined for<br />

the purposes of §501(c)(3) of the Code;<br />

(c) to c<strong>on</strong>duct programs of Christian stewardship educati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> behalf of the Council <strong>on</strong><br />

Ministries of the C<strong>on</strong>ference; <strong>and</strong><br />

(d) to operate exclusively for charitable <strong>and</strong> religious purposes within the meaning of Secti<strong>on</strong><br />

501(c)(3) of the Code, <strong>and</strong> exercise all rights <strong>and</strong> powers c<strong>on</strong>ferred by the laws of the<br />

Comm<strong>on</strong>wealth of Pennsylvania up<strong>on</strong> a n<strong>on</strong>profit corporati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

4. The Corporati<strong>on</strong> is <strong>on</strong>e which does not c<strong>on</strong>template pecuniary gain or profit, incidental or<br />

otherwise.<br />

5. The Corporati<strong>on</strong> is organized up<strong>on</strong> a n<strong>on</strong>stock basis.<br />

6. The Corporati<strong>on</strong> shall have members as set forth in its Bylaws.<br />

7. The existence of the Corporati<strong>on</strong> shall be perpetual.


8. No substantial part of the Corporati<strong>on</strong> shall carry <strong>on</strong> propag<strong>and</strong>a or otherwise attempt to<br />

influence legislati<strong>on</strong>, except as otherwise provided in Subsecti<strong>on</strong> 501(h) <strong>and</strong> Secti<strong>on</strong> 4911 of<br />

the Code <strong>and</strong> the regulati<strong>on</strong>s as they now exist or as they may hereafter be amended. The<br />

Corporati<strong>on</strong> shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributi<strong>on</strong> of<br />

statements) any political campaign <strong>on</strong> behalf of, or in oppositi<strong>on</strong> to, any c<strong>and</strong>idate for public<br />

office. Notwithst<strong>and</strong>ing any of the provisi<strong>on</strong>s of these Articles of Incorporati<strong>on</strong>, the<br />

Corporati<strong>on</strong> shall not c<strong>on</strong>duct or carry <strong>on</strong> any activities not permitted to be c<strong>on</strong>ducted or carried<br />

<strong>on</strong> by an organizati<strong>on</strong> exempt from taxati<strong>on</strong> under Subsecti<strong>on</strong> 501(c)(3) of the Code <strong>and</strong> its<br />

regulati<strong>on</strong>s as they now exist or as they may hereafter be amended, or by any organizati<strong>on</strong>,<br />

c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong>s to which are deductible under Subsecti<strong>on</strong>s 170(c)(2), 2055(a)(2), 2106(a)(2),<br />

2522(a)(2), <strong>and</strong> 2522(b)(2) of the Code <strong>and</strong> regulati<strong>on</strong>s as they now exist or as they may<br />

hereafter be amended. No part of the net earnings of the Corporati<strong>on</strong> shall inure to the benefit<br />

of, or be distributable to its members, officers, directors or other private pers<strong>on</strong>s except that the<br />

Corporati<strong>on</strong> shall be authorized <strong>and</strong> empowered to pay reas<strong>on</strong>able compensati<strong>on</strong> for services<br />

rendered <strong>and</strong> to make payments <strong>and</strong> distributi<strong>on</strong>s in furtherance of the purposes set forth in<br />

Article 3 above.<br />

9. In the event that the Corporati<strong>on</strong> shall be dissolved or wound up at any time, then all of the<br />

properties, m<strong>on</strong>ies, <strong>and</strong> assets of the Corporati<strong>on</strong> remaining after provisi<strong>on</strong> has been made for<br />

payment of its known debts <strong>and</strong> liabilities as provided by law, shall be distributed to the<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference, or any legal successor thereof, so l<strong>on</strong>g as the C<strong>on</strong>ference (or its successor) remains<br />

organized <strong>and</strong> operated for exclusively charitable <strong>and</strong>/or religious purposes within the meaning<br />

of Secti<strong>on</strong> 501(c)(3) of the Code. In the event that the C<strong>on</strong>ference (or its successor) is no<br />

l<strong>on</strong>ger organized <strong>and</strong> operated for such purposes, all of the remaining properties, m<strong>on</strong>ies, <strong>and</strong><br />

assets of the Corporati<strong>on</strong> shall be distributed to such n<strong>on</strong>profit organizati<strong>on</strong>s which are<br />

organized <strong>and</strong> operated exclusively for the purposes set forth in Secti<strong>on</strong> 501(c)(3) of the Code<br />

as the Board of Directors of the Corporati<strong>on</strong> shall determine. No private individual shall share<br />

in the distributi<strong>on</strong> of any corporate assets up<strong>on</strong> dissoluti<strong>on</strong> of the Corporati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

BYLAWS<br />

The Board of Directors of The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> of Central<br />

Pennsylvania (“The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>”) recommends approval of the attached Bylaws for<br />

The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> of Central Pennsylvania.”<br />

Great c<strong>on</strong>siderati<strong>on</strong> has been given to the missi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> purpose of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> the formati<strong>on</strong> of the proposed new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference of the United Methodist Church.<br />

It is anticipated that The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> will maintain a close affiliati<strong>on</strong> with the proposed<br />

new C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

Therefore, the Board of Directors wishes to align The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> with the<br />

proposed new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference of the United Methodist Church <strong>and</strong><br />

Therefore, recommends adopti<strong>on</strong> of the attached Bylaws for The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> by<br />

the membership of The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> of Central Pennsylvania during<br />

The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>’s Annual Meeting scheduled June 5, 2010.<br />

Approved by Board of Directors 04/01/2010<br />

Dilip R. Abayasekara, Ph.D., President



BYLAWS<br />



The name of the corporati<strong>on</strong> is The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> the durati<strong>on</strong> is<br />

perpetual.<br />


The United Methodist Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> (hereinafter referred to as “The Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong>”) established under the laws of the Comm<strong>on</strong>wealth of Pennsylvania provides a<br />

structure for the people of God to make c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong>s or gifts from whatever source whether<br />

unrestricted or for designated purposes <strong>and</strong> hold the same for such designated purposes or subject<br />

to any c<strong>on</strong>diti<strong>on</strong>s specified in the terms of the gift or grant <strong>and</strong> in furtherance of the purposes of<br />

The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> which includes the current <strong>and</strong> future ministry <strong>and</strong> missi<strong>on</strong> of the<br />

Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference The United Methodist Church (the “C<strong>on</strong>ference”) <strong>and</strong> its local churches,<br />

<strong>and</strong> other charitable, religious or educati<strong>on</strong>al organizati<strong>on</strong>s that qualify as exempt organizati<strong>on</strong>s<br />

under Secti<strong>on</strong> 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”), or<br />

corresp<strong>on</strong>ding secti<strong>on</strong> of any federal tax code, provided that such organizati<strong>on</strong>s’ purpose <strong>and</strong><br />

missi<strong>on</strong> are c<strong>on</strong>sistent with The Social Principles of The United Methodist Church. The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall promote, receive, manage <strong>and</strong> distribute such c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> gifts<br />

or the income therefrom. The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall also c<strong>on</strong>duct programs of Christian<br />

stewardship educati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> behalf of the C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries of the C<strong>on</strong>ference. The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall operate exclusively for charitable <strong>and</strong> religious purposes within the<br />

meaning of Secti<strong>on</strong> 501(c)(3) of the Code, <strong>and</strong> solely for such purposes exercise all rights <strong>and</strong><br />

powers c<strong>on</strong>ferred by the laws of the Comm<strong>on</strong>wealth of Pennsylvania up<strong>on</strong> n<strong>on</strong>profit corporati<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall not carry <strong>on</strong> any other activity not permitted to be carried<br />

<strong>on</strong> (a) by a corporati<strong>on</strong> exempt from federal income tax under Secti<strong>on</strong>501 (c)(3) of the Code (or the<br />

corresp<strong>on</strong>ding provisi<strong>on</strong>s of any future United States Internal Revenue Law) or (b) by a<br />

corporati<strong>on</strong>, c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong>s to which are deductible under Secti<strong>on</strong>s 170, 2055, <strong>and</strong> 2522 of the<br />

Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or the corresp<strong>on</strong>ding provisi<strong>on</strong>s of any future United States<br />

Internal Revenue Law). No part of the net earnings of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall inure to<br />

the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, officers, directors or other private pers<strong>on</strong>s except<br />

that The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall be authorized <strong>and</strong> empowered to pay reas<strong>on</strong>able<br />

compensati<strong>on</strong> for services rendered <strong>and</strong> to make payments <strong>and</strong> distributi<strong>on</strong>s in furtherance of the<br />

purposes set forth herein.<br />

No substantial part of the activities of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall be the carrying <strong>on</strong> of<br />

propag<strong>and</strong>a, or otherwise attempting to influence legislati<strong>on</strong>, <strong>and</strong> The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall<br />

not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributi<strong>on</strong> of statements) any<br />

political campaign <strong>on</strong> behalf of any c<strong>and</strong>idate for public office.<br />


The principal office of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall be located at 303 Mulberry Drive,<br />

Suite 300, Mechanicsburg, Cumberl<strong>and</strong> County, Pennsylvania, or at such other locati<strong>on</strong> as the<br />

Board of Directors of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> may subsequently determine. The Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong> may have such other office within the bounds of the C<strong>on</strong>ference as the activities of The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> may require <strong>and</strong> as the Board of Directors may determine from time to<br />

time.<br />


The members of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall be all clergy <strong>and</strong> laity members of the<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference, as defined by the then current Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church


(collectively, the “Members”). The Members may vote <strong>and</strong> take acti<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> transact any business<br />

of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> that may be properly transacted by the Members at any time in a<br />

given calendar year.<br />


Secti<strong>on</strong> 5.1 Annual Meeting. An Annual Meeting of the Members shall be held at the place<br />

of the annual meeting of the C<strong>on</strong>ference (the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference), the hour <strong>and</strong> day to be set by the<br />

President of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> in c<strong>on</strong>sultati<strong>on</strong> with the Sessi<strong>on</strong>s Committee of the<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference. This meeting shall be presided over by the Presiding Bishop of the Central<br />

Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference of The United Methodist Church, with the C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary<br />

recording the official minutes. At such Annual Meeting, The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall<br />

distribute a written report, including an audit summary, showing its income, expenses, gifts<br />

received, investment transacti<strong>on</strong>s, income earned <strong>on</strong> investments, distributi<strong>on</strong>s made, <strong>and</strong> a listing<br />

of the assets <strong>on</strong> h<strong>and</strong> as of the end of the preceding calendar year.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 5.2 Special Meetings. Special meetings of the Members may be called by the<br />

President of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, or any two officers of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, or<br />

up<strong>on</strong> written petiti<strong>on</strong> c<strong>on</strong>taining the signatures of not less than <strong>on</strong>e-tenth of the membership.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 5.3 Notice of Meeting. Separate written notice of the Annual Meeting of the<br />

Members of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall not be required since the notice of the Annual<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference sessi<strong>on</strong> shall be deemed to c<strong>on</strong>stitute a note of that meeting. In case of a special<br />

meeting, the purpose or purposes of the meeting, as well as the date, time <strong>and</strong> place thereof, shall<br />

be stated in a written notice. If mailed, the notice may be sent by regular mail <strong>and</strong> shall be deemed<br />

to be delivered when (1) addressed to the Members at the addresses <strong>on</strong> the records of the<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference, (2) adequate postage there<strong>on</strong> has been paid, <strong>and</strong> (3) deposited in the United States<br />

mail. Such notice shall be given not less than twenty, nor more than fifty, days before the date of<br />

the special meeting. Notice of an adjourned meeting is required.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 5.4 Voting Rights <strong>and</strong> Quorum. Each Member shall be entitled to <strong>on</strong>e vote. Voting<br />

shall be in pers<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> not by proxy. At any meeting of the Members, those Members who are<br />

present <strong>and</strong> voting shall c<strong>on</strong>stitute a quorum. A majority vote shall govern, except where a larger<br />

number is required by statute.<br />


Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.1 Board of Directors. The affairs of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall be managed<br />

by a Board of Directors, all of whom must be adult members of The United Methodist Church.<br />

They may or may not be laity members of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.2 Authority <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g>. The Board of Directors shall have power in general to do all<br />

things in <strong>and</strong> about c<strong>on</strong>trol <strong>and</strong> management of the property <strong>and</strong> affairs of The Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong> c<strong>on</strong>sistent with the law, the Articles of Incorporati<strong>on</strong> of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> these Bylaws. It may from time to time adopt such regulati<strong>on</strong>s as the Directors may deem<br />

prudent <strong>and</strong> expedient within the scope of these Bylaws with respect to the powers <strong>and</strong> duties of the<br />

officers, assistant officers <strong>and</strong> agents of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, <strong>and</strong> with respect to the<br />

c<strong>on</strong>duct of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>’s business. The Board of Directors shall have no power or<br />

authority whatever to obligate the C<strong>on</strong>ference, The United Methodist Church, nor any parts thereof,<br />

<strong>on</strong> any c<strong>on</strong>tract, agreement, purchase order, or for any financial commitments of any character or<br />

descripti<strong>on</strong> created, undertaken, or assumed by The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.3 Limitati<strong>on</strong> of Authority Regarding Distributi<strong>on</strong> of Gifts or the income Therefrom.<br />

Undesignated c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> gifts (i.e., c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> gifts received from d<strong>on</strong>ors who have<br />

not given written directi<strong>on</strong>s regarding the use to be made thereof) <strong>and</strong> the income therefrom shall<br />

be distributed as determined by the C<strong>on</strong>ference Council <strong>on</strong> Finance <strong>and</strong> Administrati<strong>on</strong>. Written<br />

directi<strong>on</strong>s from d<strong>on</strong>ors regarding the use to be made of their c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> gifts or the income


therefrom shall be strictly adhered to, except when deviati<strong>on</strong>s from those directi<strong>on</strong>s have been<br />

approved by a court of law, or except when such directi<strong>on</strong>s do not further the charitable, religious<br />

<strong>and</strong> educati<strong>on</strong>al purposes of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> pursuant to Secti<strong>on</strong> 501(c)(3) of the<br />

Code.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.4 Limitati<strong>on</strong>s <strong>on</strong> the Board of Directors. Without the approval of the Members, the<br />

Board may not:<br />

amend The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>’s Articles of Incorporati<strong>on</strong> or the Bylaws; or<br />

authorize fundamental changes to The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, including the adopti<strong>on</strong> of<br />

a plan of dissoluti<strong>on</strong> of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>; the adopti<strong>on</strong> of a plan of merger,<br />

c<strong>on</strong>solidati<strong>on</strong>, divisi<strong>on</strong>, c<strong>on</strong>versi<strong>on</strong> or affiliati<strong>on</strong> with another entity; <strong>and</strong> change to the current<br />

corporate organizati<strong>on</strong>al structure.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.5 Membership of the Board. The Directors shall be up to seventeen (17) in number.<br />

Twelve Directors shall be elected at-large, <strong>on</strong>e-fourth of whom shall be clergy as defined in the<br />

then current Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church. In additi<strong>on</strong>, the Immediate Past<br />

President of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, provided that such individual may be appointed <strong>and</strong><br />

removed as determined by the Board of Directors, shall serve as a voting Director. The following<br />

four pers<strong>on</strong>s shall serve as ex-officio, n<strong>on</strong>-voting members:<br />

the Resident Bishop of the Harrisburg Episcopal Area or the Bishop’s designate,<br />

the President of the C<strong>on</strong>ference Board of Trustees or the President’s designate,<br />

the Chairpers<strong>on</strong> of the C<strong>on</strong>ference C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries or the Chairpers<strong>on</strong>’s designate,<br />

<strong>and</strong><br />

the Chairpers<strong>on</strong> of the C<strong>on</strong>ference Council <strong>on</strong> Finance <strong>and</strong> Administrati<strong>on</strong> or the<br />

Chairpers<strong>on</strong>’s designate.<br />

The Treasurer/Comptroller of the C<strong>on</strong>ference, or designee, <strong>and</strong> the Executive Director of The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> also shall participate in meetings of the Board, without vote.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.6 Term of Office. The at-large Directors shall be elected for a term of three (3)<br />

years, except for electi<strong>on</strong>s to fill unexpired terms. No at large Director shall serve more than three<br />

(3) complete c<strong>on</strong>secutive terms, not including serving for an unexpired porti<strong>on</strong> of a prior Director’s<br />

term. After serving three (3) complete c<strong>on</strong>secutive terms, a Director must wait <strong>on</strong>e (1) year from<br />

the date such Director’s last term ended before being elected for a new term.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.7 Nominati<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

(a) The nominati<strong>on</strong>s shall be submitted by the C<strong>on</strong>ference Committee <strong>on</strong> Nominati<strong>on</strong>s for<br />

electi<strong>on</strong> by the Members of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> at its Annual Meeting, such<br />

nominati<strong>on</strong>s to come from the Committee <strong>on</strong> Nominati<strong>on</strong>s. To assist them the Board of<br />

Directors of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall provide <strong>on</strong>e name for each vacancy to be<br />

filled. Additi<strong>on</strong>al nominati<strong>on</strong>s also may be made by petiti<strong>on</strong> signed by twenty-five (25)<br />

or more Members of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> filed with the Secretary of The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> at least ten (10) days prior to the scheduled time for the electi<strong>on</strong>.<br />

(b) In selecting c<strong>and</strong>idates for at-large Directors who are clergy or laypers<strong>on</strong>s, the<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall make a good faith effort in the nominati<strong>on</strong> process to have<br />

equal representati<strong>on</strong> from each district in the C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.8 Electi<strong>on</strong> of Directors. Directors shall be elected by majority vote of the Members<br />

of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> during Annual Meetings of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, except to<br />

fill interim vacancies.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.9 Interim Vacancies. Vacancies during the interim between Annual Meetings may<br />

be filled until the close of the next Annual Meeting by a majority vote of the Directors then in<br />

office, after c<strong>on</strong>sultati<strong>on</strong> with the Chairpers<strong>on</strong> of the C<strong>on</strong>ference Committee <strong>on</strong> Nominati<strong>on</strong>s. At<br />

the next Annual Meeting after a vacancy occurs, a Director shall be elected by the Members of The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> to fill the unexpired term.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.10 Removal of Directors. Except as provided in Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.5 herein, Directors may<br />

be removed from office by a majority vote of the Members of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> in<br />

attendance at the Annual Meeting. In additi<strong>on</strong>, both the Board <strong>and</strong> the Members shall have the<br />

power to remove any Director from office whenever, in its respective judgment, the best interests


of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> will be served by taking such acti<strong>on</strong>. For removal by the Board,<br />

such acti<strong>on</strong> shall require a two-thirds vote of the Directors at large <strong>and</strong> the Immediate Past<br />

President who are then in office.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.11 Meetings. The Directors shall hold regular meetings at least twice each year.<br />

Special meetings may be called by the President or by three Directors.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.12 Notices of Meetings. At least ten days advance notice of any meeting, including<br />

the time <strong>and</strong> place, shall be given in writing to each Director. Notice of an adjourned meeting shall<br />

not be required, except for an announcement made at the meeting at which the adjournment acti<strong>on</strong><br />

is taken. Such notice shall be either in pers<strong>on</strong>, by teleph<strong>on</strong>e, by postal service mail (postage prepaid),<br />

by telegram, by comm<strong>on</strong> carrier, or by facsimile transmissi<strong>on</strong> to the address <strong>and</strong>/or number<br />

supplied by each Director for the purpose of such notificati<strong>on</strong>..<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.13 Quorum. One-half of the Directors at large <strong>and</strong> the Immediate Past President<br />

then in office shall c<strong>on</strong>stitute a quorum for the transacti<strong>on</strong> of business at a meeting, <strong>and</strong>, except as<br />

otherwise provided herein, the acts of a majority of those Directors who are present shall be<br />

deemed to be the acts of the Board of Directors.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.14 Executive Committee. The Board of Directors shall have an Executive<br />

Committee c<strong>on</strong>sisting of the elected officers <strong>and</strong> such other pers<strong>on</strong>s, if any, as may be selected for<br />

that purpose by the Board. The Executive Committee shall exercise the powers granted to it by the<br />

Board of Directors. Minutes shall be recorded of all meetings of the committee. A copy of these<br />

minutes shall be maintained in the corporate files located at the office of The Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong>, <strong>and</strong> a copy of these minutes shall be submitted to the Board of Directors.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.15 Other Committees. The Board of Directors may have other st<strong>and</strong>ing or ad hoc<br />

committees, with such powers, duties <strong>and</strong> members as may be determined by the Board of<br />

Directors from time to time. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.<br />

Minutes shall be recorded of all meetings. A copy of these minutes shall be maintained in the<br />

corporate files located at the office of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, <strong>and</strong> a copy of these minutes<br />

shall be submitted to the Board of Directors.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.16. Acti<strong>on</strong> by C<strong>on</strong>sent. Any acti<strong>on</strong> which may be taken at a meeting of the Board<br />

may be taken without a meeting if unanimous c<strong>on</strong>sent in writing setting forth the acti<strong>on</strong> so taken<br />

shall be signed by all of the Directors then in office <strong>and</strong> filed with the Secretary of The Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.17 Meetings by C<strong>on</strong>ference Teleph<strong>on</strong>e. One or more Directors may participate in a<br />

meeting of the Board by means of c<strong>on</strong>ference teleph<strong>on</strong>e or similar communicati<strong>on</strong>s equipment<br />

which permits all pers<strong>on</strong>s participating in the meeting to hear each other, <strong>and</strong> all pers<strong>on</strong>s so<br />

participating shall be deemed present in pers<strong>on</strong> at the meeting.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.18 Resignati<strong>on</strong>. A Director may resign at any time by giving written notice of<br />

resignati<strong>on</strong> to the Secretary of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>. Any such resignati<strong>on</strong> shall take effect<br />

at the time specified therein; <strong>and</strong>, unless otherwise specified therein, the acceptance of such<br />

resignati<strong>on</strong> shall not be necessary to make it effective.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.19 Compensati<strong>on</strong>. Directors shall not be entitled to receive compensati<strong>on</strong> from The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> for their services as Directors or in any other capacity, except that they<br />

may be reimbursed for expenses reas<strong>on</strong>ably incurred in the performance of their duties.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.20 C<strong>on</strong>flict of Interest. Each Director of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> st<strong>and</strong>s in a<br />

fiduciary relati<strong>on</strong>ship with The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> is required to perform his or her duties<br />

in good faith, in the best interests of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> with reas<strong>on</strong>able care. In<br />

order to preserve its tax exempt states under Secti<strong>on</strong> 501(c) of the Code, The Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong> must avoid c<strong>on</strong>ferring a private benefit <strong>on</strong> individuals, particularly “insiders” which<br />

includes directors or officers of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>. The Board shall adopt a C<strong>on</strong>flicts of<br />

Interest Policy. Any transacti<strong>on</strong> or arrangement between an “insider” <strong>and</strong> The Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong> must be approved in accordance with the provisi<strong>on</strong>s of such policy.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.21 Pers<strong>on</strong>al Liability of Directors:


A Director shall not be pers<strong>on</strong>ally liable, as such, for m<strong>on</strong>etary damages for any acti<strong>on</strong> taken,<br />

or any failure to take any acti<strong>on</strong>, unless:<br />

the Director has breached or failed to perform the duties of his or her office under 15 Pa.<br />

C.S.A. Secti<strong>on</strong>s 512 <strong>and</strong> 5712; <strong>and</strong><br />

the breach or failure to perform c<strong>on</strong>stitutes self-dealing, willful misc<strong>on</strong>duct or recklessness.<br />

This Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.21 shall not limit a Director’s liability for m<strong>on</strong>etary damages to the extent<br />

prohibited by the provisi<strong>on</strong>s of the Pennsylvania N<strong>on</strong>profit Corporati<strong>on</strong> Law of 1988, as<br />

amended.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.22 St<strong>and</strong>ard of Care; Justifiable Reliance<br />

A Director shall st<strong>and</strong> in a fiduciary relati<strong>on</strong> to The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> shall perform<br />

his or her duties as a Director, including duties as a member of any committee of the Board up<strong>on</strong><br />

which the Director may serve, in good faith, in a manner the Director reas<strong>on</strong>ably believes to be in<br />

the best interests of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> with such care, including reas<strong>on</strong>able inquiry,<br />

skill <strong>and</strong> diligence, as a pers<strong>on</strong> of ordinary prudence would use under similar circumstances. In<br />

performing his or her duties, a Director shall be entitled to rely in good faith <strong>on</strong> informati<strong>on</strong>,<br />

opini<strong>on</strong>s, reports or statements, including financial statements <strong>and</strong> other financial data, in each case<br />

prepared or presented by any of the following:<br />

a) One or more officers or employees or other pers<strong>on</strong>s of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> whom<br />

the Director reas<strong>on</strong>ably believes to be reliable <strong>and</strong> competent in the matters presented.<br />

b) Counsel, public accountants or other pers<strong>on</strong>s as to matters which the Director reas<strong>on</strong>ably<br />

believes to be within the professi<strong>on</strong>al or expert competence of such pers<strong>on</strong>.<br />

c) A committee of the Board up<strong>on</strong> which the Director does not serve, duly designated in<br />

accordance with law, as to matters within its designated authority, which committee the<br />

Director reas<strong>on</strong>ably believes to merit c<strong>on</strong>fidence.<br />

d) A Director shall not be c<strong>on</strong>sidered to be acting in good faith if the Director has knowledge<br />

c<strong>on</strong>cerning the matter in questi<strong>on</strong> that would cause his or her reliance to be unwarranted.<br />

C<strong>on</strong>siderati<strong>on</strong> of Factors. In discharging the duties of their respective positi<strong>on</strong>s, the Board,<br />

committees of the Board <strong>and</strong> Directors may, in c<strong>on</strong>sidering the best interests of The Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong>, c<strong>on</strong>sider the effects of any acti<strong>on</strong> up<strong>on</strong> communities in which offices or other<br />

establishments of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> are located, <strong>and</strong> all other pertinent factors. The<br />

c<strong>on</strong>siderati<strong>on</strong> of those factors shall not c<strong>on</strong>stitute a violati<strong>on</strong> of Secti<strong>on</strong> 6.21 above.<br />

Presumpti<strong>on</strong>. Absent breach of fiduciary duty, lack of good faith or self-dealing, any acti<strong>on</strong><br />

taken as a Director or any failure to take any acti<strong>on</strong> shall be presumed to be in the best<br />

interests of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

Notati<strong>on</strong> of Dissent. A Director who is present at a meeting of the Board, or of a committee of<br />

the Board, at which acti<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> any corporate matter is taken shall be presumed to have<br />

assented to the acti<strong>on</strong> taken unless his or her dissent is entered in the minutes of the meeting<br />

or unless the Director files a written dissent to the acti<strong>on</strong> with the secretary of the meeting<br />

before the adjournment thereof or transmits the dissent in writing to the secretary of The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> immediately after the adjournment of the meeting. The right to<br />

dissent shall not apply to a Director who voted in favor of the acti<strong>on</strong>. Nothing in this secti<strong>on</strong><br />

shall bar a Director from asserting that minutes of the meeting incorrectly omitted his dissent<br />

if, promptly up<strong>on</strong> receipt of a copy of such minutes, the Director notifies the secretary of the<br />

meeting of the in writing of the asserted omissi<strong>on</strong> or inaccuracy.<br />


Secti<strong>on</strong> 7.1 Enumerati<strong>on</strong>. The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall have a President, a Vice-<br />

President, a Secretary <strong>and</strong> a Treasurer, <strong>and</strong> may have such other officers <strong>and</strong> assistant officers as<br />

the Board of Directors shall authorize from time to time.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 7.2 Electi<strong>on</strong>. The officers of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall be elected by the<br />

Board of Directors at an organizati<strong>on</strong>al meeting to be held not more than thirty days after the close


of each Annual Meeting of the Members of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>. Interim electi<strong>on</strong>s to fill<br />

unexpired terms of officers may be c<strong>on</strong>ducted by the Board as the need arises.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 7.3 Nominati<strong>on</strong>s. Prior to each organizati<strong>on</strong>al meeting, the President, in c<strong>on</strong>sultati<strong>on</strong><br />

with the Executive Committee, may appoint a Nominating Committee to nominate officers for<br />

electi<strong>on</strong> by the Board of Directors. Additi<strong>on</strong>al nominati<strong>on</strong>s may be made from the floor at the<br />

organizati<strong>on</strong>al meeting.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 7.4 Duties of Officers. The duties of the officers shall be the usual <strong>and</strong> customary<br />

duties of the offices so held or may be prescribed by moti<strong>on</strong> or resoluti<strong>on</strong>.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 7.5 Removal of Officers. Any officer or agent elected or appointed by the Board<br />

may be removed either by the Members or by a majority of the Board whenever, in their<br />

respective judgments, the best interests of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> will be served<br />

thereby. Such removal shall be without prejudice to the c<strong>on</strong>tract rights, if any, of the pers<strong>on</strong><br />

so removed. The Board has the power to fill any vacancies in any office occurring in any<br />

manner.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 7.6 Resignati<strong>on</strong>. An officer may resign at any time by giving written notice of<br />

resignati<strong>on</strong> to the Secretary of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>. Any such resignati<strong>on</strong> shall take effect<br />

at the time specified therein; <strong>and</strong>, unless otherwise specified therein, the acceptance of such<br />

resignati<strong>on</strong> shall not be necessary to make it effective.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 7.7 Form of Executi<strong>on</strong> of Certain Instruments. Any note, mortgage, evidence of<br />

indebtedness, or security agreement, or any assignment or endorsement thereof, executed or entered<br />

into between The Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> any other pers<strong>on</strong>, must be signed by the President or Vice<br />

President <strong>and</strong> Secretary or Assistant Secretary or Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer of The<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong>, <strong>on</strong>ly after being approved by the Board of Directors.<br />


The Board of Directors may choose to employ an Executive Director to administer the day-today<br />

activities of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> to execute the policies, programs <strong>and</strong> other<br />

measures for carrying out the purposes of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> such other duties as<br />

may be assigned from time to time by the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee or the<br />

President. The Executive Director shall participate in meetings of the Board of Directors but shall<br />

not have the power to vote <strong>on</strong> any matter under c<strong>on</strong>siderati<strong>on</strong> by the Board. The Executive<br />

Director shall be resp<strong>on</strong>sible for employing <strong>and</strong> supervising such staff as may be authorized from<br />

time to time by the Board of Directors.<br />


The affairs of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall be c<strong>on</strong>ducted in a manner c<strong>on</strong>sistent with The<br />

Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, insofar as such provisi<strong>on</strong>s apply to The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>. Funds held for investment shall be invested in harm<strong>on</strong>y with The Social<br />

Principles of The United Methodist Church.<br />


The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall be amenable to the C<strong>on</strong>ference <strong>and</strong> shall work in<br />

coordinati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> cooperati<strong>on</strong> with the C<strong>on</strong>ference, its agencies, local churches, <strong>and</strong> the instituti<strong>on</strong>s<br />

related thereto, <strong>and</strong> shall provide such financial development services as may from time to time be<br />

mutually agreed up<strong>on</strong> by The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> those instituti<strong>on</strong>s.<br />


Secti<strong>on</strong> 11.1 Authority of the Board. Subject to the limitati<strong>on</strong>s provided by law <strong>and</strong> the then<br />

current Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, the Board of Directors shall have the<br />

power to make, alter, amend or repeal the bylaws of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, subject to the<br />

power of the Members of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> to veto, alter, amend or repeal the same.


Any such acti<strong>on</strong> to change the Bylaws shall require a two-thirds vote of the Directors at large <strong>and</strong><br />

the Immediate Past President who are then in office. This may be d<strong>on</strong>e at a regular or special<br />

meeting duly c<strong>on</strong>vened after written notice of that purpose to all of the Directors.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 11.2 Authority of Members. If the Bylaws should be changed by the Directors as<br />

specified in Secti<strong>on</strong> 11.1, written notice of that change shall be given to the Members of The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> within thirty (30) days after approval of the change by the Board of<br />

Directors, but not less than ten (10) days prior to the next meeting of the Members. The Members<br />

need not take any acti<strong>on</strong> up<strong>on</strong> such a change but they have the authority to approve, veto, alter,<br />

amend or repeal the same, by a two-thirds vote of voting Members present at a properly scheduled<br />

meeting of the membership.<br />


Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.1 Definiti<strong>on</strong>s. For purposes of this Article:<br />

“The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>” means the corporati<strong>on</strong> named at the beginning of these<br />

Bylaws, <strong>and</strong> if it is involved in any c<strong>on</strong>solidati<strong>on</strong> or merger, each c<strong>on</strong>stituent corporati<strong>on</strong> absorbed<br />

in, <strong>and</strong> each surviving or new corporati<strong>on</strong> surviving or resulting from, such c<strong>on</strong>solidati<strong>on</strong> or<br />

merger;<br />

“Liability” means any compensatory, punitive or other damages, judgment, amount paid in<br />

settlement, fine, penalty, excise tax assessed with respect to an employee benefit plan,<br />

<strong>and</strong> cost or expense of any nature whatsoever, including without limitati<strong>on</strong> attorneys’<br />

fees <strong>and</strong> costs of Proceedings;<br />

“Indemnified Capacity” means any <strong>and</strong> all past, present <strong>and</strong> future service by a Representative<br />

in <strong>on</strong>e or more capacities:<br />

as a director, officer, employee or agent of corporati<strong>on</strong>, or<br />

at the request of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, as a director, officer, employee, agent,<br />

director or fiduciary of another corporati<strong>on</strong> or any partnership, joint venture, trust,<br />

employee benefit plan, or other entity, enterprise or undertaking, including service as a<br />

representative that imposes duties <strong>on</strong> or involves service by the representative with<br />

respect to an employee benefit plan, its participants or beneficiaries;<br />

“Proceeding” means any threatened, pending or completed acti<strong>on</strong>, suit, appeal or other<br />

proceeding of any nature, whether civil, criminal, administrative or investigative, <strong>and</strong><br />

whether formal or informal, <strong>and</strong> whether brought by or in the right of The Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong>, or otherwise; <strong>and</strong><br />

“Representative” means any pers<strong>on</strong> who (i) serves or has served as a director, officer,<br />

employee or agent of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, or (ii) has been expressly designated<br />

by the Board as a Representative of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> for purposes of <strong>and</strong><br />

entitled to the benefits under this Article XII.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.2 Indemnificati<strong>on</strong>. Subject to the subsequent provisi<strong>on</strong>s of this Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.2 <strong>and</strong><br />

of Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.3, The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall indemnify a Representative against any Liability<br />

actually <strong>and</strong> reas<strong>on</strong>ably incurred by the Representative in c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> with any Proceeding in which<br />

he or she may be involved as a party or otherwise by reas<strong>on</strong> of the fact that the Representative is or<br />

was serving in an Indemnified Capacity, including without limitati<strong>on</strong> any Liability resulting from<br />

an actual or alleged breach or neglect of duty, error, misstatement or misleading statement,<br />

negligence, gross negligence, or act or omissi<strong>on</strong> giving rise to strict or products liability, except to<br />

the extent: (a) the c<strong>on</strong>duct of the Representative is determined by a court to have c<strong>on</strong>stituted<br />

willful misc<strong>on</strong>duct or recklessness; (b) the c<strong>on</strong>duct of the Representative is based up<strong>on</strong> or<br />

attributable to his or her receipt from The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> of a pers<strong>on</strong>al benefit to which<br />

the pers<strong>on</strong> is not legally entitled; (c) the liability of a Representative is with respect to the<br />

administrati<strong>on</strong> of assets held by The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> in trust pursuant to Secti<strong>on</strong> 5547 of<br />

the Pennsylvania N<strong>on</strong>profit Corporati<strong>on</strong> Law of 1988, as amended; or (d) such indemnificati<strong>on</strong> is<br />

expressly prohibited by applicable law or otherwise is unlawful.<br />

The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall indemnify a Representative under the preceding provisi<strong>on</strong>s<br />

of this Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.2 <strong>on</strong>ly if the Representative acted in good faith <strong>and</strong> in a manner he or she


reas<strong>on</strong>ably believed to be in, or not opposed to, the best interests of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong>, with respect to any criminal proceeding, had no reas<strong>on</strong>able cause to believe his or her c<strong>on</strong>duct<br />

was unlawful. The terminati<strong>on</strong> of any Proceeding by judgment, order, settlement or c<strong>on</strong>victi<strong>on</strong>, or<br />

up<strong>on</strong> a plea of nolo c<strong>on</strong>tendere or its equivalent, shall not of itself create a presumpti<strong>on</strong> that the<br />

pers<strong>on</strong> did not act in good faith <strong>and</strong> in a manner that he or she reas<strong>on</strong>ably believed to be in, or not<br />

opposed to, the best interests or The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong>, with respect to any criminal<br />

proceedings, had reas<strong>on</strong>able cause to believe that his or her c<strong>on</strong>duct was unlawful. Acti<strong>on</strong> with<br />

respect to an employee benefit plan taken or omitted in good faith by a Representative in a manner<br />

that he or she reas<strong>on</strong>ably believed to be in the best interests of the participants <strong>and</strong> beneficiaries of<br />

the plan shall be deemed to be acti<strong>on</strong> in a manner that is not opposed to the best interests of The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall not indemnify a Representative under the preceding<br />

provisi<strong>on</strong>s of this Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.2 with respect to any claim, issue or matter as to which the<br />

Representative has been adjudged to be liable to The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> in a Proceeding<br />

brought by or in the right of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> to procure a judgment in its favor, unless<br />

(<strong>and</strong> then <strong>on</strong>ly to the extent) that the court of comm<strong>on</strong> pleas of the judicial district embracing the<br />

county in which The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>’s registered office is located or the court in which the<br />

acti<strong>on</strong> was brought determines up<strong>on</strong> applicati<strong>on</strong> that, despite the adjudicati<strong>on</strong> of Liability but in<br />

view of all of the circumstances of the case, the Representative is fairly <strong>and</strong> reas<strong>on</strong>ably entitled to<br />

indemnificati<strong>on</strong> from The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> for the expenses that such court deems proper.<br />

Unless ordered by court, any indemnificati<strong>on</strong> of a Representative under preceding provisi<strong>on</strong>s<br />

of this Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.2 shall be made by The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong>ly up<strong>on</strong> a determinati<strong>on</strong> made<br />

in the specific case that such indemnificati<strong>on</strong> of the Representative is proper in the circumstances<br />

because he or she has met the applicable st<strong>and</strong>ard of c<strong>on</strong>duct set forth in the preceding provisi<strong>on</strong>s<br />

of this paragraph. Such determinati<strong>on</strong> shall be made the Members.<br />

To the extent that a Representative has been successful <strong>on</strong> the merits or otherwise in defense<br />

of any proceeding referred to in Secti<strong>on</strong> 5741 or Secti<strong>on</strong> 5742 of the Pennsylvania N<strong>on</strong>profit<br />

Corporati<strong>on</strong> Law of 1988, as amended, or in defense of any claim, issue or matter therein, such<br />

Representative shall be indemnified by The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> against expenses (including<br />

without limitati<strong>on</strong> attorneys’ fees <strong>and</strong> costs of Proceedings) actually <strong>and</strong> reas<strong>on</strong>ably incurred by<br />

such pers<strong>on</strong> in c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> therewith.<br />

If a Representative is entitled to indemnificati<strong>on</strong> under this Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.2 in respect of a<br />

porti<strong>on</strong>, but not all, of a Liability to which the Representative is subject, The Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall indemnify the Representative to the maximum extent for such porti<strong>on</strong> of the<br />

Liability.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.3 Limitati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> Indemnificati<strong>on</strong>. Notwithst<strong>and</strong>ing any other provisi<strong>on</strong> of this<br />

Article XII, The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall not indemnify a Representative under this Article<br />

XII for any Liability incurred in a Proceeding which was initiated by the Representative (which<br />

shall not be deemed to include counter-claims or affirmative defenses) or in which the<br />

Representative participated as an intervenor or amicus curiae, unless such initiati<strong>on</strong> of or<br />

participati<strong>on</strong> in the Proceeding is authorized, either before or after its commencement, by the<br />

Members.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.4 Advancement of Expenses. The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall pay, in advance<br />

of the final dispositi<strong>on</strong> of a Proceeding described in Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.2 or the initiati<strong>on</strong> of or participati<strong>on</strong><br />

in a Proceeding authorized under Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.3, the expenses (including without limitati<strong>on</strong><br />

attorneys’ fees <strong>and</strong> costs of Proceedings) incurred in good faith in c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> with such Proceeding<br />

by the Representative who is involved in the Proceeding by reas<strong>on</strong> of the fact that he or she is or<br />

was serving in an Indemnified Capacity. Such advancement of expenses shall be made by The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> up<strong>on</strong> its receipt of an undertaking, satisfactory to The Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong>, by or <strong>on</strong> behalf of the Representative to repay to The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> the


amounts advanced by The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> in the event it is ultimately determined that the<br />

Representative is not entitled to indemnificati<strong>on</strong> under this Article XII.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.5 Insurance. To effect, secure or satisfy the indemnificati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong><br />

obligati<strong>on</strong>s of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, whether under this Article XII or otherwise, The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> from time to time may self-insure, obtain <strong>and</strong> maintain insurance or letters<br />

of credit, create a reserve, trust, escrow, cash collateral or other fund or account, enter into<br />

indemnificati<strong>on</strong> agreements, pledge or give a mortgage up<strong>on</strong> or a security interest in any property<br />

of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, or use any other mechanism or arrangement, in such amounts, at<br />

such costs, <strong>and</strong> up<strong>on</strong> such other terms <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>diti<strong>on</strong>s as <strong>and</strong> when the Board shall determine.<br />

Absent fraud, the determinati<strong>on</strong> of the Board with respect to such matters shall be c<strong>on</strong>clusive<br />

against all security holders, officers <strong>and</strong> directors, <strong>and</strong> shall not be subject to avoidance or<br />

voidability.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.6 Payment of Expenses. A pers<strong>on</strong> who is entitled to indemnificati<strong>on</strong> or<br />

advancement of expenses from The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> under this Article XII shall receive<br />

such payment or advancement promptly after the pers<strong>on</strong>’s written request therefore has been<br />

delivered to the Secretary of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 12.7 Interpretati<strong>on</strong>. The provisi<strong>on</strong>s of this Article XII shall c<strong>on</strong>stitute <strong>and</strong> be deemed<br />

to be a c<strong>on</strong>tract between The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> its Representatives, pursuant to which<br />

The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> each such Representative intend to be legally bound. Each pers<strong>on</strong><br />

serving as a Representative shall be deemed to be doing so in reliance up<strong>on</strong> the rights provided by<br />

this Article XII. The rights granted by this Article XII shall not be deemed exclusive of any other<br />

rights to which pers<strong>on</strong>s seeking indemnificati<strong>on</strong>, advancement of expenses or c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong> under<br />

this Article XII may be entitled under any statute, agreement, vote of Directors or disinterested<br />

Directors, or otherwise, both as to acti<strong>on</strong> in an Indemnified Capacity <strong>and</strong> as to acti<strong>on</strong> in any other<br />

capacity. The rights to indemnificati<strong>on</strong>, advancement of expenses <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong> provided by<br />

this Article XII shall c<strong>on</strong>tinue as to a pers<strong>on</strong> who no l<strong>on</strong>ger serves as a Representative, <strong>and</strong> shall<br />

inure to the benefit of his or her heirs <strong>and</strong> pers<strong>on</strong>al <strong>and</strong> legal representatives.<br />


Secti<strong>on</strong> 13.1 Compliance with Requirements of Internal Revenue Code. The Corporati<strong>on</strong> has<br />

been organized <strong>and</strong> shall be operated exclusively for charitable <strong>and</strong> religious purposes; The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> shall not enter into any agreement, nor shall its Directors or officers adopt<br />

any resoluti<strong>on</strong> or Bylaw, take any acti<strong>on</strong> or carry <strong>on</strong> any activity by or <strong>on</strong> behalf of The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, not permitted to be entered into, taken or carried <strong>on</strong> by (a) an organizati<strong>on</strong><br />

that is described in Secti<strong>on</strong> 501(c)(3) of the Code <strong>and</strong> (b) an organizati<strong>on</strong> c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong>s to which are<br />

deductible under Secti<strong>on</strong> 170(c) (2) of the Code.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 13.2 Dissoluti<strong>on</strong>. The assets of this n<strong>on</strong>profit corporati<strong>on</strong> are irrevocably dedicated to<br />

charitable <strong>and</strong> religious purposes, <strong>and</strong> up<strong>on</strong> the dissoluti<strong>on</strong> of The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> or the<br />

winding up of its affairs, the assets shall be distributed exclusively to charitable <strong>and</strong> religious<br />

purposes which would then qualify as an exempt organizati<strong>on</strong> or organizati<strong>on</strong>s under the provisi<strong>on</strong>s<br />

of Secti<strong>on</strong> 501(c)(3) of the Code; <strong>and</strong> all assets remaining after the payment of The Stewardship<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong>'s debt shall be c<strong>on</strong>veyed or distributed as provided by the Articles of Incorporati<strong>on</strong>.<br />


Secti<strong>on</strong> 14.1 Fiscal Year. The Corporati<strong>on</strong>’s fiscal year shall begin <strong>on</strong> the first day of January<br />

<strong>and</strong> expire <strong>on</strong> the last day of December.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 14.2 Annual Report. The Treasurer shall cause to be prepared <strong>and</strong> presented at the<br />

annual meeting of the Board, an annual report, prepared in c<strong>on</strong>formity with the requirements of<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 5553 of the N<strong>on</strong>profit Corporati<strong>on</strong> Law of 1988, Act of December 21, 1988, P.L. 1444, as<br />

amended, <strong>and</strong> such report shall be filed with the minutes of such Board meeting.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 14.3 B<strong>on</strong>d. The Board may require any officer, agent or employee of The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> to give a b<strong>on</strong>d for the faithful discharge of his or her duties in such amount


<strong>and</strong> with such surety or sureties as it may determine. The premiums <strong>on</strong> any such b<strong>on</strong>d shall be paid<br />

by The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

Secti<strong>on</strong> 14.4 Waiver of Notice. Any notice required to be given by these Bylaws may be<br />

waived in writing by the pers<strong>on</strong> entitled to such notice.<br />




RES-1 Resoluti<strong>on</strong> to Transfer Voting Clergy Membership to<br />

the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

ACTION: Approved<br />

WHEREAS the Northeastern Jurisdicti<strong>on</strong>al C<strong>on</strong>ference, meeting in July, 2008, voted a<br />

resoluti<strong>on</strong> affirming the discernment in the May or June 2008 sessi<strong>on</strong>s by six c<strong>on</strong>ferences (the two<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ferences of the Albany Area, the two c<strong>on</strong>ferences of the New York West Area, Central<br />

Pennsylvania <strong>and</strong> New Engl<strong>and</strong>), with the affirmati<strong>on</strong> that the following changes in boundaries would<br />

be enacted during 2010:<br />

Creating a new annual c<strong>on</strong>ference composed of the Pennsylvania churches of the present<br />

Wyoming C<strong>on</strong>ference <strong>and</strong> all the churches of the present Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference;<br />

Uniting the Troy churches currently located in Verm<strong>on</strong>t with the New Engl<strong>and</strong> C<strong>on</strong>ference, <strong>and</strong><br />

Creating a new annual c<strong>on</strong>ference composed of churches of the North Central New York, Troy,<br />

Western New York, <strong>and</strong> Wyoming annual c<strong>on</strong>ferences located in New York State,<br />

WHEREAS 32, Article I. of The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church (2008),<br />

identifies clergy membership of an annual c<strong>on</strong>ference as "deac<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> elders in full c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>,<br />

provisi<strong>on</strong>al members, associate members, <strong>and</strong> local pastors under appointment,"<br />

WHEREAS the Definiti<strong>on</strong> of Clergy in 141 of The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist<br />

Church (2008) is "individuals who serve as commissi<strong>on</strong>ed ministers, deac<strong>on</strong>s, elders, <strong>and</strong> local<br />

pastors under appointment of a bishop (full- <strong>and</strong> part-time), who hold membership in an annual<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ference, <strong>and</strong> who are commissi<strong>on</strong>ed, ordained, or licensed",<br />

WHEREAS clergy members of an annual c<strong>on</strong>ference appointed to churches within the new<br />

annual c<strong>on</strong>ference boundaries will be c<strong>on</strong>sidered to be members of the new c<strong>on</strong>ferences, with their<br />

membership <strong>and</strong> relati<strong>on</strong>ships transferred between the bishops c<strong>on</strong>cerned according to the provisi<strong>on</strong>s<br />

of 347 of The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church (2008),<br />

WHEREAS those who are in extensi<strong>on</strong> ministries <strong>and</strong> the retired relati<strong>on</strong>ship who have<br />

designated charge c<strong>on</strong>ference relati<strong>on</strong>ships within the new annual c<strong>on</strong>ference boundaries will also<br />

have their membership <strong>and</strong> relati<strong>on</strong>ships transferred according to the provisi<strong>on</strong>s of 1)347 of The<br />

Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church (2008),<br />

WHEREAS the reports of the 2010 clergy sessi<strong>on</strong>s of the respective annual c<strong>on</strong>ferences will<br />

likewise be transferred to the respective c<strong>on</strong>ferences for <strong>on</strong>going covenantal c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>s,<br />

WHEREAS Bishops Middlet<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Hassinger have agreed to transfer those commissi<strong>on</strong>ed<br />

ministers, deac<strong>on</strong>s, elders, <strong>and</strong> local pastors of the respective c<strong>on</strong>ferences who have been appointed<br />

within the state boundaries as identified in the resoluti<strong>on</strong> of the jurisdicti<strong>on</strong>al c<strong>on</strong>ference,<br />

THEREFORE be it resolved that the transfers to the new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference, al<strong>on</strong>g<br />

with voting rights <strong>and</strong> privileges for clergy members of the Central Pennsylvania Annual<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference, meeting June 4-5, 2010, whose appointments in Pennsylvania have been announced<br />

effective beginning July 1, 2010, be in effect as of June 12, 2010.<br />

RES-2 Resoluti<strong>on</strong> to Transfer Voting Lay Membership to<br />

the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

ACTION: Approved<br />

WHEREAS the Northeastern Jurisdicti<strong>on</strong>al C<strong>on</strong>ference, meeting in July, 2008, voted a<br />

resoluti<strong>on</strong> affirming the discernment in the May or June 2008 sessi<strong>on</strong>s by six c<strong>on</strong>ferences (the two<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ferences of the Albany Area, the two c<strong>on</strong>ferences of the New York West Area, Central<br />

Pennsylvania <strong>and</strong> New Engl<strong>and</strong>), with the affirmati<strong>on</strong> that the following changes in boundaries would<br />

be enacted during 2010:


Creating a new annual c<strong>on</strong>ference composed of the Pennsylvania churches of the present<br />

Wyoming C<strong>on</strong>ference <strong>and</strong> all the churches of the present Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference;<br />

Uniting the Troy churches currently located in Verm<strong>on</strong>t with the New Engl<strong>and</strong> C<strong>on</strong>ference, <strong>and</strong><br />

Creating a new annual c<strong>on</strong>ference composed of churches of the North Central New York, Troy,<br />

Western New York, <strong>and</strong> Wyoming annual c<strong>on</strong>ferences located in New York State,<br />

WHEREAS 32, Article I. of The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church (2008),<br />

identifies lay membership of an annual c<strong>on</strong>ference as "professing lay members elected by each<br />

charge, the diac<strong>on</strong>al ministers, the active deac<strong>on</strong>esses, <strong>and</strong> home missi<strong>on</strong>ers under Episcopal<br />

appointment within the bounds of the annual c<strong>on</strong>ference, the c<strong>on</strong>ference president of United<br />

Methodist Women, the c<strong>on</strong>ference president of United Methodist Men, the c<strong>on</strong>ference lay leader,<br />

district lay leaders, the c<strong>on</strong>ference director of Lay Speaking Ministries, c<strong>on</strong>ference secretary of<br />

Global Ministries (if lay) the president of equivalent officer of the c<strong>on</strong>ference young adult<br />

organizati<strong>on</strong>, the president of the c<strong>on</strong>ference youth organizati<strong>on</strong>, the chair of the annual c<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

college student organizati<strong>on</strong>, <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>e young pers<strong>on</strong> between the ages of twelve (12) <strong>and</strong> seventeen<br />

(17) <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>e young pers<strong>on</strong> between the ages of eighteen (18) <strong>and</strong> thirty (30) from each district<br />

WHEREAS it is recognized that, by the acti<strong>on</strong> of the separate annual c<strong>on</strong>ferences in 2008 <strong>and</strong><br />

the Northeastern Jurisdicti<strong>on</strong>al C<strong>on</strong>ference in July 2008, c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s will be transferred into the<br />

new annual c<strong>on</strong>ferences;<br />

WHEREAS lay members have been duly elected by their respective charge c<strong>on</strong>ferences or<br />

district c<strong>on</strong>ferences or annual c<strong>on</strong>ferences,<br />

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the lay members of the Central Pennsylvania<br />

Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference be transferred into the new Susquehanna Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference, <strong>and</strong> be<br />

granted voting rights <strong>and</strong> privileges at the uniting c<strong>on</strong>ference <strong>on</strong> June 12, 2010;<br />

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that lay equalizing members of the June 4-5, 2010 Central<br />

Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference be recognized as lay equalizing members of the new Susquehanna<br />

Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference for the uniting c<strong>on</strong>ference <strong>on</strong> June 12, 2010 until new formulas for<br />

equalizati<strong>on</strong> be developed for the new c<strong>on</strong>ference, effective by January 1, 2011.

Reports<br />



Page<br />

1. Africa University ...................................................... 88<br />

2. Albright Care Services .............................................. 88<br />

3. <strong>Archives</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>History</strong> ................................................ 90<br />

4. Bost<strong>on</strong> University School of Theology ..................... 91<br />

5. C<strong>and</strong>ler School of Theology ..................................... 92<br />

6. C<strong>on</strong>ference C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries ......................... 93<br />

7. Methodist Theological School in Ohio...................... 110<br />

8. Missi<strong>on</strong> Central ........................................................ 111<br />

9. Board of Ordained Ministry ...................................... 114<br />

10. Pennsylvanians C<strong>on</strong>cerned About<br />

Alcohol Problems ................................................ 115<br />

11. Pennsylvania Council of Churches ........................... 116<br />

12. Pensi<strong>on</strong>s.................................................................... 117<br />

13. Preachers‘ Aid Society ............................................. 117<br />

14. Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> ........................................... 118<br />

15. Student Aid Fund ...................................................... 119<br />

16. Trustees .................................................................... 119<br />

17. United Methodist Home for Children, Inc. ................ 127<br />

18. United Methodist Men .............................................. 127<br />

19. United Methodist Witness......................................... 128<br />

20. United Methodist Women ......................................... 129<br />

21. United Theological Seminary ................................... 130<br />

22. Wyoming Seminary .................................................. 131


1. Africa University Thriving in Zimbabwe<br />

Africa University has many stories to tell – to the nati<strong>on</strong>s of Africa, <strong>and</strong> the world.<br />

During Zimbabwe‘s ec<strong>on</strong>omic <strong>and</strong> political struggles of recent years, United Methodist-related<br />

Africa University c<strong>on</strong>tinued to educate leaders for all of Africa. For a time in 2009, it was the <strong>on</strong>ly<br />

instituti<strong>on</strong> of higher educati<strong>on</strong> in Zimbabwe open for classes. We celebrated our 3,000 th graduate with<br />

the 2009 graduating class.<br />

In the 2009-2010 academic year, our 1,100 students represented 28 African countries. We have a<br />

substantial waiting list of students eager to attend <strong>on</strong> campus or through our emerging distancelearning<br />

curriculum.<br />

For all of this, we thank God for the prayers <strong>and</strong> support of United Methodists. In 2009, annual<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ferences c<strong>on</strong>tributed more than $2 milli<strong>on</strong> to the apporti<strong>on</strong>ed Africa University Fund. That<br />

represents 86 percent of the $2.5 milli<strong>on</strong> goal set by the 2008 <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

United Methodists‘ support for Africa University creates opportunities for Africans to help<br />

Africans. Our graduates are living out the United Methodist visi<strong>on</strong> for the Four Areas of Focus:<br />

Leadership: The Rev. Tolbert Thomas Jallah Jr. is a prime example. A graduate of AU‘s<br />

Institute of Peace, Leadership <strong>and</strong> Governance, the former advisor to Liberian President Ellen<br />

Johns<strong>on</strong> Sirleaf is now Secretary <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> of the Fellowship of Christian Councils of Churches in<br />

West Africa.<br />

Global Health: Bigi Ruhigita, a nurse from the Democratic Republic of C<strong>on</strong>go, earned her<br />

master‘s degree in public health at AU. She returned to C<strong>on</strong>go to work in a 50-bed clinic she <strong>and</strong> her<br />

siblings founded in h<strong>on</strong>or of their father.<br />

Ministry with the Poor: Isaiah Njimbu, a 2006 graduate, returned to Lubumbashi, DRC, to find<br />

many children orphaned because their parents died of AIDS. In resp<strong>on</strong>se, Njimbu started the Child<br />

Acti<strong>on</strong> Initiative, a n<strong>on</strong>government organizati<strong>on</strong>. Today, this ministry still thrives.<br />

Church Growth: The Rev. Daniel Mh<strong>on</strong>e was instrumental in establishing 28 local churches in<br />

the newly established Malawi (Africa) Missi<strong>on</strong>ary C<strong>on</strong>ference. He credits Africa University for<br />

increasing his capacity as a pastor.<br />

In December 2009, we joyfully celebrated the inaugurati<strong>on</strong> of Bishop David Kekumba Yemba<br />

<strong>and</strong> professor Fanuel Tagwira as the university‘s third chancellor <strong>and</strong> vice chancellor.<br />

Democratic Republic of C<strong>on</strong>go President Joseph Kabila praised the university‘s dedicati<strong>on</strong> to<br />

Africa at our annual seminar commemorating former United Nati<strong>on</strong>s Secretary <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Dag<br />

Hammarskjöld.<br />

Every annual c<strong>on</strong>ference is vital to the success of the dream that has become Africa University.<br />

Your support educates leaders in theology, agriculture, social sciences, health sciences, <strong>and</strong> peace <strong>and</strong><br />

justice.<br />

Jim Salley, Associate Vice-Chancellor for Instituti<strong>on</strong>al Advancement<br />

2. Albright Care Services<br />

The Missi<strong>on</strong> of Albright Care Services is, ―to encourage abundant living by anticipating <strong>and</strong><br />

resp<strong>on</strong>ding to the needs of the aging <strong>and</strong> frail.‖ ACS remains affiliated in faith with United<br />

Methodists <strong>and</strong> exists as an extensi<strong>on</strong> of the ministry of the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference. We<br />

appreciate the support we receive from the C<strong>on</strong>ference, its member churches, <strong>and</strong> individual United<br />

Methodists. Below are reports from our four primary ministry settings<br />

Rev. Seneca S. Foote, President/CEO<br />

Rev. Peter F. Geschwindner, V.P., Fund Development<br />

Rev. Susan D. Jamis<strong>on</strong>, Director, Annual Fund <strong>and</strong> Communicati<strong>on</strong>s



Culture Change became an everyday word at RiverWoods in 2009. The goal of Culture Change<br />

is to move to resident-centered care in a home-like envir<strong>on</strong>ment. This includes more c<strong>on</strong>sistent<br />

staffing to enhance relati<strong>on</strong>ships, <strong>and</strong> offering choices in many areas.<br />

The Culture Change Steering Team selected E-Wing in the Nursing Care Center as the place to<br />

begin. Staff members assessed the residents‘ desires <strong>and</strong> discovered simple changes could be made to<br />

create a more home-like envir<strong>on</strong>ment. Our first Household Coordinator for E-wing was named in<br />

October of 2009. The Household Coordinator is resp<strong>on</strong>sible for keeping the household (wing)<br />

running smoothly through activity planning, problem solving <strong>and</strong> routine systems development. The<br />

Coordinator also provides assistance with nursing care, restorative therapies, pers<strong>on</strong>al care, activities,<br />

<strong>and</strong> meals. Early in 2010, we added Household Coordinators <strong>on</strong> three more wings <strong>and</strong> the final <strong>on</strong>e<br />

will be named before the end of 2010. We look forward to fully implementing Culture Change <strong>on</strong> all<br />

of the wings throughout 2010, creating a truly resident-centered envir<strong>on</strong>ment that feels like a ―home,‖<br />

not an instituti<strong>on</strong>.<br />

In the fall of 2009, RiverWoods received an unexpected d<strong>on</strong>ati<strong>on</strong> of outdoor exercise equipment<br />

from Playworld Systems of Lewisburg. Throughout the summer, our residents had been testing a<br />

new line of exercise equipment called LifeTrail®. The system promotes good posture, core strength,<br />

active stretching, balance, <strong>and</strong> strength training. Playworld Systems then d<strong>on</strong>ated seven complete<br />

stati<strong>on</strong>s for the RiverWoods Walking Trail. RiverWoods residents will participate in <strong>on</strong>-going<br />

research with Playworld Systems.<br />

Master planning for the campus c<strong>on</strong>tinues. We are hoping to have our financing finalized for a<br />

new nursing care center <strong>and</strong> assisted living facility by fall of 2010 <strong>and</strong> to break ground in early 2011.<br />

I would like to thank the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference for your c<strong>on</strong>tinued support of our<br />

missi<strong>on</strong>. You help us make a difference in the lives of so many.<br />

Anth<strong>on</strong>y J. Cooper, NHA, RHP Executive Director<br />


Culture Change c<strong>on</strong>tinues to be at the forefr<strong>on</strong>t of our efforts to provide opportunities for<br />

abundant living for our residents. The Pers<strong>on</strong>al Care <strong>and</strong> Nursing Care Centers are undergoing<br />

changes every day as we move from an instituti<strong>on</strong>al setting to a resident-centered community.<br />

Residents can now choose the times they get up in the morning <strong>and</strong> go to bed at night. Mealtimes are<br />

more relaxed as they have choices about what to eat <strong>and</strong> the times they receive meals.<br />

Through the creati<strong>on</strong> of Learning Circles, residents <strong>and</strong> staff are becoming better acquainted<br />

with each other as they meet in small groups to share stories about their lives. Households are being<br />

established within the wings of the Nursing Care Center <strong>and</strong> by the end of 2010 we plan to have<br />

household coordinators in place who will oversee all the activities to ensure things are running<br />

smoothly.<br />

Activities for our Independent Living residents have been exp<strong>and</strong>ed in many areas, including our<br />

Wellness Program. We now have several activity ―leagues‖ for engaging in activities as diverse as<br />

Scrabble®, darts, <strong>and</strong> ping-p<strong>on</strong>g. The Wii equipment is also frequently used, with bowling being the<br />

favorite program.. The social activities calendar has grown as well, including more trips <strong>and</strong> special<br />

weekend programs.<br />

The financial crisis our nati<strong>on</strong> is experiencing has put a temporary hold <strong>on</strong> the expansi<strong>on</strong> plans<br />

for our campus. As banks have tightened their lending policies, borrowing for such projects has<br />

become difficult. We look forward to an upswing in the ec<strong>on</strong>omy so we can move forward with the<br />

plans that will make the implementati<strong>on</strong> of Culture Change complete.<br />

The year ahead will surely be both challenging <strong>and</strong> rewarding. As always we appreciate the<br />

support of the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference as we strive to enrich the lives of those we serve.<br />

Douglas Lee Flasher, MHA, NHA Executive Director



In December of 2005, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare granted sole-provider<br />

status to Albright Care Services to operate LIFE programs in the Department‘s Lycoming-Clint<strong>on</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> Lancaster County service areas. The Eastern Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference (Lancaster County) is<br />

both aware <strong>and</strong> supportive of this effort to enable the frail elderly poor to remain in their own homes<br />

for as l<strong>on</strong>g as possible while receiving high-quality care <strong>and</strong> services.<br />


Located at 901 Memorial Avenue, Williamsport, Albright LIFE (Living Independently for<br />

Elders) is Pennsylvania‘s versi<strong>on</strong> of the nati<strong>on</strong>ally recognized PACE program (Program for All-<br />

Inclusive Care of the Elderly). LIFE‘s comprehensive array of services meet the social, medical,<br />

emoti<strong>on</strong>al, spiritual <strong>and</strong> nutriti<strong>on</strong>al needs of individuals 60 <strong>and</strong> older. This mix of services allows<br />

participants to remain healthy <strong>and</strong> active in the place they call home for as l<strong>on</strong>g as feasible. In<br />

additi<strong>on</strong>, LIFE services are a blessing for both participants <strong>and</strong> their families <strong>and</strong> caregivers who<br />

appreciate all that the program provides. Since our opening in July of 2008 we have served over 50<br />

pers<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> currently have 38 participants enrolled.<br />

Perry L<strong>and</strong><strong>on</strong>, Executive Director<br />


We are located at 417 W. Frederick Street, Lancaster, PA, in a beautifully rehabilitated tobacco<br />

warehouse which also houses a day care program, providing intergenerati<strong>on</strong>al activities for our<br />

participants. Since our opening in October of 2008 we have served over 40 pers<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> currently<br />

have 34 participants enrolled.<br />

Staff of Albright LIFE Lancaster have been busy creating opportunities for abundant living by<br />

offering seniors <strong>and</strong> their families comfort <strong>and</strong> peace of mind while striving to insure the maximum<br />

independence of our participants. Working as a team, staff, participants <strong>and</strong> family members<br />

formulate a plan of care to address participant health issues. Participant strength <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>fidence are<br />

maintained through our <strong>on</strong>e-<strong>on</strong>-<strong>on</strong>e therapy programs. Social <strong>and</strong> recreati<strong>on</strong>al activities are offered<br />

in our Adult Day Center providing avenues for participants to b<strong>on</strong>d with peers <strong>and</strong> establish<br />

friendships. We also provide a support network for caregivers. Our in-home care staff support the<br />

goal of our LIFE participants to remain in their own homes. While caring for participants‘ physical<br />

<strong>and</strong> medical needs, we never lose sight of the pers<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> the need for respect <strong>and</strong> dignity earned by<br />

those we serve. Individual care needs, history, culture <strong>and</strong> life experiences are all h<strong>on</strong>ored <strong>and</strong> used<br />

as a basis for decisi<strong>on</strong>s made regarding care. Offering all the services of a nursing home, the LIFE<br />

program adapts to the increasing needs of an individual as their health declines, c<strong>on</strong>tinuing to support<br />

their desire to live life abundantly.<br />

Matt Hazen, Executive Director<br />

3. <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> <strong>Archives</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>History</strong><br />

The missi<strong>on</strong> of the <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> is to gather, preserve, <strong>and</strong> make accessible the archival <strong>and</strong><br />

material history of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference. In additi<strong>on</strong>, the <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> seeks to encourage members<br />

of C<strong>on</strong>ference to appreciate our history through the distributi<strong>on</strong> of materials for Heritage Sunday <strong>and</strong><br />

issues of The Chr<strong>on</strong>icle.<br />

The <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> has established a plan to erect interpretative materials for the historic site at<br />

New Berlin, the site of the first Evangelical Associati<strong>on</strong> church building, <strong>and</strong> that work will go<br />

forward this year. The Old St<strong>on</strong>e Church in Briar Creek, a C<strong>on</strong>ference site <strong>and</strong> a Nati<strong>on</strong>al Historical<br />

Building, will be cleaned <strong>and</strong> renovated so that it can be visited <strong>and</strong> used for occasi<strong>on</strong>al services.<br />

Archivist Milt<strong>on</strong> Loyer has dedicated himself to creating a series of <strong>on</strong> line Data Bases which<br />

offer important historical informati<strong>on</strong>. All of these are linked to the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference Web Site. Go


to Resources <strong>and</strong> click <strong>on</strong> <strong>Archives</strong> to access them. One site is titled: Pastors. It includes a listing <strong>and</strong><br />

biographical informati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> all the Pennsylvania UB Pastors, another of all the Central Pennsylvania<br />

Methodist Pastors, <strong>and</strong> a third of all the East Baltimore C<strong>on</strong>ference pastors (1856-1868). Another site<br />

is titled: Churches. This c<strong>on</strong>tains two parts, both works in progress: Closed Churches; <str<strong>on</strong>g>Open</str<strong>on</strong>g><br />

Churches. The plan is to exp<strong>and</strong> these sites after the uni<strong>on</strong> of the two c<strong>on</strong>ferences. This has been a<br />

massive labor of love, assisted this past year by an able intern from Lycoming College.<br />

Much of the <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g>‘s time <strong>and</strong> energy has been spent in preparati<strong>on</strong> for the merger with<br />

the <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> <strong>Archives</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>History</strong> of the Wyoming C<strong>on</strong>ference. Representatives of the two<br />

<str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g>s have met <strong>and</strong> plans are well al<strong>on</strong>g for bringing the archival materials together in <strong>on</strong>e<br />

place, the <strong>Archives</strong> Room at Lycoming College, <strong>and</strong> to begin the process of cataloguing them to<br />

make them accessible to users. Our Archivist will be joined by the Wyoming Archivist, Robert<br />

Baker, <strong>and</strong> they will work as a team <strong>on</strong> this project. Plans call for securing an intern, likely through<br />

Lycoming College, to assist in this work. The two <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g>s have also created a plan to bring the<br />

<str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g>s together which is submitted with this report as a Recommendati<strong>on</strong> for acti<strong>on</strong>. (See<br />

Attached Recommendati<strong>on</strong> Regarding <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g>)<br />

The <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> has been very active in the Northeastern Jurisdicti<strong>on</strong> <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> <strong>Archives</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> <strong>History</strong>. I attach the Informati<strong>on</strong>al Report of that <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g>, a Resoluti<strong>on</strong> passed May 7, 2009<br />

about the future name of the new Annual C<strong>on</strong>ferences. (See Attached Informati<strong>on</strong>al Report)<br />

The <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> has c<strong>on</strong>tinued to collect <strong>and</strong> preserve oral histories, to support the C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

Historical Society <strong>and</strong> the publicati<strong>on</strong> of its journal, The Chr<strong>on</strong>icle, <strong>and</strong> to provide families of<br />

deceased clergy with Circuit Rider Grave Markers.<br />

John F. Piper, Jr., Chairpers<strong>on</strong><br />

4. Bost<strong>on</strong> University School of Theology<br />

We greet you in friendship, thanking God for your leadership of the church‘s ministry. Many of<br />

you have given prayerful support to the Bost<strong>on</strong> University School of Theology (STH) during the past<br />

year, <strong>and</strong> we thank you. You encourage us as partners in missi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> in the pi<strong>on</strong>eering work that has<br />

marked our particular missi<strong>on</strong> in the past year. Thanks in large part to many of you, we have traveled<br />

the country, heard your hopes for the future, <strong>and</strong> launched many new initiatives.<br />

What has happened during this year?<br />

Student enrollment increased in 2009-2010 over the previous year. Our dynamic student body<br />

has led STH efforts to resp<strong>on</strong>d to the people of Haiti, to enhance the School‘s sustainability<br />

work, <strong>and</strong> to create new forms of theological dialogue am<strong>on</strong>g people with diverse<br />

perspectives <strong>on</strong> God <strong>and</strong> God‘s creati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

The Seminary Singers have revived the annual choir tour traditi<strong>on</strong>, singing their way from<br />

Northern Virginia to C<strong>on</strong>necticut.<br />

Travel seminars have studied in Cuba <strong>and</strong> Ephesus (modern Turkey).<br />

The STH faculty published eight books in the past year, <strong>and</strong> they were h<strong>on</strong>ored with two book<br />

prizes, two teaching awards, <strong>on</strong>e promoti<strong>on</strong> to a Bost<strong>on</strong> University endowed chair, <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>e<br />

leadership award.<br />

Professor Anjulet Tucker joined our faculty in 2009, bringing her expertise in Sociology of<br />

Religi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> her specialized study <strong>on</strong> Black Pentecostal churches.<br />

Professor Dana Robert is delivering major addresses around the world in 2010 to celebrate the<br />

100 th anniversary of the Edinburgh World Missi<strong>on</strong>ary C<strong>on</strong>ference. The School will also<br />

celebrate the 100 th anniversary of the Truman Collins Chair in World Christianity <strong>and</strong><br />

Missi<strong>on</strong>, sp<strong>on</strong>soring special events in Fall 2010 <strong>and</strong> soaring efforts to raise funds for the<br />

Chair, thanks to an an<strong>on</strong>ymous challenge grant of $420,000.<br />

Co-directors of C<strong>on</strong>textual Educati<strong>on</strong>, Sam Johns<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Elizabeth Pars<strong>on</strong>s, are exp<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

STH partnerships with local churches, service agencies, <strong>and</strong> faith-based communities,<br />

helping us extend the breadth <strong>and</strong> depth of our work in c<strong>on</strong>textualizing theological<br />



The ATLAS for Alums Program now provides free <strong>on</strong>line ATLAS Access to all STH alums,<br />

enabling them to utilize over 140 journals in their ministries! Please email Maggie Keelan,<br />

Development Officer, for the user name <strong>and</strong> password to ATLAS: mkeelan@bu.edu. We<br />

are grateful to the Lilly Foundati<strong>on</strong> for supporting this outreach.<br />

We are <strong>on</strong> the road, striving to increase our presence in United Methodist C<strong>on</strong>ferences around<br />

the country. Please hold us accountable to this <strong>and</strong> let us know if you would like a<br />

representative from the School to visit in the future!<br />

What is coming?<br />

The new Master of Divinity curriculum will be launched in September 2010. The focus is<br />

―Faith Engaging the World,‖ <strong>and</strong> the goals are to prepare spiritually-centered, prophetic,<br />

intelligent, practical religious leaders who can c<strong>on</strong>tribute to renewing <strong>and</strong> transforming the<br />

church <strong>and</strong> the world.<br />

Three faculty searches are underway: the Martin Luther King, Jr., Chair in Ethics or<br />

Homiletics, <strong>and</strong> positi<strong>on</strong>s in Religious Educati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> the <strong>History</strong> of Christianity.<br />

The STH People‘s <strong>History</strong> Project is exp<strong>and</strong>ing. This is an ambitious endeavor to record oral<br />

histories of alums from all eras, particularly the 1950s <strong>and</strong> 1960s. C<strong>on</strong>tact the Alumni<br />

Office if you are interested in sharing your story with us: (617) 353-2349.<br />

The School has created a bold strategic plan to guide the coming years. The plan is to<br />

strengthen support for students, renovate degree programs that educate future leaders,<br />

enhance faculty excellence in teaching <strong>and</strong> research, <strong>and</strong> support research <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>tinuing<br />

educati<strong>on</strong> to strengthen the church.<br />

The School begins a specialized, <strong>on</strong>e-year Master of Sacred Theology program for military<br />

chaplains in Fall 2010, resp<strong>on</strong>ding to their increasing needs to address issues of ethics,<br />

trauma, <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>flict transformati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

We are renovating our physical space: the famous ping p<strong>on</strong>g table is back! Classrooms are<br />

becoming ―smart‖ with technology, art displays are multiplying, <strong>and</strong> the first floor has been<br />

remodeled for hospitality <strong>and</strong> comfort. On the near horiz<strong>on</strong> are plans to renovate the<br />

basement into a community center, replace light fixtures <strong>and</strong> windows for energyefficiency,<br />

<strong>and</strong> improve the h<strong>and</strong>icap accessibility of our building.<br />

We are developing partnerships with Africa University <strong>and</strong> two Korean Universities through<br />

student exchange <strong>and</strong> faculty exchange programs.<br />

Plans are underway for more work in c<strong>on</strong>tinuing educati<strong>on</strong>, including <strong>on</strong>site events <strong>and</strong><br />

distance educati<strong>on</strong> opportunities. Our new work will include efforts to make our new<br />

certificate programs more widely available. We presently offer the academic certificate<br />

requirements for United Methodist Certificati<strong>on</strong> in Evangelism, Spirituality, <strong>and</strong> Sacred<br />

Music.<br />

We celebrate our graduates <strong>and</strong> friends in your c<strong>on</strong>ference <strong>and</strong> our colleagues in ministry<br />

throughout the United Methodist c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>. We hope to hear from you in the coming year <strong>and</strong> to<br />

build significant partnerships. Our relati<strong>on</strong>ship with you is vital for our learning <strong>and</strong> for our service in<br />

this world of many needs. We pray for you <strong>and</strong> invite you to pray for us as well!<br />

Mary Elizabeth Moore, Dean<br />

5. C<strong>and</strong>ler School of Theology<br />

Guided by our missi<strong>on</strong> to educate faithful <strong>and</strong> creative leaders for the church’s ministries in the<br />

world, C<strong>and</strong>ler School of Theology c<strong>on</strong>tinues to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ by developing<br />

leaders called by God to serve in Christian ministry. C<strong>and</strong>ler is <strong>on</strong>e of the 13 official seminaries of<br />

The United Methodist Church <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>e of nine graduate professi<strong>on</strong>al schools of Emory University, a<br />

top 20-ranked research university. Our distinctive commitment to both inspiring minds <strong>and</strong><br />

empowering ministry enables us to develop uniquely well-rounded leaders who are challenged<br />

academically, encouraged spiritually, <strong>and</strong> immersed in Christian service from the first day they arrive<br />

<strong>on</strong> campus.


To ensure that our students are prepared for leadership in an increasingly global c<strong>on</strong>text, C<strong>and</strong>ler<br />

has placed a new emphasis <strong>on</strong> internati<strong>on</strong>alizing the curriculum. In 2009, we established the Office of<br />

Internati<strong>on</strong>al Initiatives <strong>and</strong> received several grants related to internati<strong>on</strong>al engagement. The March<br />

2010 visit of Cardinal Walter Kasper, president of the P<strong>on</strong>tifical Council for Promoting Christian<br />

Unity, ushered in a yearl<strong>on</strong>g special emphasis <strong>on</strong> internati<strong>on</strong>alizati<strong>on</strong> at C<strong>and</strong>ler.<br />

C<strong>and</strong>ler‘s student body c<strong>on</strong>tinues to attract younger <strong>and</strong> more diverse people. Our enrollment<br />

st<strong>and</strong>s at 499, with 391 seeking the Master of Divinity. The total student populati<strong>on</strong> is 23% US ethnic<br />

minority, 11% internati<strong>on</strong>al, <strong>and</strong> 50% women, with 52% of MDiv students being United Methodist.<br />

Fifty-seven percent of our students are under thirty.<br />

A hallmark of the C<strong>and</strong>ler MDiv experience, the C<strong>on</strong>textual Educati<strong>on</strong> program c<strong>on</strong>tinues to<br />

shape our students‘ pastoral identities by interweaving service at ministry sites <strong>and</strong> churches with<br />

academic reflecti<strong>on</strong> in the classroom. In any given week, C<strong>and</strong>ler deploys more than 250 C<strong>on</strong>Ed<br />

students throughout the regi<strong>on</strong> to minister to people in c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s, hospitals, <strong>and</strong> social service<br />

agencies. Last year, C<strong>and</strong>ler‘s C<strong>on</strong>Ed students provided 1/3 of the service hours resp<strong>on</strong>sible for<br />

Emory University winning the U.S. government‘s Presidential Award for <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Community<br />

Service.<br />

C<strong>and</strong>ler‘s Teaching Parish Program c<strong>on</strong>tinues to exp<strong>and</strong> into more c<strong>on</strong>ferences in the<br />

Southeastern Jurisdicti<strong>on</strong>, providing United Methodist students with the opportunity to serve<br />

churches throughout their seminary educati<strong>on</strong>, earn academic credit for pastoral experience, <strong>and</strong><br />

complete their MDiv degree in three years. Through the Course of Study regi<strong>on</strong>al school at C<strong>and</strong>ler<br />

<strong>and</strong> our five extensi<strong>on</strong> schools in the Southeast, we oversaw the educati<strong>on</strong>al process of 918 people<br />

this past year.<br />

C<strong>and</strong>ler has faced the recent ec<strong>on</strong>omic challenges with a steadfast commitment to keeping<br />

theological educati<strong>on</strong> affordable. Although our operating budget essentially will remain flat next<br />

year, we are increasing our investment in financial aid. C<strong>and</strong>ler's total financial aid commitment in<br />

2009-10 was $4.7 milli<strong>on</strong>. Eighty-six percent of eligible students received C<strong>and</strong>ler-based financial<br />

aid, with the average award covering 76 percent of tuiti<strong>on</strong>. More than $2.6 milli<strong>on</strong> was provided to<br />

191 United Methodist students.<br />

During 2009-10, C<strong>and</strong>ler celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Sherman Scholarship Fund,<br />

which has provided financial assistance to 868 students preparing for pastoral ministry in United<br />

Methodist churches.<br />

Our faculty members c<strong>on</strong>tinually dem<strong>on</strong>strate their dedicati<strong>on</strong> to the church through preaching<br />

<strong>and</strong> teaching engagements, scholarship, <strong>and</strong> service in local parishes as leaders in their c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

In fall 2010, the Rev. Dr. Arun J<strong>on</strong>es, a fellow United Methodist, joins our faculty as the Hankey<br />

Chair in World Evangelism.<br />

C<strong>and</strong>ler draws c<strong>on</strong>siderable strength <strong>and</strong> inspirati<strong>on</strong> from its vital relati<strong>on</strong>ship with The United<br />

Methodist Church. Our ability to fulfill our missi<strong>on</strong> depends up<strong>on</strong> your support, gifts, <strong>and</strong> prayers.<br />

Thank you for the countless ways you undergird this essential ministry in the life of our<br />

denominati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

Jan Love, Dean <strong>and</strong> Professor of Christianity <strong>and</strong> World Politics<br />

6. C<strong>on</strong>ference C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries<br />


Greetings in the name of Christ!<br />

The past year has seen the C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries Staff re-thinking our missi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> purpose.<br />

The theme of ―Going to Galilee‖ has been the driving force behind that re-thinking. We have taken<br />

seriously our primary task of resourcing <strong>and</strong> equipping our local churches in the carrying out of their<br />

missi<strong>on</strong> of ―making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformati<strong>on</strong> of the world.‖ While not every<br />

church calls up<strong>on</strong> the C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries team or its Committees, <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g>s, Boards <strong>and</strong><br />

Task Forces, a growing number of c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s have come to us seeking help in a variety of<br />



The exp<strong>on</strong>ential change around us <strong>and</strong> within our local faith communities has challenged us to<br />

re-think the way we ―do‖ church. Frankly, we have discovered that many of our l<strong>on</strong>g held practices<br />

<strong>and</strong> methods were designed to make members rather than to grow disciples. And more importantly<br />

we need to re-think our missi<strong>on</strong> field as the whole community around our churches.<br />

Over the last few years we have offered many quality models, methodologies <strong>and</strong> tools to help<br />

our churches become effective disciple-making communities. Missi<strong>on</strong>Insite, our demographic<br />

missi<strong>on</strong> analysis tool has been a huge help to our local churches in learning about the communities<br />

they serve. Emphasis c<strong>on</strong>tinues around our desire to create healthy churches, served by<br />

transformati<strong>on</strong>al leadership, both clergy <strong>and</strong> lay.<br />

The most dramatic change for our C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries area is the re-directing of our Boards,<br />

Committees <strong>and</strong> <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g>s from planning events <strong>and</strong> programming to actually resourcing our<br />

local churches in the respective resp<strong>on</strong>sibilities each represents. This is a new way of thinking<br />

centered around our true purpose <strong>and</strong> missi<strong>on</strong> as a c<strong>on</strong>ference resourcing team.<br />

And of course, examining our purpose <strong>and</strong> effectiveness c<strong>on</strong>tinues to be a priority as we move<br />

into the new c<strong>on</strong>ference in the m<strong>on</strong>ths ahead. For a while, we will be spending some time in the<br />

wilderness of change <strong>and</strong> it will probably feel quite messy for a while. But God will lead us through<br />

the wilderness if we remain faithful to the task ahead.<br />

The following reports are but a brief overview of the fruitful work of many people who believe<br />

God has called them, not just to make a difference, but to make the world a different place in the<br />

name of Christ! Let us pray for <strong>on</strong>e another as we journey ahead.<br />

Rev. Mike Bealla, Dir. of C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>al Ministries<br />

Camp & Retreat Ministry/Safe Sanctuaries<br />

The new Visi<strong>on</strong> Statement for Camping is: Camp & Retreat Ministry provides opportunities for<br />

authentic relati<strong>on</strong>ships with Jesus, experienced in community <strong>and</strong> in the beauty of God‘s creati<strong>on</strong>. We<br />

are living into this new visi<strong>on</strong> as we set goals <strong>and</strong> directi<strong>on</strong> for the coming years, 2010 – 2014.<br />

This year (2009) we saw a small increase in the Summer Camping seas<strong>on</strong>. We offered 68 camps<br />

with a total of 1568 campers <strong>and</strong> over 525 volunteers helping to make the summer a w<strong>on</strong>derful<br />

experience. We had 175 children/youth make first time commitments to Christ. We had over 500 recommitments<br />

to Christ. It has truly been a blessing to see how God is transforming lives within the<br />

camping program.<br />

With retreat group usage (September – May), we experienced a 30% decrease from 2008 to<br />

2009. This caused a large financial deficit within the Camping Budget. We are striving to discern if<br />

this is ec<strong>on</strong>omy driven or if we need to change our sites in any way. We want to know! We are<br />

listening.<br />

During the m<strong>on</strong>ths of January – May, 2010, we offered a 20% discount <strong>on</strong> lodging to say Thank<br />

You to the churches who gave 100% of their Shares of Ministry in 2009. This has boosted new usage<br />

<strong>and</strong> encouraged churches to make a reservati<strong>on</strong> for the future. We will c<strong>on</strong>tinue to offer discounts<br />

from time to time.<br />

The creati<strong>on</strong> of a Youth Leadership Camp was begun. Youth were nominated by their pastor,<br />

youth leader, Sunday School Class, or community agency to be involved in this 4 ½ day experience.<br />

We had 27 nominati<strong>on</strong>s with 21 youth accepting the invitati<strong>on</strong>. It was a week of learning about self,<br />

others, <strong>and</strong> how God is working in lives to provide str<strong>on</strong>g leaders for the faith. This camp will be<br />

offered again in 2010.<br />

Our goals for 2010 are to:<br />

Increase marketing<br />

Increase participati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> usage<br />

Building a str<strong>on</strong>ger d<strong>on</strong>or base<br />

The website for camping c<strong>on</strong>tinues to grow <strong>and</strong> be more user-friendly. We are doing more<br />

marketing via e-mail. People can make secure <strong>on</strong>line d<strong>on</strong>ati<strong>on</strong>s at the camping website. We are using<br />

C<strong>on</strong>stant C<strong>on</strong>tact for sending The Smore Camp <strong>and</strong> Retreat Newsletter. If you are not <strong>on</strong> the mailing<br />

list, please add your e-mail address to the link <strong>on</strong> the website: www.cpcumcamps.org.


Camp Penn – We are in the process of putting new roofs <strong>on</strong> the sleeping lodges. This will be a<br />

two year process. We have several work teams that are scheduled to help with getting the site ready<br />

for the summer seas<strong>on</strong>.<br />

Greene Hills – We have a new Site Director <strong>on</strong> board, Dennis Flaherty. We are adding several<br />

new RV Sites which will be ready for this seas<strong>on</strong>. New roofs are being put <strong>on</strong> the bath house in the<br />

RV Park <strong>and</strong> the Pavili<strong>on</strong> close to the Manor. We have an activities schedule posted for people who<br />

come to the RV Park. What a w<strong>on</strong>derful way to create community.<br />

Mount Asbury – With the new Mount Asbury Lodge open, we had 59 groups make use of this<br />

new facility. This motel-style facility has 14 rooms with a queen bed <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>e bunk bed, meeting <strong>and</strong><br />

worship space, dining room <strong>and</strong> recreati<strong>on</strong> space. Those who have had retreats or meetings have<br />

shared, ―what a w<strong>on</strong>derful place to get away from the hectic pace of life <strong>and</strong> be renewed.‖<br />

Wesley Forest – We c<strong>on</strong>tinue to work <strong>on</strong> replacing the old water lines at Penns Creek this year.<br />

As a product of the Holy Grounds Campaign, we are projecting to start building a new meeting space<br />

this coming year.<br />

York City Day Camp – We had a successful first Summer with 22 children involved. The<br />

program aims to establish a Day Camp that will enhance the lives of children between the ages of<br />

kindergarten through fifth grade in the York inner city. For 2010 it will be an 8 week program. We<br />

are expecting numbers to c<strong>on</strong>tinue to grow this summer. There will also be activity days set<br />

throughout the year to provide c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> spiritual growth for the children. Funding for this<br />

ministry is through fees, grants, <strong>and</strong> d<strong>on</strong>ati<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

God is transforming lives through the camping program. Please c<strong>on</strong>tinue to keep these exciting<br />

opportunities in your prayers as we touch lives for Christ to make a difference in the world.<br />

Safe Sanctuaries – During this year, we have offered eight opportunities for churches to<br />

participate in training for creating <strong>and</strong> updating their Safe Sanctuaries policies. Additi<strong>on</strong>al training<br />

opportunities will be offered in 2010 as we strive to protect children, youth, <strong>and</strong> vulnerable adults <strong>and</strong><br />

the adults who work with them.<br />

A group of people from Central PA <strong>and</strong> Wyoming have been working <strong>on</strong> writing a new<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Safe Sanctuaries Policy for the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference. These policies will be<br />

presented to the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference either in July or September of 2010.<br />

Anne Hort<strong>on</strong>, Director Camp & Retreat Ministry<br />

Communicati<strong>on</strong>s<br />

During 2009, your communicati<strong>on</strong> team has attempted to support the journey to a new<br />

Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference by publishing pertinent informati<strong>on</strong> in The LINK bi-m<strong>on</strong>thly print<br />

periodical as well as in electr<strong>on</strong>ic form. Our communicati<strong>on</strong> tools are new technologies <strong>and</strong><br />

competencies, <strong>and</strong> our quest is for digital-age literacy, inventive thinking, <strong>and</strong> results-based<br />

communicati<strong>on</strong>s all within the bounds of good stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.<br />

In the midst of informati<strong>on</strong> thirst, our striving c<strong>on</strong>tinues to be for less, better informati<strong>on</strong> rather<br />

than more informati<strong>on</strong>. Producti<strong>on</strong> of short video material has been a communicati<strong>on</strong> focus during<br />

2009. The C<strong>on</strong>ference website is now well supplied with video material from such events as God‘s<br />

Calling, the Bishop‘s Retreat for Clergy <strong>and</strong> Spouses, Great Escape, District Superintendent<br />

installati<strong>on</strong> messages, as well as special messages from Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> c<strong>on</strong>cerning natural<br />

disasters <strong>and</strong> holiday messages. In additi<strong>on</strong> we have produced videos of messages to churches where<br />

Bishop Middlet<strong>on</strong> has been invited but cannot attend because of schedule c<strong>on</strong>flicts.<br />

We were able to accomplish several things in anticipati<strong>on</strong> of a new annual c<strong>on</strong>ference. A change<br />

of print vendor for The LINK resulted in four additi<strong>on</strong>al pages of color, heavier <strong>and</strong> brighter paper,<br />

all at a savings of over $900 per issue. A migrati<strong>on</strong> of design software to Adobe InDesign made us<br />

compatible with current trends in publishing. A special four-page, four-color supplement to The<br />

LINK called ―Susquehanna LINK,‖ offered to our readers informati<strong>on</strong> c<strong>on</strong>cerning the formati<strong>on</strong> of<br />

the new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

An ambitious undertaking was the producti<strong>on</strong> of a two-DVD set entitled ―Living Into Change.‖<br />

The four <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>e-half hours of material was comprised of the presentati<strong>on</strong> of Dr. Gil Rendle to those<br />

who attended the Bishop‘s Retreat for Clergy <strong>and</strong> Spouses at Willow Valley. The professi<strong>on</strong>al edit in


our own facilities resulted in a four-part presentati<strong>on</strong> that has been well received as a tool for our<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ference leadership <strong>and</strong> local church leadership to cope with the changes necessary to ―speak‖ with<br />

a culture that is changing exp<strong>on</strong>entially.<br />

We c<strong>on</strong>tinue to seek additi<strong>on</strong>al ways for electr<strong>on</strong>ic communicati<strong>on</strong> to share the informati<strong>on</strong> load.<br />

The number of QuikLINK broadcast e-mail subscribers has grown to over 2,600. This type of<br />

communicati<strong>on</strong>, sent almost daily, has been well-accepted by our c<strong>on</strong>stituency.<br />

We have been h<strong>on</strong>ored as a communicati<strong>on</strong> staff to support, visually <strong>and</strong> audibly, the core<br />

values of the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference. We are blessed to help build excitement <strong>and</strong> passi<strong>on</strong><br />

with effective presentati<strong>on</strong> technology as we move to a new c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong> of United Methodists in<br />

Northeastern <strong>and</strong> Central Pennsylvania.<br />

Gerald (Jerry) Wolgemuth, Director of Communicati<strong>on</strong><br />

Discovery Place Resource Center<br />

Discovery Place is your resource center, supported by your shares of ministry serving the<br />

churches of the C<strong>on</strong>ference in all ministry areas. We have over 4000 resources that can be picked up<br />

or mailed from our center in the C<strong>on</strong>ference Center in Mechanicsburg. We welcome visitors to our<br />

―Place‖ <strong>and</strong> hope that you will come <strong>and</strong> spend time browsing <strong>and</strong>/or c<strong>on</strong>sulting with the staff. We<br />

can help you find the best material for your Sunday School class or small group; leadership training;<br />

youth <strong>and</strong> children classes; missi<strong>on</strong> studies; parenting <strong>and</strong> marriage classes; social justice issues;<br />

worship resources; <strong>and</strong> much more. Please call 1-800-682-2615; email discovery@cpcumc.org ; or<br />

visit us <strong>on</strong> the web www.discovery-place.org.<br />

Discovery Place marks its 13 th year this July. We have served the churches of the Central<br />

Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference with excepti<strong>on</strong>al <strong>and</strong> timely resources. We have had excellent staff over the<br />

years: Cass<strong>and</strong>ra Martin, Shar<strong>on</strong> Gainer, Carol Diffenbaugh <strong>and</strong> now Jody Robins<strong>on</strong>, as well as our<br />

very capable substitute, J<strong>on</strong>i Robis<strong>on</strong>. We look forward to serving the 900+ churches of the<br />

Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference with the same excellent service <strong>and</strong> resources in the coming years.<br />

After nearly 22 years with the C<strong>on</strong>ference staff, I will retire this year. I have had the privilege of<br />

being in many of the churches of the c<strong>on</strong>ference as a trainer of teachers <strong>and</strong> leaders <strong>and</strong> for the past<br />

13 years as Director of Discovery Place, as well. Over <strong>and</strong> over I have been impressed <strong>and</strong> proud of<br />

the work that United Methodists do throughout Pennsylvania both inside <strong>and</strong> outside the walls of our<br />

churches. Thank you for the opportunity to serve with you.<br />

Joy Wilcox, Director<br />

Young People’s Ministry<br />

Some great changes are afoot for Youth <strong>and</strong> Young Adult Ministries in the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

As we work to form the new c<strong>on</strong>ference, it has given us an opportunity to rethink how youth <strong>and</strong><br />

young adult ministry should be organized in our Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference. To be more in line with other<br />

Annual C<strong>on</strong>ferences throughout our denominati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Churches model of the D.M.Y.P.<br />

(The Divisi<strong>on</strong> of Ministry with Young People), we are currently working to join the former C.C.Y.M.<br />

(C<strong>on</strong>ference e Council <strong>on</strong> Youth Ministries) <strong>and</strong> Y.A.M. (Young Adult Ministries). This will enable<br />

us to work together <strong>on</strong> issues related to both youth <strong>and</strong> young adults <strong>and</strong> help to provide a more<br />

c<strong>on</strong>sistent young adult ministry presence within the annual c<strong>on</strong>ference. Specifics of this new ministry<br />

group including what it will be called are still in process. One goal is that by next year we hope to<br />

have three or more teams of youth <strong>and</strong> adult youth workers trained to go into the local church to<br />

provide direct assistant for local church youth ministries. This help would include assistance with<br />

starting new youth ministries, training, resourcing for youth retreats <strong>and</strong> much more.<br />

As we make this significant change in youth <strong>and</strong> young adult ministry, we hope that the Annual<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference will keep us in your prayers.


Christian Educati<strong>on</strong> & Formati<strong>on</strong><br />

The Christian Educati<strong>on</strong> Ministries <strong>on</strong> the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference level has over the past couple of<br />

years tried to live out the purpose the Visi<strong>on</strong> Team as given to all Boards <strong>and</strong> Agencies in the Annual<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference. That focus as intended for us is to offer direct resourcing for the local church to<br />

strengthen their programs <strong>and</strong> ministries in Christian Educati<strong>on</strong>. One of the primary ways to do this is<br />

through Christian Educati<strong>on</strong> c<strong>on</strong>sultati<strong>on</strong>. This team of highly trained <strong>and</strong> experienced Christian<br />

Educators goes into the local church <strong>and</strong> helps them with everything from picking curriculum to<br />

church school teacher training. So far this program has been a great success for those churches that<br />

have taken advantage of it.<br />

As we move into forming this new c<strong>on</strong>ference, we hope to exp<strong>and</strong> this program <strong>and</strong> would<br />

encourage all churches to take full advantage of it.<br />

Rev. Warren Bevacqua, Director of Christian Educati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Young Peoples Ministries<br />


We are providing opportunities for authentic relati<strong>on</strong>ships with Jesus, experienced in community<br />

<strong>and</strong> in the beauty of God‘s creati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

This newly adopted Visi<strong>on</strong> Statement for CRC points us in a unified directi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> shapes both<br />

our priorities <strong>and</strong> our discussi<strong>on</strong>. It names the three threads which have been clearly evident through<br />

previous generati<strong>on</strong>s of this ministry, <strong>and</strong> it clarifies our future, as well.<br />

After they returned home from their time at camp last summer, campers were asked what they<br />

learned. And they resp<strong>on</strong>ded: ―I learned that I can trust myself <strong>and</strong> my instinct. I know that God has a<br />

plan for me. I can face my fears. I d<strong>on</strong>‘t have to compromise my values. It is cool to follow Christ.<br />

Nothing about me is a mistake. I am fearfully <strong>and</strong> w<strong>on</strong>derfully made. I learned that I can work with<br />

others. I know I can trust Christ to lead me through life. I am now reading my Bible more. My love<br />

for Christ has grown. I‘ve learned there are times when I need to change my heart. I need to stop<br />

ignoring God‘s call of what I am talented <strong>and</strong> trained to do.‖<br />

And when their parents were asked how the time at camp changed their children, they said,<br />

―Camp makes them more focused <strong>and</strong> able to face challenges. They are more c<strong>on</strong>fident in their<br />

beliefs <strong>and</strong> more aware that God applies to everyday life. She is more mature in her faith. Both of my<br />

daughters came to know Christ in an intensely pers<strong>on</strong>al way at camp. My s<strong>on</strong> is now reading his<br />

Bible outside of church. My daughter returned home from camp with a much better attitude <strong>and</strong> a<br />

joyful spirit. Camp teaches my child independence <strong>and</strong> resp<strong>on</strong>sibility. Now he has deeper<br />

relati<strong>on</strong>ships with friends. She is more willing to try new things. Camp has definitely changed my<br />

child‘s life by strengthening her faith <strong>and</strong> making new friends with both young <strong>and</strong> old. He is more<br />

patient <strong>and</strong> calmer. I enjoy him more, <strong>and</strong> he likes himself more too! ―<br />

As people of faith, we know that evidence of transformati<strong>on</strong> comes through encounters with<br />

Jesus Christ. As a team of staff <strong>and</strong> volunteers, we are committed to provide you <strong>and</strong> others<br />

throughout the so<strong>on</strong>-to-be created Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference these opportunities which have the<br />

potential to transform individuals, families, schools, workplaces, churches, communities, nati<strong>on</strong>s, <strong>and</strong><br />

the world. Yet, many are yet to hear.<br />

―How then, can they call <strong>on</strong> the <strong>on</strong>e they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the<br />

<strong>on</strong>e of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without some<strong>on</strong>e preaching to them? And<br />

how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‗How beautiful are the feet of those who<br />

bring good news!‘‖ (Romans 10:14-15)<br />

What better news is there? Jesus Christ, God‘s S<strong>on</strong>, has forgiven our sin <strong>and</strong> creates an open<br />

door for all to experience the grace of God!<br />

We who have relati<strong>on</strong>ship with Jesus Christ are the very <strong>on</strong>es who are sent to share this good<br />

news! Of all the places <strong>on</strong>e can experience grace <strong>and</strong> community, I know n<strong>on</strong>e better than our<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ference camps. So, we ask for your involvement – we are, after all, your c<strong>on</strong>ference camp <strong>and</strong><br />

retreat sites <strong>and</strong> ministries.


Book your own retreat in the spring or fall or attend a summer retreat scheduled at the newly<br />

built Asbury Lodge at Mount Asbury, just south of Carlisle where Daphne Orr will greet<br />

you.<br />

Plan to send your church <strong>and</strong> community‘s children to summer camp at Camp Penn, near<br />

Waynesboro where David Hykes carries <strong>on</strong> the family traditi<strong>on</strong> of service.<br />

Make your reservati<strong>on</strong> at Greene Hills Camp & RV Park, close to Huntingd<strong>on</strong>, where you<br />

will meet our new site director, Denny Flaherty. Summer camp events <strong>and</strong> dates for year<br />

round retreats are also available. And make sure your church‘s youth plan to attend IMPACT<br />

in July.<br />

Explore the 440 acres at Wesley Forest, west of Mifflinburg, through camping, hiking, <strong>and</strong><br />

fishing. Pat Sullivan has the Penns Creek cabins, summer lakeside cabins, <strong>and</strong> the two<br />

winterized cabins ready for your group. Summer camp events, as well as dates for your<br />

group to schedule a retreat, are available.<br />

Pray for the children who will attend the York City Day Camp this summer <strong>and</strong> for the staff<br />

who will introduce them to Jesus Christ <strong>and</strong> exemplify his love for them.<br />

Visit our website at www.cpcumcamps.org to find specific events, dates, <strong>and</strong> locati<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

Through the website, you may view the 2010 Summer Camp video, request a trained<br />

volunteer from the newly created Speakers Bureau to resource your c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>, review<br />

the entire camp brochure, make a financial c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong>, <strong>and</strong> register for summer camp.<br />

The newest additi<strong>on</strong> to the website is the social networking tool through which you may<br />

create your profile <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>nect with others in the camping community <strong>on</strong>line.<br />

I know that ―Camp changes lives.‖ I have witnessed this transformati<strong>on</strong> in others <strong>and</strong> in my own<br />

life. Help us reach our goal of 1,750 campers throughout this summer camp seas<strong>on</strong>. And watch what<br />

God can do in your c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> in the world through the transformati<strong>on</strong> of <strong>on</strong>e changed life!<br />

Rev. Judi Dunkelberger, Chair<br />


The Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference established the <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Child Advocacy to<br />

address the ever growing needs <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>cerns for the well-being of children within the Annual<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference. In 2009 the team met for review <strong>and</strong> rec<strong>on</strong>siderati<strong>on</strong> of its work <strong>and</strong> efficacy with the<br />

Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference <strong>and</strong> the emerging Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference. Warren Bevacqua <strong>and</strong><br />

Ed Zeiders hosted the meeting at the C<strong>on</strong>ference office in Mechanicsburg. Since the <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> had<br />

not been able to meet for some period of time, Dr. Zeiders agreed to be the c<strong>on</strong>vener to make<br />

determinati<strong>on</strong>s about the future of the <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>and</strong> to inquire about the future use of the Love a<br />

Child Foundati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

Within the scope of agenda items c<strong>on</strong>sidered included the impact of televisi<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> children <strong>and</strong><br />

their families, C<strong>on</strong>ference-wide representati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> the <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g>, <strong>and</strong> a host of matters related to<br />

the emerging priorities of children, their families, c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s, <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>texts for ministry.<br />

Additi<strong>on</strong>al c<strong>on</strong>versati<strong>on</strong>s were related to the distributi<strong>on</strong> of the proceeds from the Love a Child<br />

Foundati<strong>on</strong>, an endowment held with the Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>, <strong>and</strong> the forming of partnerships<br />

<strong>and</strong> networks across the current <strong>and</strong> emerging c<strong>on</strong>ference. Networking would include partnerships in<br />

a host of settings with other n<strong>on</strong>-profit agencies, local c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s, church related agencies,<br />

community foundati<strong>on</strong>s, <strong>and</strong> related private <strong>and</strong> public sectors possibilities. The group also identified<br />

the potential in working with United Methodist Advocacy <strong>on</strong> Capitol Hill in Harrisburg regarding<br />

children, related legislati<strong>on</strong>, <strong>and</strong> our work as child advocates across the Comm<strong>on</strong>wealth.<br />

The Love a Child Foundati<strong>on</strong> yields funds available to local c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s within the Annual<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference for the purpose of supporting tangible children‘s ministries through local c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

Funds may used [1] as seed m<strong>on</strong>ey to begin new children‘s ministries; [2] grants are limited to<br />

children‘s ministries through age 12; <strong>and</strong> [3] grants are awarded through programs that are<br />

cooperative efforts with other agency, another c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>, or a new community outreach program.<br />

Applicati<strong>on</strong>s are reviewed by the <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Child Advocacy of the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference.


It is our hope that the <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Child Advocacy will c<strong>on</strong>tinue to be a viable part of the<br />

outreach of the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference <strong>and</strong> that the newly formed <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> will be funded <strong>and</strong><br />

activated within the 2010 calendar year.<br />

Rev. Dr. G. Edwin Zeiders, C<strong>on</strong>vener<br />


Over the past year, CCYM has grown, ready to embrace the new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference. As<br />

in the past, the highlight of the year for the C<strong>on</strong>ference Council <strong>on</strong> Youth Ministries was in the Great<br />

Escape retreat. The theme this year was Living Above the World <strong>and</strong> many speakers <strong>and</strong> performers,<br />

including Rev. David Biser, Mark Cable <strong>and</strong> Saline, helped to share this message with the youth who<br />

attended. New this year, we also put together a website, http://ccymspot.com/, which serves as a<br />

resource to youth <strong>and</strong> youth workers within <strong>and</strong> bey<strong>on</strong>d our c<strong>on</strong>ference‘s borders. This website<br />

includes a list of youth resources <strong>and</strong> articles written by CCYM members.<br />

Another emphasis this year was <strong>on</strong> planning for the creati<strong>on</strong> of the new c<strong>on</strong>ference. The CCYM<br />

winter retreat, held at Greene Hills, was an opportunity for youth from both Central Pennsylvania <strong>and</strong><br />

Wyoming to come together. The retreat focused <strong>on</strong> how we can come together as <strong>on</strong>e group <strong>and</strong> how<br />

that group can move forward. We took part in team activities <strong>and</strong> the challenge course in order to get<br />

to know <strong>on</strong>e another. We also created a new model for CCYM which removes the president positi<strong>on</strong><br />

<strong>on</strong> CCYM <strong>and</strong> allows us to create sub-divisi<strong>on</strong>s including outreach, technology, programs, <strong>and</strong><br />

leadership development. These sub-divisi<strong>on</strong>s of CCYM will help us to more effectively achieve our<br />

new purpose statement: Resourcing the church, Representing the youth, <strong>and</strong> Growing leaders for the<br />

world. Overall, it has been a productive year for CCYM, <strong>and</strong> we look forward to moving into the new<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

Korrine Terroso, CCYM President<br />


The <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> focused <strong>on</strong> two main areas of ecumenical ministry in the past year:<br />

We exp<strong>and</strong>ed our presence in ecumenical networks.<br />

We cared for our <strong>on</strong>going resp<strong>on</strong>sibilities within our Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

Networks. Your <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Christian Unity is actively involved in ecumenical ministry at<br />

the regi<strong>on</strong>al, state, nati<strong>on</strong>al, <strong>and</strong> global levels.<br />

We are developing a closer relati<strong>on</strong>ship with religious leaders in the northeastern Pennsylvania<br />

regi<strong>on</strong>. We are well-represented <strong>on</strong> the state Council of Churches. And we are cooperating with<br />

Synods <strong>and</strong> Dioceses of other communi<strong>on</strong>s who share our geographical space.<br />

We sent representatives to the Nati<strong>on</strong>al Workshop <strong>on</strong> Christian Unity. We met with <strong>and</strong> assisted<br />

the leadership of the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Board of Christian Unity to develop a network of United Methodist<br />

ecumenical leaders across the country.<br />

And we completed the development of our World Methodist Council Ministerial Exchange<br />

Program grant. We should be awarding our first-ever grant by the time you are reading this. We are<br />

excited to offer this program – the <strong>on</strong>ly <strong>on</strong>e of its kind in the entire denominati<strong>on</strong>! Once again,<br />

Central Pennsylvania United Methodists are leading the way!<br />

Resp<strong>on</strong>sibilities. We are charged with particular resp<strong>on</strong>sibilities here within our Annual<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

We selected a recipient for the annual Bishop‘s Award for Exemplary Service in Ecumenism. It<br />

is always a pleasure to learn of so many individuals, groups, <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s who are working<br />

toward the unity of the Body of Christ here across our C<strong>on</strong>ference. Each year, we learn of many<br />

pers<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> ministries who deserve this Award, but we must restrict ourselves to <strong>on</strong>ly the most<br />

visible <strong>and</strong> comprehensive examples of Christian Unity. This is truly <strong>on</strong>e of the most difficult things<br />

we do. Please know that our C<strong>on</strong>ference is full of people who are working toward the goal of<br />

c<strong>on</strong>necting Christians to each other, <strong>and</strong> to the world.


We provided financial assistance for CPCUMC clergy to attend the State Pastors C<strong>on</strong>ference in<br />

Harrisburg. This annual event, held in late autumn, showcases some of the most prominent<br />

theologians <strong>and</strong> religious leaders today. It is a great venue to c<strong>on</strong>nect with colleagues in other<br />

Christian denominati<strong>on</strong>s from around the state. Pastors, if you haven‘t yet attended <strong>on</strong>e these<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ferences, please c<strong>on</strong>sider doing so later this year. Financial aid is available to you from this<br />

<str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g>. Watch for more informati<strong>on</strong> in your Pastor‘s Packet.<br />

We provided a table at last year‘s Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference with several ecumenical resources. Many<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference members learned about our Full Communi<strong>on</strong> Agreement with the Evangelical Lutheran<br />

Church in America, <strong>and</strong> our Interim Eucharistic Sharing Agreement with The Episcopal Church. (If<br />

you are interested in learning more about these exciting developments, c<strong>on</strong>tact a <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g><br />

member!) We also provided practical resources <strong>on</strong> developing an ecumenical presence within a local<br />

church or community. Again, if you would like informati<strong>on</strong>, c<strong>on</strong>tact us. We‘re here to help you!<br />

Now is a great time to get involved in ecumenical ministry in your community. Advocate for an<br />

annual pulpit exchange. Celebrate our <strong>on</strong>eness in Christ with your Lutheran <strong>and</strong>/or Episcopal<br />

neighbors. Work cooperatively <strong>on</strong> a Vacati<strong>on</strong> Bible School program. Start a ministerium, if <strong>on</strong>e does<br />

not exist in your community. Meet with other ecumenically-minded clergy in your area to discuss the<br />

opportunities in your shared missi<strong>on</strong> field. Gather a group of laity in leadership from several area<br />

churches to design ways to transform your corner of the world, together.<br />

And we welcome every<strong>on</strong>e to be a part of this <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g>. If you have an interest in growing<br />

our C<strong>on</strong>ference‘s c<strong>on</strong>nectivity, join us for this exciting journey!<br />

Rev. J<strong>on</strong> West <strong>and</strong> Rev. Ryan Gephart, co-chairs<br />


The Board of Church <strong>and</strong> Society has striven to fulfill its m<strong>and</strong>ate in paragraph 629 of The Book<br />

of Discipline 2008. To this end, we have been distributing the 2008 editi<strong>on</strong> of the Social Principles<br />

<strong>and</strong> have worked to interpret them as well as use them as an educati<strong>on</strong>al tool in the local church. We<br />

are also encouraging <strong>and</strong> advocating that all local churches intenti<strong>on</strong>ally study, discuss <strong>and</strong> integrate<br />

into Worship the 2009-2012 Social Principles as well as utilize the new compani<strong>on</strong> litany for the<br />

Social Creed.<br />

We c<strong>on</strong>tinue to support Peace with Justice Ministries through grants which have been requested<br />

through the Peace with Justice coordinator, Rev. Mark Reisinger.<br />

We also work closely with the Aids Task Force of the Central PA C<strong>on</strong>ference which affirms last<br />

year‘s c<strong>on</strong>ference acti<strong>on</strong> to financially give to the Global Aids Fund. C<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong>s should be sent to<br />

the C<strong>on</strong>ference Treasurer earmarked Global Aids Fund. The Aids Task Force will be providing more<br />

informati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> materials for use in the local church.<br />

We c<strong>on</strong>tinue to support <strong>and</strong> sp<strong>on</strong>sor the United Nati<strong>on</strong>s Seminar in October <strong>and</strong> encourage all<br />

pers<strong>on</strong>s to c<strong>on</strong>sider participating in this event. Brochures can be found <strong>on</strong> our table <strong>and</strong> Rev. John<br />

Rauhut <strong>and</strong> Rev. Karl Herman can provide more informati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

We also c<strong>on</strong>tinue to support <strong>and</strong> encourage participati<strong>on</strong> in the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference Board of<br />

Church <strong>and</strong> Society sp<strong>on</strong>sored trip to Washingt<strong>on</strong> DC to visit with the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Board of Church <strong>and</strong><br />

Society. This is an excellent opportunity to become more familiar with the work of the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Board<br />

of Church <strong>and</strong> Society.<br />

We highly recommend the website of the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Board of Church <strong>and</strong> Society at www.umcgbcs.org.<br />

You can find more informati<strong>on</strong> regarding the work of the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> board <strong>and</strong> ways in which<br />

you can express your opini<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>cerns to our state <strong>and</strong> federal officials <strong>on</strong> issues of importance<br />

to you <strong>and</strong> the church.<br />

Rev. Kathleen E. Kind, chair<br />


This past year has been for the Board of Global Ministries a time of celebrating <strong>and</strong> preparing.<br />

Ministries directly related to the Plan for Funding Ministry of the Central Pennsylvania<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference have been active in supporting local c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s in making Disciples for Jesus Christ


<strong>and</strong> in supporting local ministries in serving people in need in the name of Jesus Christ. Let us<br />

celebrate your faithful giving through the Plan for Funding ministry <strong>and</strong> how those funds were<br />

utilized. We were able to fully participate in the Appalachian Ministry network ($3,000) <strong>and</strong> this year<br />

sent a delegate from Central PA to participate in that network missi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> ministry planning. We<br />

supported the itinerati<strong>on</strong> of <strong>on</strong>e of our global missi<strong>on</strong>aries through the c<strong>on</strong>ference to speak <strong>and</strong> visit<br />

with local supporting c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s. We assisted in the cost for two people of our c<strong>on</strong>ference to be<br />

Missi<strong>on</strong> Ambassadors to the Sudan <strong>and</strong> for them to share about their experiences with local<br />

c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

In additi<strong>on</strong> the Plan for Funding Ministry allowed the BGM to disburse $8,705.00 to local<br />

c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s under the directi<strong>on</strong> of the cabinet. These c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s had special needs identified by<br />

the cabinet in the area of Capital Improvement/resoluti<strong>on</strong>. Twenty Social Ministries received<br />

financial support totaling $112,525.00 to assist people in need. (The lowest grant awarded was<br />

$500.00 <strong>and</strong> the largest two were for $18,000.00 each which reveals a great diversity in this grant<br />

process). We affirmed <strong>and</strong> helped fund a bold new initiative of the Hope Eternal United Methodist<br />

Church in Newport to reach a new generati<strong>on</strong> of people with the gospel. The BGM supported this<br />

c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong> with funding for building near Rte 34 in Perry County <strong>and</strong> to increase staff to<br />

specifically reach new people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Board assisted in the funding for<br />

the annual training seminar for laity <strong>and</strong> clergy at The Board of Global Ministries offices in New<br />

York. The Board assisted with the cost of sending Central PA delegates to Sierra Le<strong>on</strong>e to make sure<br />

the tracking <strong>and</strong> accountability protocols of the Sierra Le<strong>on</strong>e Initiative are being maintained. The<br />

Board assisted with the costs of the Hope for the Children of Africa Children‘s Choir tour through<br />

Central PA. This Choir blessed more hearts than could be counted in their brief time with us. The<br />

Board provided significant funds to the Cup of Cold Water Fund <strong>and</strong> to the VIM ministry ($7,450.63<br />

each from the resoluti<strong>on</strong> of the Family Loan Fund ministry). The Board assisted in the costs of<br />

transiti<strong>on</strong>ing the Cross Walk New Church Start Ministry into the c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong> of Bethany UMC in<br />

York. The ―out of the box‖ ministry of a District Deac<strong>on</strong> was supported by giving through the BGM.<br />

The Matthew 28 Initiative was undergirded with significant financial support of the Board ($50,000).<br />

The Matthew 28 Initiative has already energized c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s with the clear visi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> directi<strong>on</strong><br />

toward making disciples for Jesus Christ. The expansi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> satellite work of Crosspoint United<br />

Methodist Church was significantly funded by the Board to reach people in a larger area than the<br />

main church building. Eleven local c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s received funding for special ministries through the<br />

Parish Development grants totaling ($48,450.) Stevens Emmanuel c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong> received support to<br />

reach out into their local community. In additi<strong>on</strong> four other multi-cultural c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s were<br />

supported by the BGM. The Latino Ministries Council is active <strong>and</strong> has funding assistance from the<br />

BGM.<br />

Forty-three (43) food ministries within Central PA were given funds (20,172.02) from the World<br />

Hunger Offering. An equal amount was given to UMCOR to asst with world hunger related<br />

ministries.<br />

A special initiative of the Board was the hiring of a part-time worker to serve as a Missi<strong>on</strong><br />

Catalyst. The Missi<strong>on</strong> Catalyst, Ken Mengel, led laity <strong>and</strong> clergy through the process of<br />

strengthening our Volunteers in Missi<strong>on</strong> (VIM) <strong>and</strong> our Disaster Resp<strong>on</strong>se preparedness. This year<br />

we had VIM teams for projects within Central PA as well as throughout the world. The Disaster<br />

Resp<strong>on</strong>se Committee diligently studied <strong>and</strong> has developed a comprehensive Disaster Resp<strong>on</strong>se plan<br />

that will be proposed for the new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

The C<strong>on</strong>ference Loan Fund c<strong>on</strong>tinues to assist c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s with loans knowing that interest<br />

paid is assisting other c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s in their missi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> ministry through those c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s<br />

investments in that same fund.<br />

Structure may not be pretty but it is necessary for accountability. The BGM c<strong>on</strong>tinues to have<br />

delegates who serve <strong>on</strong> the Neighborhood Center Board. The $80,000 given to the Neighborhood<br />

Center through the plan for funding ministry is given under special directi<strong>on</strong> so that the funds are<br />

available in times when they are needed most. The delegates to the Neighborhood Center Board <strong>and</strong><br />

the Director of Neighborhood Center sit <strong>on</strong> the Board of Global Ministries as well. The BGM reviews<br />

<strong>and</strong> oversees 4 estates, 9 trusts <strong>and</strong> 2 specially designated accounts. The interest of each of these is


used to help fund ministries <strong>and</strong> missi<strong>on</strong>s noted above. (The principal amounts are not available to<br />

the BGM for use.)<br />

If this were all it would be amazing but what is amazing is that in additi<strong>on</strong> to Shares of Ministry<br />

local c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s give to Advance Special Ministries. Last year $196,251.60 was given by local<br />

c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong> to the 15 C<strong>on</strong>ference level Advance ministries. $61,795.50 was given to Advance work<br />

under the oversight of the District Advance projects. $675,336.32 was given to World Advance<br />

Projects by the people of Central PA called United Methodist. (This totals to $933,383.42 given<br />

bey<strong>on</strong>d Shares of ministry for Missi<strong>on</strong> work.)<br />

There is h<strong>on</strong>estly more Missi<strong>on</strong> work being d<strong>on</strong>e that the Board could, or would ever want to,<br />

direct. Missi<strong>on</strong> Teams regularly leave Central PA to assist in communities throughout the world <strong>and</strong><br />

the United States. Our Plan for Funding Ministry covers the insurance costs related to these missi<strong>on</strong><br />

work teams. (Please remember that all out of U.S. teams must share with the Finance Office the<br />

names of every<strong>on</strong>e going for insurance purposes. This will be especially important as we plan to send<br />

teams into Haiti.) C<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s by the hundreds support local food banks, local missi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

ministry partners, <strong>and</strong> local ―Good Samaritan‖ funds. An increasing number of c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s have<br />

become Covenant C<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s with either the Sierre Le<strong>on</strong>e Initiative or Covenant Partners with<br />

Missi<strong>on</strong>aries through the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Board of Global Ministries. Missi<strong>on</strong> Partners <strong>and</strong> Programs report<br />

amazing work that God is doing through their ministries. We hear from Refugee placement work to<br />

Missi<strong>on</strong> Central Distributi<strong>on</strong> Center work. Structural support was also given by the Board for Work<br />

Camps to Alaska, Heifer Project Internati<strong>on</strong>al, Red Bird, Sierre Le<strong>on</strong>e, Bolivia, Louisiana <strong>and</strong><br />

Mississippi.<br />


This year c<strong>on</strong>versati<strong>on</strong>s were held to prepare for becoming the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference. In our<br />

first gathering it was readily apparent that our brothers <strong>and</strong> sisters in Christ from the Wyoming<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference have a passi<strong>on</strong> for missi<strong>on</strong> in Zimbabwe <strong>and</strong> Haiti. (These are two of the new C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

Advance Missi<strong>on</strong>s). To genuinely begin anew we had future meetings to clarify our Missi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

provide recommendati<strong>on</strong>s as to how this Missi<strong>on</strong> Board could functi<strong>on</strong> more effectively.<br />

We have clarified our Missi<strong>on</strong> Statement to be that of the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference to ―make<br />

disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformati<strong>on</strong> of the world.‖<br />

Significant c<strong>on</strong>versati<strong>on</strong> was held as to the purpose of a ―Missi<strong>on</strong>al Board‖ in light of this<br />

Missi<strong>on</strong> Statement. We decided the Missi<strong>on</strong>al Board of the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference would exist to<br />

provide:<br />

Missi<strong>on</strong>al Resourcing,<br />

Missi<strong>on</strong>al Educati<strong>on</strong>,<br />

Missi<strong>on</strong>al Communicati<strong>on</strong>,<br />

Missi<strong>on</strong>al Visi<strong>on</strong>,<br />

Missi<strong>on</strong>al Accountability, <strong>and</strong><br />

Missi<strong>on</strong>al Involvement.<br />

This Missi<strong>on</strong>al Board would require:<br />

Freedom to adapt to changing c<strong>on</strong>diti<strong>on</strong>s; must shape Missi<strong>on</strong>al work <strong>on</strong> the C<strong>on</strong>text of the<br />

Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference; <strong>and</strong> it is to be a Permissi<strong>on</strong> Giving Board to encourage the work of<br />

making disciples for Jesus Christ.<br />

The ―Who‖ of the Board would be those who: have a Passi<strong>on</strong> for Missi<strong>on</strong>, have the gift of<br />

Discernment, have a Systems Awareness, are skilled in Communicati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> who represent the<br />

Geographical realities of the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference. These Board members would need Training<br />

available to them to help them realize the tasks of ―Why‖ the Board exists.<br />

We affirmed the ―Advance‖ system as the model for structuring Missi<strong>on</strong>al groups/agencies with<br />

the Missi<strong>on</strong>al Board. The Advance system is in line with GBGM language <strong>and</strong> expectati<strong>on</strong>s, provides<br />

accountability, provides freedom to raise funds by those affirmed as Advance Ministries, <strong>and</strong> is<br />

functi<strong>on</strong>al in encouraging Missi<strong>on</strong>al work. The Advance for Jesus Christ ministry of the <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g><br />

Board of Global Ministries allows for clarity, accountability, promoti<strong>on</strong>, <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>going relati<strong>on</strong>ship of<br />

missi<strong>on</strong> entities with United Methodist c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s, missi<strong>on</strong> boards <strong>and</strong> agencies.<br />

According to The Book of Discipline C<strong>on</strong>ferences may affirm Missi<strong>on</strong> Entities with C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

Advance Status. This allows a missi<strong>on</strong> entity to solicit support from local c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s within that


C<strong>on</strong>ference. Each missi<strong>on</strong> entity given Advance status would be given an ―Advance number‖ This<br />

number is the account number for funds to be processed through the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

treasury.<br />

The Board of Global Ministries looks forward to the missi<strong>on</strong> opportunities God will bring to<br />

awareness in 2011. We are genuinely grateful for the faithful giving of c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s to the plan for<br />

Funding ministry which allows the BGM to provide financial assistance to the c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s,<br />

agencies, ministries <strong>and</strong> individuals who are seeking together to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the<br />

transformati<strong>on</strong> of the world.<br />

Rev. John Kratz, Chair<br />

6.6.1 Committee <strong>on</strong> Loans<br />

The Committee <strong>on</strong> Loans is an agency of the annual c<strong>on</strong>ference amenable to the C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

Board of Global Ministries. Quarterly meetings are c<strong>on</strong>ducted to manage investments <strong>and</strong> review<br />

applicati<strong>on</strong>s for loans to churches <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>ference agencies within the boundaries of the Central<br />

Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

December 31, 2009, our Notes Receivable (Loans) totaled $36,399,644.53, <strong>and</strong> Notes Payable<br />

(Investments) were valued at $58,053,748.68.<br />

Fiduciary resp<strong>on</strong>sibility for maintaining the loan fund required that we take two significant<br />

acti<strong>on</strong>s due to a nati<strong>on</strong>al ec<strong>on</strong>omic downturn. Effective January 1, 2010, a moratorium <strong>on</strong><br />

investments was imposed, <strong>and</strong> sec<strong>on</strong>dly, beginning July 1, 2010, interest paid <strong>on</strong> investments will be<br />

reduced from 5.5% to 4.0% per annum.<br />

Loans are granted at 6.0% fixed rate <strong>on</strong> the unpaid balance. Interest is billed quarterly, <strong>and</strong><br />

payments <strong>on</strong> principle may be made at any time if interest payments are current.<br />

Members of the Committee <strong>on</strong> Loans are privileged to represent you in providing a means for<br />

churches <strong>and</strong> laity to efficiently <strong>and</strong> effectively invest financial resources where <strong>on</strong>ly kingdom work<br />

will benefit from their investments. Churches receive careful directi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> uncomplicated processing<br />

when applying <strong>and</strong> being granted a loan.<br />

Thank you for making investment <strong>and</strong> loan opportunities possible for the glory of God.<br />

Rev. Dennis A. Hummel, Chair<br />

6.6.2 C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary of Global Ministries<br />

Missi<strong>on</strong> Catalyst: Volunteers in Missi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Disaster Resp<strong>on</strong>se<br />

The past year was <strong>on</strong>e of explorati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> discovery. The c<strong>on</strong>ference began the process of<br />

exploring the requirements <strong>and</strong> process of developing a c<strong>on</strong>ference disaster resp<strong>on</strong>se plan. After<br />

m<strong>on</strong>ths of research, planning <strong>and</strong> UMCOR training a plan for the c<strong>on</strong>ference was completed.<br />

The Volunteer in Missi<strong>on</strong> team (VIM), under the directi<strong>on</strong> of John Best, Williamsport District,<br />

also made great strides in developing guidelines <strong>and</strong> procedures for the volunteer in missi<strong>on</strong> program.<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference work camps are scheduled as well as training <strong>and</strong> retreats for team leaders. A van,<br />

d<strong>on</strong>ated from Neighborhood Center, was acquired <strong>and</strong> is available for use by sancti<strong>on</strong>ed VIM teams.<br />

Miguel Arenas, Jim <strong>and</strong> Bernice Keech itinerated this past year. Many churches throughout the<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ference were able to listen to the messages that these missi<strong>on</strong>aries had to offer.<br />

The Board of Global Ministries web site was also a target for improvement. This is an <strong>on</strong>going<br />

process, but we were able to provide more informati<strong>on</strong> about missi<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> volunteer missi<strong>on</strong><br />

opportunities locally <strong>and</strong> around the world.<br />

The <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Board of Global Ministries, although involved in reorganizati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> restructuring,<br />

provided advice <strong>and</strong> informati<strong>on</strong> that has been a tremendous help in getting reports <strong>and</strong> informati<strong>on</strong><br />

to individuals, churches <strong>and</strong> the c<strong>on</strong>ference leaders.<br />

Missi<strong>on</strong> educati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> cultivati<strong>on</strong> c<strong>on</strong>tinue to be a priority for the C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary of<br />

Global Ministries. Through communicati<strong>on</strong>s, training <strong>and</strong> seminars the work moves forward with the<br />

purpose of providing every pers<strong>on</strong> in the c<strong>on</strong>ference access to the plethora of valuable informati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

Ken Mengel, C<strong>on</strong>ference Secretary of Global Ministries <strong>and</strong> Missi<strong>on</strong> Catalyst


6.6.3 Disaster Resp<strong>on</strong>se<br />

The Central PA C<strong>on</strong>ference Disaster Resp<strong>on</strong>se Program has c<strong>on</strong>tinued to make progress this<br />

year. We held our first c<strong>on</strong>ference-wide training with about 50 pers<strong>on</strong>s involved. The event was held<br />

in Williamsport last August. The training was c<strong>on</strong>ducted by UMCOR (United Methodist Committee<br />

On Relief) the American Red Cross, Salvati<strong>on</strong> Army, Lycoming County Emergency Management<br />

Agency, <strong>and</strong> by a representative of our C<strong>on</strong>ference Insurance program. Some of the group completed<br />

Safe Sanctuary Training, <strong>and</strong> others completed basic Emergency Resp<strong>on</strong>se Team Training.<br />

Disaster Resp<strong>on</strong>se Training for the Bishop <strong>and</strong> Cabinet was held last Spring.<br />

A new revised C<strong>on</strong>ference Disaster Resp<strong>on</strong>se plan should be ready for approval by the 2010<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

Members of both Wyoming C<strong>on</strong>ference program <strong>and</strong> Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference program<br />

have been involved in the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference Training events.<br />

The Disaster Resp<strong>on</strong>se Program c<strong>on</strong>tinues to strengthen ties with the Central Area Emergency<br />

Management Agency, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, <strong>and</strong> the Federal Emergency<br />

Management Agency, <strong>and</strong> the Nati<strong>on</strong>al Weather Service. The Coordinator is also working to build<br />

str<strong>on</strong>ger networks with UMCOR (United Methodist Committee On Relief), Pennsylvania State<br />

VOAD (Volunteer Organizati<strong>on</strong>s Active in Disaster), <strong>and</strong> with other faith based disaster resp<strong>on</strong>se<br />

organizati<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

A joint list of coordinators for both c<strong>on</strong>ferences c<strong>on</strong>tinues to be published <strong>and</strong> updated when<br />

changes occur.<br />

Coordinators have been encouraged to complete the following <strong>on</strong>line courses from the Federal<br />

Emergency Management Agency website (http://training.fema.gov/IS/crslist.asp). The minimum<br />

courses are IS 100, 200, 700, 800b. Other courses would include IS-288 - "The Role of Voluntary<br />

Agencies in Emergency Management," <strong>and</strong> IS-271 - "Anticipating Hazardous Weather & Community<br />

Risk." These courses are all free <strong>and</strong> available to any<strong>on</strong>e who would like to take them <strong>on</strong>line. We are<br />

working to hold training for District Coordinators <strong>and</strong> the Cabinet as so<strong>on</strong> as possible.<br />

Shelter Management is being encouraged in a cooperative effort with the American Red Cross.<br />

We have re-established our Partner Relati<strong>on</strong>ship with UMCOR (United Methodist Committee <strong>on</strong><br />

Relief). Relati<strong>on</strong>ships with what has been Pennsylvania Interfaith Disaster Resp<strong>on</strong>se Group have<br />

been strengthened. Districts <strong>and</strong> the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference have also exp<strong>and</strong>ed their involvement with<br />

Volunteers Organizati<strong>on</strong>s Active in Disasters or VOADs, <strong>on</strong> the state, regi<strong>on</strong>al, county, <strong>and</strong><br />

municipal levels.<br />

CERT Teams (Community Emergency Resp<strong>on</strong>se Teams) (http://www.citizencorps.gov/cert/)<br />

are being encouraged for churches, clusters, United Methodist Men <strong>and</strong> United Methodist Women.<br />

New program <strong>and</strong> web sites for management of human resources have been encouraged through<br />

programs such as SERVPA, (https://www.servpa.state.pa.us/).<br />

Resources for c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s can be obtained through programs such as ReadyPA<br />

(http://www.readypa.org/).<br />

The Nati<strong>on</strong>al Weather Service <strong>and</strong> Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference are working <strong>on</strong> a pilot<br />

program for churches through the StormReady Program.<br />

(http://www.stormready.noaa.gov/supporter.htm)<br />

We are revising our C<strong>on</strong>ference Disaster Resp<strong>on</strong>se Plan <strong>and</strong> will be working to develop plans<br />

for each District <strong>and</strong> for each local church. Before the end of this year we hope to start teaching the<br />

―C<strong>on</strong>necting Churches‖ program offered through UMCOR.<br />

The goal of the C<strong>on</strong>ference Disaster Resp<strong>on</strong>se Coordinator is working to turn the c<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

disaster resp<strong>on</strong>se program from ―reactive‖ to ―pro-active‖ The c<strong>on</strong>ference can be pro-active by<br />

developing plans <strong>and</strong> looking at vulnerabilities we have in the c<strong>on</strong>ference, districts <strong>and</strong> local churches<br />

before a disaster strikes <strong>and</strong> in the process we may be able to lessen the impact of a disaster when it<br />

occurs.<br />

Rev. Dr. James R. Behrens, Coordinator



In the tenth chapter of the Gospel of John, Jesus says, "I have come so that they may have life,<br />

<strong>and</strong> have it abundantly." The <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Health Ministries is focused up<strong>on</strong> assisting every<br />

church in our C<strong>on</strong>ference, our C<strong>on</strong>ference Benevolent Homes, children's services, <strong>and</strong> related health<br />

care agencies to live out these words of Christ. Through our c<strong>on</strong>necting with c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong><br />

related agencies the <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Health Ministries seeks to support the development of local<br />

health initiatives which strengthen <strong>and</strong> improve the pers<strong>on</strong>al health of our brothers <strong>and</strong> sisters in the<br />

world. Recognizing that <strong>on</strong>e cannot experience "abundant life" apart from an underst<strong>and</strong>ing of<br />

wholeness, we seek to partner with our churches <strong>and</strong> agencies <strong>and</strong> to help strengthen their local<br />

health initiatives.<br />

The <str<strong>on</strong>g>Commissi<strong>on</strong></str<strong>on</strong>g> <strong>on</strong> Health Ministries functi<strong>on</strong>s primarily through its three active sub<br />

committees:<br />

The Committee <strong>on</strong> C<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>al Health, chaired by Debbie Karns, R.N., partners with local<br />

c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s to offer support <strong>and</strong> assistance with various c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>al health ministries <strong>and</strong> Parish<br />

Nurse programs. The C<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>al Health Team serves as a resource both for c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s<br />

desiring to initiate new health programs as well as for others seeking to improve existing <strong>on</strong>es. The<br />

Team also oversees the distributi<strong>on</strong> of <strong>and</strong> appropriate use of Health Care Grant funds allocated by<br />

the C<strong>on</strong>ference for c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

The Committee <strong>on</strong> Mental Health, under the leadership of Victoria Wagner, MSW, provides<br />

support <strong>and</strong> educati<strong>on</strong>al opportunities to c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> related agencies seeking to improve the<br />

mental health of their respective communities <strong>and</strong> service areas. Many various types of mental health,<br />

suicide preventi<strong>on</strong>, <strong>and</strong> other training opportunities are offered throughout the year.<br />

The Council <strong>on</strong> Older Adult Ministries, chaired by Rev. Jeffrey Swanger, oversees the<br />

distributi<strong>on</strong> of benevolent m<strong>on</strong>ies collected from the C<strong>on</strong>ference Shares of Ministries for our related<br />

homes <strong>and</strong> agencies. The Committee also seeks to partner with local c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s who desire to<br />

minister to the older adults within their ministry areas. For purposes of clarificati<strong>on</strong>, the Council <strong>on</strong><br />

Older Adult Ministries defines "Older Adults" as a pers<strong>on</strong> who has reached a chr<strong>on</strong>ological age of 60<br />

or older.<br />

Rev. Howard T. Woodruff, Chair<br />


This year the Council <strong>on</strong> Older Adult Ministries had the opportunity to meet, care for <strong>and</strong> plan<br />

effective ministry ―by‖, ―for‖ <strong>and</strong> ―with‖ older mature adults sixty years <strong>and</strong> over of our annual<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ference. The Council had the joy of being able to offer grants in the amount of $2,229 to Quincy<br />

Village enabling the purchase of items to complete an ―outdoor activities‖ area <strong>and</strong> ―raised garden<br />

beds‖ for residents in the dementia unit of the Colestock Health Center. Also, Norm<strong>and</strong>y Ridge<br />

received a grant for $806.88 enabling the purchase of two Xavix Port C<strong>on</strong>soles for the residence in<br />

assisted living.<br />

The Council <strong>on</strong> Older Adult Ministry also elected new officers for 2009-2010. The newly<br />

elected officers are: Chairpers<strong>on</strong>- Rev. Jeffrey Swanger. Vice-Chairpers<strong>on</strong>- Mrs. Tina Rockwell, <strong>and</strong><br />

Recording Secretary-Dr. Ginger-Baker-Betz.<br />

The Council <strong>on</strong> Older Adult Ministries has recognized many challenges before them as they<br />

c<strong>on</strong>tinue to plan effective 21 st Century ministry ―by‖, ―for‖, <strong>and</strong> ―with‖ older mature adults of our<br />

new annual c<strong>on</strong>ference. We as a council c<strong>on</strong>tinue to RETHINK, REEVALUATE,<br />

RESTRUCTURE, <strong>and</strong> RESPOND to the present <strong>and</strong> future needs of the older adults of our new<br />

annual c<strong>on</strong>ference. The Council invites you to join us in prayer that God will use this council as an<br />

effective RESOURCE available to each district, local church, <strong>and</strong> community as we engage in God‘s<br />

work ―by‖, ―for‖, <strong>and</strong> ―with‖ older adults.<br />

Rev. Jeffrey S. Swanger , Chair



For young people, ―service‖ is often the path to spiritual inquiry <strong>and</strong> perhaps to the story of the<br />

One who came ―not to be served but to serve.‖ The campus ministries supported by the Central<br />

Pennsylvania Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference at our state universities <strong>and</strong> church-related campuses all have<br />

service comp<strong>on</strong>ents built into each academic year. Local service projects, January term projects <strong>and</strong><br />

spring break trips are important ways to c<strong>on</strong>nect students to the deep needs of people <strong>and</strong> to a God<br />

who cares about ―the least of these.‖ Countless hours of planning, recruiting, fund raising, traveling<br />

<strong>and</strong> working by both students <strong>and</strong> campus ministers are rewarded by endless hours of c<strong>on</strong>versati<strong>on</strong>,<br />

deepened relati<strong>on</strong>ships <strong>and</strong> that feeling that ―I have received more than I have given.‖<br />

This annual c<strong>on</strong>ference joins with other denominati<strong>on</strong>s to sp<strong>on</strong>sor ecumenical ministries <strong>on</strong> the<br />

campuses of our state universities at Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, Mansfield, Shippensburg <strong>and</strong> Penn<br />

State <strong>and</strong> at Penn College of Technology in Williamsport. We also maintain a liais<strong>on</strong> relati<strong>on</strong>ship<br />

with the Chaplains at four Church-related colleges traditi<strong>on</strong>ally c<strong>on</strong>nected to the c<strong>on</strong>ference at<br />

Lycoming, Albright, Dickins<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Leban<strong>on</strong> Valley Colleges. We also provide funding <strong>and</strong> have a<br />

presence <strong>on</strong> the board of the Wesley Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> the Wesley Student Fellowship at Penn State in<br />

partnership with St. Paul‘s Church in State College. In each of these we have heard stories of lives<br />

changed <strong>and</strong> leaders developed through ―service.‖<br />

During 2009, the board has c<strong>on</strong>nected with campus ministry in Northeast PA <strong>and</strong> we are far<br />

al<strong>on</strong>g incorporating those str<strong>on</strong>g <strong>and</strong> l<strong>on</strong>gst<strong>and</strong>ing campus ministries into the new <strong>and</strong> larger<br />

Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference. There is much to learn from each other as we move toward full partnership<br />

in 2010.<br />

As we train the next generati<strong>on</strong> of leaders for the church <strong>and</strong> the nati<strong>on</strong> we are proud that we can<br />

still offer c<strong>on</strong>ference sp<strong>on</strong>sored scholarships <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>s to the denominati<strong>on</strong>al scholarships<br />

made possible through Student Day offerings. These are administered through the board <strong>and</strong> provide<br />

thous<strong>and</strong>s of dollars each year to students from our churches.<br />

Each year we send students leaders from our campuses to the United Methodist Student Forum<br />

where they engage in dialogue about church issues important to students <strong>and</strong> the larger church as well<br />

as take seminars <strong>on</strong> leadership <strong>on</strong> the campus <strong>and</strong> in the general church.<br />

The people <strong>and</strong> churches of Central Pennsylvania should be very proud that over the last decade<br />

as support for campus ministry has diminished in many denominati<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> even in the other United<br />

Methodist c<strong>on</strong>ferences across Pennsylvania, other support has actually grown. Thanks be to God <strong>and</strong><br />

to the faithful support of Shares of Ministry by those who believe in the future of Christ‘s church.<br />

Rev. Thomas Jacobs, Chair<br />


Our basic premise as a Board is to provide opportunites for Laity to grow str<strong>on</strong>ger in their walk<br />

with Christ. We have not had significant success in this past year. This has been a year of evaluati<strong>on</strong><br />

of many things. All groups <strong>and</strong> bodies in the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference have been evaluating their purpose<br />

<strong>and</strong> functi<strong>on</strong>, as we relate to forming a new Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference. Such has been the case for your<br />

Board of Lay Empowerment.<br />

We hosted a worship event in the fall of 2009. Our featured speaker was our own Bishop<br />

Middlet<strong>on</strong>. Our communi<strong>on</strong> celebrant was retired Bishop Hassinger. Our hope was to draw people<br />

out for a time of worship <strong>and</strong> fellowship, to allow a mingling of pers<strong>on</strong>s from Central Pennsylvania<br />

<strong>and</strong> the Pennsylvania porti<strong>on</strong>s of the Wyoming c<strong>on</strong>ference. We were sadly disappointed by our<br />

attendance numbers. This led to cancelling the possible sec<strong>on</strong>d event in the spring of 2010. Perhaps<br />

our choice of dates had a part in this, or perhaps other factors also c<strong>on</strong>tributed to lack of attendance.<br />

We would welcome suggesti<strong>on</strong>s as to how we can best serve you.<br />

Our c<strong>on</strong>tinuing hope is to work with the Center for Spiritual Formati<strong>on</strong> for learning<br />

opportunities to be available. We are all waiting for the intense activity around the new C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

formati<strong>on</strong> to settle. We hope this will allow pers<strong>on</strong>s to return to a focus <strong>on</strong> learning more about how<br />

they can work within their local c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the<br />

transformati<strong>on</strong> of the world.<br />

Our <strong>on</strong>e truly bright spot for the past year was the C<strong>on</strong>ference wide re-certificati<strong>on</strong> retreat for


Lay Speakers. It was very well attended <strong>and</strong> was a complete success. We would like to thank all who<br />

participated for their help in making this such a success. We hope for more successes like this in the<br />

future <strong>and</strong> with your help <strong>and</strong> suggesti<strong>on</strong>s we will.<br />

Vance Hart, C<strong>on</strong>ference Lay Leader<br />


Much of the work by CCORR this past year was focused <strong>on</strong> the visi<strong>on</strong>ing of the new<br />

Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference. There will be active m<strong>on</strong>itoring of the CPC‘s close-out annual c<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

event, as well as the two inaugural Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference‘s Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference gatherings. The<br />

CCORR is scheduled to give m<strong>on</strong>itoring reports during all three annual c<strong>on</strong>ferences events.<br />

Every CPC District Office <strong>and</strong> most of the CCORR members were provided the G-CORR DVD<br />

―Truth <strong>and</strong> Wholeness: Replacing White Privilege with God‘s Promise.‖ The accompanying <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g>-<br />

CORR study guide is available <strong>on</strong> their website at www.GCORR.org.<br />

We hope to have a district level training event in each district during the first year of our new<br />

c<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

April 2009 found ministerial c<strong>and</strong>idates attending the BOOM required <str<strong>on</strong>g>General</str<strong>on</strong>g> Board of Church<br />

<strong>and</strong> Society orientati<strong>on</strong> in the Methodist Building, Washingt<strong>on</strong> DC. During this time the c<strong>and</strong>idates<br />

also received a two hour orientati<strong>on</strong> by G-CORR. All c<strong>and</strong>idates expressed that the trip <strong>and</strong> the<br />

informati<strong>on</strong> was invaluable. It was so well received that there was a unanimous expressi<strong>on</strong> that all<br />

our c<strong>on</strong>ference clergy should receive such an <strong>on</strong>-site orientati<strong>on</strong>. One of our CCORR members<br />

attended <strong>and</strong> another member is tentatively scheduled to attend this year‘s April trip as well.<br />

We are very interested to see how many recommendati<strong>on</strong>s for the Harry Hoosier Award will be<br />

submitted <strong>and</strong> from which districts. Although there may be <strong>on</strong>ly <strong>on</strong>e individual <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>ly <strong>on</strong>e<br />

c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>al recipient, it may prove beneficial to see how many people <strong>and</strong> ministries are<br />

acknowledged for this vital ministry within the bounds of our c<strong>on</strong>ference. We commend last year‘s<br />

recipients: Danny Billetter <strong>and</strong> 2 nd Avenue UMC, Alto<strong>on</strong>a.<br />

Beginning c<strong>on</strong>versati<strong>on</strong>s between The Cabinet <strong>and</strong> the Enlistment <strong>and</strong> Interpretati<strong>on</strong> Team of<br />

BOOM over the enlistment of a pers<strong>on</strong> of color out of seminary <strong>and</strong> the subsequent appointment to<br />

begin <strong>and</strong>/or help build a multi-cultural c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong> have begun. There is much emphasis <strong>on</strong> making<br />

this a successful appointment, rather than just an experiment. Hopefully this will lend to an ease in<br />

the recruitment of more quality leaders who are racially, culturally <strong>and</strong>/or ethnically diverse. If we<br />

truly desire diversity in our c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s then we must be intenti<strong>on</strong>al in seeing that we have diverse<br />

leadership.<br />

The above compels us to renew commitment to our Ethnic Local Churches as well as take a vital<br />

interest in clergy <strong>and</strong> their families either about to be or currently in cross-racial appointments.<br />

As the socio-ec<strong>on</strong>omic climate remains uncertain many people will move to where the jobs are<br />

or where it is most feasible to live. Our c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s may experience radical shifts in the racial,<br />

ethnic make-up of their current communities/parishes. It will be imperative that we as the<br />

homogenous church minister to <strong>and</strong> with the people moving into the areas that our facilities are<br />

situated in. It will behoove us to learn who ―we‖ are <strong>and</strong> who ―they‖ are that ―we‖ may go out into<br />

our communities to where ―they‖ are so that all who will accept Him, will grow together as faithful<br />

disciples of Jesus Christ <strong>and</strong> as <strong>on</strong>e family together.<br />

Rev Gregory S. Johns<strong>on</strong>, Chair<br />


In the Chambersburg District our leadership team has identified four basic areas of focus. These<br />

four areas are developing leadership in Youth Ministries, Christian Educati<strong>on</strong> for Discipleship,<br />

Missi<strong>on</strong>s – both local <strong>and</strong> bey<strong>on</strong>d the area, <strong>and</strong> in training new leaders for each generati<strong>on</strong>al cohort.<br />

We are working in these areas to develop leadership <strong>and</strong> structures to help the United Methodist<br />

c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s across the District to better underst<strong>and</strong> their missi<strong>on</strong>, get involved in a deeper care for<br />

the poor <strong>and</strong> to encourage authentic community. We are working by effective use of technology to<br />

create a District web site that is a rich <strong>and</strong> interactive <strong>on</strong>e. We want this envir<strong>on</strong>ment to be a rich,<br />

24/7 site for informati<strong>on</strong>, useful help <strong>and</strong> the sharing of ideas <strong>and</strong> resources. We hope to have much


of that in place by July 1, 2010. We are working to create structures for <strong>on</strong>going teacher <strong>and</strong><br />

facilitator training for all levels to help our c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s‘ programs for Christian discipleship. One<br />

other area we are seeking to address is to train c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s in how to plan <strong>and</strong> carry out a safe <strong>and</strong><br />

meaningful missi<strong>on</strong> trip that involves their youth in Christian service <strong>and</strong> involves adults in a deeper<br />

commitment to their c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>al ministry. Our planning from 2009 has led us thus far as we<br />

planned out our work. We hope that 2010 will prove to be a fruitful year in carrying out our plan. We<br />

are rethinking <strong>and</strong> retooling.<br />

Rev. Dr. Robert Cook, Team Coordinator<br />


The Williamsport Core Leadership Team c<strong>on</strong>tinues to move forward. One of our projects this<br />

year spearheaded by laity was a shoe drive held around Christmas that collected shoes <strong>and</strong> d<strong>on</strong>ati<strong>on</strong>s<br />

for the shoe bank in Lock Haven.<br />

Another project is called 50 Miles of Cans. The project was designed to be a unified effort to<br />

hold a food drive for the district with what we have traditi<strong>on</strong>ally called a ―big hairy goal‖ in mind.<br />

We decided to calculate how many cans it would take to make up a 50 miles stretch of cans. Then we<br />

put it as a challenge to our churches. Laity each week are encouraging the churches to bring in cans<br />

<strong>and</strong> we report from week to week where we st<strong>and</strong> to the district office. All cans of food will<br />

eventually be distributed to food banks serving the area where the churches reside. Through this event<br />

we will feel more unity as United Methodists <strong>and</strong> at the same time provide assistance to our ailing<br />

food bank programs.<br />

Our people from the Williamsport District c<strong>on</strong>tinue to be active in the Volunteers in Missi<strong>on</strong><br />

program. We have been sending pers<strong>on</strong>s abroad <strong>and</strong> working locally with members of our own<br />

c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s to help them as well. After all, this is what we are to do. ―Therefore, as we have<br />

opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.‖ (Galatians<br />

6:10, NKJV)<br />

The Disaster Resp<strong>on</strong>se program has c<strong>on</strong>tinued to develop ties with county emergency<br />

management programs in the area, <strong>and</strong> other disaster organizati<strong>on</strong>s. The team is also involved with<br />

VOADS in the Williamsport District <strong>and</strong> bey<strong>on</strong>d.<br />

Sojourner Truth c<strong>on</strong>tinues to serve as our District‘s primary hub for Missi<strong>on</strong> Central.<br />

The Yokefellow Fellowship under the leadership of Evadna Cline, <strong>and</strong> in cooperati<strong>on</strong> with the<br />

Williamsport District, sent Christmas cards to area pris<strong>on</strong>ers. The program required that every<br />

pris<strong>on</strong>er be given a Christmas card in each facility in order for cards to be distributed.. The churches‘<br />

enthusiasm was so great that the program is being exp<strong>and</strong>ed to more pris<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> an Easter card<br />

program is being c<strong>on</strong>sidered as well.<br />

Some pastors from across the District c<strong>on</strong>tinue to work with the Kairos Pris<strong>on</strong> Ministry<br />

Internati<strong>on</strong>al, Inc. at Allenwood <strong>and</strong> other area pris<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

District pastors <strong>and</strong> laity c<strong>on</strong>tinue to work closely with the United Churches of Lycoming<br />

County, an ecumenical ministry of all the churches in Lycoming County.<br />

In 2009, United Methodist pastors <strong>and</strong> laity c<strong>on</strong>ducted about 50 percent or more of the worship<br />

services at area nursing homes, the Lycoming County Pris<strong>on</strong>, <strong>and</strong> area pers<strong>on</strong>al care homes.<br />

United Methodist District pastors participated in ―Teleph<strong>on</strong>e Devoti<strong>on</strong>s‖ <strong>and</strong> a radio program<br />

called, ―News <strong>and</strong> <str<strong>on</strong>g>View</str<strong>on</strong>g>s,‖ which airs <strong>on</strong> WRAC AM, <strong>on</strong> Sunday mornings at 9:15 am. The program<br />

reports religious news from the area <strong>and</strong> across the world. A primary source for the program is the<br />

United Methodist News Service. They also help sp<strong>on</strong>sor the Williamsport ―Shepherd of the Streets‖<br />

program.<br />

District churches walked in the annual Crop Walks, shared in Life Chain, the Needlework Guild,<br />

Church Women United, Gide<strong>on</strong>s Internati<strong>on</strong>al, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Salvati<strong>on</strong> Army,<br />

American Rescue Workers, Christian Motorcyclist Associati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> in other ecumenical ministries.<br />

The Supportive Fellowships or what some districts would call the District Ministeriums c<strong>on</strong>tinue<br />

to meet. We have two fellowships. One is the Lay Speakers Supportive Fellowship <strong>and</strong> the other is<br />

the traditi<strong>on</strong>al Clergy Supportive Fellowship.


Williamsport District is working with Diak<strong>on</strong> to provide Christian counseling services, <strong>and</strong><br />

training for the Parish Nurse program.<br />

In additi<strong>on</strong>, C<strong>on</strong>ference Block Grants were distributed across the District to requesting<br />

ministries <strong>and</strong> programs.<br />

Rev. Dr. James R. Behrens, Williamsport Core Leadership Chairpers<strong>on</strong><br />


The purpose of Emmaus/Chrysalis is to develop leaders for the church. It will inspire,<br />

challenge, <strong>and</strong> equip the local church members for Christian acti<strong>on</strong> in homes, churches <strong>and</strong><br />

places of work. It lifts up a way for our grace-filled lives to be lived <strong>and</strong> shared with others. The<br />

Walk to Emmaus experience is for adults <strong>and</strong> Chrysalis is for youth in grades 9-12. Both weekends<br />

run for three days. Cost for a weekend is currently $125 for adults <strong>and</strong> $100 for youth. Scholarships<br />

are available.<br />

Dates for 2010 held at Wesley Forest, Weikert, PA are as follows:<br />

Men's Walk-- Oct. 14-17<br />

Women's Walk—Oct. 21-24<br />

The Spring dates for 2011 @ Hartman Center, Milroy, PA are as follows:<br />

Chrysalis: Feb. 18-20<br />

Men's <strong>and</strong> women's walk dates will be posted later <strong>on</strong> our web site.<br />

For more informati<strong>on</strong>, check out our booth at Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference, go to our web site @<br />

www.keyst<strong>on</strong>eemmaus.com or c<strong>on</strong>tact our registrar @ P.O. Box 143, Selinsgrove, PA 17870. Ph<strong>on</strong>e<br />

inquiries may be directed to Kim @ 570-374-2864 or Aneta @ 717-694-3219.<br />

Aneta Van Horn, Emmaus Representative, C.C.O.M.<br />


This year the Neighborhood Center, a Nati<strong>on</strong>al Missi<strong>on</strong> Instituti<strong>on</strong> of the Women‘s Divisi<strong>on</strong> of<br />

GBGM <strong>and</strong> an Advance Special of the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference, celebrates its 100 th<br />

Anniversary of service to the Harrisburg Community.<br />

We have been serving at-risk children, youth, <strong>and</strong> their families with educati<strong>on</strong>al, cultural,<br />

human service, basic needs, <strong>and</strong> recreati<strong>on</strong>al programs since 1910.<br />

Our celebrati<strong>on</strong> will begin <strong>on</strong> June 19 th at 10:00am as we host a ―Prayers for Peace walk‖ from<br />

our previous locati<strong>on</strong> at 610 Maclay Street, to the current locati<strong>on</strong> of 1801 N. 3 rd Street. Up<strong>on</strong> arrival<br />

at the Center we will hold a dedicati<strong>on</strong> cerem<strong>on</strong>y for a Peace Pole surrounded by a brick walkway <strong>on</strong><br />

the fr<strong>on</strong>t lawn of Neighborhood Center. Bricks can still be purchased for $50.00 each.<br />

Other celebrati<strong>on</strong> events include a Centennial Worship Service <strong>on</strong> July 24 th , at 3:00pm at Grace<br />

United Methodist Church, 216 State Street, in downtown Harrisburg. At this service we will h<strong>on</strong>or<br />

those who helped to build the foundati<strong>on</strong>s of the Center.<br />

The celebrati<strong>on</strong> events will culminate with a Centennial Jubilee <strong>on</strong> October 9 th at Camp Hill<br />

United Methodist Church in Camp Hill, Pa. This event will be a festive event where family, friends<br />

<strong>and</strong> supporters of Neighborhood Center can come together to celebrate the achievements of the past<br />

<strong>and</strong> envisi<strong>on</strong> the future. Our own Bishop Jane Allen Middlet<strong>on</strong> is scheduled to be our guest speaker<br />

for the evening.<br />

For more informati<strong>on</strong> about Neighborhood Center or the Anniversary please call (717) 233-<br />

6541.<br />

Highlights of 2009<br />

Completed the collecti<strong>on</strong> of 1,600,000 labels <strong>and</strong> received our new Dodge Gr<strong>and</strong> Caravan in<br />

March 2010, thanks to all the churches <strong>and</strong> individuals who saved labels. We are still collecting<br />

labels for other great items so please keep collecting those Campbell‘s labels.<br />

We blessed two deserving young ladies with Tow<strong>and</strong>a Acey Scholarships in the amount of $1,000<br />



Served approximately 200 meals during our Community Thanksgiving Dinner with the help of<br />

First Hershey United Methodist Church.<br />

We distributed 83 Thanksgiving baskets to the community in partnership with the Greater<br />

Harrisburg Realtors Foundati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Capital Area Christian Church.<br />

Held our annual community Juneteenth Celebrati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> Saturday, June 20 th with over 200 people in<br />

attendance.<br />

Sent six children to United Methodist Church Camps with generous d<strong>on</strong>ati<strong>on</strong>s from 1 st UMC<br />

Hershey, Rev. Kenneth Arthur, Nathan Herr <strong>and</strong> Camp Hill UMC, Camp Hill.<br />

Sixty children received backpacks <strong>and</strong> school supplies thanks to Chambers Hill UMC <strong>and</strong> Grace<br />

UMC, Hbg.<br />

Provide supplemental food to sixty-two children per week through the ―Power Pack Pantry‖.<br />

Number of people served during the past year:<br />

See the Future eyeglass program........... 20 vouchers<br />

Christmas Giving program ................... 374 children<br />

Food Bank ........................................... 3387 families served<br />

YMT ................................................... 40 Girls (150 other clients)<br />

Preschool ............................................. 19 children served<br />

Before School ...................................... 48 children served<br />

Afterschool .......................................... 68 children served<br />

Summer Adventure .............................. 52 children served<br />

Power Pack .......................................... 2704 Power Packs went home<br />

TECH .................................................. 48 teens served<br />

Game Night ......................................... 5-9 children per week average<br />

Elder Share .......................................... 15 seniors enrolled<br />

Kids Café approx. 6800 meals were served<br />

Property Highlights<br />

Replaced the fence around the 3 rd Street Playground.<br />

Replaced the Boiler System<br />

Vivian Thomps<strong>on</strong>, Executive Director<br />

7. Methodist Theological School in Ohio<br />

Greetings from Methodist Theological School in Ohio, where two students from the Central<br />

Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference prepared for ministry during the 2009-10 school year.<br />

50th Anniversary: In 2010, MTSO celebrates 50 years of preparing leaders for the church <strong>and</strong><br />

the world. In five decades, our school has sent more than 3,000 men <strong>and</strong> women into vocati<strong>on</strong>s of<br />

ministry <strong>and</strong> service. A celebrati<strong>on</strong> has been planned for Sept. 24 <strong>and</strong> 25.<br />

Students: The school enrolled 230 students from 22 denominati<strong>on</strong>s in master‘s-level courses in<br />

the fall semester of 2009. An additi<strong>on</strong>al 23 students are pursuing Doctor of Ministry degrees. Threefifths<br />

of all master‘s level students are United Methodists; the sec<strong>on</strong>d most comm<strong>on</strong> denominati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong><br />

campus is United Church of Christ, with 8 percent of students. Half of our students are under 40 years<br />

old. Students come from 24 states <strong>and</strong> Korea; 5 percent hail from Pennsylvania.<br />

Scholarships: One-fifth of the students at Methodist Theological School earned full-tuiti<strong>on</strong><br />

scholarships for the 2009-2010 school year. The average n<strong>on</strong>-load aid award in 2009-2010 was<br />

$7,200. More than 90 percent received some form of financial aid through work-study, loans or<br />

scholarships.<br />

Faculty: Professor Linda Mercadante was named a Henry Luce III Fellow in Theology. The<br />

program will provide funding during her upcoming sabbatical as she c<strong>on</strong>tinues research regarding<br />

people who c<strong>on</strong>sider themselves spiritual but not religious. Dr. Mercadante is <strong>on</strong>e of six recipients for<br />

2010-11, joining scholars from Harvard University Divinity School, Princet<strong>on</strong> Theological Seminary,<br />

C<strong>and</strong>ler School of Theology at Emory University, the University of Chicago Divinity School <strong>and</strong><br />

Wesley Theological Seminary.


Dr. R<strong>and</strong>y Litchfield was named interim academic dean for a two-year term, replacing Dr. John<br />

Kampen, who assumed new duties as professor of New Testament studies. MTSO President Jay<br />

Rundell said Dr. Litchfield ―is is uniquely gifted to lead our academic program at this time. He is<br />

quickly emerging as an important voice in how the next generati<strong>on</strong> of leaders will teach <strong>and</strong> learn.‖<br />

Events: MTSO welcomed students, faculty, alumni <strong>and</strong> the broader community to a number of<br />

special events. The theme for October‘s Schooler Institute <strong>on</strong> Preaching was ―Fireworks from the<br />

Pulpit: Prophetic Preaching for Secular Holidays.‖ The Rev. Dr. Dale Andrews, the Martin Luther<br />

King Jr. professor of homiletics <strong>and</strong> pastoral theology at the Bost<strong>on</strong> University School of Theology,<br />

offered three presentati<strong>on</strong>s, with resp<strong>on</strong>ses by Dr. Yv<strong>on</strong>ne Zimmerman, assistant professor of<br />

Christian ethics at MTSO. In March, the Williams Institute presented Dr. Ed Wimberly, provost at<br />

the Interdenominati<strong>on</strong>al Theological Center in Atlanta, who spoke <strong>on</strong> the theme ―The Pursuit of<br />

Happiness: Practical Theology in the Wesleyan Spirit.‖<br />

―Small but Significant: Missi<strong>on</strong>al Renewal of the Small-Membership Church‖ was the theme of<br />

March‘s Missi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Evangelism Institute, led by Dr. Anth<strong>on</strong>y Pappas, executive minister of the<br />

American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts, <strong>and</strong> Dr. Robin Knowles Wallace, professor of worship<br />

<strong>and</strong> music at MTSO.<br />

Danny Russell, Director of Advancement<br />

8. Missi<strong>on</strong> Central<br />

Looking back over the eight-year history of Missi<strong>on</strong> Central, it is very apparent that 2009 has<br />

been all about growth. Practically every aspect of our operati<strong>on</strong> has grown, <strong>and</strong> each day we are<br />

increasingly aware of God‘s faithful <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>going revelati<strong>on</strong> of his plans for Missi<strong>on</strong> Central.<br />

Growth in the numbers of volunteers each week has been remarkable! We have recorded over<br />

3,700 volunteers serving at Missi<strong>on</strong> Central in 2009. Out of our many volunteers, some have stepped<br />

forward <strong>and</strong> taken leadership roles for their groups. These leaders organize their groups to come<br />

volunteer; they sign them in; show the new folks the ropes; <strong>and</strong> they have been known to keep<br />

statistics <strong>on</strong> the work they accomplish <strong>and</strong> send us reports.<br />

Additi<strong>on</strong>ally, regarding volunteers, we have experienced a significant growth in the number of<br />

―volunteers‖ who come here to do adjudicated community service. We believe God‘s plan for<br />

ministering to these folks is for us to be very c<strong>on</strong>scious of dem<strong>on</strong>strating a good work ethic, <strong>and</strong> at<br />

the same time, pers<strong>on</strong>ifying the love of Jesus Christ in all we say <strong>and</strong> do. Another observati<strong>on</strong> of our<br />

volunteers reveals that some people who would typically not go to worship <strong>on</strong> a Sunday morning will<br />

come to Missi<strong>on</strong> Central to volunteer. These are good reas<strong>on</strong>s for us to remember that sometimes . .<br />

. ―we may be the <strong>on</strong>ly Jesus people ever see.‖<br />

In 2002, we never dreamed the ministry of Missi<strong>on</strong> Central would grow to the point where we<br />

are now: birthing mini-Missi<strong>on</strong> Centrals—HUBs—all over the Northeast Jurisdicti<strong>on</strong>. It has been<br />

absolutely amazing how God has blessed the HUB Project. It is <strong>on</strong>ly three years ago since the first<br />

HUB began <strong>and</strong> there are now (as of 3/18/10) 17 HUBs officially signed <strong>on</strong> to work with Missi<strong>on</strong><br />

Central to provide UMCOR Relief kits <strong>and</strong> to do local missi<strong>on</strong> work in each of the HUBs‘ local<br />

areas. These 17 HUBs represent six UM C<strong>on</strong>ferences with 11 HUBs in seven districts of the current<br />

Central PA C<strong>on</strong>ference, <strong>on</strong>e in the current Wyoming C<strong>on</strong>ference, two in the Eastern PA C<strong>on</strong>ference,<br />

<strong>on</strong>e in Western PA, <strong>on</strong>e in North Central NY C<strong>on</strong>ference, <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>e in Baltimore-Washingt<strong>on</strong><br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference. It is the goal of the HUB Committee in 2010 to establish at least <strong>on</strong>e HUB in each of the<br />

UM C<strong>on</strong>ferences in the Northeast Jurisdicti<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> that goal appears to be well within reach!<br />

We deeply appreciate the generous resp<strong>on</strong>se of the churches in our c<strong>on</strong>ference to our appeal for<br />

funding to have our leaky roof replaced. We were able to ―Raise the Roof‖ in the fall. Again, we<br />

witnessed another ―God Moment‖ in that we got a new roof for <strong>on</strong>ly $75,000! This was much less<br />

than anticipated, based <strong>on</strong> the estimates we received. Our c<strong>on</strong>tractor was able to get the rubber<br />

roofing material d<strong>on</strong>ated by the manufacturer which saved us $28,000! We now look forward to<br />

being able to replace some of the ceiling <strong>and</strong> flooring which sustained much water damage.<br />

Late last year we added Norma Bigham to our staff as our Development Director. Norma has<br />

spent nearly all of her career in fund raising for n<strong>on</strong>-profit organizati<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> we are excited by what


she has already accomplished for us. She has ―tweaked‖ our br<strong>and</strong> image <strong>and</strong> created all of our<br />

marketing materials. Her immediate goal now is to raise the funds to pay off our mortgage which is<br />

held by the C<strong>on</strong>ference Loan Fund.<br />

Other growth worthy of menti<strong>on</strong> has been:<br />

our reorganizati<strong>on</strong> of the warehouse, in an effort to be working more efficiently,<br />

we‘ve been ―greening‖ the facility to make it more energy efficient,<br />

recycling efforts c<strong>on</strong>tinue,<br />

<strong>and</strong> we have also c<strong>on</strong>verted a large area behind the building from a lawn to a huge vegetable<br />

garden producing bumper crops for us to d<strong>on</strong>ate to those in need of fresh produce.<br />

While the Haiti earthquake actually occurred in the beginning of 2010, we felt it was important<br />

to address it in this report. The outpouring of support from the churches of this annual c<strong>on</strong>ference,<br />

our HUBs, the entire Northeast Jurisdicti<strong>on</strong>, <strong>and</strong> the community at large has been incredible. We<br />

were able to resp<strong>on</strong>d very quickly to UMCOR‘s request for health kits, sending over 20,000 almost<br />

immediately. While we thank <strong>and</strong> praise the Lord for the marvelous resp<strong>on</strong>se <strong>and</strong> support we have<br />

received, we mourn the loss of two UMCOR leaders in the earthquake. We pray that the work d<strong>on</strong>e<br />

by Missi<strong>on</strong> Central <strong>and</strong> the HUBs will h<strong>on</strong>or the lives of Rev. Sam Dix<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Rev. Clint Rabb <strong>and</strong><br />

glorify God as we reach out to our brothers <strong>and</strong> sisters in Haiti <strong>and</strong> strive to be God‘s h<strong>and</strong>s <strong>and</strong> feet<br />

in missi<strong>on</strong> in the entire world. Additi<strong>on</strong>al informati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> the Haiti resp<strong>on</strong>se <strong>and</strong> recovery efforts will<br />

be presented in next year‘s report to our new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

As we Rethink church <strong>and</strong> form this new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference, we at Missi<strong>on</strong> Central look<br />

forward to building new relati<strong>on</strong>ships <strong>and</strong> sharing new ministries. May we all grow to be more<br />

recognizable as the h<strong>and</strong>s, feet <strong>and</strong> heart of our Lord <strong>and</strong> Savior, Jesus Christ.



2009 Annual Report<br />

Revenue Source Amount Expense Amount<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference Advance<br />

Facility Improvement<br />

$ 46,616.29 Staffing $ 99,308.52<br />

Revenue $ 102,064.60 Operating Costs $ 55,959.52<br />

Seas<strong>on</strong> of Miracles $ 46,602.72 Office Supplies $ 55.38<br />

Fund Raiser - Promo Sales $ 3,093.85 Relief Effort Expenses $ 1,928.59<br />

Operating Revenue $ 130,820.06 Fundraising Expenses $ 2,111.39<br />

Revenue for Kits $ 18,305.40 C<strong>on</strong>tingency Fund $ 2,877.84<br />

UMCOR Shipping $ 1,740.35 Debt Service $ 94,581.96<br />

In / Out Revenue $ 1,590.00 HUB Expense<br />

Loan Principal<br />

$ 475.38<br />

Total Revenue $ 350,833.27 Reducti<strong>on</strong> *<br />

Facility Improvement<br />

$ 162,243.24<br />

& Repairs $ 40,163.61<br />

In / out $ 1,590.00<br />

Total Expense $ 461,295.43<br />

* principle payments made from funds received<br />

over the past 2 years<br />

Mortgage Balance<br />

(12/31/2009)<br />

$1.42 milli<strong>on</strong><br />

2009 Quick Facts<br />

Paid Staff 2 Full Time, 2 Part-Time<br />

Volunteers about 3,700<br />

Board of Managers<br />

members 34<br />

Value of goods shipped $1.4 milli<strong>on</strong><br />

Number of ministries<br />

served 233<br />

Number of ministries inhouse<br />

5<br />

Size of Missi<strong>on</strong> Central 48,800 Square Feet - about 1.1 acres under roof<br />

Size of Total Property about 4 acres<br />

The Missi<strong>on</strong> Central property is in Mechanicsburg Boro AND Silver Springs Township.<br />

9. Board of Ordained Ministry<br />

The Board of Ordained Ministry of the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference spent much of its final<br />

year of existence making preparati<strong>on</strong>s to transiti<strong>on</strong> to the Board of Ordained Ministry of the<br />

Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference of Pennsylvania. The many officers of the Boards from Central<br />

Pennsylvania, as well as the Scrant<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Wilkes-Barre Districts of the Wyoming Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

have been meeting with regularity. Our task has been to learn from each other, determine best<br />

practices that have been developed in each C<strong>on</strong>ference, <strong>and</strong> forge a new board as we seek to follow<br />

God‘s lead in this new enterprise. It has been exciting work, tedious at times, but rewarding as we<br />

have imagined new ways to approach our assigned tasks.


As we began our work with each other, we decided to develop a missi<strong>on</strong> statement that would<br />

guide our work immediately <strong>and</strong> into the future. After significant debate, we developed the following<br />

statement:<br />

To partner with God in a life-giving process to discern, equip, nurture <strong>and</strong> support<br />

those Christ-followers whom the Holy Spirit is calling<br />

to joy-filled, passi<strong>on</strong>ate, transformati<strong>on</strong>al leadership in certified, licensed, <strong>and</strong> ordained<br />

ministry.<br />

Moving forward, we have made covenant together to model this statement at all steps, from<br />

District Committees, to the Ordinati<strong>on</strong>, Licensing, <strong>and</strong> Certificati<strong>on</strong> processes, <strong>and</strong> in our dealing<br />

with C<strong>on</strong>ference Relati<strong>on</strong>s with all who are given to our care.<br />

Our primary resp<strong>on</strong>sibility c<strong>on</strong>tinues to be engaging c<strong>and</strong>idates al<strong>on</strong>g the journey from<br />

certificati<strong>on</strong> to ordinati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> all stages in between. We applaud the faithful work of the District<br />

Committees <strong>on</strong> Ministries, the District Superintendents, <strong>and</strong> the DCOM officers. The quality of their<br />

work is proven again <strong>and</strong> again as they aid c<strong>and</strong>idates in the process of discernment during the early<br />

stages, exploring opti<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> encouraging them <strong>on</strong> their way. There task is examine for fitness for<br />

ministry. They are a crucial link <strong>and</strong> we cannot speak highly enough about the job that they do in<br />

their management of c<strong>and</strong>idates.<br />

When the District Committees pass the c<strong>and</strong>idates to the C<strong>on</strong>ference Board, our interest<br />

becomes that of measuring readiness <strong>and</strong> then effectiveness. Our goal al<strong>on</strong>g the process will always<br />

be to encourage all c<strong>and</strong>idates to become the best leaders they can be. Gifts must be clearly<br />

identified so that all of us may minister from our strengths; skills must be carefully sharpened, <strong>and</strong><br />

new ministry tools must be added to the tool kit to be carried by those who serve the church. We love<br />

to see life-l<strong>on</strong>g learners who are committed to leadership emerge from our process with passi<strong>on</strong> for<br />

moving the church. Our circumstances as a denominati<strong>on</strong> dem<strong>and</strong> leaders who can read ministry<br />

c<strong>on</strong>text with wisdom, <strong>and</strong> encourage churches to embrace new turn-around strategies for ministry that<br />

will move each church they serve to reach new generati<strong>on</strong>s for Christ. We take this work very<br />

seriously. It is sometimes painful, often joyous, <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>sumes much time. We pray without ceasing<br />

that we are doing the very best we can.<br />

I want to say thank you to every member of the Board of Ordained Ministry. Our various<br />

committees have d<strong>on</strong>e splendid work, <strong>and</strong> to single <strong>on</strong>e or more out would be a disservice to the rest.<br />

I want to again express appreciati<strong>on</strong> to every member who serves <strong>on</strong> a District Committee <strong>on</strong><br />

Ordained Ministry. I also wish to offer appreciati<strong>on</strong> to the Student Aid Fund. They have been very<br />

supportive of our c<strong>and</strong>idates for ministry in a variety of ways. They swing the door wide enough<br />

with financial aid to help make it possible for folks to attend college <strong>and</strong> seminary as they walk the<br />

pathway toward Ordained Ministry.<br />

Lastly, I want to challenge every pastor <strong>and</strong> every church to pay attenti<strong>on</strong> to the young people in<br />

your midst. There are folks who are hearing the call of God, <strong>and</strong> have not yet resp<strong>on</strong>ded. There are<br />

others who need to hear the call of God that will come through the encouragement of people <strong>and</strong><br />

churches who recognize the gifts <strong>and</strong> graces that God is raising up am<strong>on</strong>g us. Let us be vigilant to<br />

become agents of God‘s call for the sake of future leadership.<br />

Rev. Roger H. Mentzer, Chairpers<strong>on</strong><br />

10. Pennsylvanians C<strong>on</strong>cerned About Alcohol Problems<br />

Greetings from PCAP!<br />

Have you ever had the experience of looking into the eyes of a young child who has just been<br />

told by his mother or father that it is their fault that the parent is an alcoholic? Children love their<br />

parents, even if they are abused by them. Children do not make their parents become alcoholic or<br />

drug addicts, the parents are solely resp<strong>on</strong>sible for their own acti<strong>on</strong>s. Unfortunately, way too many<br />

children are burdened with the false belief that the negative acti<strong>on</strong>s of their parents are their fault.


These kids grow up believing this lie <strong>and</strong> in time they often begin to live a life of alcohol <strong>and</strong> drug<br />

abuse <strong>and</strong> in turn blame some<strong>on</strong>e else for their c<strong>on</strong>duct.<br />

In order to stop this terrible cycle some<strong>on</strong>e needs to help these children know the truth. This is<br />

what we try to do by educating <strong>and</strong> loving these young children. The Truth can set them free. The<br />

destructive cycle can be broken.<br />

As Pastors <strong>and</strong> Religious Leaders we all know that Jesus said in John 8:32...."the Truth will se<br />

you free". We also know that Jesus said in John 14:6...."I am the Way <strong>and</strong> the Truth <strong>and</strong> the Life."<br />

We are not allowed to teach these Biblical Truths in the classroom but we can live them out. Our<br />

teachers can <strong>and</strong> do go into the classroom with a warm heart <strong>and</strong> a caring <strong>and</strong> loving attitude. We<br />

teach the children about the harmful effects of alcohol <strong>and</strong> other drugs but we also go to them with an<br />

open ear to listen to their stories. Sometimes they just want some<strong>on</strong>e to listen to them.<br />

We need your prayers to open school doors for us. We need your prayers for wisdom <strong>and</strong><br />

compassi<strong>on</strong> as we teach <strong>and</strong> talk with the young people. There are two other practical ways in which<br />

you can help us. First, we need your financial gifts. I know the ec<strong>on</strong>omy is weak but young lives are<br />

too important to ignore just because it cost some m<strong>on</strong>ey to reach them. I am asking for you to bring<br />

this before your c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> ask them to give a sacrificial gift to our work. Sec<strong>on</strong>dly, we need<br />

more men <strong>and</strong> women who are willing to give us a few days as a per diem teacher. We have now<br />

completely changed over from employing full time teachers to using per diem teachers. This move<br />

will help us to be better stewards of the resources God gives to us. But, we need a lot of per diem<br />

teachers throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We do offer training <strong>and</strong> a generous stipend as well as<br />

cover all travel <strong>and</strong> related expenses. Please c<strong>on</strong>tact our office in Harrisburg <strong>and</strong> we will be glad to<br />

give you all the details.<br />

Are you willing to help spread the Truth? There are many young people waiting <strong>on</strong> your<br />

resp<strong>on</strong>se. Thank you for your past support to our ministry <strong>and</strong> I look forward to hearing from you.<br />

May God bless you as you serve Him.<br />

Rev. D<strong>on</strong> H. Wert, President<br />

11. Pennsylvania Council of Churches<br />

Our missi<strong>on</strong>:<br />

Article 12 of the Council‘s C<strong>on</strong>stituti<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> Bylaws sets its missi<strong>on</strong>: ―The Pennsylvania Council<br />

of Churches is a voluntary associati<strong>on</strong> of separate <strong>and</strong> aut<strong>on</strong>omous Christian churches, within the<br />

Comm<strong>on</strong>wealth of Pennsylvania, through which its members seek to manifest their fellowship<br />

(koin<strong>on</strong>ia) with <strong>on</strong>e another, to engage in comm<strong>on</strong> ministries of witness <strong>and</strong> service, <strong>and</strong> to advance<br />

towards the goal of visible unity.‖ This brief annual report illustrates how the Council tried to fulfill<br />

its missi<strong>on</strong> in 2009. For additi<strong>on</strong>al informati<strong>on</strong>, visit www.pachurches.org.<br />

Fellowship:<br />

The former presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Pr. H. George<br />

Anders<strong>on</strong>, argued in an article in Ecumenical Trends that ―it is clear that pers<strong>on</strong>al relati<strong>on</strong>ships<br />

between our bishops <strong>and</strong> leaders of other traditi<strong>on</strong>s enabled them to take the lead in ecumenical<br />

arrangements of all sorts.‖ The Council has focused <strong>on</strong> building <strong>and</strong> sustaining pers<strong>on</strong>al relati<strong>on</strong>ships<br />

<strong>and</strong> fellowship am<strong>on</strong>g the leaders of its member church bodies by<br />

engaging in comm<strong>on</strong> prayer <strong>and</strong> worship at its board meetings,<br />

encouraging leaders to share stories of their coming to faith <strong>and</strong> their call to<br />

ministry,<br />

encouraging the sharing of both the opportunities offered by <strong>and</strong> the c<strong>on</strong>cerns of<br />

member church bodies around Pennsylvania, <strong>and</strong><br />

hosting an overnight gathering for religious leaders at the Nittany Li<strong>on</strong> Inn in<br />

State College.


Comm<strong>on</strong> Ministries of Witness <strong>and</strong> Service<br />

Witness for Social Justice:<br />

Through its public advocacy ministry, the Council witnessed <strong>on</strong> behalf of social justice <strong>and</strong> for the<br />

comm<strong>on</strong> good. Priorities for the 2009–2010 legislative sessi<strong>on</strong>s were poverty (including all related<br />

issues like housing, hunger, health care) <strong>and</strong> public educati<strong>on</strong>. Additi<strong>on</strong>al work was d<strong>on</strong>e <strong>on</strong> civic<br />

engagement (thanks to an unsolicited grant from the Wallace Global Fund), torture (through the<br />

Nati<strong>on</strong>al Religious Campaign Against Torture) <strong>and</strong> gun violence (which resulted in the endorsement<br />

by the Council‘s Board of Directors of a resoluti<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> gun violence). Informati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> issues <strong>and</strong><br />

opportunities for involvement can be found at www.pachurchesadvocacy.org.<br />

Ministries of Service<br />

The Council supported local churches engaging in trucker <strong>and</strong> traveler ministry at three sites,<br />

where three chaplains served al<strong>on</strong>g with volunteers <strong>and</strong> local church leaders. The Council also<br />

supported local churches (in the Fruitbelt <strong>and</strong> in Chester County) engaged in ministry with migrant<br />

<strong>and</strong> seas<strong>on</strong>al farm workers. Field chaplains <strong>and</strong> volunteers offer farm workers <strong>and</strong> their families<br />

worship services, spiritual counseling, clothing <strong>and</strong> other material aid, assistance with immigrati<strong>on</strong><br />

issues, emergency transportati<strong>on</strong> for medical care, translati<strong>on</strong> services, emergency housing <strong>and</strong> food,<br />

<strong>and</strong> recreati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

Witness am<strong>on</strong>g Pers<strong>on</strong>s at Leisure<br />

The Council also worked with local park ministry committees to assist in chaplain recruitment <strong>and</strong><br />

program administrati<strong>on</strong>. The annual training held just after the Memorial Day holiday ensured that<br />

chaplains were equipped for their ministry. Twenty-three chaplains served campers in 37 state,<br />

federal, <strong>and</strong> private campgrounds.<br />

C<strong>on</strong>tinuing Educati<strong>on</strong> for Church Workers<br />

The Council sp<strong>on</strong>sored a three-day c<strong>on</strong>tinuing educati<strong>on</strong> event for clergy <strong>and</strong> other church<br />

workers, the Pennsylvania State Pastors‘ C<strong>on</strong>ference. Planned by a committee of representatives from<br />

member bodies, the c<strong>on</strong>ference featured the Rev. Dr. Gilbert R. Rendle, senior c<strong>on</strong>sultant, Texas<br />

Methodist Foundati<strong>on</strong> Institute for Clergy <strong>and</strong> C<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>al Excellence.<br />

Rev. Gary L. Harke, Executive<br />

Director<br />

12. Board of Pensi<strong>on</strong>s<br />

The C<strong>on</strong>ference Board of Pensi<strong>on</strong>s provides for <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>tributes to the support, relief assistance,<br />

<strong>and</strong> pensi<strong>on</strong>ing of clergy <strong>and</strong> their families, other church workers, <strong>and</strong> lay employees of the United<br />

Methodist Church, its instituti<strong>on</strong>s, organizati<strong>on</strong>s <strong>and</strong> agencies within the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

This has been an interesting year as the board members were asked to visi<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> prepare<br />

ourselves for the development of the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference in the year 2011.<br />

The additi<strong>on</strong> of clergy, retired <strong>and</strong> active from the districts of Wilkes-Barre <strong>and</strong> Scrant<strong>on</strong>, has<br />

called for rethinking <strong>and</strong> transiti<strong>on</strong>ing new pers<strong>on</strong>s into the present system in the Central<br />

Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference. Plans for this transiti<strong>on</strong> are being worked out <strong>and</strong> the Pensi<strong>on</strong> Board has<br />

been quite active <strong>and</strong> busy in accomplishing this task. We have formed a task force of three (3)<br />

members from the present Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference Pensi<strong>on</strong> Board <strong>and</strong> three (3) members<br />

from the present Wyoming C<strong>on</strong>ference Pensi<strong>on</strong> Board to develop recommendati<strong>on</strong>s for making the<br />

transiti<strong>on</strong> to the new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference Pensi<strong>on</strong> Board in 2011. More informati<strong>on</strong> will be<br />

coming about this Pensi<strong>on</strong> Board project.<br />

Joseph Gentilman, Chairpers<strong>on</strong><br />

13. The Preachers’ Aid Society<br />

During 2009, The Preachers’ Aid Society (PAS) celebrated 140 years of working for YOU!<br />

The PAS was incorporated in 1869 as a Pennsylvania benevolent corporati<strong>on</strong> by the East Baltimore<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference of The Methodist Episcopal Church. Since then, d<strong>on</strong>ati<strong>on</strong>s from members of the<br />

successor Annual C<strong>on</strong>ferences, plus income from investments, have been channeled to pastors, active


or retired, their families <strong>and</strong> survivors, whose pers<strong>on</strong>al resources are insufficient for emergencies<br />

<strong>and</strong>/or necessities. During 2009, The PAS received membership dues <strong>and</strong> d<strong>on</strong>ati<strong>on</strong>s from 356 clergy,<br />

113 laity, <strong>and</strong> 13 churches amounting to $10,878. This was a thirty percent increase in the number of<br />

both laity <strong>and</strong> church d<strong>on</strong>ors over 2008. The PAS Board of Managers offers a hearty “Thanks!” to<br />

each of you who have become new d<strong>on</strong>ors <strong>and</strong> to every<strong>on</strong>e who has supported this vital ministry<br />

within our Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference for so many years.<br />

If YOU are a clergy pers<strong>on</strong>/family with extenuating financial needs, serving within The Central<br />

PA Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference, the PAS is your friend in this time of need. To receive assistance: First,<br />

c<strong>on</strong>tact your District Superintendent – they have a form to fill out which will give us basic<br />

informati<strong>on</strong> about your need. Sec<strong>on</strong>d, the Cabinet will decide if your need is legitimate, <strong>and</strong> will also<br />

insure that no other sources are available for your assistance. Third, with Cabinet approval, your<br />

request is forwarded to the Assistance Committee of The PAS who will review the need <strong>and</strong><br />

authorize payment within a few days. It is very unusual for a request to be denied by this committee,<br />

<strong>on</strong>ce the Cabinet has given their approval. At the present time there is no limit as to the amount of<br />

need to be offered by The PAS. During the past five years, The PAS has provided over $123,000<br />

of support to 57 clergy families.<br />

The PAS has a Board of Managers, composed of both clergy <strong>and</strong> laity, which meets twice a<br />

year, in additi<strong>on</strong> to the Annual Meeting held during the Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference Sessi<strong>on</strong>.<br />

During 2009, the Board reached out to the Wyoming C<strong>on</strong>ference to make then aware of the<br />

ministry of The PAS that will be extended to the pastors of the two districts that will be a part of the<br />

new Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference. A representative from the Wyoming C<strong>on</strong>ference, Rev. Kenneth Small,<br />

attended our spring meeting at Lycoming College, <strong>and</strong> in February of 2010, I meet with the clergy of<br />

these two districts to let them know how <strong>and</strong> where to seek support from, <strong>and</strong> to become members of,<br />

The PAS.<br />

Yearly membership dues of $15.00, or requests for further informati<strong>on</strong> about The PAS, may be<br />

directed to P. O. Box 24, Williamsport, PA 17703, or visit our booth at the seat of Annual<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference. Membership in The PAS is open to any adult who is a member of The Central PA<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference, or a member of any United Methodist Church within the bounds of the C<strong>on</strong>ference.<br />

Please remember that The PAS funds are strictly for the support of clergy needs, while the Cup of<br />

Water Fund provides for the needs of the laity.<br />

The PAS Board of Managers has oversight resp<strong>on</strong>sibility for The Divorced Spouses Emergency<br />

Fund, but this fund is c<strong>on</strong>trolled <strong>and</strong> disbursed by The Central PA C<strong>on</strong>ference Board of Ordained<br />

Ministry.<br />

The Board of Managers c<strong>on</strong>tinues to seek to be faithful to the trust committed to us - to serve<br />

Christ <strong>and</strong> His servants through this <strong>on</strong>going <strong>and</strong> vital ministry. We solicit your support in assisting<br />

us to do our task.<br />

D<strong>on</strong>ald W. Raffensperger, President<br />

14. Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong><br />

Stewardship Development in the local church, based <strong>on</strong> clear Biblical principles, remains the<br />

central focus of everything we do.<br />

At the end of 2009, the market value of all accounts managed by The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong><br />

was $20,809,596.85. This represents a 7.64% increase over the end of 2008. Rev. Phyllis M.<br />

Bowers, Executive Director, wishes to express appreciati<strong>on</strong> to The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong>‘s Board<br />

of Directors <strong>and</strong> C<strong>on</strong>ference Leaders for their devoted support through these difficult ec<strong>on</strong>omic<br />

times. We are also thankful for the many churches, agencies <strong>and</strong> organizati<strong>on</strong>s that have availed<br />

themselves of our services <strong>and</strong> placed their trust in our Investment Management Services.<br />

Ten (10) new church accounts <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>e new endowment fund were established with The<br />

Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> in 2009 amounting to $373,734. Additi<strong>on</strong>al c<strong>on</strong>tributi<strong>on</strong>s to church<br />

accounts amounted to $158,540; $24,429 to endowments <strong>and</strong> $105,732 to other accounts. Total new<br />

funds added in 2009 amounted to $662,436.


Rev. Bowers c<strong>on</strong>ducted 85 Seminars in 2009, visiting 64 different churches <strong>and</strong> groups. In<br />

2008, Rev. Bowers c<strong>on</strong>ducted 109 Seminars <strong>and</strong> visited 78 different churches <strong>and</strong> groups. Seminars<br />

cover a wide-range of more than ten topics.<br />

The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> is Trustee of two Charitable Remainder Unitrusts with a market<br />

value of $138,384.<br />

Our Charitable Gift Annuity Program increased by 3 new annuities totaling $39,000 in 2009.<br />

A total of $280,106 was paid to annuitants in 2009. Ten (10) annuities matured in 2009 with $35,958<br />

distributed to <strong>on</strong>e benevolent home <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>e Church.<br />

From 1983 to the present, The Stewardship Foundati<strong>on</strong> has paid $2,396,694 from matured gift<br />

annuities to final charitable gift beneficiaries. This represents 53.5% of the original gifts of<br />

$4,482,108. Annuity agreements outst<strong>and</strong>ing as of December 31, 2009 have a market value of<br />

$1,303,187.<br />

Phyllis M. Bowers, Executive Director<br />

15. Student Aid Fund<br />

The Board of Managers of the Student Aid Fund has been grateful for the privilege to manage<br />

gifts offered to assist with the educati<strong>on</strong>al costs of ministerial students from the Central Pennsylvania<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference. We look forward to c<strong>on</strong>tinuing this ministry in the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference. The<br />

ec<strong>on</strong>omic c<strong>on</strong>diti<strong>on</strong>s that have affected all investments have also impacted the investment corpus of<br />

the Student Aid Fund. The c<strong>on</strong>tinuing goal of the Board is to offer significant aid to our students.<br />

During the 2009-2010 academic year 20 service loans <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>e regular loan totally $111,321.00<br />

were distributed. Students are attending the following seminaries: Wesley (14); Duke (1);<br />

Evangelical (1); Asbury (1) <strong>and</strong> Drew (2). The balance of the service loan is repaid through a<br />

minimum of five years of service in pastoral ministry in the C<strong>on</strong>ference. (20% loan balance reducti<strong>on</strong><br />

per year of service) The regular loans are repaid at a 6% interest rate beginning after graduating or<br />

leaving school.<br />

The Board adopted a new delinquent loan policy <strong>and</strong> timeline in October 2009, which became<br />

effective January 1, 2010. The resp<strong>on</strong>se of those delinquent in their repayment schedule will be<br />

reviewed at each meeting of the Board as this policy <strong>and</strong> timeline are implemented.<br />

A ―Scholarship <strong>and</strong> Loan‖ link has been established <strong>on</strong> the opening page of the C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

Website. The website includes informati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> all scholarships available through various C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

Boards. The Student Aid Fund applicati<strong>on</strong> <strong>and</strong> informati<strong>on</strong> sheet are <strong>on</strong> this site. The Board‘s Bylaws<br />

have been amended, increasing the membership of the Board in order to have clergy <strong>and</strong> lay<br />

representatives from the entire new C<strong>on</strong>ference Area. This exp<strong>and</strong>ed membership will enable the<br />

Board to share informati<strong>on</strong> regarding the educati<strong>on</strong>al ministry that is offered.<br />

The Board greatly appreciates the work <strong>and</strong> dedicati<strong>on</strong> of the Executive Secretary, Rev. Dr.<br />

R<strong>on</strong>ald McElwee, as he c<strong>on</strong>ducts the <strong>on</strong>-going work of corresp<strong>on</strong>dence with the students <strong>and</strong> the<br />

seminaries they are attending. He may be c<strong>on</strong>tacted via mail at 711 Tristan Trail, Chambersburg,<br />

Pennsylvania, 17202; teleph<strong>on</strong>e 717-264-7447; or email r<strong>on</strong>aldmcelwee@cpcpastors.org.<br />

We thank the pastors <strong>and</strong> c<strong>on</strong>gregati<strong>on</strong>s of the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference for their<br />

prayers <strong>and</strong> financial gifts which have made the support of our ministerial students possible. We<br />

anticipate the same prayerful support as the Susquehanna C<strong>on</strong>ference begins.<br />

Rev. Kraig L. Faust, President, Board of Managers<br />


Part I: Main Acti<strong>on</strong>s of the Board<br />

1. At the Corporati<strong>on</strong> meeting held during the 2009 Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference two new members were<br />

elected to the Board* <strong>and</strong> <strong>on</strong>e member was reelected+. The members of the Board of Trustees for<br />

the 2009-2010 year were:


Term expires 2013: Rev Ryan Gephart*, Mr John Eier*, Mrs Carolyn Funk+<br />

Term expires 2012: Rev. Robert Strozyk+, Mr. J. Ralph Hoyt, Jr., Rev. Richard Felty<br />

Term expires 2011: Rev. George Clippinger* , Ms. Kelly Grimes, Mrs. Gloria Miller<br />

Term expires 2010: Rev. R<strong>on</strong>ald French, Pastor Keith Diehl*, Mr. William T<strong>on</strong>er*<br />

2. At the Reorganizati<strong>on</strong> Meeting of June 5, 2009, the following officers were elected:<br />

President – Robert Strozyk, First Vice-President – R<strong>on</strong>ald French, Sec<strong>on</strong>d Vice-President –<br />

Richard Felty, <strong>and</strong> Secretary – Carolyn Funk.<br />

3. The Board oversaw the maintenance of nine C<strong>on</strong>ference owned district pars<strong>on</strong>ages <strong>and</strong> two<br />

C<strong>on</strong>ference owned staff pars<strong>on</strong>ages, expending a total of $176,829 allocated as follows: $45,833<br />

for maintenance, $32,788 for capital improvements, $46,819 for taxes <strong>and</strong> $51,389 for utilities.<br />

This total was $762 less than the $177,591 spent in 2008.<br />

4. At the end of 2009 the Board of Trustees held $65,349 in its Property, Plan <strong>and</strong> Equipment n<strong>on</strong>budget<br />

account. $334,914 is held in the Loan Fund as the Board of Trustees Capital Account <strong>and</strong> is<br />

designated for the replacement of or improvements to district <strong>and</strong> staff pars<strong>on</strong>ages. Reflected in<br />

the total is interest earned <strong>on</strong> these accounts <strong>and</strong> re-invested totaling $12,053 for 2009.<br />

5. The Board c<strong>on</strong>tinues to oversee the work of the Property, Casualty, Directors <strong>and</strong> Officers<br />

Insurance Committee (The Insurance Committee). A report from this committee is attached to this<br />

report. The Board also provides representati<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> behalf of our C<strong>on</strong>ference to the Workers‘<br />

Compensati<strong>on</strong> Trust that we participate in with several C<strong>on</strong>ference-related United Methodist<br />

Corporati<strong>on</strong>s. This year we transiti<strong>on</strong>ed from Gallagher-Bassett/Ohio Causality to Philadelphia<br />

Insurance Company to provide our C<strong>on</strong>ference Insurance coverage.<br />

7. The Board also oversees the physical plant needs of the C<strong>on</strong>ference Center.<br />

Part II. Schedule of Property<br />

1. C<strong>on</strong>ference Center: 303 Mulberry Drive, Mechanicsburg 17055-2053<br />

2. Missi<strong>on</strong> Central: 5 Pleasant <str<strong>on</strong>g>View</str<strong>on</strong>g> Drive, Mechanicsburg 17055<br />

3. Staff Pars<strong>on</strong>age: 3920 Woodvale Road, Harrisburg 17109<br />

4. Staff Pars<strong>on</strong>age: 1410 Harcourt Drive, Harrisburg 17110<br />

5. District Pars<strong>on</strong>age: 1029 Penn <str<strong>on</strong>g>View</str<strong>on</strong>g> Lane, Duncansville 16635<br />

6. District Pars<strong>on</strong>age: 3287 St. Andrews Drive, Scot-Greene Estates, Chambersburg 17201<br />

7. District Pars<strong>on</strong>age: 1326 M<strong>on</strong>fort Drive, Harrisburg 17110<br />

8. District Pars<strong>on</strong>age: 31 Baylor Boulevard, Lewisburg 17837<br />

9. District Pars<strong>on</strong>age: 814 Kent Drive, Mechanicsburg 17055<br />

10. District Pars<strong>on</strong>age: 1200 Haymaker Road, State College 16801<br />

11. District Pars<strong>on</strong>age: 35 Fairview Acres Road, Wellsboro 16901<br />

12. District Pars<strong>on</strong>age: 2420 Nottingham Road, Williamsport 17701<br />

13. District Pars<strong>on</strong>age: 638 Fox Tail Drive, York 17404<br />

14. Camp: Greene Hills, Barree Road, 5125 Manor Drive, Alex<strong>and</strong>ria 16611<br />

15. Camp: Mount Asbury, 1310 Centerville Road, Newville 17241<br />

16. Camp: Wesley Forest, White Mountain Road, PO Box 35, Weikert 17885<br />

17. Historical Church: Old Burlingt<strong>on</strong>, US 6, East Smithfield 18817<br />

18. Historical Church: Old St<strong>on</strong>e, PA 93, west of Berwick, 18603<br />

19. Historical Church: Rock Chapel, Old Oxford Road, Heidlersburg<br />

20. Historical Church: New Berlin, New Berlin PA<br />

Note: Camp Penn is not owned by the Central Pennsylvania C<strong>on</strong>ference but is leased from the<br />

Comm<strong>on</strong>wealth of Pennsylvania.<br />

Part III. Sale of Property<br />

No properties sold since last Annual C<strong>on</strong>ference<br />

Part IV. Ab<strong>and</strong><strong>on</strong>ed Churches<br />

1. Salem UMC – 2115 Salem Road, Greene Township, Chambersburg District<br />

2. 5 th Avenue Alto<strong>on</strong>a – 401 5 th Avenue, Alto<strong>on</strong>a, Alto<strong>on</strong>a District<br />

3. Jacob‘s Church, Killinger, Harrisburg District<br />

4. Otterbein, Mt Alto UMC, Chambersburg District


Part V. Disc<strong>on</strong>tinued Churches<br />

1. Bittersville UMC - 1943 Crawely Road, Lower Windsor Township, York District (Dec. 31,<br />

2009)<br />

Robert W. Strozyk, President<br />

Chr<strong>on</strong>ological Record of Properties Sold, 1970-2009:<br />

2009 Sugar Grove UMC, Chambersburg District sold to Rodney Painter for $3,000.00 04/06/09<br />

Crosswalk Pars<strong>on</strong>age: 2550 Tara Lane, York District sold to Rajasekharan & Kumari Nair for<br />

$190,089.12 2/27/2009<br />

2008 York District Pars<strong>on</strong>age: 2090 Crescent Road, York 17403 sold to Kevin J. Hamps<strong>on</strong> for<br />

$220,000.00 8/20/2008<br />

Bethlehem Farm, York District, 3150 Tunnel Hill Road, Seven Valleys 17360-8572 sold to<br />

Peter Drueckhammer for $346,500.00 10/28/2008<br />

Hust<strong>on</strong>town, Chambersburg District sold to Hartman Cemetery Associati<strong>on</strong> for $10,000.00<br />

3/28/2008<br />

St. John‘s Church, 136 Grove Street Howard, State College District sold to Howard Area<br />

Museum <strong>and</strong> Historical Society for $10.00<br />

St. John‘s Pars<strong>on</strong>age, Howard, 140 Grove Street Howard PA State College District sold for<br />

$89,500.00 3/29/2008<br />

Burning Bush, Alto<strong>on</strong>a District sold to Bedford Menn<strong>on</strong>ite church for $13,500.00 3/29/2008<br />

Cline‘s Church, Chambersburg District, sold to R & L orchard Co. for $16,000.00 12/10/2008<br />

2007 Pisgah, (NC) to Carroll Township for $106,500, 5/7/07<br />

Dexter Baptist Church, Delmar Township, Tioga County: Executed a quit claim deed for $1.00<br />